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Till, Plant, Cultivate. Why do Outreach

Kristyn Dolinsky Ryan Dolinsky



  • August 15, 2015
    2:30 PM


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Christine I always like to see for myself a little humble to be up here I'll be honest. Were were brand new We're new birthed out liters evangelists and so we'll get to share a little bit about what we do and why we do what we do and hoping that by the end of this will inspire you guys and your continued walk so you guys have probably been in the battlegrounds much more than we have but I would hope this to be inspiring to you well know it will show a little bit more about that we really you know got one. Well you know there are very long and very low. Allowed their right my girl. OK so what we'll do right now is looking to give you an idea of what we're going to sharing with you and then we'll go from there so before we start on hope of a quick word of prayer. They're heavily followed I want to thank you so much for this opportunity to be in this place with fellow believers those who are here listen sharing your word and some of us who are still exercising our faith in you and Sharon. Laura minutes opportunity be a moment for you to speak through and made the words that come out of Christian as Miles not be ours but yours. Lore that fall upon the hears here we need to hear what they need to hear and Lorida continue to encourage us and this Dana as we continue to move forward and sharing the gospel with the world. Thank you load your knee him a soul do is we figured OK How on earth are we just going to describe this to you what we do. So instead we put together a short video to show you guys what we do and then we'll kind of go through why. We do it and then we'll talk a little bit about some ideas and things. Hopefully for you guys to take away from that first likely own yeah we are I mean and who we are now doing that yeah yeah. So Christine I just got engaged. Thank you were going to marry January third of next year our our story is not terribly long but it's it's not what the purpose of this is but I graduated from London University last year and physical therapy. I'm currently doing a residency program around learning more on how to how to treat God's children and I grew up. Ave didn't evangelize going about evidence when I was used. Rest use use Rush age I had no interest in what you guys are doing. Absolute your god's work in my heart a lot recently and so I am thankful for that. So continue to allow got it working. You guys lives. I'll tell you what it's different when you walk up to door younger and then when the system an older walk up to the door. Respond to different you had me know that really I mean everything you think you know not spam or we can do it but there is power the young young people profit by so I want to encourage you and I Kristie yeah well I like that. What strikes me now with part of my everyday I know that like right to be I have no idea about never learned that. And what happened was that I grew up in L.A. private schools and then I spent the I spent sixteen years of my life. Acting in Hollywood and fell. In television and God with fully working on my heart and I just quit actually last year and I met Ryan right around that time and we started a small ministry we had no idea what we were getting into or even what ministry was I think at the time versus what what God has taught us now and we did a a little documentary together where we became friends and it was Ryan and about nine other of his guy friends who all wanted to start a ministry and start outreach and Bible studies and so that's how we got to know each other and then from there that's how this outreach grew so before you start that lets me get my idea how many people are currently actively involved in some form of outreach. Awesome praise God and then on Sabbath afternoon how many people do outreach every Sabbath afternoon they can't say how many people are like what I like to do and snap. OK so by the end of the session we hope to misfire new new outlook on what can be done things that are enjoyable on the Sabbath so without further talk what will give you a glimpse of what we do every Sabbath afternoon before he saw pictures of you know the middle line from one to the night when like the visitors rent we want the traffic going through the years degree quite a bit of a little boy I tell you without the water and we might be good even though good friends another good literature down there as well so we started doing this I got a glass of the river to the contrary is now you're going back there is nothing you give to people probably don't have the home of the region the ability to drive their clothing for the down there are very few hours I've been out of every Thursday or Friday when our region where around these letters or there's another right nigher there your grandma every member here pretty much the whole the ransom. All right. Our last. The ground life there's our guests Oh thank you so much. OK so here's a century what we did and we did what we decided to do for all you people who showed up. Welcome we're trying to figure out and I say we I mean a cop my friends are trying to figure out in a cool way for us to do outreach not all of us recall for going to war to door not all of us have that kind of bravery and Johnson to share with us today from to use and just sit back and pray and the other one knock on the door and I think it's wonderful but this was a really really neat way that mean a community of my cycling friends wanted to make something personal something that we enjoy doing. There is a exercise trail out of Riverside the called the Santa Ana River trail and there is a lot of traffic. Homeless people exercising through the SU you name it and we