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How to Know God's Will for My Relationships

Bill Krick


Bill Krick

Bill Krick served for 19 years as the Literature Ministries Director for the Central California Conference, the cradle of California Youth Rush and GLOW. He now serves as the Literature Ministries Director for the Pacific Union Conference.



  • August 15, 2015
    3:30 PM
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Let's pray Father Please be with us in this next session these help us to understand and most of all help us to apply your principles from your word in the months to come help us make good decisions or we love you want to please you. Plus our time together in Jesus name on it. A quick review from last session. Quick review from last session we talked about how to know God's will for my life and those of you who are here for the first session if yours list must remember one thing what was it before I can know God's will for my life I have to know God's will in general by what leaders and what makes him happy and before I can do that I need to know God I can't know God's will for my life and I know God's will. I can't know God's will and will supply no god right. OK and we reviewed and we talk about these six steps to know God's will for your life. Sorry seven number one no will of your own in the matter Number two don't go simply by stealing number three. Study God's word number four consider providential circumstances and don't force your own province all circumstances. Number five counsel with godly others Number six after out in prayer to reveal his will and number seven make a decision and proceed. Make a decision and proceed. Turn your Bible to Stephen's chapter five we're going to start. Infusions chapter five today. And since this is a a segment that concerns relationships and marriage you think I'm going to chapter to fivers twenty two but I'm not I'm going to Chapter five verse ten. Efficient chapter five first can the Bible says Find out what is acceptable to the Lord. Another version says a modern version says always be trying to find out what the best pleases the Lord that you want you know always be find trying to find out what best pleases the Lord do you want to ask how little we can do is that the mindset here what's the minimum that I can do to still stay married to my wife without her throwing me out of the house. This is from God So workers eight hundred eighty two edition. He's I have this quote here there it is for twenty nine page four twenty nine. We love Him because He first loved us it is impossible for us to believe that Jesus endured the untold agonies of the cross for us without having our hearts melted in love for him and if we love me and we shall be solicitous one of that word mean at the big old word. Desirous we had won it when the want we shall be solicitous which we will want to please him to obey him the heart stirred by the law of Christ will earnestly inquire Lord what do you want me to do what do you want me to do in a beautiful quote How do I find out what best pleases the Lord as it says and if he's inspired verse ten my parents say one thing and it's confusing my peers say another my youth pastor says another and I read the Bible the inspired writings and I'm not sure how to figure it out from there and I'm confused. Turn your Bibles to Romans Chapter twelve. Romans Chapter twelve and verse two familiar passage twelve verse to Do not be conformed it to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may do what is it that you can figure out what God's will is for my relationships in my marriage so that you can prove he can figure out what God's will is our culture. Honestly folks our culture is like a tidal wave it's hard to escape the culture in the time of the disciples was one main thing as it related to Jesus in the Messiah. Kill the Romans and they could not get themselves out of that cultural mindset it was so hard for them so difficult. Jesus said Now I want you to listen to me I'm going to go to be going to Jerusalem of the mocked and spit on and killed in the third day I'll rise again and they were like you know totally blinders they would not their head but they didn't get it in one ear and out the other Jesus said it to them three times and still when it happened it was as if Jesus hadn't said a thing to lose and is because the culture is like a tidal wave it was hard to resist. Cultural expectations and that's the way to lose all of us the people that Jesus invested the most time and love into had those cultural expectations in their brains just like us so not from my culture how do I figured out how do I figure out who I should marry how do I figure out who I should think about marrying who do how do I figure out who I should think about having on the radar screen. How do I figure it out. Makes it harder when my feelings are involved it's like brain surgery. My thoughts and my desires and my feelings and my chemicals in my bloodstream all get mixed up. There is but there is no place folks that is deeper than my spiritual life and I would I add there's no place deeper than my love life if I have surrendered my love life to God then I'm at that that that is the deepest part of ourselves a spiritual life and our love life the deepest part of ourselves if we surrendered that to the Lord. That's significant and long white states I don't think I have this quote on the screen but she does say she says young men and young women who are sensible on every other topic on this one she says they go funny they go funny. Maybe you've seen that listen to this listen to this. Relationships and marriage particular marriage relationship is the place where God can be glorified the most it is the number one thing on his list to reveal himself. It's commonly known that the relationship between God and His people in the Bible is illustrated by the marriage relationship. Write the entire book of Hosea OK in the