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Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 15, 2015
    8:00 PM


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I was in and I share for much of the convention. I came in about an hour ago and as I was walking in I saw a bunch of young people with name badges and I was hearing some music and I walked in over this that the Hall over there and you know I saw people wearing shirts that there's hope in it said Keith also I saw maybe from huts panic churches they have come to I share and I walked in and there was this guy on this guitar he was a blazing away and then this this giant crucifix and I thought to myself Man I share has really changed since last year but the new leadership right. Amen I hope you've had a wonderful sabots. Being good today. Amen amen amen. Now how many people brought their Bible raise your hand. Boxer Bible now look at the people who didn't bring their Bible with the judgments will look. When you come to worship God it's important that you bring the bible a man at least the side arm right little pocket Bible so we just get things ready. All right very good very good. OK And every to hear me OK. Amen amen you know what I really appreciate about these sort of last charges for the Saturday night. Worst show up for our investors as you call it it's a wonderful time because you know this is a time that's a little bit more informal it's a time where we can have just these wonderful conversations ass and reflecting upon the Sabbath and all the blessings of the year or whatever it is you know I know many people who love to get Bobo after you know Sabbath sundown but actually invite me so. It's just a wonderful time to be able to come together and just end this tablet with Jesus. Amen you know somebody once said I don't know who's a quo is attributed to you but somebody once said there are two important days in your life to important days in your life. Number one the day you are born and number two the day you discover why the day you discover why. And that's what it's all about when you come to Jesus he wants to share with you his powerful purpose for your life when you say meant to that how people are baptized I know some people got baptized today praise the Lord for your decision you know one of my friends he was doing in evangelist experiencing a thorough country several years ago and when he got back he told it's very unusual story he said after he did the altar call many people came for many people who are excited about being baptized that savage but when he was going to go baptizing these many people who had a shorts on he found a Baptist more robotic to go into the water the pastors would not let him go into the water they said Pastor we've already arranged it we got our elders here we got other pastors here the water is not best for you so it's probably best that you stay on the shore and watch what is happening. Will do the baptism so my friend the pastor said OK and so he just stood there watching the baptisms take place and it was a wonderful time that SAB all of a sudden we noticed something from the corner of his I have all these people are coming into the water to get baptized there was one lady every time she would step foot into the water she would fall over backwards and shake uncontrollably. Now what the pastor started to do as they start to pick up on the situation they all started gathering over to that corner where she was the command of the choir to sing louder and the woman rig it back up after they were done playing with their they'd bring her a few feet into the water she'd fall backwards into the water and so they get her back up and they began to command the choir says thing louder people were praying they take a few more feet to the place where she was going to get baptized. It was a little bit off to the side and every few feet. She'd go over there. She'd fall backward and it was such an unusual thing and finally they got her to that spot and they baptized or will he talk to one of the pastors afterward into one in the world was going on over there he said well you see that spot where we revamped where we were baptizing people were praying for that bought with a special time of prayer this is the place where we're going to be doing the baptisms were praying for the Holy Spirit to be over this place got to consecrate this time and this location for His glory and so as we were beginning to take this one lady to get baptized this demon began to really just erupt out of her and she'd fall over uncontrollably and we get her back up we pray for her and we take a step by step and tell we got her to the water or the place where she was going to get that tide and that pastor friend he said wow that was remarkable and then one of the elder said oh yeah by the way there was one thing that took place the demons spoke to that woman my friend said what to say he said it said this don't take me to that spot that's where the blood of Jesus is a man that's where the blood of Jesus is now let's bear head for water per let's ask for Jesus's blood to be over here. Father in heaven thank you so much for your righteousness. Thank you so much for your blood thank you that you cleanest from sin and lowered our prayer is that you would bless us with the Holy Spirit that you would lead us closer and closer to you. God this is the final method device here and the Lord we just want to give this opportunity you'd be availability to you to minister to her that is up ward. Thank you printing prayer in the name of Jesus. Amen. All right we're going to look in a very interesting story today surgery take out your Bibles were going to Mark Chapter five it is the story of the demoniac Mark Chapter five Mark Chapter five Mark Chapter five is there same men need more time to Mercy you didn't bring your Bible better be looking at somebody else's buy a book. All right. Were March after five it's a story of the demoniac now it's very interesting when you read much of Mark's gospel he is fast forwarding a lot of events many times there is this a bridge focus throughout the Gospel of Mark each gospel carries a certain signature