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The Crisis and the Challenge

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written



  • August 15, 2015
    12:15 PM


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I share is about evangelism in there right. Evangelism and soul winning No Are you interested in that I have something practical for the eleven if you said a man at a large gathering of folks by the way when I came in this morning I walked through this great complex and I saw the screens and people all that was religious looking and I stand I shit and I walked up with it all and I saw a beautiful image on the screen and it was of the Virgin Mary a statue of the Virgin Mary to my daughter and I said what I might have to change my sermon. But then they told me now go further down and running like I said I was a Roman Catholic once I was raised Catholic and I thought that someone here had done some very nice things to try to make me feel welcome but evidently I was in the case now what we have if you believe in practical evangelism our friends our good frames and glow in case you're interested have made available its three thousand glow tracked for you to share. Kindly and graciously with our brothers and sisters next door about that would you like to do that I'd invest a good idea. So all you need to do is go by the global food when we're done that don't go during the sermon after that sermon hit to the global have been Nelson and his team will be more than happy to fix you up with another glow tracks to be able to share not now keep in mind. Laced any want to be a fault the intent is not so that you can go to those other boat and straighten him out. It's just at the glow tricks are a blessing and human like this your blessing with somebody who's up into a blessing for that. So if you'd like to put a spin that go and see the goat August after this also you know I want to tell you to go and see the it is written folks just to find out I was going to bring him out here and show you but I don't need to do that I'd like you to see a couple of stall warning. Resources that we have a brand new it is written Bible study guide which a beautiful and that well designed and they're really attentive and also Alan you great controversy book it's just it's a nice copy I've seen stuff I've seen some that are looked at and said would want to read it and they say you can't judge a book by its cover but it doesn't stop us from doing so so anyway tonight wanted to double nicely in the font is good and all of that so have a look because I'd like you to know about the effect of a soul winning resources that are available to you and couldn't well an elf folks at our booth or see it and also a man I'm glad some of the hood Greg Wilson last night from stocks it is written and school of evangelism we are excited about salt we haven't done a program it's called some assault and we had a hundred people at some assault the summit an egg right and the News dot com acid getting ready began so I know we're on the other side of the continent but a God is calling you to be involved in ministry and ministry training and of maybe you're going to be on that side of the continent all or if you'd like to give up the the dry dry dry weather here for them. Beautiful humid weather over there. Think about stalled it's a wonderfully effective soul winning ministry a trading ministry and God bless those of you who are involved in trading wherever it might be but think about salt is a terrific school and up I am looking forward to seeing you if you've got to be assault student I'll be there and I'll be looking for you there I want to share a conviction with you before we open the Bible and that is that I am profoundly convinced that Jesus is coming into I believe there has never been a better time to be a Christian I also believe there's never been a better time to be a Seventh Day Adventist and right now because a lot is getting ready to do wonderful things for and in and through and with his people in these closing minutes a history this is the time to be alive and in the theatre of battle where the action is living for and with cheated and sharing Jesus with the world you are among the the privileged we all out for to know Jesus in a time. Where so many people still need to know Jesus it's a privilege. We've got what people need and I hope that that sought might be the basis or a foundation for what I intend to share with you today. More I could tell you but the point is we are here to open the Bible together so so let's do that let's pray first and then we'll we'll get to opening our Bibles let's pray a Father in heaven we are thankful that we can come to you today we come in the name of Jesus we come just as we are how else could we can we come. Glace and needy we need you we need your Holy Spirit. I read with someone you blessed very much wrote that our great need is itself an argument and pleads most eloquently in our behalf. Thank you for seeing young need of your spirit and for supplying that need right now. Speak to us we lost with yourself. Of us take our law will and merge it with your will let your will be done in these few moment we pray in Jesus name a name of told the story before but it's worth telling again a little west of London in England is the town of allowed S L O U G H. The lab now swallowed a town because in Great Britain you don't become a city unless the King what the queen says go town to big town hundred fifty thousand people but it's a town and it's it's it's just a I love Great Britain I lived there for a while I was baptized in England a lot of Great Britain but I don't know that a whole lot of people love allowed it's just a town you're never going to go there and most likely unless you go to visit Newbold college you might go through swell unless to catch the train west from London to go to Windsor Castle you're probably going to get off it allow and then travel over to the castle was nearby. But other than that you probably have a go there in fact between now and the time Jesus comes back you'll likely never even to hear the name of the town mentioned again it's just one of those towns but about six weeks ago in a rather remarkable men died. Nicholas Winton in nineteen thirty eight was planning a skiing vacation in Switzerland just a young man of the time when he died recently he was one hundred six one hundred six you know hello you get people who are older and then you get people that you call elderly him old that's all when you're one hundred six is no youth I'm ism that changes the fact that you really old one hundred six and he died. But back in one thousand thirty one it was not a hundred six but he was rather younger back in one nine hundred thirty eight he was planning to take a skiing vacation towards the end of the A because of course that's when to time in Switzerland however he received a communication from a friend of his and Prague which was the capital of what then was Czechoslovakia. And his friend said come to Prague. Help me. His friend was involved in some kind of humanitarian