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Revelation's Sanctuary Theme

Norman McNulty
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Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN




  • September 5, 2015
    9:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven we thank you so much for your goodness to us. We thank you that weakens silks and worship in freedom. And I pray that you would speak through me this morning. Give me a message that will be a way each one of us needs to hear and may Christ be lifted a was my prayer in Jesus' name amen. That's how to for my Sabbath school message this morning and it's going to be a bible study is entitled revelation and sanctuary theme. Revelation sanctuary fame and. Before I get into some of my slides here. You know the seventh they have been a sweet have a very special unique message. We have a massive show that we should not be ashamed. We have a massive show that God has given to us to take to the world. And when I look at the world that we are living in now on doubt of the our masses. Has become more relevant then our now is the time for us the seventh they add in this. To be challenging. Our fellow church members and friends. To study this message as never before. To accept this message. And to incorporate this message. So that we can go forth the meet the bridegroom. Because G.'s of the coming soon. And when we will study the Bible when we study the Book of Revelation. We find that the sanctuary message that we hold very dear. As Seventh-Day Adventists is found a very clearly in this book. And some of the Go get into my slides now. And I believe you can see them over here on this I hopefully the projector on this I will start working at some point. I'm going to start with a quote from testimonies the ministers paid one sixteen. Those who eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God will bring from the books of Daniel and Revelation truths that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. They will start into action. Forces. That cannot be repressed now when I read that statement. The statement of those to eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God In other words you have a living relationship with Jesus. So if you have a living relationship with Jesus. You're not going to be Thank you know we need to stop talking about Daniel and Revelation so much. If you have a real a living relationship with Jesus. Inspiration tells us that we will bring from the books of Daniel and Revelation. Truth that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. And I want to eat the flush and drink the blood of the Son of God Amen. And I want to be part of a movement that starts. Into action. Forces. That cannot be repressed. If you want to be part of Earth's final movement. To usher in the second coming. Study of the books of Daniel and Revelation. As we start to look more at the center I want to talk about the century in the twenty three hundred days great controversy for twenty three. The subject of the sanctuary. Was the key which an lot of the mystery of the disappointment of eight hundred forty four in and out of this is open to view a complete system of truth. Connected and harmonious showing that God's hand. Had directed the great Advent movement and revealing present duty as it brought to light the position and work. Of his people. Friends. If you want to understand the admin It's massive You understand. On the basis of the sanctuary in my age. The sanctuary message is a message. That is a complete system of truth. That is connected and harmonious. And what we're going to see today is that the Book of Revelation is actually a study through the sanctuary. And this is one of my favorite statement that Illinois has a balance a century this was testimonies volume. Five page five seventy five and over the next three slides we're going to look at the statement here it's a great plan of redemption. As revealed in the closing work of these last days. Should receive close examination. The scenes connected with the sanctuary. Above should make such an impression upon the minds in the hearts of all that they may be able to impress others. All need to become more intelligent in regard to the work of the Atonement. Which is going on in the think should wary of now notice. You should have such a connection with God that as you study the sanctuary message that it makes such an impression upon your mind and your heart that you would impress others with the importance of this message. And she says all need to become more intelligent that includes every one of you here today including me. All need to become more intelligent. In regard to the work of the Atonement. Which is going on in the sanctuary above. And when you understand the sanctuary message. You'll understand that the Atonement wasn't finished up across. It's going on in the sanctuary of of even now Now notice this next paragraph. When this grandest truth is seen and I understood. Though to hold it will work in harmony with Christ. To prepare a people to stand in the Great Day of God and their efforts will be successful. Notice that's when you understand the Graham truth of the sanctuary message. And how it relates to the plan of salvation. When you hold to it and accept it. You will work in harmony with cross. You know there's all sorts of ideas of ministry out there in the world. And yeah inspiration to all the. If you want to work in harmony with Christ to prepare a people to stand in the day of God. Understand the sanctuary which And not only that the promise. Comes with it that our efforts will be successful. And then she closes by saying by study. Contemplation and prayer. God's people will be elevated above common earthly thoughts and feelings in will be brought into harmony with Christ's at his great work of cleansing the sanctuary of the from the sins of the people. Right now