that is there. That's designed to speak to various kinds of minds so the book Mark has a very important message for our time so when you're reading this gospel much of the time you see Jesus nothing counterfeiter fast forward there are bridge and very quick but when it comes to this episode with the demoniac Its all of its like almost all the studies. Jesus things slow down time slows down and you see this very interesting counter between Jesus a man full of the Holy Spirit in countering a demoniac a man full of an evil spirit so that was where the thory begins Mark Chapter five let's start with first one then they came to the other side of the feet to the country of the gathering and when he had come out of the boat immediately there met him added the Tombs a man with an unclean spirit who had a swelling among the tombs and no one could bind him not even would change because the it off him and bang with shackles and chains and the chains have been pulled apart by him and the shackles broken in pieces neither can anyone tame him and always night and see he was in the mountains and in the Tombs crying out and cutting himself with don't know the first six and when he saw Jesus from where. Of far he ran and worship him but not what comes out of his mouth and he cried out with a loud voice saying whatever I had to do with you Jesus son of the most high God I employ you by God that you do not what Torre met me now we read their story many many times but you were uncertain some very remarkable points in the story here you have a man and the Bible describes his situation he is somebody that has reached the depths of iniquity totally processed by the devil himself and his legions. This man is destroying his body he's cutting himself up he is living with the dead people. Here's an individual who nobody wanted to be a part of his wife in fact they trying to shackle him up hoping they could control him but they realize their He was dealing with something that was far more powerful than any human himself. Ladies and gentlemen I want you to understand something and I'm realizing that more and more of them. Been passed around for about seven years and that is this we are dealing with an epidemic a mental illness bike never before it is growing out of control. Now you think it's OK what's the point was that you know what we're told that the real problem with this world is not toil it's not poverty it's not hard chip the real problem with this world is guilt and as we see sin and sin become more and more practice and by the way but typically sexual spent exploding more and more we are going to see the natural byproduct of natural effect of sin growing more and more and that is still and without a remedy we are going to see the next step of guilt and that is a breakdown of the mind. If guilt is not dealt with if it is not many We're going to start seeing more and more of these mental issues like never before in fact I heard one psychologist States if we could teach his patients that they could be forgiven he said he collected all half of them so here's a situation we're dealing with right here. Jesus comes across a man who was totally destroyed by the Devil In fact I'll actually describes the almost comical scene because when Jesus stepped off the boat with twelve is to fight both and that demoniac comes running out of the the forest she says that the disciples actually took off running and left Jesus they are alone and when they came back they call Jesus with his hands stretched out towards that the mony act and that the money I could not come any further. I mean this was for me the back of a bit of Jesus and they were gone. So here's the situation this man is shown up ready for some kind of showdown and so Jesus begins to deal with this problem and I want to promise you this is going to be relevant to every person let's continue with this story. Birthing for he said to them come out of the man was unclean spirits then he asked him What is your name and he answered saying my name is legion for we are many. Also not the key word. He begged him earnestly that he would not send them out of the country now large heard of wine with reading they're near the mountain so all the demand what the next phrase beg him saying send a team to the point that we may enter them and at once Jesus gave them permission then the unclean spirits went out and enter the swine there was about two thousand and the her brand finally down the steep place into the thirty and drowned into the sea. Verse fourteen so those who fed the swine who set this time. Wind fled and they told it to those in the city and in the country and when they came out to see well happy note for fifteen they came to Jesus and they fall the one who had been demon possessed and have the Legion sitting and quote in his right mind the earth next part and they were of parade they were afraid. Here they see a man who is converted by Jesus and they begin to get scared of this man they were afraid. Impact one God what if there was great fear among them continue versed in team then they began to what the next for police or big as it is the one God or for him to depart from the region and when he had gone to the boat he would been demon possessed with the next phrase. Beg him that he might be with him notes verse nineteen. However Jesus did not permit him but said to him Go home to your friends and tell him what great things the Lord has done for you and how he has had compassion on you and he departed begin to proclaim that Koppel is all that Jesus had done for him and all marveled when you begin to study at the store you begin to notice unusual word that appears over and over again in the story here you have this demon. These demons they were baiting G.'s is not for him to for him not to torment them and then the man banks Jesus don't send the swine away and then the demons beg Jesus they said send us into the twine and so when Jesus does the and the swine ties all of a sudden the people show up and you know what they do they begin to beg Jesus for him to leave and you know what Jesus does he listen to them again but here you have a story when the man who is now coming to the