work. Assisting the Jews. Nineteen thirty eight day and things were very uncomfortable for Jews in Europe. In fact when Winton got to Prague. Crystal not had already taken place and any of you familiar with Kristallnacht will know it was nothing good about that. So we went and got to Prague and something took hold of him by the time he was done with his business in Prague. Wonderful things that happen you see having become aware of the situation the plight of Jews in Czechoslovakia and the plight of Jewish children in Czechoslovakia. Nicholas Winton looked at that crisis and it was a crisis. And he realized that he couldn't do nothing he had to do something he is taking vacation. God on his other immediate plans were put on hold he said I got to do something he started an organization very difficult times lots of red tape to work through. He contacted the House of Commons back in Great Britain by the time he was done quick hundred sixty nine Jewish children had been evacuated from Czechoslovakia. Transported to Great Britain where they escaped the Nazi regime all of them lived when otherwise it's not for Nicholas Winton all of them would most certainly have died because it was hit was aimed to purge Czechoslovakia of anything that looked remotely Jewish that families all perished in what now we call the Holocaust all of them dead but hundred sixty nine of them live because one man one unlikely man included being Annie jump through hoops any cut through red tape and he played with government officials and in a lot of himself because to do otherwise would have been on thing though I'd like you to open your Bible with mean we're going to go to reckon things Chapter twenty we're going to switch gears a little bit but it will all make sense in a moment. Second Kings Chapter twenty. We manage was start right about in the beginning of that chapter. Second Kings Chapter twenty what it would be good in verse one. Bible says in those days Hezekiah would stick under debt in other words he was terminally ill and the proper Isaiah the son of a mosque came to him and said to him but say a lot. Let your house in order for you shout die and not live over we like to be told that you were going to die not just that you're really stick but that death is a certainty. Hezekiah received that news what would you do the Bible says He turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord saying I beseech thee O. Lord remember now how I could walk before the in truth and with a perfect heart. I've done that which is good and nice night Hezekiah web saw who can blame them it came to pass before Isaiah was gone out into the middle course that the word of the Lord came to him I said You're saying turn again and tell Hezekiah the captain of my people must say of the Lord the God of David your father I heard your prayer. I've seen your tears Behold I will heal you. On the third day you will go up to the house of the Lord and I will add to your date how many years fifteen years and I will deliver UN the city out of the hand of the King of Assyria and I will defend this city for my own sake and for my servant David and so then interesting Lee They used a natural remedy he had a wound on his leg they applied a lump of figs. Certainly there was efficacy in that natural remedy. Undoubtedly but the natural remedy was only of the voter which God work God healed this man by the way God still heals people with natural remedies to date somebody better say man I say I said No Hezekiah said to Isaiah what will be the sign that the Lord will heal me and that I will go up to the house of the Lord the third day. Isaiah said sign you will have the log will do the thing that he spoke of shellfish and anyway he said you want the sun to go down or back if it meant down an easy let it go back and so the sign went back. Hezekiah was healed that was a miracle God made the sun go back twenty in the sky that was a miracle to God gave this man sticks thing more years fifteen more Mirek Gillis Ian a blessing really. Blessings can be what you make them and Hezekiah didn't make the best of this blessing what happened was there a man named parrot act valid then the son of ballot dad king of Babylon. Heard what had happened there is a car and he said I would like to visit you and ahead to Kyra said Come on over that was the neighborly thing to do. And when he came over on the king of God People showed the king of Babylon. All of this well. Opened up the treasure how he said look at this see how God has prospered made well you want to be careful who you know let's see India treasure house. Hezekiah made a mistake that day it was a foolish thing that he did before law as a result of this man's pride as a result of this man's desire to lift himself up as a result of his lack of surrender to God If we listen to God God would have to don't you that but he was an interesting listening to God as a result of that Jerusalem was this trauma completely destroyed people were killed. Blood flowed devastation K. because he has a car took the fifteen years that God gave them and use them on one's way you might say however that the worst was still to come the last verse of Second Kings Chapter twenty is those twenty one and it says Hezekiah slept with his fathers and Monastir his son reigned in his state. Men NASA was arguably the worst king that God's people had ever in do you it. Monastic the pulled Israel down into deeper darkness into deep deep deep. Depravity this man did things that even if we knew about them we wouldn't want to talk about them openly. This man was twelve years old when he became the king which means that he was born three years into his father's probationary time. Honestly my friends it would have been better if Hezekiah had died it just wouldn't be he got fifteen years and wife did them up until that time if you read the Bible account not a bad guy really but his legacy is a legacy of a wasted time. Foolish decisions. Squandered opportunities that his legacy now it isn't easy to think about this particularly if you are younger and it isn't always profitable to dwell on this but the fact of the matter is that one day if she does doesn't come back person we are all going to die and all of us will leave a legacy not like to use this illustration because I've heard it used before and frankly it's just a little bit corny but I'll use it anyway. Now when I go home to my home country of New Zealand the very first place I go is the cemetery that's where my dad lived light and live but that's where my dad is and it's not going to go there and talk to my dad I'm not trying to pretend that he's really able to he me or anything like that I know we sleeping there in his grey when I go there to remember and I go there to honor my dad and I look down like he is named John Leslie Bradshaw that's his name right was his name right there on the little grave marker and then there's the year of his birth and then this the year of his death and between those two there's a dash and one dash of my father's life summed up right there is a gap between is both your and is dead. IAN That's his legacy