in heaven of the Christ is working to Clinton's the sanctuary from the sins of the people. And I believe that I will add a week in the life of this. This is a time of special opportunity. Were God can do no work in each of our hearts to cleanse us to prepare us for the coming of Jesus. And I hope that as we go from this camp meeting it is retrieve this weekend. That we will not go back. The way we can. Now. We're going to look today at the sanctuary in Revelation. And when we look at the sanctuary in Revelation. We have a basic understanding. When we look at the diagram from the Old Testament. Of the outer courtyard of the holy place in the most holy place in the various articles of furniture in the courtyard tollway place most holy place. And we may have a basic understanding of what each of these articles represent. Now as I've been studying the book of revelation over the last few years. It's been fascinating to me to see just how detail old the sanctuary message is described in the Book of Revelation. As it relates to the Word of Jesus in the sanctuary above that. If you really look at the big picture of Revelation. The sanctuary message is right there in front of me. And I want to say this as I get into the big picture as we've started a look at the outline of the Book of Revelation of the sanctuary message. In Revelation. There are a variety of interesting interpretations. When you come to the seven Church of the seven seals in the seven trumpets. And I would submit to you as we star. Study. Through the sanctuary message in the Book of Revelation that if you get lost in the weeds of the trumpets. Before you understand the big picture of what Jesus is doing through the churches Sylvan trumpets. As part of the sanctuary message. Most likely. You're going to have a bad interpretation. So you want to understand the big picture first and then you can dig down into the details that should be if a basic concept it sometimes we get lost in the woods and we don't look at the big picture first the we're going to look at this picture church. And we're going to see that we can find a Jesus. At every article of furniture. That is outlined in the center of the altar of sacrifice. The seven candlesticks the table sugar the altar of incense and the Ark of the covenant we're going to see Jesus. At each spot. So let's move forward in our study here. Let's start off in the courtyard. And we have in Revelation Chapter five or says five and six nominate invite you to turn their. Looking at the courtyard and Revelation Chapter five Earth is five and six. We read in one of the other say it and I mean we've not behold the line of the tribe of Judah the route of David has prevailed open the book into loose the seven seals there up. And I beheld them low in the midst of the through one of the four beat them in the midst of the elders. Stood a was a land as it had been slain. Having seven warned and seven eyes which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the years here we see in verse six especially. Jesus as the Lamb who had been slain so were in the courtyard at the altar of sacrifice and in Revelation thirteen verse a the very familiar. Versus the Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world and this reminds us of what. The apostle John said in John one twenty nine to hold the Lamb of God which take that away the sin of the world. So we hear we see courtyard language and of Jesus' sacrifice and. Here's the important point that without the sacrifice of Jesus without his death on the cross. The rest of the sanctuary can take place. And we heard a beautiful message from Pastor Thompson. On the power of forgiveness if you were here last night go back and listen to the very powerful message. That's where everything began. That is the beginning of the THANKS FOR A message of Jesus and His death and his love and His forgiveness. That he is offering to each one of the interesting way though in the Book of Revelation. When. You go to Revelation Chapter eleven verses one and see. Looking at Revelation Chapter eleven versus one and two we read and there was a given me a read like and Iran. And the angel stood saying rise and measure that simple of God and the altar in them that worship there and. But the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not for it is given unto the Gentiles. And the holy city shall they trid underfoot forty in two months. Now the forty two months of talking about the twelve hundred sixty days or the twelve hundred sixty years of papal persecution in the hallway city refers to spiritual Jerusalem which represents God's people who were persecuted in the wilderness during this period of time. Revelation twelve make that even clearer. But interesting Lee. By the time you get to the Dark Ages. Which is five thirty eight to seven hundred ninety eight. Certainly by then inspiration is telling us. Jesus is no longer in the courtyard. That's not the place to find him anymore. He finished his work there. And so it's telling you go to the altar in them which worship they're in and we're going to see the significance of that as we go forward. So it says measure not that is the times of the Gentiles. So interesting Lee. Most of Christianity has stayed in the courtyard. Now the cross is beautiful the cross is powerful and we have devolved across we uplift the cross. And that remain. The heart of our message of that in the. But we don't stop there. And many Christians thought that the cross and they haven't followed Jesus all the way through the Book of Revelations. So we're going to keep following Jesus through the Book of Revelation we're going to follow Jesus now. Into the holy place now when we look at the holy place. We see that there are three articles of furniture here. And we see the seven. Candlesticks. The table of showbread and the altar of and now here is what's very interesting and I'm going to give you