team and begins to bank genes to for help and for all of a sudden change of turns on the notes which Here you have Jesus answering the prayers of these demons here you have Jesus answering the prayer of this demon possessed man here you have Jesus answering the prayer of these people who want nothing to do with Jesus but you have one time you actually have a follower of Jesus and he's begun Jesus for help and Jesus says no to him in fact the Bible's this that Jesus permitted the demons to do this but when it came to this man do you know what Jesus said Jesus did not permit him then you have a very unusual postcode where you have cheese of listening to the prayers of fallen angels. Listening to the request of a demon possessed man let's name to the request of the wicket but when it comes down to God's own people it's like he turns a blind eye there's something you're going to realize of the Christian and that is that if times that you are going to be pleading for Gone to do something and you're going to be pleading for God to do something that seems right by all means and you're going to find Jesus saying no you're going to find Jesus saying no you can find Jesus not permitting you yet he was seems like in the story he's listening to the request of these demoniacs who are trying to get him checked out here you have the story of where Jesus is the thing to a man who was possessed by demons and you have the story of a of the wicked things Jesus we want nothing to do with you in every take Jesus is answering their requests and then you have this one dictation where this man who had come out of this demon possession experience and he's begging Jesus let me be with you and Jesus says know what my point here we're going to be discovering more and more that we journey in the life. Is that some of the greatest blessings that God has given to us here on answered prayer you know most just one day pleaded with God let me enter into a hole and you know what God said no you know what motivated by the way right now. Yeah he's in the real Holy Land right. He's walking on streets of gold case not sure he's walking on streets of gold right now he is alive. Do you know airlines you're prayed a prayer that God and I answer you know I like you pray let me die do you know where a line he is right now a light year is alive for all of eternity I mean this brother never even closed his eyes in jest and he prayed a prayer one time Lord let me die can you imagine himself walk into heaven. Still to this dating him of what was I thinking. What was I thinking. Praise the Lord God doesn't answer our prayers Amen how many times or impairment you have people saying well you know what I praise God he didn't answer my prayer. I just want to praise Jesus he didn't let me get into that are there you don't find people praying that or saying those kinds of prayer requests or praises you find people say Praise the Lord I found my keys praise the Lord you found a car for me praise the Lord I met this person. Ladies and gentlemen I want you to understand something when we get to heaven or not just when we get to that side of heaven or when we get outside of eternal life what we're going to discover even in the five we begin to look back we're going to realize that gone and is in from their mercy. Praise the Lord he didn't listen to me at that time. Can you pay men to that and the reason why when God doesn't answer your prayer. It's because he has a higher purpose you can see how this all mines up he has a higher purpose for you you know the story of Joseph Joseph eight seventeen. Was taken by the Egyptians and can you imagine Joseph pleading with God Lord hippie ad of this circumstance and he was made a prisoner he was made a swathe been here for many years putting with God get me out of that circumstance and even when it seemed like it was going to work out all of a sudden it was like he was stuck there are several more years but as much as just of my dad thought these events are against me. God was actually working out she is good by the way do you know when Joseph is reunited with Jake up do you know Jacob lived exactly seventeen years here. Joseph was taken away from Jake up after seventeen years of life and then when he's reunited with Jake which oh stuff he lived exactly seventeen years it was like God restored to jack up the best years of his life you know the story of Job sort of job start with this man and by the way study up the story of Job wonderful story it starts off with this almost exact accounting of the shape of the Donkey of the county and of the children and it's a very end after every goddess we stored these things the Bible says he gets double of those donkey double of those towels double of those sheets but the Bible says he only gets one set of kids the implication if he didn't really lose those kids one day in heaven he's going to have two sets of kids there isn't Gentlemen I want you to understand something that that you're going to cover more and more as you mature in spirituality there's going to be times where you are going to be pleading with God to do something for you and he seems like he's just leaving you in that spot but there is a higher purpose and the eyes of thing we'll discuss learn what God is up to you can you stay in meant to that but continue with the story I want you to go to that point right there go all the way to verse fourteen all the way to verse fourteen talking about those pick her by the way it seems like the pick her the demon possessed man didn't have a problem with them it was they who didn't say that OK that you've gone. Let me just say this point look at me you know when I'm preaching sermon at my church may times I'm preaching and it's like I can hear people like gasping as are learning the power to some like Praise the Lord I love that gas right because people are going to dig their digging deeper and deeper in the Word of God You're in them just like whose I have people in the bath and the background of my church acting that feel good right. That's just that is just amazing I never had that one guy in church every time it was preaching something I'd say some powerful but got out