if you're lying and expression of it and I stopped off and on I wonder about the legacy that my father has left for he's not remembered now by but just a few people his family some of his grandchildren none of his great grandchildren many of his friends of gone really when my father was alive he was known by this many people. But now this many years after his death he's remembered by this many people. What does a slight and up to now not much we can do about that but should Jesus not come back that question will be asked about you and me what will our lives have been worth in eternity now the wonderful thing about it is those of us who are still living. Particularly those of us who are still young. Those of us who somebody say made those of us who are still young. To have the opportunity to influence watch a legacy we're going to lead and it's a very important question. Just last weekend I had a great privilege of speaking at the funeral of a distant who died at the age of ninety two a different of mine she was a member of a church where I had been one of the pastors at one stage and when I heard that she had died naturally my heart ached my heart ached for my dear friend her ninety two year old husband but on the other hand smile for I know that I'm going to see the genie again and doubted me as far as I can possibly tell she will come up in the first resurrection for her life was a light live to the glory of God Now while I was her pastor I did not know that but once she died her husband explain this to me she said and nine kings fifty not long after they had married his wife the junior had heart surgery in one thousand nine hundred fifty. She had a heart condition that was going to kill her she couldn't give birth to children they adopted because having kids likely would have been more than her body could take. So she had heart surgery in one hundred fifty without which she would have died. So Judge re nine hundred fifty died in two thousand and thirteen that six These five years of bonus time and at the funeral I got to hear all about how she spent that time. She went to college and she got a good education and she became an elementary school teacher or an academy teacher one of the other and she taught at an academy not far from where we are right now and she taught a couple of other academies and then she taught at a college. A church run now it's University there was a me a college you know and she in school and young people and young adult in a real Christian way for decades and decades the god gave her a lie and she said to us though what am I going to do with this life God has given me. She pulled herself into raising her children for God's glory. Then she pulled herself into influencing young people and young adults to live a life of service for God and wherever she went she shed she ever brought the love of Christ and a beautiful influence that told to the kingdom of God. Ladies and gentleman gone. Gives you the gift of life the fact that you woke up this morning was God saying to you here's a canvas in its blank you get to paint the picture you get to make the decisions you choose what your life is going to be like today you choose. Barring the unforeseen what direction your life is going to take over the next few decades you choose and so we make these choices but sometimes their choices that are influenced hampered hindered by confusion. Somebody told us that our happiness is what's paramount in this world that's not true. Somebody told us that our prosperity our comfort is what matters in this world that's not true to God has given us life so we can live that life for His glory. That's the purpose. We've got eternity to enjoy complete now there's nothing wrong with being comfortable here on this earth nothing wrong with that at all if you understand what companies for Jesus certainly did not put his comfort cursed John the Baptist did not think it is comfort Jesus said what did you come out here to see a man dressed in soft clothing Oh no he said those who Westhoff clothing live in Kings palaces. John the Baptist knew why he was here and he wasn't here for him. See if you are planning on going to medical school and becoming an orthopedic surgeon that great God can use you if you've got your student loans paid off and then you think that your purpose is to live in a mansion and drive a late model B.M.W. and add to your stable of cars by adding a Mercedes here and a Bentley there well that's fine too if that's God's will and it may be for you but if that's all life is for you that's not fine ladies and gentlemen there is a world full of people who need to meet Jesus. If we were to talk about crises today and we could we could talk about the homeless crisis it's a crisis and if society on its head while people continue to live in the streets without having one's basic necessities met that's a tragedy we can't allow that to happen as a society we just can't on there's a crisis in this world a poverty crisis so many people it seems get stuck stuck in a cycle of poverty through various reasons and because of various circumstances and if it's somebody can impact that cycle of poverty to help somebody up to help somebody break the cycle to lift up out of there and live a productive life to the glory of God then when we got to do something about this poverty crisis we must there's a crisis in the Middle East and terrorist groups. Going mad in Nigeria a terrorist group running amok. There's a crisis. Somebody must do something. But the trend of God There is a much greater crisis taking place today there is a crisis as there is a world. Needing to know Jesus there's a crisis of the last nest one day he will be inside the New Jerusalem on that day the last will be outside the New Jerusalem all of them and there will be a massive number of lost people many of them would instead have being saved people if some of those folks on the inside. Had Ted Rall and down the hall and thought the less about themselves and more about other there's somebody living on your street right now. Most likely who would go to heaven if somebody would show her or show him the way ladies and gentlemen what are you going to do about the crisis in our village of people of all walks of life rich and poor black and white Hispanic and Native American every other respect side young and old educated and uneducated heading for hell instead of heading for have are you know what they're these guys they're entertainers in Las Vegas I believe the magicians they name is Penn and Teller that's the name of their act now I don't know either of them I've never seen him I've never met them but one of them isn't a man named pain. Gillett he's the big one with the long ponytail he said this he described how one day he had finished a show in Las Vegas and he would come outside the theater and shake people's hands and sign autographs and do all that he noticed a man of the A white to ring him he wanted what is that men want he was holding something didn't look ten years the man wanted to be last. So when everybody else was gone this man came up to pain Gillette and