Book of Revelation right the poor woman that's his people and the adulterous woman right who has many men. OK. Jeremiah six first two lovely and delicate woman second printing the leaven verse two like a chase version I was asked if you were spotted the bridegroom rejoiced over the broad social your garbage Oist over you if he's in chapter five. We just read chapter Everest ten but engine vs thirty one and thirty two. Paul calls the relationship between a man and his wife a great mystery how many people here American I see your hand if you're married right now I guess pretty good these number it's mysterious there's a piece of my wife speaking as a man. OK maybe we'll woman wouldn't say this there's a piece of my wife that is still mysterious as a still a little piece that the the mystique. Day and this is what the bible quote the Bible talks about this you guys know that in products up to thirty the the the the inspired writer says that there are four things I can't figure out the way of of this the way of about the way the other thing in the way of a man with a maid and it just seems there's a big mystery. Paula ferd that mystery in fees in Chapter five when he says this is a great mystery but then he says Ha ha got you actually speak concerning Christ in the church member that. OK that the his chapter five or six thirty one thirty two so it's this is the thing that reveals God and not the stuff to Christ Now this is one of my favorite quotes in all of this bitter prophecy think about this stuff to Christ page ten God is bound our hearts to him by a number tokens in heaven and earth through the things of nature and the deepest and tenderest earthly ties that human heart can know he has sought to reveal Himself to us is that beautiful in trying to find out God's will for my life the first thing I have to realize is that this is a big deal. It it reflects God better than anything when God looks over the banister of Heaven he says I want I want to reveal myself this is plan number one a good marriage does a lot for the Kingdom of God the deepest and tenderest earthly ties that human beings can know this is a sacred This is very statement we don't talk about the state aspects of marriage just because of that their sacred why your cuss words cuss words while they vote or because it's talking about something sacred right we don't have older words to do with carpentry. People don't when they cuss they don't so hammer over plain No it's not sacred. So it's very sacred it's very sacred. Now don't get don't get confused. OK the god believer relationship is the most satisfying experience any human being can experience and that is available to you tomorrow morning when you wake up and spend time with Jesus do you understand that nobody get confused but we're talking here about the importance of doing this right and I assume that everybody here showed up at the seminar because you want to make the decision. Don't you you do you want to make good decisions so if you were Satan and you wanted to deface the image of God and messed up what people thought about God What would you go for you would go for that thing that reveals him the most wouldn't you I'm not going to spend long here but I want to spit I want to realize that the stakes are high OK but I guess then long this is of a book that was published some time ago I gave on called The Monogamy myth and she comes from that the angle of evolution to that shit says she's a humanist and she points out in this book the mom's monogamy myth is the belief that monogamy is the norm in our society and that is supported by society as a whole. She said that's a myth. She says conservative estimates are that sixty percent of men and forty percent of women will have an extramarital affair. These figures are even more significant when we can sort of the total number of marriages involved since it's unlikely that all the men and women having affairs happen to be married to each other so here's the conclusion. Therefore in the just jump to the conclusion. Approximately eighty percent of all marriages will experience some form of adultery at some point. Eighty percent get someone who said that out of every ten marriages. Five break up for remain together and are unhappy and one out of ten is happy that's it that's a ad hoc kind of shoots in the clouds assist statistic but it's probably close to accurate. Another another book called The Myth of monogamy this is written by a professor at the University of Washington says social conservatives like to point out what they see as threats to family values but they don't have the slightest idea how great that thread is or where it comes from monogamy is definitely under siege not by government declining world or some vast homosexual conspiracy but by our own evolutionary biology OK So this guy basically saying this is evolution just let it be. Infants have their infancy and adults adultery he's being funny but if it's all you have is your human self and the theory of evolution. What these people saying are saying makes sense without the power of God You cannot stay faithful to your spouse and you must realize that. Just some statistics I'm not going to spend long years United States forty three percent is the divorce rate there's a whole section here not just one long on this basis of a section by at the Methodist University Professors. Fur Ging that we accept homo sexual relationships that are active. Signed by several professors from our universities some of the have been let go but it's out there there are there are there are serious loud voices calling for full acceptance of homosexuals practice not just from our culture but from within our church we must be alert and vigilant watch this you shall receive power to forty seven and one well ordered well disciplined family think I believe he does believe this do you believe in the speech or prophecy. Do you believe that or is is she just blowing hot air Listen to this