of the powerful Biblical point right. I'd say something to be in the back seat a stream I mean there was just this excitement as he was digging deeper and deeper into the Word of God he was being pointed never seen before and he was taking these and applying them to Himself can use a mentor that let's continue with this story let's see what happens now. Again when these men take off. Verse fourteen so those two fattest winds wed and they told it in the city and in the country and when they had come there to see what then happens then they who came to Jesus all the one who had been demon possessed and has a legion steady and clothing is right. Was mine and they were afraid that continue and those who saw it pulled out happened to the him who had been demon possessed and about the swine to burst emptying and then they begin to plead with Jesus to depart from that region. Now just think about this this wasn't very far and so here's the situation. When these pigs for her the all the pig you know they go off the cliff they take off running. They go into the country because they're trying to get back up there trying to get Jesus kicked out of that area and so they go get them all right and for the mob comes with their picture or to get rid of the reserves and so they're coming back in and when they show up on to that scene you know what they think they see this man who's calm and dating Now why is that an unusual point that he was sitting down because they were so used to seeing him running around naked I mean this something at happen this man was now in the attitude of a learner and so they're watching the situation there so blown away because here they are they trying to fix the situation they try to Jacqueline that man and they completely failed and now they're watching the scene there just like all my goodness only a power above and beyond mankind could have done this and then man. Probably spend what maybe an hour a couple hours with Jesus do you know what this man does. Jesus tells them go home and go begin to preach that the cop was the tent cities this man goes to go preach over there in the tent cities by him so nobody with him and you know what happens later on Jesus shows up to that same area and just then find that same odds he finds a group of people who are excited about Jesus now what my point this man spent maybe two or three hours when she said I was able to turn the tent cities. Upside down I mean this Manchin is even all these doctoral student here if he's spending just a little bit of time with Jesus and because of that little bit of time with Jesus he's able to go back and eventual wife without any kind of evangelism trainee OK and he goes out and he's preaching and the tent cities get turnt go up or down that when Jesus returns months later he doesn't find a group of people who are ready to kill him and take him out you find two people who are ready to accept him when he spent time with Jesus plays in German There's no limit to the usefulness of one who's been filled with God The best advice I could give you as a pastor is this. Spent time with Jesus if you feel good a man spent time with Jesus when you don't feel good. Spent time with Jesus when your feel wholly spent time with Jesus when you're feel like a printer. Amen and what you're going to find a more more you spent time with Jesus and the more more you keep Jesus in the proximity you're going to find you cannot be long I meant you cannot be law and by the way there is the byproduct of spending time with Jesus. Have your found somebody who offend so much time with Jesus I mean when they're coming off their like Moses like someone turned off the light man this brother to sign things cold bright he's been killed by God. He's Haneke spear instant the Word of God He is sat at the feet of the greatest teacher and he's ready to turn the world upside down and then you say how lujah the best advice I can give you as just somebody who is speaking here at this spent time with Jesus everything all morning make it the first thing you think about you take your cell phone your batter press up on Facebook your phone up the room. They say makes your rebuke right now and I know I know it's a hunch is her right. Amen. This is super important we've got to make the freshest spots of our day the freshest thoughts of our minds are to be given to genes. And man you gotta go to the bathroom as a person are you to people I've quoted you don't think about anything but Jesus don't take your phone and there is super important more more we've got to make Jesus the priority the fundamental lesson of why he says the Matthew chapter six for thirty three sixty second is I want to test the key first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and was all the seeing Shelby added see you. Amen this is a fundamental principle of life that when you make Jesus birth. He'll take care of everything. Amen I had somebody who would tell me that I pastor I just can't study I have a difficult time studying I traverse the book desire visions and I might use those struggling after in the book deserve A.G.S. there I'm struggling reading the book deserve a Just So here with some advice I gave him I wanted to get a highlighter tone to get a highlighter then I said take out the book steps to Christ and as you begin to read step to cry to start with chapter one when you find something that just is amazing a mix or whatever it is it's taken the highlighters young Mark snatched just stop right there and you talk to Jesus about it you find something else so powerful Don't you think well that's a powerful and keep moving on you're going to forget it when you get on Facebook let me like wine to keep mentioning Facebook here take out the highlighter new market. You stop and you talk to Jesus about it that's what communing is with God It is a interaction between us and God is not just you reading then talking to Jesus about what you read a mensch. It's you talking with got in to bursting with got as you are reading the scripture many times I start reading the Bible and after two vertical top down by them like look I need your my knees and you pray about this right now and it