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When God Calls You

Ahmed T. Jalloh Jr. Andrew Chung



  • August 15, 2015
    3:30 PM


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Hey good afternoon everybody. We're going to start on the second meeting my needs. Andrew Chung in this is my friend a med Salo and everyone hear me that I write. OK And we're just here to share our testimony on how God is using us and the law in the area and I thank everyone for being here and the title of our our message to you guys today is when God calls you would do you do and and how do you do it so we're going to start off with a word of prayer for you know by our heads. Heavenly Father thank You for this opportunity to get together. I thank you for the testimonies that you've given each of us pray Lord that right now you just send your Holy Spirit to speak to each and every person in here. Inspire us and help us to go forth and do they like you didn't didn't your life and and engage in ministry Lord be with each and every one of my words for pray that it might not be me speaking but it might be you speaking through me and you say my prey. M.M. So how many of you have ever been asked to do something. Ever like any anything right so we've got thirty percent of people that's impressive. So you know when God asks you to do something it's much different from when a person asks you to do something and I'm going to go through some Bible characters who were called and to do something and just see how they responded because I know you think oh you're holy God actually tells you to do something you'd expect a response like oh yes thank you lord I mean your major was so clear of course I'm going to do it right. So our first character is Jonas if you started Jonah chapter one or you can look up here. Says Not a word of the Lord came on to Joan of the son of Amitai saying Arise and go to Nineveh that great city and cry against it for their waking this is come before me. So God is telling Jonah arise go tell none of the that their wickedness is coming to me and they're starting with destruction because of this so there's no to say Yes Lord I'm going to go right now I'm going to preach the message. We all know the story. So in verse three it says but Jonah rose up to flee on to touch it to the presence of the Lord right. No heroes have from the president he was trying to run from God How many think they can run from God. And each X. Doris. So he's trying to run from God that was his response. The next character is Jeremiah is actually my nephew. So Jeremiah we know well we all know he was young when he was called then the word of the Lord came on to me saying before I formed you in the belly I knew you and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctify you and I do or Danes you a profit and for the nation is so God IS TELLIN Jeremiah I'm calling you to be a prophet. How does Jeremiah nationally response was go to next various embarrassed think this that ends that I Lord God Behold I cannot speak for I'm a child I'm too young to go out Lord there's no adults to guide me or show me what to do so why would you call me to do this. Everyone's going to look at me and say no your child you're too young. As the common excuses that we use these days. What about the next actor Moses Now Moses is interesting because he has like it's almost like you had a list of excuses and they're already for in case he got called back to Egypt as the says Come now therefore and I will send us a Pharoah as you may bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt. So he's called to bring the children of visual out of Egypt and how does Moses respond. The party says and Moses said once a God who am I I should go on to Pharaoh and that I should bring forth the children of a jewel out of Egypt. Firstly courses got it with is who am I like what credentials do I have Lord I'm a shepherd right now why would I go to Pharaoh the top of Egypt and go tell him to let go of all his slaves so then the next. Moses answered and said so God you know let them know that he'll cover that but behold they will not believe me. Nor hearken unto my voice. They're not going to believe me when I go out there from passing out books you know the atheist is not going to believe me that God exists or different believes they're not going to believe what I'm saying so what's the point of going out there and the next next you see makes is probably something a lot of us can feel like we relate to and Moses said Answer The Lowered. Oh my lord I'm not eloquent neither heretofore noise since you have spoken onto your servant but I'm slow speech and of a slow tongue basically I'm not a good talker Lord I don't know how to address. Pharaoh or house even go about doing this because I don't I don't even know how to talk and if I can't talk how my supposed to tell them or convince them to let go of your people so I bring this up in my saying that you know a gas people we should be making excuses to God now definitely that but I'm just bringing these up because it's I went through a similar experience in my life and just one quick background I was born in Trinidad and I was raised in New York City and throughout that time I didn't really care too much about God I mean kind of live in a city I go to church the reason avenues church but God for me was never real. I got to high school and we move from New York City two So Florida we move to a really small town like you know a comparison the York it was like one one thousandth of the size so we moved there and I'll pretty upset because you know I wanted to be I want to go to the N.B.A. I'll go on the road to the N.B.A. The president yeah you know you're good. So I praise God I know what the