a bit of a preview and then we're going to move forward. Each one of these articles of furniture is seen as a prelim or a preview. Before entering enter one of the three seven when the first half of the Book of Revelation. The seven churches. The Seven Seals. And the seven shrimp. Now what you're going to see as we study this morning. Is that the seven churches the seven seals in the seventh trumpet. Are actually a very key component to the sanctuary message in the Book of Revelation. Sometimes we're just study the seven churches and will come on Wednesday. Oh well now I understand via Tyrus so much better understand that that woman judge will represent the union the church and state. I've got this down and yet. You're into the detail but you haven't seen the big picture yet. And we want to see the big picture for years so we've seen that Jesus starts his ministry in the courtyard. He's the lamp flame from the foundation of the world. Yet when we get to Revelation Chapter eleven it says. Go now into the holy place where the altar is and those who are worshipping there. That the place the flying Jesus. That was during the. The dark ages now we're going to see what Jesus did after he finished his work on Earth then ascended to heaven. How was Jesus described in the Book of Revelation. As it relates to the sanctuary message are you interested to see what revelations of about this. What's move forward let's go now to Revelation Chapter one versus twelve or sixteen. Revelation Chapter one of the introduction to the book. And it's the entry duction as well to the seven churches. And in this chapter John was in the spirit on the board then he hears a loud voice behind him. In verse ten. The voice like a trumpet and the Swartz says I'm Alpha and Omega. And he says what you hear right to the seven churches. So he hears a voice behind him. And now he turns around to see who's speaking to him and verse trove. Shows us what he sees and I churn to see the voice that speak with me and bang churned I saw was seven golden candlesticks So where is. The. This is the way place in the heavenly think sure. And in the midst of the seven candlesticks Who did he see one Mike and of the Son of man clothed with a garment down to the foot. And good about the past with a golden girl. His head and tears were white like Will as widest know and his eyes were the flame of fire and its feet like in the fine brass. As if they burnt enough furnace. And as a voice of the sound of many waters. And he had an Israel right hand seven stars and out of his mouth want to sharp two edged sword. And its countenance with the sun shine it in his strings. Here he see the Son of Man in the minutes of the seven churches. Now let me say something. Jesus has a variety of titles in the Book of Revelation. And the title that Jesus receives. In the various places throughout the book of Revelation. Are not without accident. Because when we see this the title of the Son of man you. If you. You don't I'm not going to do take you to Luke nine hundred ten in Matthew eighteen eleven I'll just say that those two verses are very famous verses were Jesus as the Son of Man is come to seek but they've that which was the law. So Jesus is the Son of Man in the midst of the seven candles there which Revelation Chapter one Verse twenty says. The seven candlesticks are the seven churches. And Jesus described themselves as the Son of Man in the seven churches. And this is in the holy place. So Jesus is doing a work. As the Son of Man in the myth of the candlesticks in the myth of the church is to bring salvation. To the church. And if you read the messages to the seven churches. Trust me every single church needs help. Especially the last one. Now it is true that the second and the six. Church. Don't receive a message of rebuke. But even still they need salvation. So Jesus is doing a work in the midst of the seven churches and let me say one other thing. You know sometimes people say you know what my candlestick is smelling so about I'm just going to have to leave. You know what Jesus is actually in the midst of the candlesticks. So if you leave your smelly candle stick. You're leaving where Jesus of that. And Jesus what have you be with him to help do your work that would bring sell vacation. And sometimes people say well I'm outta here. And they're leaving Jesus behind as they leave and usually they take about spirit with them if you haven't noticed. So here we see. Jesus is in the minutes of the seven churches. And he's described as the Son of man. Now let me say one other thing as we go to the churches the seals in the trumpets were going to see this is the first layer that we're looking at we're seeing the titles of Jesus. And by the way the Book of Revelation of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. So Jesus is revealing himself as we go through revelation. And as he revealed themselves. He's revealing himself in the sanctuary. And as he's revealing himself in the sanctuary. The titles that are given to him. Give us a better understanding of who Jesus is that he's the son of man in the seven churches but we're not done yet we still have the seals in the trumpets look at so we're going to go ahead now and turn to Revelation Chapter four. Starting in verse one because after the seven churches we move forward and now. Just as you have an interlaced chapter or an introductory chapter in Revelation one before the seven churches. Then before you have a seven seals you have Revelation Chapter three four and five which are introductory chapters to the Seven Seals. Relationship performers one after this I beheld and behold a door was opened in heaven and the first for which I heard was as it were of a trumpet. Talking with me which said Come up to there and I will show the things which must be here after. And then we skip ahead to verse four or and actually verse two shows the. He sees the