could be just something else lo and behold I mean that was too powerful for me. I gotta keep my eyes on Jesus and now he miles long God right this man who spent a little bit of time which he says I mean just think about it he was coming out of this experience of being demon possessed for several years you can imagine his mind was still grasping for these truths trying to figure out women it were mice were my are right now who are these people. But as he sat down at the feet of Jesus whatever time it was rather an hour two hours of three hours it was another for him to be able to go and preach the gospel to tent cities and turn that whole area upside down and men and you can imagine he probably thought terms of our need to keep doing that and he's he's spending time with Jesus. Enough go down to our third point. Arthur point go all the way to birthday team and when he got into the boat he who had been demon possessed big that seem might be with him. Birth nineteen However Jesus did not work permit him when I could go on but said to him. Pay century last few word go home. Amen my charges go home go home to your friends and tell my great things the Lord has done for you and how he had compassion on you and when he had the party begin to proclaim to that accomplish all that Jesus had done for him and all Marvel I want you to notice something. Here's this man he's realizing wait a minute if I don't keep hanging out with Jesus and doing what its disciples are doing at that very moment which is Ministry at that with Jesus as he's going all over the world if I don't keep doing that I'm going to end up in the same exactly can you imagine this man he's looking at the supply Poles not to myself I wonder what life is like being one of the disciples of Jesus I wonder what it's like to be under the instruction of Jesus the person no visible tangible instruction of Jesus. And you know what Jesus tells him go home go back to your area where you're from and start telling people about all the great things that God has done for you evacuees go home to your friends and it's been good friends right. He says go along to your friends start telling them about how God has had compassion on you and so the man began to do this now what's my point my point is this Many of us are not going to get this the time and the opportunity to be able to do great things like go to new banjos from school many of us are not repeat these great powerful evangelists going all over the world preaching the gospel. Many of us are going to find just that in my desk so of all places or break or steal the whether you're from the lenient and oh no I had a whole I'm not sure where the years from here's the thing I want you to pay attention to that because Jesus understood there was a work deal to be done at home there was a great work to be done at home you want to know what the worst thing for me as a pastor in seven years are one last and that would be but then how much is this is another lesson I've learned and that is just one of the most annoying things to me as a pastor it finding inconsistent church member do you know you're trying to build the Kingdom of God you know you're trying to preach the gospel and evangelize in this area and you find people who don't want to be part of their local church you don't want to preach that southern sometime last year I told him one of the greatest lies the devil want you to believe is that local church evangelism is not your responsibility. It's somebody else's responsibility. You know I have many times people come up to me and they said Pastor we're so excited about coming to your church and prayed a lot and the like we love your thumb in the most praise the Lord Give glory to God right. As I tell you to Pete that right and so that I think like they're like half the workforce out of upping your church we actually grew a bad man to MY GOD Praise the Lord that's amazing right. And then they'll say things like by the way we're actually related to change what you will need to change what we're related James White my gas amazing and then they'll say things like and we've gone to Adventist causes our entire life. Praise the Lord. That's good and they said now we actually have to kid and I praise the Lord and the like and we enroll them in Adventist school all my praise the Lord we need more children adding to school I got home azing and they said by the we have the book Adventist home in our living room and we really each day praise the lord that's amazing I love that and then I'll say to them one question How would you like to be involved in the church and you know what they say to me. Path were pretty busy right now and you know what I say I think from what I don't say I think to myself you better find another church ladies and gentlemen. Being part of the local church is your Christian and then everyone wants to be a superstar and adding to them but they're very little people who want to be faithful wife in the local church you think it is apparently there's not much to do in my local church. Well there you are no one's going to consume. Doing anything if they pass to my pastor isn't doing anything to tell you something one know what the most stressful position in the world we have to cut our four years of a life that the pastor you want to be a pastor going to ave his message to help method so that you live by eight years longer cut off or if your pastor we have for years being a pastor and I say this with all the love in my heart it's one of the most inefficient jog one wife because we're too busy there's not enough time in the day for us to do things so if you're relying upon your pastor to tell you what to do. You're in big problem I said it is fatal to believe that the work of paving fault is appended upon the or Damon for the word a spate told us that mean for Loma Linda you should know this medical term around this area. Yet Lee means you will die. Bad things happen to you. Yes no more press no more press and then you need to get involved in your local church or so much to do. There's so much to do and was the most difficult thing is when you're trying to do evangelism a local church and younger daughter