said wow what a great idea to plant a tent there. Give water the nanas who do these people meet the physical needs of those who want it as well as give the spiritual needs the food the water the living water and the Word of God the everlasting food that will sustain us to the end and so that's kind of how it started so what you guys actually saw there was what we've been doing. Most Sabbaths recently and what what we ended up doing also is that we know that a lot of a lot of homeless people we asked them what what is the biggest need of course besides giving them literature we said you know one of the things they need they said we only need to think. Close and I mean we can't even interview for jobs because we're dirty and so we decided well how can we help with that we decided to do a clothing drive so what you thought there was a clothing drive we went around to a neighborhood. Interesting story right before that we had we had gone and canvassed that neighborhood before Christine I know couple people and tried to just give out free great controversies to people you know. Yeah yeah you know it was it was it was a more wealthier neighborhood but no one no one needed it. Everyone with a Christian they were Catholic. Well we go to the Rock Church we do this we're good. Thank you you're like me and you know I mean OK And so we decided hey one of our friends gave us a great idea what to do a clothing drive community people want to give one of the gift to give a great controversy instead so we snuck that in and that when that was not like it and you know to me and a lot of them are willing to accept the book at that point and so we are constantly praying for those people. Whatever is done with that book. Call like what edge shared out last night which was God is a major major things literature that we don't see any way. Why he left. What are where exactly and so we'll go through kind of what how we decided and are not how we decided how we were impressed to view what we do and hopefully by the end of this. Gotta put a thought in your head as you further your ministry to aid you as you do this. Till plant cultivate next buy for me though to till the soil and planting cultivate the orchard are to make the application of Nature's Lessons and bring these lessons learned into their actual spiritual experience manuscripts so Sabbath is a day of rest. Praise the Lord for that. Sabbath is also a day's a great work in the garden. Not your own garden the Lord's garden and there are is and if if you haven't read ministry of healing. What one thing did Christ do more than anything else. He healed he said Christ and more healing than he did sermonizing not just a ceramic not important but the point is that we said Wow Well that makes sense. Christ met the physical needs of people and I heard a great story one time and I decided to come and use it as a parallel what is tilling the soil mate may be what is Christ referring to him as a POW in a press Christina tilling the soil is friendship. And meeting their needs. Everyone here and I'm everyone actually most people I should say. Have some physical need. Easier in this more political to the homeless population of course. But everybody has something even if it's a smile even if it's talking that's me that's meeting the needs that sings friends with them. That prepares the heart to hear what you have to say I think I think Christ did so much that when he was here on Earth. He's able to talk to people and understand what they needed when He healed in the first thing I want to know is who are you and so many so essentially we says we're going to prepare their hearts but whenever you do the work it prepares your heart and how you end up leaving with even greater blessing in your heart being tilled ready for more seems to be planted within you. So what its concept of tilling the soil and planting the keep going we read this a ministry of healing that God's plan is first to reach the heart we are to speak the truth in love trusting in Him to give it power for the responding of a life go in almost every community there are large numbers who do not listen to the preaching of God's Word or attend any religious service if they are reached by the Gospel they must be carried to their home often by the relief relief of their physical needs is the only avenue by which they can be approached. There's lots of people have experience to disown maybe want to hear another don't want have another pamphlet shoved in their face and I'm I'm saying keep doing it. But when we truly go out and meet these needs these people bring up something else as well. Of much show them to the true care that Jesus has been so that's the kind of what Chris and I were discovering and whenever you say free water out the trail three bananas people like three youth are you serious like. And we'll talk a little or that later but people like Man Yeah I'm so thirsty yes sure and then every single water we give had living water attached to it. OK so they can't leave without getting something I mean that all sincerity they don't they just don't know they need it and that's I think us well alight and Christ we're doing is that these people don't know what they needed until the physical needs of that and you it so where does this of buying gardening skill come from. Nothing will so rouse the self sacrificing deal and brought in and strengthen the characters to engage in work for others you have to start preparing your heart to bear other starts by just engaging in work. Another key attribute to this garden still is one that we steal repeatedly in the character of Jesus but when Jesus called the multitude he was moved with compassion he was moved with compassion then she called us I was wondering if that I have compassion on the multitude and there's more examples so Jesus had compassion