Florida so and I'm in high school and I find God at the church I go to experience the love of God through that church and all the members very small church and that's when I start to look into my calling like God what are you going to do. I came upon a book by the camel from a local college and he brought a saw was a call councils and dies of foods like oh OK so I've just been reading it like wow this is powerful and like I never even heard about this stuff and it is says the medical missionary work is like the last work before the call the time I was like oh what So I want to be involved in a medical missionary work whereas before I don't I said. Medicine looks crazy like these doctors they're always working all day and that looks like a higher life as one easy life relax you know and then God says nope that's exactly where I want you to go what to do medical missionary work and say OK God I'll do it now on the medical path of life go through college gets a medical school and pursue in medical missionary that's my goal in medical school. God says I want you to pass out books like Lord hath of books like I'm a shy guy so I don't want to talk to people at the door and then you're going to ask me to pass out books. Psych So far I've debated with it and eventually kind of muscle the strength I like I you know what if I'm going to go I'm a get a few people to go with me. And then so I am at a Pollock when a lot of my friends are there and we're just talking and you know his that's where ones like debating shy go to sleep or you know which I do next. I'm like I am going after body let's go pass out books around this neighborhood I mean it doesn't look like avenues community or anything which was go out and do door to door so I thought the idea that they're you know if you had go down conversations and and I'm like like did I just do something and it was really awkward. The few people like yeah let's go. Like I yeah let's go for like eight of us go out and where we're sharing you know passing out stepped the Christ and I tell the Lord like I was flu flow awkward I don't think I'm ever going to do that again so don't call me to do that again you know you commie to medical missionary work let me focus on medical missionary work going to train to be a medical missionary not literature evangelism that's that's a whole different category so. God keeps calling me he's like hey I want you to pass the books and say OK so handful of times I do the same thing again. Like pot luck to know everything I went ahead and Harry super awkward. Sound like man Lord you know what you really call meets American missionary work you know if like maybe the pastor or evangelism director goes up I'll go out but and I would go out but you feel me to lead it out out of big so it's not going to happen. So from then on I kind of just one a phase where no more going out like that ever again. No more litter veges and just focus on medical missionary work and honestly it wasn't really medical missionary work is more like medical studies until I get some medical missionary work after becoming a doctor. So Cal I know ministry so I get I get into residency got open those doors some enough knowledge or as a C. but there's a you have general medicine and I don't do anything that year I mean I get to the Mahdi residency and it's my second year out of medical school. The same mentality and I go to Evan hope one morning and the preacher speaking about how Satan he approaches the church by two main attacks he'll use persecution you persecute the Saints and for some reason the Church which is grow with persecution so he would say you know let me ease off and introduce deception and that whole concept to me it was like wow that is that's deep and it really hit me to the heart. So at the end he makes an interesting appeal he's like we're in Loma Linda we have this neighboring city San Bernardino and no one's really reaching it one hundred percent. It's like it's a good point and that point I say I actually want to share something I told God this is my own response and then my new response to God after this is the same in general to generalize is powerful God does some amazing things and he wants you to write it down this is where one of my gentle on August ninth. God you have an awesome mission to be accomplished today you gave us such a powerful message from your servant regarding the devil's tactics of the section and persecution. Got today's marks the day I begin my dedication to your work the task of sitting around. Fooling around being shy and bashful running away from responsibility. Work and work and work all I think about is myself getting rest. Exercising the fact things help me to stop thinking about me how can I get in your work. Help me show me the me thank you lord and on that day I said God whatever you call me to do when to do it it doesn't matter what it is and OK if I don't like speaking in front of them. I get nervous I don't care five I don't like going door to door because I'm naturally introvert I'll do anything you ask me to do so at this point with an open heart. Gotta reintroduces the thought I want you to go door to door say OK I'll do it though if it's just me I do it if all my friends go if a whole army goal of do it so I do the same thing I did last time I try to find some way to go at me so I'm asking around I see my friends like you know nothing about go and make it really easy and I'm introverts Let's Make a plan so it easy to say it at the door like a little no books you know random publications making these no books and no movie just came out is go to the door and say hey you know no it just came out and we just want to hear the true story that's easy so I get about ten people to say