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Anil Kanda

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  • May 3, 2014
    11:30 AM
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It's very interesting. Just sort of the way the today's message really begin to develop. God had been leading in impressing upon my heart over the course the last two weeks that the Sabbath like this was necessary and as I was talking with various people and going to different places to see or church members minister there just seemed to be an affirmation that it was time in addition to the sermon that that I'm going to be giving today we're going to be hearing various testimonies of church members of our church members who are involved in the work of spreading the gospel Amen and you're going to learn through the various experiences that there are many ways to share the love of God with this world right now is very interesting I was looking at some numbers and a look at the average lifespan of a human being in America a male American do you know what the average lifespan is you should know it may be your last. Just getting OK What is the average lifespan of an American male or one hundred seventy five anybody else seventy anybody else. Eighty All right average lifespan is seventy eight to eighty years old. Seventy eighty eighty years old and that's an average lifespan and I'm not sure where they're doing this kind of survey but I checked multiple sources and the average life span of American male is seventy eight years old now what is so interesting is if you just think about life in general. Seventy eight years was a friend of to eighty years eighty years eighty years is the average lifespan of an American male for all the men here eighty years is what's presented before you. Eighty years can now I know your Adventist and some you may live a little bit longer but I want you to understand something we just rounding off eighty years now if you were to take eighty years how many days are nearly in German there are sixty five times. Eighty how many days would an average male have from the time he was born to the time he died yet are almost thirty thousand OK sorry. Thousand Days. OK Now let's take those days was compute them into ours. How many hours with an average middle American have in this entire existence. Let me just need to turn the i Phone app off and go to the calculator after about seven hundred thousand hours. OK Now once you think about that if you've already lived half your life say you forty years old. OK So that is cut in half. How many hours is that three hundred fifty. Yes right. Three hundred fifty hundred thousand A-K. Now just think about this and if them was spent if you were to even cut that in half. Sleeping hours how many hours would you actually have of consciousness. Hundreds Well but isn't one hundred eighty thousand A-K. around there that you think about this this is very interesting when we think about life and we think about the measurement of life will think about hours days minutes years what think about decades but ladies and gentlemen the buyer who is teaching us a century a powerful principle that we're going to discover today that life is not a measurement of minutes it is a measurement of moments a measurement of moments what our moments moments are opportunities God is given to us each and every day and in that short span of that whatever that opportunity is whether it's a few seconds a few minutes or a few hours in those opportunities that are presented to us each and every day there are decisive should say decisions that are being made that will determine oftentimes whether you will be a hero or a villain. Whether you will be rich or rather you will be poor. Decisions that could potentially guys you in a completely different direction in a matter of seconds. People's eternity has been changed their eternal destination has been changed so when you think about life life is a series of moments and in these moments. Every person is called to make decisions that are in accordance with God's will. Kenny same answer that what we're going to discover from the scripture is that there was a young woman by the name of Esther and there was presented before Esther in opportunity and in this short opportunity that she had the decision she would make would sex affect all of eternity. Everybody take a Bob Let's go to Esther chapter for Esther. Chapter for the book of arrestors a remarkable book you want to know why because the word God or Lord if not mention at all in the Book of Esther in a book about God You would think every book would be about God. Boat is so interesting is when used them in the Book of Esther the Word of God or the ward LURD Lord is not mentioned in there and it's very intentional. The Holy Spirit wants us to recognize that in what appears to be the ordinary occurrences and situations in the Book of Esther when you examine it closer there are extraordinary things taking place very extraordinary things. I'm going ask you question as this my pastoral staff I'm going to give you a phrase and I want you to me one word that describes that phrase here's a phrase God Hein the scenes give me one word. That describes that encapsulates the whole Fuck God behind the scenes or you got it already Providence Providence I was surprised how fast you got that. Providence so when you read the Book of Esther do you know what you find in the Book of Esther over and over and over and over and over again you find Providence and adding study the Book of Esther you begin to see God working behind the scenes. Allowing certain situations to take place. Other things to take place that you will opportunities that are presented before after the story of Esther goes like this with starts off with eggs. Versus he was the king of Persia at that time the reigning world empire and what happened was he had a beautiful queen by the name of Queen Vashti and one day she didn't want to give in to his intemperate desires she was quickly removed the wise men of that era of that land said you know what other women be brought to the king and he will choose a new queen and sure enough he found Queen Esther the Bible says she found favor in his sight by the way does that word appear over and over again throughout Scripture they found favor in his sight he found favour her side she found favor in her sight. Can you give me another example where that phrase appears. Route Very well then you know generally when you see that phrase they found favor in the side of another human being it'll always be describing in Israel I binding favour with the pagan leader you'll find that phrase appear over and over again think about Daniel Daniel found favor in the side of who resented chapter one he found favor in the side of the prince of the UNIX you read about Joseph Joseph found favor with Potter for and over and over again you'll find that phrase is generally describing how people of God are finding some way