throne of God in heaven. And he sees a rainbow above the through on. And then a verse for he sees the twenty four elders an inverse five. He sees out of the through on proceeded lightnings and foundering them Boyce's and there was. Seven lamps the fire burning before the throne of God which are the seven Spirits of God Now watch what the seven lamps the fire. Of the seven candlesticks. So where are we still in the sanctuary. We're still in the holy place. And notice the throne is before the seven lamps now. Up King James language which means the throne is in front of the seven candles So what's in front of the seven candlesticks on the holy places. Table of showbread So as we move into an entry duction of the Seven Seals. We see that. We're not at the seven candlesticks anymore were in front of the seven candles there were at the table of showbread. Which is the throne of God. Now you may be asking how do we know that the throne of God. Well if you look at it in the way at the scribe in Scripture. It actually has two layers of crowns around it. And we know that it has the two stacks of six loaves totaling choice of Jesus that I am the bread of life and Jesus as I and my Father are ONE scripture talked about how G.'s of the seated at the right hand of the throne of God. So you have a description of that we were Jesus of the Bread of Life. He and His Father are one. So you have the unity of the Father in the son right next to each other were Jesus that the is that the right hand of the throne of God and that in the holy place. Now we understand that the throne can move because and Daniel seven at the beginning of the judgment in eight hundred forty four. We see that the throne has wheels a fire. Which means that it can move. But when Jesus first ascent of the heaven. Jesus is in the holy place where the throne of God. Is that which is the table of rooms. Now. We already read Revelation five five and six earlier. And in that verse Jesus is described as the Lamb who had been playing the lion of the tribe of Judah. Now here's the interesting thing and we're still on this first later because Jesus is the Son of Man in the seven churches. To bring salvation. As we shift to the Seventh Seal. Jesus is not only the Son of man. He's the lamb who has been slain. So how does Jesus bring salvation to the seven churches because as the Son of Man he's come to see can to save that which is lost. He bring salvation. As the lamb who has been planned. So if we go through the sanctuary message. We see Jesus died on the cross which allows him to bring salvation. To the churches in the holy place. And he can do that because he's the lamb who has been slain. And this is a very important message. Especially to those who are described in the message of the seven seals because in the seven seals. You see the Christian church. As the persecuted church. And when you get to Revelation Chapter six first nine. You have the souls crying out on to the altar. How long the Lord. Tell you judge an Avenger blood. Jesus was also slain just as the martyrs were. So there's a reason why Jesus takes this title. As the Lamb who had been slammed. So here we see as we're in the holy place. Jesus is the Son of Man in the midst of the seven churches. He's the lamb who have been slain in the seven seals. And all of this describes the works of salvation that Jesus is doing for his people. So we've seen the first two articles of furniture in the holy place. The the seven candle third. And the table of should read what the other article of furniture. The altar Venton Now we've looked at the seven churches. We've looked at the Seven Seals. Do you want to take a guess that the altar of instances going to be connected to the seven Trump. Let's go to Revelation Chapter eight or so in the holy place before that Revelation chapter A versus two through six. Revelation Chapter eight. Through says to you through six. And I saw the seven and rules which stood before God into them were given one. Seven trumpets. So now we're moving into the seven trumpets. And another in jewel came and stood at was the altar. Having a golden sensor. So what the very first thing to mention that the beginning of the seven trough of an angel with a sensor. At the altar of in. Did you realize that the seven churches. The seven seals in the seventh trumpets are describing the work of Jesus. Through the sanctuary in the Book of Revelation that the seven churches. The seven seals in the seventh trumpet. Are not just some healthier skelter view of history and we just try to make some sense of it. No god has a very organized description of how he works through the sanctuary and haven't. So the beginning of the seven trumpets we see an angel. Standing at the altar having a golden sensor and there was given unto him much. Ensign's that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the Golden altar. Which was before the throne. And here's the thing. The altar of and is again. In the holy place now some people get confused because in the following verses. The angel who is Jesus the high priest who has emerged seven twenty five that ever lived to make enter session for us. So Jesus is now being described as an angel. Whose are entering her. And he has a sensor. And he's enter sitting on behalf of his people. Some people get confused because they say well. At the beginning of the seven trumpets the angel take the sensor antacid into the earth. That must be at the close or probation at the end of the world. Actually now it's not because the angel of standing in the holy place. And probation doesn't close on the holy place. If you would study the sanctuary message which is a completely harmonious system of truth. You would understand the beginning of the seven trumpets is not the beginning of the close of probation. You would understand that when you get of the seventh trumpet at the end of the Seventh Trumpet. That's one