he said I've got something for you and he gave them a Bible Now this man pain Gillett is an atheist and is like that the atheist evangelist. He's tried and in his eight years we talked about how there is no god he's one of the most prominent atheists in the United States the man gave him his became a Bible wrote something in the Bible gave him a card with phone numbers and cell numbers all kinds of numbers on it if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. How do you think that atheists will have a Christian country and and give a blind or Mr Gillette said how he felt he said I admired that man because he had the courage to stand up for what he believed he was nice about it. He believed he had something of value and he wanted to share that thing of value with somebody else. He then said this These are words that troubled me he said if you believe that there is a God and that there is a heaven he then she defeated How much do you have to help people to not proselytize he said if you were standing on the street and there was a truck coming it was heading straight for you and I believe you're going to get killed I would have to tackle you out of the way that truck I would have to he was talking about this in relation to Christians who believe there is a God and believe in salvation and believe Jesus is coming back and believe that a heaven and believe there's a hot place called Hell where people be obliterated and they believe all that. And they sit on their hands and they dined on fancy food and they go to the morgue and they plan for their future and they do nothing to save anybody from being wrong. Come on now ladies and gentlemen you can not be that person. We read in Revelation Chapter fourteen that God has given his people a mandate I saw another range of flying in the midst of ever saying with a whisper on staying with our loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him Oh wait wait wait. With a loud voice the angel had the everlasting Gospel to preach to every nation and kindred and town and people to preach to everyone hopes of got here and have got what it was a matter of God's people. Cat got your town. Mute can't speak Come on now. We have a message to take to the world and its job if you're a four message of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ it's a message of liberation and liberty if the message of freedom from the didn't and freedom to spend eternity with God in heaven and then earth made new we don't want to miss out on that that's why we're here but folks out there don't know my father once was in a swimming race is a great athlete my father and it was swimming across the harbor across the harbor the feet young a harbor back in New Zealand and as he was swimming across the harbour it was it was it was going to win that right he could have won that race at that Tyra's hand man is back as it was swimming across the harbour he stopped he said I want to have power in front I had he stopped and he poked his head up and turn around and there was a fella back there to merge but his head was above the water which means he was what. Right and my father said terms up almost on that guy's the next fastest women and if he's drowning then he can't possibly paint me and he turned back into the water and it was a renewed energy. When to the other side and won the trophy I never did buy that would happen to the guy because he drowned but my dad had won the rights and he was so proud of that moment and the trophy still listed are not on the mantel piece in of living in the mother's home. Now I'm hoping you your you want to know what really happened it would have been on sink a ball for my father to not go back and rescue Trevor town and towns and Trevor towns in we know his name because my father received a large flock Frayne it's hanging on the wall in my mother's home from the not the ARI speciate X. animals isn't it from the from the Royal Humane Society My father stopped in that watery turned around he saw a hand up and hit my goodness someone's drowning. He was a strong swimmer at healthy swam back the man gotten up above the water with his arm around him. Did what he could I don't know if they swam to shore it was a long way every wait there until a boat came but my dad say the man's life did he win the race he didn't win the race he didn't care about the race race didn't matter to him what method in which he was a drowning man and he had to do something about it. Come on for in there are drowning people all around us. It's criminal for us to go on winning while somebody back there what they hand above the water is about to sink into oblivion. It's criminal we read in the Bible the Bible story about the ten talents or the not not use to attain when there was a few have many challenges with the talent man was given five talents of five pounds or whether you like someone given to in someone given one and the man who get got five games five more that he attended I was thinking about it on with to put them out the exchanges and got to back in the one with ones that are no I'm out of the and the lot in white white that are wicked servant he was given something and didn't put it at the exchanges to get something back. God has gifted us with pounds all Mina or talent or have your Bible reading what are we doing with those what are we doing with the god gave you a talent for music and what you want to be a professional musician and make money just for your heart. OK OK But if you're going to do that you've got to be a musician who shares Jesus where she or he goes you've got to look for ways are saying logic give me this ability let me use it for your glory. Saying if you're an artist or a builder or a doctor or a lawyer. Whatever God has called you to pee he's called you to be that so that through you he can be seen I was on a plane once I was flying from from his den the other South Africa I sat next to a fellow he was a coffee farmers and I don't know what I was talking about his copy from you know he said he said I only employ job as witnesses what he said only implied if you're not a job as witness I want to ploy or said Your job is what are you know I'd never be a joke about it. So what why do you only employ Java's witnesses he said easy they're honest they will never lie they were hog there whenever slack off. They are morally pure they won't run around and catch diseases and cause marital break ups and strife in their family they care about their kids he said these are decent people. Imagine that now somebody somewhere is got to be saying if if your employer Seventh Day Adventist you will never be let down. God wants you to be the person who convinces someone of that if you go to medical school. Great I hope you will and by the way later in German I tell you I could I could go on about this but I promise you I won't I'm getting a little I'm getting a little worried I'm asking young people what they're doing with the future of maybe an architect of the a graphic designer of the computer program that's all right but were the full time ministers in a little worried about that the