on them and Jesus moved with compassion if we can't truly understand and meet the needs of the people Chris now realizing it's going to be hard to reach some of the people. Continue we have are all I'll share the story later. There are families to ever be reached by the truth of God's word and left the stewards unless the stewards of his grace enter their homes and point them to a higher way but the hearts of those who do this work must rob in unison with the heart of Christ and that's our call in our in our journey to further our our relationship with God and the closer that we become to God the more compassion we can actually have these people and the more we can meet their needs. Not only physically but then God can reach them spiritually. What is compassionate heart looks like I'll just give you a few examples. Our Saviour went from house to house killing the bit comforting the mourners losing the of collected speaking peace to the ditto on split he took the little children into the arms and blessed them and spoke words of hope and comfort to the weary mothers with unfailing tenderness and gentleness he met every form of human won't affliction not for himself but for others that he labor. In his teaching there was an earnestness that bent his words home with convicting power we should not ask as if it were a condescension to come in contact with the poor they are as precious and God That is we are and we must act as if we thought them so we need the tender sympathy of Jesus then we can win our way to heart we then that are strong ought to bear the firm use of the week and not please ourselves but every one of us. Please his neighbor for his good to edification. Roman sixteen one to essentially a compassionate heart is a heart of selflessness are that's willing to give what they have to help those in need. People can discern a true heart. Personal The heart that is going through the motions you have that we have we have a way of understanding that I don't know how I think it's angriness by God but most most of the times we can understand why some is for the trying to help us and when someone's trying to just do the right thing and so will make those what makes us different that we bring in the love of Jesus Christ and I that we share with him we share with them rather has been coming to prepare them. He's watching as he who must render an account for the souls of men and make the most of the privileges that God gives new of laboring with him in his vineyard. Do not neglect speaking to your neighbors and doing them all kind and doing them all the kindness in your power that you made by all means they've done I've got to go. So one of the more common versus we read the Bible is the one where you can you can get this will will keep moving here. Basically it says Laura when do we see you naked when do we see you hungry and when to be speed you as that of when you have done the least of these to my children you have also done me. Last quote I want to share with you about telling the soil is desires for goodness and purity of right so far as they go but if we stop here they have a all nothing God has given us the power of choice it is ours exercise we cannot change our hearts we cannot control our thoughts or impulses or affection we cannot make ourselves pure or fit for God's service but we can choose to serve God if we can give him our will then he will work in a to do to will and to do according to HIS good pleasure. Joe as a guy Joe on the trail. I've become friends with Joe the homos gentleman that has come by many many times and we don't know where Joe is hardest spiritual yet we've shared a lot of literature with him but every single time we come he's in great need. It's not our time to know what or how much Joe is changing spiritually but we do know there were still being a friend with him and they were still meeting his knees he always needs to be always exploded off in the video you can see him walking around taking some clothes. The point is that the patient the soil doesn't always get perfect run away but be patient be persistent Be kind Full be in unison with Christ told the hearts of the people around us but being tied. Don't forget to share that's the next part. So Christie will take you through the last few the last to planting and cultivate trust. Next part that we haven't called planting the seed and it is the Word of God and you can't you can't have one without the other new you have to it is our duty and that God has for us to share his word as well as me that physical me. One thing that we figured out on the trail. I.D.'s because he won three says that they might be called Trees of right to the planting of the Lord. That might be glorified it is all to His glory. That's why we're doing this it's not too and it's not to fill it. It's not to feed that it is it it to glorify Him and He wants to feed everyone. Mitchy appealing says many have no faith in God. And have lost confidence man but they appreciate active sympathy and helpless exactly what Ryan was talking about as if he won with no inducement of earthly praise or compensation come into their home. Ministering to the sticks feeding the hungry clothing the naked comforting the sad and tenderly pointing all to him. Of who'd love and pity of human workers but the messenger as they see that their hearts are touched. Parada to the springs up. Fated Kindle they see that God cares for them and they are prepared to listen as his words open exactly what planting that seed is it. Planting the Gospel in their heart and if we prepared till the soil than they're prepared to hear it I think six to ten says they see with their eye and here with their ears and understand with their heart and convert and B. field that is exactly the process that we're talking about that that Ellen White says in a spirit of