provision close. It doesn't close at the beginning of the seven trumpet then at the end of the seven trumpets. JAILOR thousands work in the holy place. And then he goes to the most holy place. But notice this as we look at the plan of salvation. That you know he was seven twenty four one of my favorite verses that Jesus. He's able to save the other most of that come under God by him saying he ever live it to make intercession for them. So here we see this plan of salvation. Jesus in the churches. Is the Son of Man coming to seek in to save that which was lost but he's not only the Son of Man of the seven churches. He's the lamb who was slain. So that he can bring salvation. But not only is his work on the cross. Necessary for salvation. His work as high priests were he ever lived to make intercession proof. That is also essential to our salvation so there again you see the sanctuary message that Jesus work on the cross with the lamb who was slain. And as our High Priest to with ever living to make intercession forth. That combined. Element of sacrifice and high priests that together. Is how Jesus. Bring salvation to. And I would invite you today if you haven't learned to do so yet. Learn to see Jesus as your savior on the cross and learn to see him as your high priest as your advocate. Who ever lived to make intercession for us. I see atomised falling sometimes. Into ditches where some people only see their Savior and they miss out on the blessings of their interests are and some people focus on Lee on the high priest plea work. And they miss out on the blessing of the sacrifice and the Book of Revelation is showing that the complete package. Now I've just shown you the first layer of the Book of Revelation. With respect to the role of Jesus and how he revealed himself in the sanctuary. He revealed himself as the Son of man. As the Lamb that was slain. And as the angel with the center in its hand. In the sanctuary. And that specially describes his word in the holy place. But as Jesus reveals Himself through the Book of Revelation. There is now a nother way or that connects itself to the churches. The SEALs and the trumpets. That helps us understand more deeply. The work of Jesus in the Book of Revelation. And I would invite you to turn to Revelation Chapter one Verse five. Revelation Chapter one Verse five. As Jesus reveals himself at the beginning of the Book of Revelation notice what it says in from Jesus Christ. Who is the faithful witness. And the first be gotten of the dead. And the prince of the kings of the earth and to him that loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood notice he is the faithful witness. He is the first be gotten of the dead. He is the prince of the kings of the years. So we've seen that he is the Son of Man is the land that was slain. He is the angel with the sensor in his aunt. But now we're also saying he's the faithful witness the is the first The gotten of the dead. And the prince of the king the earth. Now. This is all going to connect to the church itself in terms of this well known as this where is Jesus in the Book of Revelation. The faithful witness. Now you can study this through. Throughout the churches but when you get to this the seventh church the Laodicean church. Noticed what Jesus as an under the angel of the Church of the lay it at the end is right. These things. Say at the Amen. The faithful and true wit. The beginning of the creation of God and then he goes on to give a message completely ever Buke with no commendation to his judgment our church in that. The first layer that I showed the Son of man. Why I Am That was slain. Angel with a sensor Innes hand. That especially describes the work of Jesus in the churches seals and trumpets. In the holy flays. But when you come to Revelation Chapter one Verse five. And Jesus takes these title. Faithful witness. First the Gotten of the prince of the kings of the years. That describes what Jesus does. In the most holy place. Of the heavenly sanctuary. So now we're taking it one way or deeper. We see what Jesus doesn't the holy place till eight hundred forty four. You come to the Laodicean church. Laodicean means judging of the people. That means the judgment our church with the judgment our message. And Jesus is the faithful and true witness. And what does a witness do a witness. Give testimony in court. And he's giving testimony in court because this church is standing before the court of God in the judgment hour versus three. And this is all connected to the sanctuary message. So he is a faithful witness. So in the seven churches he's not only the Son of man. Bringing cell visions to seeking to save that which is lost. He also brings cell vacation. By being a faithful witness because you know what the last thing you need is to come to church every Sabbath and to hear people say. Jesus loves you so much that you're just fine. Jesus loves you enough to say. You think you're rich and increase with the goods and have need of nothing. And you do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked. And I counsel you to buy of me gold tried in the fire. That you may be original white rain at that you may be cold. And when Jesus you need to be by white Rayman that white RAM is as rice as one of the nice things. Laodicea you do not have the right just north of Christ. And yet. We come to church every Sabbath. And we want to hear feel good sermons and scratch my ear sermons. And pat my back sermons. And I'm struggling and just confort me that my struggles will be with me the rest of my life. And then I'll be fine when Jesus comes. And you know Jesus the thing. You need to get out of this Laodicean stupor. You're standing in the judgment. Hour of Earth's history. And I am the faithful and true witness. Giving testimony in court saying that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked. And your problem is you think you are rich and increased with good than don't need anything. And you need to buy gold tried in the fire that you may be rich. And that gold. At first Peter one verse seven says it is fate. That comes through the fiery trial. But Laodicea thinks we have faith we have same faith we have righteousness by faith. We're on our way to heaven and Jesus is that assurance of salvation. That you cling onto so tenaciously while you're living a life of sin is not doing you any good. So that's G.'s of the faithful witness. He's also the first be gotten of the dead. He's also the prince of the kings of the earth. So we see that in the seven churches. He's especially the faithful witness to the seventh church now you may be thinking well I thought the seven. Candlesticks Rome. Only in the holy place. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned and in the Book of Revelation. The seven candlestick overlaps one of the most volatile. So now we're describing the work of Jesus in the most holy place then let me ask you something. Especially considering the time that we're living in Earth's history. But even looking at the overall scope of the sanctuary message. What part of the work of G. The should receive the most attention. Now be the work in the most holy place so now we see that in the seven churches. He's the son of man especially through the Holy Place but end of the most holy place and the faithful witness. And in the seven seals. Again we see that he was the why out of the tribe of Judah. The Lamb who had been slain. But you know. The good news is that Jesus didn't say in the grave. He is the first we've gotten of the dead. He's the only begotten and John three sixteen. But when you come to solve two six and act thirteen thirty three. And here is one five and six. Jesus goes from being the ONLY be gotten to the first be gotten. And when you go to the Book of Romans. You see that we become joint heirs with Christ sons and daughters of God that we become partakers of the same inheritance. That Jesus receives at his resurrection. He's the first be gotten of the dead. So all those who are martyrs for the faith. Those during the time of the seal during the Dark Ages. But you study Revelation chapter twenty. And those you stand up to the mark of the beast produce this and they are also martyrs. There are going to be martyrs at the end of the world as well. And we have the comfort and the hope that Jesus is the first be gotten of the dead. And when he finishes his work in the most holy place. There is going to be a resurrection of the righteous. So again first we got of the dead that takes place when Jesus. Finishes his work in the most holy place. Before to the some true but so he's the angel intercessor Now let me point out something interesting. Yes we're going to see that he's the prince of the kings of the earth in the seventh trumpet that have you noticed in Revelation Chapter ten. Which is the description of the rise of the Second Advent movement and inverse the other words that in the days of the voice of the seventh angel. When he should begin to thousands of the Seventh Trumpet. Begins the sound. And you'll see in eleven. Chapter eleven verses fifteen to nineteen. It sounds when the mostly places open in heaven. That when Jesus comes down from heaven of the mighty angel in Revelation Chapter ten. He's retaining the same description that he had at the beginning of the trumpets in Revelation Chapter eight where he is the angel with the sensor in its hand. He's the angel with the sensor in his hand at the beginning of the Seventh Trumpet. And as it's time for the judgment to began with the sounding of the Seventh Trumpet Jesus now take on the form. Not only of just the angel. But of the mining. And he's the angel with the sensor in advance as the high priests. Doing the work of intercession. He hasn't changed. When you get to chapter ten. He still the high priest who is the my knee injury and Revelation ten a showing of that the high priest who is the mighty angel has come down from heaven to begin to very special work. So Jesus is the angel. Intercessor but he's also the prince of the kings of yours. And when you go to Revelation Chapter eleven. Revelation chapter of love and who are sitting. We read. And the seventh angel sounded. And there were great voices in heaven saying. The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of us Christ. And he shall reign forever and ever and when you skip on down the verse nineteen it's of the temple of God was open and heaven. And there were seen in the temple the ark of us to us and that's eight hundred forty four. Jesus when he goes into the most holy place. He goes and of the my to handle who is our High Priest. And when he finishes the work in the most holy place. He comes back as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. Whereas the prince of the kings of the years. When we look at this. Over the. This is the first eleven chapters of The Book of Revelation in the seventh Avenue. We basically our understanding of revelation goes something like this. We understand that Jesus is in chapter one and he revealed himself to John. And he somewhere in the seven churches in the layout at the end church. Applies us and then there are some seals and trumpets. And most of us have no idea what those are talking about. And then someone there the avenue of it might be in chapter ten. And then you have a great controversy in chapter twelve. And the Sunday on Chapter thirteen. And the three angels messages in chapter fourteen. And somewhere in there Jesus comes back. And hopefully you know that much. But what Revelation is really talking about is that the first eleven chapters are a laying the foundation for you to understand Chapter twelve in chapter thirteen in chapter fourteen. And when you understand the first eleven chapters. You understand that Jesus has taken on six. Very significant titles. Son