one well ordered well disciplined family tells more about how Christianity than all the sermons that can be preached and this is going on audio verse I love audio verse but all the sermons on audio versed are less affective then one good happy family is that what this says my graduating the stakes are high so we talked about how to know God's will for relationships but we haven't talked yet about how to know God's will for my my relationships what do I do how do I figure out how do I figure out who to date I'm not going to go through the whole dating scene right now but I want to get a few principles. She story of what comes up to a girl and says. God has shown me that you're the one for me. True story and the girl responds by saying great when he shows me then we can talk. Pretty good reply Ha. Some others other experiences this is also a very a true story this happened to one of my canvassers she and her young man I think they were they were boyfriend girlfriend or almost They went to a park together they were in a van just the two of them they get out. He closes the door he comes around the front the van she gets out of the passenger side walks over here they look each other like this they have said nothing in the last fifteen seconds they look at each other like like this and like I know what you just thought she's like I know you just don't like what did you just think like you're the one for me and we need to get married and she's like yeah that's exactly what I just had the same thought. True story. They got married and last I knew their marriage is not doing well. What do you it wasn't during the summer there was whether during the summer. How do know God's will for my relationships and marriage. Some principles. Let's go over some principles together I got a look at the time. You know figure out how much assistance and a twenty right OK All right so if you keep principles there's a Chinese proverb It is so good it says we should have our eyes wide open before marriage and half shut after marriage eyes wide open before marriage. Half shut after marriage how to know God's will in my doing this in my AM I do I have my eyes wide open. Examine carefully to see if your married life would be happy or in a harmonious and wretched that the questions be raised will this union help me Heaven were Will it increase my love for God will enlarge my sphere of usefulness in this life if these reflections present no drawback and then the fear of God move forward you know there are some people who are click on the trigger there are others who have the hardest time pulling the trigger at all there's some young man that I have one of the you know like man this girl good God keep going do you understand. Check this out. OK Adam this time forty five that what the quote we just read the quote we just read at the end of this quote do you see that there's a default you see that it says if these reflections present no drawback than in the fear of God move forward in other words move forward unless there are problems here so there's a time especially in the last session we talked about there's a time to move forward you have to stoop start moving forward is the wrong thing that will slam in your face and might hurt your nose that you'll be just fine right. So I thought I like this quote because it had the will default here that there's a time to move forward young men. Ave some forty five we continue way every sentiment this is the concept of having your eyes wide open. Watch every development of character on the one with whom to think you think the link your destiny the step you are about to take is one of the most important in your life and should not be taken hastily while you may love it do not love blindly Let's go to number two. Commitment is a bigger issue than match are you ready for commitment if you're not ready to make a death commitment we talk about life and death but I'll just say death and already make a death commitment the law does not leading in America you need to be ready to make a serious commitment. Matthew Chapter one thousand nine hundred your Bibles to Matthew Chapter one thousand this is probably my favorite verse in the whole Bible about marriage. Matthew nineteen verse six. Commitment is a bigger issue than match in one thousand nine hundred sixty Jesus says so then they the husband and wife are no longer two but one flesh therefore what God has joined together let not man separate man being man. Male or female what God has joined together let not man separate It's a false idea. If it doesn't work out there will always be someone else at the Falls idea. You need to say to yourself when you went Wait you think God is leading you into marriage. Ask yourself the question Do I think the divorce would ever be an option you must and you must be able to say I'm ready to commit to the death for this person. Commitment is more important than match go quickly number three match does matter though. Match does matter. Advena stone page forty four. Marriage in a majority of cases is a most galling you know that whatever encouraging quote he said yeah it is orrible right but it's true nine out of send what I say five endorsed for remain together not an are unhappy and we all think that we're going to be the one day there are thousands that are made of that but not matched what is she talking about she talking about the sixteen P.F. test personality sanguine and he's too melancholy songe is not going to get not going to get rid of him I was he talking about. Made but not matched what he did you know she's talking about mostly was the biggest matching was the biggest factor in match. Spiritual relationship with God or I would say. Values values to the person's value spiritual things he's such a nice guy in fact this guy is more spiritual than all the admin is guys I've ever dated. This may be true the guys more spiritual than all the avenues guys she dated but she's heading for trouble she