teenagers don't want to thing to do with it you know Jesus didn't tell them and go home and find all local church for you to sit in there every single tell us and that's all you need to do here and tell him to do that you know what he told them go home and Sir preaching the gospel to your friend and then you will know my charges plays in German it's to go home and man it's a goal of hole and start preaching the gospel. At your house. Emend the best things I can tell you is this is that Shepherds are produced the A man it's cheap there produce she can pay men to that animal. They're producing a this is what Jesus wanted people to do We don't need to go out into the entire world the Gulf only to be taken to wherever your ass right now. Your church is dying because you when doing up in there this is what Jesus told us man you go home you go along. This man was taken to one cannot be one of those the typos and you much easier for same terms you are my disciples were you going to be disciples as your house you need to go home there's a work that needs to be done there are a great work to be done their work and I stated with all the while my heart there was one time I want to be a superstar in Adventism adopting a superstar was preaching the gospel whether or not we can to realize something up into drilling down into my thick skull and that is if there is a great work to be turned back at home back at home people want to be a superstar Jesus is calling to be a faithful and consider this a life a man of faith for and consistent life. Superstar coming go but a faithful consistent lives he burnt it. Keep burning you know as we look at the store we begin to see things that are very important we can just see how Jesus did not answer this man's prayer one because you had a higher purpose than this man could really understand at the time we begin to see the story of how that man spend a little bit of time with Jesus and as a fence it's time with Jesus he was able to turn the world upside down and he was made safe by preaching the Gospel we see the story of how Jesus told this man to go home. Start with your family form with your friends start telling them all the good things that God has done for you. There isn't German want you to see something when you look at that man's wife you think to yourself Man it was like Jesus of really gave it him that's not the truth. Jesus had great plans for this man's life. At that time that man cannot see it. This now probably wondering to myself at these things Jesus the part in the boat wife cannot cope with them. Why can I be part of that group and you know what Jesus was saying Go whole go whole I believe he probably started with his friends you wonder why he's our with it France because these were the group of people this man probably had the greatest connection when these were the group of people who when they were converted reform another band of the stifle. Ladies and gentlemen want you to understand something and that is the Jesus is calling you Jesus is calling you to go home to go home to go home to tell your friends your family the great things that God has done for you. Jesus is calling you to go home as a great work that needs to be done a great work needs to be on right now. When and by reading your quote the pen of inspiration and blow my mind away every time I think about it and white face in the first few lines of the book after the Apostles sheet as the word the church is God appointed agency for the television a men it was organized for Target its mission is to carry the gospel to the world from the beginning has been God's planned up through his church I'll be reflected to the world his full nets and his sufficiency of the members of the church those who Mia called out of darkness into a modern apply to our to show forth His glory. Now that were just so amazing. Shaking right now heard of the church is the repository of the riches of the grace of Christ and through the church. Will of then show it be made manifest in other words one day therefore happen will eventually be made manifest even to principalities and powers to heavenly place that means a job and I'm done for world that the something that can be manifested them one day. The final and full deploy of the love of God the final end for the play of the love of God through the church the church that your partner one day is going to be made manifest through the church or your part of the final and full display of the love of God God is an infinite being but God makes a promise that one day I threw the church will be revealed to this world into this universe the truth about now. Amen God is calling you to go home go home to your churches go home to your family. Go home to your friends. They insult my plans and it worked out after the camera go home God got bigger plan for you. Greater plan if you find yourself stuck at your local college. Your local job go home God has amazing plant bigger than you can think go home go home. Jesus can we get you something special in that final night and by Sharon as she's going to be thing in a very special song I'd rather have Jesus a man I'd rather have Jesus rather have Jesus didn't deliver or go I want to invite you if that is your prayer one Jesus I want Jesus more than anything. No better appeal than that ladies and gentlemen I want Jesus and I'm going to share the truth about Jesus. I want you to come up to the proper right now if you're like that man who finds himself struggling between wanting to do something and finding God telling you know come up to the front and cheated maybe thank you today. Go home go whole share the good news. Trust the plans of God for your life while you're listening to the song more than anything Laden gentleman God is calling you to be a faithful and consistent line faithful and soon the thin life so there were as a song it's been fun make the prayer your mark rather have Jesus that's the most important thing when this media was brought to you by audio versus a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first before you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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