of man. And the faithful witness in the church is Lamb who was slain and first the Gotten of the dead in the SEALs. And the angel with this as the intercessor. Who is the prince of the kings of the years. In the trumpets. And there's a reason why Jesus takes on all those titles. He's revealing himself because he's showing that each of those titles. Relate to five job functions that he has in the sanctuary. To produce a very special group of people. And that group of people are especially produced in the most holy place. So when you look at the first eleven chapters of Revelation. What you should see first before you get lost in the weeds of the seven trumpets. Is that the first eleven chapters are describing the work of Jesus in the holy place. Through the first six churches and through mostly the first six seals and through the first six trumpets. And then they're describing the work of Jesus in the most holy place in the seventh church in the was part of the Sixth Seal and of the Seventh Seal. And in the seventh trumpet. And that then gives us an understanding of how this Final Crisis is going to play out so when the most holy place in the Book of Revelation we see that Jesus is the faithful and true witnessed. And we see that he is the first be gotten of the dead and we see he's the prince of the King of the years. Now I want to read to you a few statements from inspiration. That connect to the work of Jesus in the most holy place. To the cleansing of God's people from sin and of the outpouring of the Latter Rain and you will see that the work that Jesus does. Prepares people. For the second coming of Christ. Before I read these photos let me just point out to you when you get to the seventh church. G.'s of give this rebuke and then he says I stand at the door and knock. Let me come man. If you overcome as I overcame. You'll sit with me and my throne. And then and at the end of the seals. You see that we're waiting for the hundred forty four thousand. To receive the seal of God in their foreheads. That's connected to the work of cleansing in the sanctuary. And when you come to the end of the seven trumpets. You see that in the rise of the Second Advent movement and Chapter ten verse seven that. While the seventh trumpet a sounding. The mystery of God should be finished. Which is Christ in you the hope of glory. Which is the character of Christ and His people. So all of that connect to the most holy place. So the Book of Revelation is the striving the sanctuary message. And especially describing the work that Jesus does. In the lives of the Second Advent movement. After eating forty four. Let me read you the statement This is testimonies Volume one page one eighty seven. Those who come up to every point. And stand every test and overcome the the price what it may have heeded the Council of who's. The true witness. And they will receive the latter rain and thus be fitted for translation did you realize that the message of Jesus to the latest and church is a translation based message. If you want to be translated thought being lukewarm logy of. One way it is the allows Jesus to come and he will cleanse this church of this keep going one thing in the field testimonies of all in five page two fourteen. Not one of us will ever receive the seal of God. While our characters have one spot or stand upon. It is left with us to remedy that effects in our characters. To cleanse the soul temple a very defilement. Then the latter rain will fall upon us of the early rain fell upon the disciples on the day after and it was noted that in the ceiling. Just within the in the message to the Church of the Latter Rain is connected to receiving the message. The latter rain is also connected to receiving the message in the SEALs and friends now's the time to be preparing for the outpouring of a lot of raining on. Now let's go to the trumpets. Well sorry live one more quote for the seals Marron off a page two hundred just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads. It is not a SEAL or mark that can be seen but a settling into the truth. Both intellectually and spiritually. So they can not be moved just the soon as God's people are sealed and prepared for the shaking. It will come and needed as begin already. The judgment of God are now upon the land to give us warning that we may know what is coming for I What would she say to that. Indeed it has begun already the judgment of God The shaking of coming friend. I'm not going to say too much but let me tell you this. We're living in very very interesting times as Seventh Day Adventists. Now is not the time to be playing church as a seventh day out and that's because there is a war for your soul. And there were two powers. Unseen forces that are fighting for your heart and your mind right now. And even. As that is on scene. The reality is that when we look at our church at large and. I was just something an Antone of with many of years well we are facing the reality that we have two versions of absenteeism under one administrative structure in front let me tell you it's not going to stay this way forever. There is a shaken coming. And when God's people are ready for it's going to come through as I see this polarization increase and. It tells me that God's people are closer to being ready. So you better wake up. Jesus is coming soon. Settling into the truth. Intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually OK now I understand the seven churches sealed interprets I'm ready for Jesus to come no the planet with me in means that it comes into your heart. So the you become a changed person. So they become like Jeeves so that you are settled. Analogically you're not by a blown by every one of doctrine. Oh well the twenty five twenty That sounds fascinating maybe I should believe up. Oh well cease keeping all of us in that. And so you're not blown away by. Intellectual salts series but not only