said in for trouble look the spiritual part of ourselves as the what is the deepest part of ourselves and if we're not the same at the deepest part of ourselves is not to be a match. Match doesn't matter values matter. Values matter and before work on being the right partner Wow God is really going to lead you. He's going to lead you to make good decisions if you work on being the right partner after marriage certain areas of growth. Seems certain areas of growth. Ceased after marriage. Oh boy. So I'm really looking at themselves right now saying oh wow I've got a lot of going to do this me should be American it just means it just means that you need to work on being the right partner rather than getting the right partner particularly as elder Tony and nobody said this morning he quoted that he referred to the Isle of Wight quote where he says a youth not out of his teens is not fit to be a good judge of character that's why he was referencing one thousand or below K. work now is the time as a young person now the time of being rather than getting Which girl can I get to work on being the right partner. Some suggested books we don't have time to go through all this but just some that have been really good this is called the mark of a man by love with Elliot interesting that a female would write this much talking about manliness. Actually very interesting very good book fight. Thought following Christ example of masculinity the mark of a man and then by the same author let me be a woman. Let me be a woman she's a very good writer if some of you like writing in English for a good writer work on being the right partner let's go to number five. School he is a great place to meet someone and what am I saying that we have here is cracking up. School is a great place to meet someone. So you aren't buying it. What am I saying. OK school is a great place to meet someone isn't a good place to meet someone. Sure it is as a great place to meet someone. School is a great place to meet someone this is a now from Ellen White Council to physicians and medical students. July twenty seven eight hundred eighty five in our college and in every mission the strictest rules must be enforced. Nothing can so if actually demoralize these institutions and our missions as the want to prevent and watchful reserve in the association of young men and young women what does it mean that college is a great place cool a great place to meet someone then notice what I underlined. The great place to meet someone it can be it can be confusing if you're in a heavy dating relationships in college now course she has some of the statements which say that there are exceptions to this we know that but it's cool really is a great place to meet and one especially for going to an advantage college people of the same age. Like minded similar values it's a great place to meet someone it's not a great place to date someone they can be really distracting. Have experience that can be really distracting Ike's dreams that as a young person is very distracting. One more quote. While at school student should not allow their minds to become confused by thoughts of courtship anybody's mind ever been confused and gorgeous. Mine was they were there to gain a fitness for to work for God and this thought is to ever be uppermost whatever you're doing we heard from Bradshaw this morning. Whatever you're doing in college you're getting trained to work for God aren't you. No matter what you're doing. Let them refused to burden the souls of their teachers by showing a spirit of levity in a careless disregard of rules you know I want to share right now my personal testimony and I didn't tell my wife this ahead of time. Of there's not going to be anything incriminating but I just recently reviewed my journal from when I was a seventeen year old academy student that was my use of my Exactly my experience. Yeah I was shocked by several things. Number one I was I was very interested in my devotional life and actually my devotion life was was existence and it was healthy I read was reading the desired ages I was really my Bible says interesting to as a seventeen year old senior in high school in high school and here I was having a regular devotional life I've forgotten that that was encouraging. I was also reminded about how poor we were. My mother raised me. Single parent home was the only kid latchkey kid came home we live in the ghetto were so poor we had to rent out our room to this lady and my mother removed into my room and that was it that was good to remember is going to remember that to remember that the challenges that we had and how we push through those. I was also amazed at the massive lack of depth in thinking about girls was really shallow. You know I can hardly talk when I'm around her blah blah blah and how do you think that cetera I was very shallow and it made me be more compassionate. On teenagers. It made me understand look that's where I was that that's where I was that that was my culture you know I dated two girls before my wife and both of them in college I won't tell you the details because it's not edifying. But I met my wife. Basically I had graduated from college I was living in the area and it was nice that I was living in the area so that I could meet females and before I came back from the summer before I came back in the summer I had two of my close friends one of them a mentor and one of them a friend and then another friend I had three people tell me you've got to check this girl lab She's she's going to get one for you and I am whatever and being a male on like if somebody pushes me in one direction then I don't want to look like I've been told what to do you know so I'm like yeah I know you know that's a male pride thing and so I did nothing but then I said look this is the quality girl I've got to do something and so this one day I took off on a long walk out into the hills and I said Lord I needed I needed to do something