yes and then our first day out is August thirtieth I get about you know I get a bunch of phone calls. Oh yeah I can make it to make it to me when the people said yes of the MET a leg I can make it like OK prove it. Let's go so we meet at my house and it's it's crazy how the devil works it's like he's trying to get you out of it I'm never really forget my keys in the house I walk out with a box of no books and lock the door behind me I don't know how I like the dog is a hole in the box if I'm elected. I'm I'm of the cause of the overhead of like oh oh oh I forgot my T.V. so I man we can drive to the area now so I go what do we do now. And I'd like I can call Jr He has a car and you can maybe you could take us so we call Junior dreams like I was you guys win. OK waiting an hour so I guess you're going to get our I mean we can't do anything else so then because I mean the option was there. You can not go out or you can go out you can you have that excuse. So Junior Junior comes an hour later we're on our way. Get a phone call. Hey did you guys got yet I know we go out we're about to leave right now is to Dean and actually Audrey I want to go to certain how to garden which at the gas station or over there so we wait and now is like I mean the army is like before five US said and so we go out we pass I like over fifty no books in this community of cover for blocks and I'm just excited I'm like wow that was great when you do this all the time so then just some background on what was going on in my life from this time you know this is the time a life where really I had the greatest excuses to not go out you know I'm going to tell somebody. Yeah I can't go out today and they're like oh yeah we totally understand our probably got you know a lot of praise and approval from because I'm in residency and I'm working over eighty hours a week and it's like two full time jobs I don't even have to do prepare for presentations when I'm not at work and it basically I don't even know what sleep was like when I was a homo sleep and wake up eat hopefully and then go to work there are times out of work over forty hours straight I don't tell anybody what. But it's just a different system and even on Friday night sometimes I'll be on call sod just finished working like twenty eight hours and then I could say you know I just worked on post call I don't need to go. You know little tired by God's like but whatever whatever you want to do I'll do it I went out every Sabbath that I was available when I wasn't on call I was out there and and I've never regretted it for a day. I've never felt sired like oh I'm so exhausted because I went out on Sabbath but I felt great and seeing all the people God as well as inspired me when I see Ahmed go out you know in medical school you have weekends off. I will a man I met your fist you motivate me so so then. So when I go to heaven hope and I talk to them say I thought to read actually the first person I talk to say you know I have there's no book project or just China to them try to get more people involved like you know I just want to see if I can make a page and all right now paying out of pocket which is fine but I still get more people involved and then he's like well right now we probably can't fund the no books like man the about to be in though he's like but we do have these crate of great controversies like over two thousand. Like what two thousand and one goodness if let's can I pass them out. He's like yeah share so by then we change from no books to great controversy books now are given a great controversies will tell people hey should come out. I grow our group is growing and we're telling everybody we know so then I would encourage feedback because I was reading about leadership and how how to approach leadership and like oh you got to get feedback from people go you know costly grow and improve so we get feedback at the end and I wanted a people like you know what do we pass a great controversy we could pass off like the Bible makes better by within the community and I personally like yeah you know because of receive kind of complex I don't know how many people are going to read that are understand it because as I like stuff that Christ is that with all that simple. Again us that actually makes sense but I felt like I did not respond that I was like you know we have two thousand and great controversies saw figure we should pass them out so then it was so funny. Someone comes up to mean they're like you know. That's or encouraged to pass out I'm so thankful that your path average price versus that's where we are instructed to pass I like who told us the past. I agree controversy because it's like a church mission I don't know about so I mean it's of this quote When I was reading in and call Porter ministry and it was a slow powerful as says the great controversy should be very widely circulated get say the story of the past the present and the future. This outline of the closing scenes of this earth's history bears a powerful testimony and behalf of the truth I am more anxious more anxious to see a wide circulation for this book. Then for any others I've written for and the great controversy the last message of warning to the world is given more distinctly than any of my books and I was like Wow Laura that's all you because I didn't pay great controversy controversy with a book that opened up and we just passed it out so now I'm like and feel like God you're really guiding us and I'm like you know why Lord why i should we pass our books you know the economy doesn't make sense and I had to read with a dictionary of the sign when I read it because I didn't understand why half the words or so I felt like every sense of thousand my dictionary like oh