a unusual connection with people of the world and so the Bible says they found favor and so Esther finds favor in the side of this king he makes her the queen and what happens in this remarkable story if there is a secret plot to destroy the Jews do you remember the man's name who was wanting to destroy all the Jews. Haman Now here is the clue about why he wanted to destroy the Jews the Bible says Heyman was the egg the enemy of the Jews their gag I why would that be a clue of why he wanted to destroy the Jews in that land because he was a descendant of the a mallet type and you know what happened when Israel failed to carry out their duty in removing the various pagan nations those who were left to live you know what they would do they would seek revenge. And also when you read the Book of Esther starts off with him in wanting to kill the Jews and sex why is this but when you rewind it all of Israel's history you begin to discover that the America has had a lot of issues with the Israelites when Israel failed to remove them completely out of the land they would come back with greater revenge and sure enough this official in and that land was seeking to destroy all the Jews here no clue Esther was a Jew but Esther began to learn of the squad and uncle warned her and he was telling Esther at this pivotal moment Esther you need to do something right now and if you fail to do it we're all in pig trouble now everybody take your Bible we're going to this very pivotal verse found in Esther chapter for Esther chapter four. Esther chapter four starting with verse thirteen page for seventy three feet one of these Bibles precision men if you're there can keep gone start with verse thirteen and this is Mordecai speaking the uncle of Esther. Mordecai told them to answer. Esther notably sister in this pivotal moment that is given to Esther he says this do not think in your heart that you will excuse me in the king's palace anymore than all the other world. Jews for if you remain unknown place is completely silent at this time relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place you and your father's house will what parish look what he says next. Yes Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. King James or another version says Who knows if you have come into this very circumstance for such a special time at this but I want you to pay attention on how Mordecai is trying to help. Esther recognize the moment she is winning in the very first thing he says to her is this that if you don't do this you're in big trouble. Ladies and gentlemen when God gives us offer to knees they are not just men so that we can increase in other areas or other people can be benefited when God is given a special heavenly opportunities the first thing we need to understand is that they are meant for our own salvation and in this situation the very thing that Mordecai tells asterisk if you don't act your end think trouble you will be wiped out and so will your father's house but the same time he said something else to Esther he says this even if you choose not to do this God will find somebody else. Ladies and gentlemen when we neglect the heaven sent opportunities. God will find somebody else to take our place now if you study Adventist history what you learn about on what you discover that she wasn't the first person who was given that vision during that time God actually tries to two other people and we found out because of their records and they were so afraid of what this opportunity what we call would take place as a result of taking this opportunity that they actually backed away and so finally God move from person to person and tell he found a young lady who was open and so God tells the sentry to Mordecai the same thing. Answer if you don't do this God will find somebody or to bring deliverance from some other place when God gives up it gives us an opportunity heaven sent opportunity to work for him to speak for him we need to recognize that God if we choose not to do is NOT start the whole world falls apart. God will find somebody else but the very fact he picked you is because he knows that is ideal and optimal for you but I want you see what else he says to her go back to birth thirteen Mordecai told them to answer Esther do not think in your heart that you will excuse it in the king's house any more than the other Jews for if you remain completely silent at this time relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place but you and your father's house will perish. Notary says next. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as work this morning I was trying to help. Esther understand something so powerful and that was if that Providence has brought you to this very time this very circumstance this very moment. Now just think about this. Esther was somebody who came after Queen who actually decided to rebel against the king and she was removed. Answer was placed in a very inconvenient spot on it as I said this I said this earlier I said this. Heavens opportunities have another name on earth. It's called inconvenience. Heavens opportunities have another name honors is called trials what we see as negative in what we see is bad those are heaven said opportunities moments for us to make decisions that can change the course of great things and so in this particular circumstance. Esther here is there she is not here she she's the queen. Providence has brought her to this very moment and here she is in the circumstance and Mordecai tells her that God has put you in this place because you need to stand or you need to speak of there's something that you need to do that if you fail to do it you will perish and God will find somebody else. But God has brought you here for this very moment so you can be part of the great things that are about to happen. Esther stepped up to this challenge and when she stepped up to this challenge. Israel was delivered and this also prepare the way for Israel has to go back to the land of Israel to rebuild the temple a little might say Israel she says something so powerful so powerful she says this truth except in any line of work is not the result of what to success in any line of work is not the result of what chance or actually didn't or destiny that's very key is the outworking of God's providence if the reward of face and discretion of virtue and perseverance. Notice God gives offer to need God gives one opportunities six S depends upon the what you made of them so many times in Christian we said herself was sure there was an opportune that was presented before me but you know what. It probably wasn't God will because it didn't happen. You know what if you didn't do anything you are the one responsible for that last opportunity what we're told here is that God will lay out many different opportunities for us in our life. Moment and in these moments Providence produces these moments but it's up for us to make a decision and sent him to that moment and determined