I gotta make a decision here and I I want to do this please guide me help me you know what to do. I'm interested in her she's quality and I finished that walk saying I've got to do something I'm going to do something I don't know when I'm in the zoning so then I got back and turn on my computer and check my email and right there was an email from my former college roommate saying yeah you know whether she's actually being talked about as with a guy over here. And I was like dude I waited too long. He's no they're not together but but they're talking and I was like motivation. OK IMO debated I am highly motivated. I was going on a trip to Pacific Preston Idaho that weekend for four days and I said I got to do something for this trip so I ordered flowers for a note had been delivered to her and took off to go to Idaho and when I came back we had a tat we chatted and we had a talk and she was like what the flowers mean. So we started talking and she didn't know that I knew about the other guy that she was talking to and so I said look there's a got he's coming this Friday night can I save you see chief says sure and little did I know that this other guy was actually flying out to hang out with her that weekend but she hadn't told me about him but she did know that I knew about him so we get I get to be a cop a feast I save a seat for she doesn't show up in the shop and after about twenty minutes she walks in with this other guy and she feels terrible and seems terribly stressed out because she doesn't know what to do because she pulled that got its evening out with him and then me and then and the poor girl didn't know what to do she sat down with me for a couple minutes and I looked and saw him and he was a nice guy by the way he's a pastor you just out of the past. Pastoral job really nice guy and and so that it's worse so she sits down with me and she put her head in her hands and she's like I just I just got to go and so she gets up and goes and in them in C. runs into the hall in the hallway to one of my friends a young lady who had been a leader for me whose very sensible and she says What's wrong with going on and she says well there's this is the guy known as Bill and I think she said Oh Bill is great. Deliberate so cruel. Anyway that was the end of that evening the next day or two days later we go on a walk and she says you know there's actually somebody else you know on the radar screen and I say Oh really. In a nutshell. As the days were on our interest became stronger and the interest between her and him weaker and that's in did naturally and nicely. And yeah it's decreased and we increased and the rest is history. Things that helped us to have a happy marriage things that helped us number one we were both debt free in that a lot of money but we were debt free. Wow what a blessing. Q.J. issue I was making a lot of money I didn't have a lot of money. Well we were debt free my wife is that frame I was good with money to she can just personal finance on ours so I scored she also the massage therapy I mean. But we were both out of debts and we were both done with school. We're both done with school. Something else that that helped us you know my wife she says she doesn't didn't do this intentionally which I believe her but she did not give herself over to me musically didn't throw herself in front of me you know when if you're a if you've done a summer of youth rush you know that if you meet a dog you're not supposed to run because the dog will chase you right. Katie noted to get someone to chasing or to get a guy to chase you don't throw yourself in front of him you you know you you make sure that you have some space. OK so she didn't give herself totally over to me she made me work for little bit I asked to be my girlfriend and she took twenty one days to respond. I don't mean that I value this woman she's a tough one I counted you know I didn't. Proverbs thirty first one thousand the way of a man with a maid and it's a little bit of mystery still a bit of mystery a great mystery Paul called it a great mystery I'm telling you there's nothing better folks than a happy marriage there's nothing better than a happy marriage happy couples happy marriage just over those five steps again quickly. Eyes wide open. Before marriage eyes half shut. After Marriage way every sentiment folks if you want the leading of God If you want if you want God's will you must weigh every cent of us think about who you're actually talking to them or to commit is a bigger issue than match if you are ready if you're ready for a commitment a hard core death commitment then you're ready for marriage number three match doesn't matter. Make sure that you have matched value number for work on being the right partner. Number five school is a great place to meet someone to meet someone we're going to review when the review and then we're going to close and then I'm going to go over the last little bit of what I didn't finish in the last seminar which I promised you folks who are here in the last on are about how to make a very very difficult decision. OK We talked about the relationship between husband and wife is the very best illustration of God's desire for himself and the believer it reveals God's love and plan better than any other single thing in the world this is God's will for my relationships and marriage don't forget the most important part of all three of these seminars a member is before you can know God's will for your life or your career or your ministry or relationships or your marriage you have to know God's will in general what pleases him what makes him happy. Always be trying to find out what death leaves of the Lord right and before I know God's will in general and what pleases am I have to know God Thank you. You've got it that makes me happy she got to know God That's right. Then number two Satan has attacked this illustration of his love with his greatest force he tax status and marries the