yeah. Bulwarks was not so then around across as other coat and Co put a ministry so God will soon do great things for free. Lie humble and believing at his feet more than one thousand will soon become bloated in one day most of whom will trace their first convictions so the reading of our publications and just a share a powerful testimony we just recently had some follow up on people that we went to their house and they're interested in studying the Bible so we're giving him. Amazing fact the first bottle setting out we would hear so many testimonies of people saying you know we started reading that book is very interesting and I was like wow and the rate that we were getting this response of they started reading the book was so high I was like if we passed out over four thousand already and it's about you know ten percent already started reading it which one is what it felt like based on the testimonies that means that about four hundred people already started reading great controversy. I'm like wow now I'm like even those book is so difficult to in our minds. People are reading it there they are seeking the truth. They're anxious to know what's going on in the world and why it's happening so then got place of the vision on my heart like Lord I want to do your mission work but I want to do it effectively I don't want to just be half step and I don't like doing things with the half my heart I want to just go all the way. So he keeps me up a few nights even though I don't get sleep already. Keep me a few nights thinking about this like how can we do something great. So he places the vision of my heart you know. Approach ministry like the military does when they approach war this is warfare. Sound like OK. War They have the army navy air force except allow this plan is the exact lad I laid out that day. Marine Corps Bible say workers they're like the front line they had to go to the house and me the people directly in their house and share the word of God like that's the front line so they an army door to door books that's what we're doing press our great controversies offering Bible studies. Seeing if people are interested in and getting the Marine Corps ball. Navy coordinating children's programs to meet the needs of the little kids and then Air Force healthy lifestyle promotion the health message I mean medical missionary work at the primary call and then medics people to take care of us because we're going to use and taken care of and and I just pray over this are prover it nightly and I just learned so much from guys like you know what you don't have time to do anything you don't have time to recruit people but I'll set up all for you I'll show you the power of prayer when you ask me things and you put your heart into it I'll take care of it. Some prayed over these things. God God sends the Navy so like my roommate the Vialli is involved in a children's program at a church in the lower income communities like wow that's perfect we could just send him to chill this program so the door opens up for that and then the Air Force Although been called smells but healthy lifestyle for motion I start meeting these people I met had worked through and my roommate was is a dental student and deeply involved in a man so now it's on the corner with a man like you know I can get your guy stuff out there we could just tell the community when we go out now the health aspect of it starts coming together now the next thing we're praying about is. The Marine Corps because we need the Bible workers out there. Following up a people for bible studies going to these houses and meeting people when they're right so that's the next phase and I see God working to set that up so so finally I guess at a point where we want to change it from a vision so movement we're trying to get this thing huge and we're preparing for it because I know based on the things are going on the in this world today that God is just a starting a movement I hear from different different cities different states talking to people like things are happening like a movement starting and God is God is definitely returning soon and I want to be a part of that movement and now Meghan to share some testimonies on experiences that we've had. Afternoon so I just like the praise God for being a part of this I just sets and heard from leaving Oakland University and coming here after this years of doing volunteer work to come here and as a burden on my heart to come here and do violence hearing somehow someway and when this going off to give all books the great controversy no books tied to happen if I yes this is it and then all of a sudden I realized that yes this is that and I'm going to be one of the leaders helping so I went in people sometimes feel like they're afraid of leadership. Yeah OK so good I'm not alone in a but man sometimes got takes those same people because he knows that will depend the most on him Well one thing I've learned about this volunteer NG is you saw the next take to is that sometimes you just want to do that got a tug on your heart or you'll get butterflies you know I have butterflies right now but you don't have learned about butterflies. You can either get scared and continue to think about them as you're scared or you can think about them as you're about to get into something that you've never done before you know and people turn to insist on many different things you know I hear that public speakers always have this and for us we're going out to get something more than just beat weekend people Jesus Christ and so this is just an example of how I feel actually every Sabbath when we go out I don't know about you but when people go up in the front and I hear a message and I'm like man I know I should be