prophecy to they have to have a personal experience they feel with their eyes they hear with their ears didn't feel them healed them physically from any physical malady that they have and then their hearts are open and boom they're converted and their heal both physically and spiritually and I think that that's part of what Ryan and I and our friends have been learning on this outreach it's interesting that when we've been out in on the trail a lot of people they come in and Ryan kind of said that the the first thing that they ask is no we're giving away free stuff why why are you giving away that first I honestly I was I was startled and I didn't know what to say and I said all kinds of things about myself. Oh always. Our stab it oh you know we we we like to do that thing that we like to do but what would you guys say what would you say to that question. But if you were an outreach with that ANYONE. Why not why not this season. Yeah. For sure so now I'm no good. Yeah well what we found is that the question are the answer to that question is well because of God because He loves us and because he loved us we love him and we want to do we want to please Him We want to glorify Him It's not about us not about my stab it is not about all we like doing this or Oh it's a good thing to do like rhyme with say it's it's because God it is God day and you want to do something for him. Go healing is bound up with the Gospel commission in the work of the Gospel teaching and healing are never to be separated. Didn't the Gospel business feeling people both physically and spiritually the Saviour made each work of healing an occasion for implanting Divine Principle in the mind and soul. Implanting them this was the purpose of his work he imparted earthly blessing that he might incline the hearts of men to receive the gospel of his great we are sharing the gospel truth that the truth healing that is really what everyone is taking you know how everyone has a has a hole in their heart and they say they're they they want to fill it. If they want to fill it with money they want to fill it with with expensive cars they want to fill it with parties they want to fill it with relationships. Earthly relationships but that never ever feel that that never felt that I was one of the people I know it through personal experience the truth feeling the only thing that can heal and fill your heart is God and His Word. Mystery of healing one forty one says the giving of the Gospel to the world is the work that God had committed to those who bear his name. That's our work as Christian. Further then in misery the gospel is the only antidote to make known to all mankind the message of the grace of God is the first work of those who know its healing power and you can see here just just a couple of the there are many stories in the Bible of of Jesus healing people and then teaching him teaching them right then and there that he's the one that they're looking for. Lazarus he raised him from the dead and then to Martha he said I'm the resurrection and the life you don't you don't need to go searching for anything else you won't need to you don't have to to see your brother on the on the last me that's not what you should look forward to what you're looking forward to it me I'm coming and and and if you believe if anyone believes he's going to live. Same thing with the blind man do you believe in the Son of God that had both seen him and it is key that talks with the who steals a blind man and then he says I'm right here. I've healed you and I'm healing you spiritually and then the blind man to that belief. Well he's no longer blind and he worshipped him. There was this woman named mony one of our friends on the trail and she she keeps on coming back but she lives around the neighborhood and she she doesn't she didn't really have a job she had trouble finding a home when we first met her she poured all of its out to us and then we asked her if she wanted prayer she wanted to pray with her and so we did and then a few weeks later she came back and she said Praise God your prayers worked I found a place to day her and her friend and thank you for your prayers and that was God that was God working in her heart. Using us as a tool and that was a gospel message the last section that we have is cultivating the plant right and I will do this together. I'm thinkin. Yeah we'll go through that it just God T.L.C. God's tender loving care the cultivating part is what we've been hearing throughout I share is that it's it's not who's doing the work it's God and were just there at the right I'm at the right moment. Responding to the Holy Spirit. So essentially cultivate Well what we want to. On share from. Our experience and from what we're learning is cultivating is real quick at your ship it will have an interest in all that relates to the welfare of the flock feeding guiding in defending them he would carry himself with great wisdom will manifest a tender consideration for all especially for the tempted the afflicted and desponding we all know in this room that as soon as a new heart of converted the enemy has a counterattack very hard that is where we those who are in unison with Christ are able to be a shepherd and to them just as as Jesus with a shepherd of God is to us so our point is this Be patient with our brothers and sisters as we continue to do this work. Keep going because the oh you know you're doing OK All right. So again similar concert I think it kind of sums it up. Let's get to the the conclusion. Oh well if you want to share about the to sort of Venice. Ryan that one starts talking to Tony Tony came by with her boyfriend and her boyfriend's family just a family bike riding on now this I mean on Saturday and she seen Ryan started getting to talk and and she will run to homeless shelters in Riverside and