ability of you are believe there are some here today you're thinking a lot and given you an ability in this things you can govern make a million dollars. That's all right that's all right as long as as long as you do not as God's hand pieces as God's instrument but ladies and gentlemen. Goddess do calling people to make a difference in the local congregation God are still calling people to impact the town for the glory of God Goddess still calling people to raise up churches and preach powerful servants and empower others to go into the say If God is calling you you have to get about design school. If God is calling you you bet if again about architecture. If God is calling you you better get about or the mechanic's if God is calling you you will never be happy you will never be truly content you will always be somewhat miserable because you will know that in spite of the nice polished car in your nice we pay driveway in front of your lovely home and your model wife or trophy husband. There's an emptiness. Cause you never went off and did what God is calling you to do. Come on now. Print there is a world of people the way and whatever direction your life is going to go and that's OK But you've got to have taught at the center of that in the center so that what every cause you to be your nurse your god's nurse. Up front not only are you working in a hospital but because you've got all these talents you working in the local churches where you're working in your community. Come on now let's get to get a health program. Let's use these skills for the glory of God If you have build up your gods build up God's building you know if you have never been involved in ministry real ministry. You're missing out so much. When Bill introduced me mention the last story I told some years ago now it was a lot of years ago so. But I think I can still remember it so much. Spoke to me about spending a stomach as a as a literature evangelist I actually want to world is that that explained it to me I said No I don't I don't think that's rare good and no no well somebody show me a quote out of a book called Culpo to ministry there is no Banta training for any line of ministerial work that canvassing at and they said I got earn some money. OK I'm going to tell you a terrible salesman terrible but I did OK I did OK I wasn't I wasn't a high achiever and I wasn't the low achieving I was kind of every which I think it's OK to be average. Sometime that was all right. A member this one day the whole bunch of us were all broke. We decided we'd go out to dinner or lunch dinner I'm sure it was he went to a Mexican restaurant somewhere near Harrisburg Pennsylvania and there was a bunch of us it was Danny and there was me and there was a lot of very memorable people who are sitting around that table that day some of the best friends I have I had my whole life. And the waitress came by and she says What are you guys doing. And the first guy he said well where call Port what that while we're spending a summer in the city. Stelling Christian books were going to order those selling books. Oh really. That's great that was the first guy the second guy said Well as a matter of fact people that his bag. We've got a whole bunch of them right there was never that. And she said Well that's very interesting and the third guy he said Well as a matter of fact and he took one in books and he opened up the great controversy and he started canvassing on a great controversy and he said this is a restaurant you must be interested in food we got a cookbook here he put a cookbook got a look at this this is really good stuff and yet kids mall I do. Out came the kid's book bump bump bump bump bump so the first one introduce the concept that second one pulled out the bag the third one can boast the fourth one and you know for a donation of only twenty nine dollars. You'd be able to take your Although what would it be three or would it be five how many of these would you be interested in and as she was there as she was there. Mulling it over and she was very interesting she went away and then she came back and she brought a cheque book and I think the last guy did the deal and took the money and gave her change I said Praise the Lord it must I mean lunch maybe it was done because they were in that restaurant but we were involved in ministry you know and while we were there sitting chatting about the day and this and that guy number one had the presence of mind to share with the lady. Number to introduce the book number three canvas the books. Number four made the clothes and number five. I don't know what he did and God bought dinner I said. Prayed a lot. As nothing like ministry she bought enough books to paper our meal and then money put aside. That's the thing we looked at each other we shall just fantastic that God can use. Anyone God can use anyone who is willing you know something. God spoke through a donkey one day as you go in a number of directions with that what I want I'll just tell you he spoke to her don't see one day my friend the Bible work was in the library we just came from this eventually sticky reason Canada and it went in and there was in the library. He's money's on business in the library as a young guy right there. It's OK There's a young guy right there and the young fellow it is Indian is an Indian salaries a stick that has religion and they start talking and then my friend the Bible workers thinking wait a minute here and he and he and he introduces the spiritual component and when a man is receptive it is will do you know much about the Bible no I don't. Would you like to yes I would have these bible studies here they started as the reach of Bible study he was eating them up three at a time by the time the Eventually sixty we came along this brother was out front helping on registration he was pushing the best time his father said no you cannot. How man he wrestled with that he wrestled with that he said. Either offend my dad or offend God is the decision he made a decision he was baptized a price a lot his dad's dead against I'm proud of you son. Our Lisa the Bible work was ready in the library. Now you might have seen his Indian kid instead of he's not interested in Christianity but not this young Bible work he saw the man he said. This fella is a candidate for heaven Jesus said The harvest is great the problem is that the what labor is a few though they're not there's plenty of them Jesus right here take a look there's plenty of we just got to be willing to say to the Lord I will go that low. We just got to be willing to say to the Lord use me today you don't want to be scared about that or can't preach don't preach to something else. I'm too scared to knock on a door will go with someone who is not and you just be quiet and pray I don't know how to get a Bible study before you leave today we can help you with that you don't have to worry about your ability just your availability if you let God use you God will use you. Powerfully because there's somebody who you use remember. The body is made up a bunch of different pot. There's room I mean the little