doing something you know and it's like once in awhile I'll be thinking in my head so I don't really want to you know to be honest. Still one side of me is like I really know this is the right but the other side of like I don't want to and some of the things as they let stated by my friend here is. I want to sleep. Medical School as a sop to me I've never worked so hard in my life but this people like Andrew Chung who I look up through and he's like hey you know and we go out tomorrow where you did reply and then an excuse in my mind is taken away you see that and other people like I have friends who I've invited during the week and they're like yeah you going out tomorrow and I'm like you know I gotta go so one such testimony you can go to the next picture is a God of touching us all still there was one Sabbath when I went out that I have some reason this Babbitt I maybe this week I'll just be anon anybody ever had a week where you just be and out and Sabbath you just you're just trying to nurse their own wounds there I throw this out it was one of those and I went out anyway and so a lot of people in the room where they're one of them had to take me away from the doors so basically the story goes out giving out books with a friend and we were given our probably about ten people ten dollars and the tenth or eleventh though and we're not even halfway through the time we're out there is a woman there and we give her the book and she's like I don't want it I'm like OK I'd even south of us about you know and she's saying you know is it about the Bible and I'm like yes it's about the Bible your Christian great you know. Science a encourage her to take the great controversy and she says you know what I only need the Bible and from what I've learned is that God really is touching people in the communities you know we're not the saviour god is the Savior. He's already touching the hearts during the week we just go and if they arrive then you know you pick them off the tree of anybody has anybody ever had a non ripe mango or non right through you don't want to have a non-driver through Wait who is right you know so that's what we're doing on Sabbath and this woman I could see she had a walk with the Lords on my great but then she proceeded to encourage me and I'd say it already that I was going through something and I was also getting sick as well and she was mentioning some ME SHE'S BEEN SAID doctor after doctor and I'm studying. Dr C. invents a so many people just telling her you know it's all in your head she was sick she was terminally ill see going through many different things that she could even describe and she said the only thing that changed to make are healthy was when she came to Jesus. Fully everything that they saw medical Although the list of symptoms. Everything all the time every doctor we don't know what's wrong with you it's in your head but she said she was encouraging me I'm pretty sure she is not in my denomination she was playing the power of God's word. God is amazing Jesus is all you need and I mean I think he actually did or her family to tape a great controversy but I left that door after one of my friends told me away after five minutes of talking through that and then God is a whole powerful you know this is the God that we're serving and were giving out these books we don't know what's going to be as a result of that but not only that during the week we have access to so much power. What kind of gotten my serving you know this person has to come in if it's a me praise the Lord but that day has been etched in my mind so I was one occurrence everyone when you feel like it's so hard to go out realize you don't want to miss the blessing God has a blessing out there for you say encourage you and seven minutes past the oh so but as another testimony of this picture of a New York Minute New York anybody Vince a New York air is it. Yeah the York I revise on the mover guys got something to do and that's where I'm from and I was having a talk in a conversation with friends because you know when you really really like something nobody has to tell you to go and share it you know and I noticed I was really enjoying this on my man I invite people I'm scared but I like them anyway and I prayed and started inviting people and some people who are interested and involved and of the ministry before we were just talking and he was mentioning to me a conversation you have this friend like men giving our books you know I don't think it's out affective anymore. Now there's been a lot of different things going on in the world and we're trying to change a vandalism and one of the best ways is quite a method along you know you spent time with the person and make sure that you try and lead them to Jesus. LOLI you know taking them as much as they can go and I was like Man you're right you know men. City still be doing this you know and I already you know giving out bugs. Kind of those gates with me but. I thought about that and I went out anyway and I went out the next day and bar very last house on never forget it. Guy open to go anywhere you guys are really good. I'm likely to be you know we're doing it and he's like Man you guys are really doing this this is awesome you guys are bought the Bible easily and I gave him the book and I'm so surprised at this time were taken Bible study contacts who are interested some white men as we've got if you want Bible study for the next step and ask them Hey do you want Bible studies I know no ago I don't have time for that but I think the book and they clicked in my head. Wow there are people who have absolutely no time for bible studies but because we're giving them these books just like the Cole said thousands will be converted in a