that you have the spirit of Jesus. So that you're settled and cannot be moved. So that in your home. In your family. You're actually a nice person to be around. Let's go to the trumpets. The latter rain is the fall upon the people of God. A mighty angels to come down from heaven on the whole earth is the be lighted with His glory. Are we ready to take part in the glorious work of the third angel are a vessels ready to receive the heavenly do you how we defile and sent in the heart if so let us cleanse the soul temple and prepare for the showers of the Latter Rain. The refreshing from the presence of the Lord will never come the heart filled with impurity May God help us the Died a self. That Christ the hope of glory. May be formed within and that's the seventh trumpet message right there. And it's connected again to the latter ran into the cleansing of God's people. So as I wrap up here quickly noticed this. In the seven churches Jesus comes in we overcome and he overcame. And the Seven Seals. We receive the seal of the Living God. And the seven trumpets. The mystery of Goddess finish which is Christ in you the hope of glory and. As I bring this to a close. Notice by the end of the first eleven chapters. This is God's master strategy showing how he's going to have a people to stand to the Final Crisis. Then Revelation chapter stroll shows. Yes there is a great controversy. Satan is saying God That may be your strategy. But you want to bet I'm going to go after your RAM that which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus and isn't it interesting that obedience in the spirit of prophecy. Are two things that are under the most of. Can the nesters today. And then Revelation thirteen shows Satan's master strategy to overcome Christ's master strategy. And then Revelation fourteen shows the hundred forty four thousand and three angels messages were God comes out victorious. That's in the most holy place last two chords are. Maranatha to forty nine from the Holy of Holies there goes on the groundwork of instruction. The angels of God are communicating to men. Christ officiate in the sanctuary. We do not follow him into the sanctuary as we should. Christ and angels work in the hearts of the children of men. The church above united with the church below as warring the good warfare upon the earth. There must be a purifying of the school here upon the earth in harmony with Christ cleansing of the sanctuary in heaven. God's people are now to have their eyes fixed on the heavenly century where our great high priest is interceding for his people. Are you allowing Christ the cleanse your heart today. And the theme for our conference I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ live within me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me you know. Ten years ago when my friends and I helped to start this conference. I never dreamed that ten years later I would be here talking in front of you and I didn't even think I would be here ten years later. I thought we would be in the kingdom by now. And I want to tell you something I believe with all of my heart that Jesus really is coming soon and I'm not sure how many more stuff with youth conferences there are going to be before Jesus comes back and. It's way past. The time of Earth's history. To be playing games with God Jesus has done everything possible that he could to make salvation. Free and available to each one of us. And the book of Revelation makes it crystal clear that he's going to do everything he can to save you in the kingdom. And he has chosen you to be part of this glorious Second Advent movement that he is working through. In them from the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary. To place his seal in our foreheads. That the stamp of his character would remain through eternity. In our lives that we would be loving and lovable Christians. And that we would be prepared to take this message to a lost and dying world. Who is confused out there. As they see our nation around at the generating into a a nation of immorally and let me tell you something. The judgments of God are going to be in this land before too long with what this nation is doing if God doesn't do something to America. He's going to have to apologize the thought of going or. This is our time a seventh day Adams has to give our lives completely to God to be crucified with Christ to be surrendered to him and I pray that the next time I come back to a reunion for South with you conference it will be in the kingdom. A mound of clothes of her father in heaven you're such a good to us. You sent Jesus. Which were the to get us and then all of the ven. And now Jesus isn't the most holy place ever living to intercede on our behalf. And we just thank you so much. From what Jesus is doing now Lord forgive us for our Laodicean. They may Jesus come in May He won that our lives and may we learn to experience. The sweet joy in peace that comes from abiding and Christ and of having his life lived out through us. What I pray that you will be with the rest of the messages through this week and may you touch hearts in that there are someone here today. Who is struggling with the sin and their heart that they know is keeping them from receiving the seal of God I pray that he would touch their heart and mind right now. I would invite you if you are that person to raise your hand. As every hand. Head is about every eyes closed. Raise your hand and ask for extra help from your high priest to ever live. To make intercession for you knowing that you have a friend in Jean who will hold him Lord we thank you we praise you. We pray all this in the wonderful name of Jesus in this media was brought to you by Audioboo see a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more servant leader with the W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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