toad who thinks about their little tallow you know you did they have a Mr Universe and we are looking at got no one's going that is a great little toe. Guy is winning the Little too but of the one important it wouldn't be there if all you're going to be is the little Tell me the little girl I'd rather be with it than without it you understand what I'm saying the body is made up of many pot if you are the hot Thanks a lot. If you other stuck out fine if you have a leg beautiful If you something a little less. Not enough. That's OK kill the body is put together of many pot would be missing something if you're missing anything. Matthew twenty and those twenty eight says the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister and to give his life a ransom for many now ladies and gentlemen the world conspires against you I am daring you to be countercultural today society puts success and achievement. First get a great job by a great house drive a great car get a great big debt OK. Those things are fine in a place I'm not against those things in the Bible isn't but first must be service to God it must mean you know we had a medical school once that was called the College of Medical of Angeles now I understand that don't get me wrong I understand that that time changing names change and understand too that Loma Linda University is extraordinarily mission oriented and I say praise the Lord for that so that's really what we on when to training medical evangelist which wading into into training teacher evangelist pastoral evangelist mechanic evangelist hair cutting evangelist whatever it is we have a lady who went to Salt who went to Salt. She's a beautician ahead. Heck outta what you call it. I don't know what it is called She runs a beauty salon and she's a beautician ideas and since she finished so she sets up like three or four or five people baptized and that's something you're using these gifts she's using those gifts for the glory of God If you can do something spectacular. Then do it if you can then do something. An spectacular for the glory of God for when you get to heaven. No one's going to say oh this guy was the head of a university is this poor fellow is a deacon in the church we are all going to be equal there and we're all equal here in Manchester to that your great story with I broke up the roof right they broke up the roofs and they lower that guy down the Jesus street who was that guy we don't know who are those four people we don't know but without those four people that one man would never made it to the feet of Jesus maybe God is just calling you to carry the corner of a cop if he is that's all right. Carry it for the glory of God There are people everywhere waiting to go to heaven. Ladies and gentlemen I believe we're living in the last days of this earth history. Look around at the world all of the signs are telling us that we don't have much left in just a few weeks the pope is going to be visiting this country now Careful careful with that you're not going to hear me get non hole make a hole puppets on about this. Now going to do that and we've been saying for years that the pope he's the one you would think that we were of with that we were pope watches rather than Jesus watches the way some people carry on now it's important it's important but first things first. Amen. But here's what we know the fact is he's going to be here the fact is he's going to be talking about Sunday it is central to his agenda. Therefore the fact is our prophetic interpretation is as accurate today as it was one hundred fifty years ago. We have not had to change our message because the truth doesn't change what we do need to do is get into Al message these events are going to take place here in the next few weeks the world will be watching. It's of great political and religious important these events demonstrate we are on the right track. We are headed in the right direction. The world are headed in the wrong direction. But these things tell us no better time to be involved in ministry then now no better time no better time to be close to Jesus. No better time to be able to answer questions that people have no better time ladies and gentlemen this is it we are nearly there we are close to seeing Jesus come back in the clouds of heaven. Close we are heading in the direction that John who wrote Revelations saw we are heading in the direction that Daniel who wrote the book of Daniel saw we are heading in the direction that Ellen White who wrote a great book called The great controversy saw we are heading in that direction. I remember being seven years old I grew up playing Rugby League Rugby just call it rugby. Remember playing rugby seven years old man I love to play and I got sick I mean the mother driving us over to the football ground at the rugby ground it it was Saturday mornings and I didn't know better. Saturday morning I had to sit in the car and watch my team play or about killed me. Light on our playing rugby in high school I broke my No I had to sit out a week just a week had to sit out a week because of use kind of hard to play with a broken nose and about killed me because I wanted to be out on the steel. On rough game I guess I was in high school playing rugby in a program. Always happen just because I'm soft that's the only reason at a broke mom and so I kept on playing for a while because it was only a broken arm but after a while the pain just got too much and had to go often in when I put it in a cast I was out for a couple of weeks it about killed me. What I learned is it's always much better to be out on the field than it is to be standing on the sideline. What other people are getting the job done enough when God is going to get the job done if we all decided to pack it in and go to the beach and think nothing more about God all mission or ministry he still get it done but he did it done without ask and we would lose now I could say that God needs you for his work. I could say that and to an extent that would be true to an extent but the fact is Jesus said the rock can cry. I found out a long time ago that I was not God's gift to ministry I discovered long ago that ministry was God's gift to me. Ladies and gentlemen if you want to be fulfilled you need to be involved in ministry. Sharing your space reaching for someone to Christ noticed today I have not told you how I've not told you what you ought to do but I am telling you that when you chose Jesus as your Lord and Savior you accepted a call to ministry of Jesus when he was baptized his ministry began. If you've been baptized your ministry has begun what are you doing with it what you don't have the training get the training your boots out here people can hook you up you don't want to get the training you can go another route. Go to college you know when I go to college do something else. Whatever God calls you to do call God and tell God Lord I am willing to day to be used in service for you I am willing to day. Ready today. Prepaid today to be used in service for you if you use make yourself available that's what God is looking for is looking for