day. They'll be probably reading in their workplace. Seeing the T.V. with everything happening that's in the book reading the publication date of that book. Sharing with their co-workers who knows you know and though we can't send a Bible working there and he has no time we did our part so it's like the East where a body a man's body and just telling you man this this part this part of the body's very very powerful so one of the last that's annoying about their having space for others and talking to God together sometimes I was told this summer by somebody I really look up to who really really pray for the Holy Spirit. He's that sometimes we can have the idea that when we say I'll pray for you it's almost like you're talking down to them but he was just encouraging me to have the minds that not necessarily to not say I'll pray for you. Let's have the mines that I'll pray with you and still one of the last few weeks actually probably in June we went out and I divided one of my friends and for some reason I have to say to ask her because out in the what her response would be but she said yeah I'll go out and she went out as their first time in California for a long time. Time and we went out and our last though or are very last of the or there was a woman there she came out and we are talking with her shared with our what we're there for and we want to pray with air and gave her the great controversy and the way the conversation was going my friend that got invited and what are my other friend the name is chain a they started to encourage her and she just started tearing crying just telling us all of her problems and we were not going to go to that door at all. We were done actually were probably tired and maybe sweaty and top side and we want to go and the car was right there ready for us the goal and this woman broke down to tell us everything. Really doubt on her heart and after that we were able to pay with their encourage her with the specific verses and words that she needed that one of my friend the one that I invited actually was going through the same or similar situation. She last spoke encouraged and my same friend you know on Sunday she was like you know sometimes we need to do more than pray she gave me number isn't able to give to her and the next week we came but yeah we're going to Bible study this is what she asked for trying to follow up and turns out she was kicked out from that same room the very next week. Like Wow Lloyd your timing is so perfect you know we could have said will finish up the block and we did finish up the other houses blood God's timing is so perfect and I'm going to have touched her. Same thing with everyone in this room there's some people that only you can touch no matter how experience I mean there's someone only you can reach and if you don't go it's going to happen to the person that needed your thoughts. God touching them through you. So I just want to encourage you. Man that really spoke volumes to me were able to give a great controversy to that person there but it just showed me Man Man Though it as much as I can I want to be out there consistently So just some some closing thoughts were all in our own world we all have things to do and I don't think I'll ever be any less busy year I don't think will ever be I don't think we'll ever have less problems in life. Honestly I'm from the little kids. Uphill adults we all have problems that are meeting really what we can handle because of God's great by he'll give us the grace to get through that and part of that is opening our eyes around us so this testimony is from being in the medical center where waiting for my friend I was sitting there and my finger it was jabbed it was hurt and it was actually in a cafe before little brace and the woman was sitting next to me she sat down and she saw me and I was reading my textbook you know trying to be a good diligent student and she kept looking at my finger and I was like why is it will remain good I figure I'll just wait till she talked of you and she talked to me and before she spoke to me I thought man Lloyd times there are probably times where you're looking down at us and you're seeing the pain and one person and the other person can see it and you're just wishing that they would touch the other person though then she starts off on the I'm like I let's see what happens. So see asked me Hey what happened and I explained to her you know my thing is God's and all playing catch and then she said Oh OK And I said you know I praise the Lord this so many blessings and I just was thankful for the blessings out mentioning there if you like Yeah you're right now like what are you here for and I thought she was waiting for someone you know seat in the it's like anything that was going on if he is like. Actually I'm waiting for my daughter that I have paid for cancer they just let me off with chemotherapy because they can't do anything for me. They were giving me pain medication but they have stopped and just don't know what to do though. Yeah. And remember my thought like wow you know sometimes we're just in our own world who knows what the other person's going to be right next to us and right then her daughter came and just as I was about to talk there and I'm like I had you know of kind of feel like mad I blow it like with myself and say something and someone else came through and I thought of them again as I always say something but honestly I missed it because our soul into my own world and yet every Lee I have back oh I don't really they're really taints me they're really paying my life to see that even though my world can seem like it's calling down it's really little and compassion to other people going through was so one encourage do