two things from the new guys I've heard that right. Two things for me and he's attacked so do you guys want to please him and no you do and know that you want to please him you want to have God's will for you. Relationships and marriage you want to conduct yourselves in such a way that God can be glorified that people will say God exists he's real His love exists. Truth exists. Love actual real people loving each other actually exists. Happy marriages exist which one of these things that's And I think for my wife I just threw in. Today this is I was going to reveal. Review review sorry review steps across Page ten God has bound our hearts to him by UN number tokens and heaven on earth through the things of nature in the deepest and tenderest earthly ties that human hearts can know in a dental whites Victorian language for sacred relationship of marriage. OK he has sought to reveal Himself to us. So which applied you OK let's have a quiet for a moment. Which of these things apply to you. Lord I desired to glorify you in my relationships. Immediately and in the future answer in your heart. Number two. Lord I need forgiveness for the past give me your total cleaning the full service washes that you do need a full service wash your messed up past the good news is that God not only forgives and only heels but he gives us his righteousness to make us not just clean but actually applies his righteousness to us as if we had never stand as if we had done everything right all along is that you feel some of you here in this room. Need that step number two you need God to make it as if you have never seemed as if you'd never messed up and that is he loves doing that he loves. Applying his righteousness to us not just as big in this number three Lord I know what I need to do but I need help doing it because I'm not feeling strong maybe you or a friend need to have a nice gentle the death of a relationship. Lord I know what I need to do but I need help doing it because I'm not feeling strong and feeling weak. Let me pray for you. Father thank you for that for this group they want to please you and they want to always be trying to find out what best pleases you and as they try to do that in their relationships in their marriages and there are some here that are married when I asked that you are blessed them and that you will fill them with your Holy Spirit and push Satan away who wants to wants to stick his ugly hand in and messed up. Solar I pray that you are blessed and with resolve and I pray God bless them with your righteousness or give us your righteousness we have stand. And we need you to to apply your righteousness to our record and also to our hearts as if we had never seen I asked Lord that you'll send your Holy Spirit and do this and I ask that you help someone in this room who was faint hearted who knows what he or she needs to do but he's not feeling strong enough to do it so I thank you Lord for answering this prayer me With us now as we go on to the next little segment in Jesus' name in vain. I want to I want to feel back this applies to relationships big time I want to go back because I didn't finish last time we started so late that I wasn't able to finish it K. There's the steps to know God's will for your life. We weren't able to finish and I said on the stage if you recall that we're going to do a little segment on what if you have a really hard decision how to make a really hard decision when you've done all the steps already. OK. We looked at that. OK Look at that video steps to making a hard hard decision ever had to make a hard decision and you maybe even you went through the steps and you talk to the to God the other people and you read your Bible and you prayed and you talk to eight different people and you four people said one thing and for people said another. And you had on a white coats and they seem to say one thing and you find a long white coats and they seem to say the other thing the then what what do you do how to make a really hard decision these are adapted actually from a pastor that's making a hard decision OK Number one write down all the options they sometimes we forget what the options are we were we get fixated so it's important to write stuff down. Writing stuff down is very important to him to go right to the next one. Step number to write down the pros and cons of each Ok maybe you've already done that but writing things down is very important it forces us to solidify or make concrete it forces us to concretize what the issues are. OK And by the way between step number one into your supposed to pray and between September two and three you're supposed to pray for teens that's number three and four you're supposed to pray and I highly recommend it if you're having a hard time making a big decision. Take a day for each step. Especially Step number three probably needs about three or four days that number three is the important one in this process. OK. And I'm also I recommend fasting at the large decision. My wife and I have made for four large financial decisions in our lives and the second to where the two houses that we bought not at the same time of course. Successively and both times we fasted and prayed before we bought them and looking back at those were excellent decisions. Well I just I'm so thankful for our where we live we live in the country and it's a such a blessing the first two decisions I don't remember even praying let alone fasting and they were both disasters now I don't believe in the prosperity gospel that if you pray gotta give you money I don't believe any of that stuff but I am saying if it's a really serious decision I recommend fasting and praying Jesus said in the Gospel he said the bridegroom will be taken from them and then they will fast so there is a place for fasting and praying. So let's go to number three this is the key step OK So you've actually written down and concretized the options the pros and cons you can even