she said oh you guys do this you want to come down some time and do some classes do whatever you want you want to give stuff away to just give me a call going to Bible study with people you want to give to my cozen clad in the oven is something that again was God at work and then she also said hey guys find anyone out the trail in a more way they don't have a home. And we will be able how to love. So does he have an answer for and we have we have the places and the homeless now ready for we give them stuff and do it right so you're going to examine our like a we have a home for you guys the other interested in giving up a street and and then when you when you sleep when you meet a need like that always followed up with one thing and God bless. Yeah God bless and we actually got to see it see him at work because a few weeks later just randomly Tony's boyfriend comes by and right by and he's like hey guys how you doing on top with water and then a few minutes later. Luisa the woman who must have been six months pregnant comes riding on the back of of a bicycle that that her friend is is pedaling and and she just yeah she sits on the back to painting on and she comes by and he was this you know we're like three water free food she thought she'd like us are giving free stuff with that's great. Yeah just fill my backpack so my backpack with everything we put books in their bananas. Expand would have explored you know realize you were just double their baggage Erm yeah and she she's like wow this is wonderful and and one of us that do you do you need some prayer do you need do you have any prayer a quiet everything we can pray with for you and she said yeah and she got a little emotional injuries that I'm I'm I don't have a home and I'm pregnant obviously and and I I'm trying to find a place to live and it just so happened that Tony's boyfriend is still there and made a call to Tony Tony said Yeah if you can get here by six thirty we have a home for you tonight and that was God It was a nude just coincidence that with God. Providing the time and the opportunity. And we were black. So what's our What's our point. Why was sharing this with you guys and what does it mean for you. We can't exactly tell you this much of a comfort zone I just walk over here and stand over here so what we want to encourage you with today is something as simple as wanting to give the water to somebody in a banana somebody and attaching a piece of literature to it. Again we could sit here and talk all day about people that we've talked to who have different cars we don't typically see them again but a lot of the most people we do so again. And we just continually pray that the literal be used to God's advantage obviously I'm at the end so I pointed this is that take your relationship with Christ to make a personal let him use you in creative ways. Pray about it that's what Chris now have done and on the Sabbath. Maybe and there's nothing wrong with napping at all but you'd be surprised this kind of things you can do with just a good old block or I'm just a banana or just go to a neighbor's house being a piece of you know a loaf of bread that you bake or anything and then their response and then bring it bring them a book and shares and share Jesus with them. We want to courage you as you go out for youth rush you guys there's some of the guys actually sound like you're going to be right back in Bible classes and I was thinking that's great but you guys are going back to normal live normal lives. It's not going to normal anymore after this obviously but I think of great tools to meet physical needs of people and continue to canvas every day of the week but you Sabbath Sabbath is a day that we all have off. A day that we can live have lots of time to work the garden and so that's our that's our encouragement to you we're to make it personal for for you on and by that I mean. When you have Christ in your heart and you're studying him and he's the most important person in your life and he's your priority. What what do you want to do do you want to just sit there and do nothing or do you want to make a personal effort of personal labor for him because he wants you to that's what we are just you to do and to think about on your Sabbath your next August. What would he want you to do. Well we know that he wants us to share the Gospel we know that he wanted to come home with him so we just heard you to rethink reflect on your your relationship with him and your relationship with others and how you're sharing him with others and us you know do we are doing not not really work. We're getting this so I'll take that as a it's yeah if you want the questions you've asked us afterwards definitely come ask us afterward and we have those there for you to take I have this day so everybody. He has no hot it is out there I know it's over a hundred agrees. Someone outside it's probably thirsty if you feel it within your heart come up and take one take three take for this whole tables for you guys. So yes we can partake in the giving a physical and living water. Let's close with a quick word of prayer. Heavenly Father we thank you again for this opportunity to be in your presence with fellow believers and father teaches the ways in which you love the people physically and spiritually in share the with them the most important message of all which is your soon coming and Lord may we be filled with encouragement by your Holy Spirit to continue the work and I pray that as you we're into our weeks that we will evangelize for the work we think you for bringing us together is that this media was brought to you by audio proves a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse four you would like to listen to more sermon please visit W W W dot audio first thought or.


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