hands and feet and hot hands and feet of a living in Tennessee for too long looking for hands and feet and heart and mind that he can mold and he can use vessels that he can feel Hezekiah was given fifteen years his legacy is not a good one. You've been given. Hello let's say began today and when Jesus comes back he would say you were given five years or ten years or twenty years. What would your legacy look like will be about you who would be about him with A.B.C. somebody in the kingdom of heaven who can say that person help me this person reached out to me this person shared with me God and the love of God Life is too precious to allow for someone anyone to squander their hands and not have the opportunity to be say what we have in this book is of great value. To hide it and not share it would be a crime but choose which exists for the purpose of sharing Jesus and reaching others with the everlasting Gospel Now I know that sometimes our congregations are now members now lead we all culpable. Sometimes we forget that we let other things take the focus and gobble up too much of our attention but when we're brought back to Santa we remember that the reason we are here is supposed to all when NG and evangelism and witnessing in many forms I WANTED TO DAY If you are allowing God to use you and if you are not whether or not you like to do something about it so the Nicholas Winton here's what's very interesting about this man after the six hundred sixty nine children got out of Czechoslovakia. Winton went back to England he became a member of parliament had I think he did and he lived a good line but for fifty years nobody knew what he had done to save those kids. Nobody one day his wife was ferreting around in the attic of the home and she found a scrapbook in that scrap book with the names of six hundred and sixty nine children the names of a parent and the names of the families in England who took them in she said What is this. He'd never told what is this and he explained and she knew that the story was too precious for it to be a secret. And for the world to not not so when Nicholas Winton was buried he had already means Sir Nicholas Winton for some time he was on it by the British government by the royal family by the government of Czechoslovakia the called them Britons Schindler here he said I wasn't a hero it took I was never in danger. Yes he was Hero it. Because his life was lived for the blessing and the betterment of others so we live this line all those people say all those lives prison because one man said I'll do something I believe God used that man the powerful way he said to his friend. Outcome to Prague I won't go skiing what the Gonski Can you imagine seven million six hundred sixty nine Holocaust victims but he heard the call of his friend and he said I'll come and help. Did he lose his life as a result no I'm sure he went many times. Subsequently but he lived a life dedicated to others for fifty is known only to myself they'd say goal those kids I think you've got good about himself not in a private White but that would bring your satisfaction So what are your plans for the future are you going skiing because I think today this somebody's calling you to Prague you know what I mean I don't know what your project is but I know there's one that exists for you. Hey this time posting you know what I'm saying there's time to put you first will be time for that. But friend with the world to win and to say the who is waiting in the signs all telling us that Jesus is coming back soon. What's really most important today you can make a difference and God wants to make a difference through you think one man six hundred sixty nine children stay. Oh and then their influence you one person how many people are saved for eternity and then how many others through their influence. Son he and they had booked and glow tracked and Bible studies and conversations and filament and outreach event and personal ministry and witnessing to a neighbor's just your life you heard the term used by Michael in the video earlier. Evangelistic not something you do because it's Wednesday afternoon but something you do because you're a line I think of the little children's brains. Those six hundred sixty nine kids the six hundred sixty nine and your line. God's wanting you to make a difference just to tell him I'm available lot out do whatever you ask me to don't make a promise you that I don't mean it. Not trying to manipulate you into thinking that boy you better go do this or that what I would like me to do is to understand that today the Bible is calling you God is calling you yes even you and that's through you God can make a saving difference in the lives of the hundreds or thousands or who knows how many what did Jesus save himself the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to Minnesota and to give his life. Arends simple Many What are you here for to be ministered to to minister I wonder if today is we pray you would be willing to tell Jesus that you are available to him to minister through that you may have some excuses I'm too old I'm too young my English isn't good enough my Spanish isn't good enough. Haven't finished medication I whatever tell it to Jesus. He's not worried about any of that he's made you as you are so he can use you as he was and he will refine you and bashing you in the hose knew as he sees fit. Now keep that boat right there and let me say this. I'm talking today about reaching people who don't know Jesus but I realize that in a room this size is bound to be people who themselves don't know Jesus and if you worry about sharing something you don't handle sharing someone you don't know I would like you to do something about that today if you came here today and you said I'm not in the right place with Jesus if you came here today and you said my heart is and how it ought to be if you came here and said I've not been baptized my life isn't given to Jesus then the Jesus who is waiting to save the world wants to save your world and wants your heart to be connected to his we're going to pray together and as we pry Christ will speak to your heart and you'll know what to do. Come on let's pray now Father in heaven as we bow our heads and close our eyes today. We haven't counted a very stubborn passage of Scripture. Hezekiah didn't want to die you gave in fifteen extra used and the result was this Dasa those years were not lived for your glory. You've given us today extra use and today we want to tell you we don't want to make that mistake we might see some of us know what you've called us to and certainly there are many here who are active but for a lot of us here today we're not sure we are uncertain we don't know what you've called us to we haven't responded to that call. We've never said yes to you today Father in heaven my prayer is that that will be different that we'll all go from here. Knowing that you've called us and having had the opportunity to respond to that call. Now friends our heads about our eyes are closed please keep it that way I want to make an appeal here that's very personal. I could ask