you know if you're in a room and it was really really cold outside and one of your family members. Whereas outside and they were they were in a state that you were no where close to and one of your friends live in the building with all the heat in the world that they needed conference Adly living and your family member was outside and he just thought I'm standing outside and he never invited them in how would you feel. You know and I that's how I kind of think of the gospel now it really it really is painful probably to God's heart to see one of his children on one hand you know relatively OK and his other children on the other hand just going through so many different things and it's one thing to go to thing with Jesus. How many people can testify to that. See this gets us through a lot but it's another thing to go through things without Jesus so I just want to encourage everyone to God he he wanted to step out of our world no matter how painful Our world is this year I'm not gonna lie has been probably the most difficult year in my life not just because the school about a lot of other things but there's been so much consistency especially each week when I go off with you about the great controversy we have good break weeks we have weeks where we just bond and retreat like Christ did but honestly active ministry to something about something about it that transforms your life though. It's the last slide just this friend you know we don't know what he's going through we don't know what's going on it's face but he's in the cold and God wants us to just that power reach out and touch people so I'm just asking you is there anything that got us ever touched you with anything anyone ever asked you to minister to and you know you missed it and he's not going to go yourself about it but he's touching you and you ask and you know Lord what do you want me to do respond to that call. I'll him lawyer I want to do whatever you want me to and whatever you ask me do I'll do it via grace and see what he does and there's a special promise that probably encapsulates what I went through it at the end what sometimes I struggle with. Sounds twenty five or seven to nine. It's David and the very first grade is really touching to me because I started a lot with this last year because sometimes I feel like all of a sudden everything that I've ever done that I feel. Robot comes to mind and I don't want to go out if I'm a hypocrite that says you know how sensitive I am but I thank God that we have a great savior who died for me that I can claim the promises that I'm forgiven and I can share that peace with others and so David he says Psalm twenty five or seven. Remember not the sins of my youth on my transgressions. According to the virus need to remember that all me but by goodness sake. Oh lord and then berth A It says good and upright is the Lord Amen. Got of a good God and because he's a good God The verse continues therefore will he teach sinners in the way it on this day he might teach it says he what he will teach because he's a good God allows us knows with the news but he's a great a Saviour and the last verse on this really really encouraging to me is that the meek you will guide in judgment and the meek you'll teach his way you know when I think of make I think of a baby in the in the father's arms just this helpless. Anybody ever feel helpless when thoughts like glow and I don't know what to do and God promises. Yeah if that's the attitude towards life. He'll guide you will guide you in judgment you know you want to call you to look like a fool who actually give you reasoning powers give you things facts and like Andrew said he'll spend people he's already spent people and have them set up for you to work with to do the work that he sped up so long ago to finish though. This one a card do with that and really just ask you know if you've been touched by this reason pace in that you know a lot I want to do whatever you ask me to do I want to be a part of this movement says that this world on fire where I am and I just add is that if you raise your hand and if that's their prayer and just pray and I know God will take it it's not a hand signal that will make this dream where this prayer happen but it's God's Holy Spirit a mess so let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you so much for all that you've done this year. Just showing so many of us Lloyd in our group. Seeing the members just transformed God and seeing the people we've reached transformed God by prayer by your book Lord on so many powerful testimonies got too many to count but God there was more so many more people so much more people or that are just taking you lord it asking Lord what is going on in the world. Lloyd I want to be ready when you come or is a even a god and Lloyd you've given us both and given us the resources you've given us words that we can share with these people got it's a lawyer and I know sometimes for me it's it's difficult to look past myself and look at you a lot but that's the exact remedy for our situation God help us to look at to the author and finisher of our faith thought help us to look at to the Holy Spirit God who is saving the world you just ask us to just hope be co-workers with the lower health everything a person assume they're raised their hand lawyers that you will guide them in judgment teach them your way that they won't look back Lord by like Paul they look forward towards your cross God and trust you with the results. Help us all or to be willing to do every you ask us to do only That's what would Jesus do more follow through with them even Thank you Lord for the testimonies before testimony to come to the thing. 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