write down the council you've gotten you can write down the Isle of Wight clothes which she seemed to be you know saying one thing or saying the other. OK Step number three is important. Actually choose the option that you like the least jail him and you guys are going to be funny. Actually choose the option that you like the least why is that actually choose this can take one day two days three days fasting go to the mountains I love going to mount a so much easier to hear God's voice so much quicker to hear God's voice. Less distractions. Actually choose the option you like the least when God came to Abraham Abraham please take your son your only son. Sacrificing on the altar we see that she twentieth century twenty first century lenses and say of you must have loved his son which he did but it's much larger than that that was the promise of the seed of Abraham that was the lineage of the Messiah that was a big deal. Abraham said his son and he took the knife and he went all the way to the end and he raised the knife you know we're talking milliseconds from death and at that point at that point God sent the angel and stopped his wrist. Abraham actually chose the option that he lied at least when he was in that position and only when he was in that position with the ready for step number four. Step number four she was the option that makes the most sense. See we're not ready for step number four. Until we've done Step number three you copy we're not ready for Step Number four until we've done that stuff Number Three see Step number three guys in my own life I've seen this happen over and over and over and over again when I do Step number three I'm a free man it's over and done I can go either way and I'm fine and I'm happy and then honestly a bunch of the time when I get the step number four it's not that number three sometimes it is sometimes there's no hand stopping the knife and then I feel is down flew and it hurts. OK half the time I don't know I don't even guess a bunch of the time I put it this waythe I don't like a bunch of the time it's not about the time it's just what I wanted but see when I've done Step number three and I've done the Abraham and Isaac thing it's done I'm happy because then my human reasoning isn't going to be twisted by my desires my human reasoning won't be used to justify what I wanted in the first place. And White writes This is one of my favorite quotes a cultist and apart page fifty six the kingly power of reason. Sanctified by Divine Grace is the bears weigh in the life you know this is not reason when reasoning it's reason sanctified by divine grace make the decision that makes the most sense now I'm going to share with you in closing I will share with you in closing that the absolute number one Ellen White coat on making a decision that is in my opinion a K. is my personal thing it is the absolute number one on a white coat on how to make a hard decision and this is the way personally that's the way God spoken to me I've never had a dream that has meant anything other people do. Praise the Lord. That's good stuff biblical but hasn't shown the Speak me through dreams. Maybe he will for you he said he's chosen to speak to me through God the others and through pulling it out the scriptures and all of microbes but this quote is one cooks synthesizes the way God speaks to me and I believe it will synthesize it for you to this is in heavenly places page one thirty nine one thirty nine and this will be kept before the mine will this action that I propose to enter into marriage relationship boyfriend girlfriend career ministry will this action that proposed enter into glorify God there will be a humble spirit of the community and left the penance will be placed upon human wisdom and far more confidence to reach out after God the humble prayer teach me the highway and I will and the Lord will create a train of thought that will be safe to follow. Past experiences will be revived and the Safeway will be fastened in the mind. Oh yeah I remember when that happened last time and your head god create a train of thought in your mind is safe to fall if anybody ever gives a worship leaders preachers who are here. Lord what should I say God gives a train of thought that is safe to follow the Lord will create a train of thought that is take the fall of this explains this explains number Step Number four choose the option that makes the most sense that explained that that's that train of thought. That God created a safe to follow that makes the most sense so actually choose the option you like the least then you're in position to choose the option to make the most sense. Just because you want it doesn't mean it's not God's will but you will have to not affect the outcome of your decision. So unlike my friend with the red shirt. Test or flipping a coin. As we who are here for the last session and White says Satan controlled coin toss and it's you know that she actually says that unlike my friend for being a coin or if I should those scriptures up in a red shirt I'll go to that Bible College. Drawing names out of a hat that decide which school to go to this is the way to please God and to find out his will is the follow through the steps to guys want to know His will for your life and your relationships and your marriage. Let's close a prayer Thank you Lord thank you for these I share attendees and Lord we acknowledge that we need your help we need your and your spirit to guide our thoughts are thinking we are so easily self deceived convincing ourselves of this or that we need your help so please be with us Help us Lord as we choose to make those sacrifices. Then Lord lead us in the way everyone we just reached the film I pray Lord I pray that you give the staff a large this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio person you'd like to listen to more sermon leave it there. W W W. Audio first stop work.


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