you to come forward to the front if you want to be involved in ministry and then everyone would come because nobody wants to sit there and be the one who was just told Jesus I don't want to work for you so I'm not going to do that I want this to be private and personal. Christ is calling you. Be assured of that we don't have to wonder is Jesus called me he is now why he's calling you to he can make that known to you it's not my job to presume to understand that but he's calling you will you accept the call to work in ministry to work with Jesus to share your place to witness somehow to share Jesus with others when you accept Christ call to share him with others if you will just raise your hand please no one's watching no one's watching can you raise your hand. Jesus is calling you to work for him can you say today our work you don't know hell but LOT I'm willing to go you've got my heart you've got my permission. Something's going to happen to your wife brain today tomorrow next week in a month. Something's going to be burning in your heart and next year the dam will burst and ministry opportunities will open up to you and you will know this is it the Spirit of God is working in your life right now and wants to use you like never before in service not a life lived just to you what can I get a life lived for others how can I share Jesus with somebody today. You've made your decision your hand is up. Thank God our hits are still bout our eyes are closed now I want to extend this please let's be quick about this. I sense there are some in this place that you've never given your heart to Jesus pulling you've not been baptized. You've not made a decision to accept Jesus truly is your Lord and Savior. You've never said Jesus I accept you now. And now you'd like to the head about our eyes closed I'm going to invite you to come forward now you I'd like you open your eyes. You got to see the way he and the rest of us up rain but as God is speaking to you today I'm inviting you to come and bring your life to Jesus you've never had a better opportunity than right now. Remember we are praying for rain sprang you can lower your hand if you want to God is looking today for you to bring your hot to him Don't wait. Have you never being baptised make a decision to go into that watery grave and come up walking in newness of life come now come now have you never truly surrendered your life to Jesus make the decision to do so now. Come now we don't want to make this take any longer than possible God bless you to come and many a coming remember the rest of us were praying we're praying we are praying that God would move in on. God bless you there are more do come don't wait if you listen if things are OK with you in Jesus but you had a rough morning this morning. Just stay where you are pray but if you know there is a great gulf between your heart in the heart of Christ you want that gulf removed come if you've not been baptized come if you've never said Jesus have all of my life. Spaced on now many a coming from all over the place will wipe you to come from the back based time face time but come now don't wait. God bless you God bless you this morning you know Jesus is speaking he sang it's times these have you just been playing games have you just been doing choose without ever having said Jesus take my mind you know what I hear frequently about it can't meeting someone will say to me I had been a Christian all my line white I'd been an Adventist all my life and I finally realized I'd never been a Christian why wait until you are gray head to do something about that. Do something now. You've got most of you the likelihood is you have got your whole life ahead of you and you can build your life on the foundation that is Jesus I'm going to wait a moment longer because I know what happened I haven't even asked you to stand it's easier when I do that but I didn't today. I'm asking you to make a stand. Christ is inviting you to come right now what happens is the devil glues you to your chair you think I what I want to go I went back to the devil but Jesus is calling when you come to die and say Jesus I accept you fully perhaps I want to be baptized if you've been baptized but your life is being lived far from Christ. Bring your life to Jesus now it's a lot here I am due in May What I cannot do myself and you will discover that God will work in New both to will and to do for His good pleasure. Can you give God a chance today. I'm wanting to pray but others are coming in so I know that there's still one more two more and wait all day if I define upon you was going to make the difference in your life can you come now without pausing without hesitating without waiting and should I begin to pray and God is calling you come during the period that I don't wait if you can take a good honest look within your heart today and you know that things aren't right with you and God You haven't made an honest surrender you can make it now and you can go from this auditorium knowing I have yielded my heart to Christ I have invited him to take control and to make me his you can say I and His salvation is mine. Let's pray again after her into our God Today we thank you. We thank you that you have called all of us to be involved with you in ministry. Somehow we look back on our lives one day and we would see opportunities last moment wasted. But father in spite of that let the overall trained about life the that we've given a life to Jesus that we've worked with him and we've walked through open doors and we've reached out to people in his name and we've encouraged others to know him. Let that be our experience and then lord we've heard you call to us about our own personal salvation. Prey to these who respond will that come for various reasons some they know they need to be baptized because I've held off they've been holding back it never truly surrendered others there are personal issues. Known best to you there is a need in the heart of everyone who has come forward and everyone who has not a need that can only be met by Jesus Lord meet that need. We choose to go from here believing that we are yours that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour that Christ alms around us that our names are written in the book of life will believe that now and we thank you that soon Jesus will come back and soon we will all say this is our God. We've waited for him and he will save us keep us now Lord we pray and we thank you in Jesus' name. Please stay with me a man and a man. If you come forward we would like you please don't run back you see yet. Pastor Ellen would like you to just take a moment with him you do that please. Nothing bad will happen. We promise you. Please go that way because what we want to do is when necessary were appropriate. Find out your spiritual your personal mood today and then speed to it that you are ministered to say can you do that and thank you Pastor car for what this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse four you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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