that you're going to see them moment and you are going to make the best of the circumstance and you will find that God has been wanting to bless you all along this is so interesting because when you recognize what's happening. Each every day every single week every single here every single Sam is gone is laying out special opportunities and you know what his motive of motive is in all these opportunities. Your success could fix or your your success and do you know where you can find truth except by just watching the opportunities go by car paid him sees the what. Seize the day or seize the moment when God is showing you these things when he's presenting before you various things. Various moments you need to follow up on those moments you need to grasp those moments. Israel failed because what happened was when all the opportunities God gave to is real they failed they chose to step back they said it's too much of a risk it's too dangerous. We're OK being in our little circle and what happened was those opportunities one right after the other pass then by before God finally said I'm going to have to find somebody else I'm going to have to look elsewhere. God is wanting us to recognize he is giving to us many opportunities and those opportunities are designed to give us success in The Fly A MEN God wants to bless you in powerful remarkable waves today we're going to be learning about several people who were given opportunities opportunities to share something to give something and as they did this lead to Claude being glorified can you say amen to that you know what I love about this church. I really love this about our church series when people talk about the series Seventh Day Adventist Church we developed a little bit of a reputation our church is known for being loud. Do you know that our church is known for being a rock with an aggressive our church is known because sometimes of our food should behave you're but a church is also known for having a fierce love for God amen. In what they say sometimes the pastor takes on the congregation or the congregation takes on the role of the pastor but you in is it I'm not sure but either way God calls us to take on the character of Christ. Right and you know what was the character of Christ the character of Christ was this he was hungry. You know the thing I love about the series churches that were very hungry church were known for many different things but we're very hungry people were starving for opportunities. Jesus one day is a Siple came to him and said hey Jesus they said we've got use of food and you know what he says I'm not hungry for that kind of food he says the food I'm hungry for he says is to do the will of who sent Him who sent me and took finish his work and that's what I love about the series church is a very hungry group of people here. They hunger to do God's will known for their aggressiveness and what you're going to discover during this time of testimony is that God has used a group of hungry people to bless others. Amen so I'm going to buy at least up to the front. And she's going to lead out during this special time just ask that you give your ten chance and just praise God for what's happening in our church right now. Amen our first hungry aggressive church member is Harlan cook and Harley and we're going to ask you a few questions how many of you know Harland how many of you know that Harlan put in countless amounts of ours here at Archer event but we want you to know even a little bit more so heartily and I was going to ask you what's your name. But I've said it I think five times so I mean usually fellas how long have you been a member here I've been a little member here was a lot longer than I've been a Christian so let me write that I was born and raised in the sim the advantage church when a child child of a local academy and wind up doing your cat and want to go into Glendale and went to the academy there and I was baptized eleven years old had out days are following Jesus left during my teenage years and I was gone completely. So then at what point was it that you did that eating I ninety five one hundred ninety five. Well Harlan tell us about the ministry you're currently involved I mean volved with the the Adventist community service along with with my cold hearted is OK. Just still curly and alright and about how how many years has this bread ministry been going and when did it kind of start to take off the ministry be talking about now when it started it's a dark a society nine hundred seventy four. Wow No it was more recent the bread ministry specifically that what started sometime back with Gertrude that had it here she started laid the groundwork but it has really increased its In this last year and I haven't been this level here. So tell us the story testimony or little story what has been going on in the bread program will the bread program it's been growing it would just lead to heaven like thirty forty people and myth in the last year it just picked up two we've had days where we had approximately one hundred people was just really gone but I've got a little testimony if you don't mind I'd like to do and it's really it's about it's about courtyards to courtyards of people one meets on Tuesday and one meets on Sabbath both summer here for the same reason to be fed and clothed but one is physical and the other one is spiritual and God has laid it on our hearts to take him move them from the physical to their spiritual two separate types of people and things have been changing and working to that point that we have a story about said Sam He was the first one he came and needed food to be given food and he said can I help and so we've invited to help Well long story short he was their process of moving the Napa before he left he would buy imitation he came in attended some meetings here before he left so he came to church first time I recall and in another one is Joe Joe he came up several months ago to to sign up for food and he was hanging around we have gotten a conversation he said you know I've got nothing to do and to see you could you guys use a little help I said definitely preach come home odious get to know and get to know him and bring a well he got a good friendship with Frank going on Frank invite him to the meetings he started in the meetings before know what we had him here in church with this he moved to San Jose but his sister just came. Last week and told me how much he really loved and felt God was moving. Amen The Lord is really easing this community service program to bring so many people from my Carlin withing the need for a physical food into recognizing their need for spiritual food Amen I know you had a short very serious thinking about sharing a bed. Proverbs nine hundred seventeen he who gets to the poor or who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord and he will repay. Came and they need so much. Harley you know a lot has been going on there in this program I had a lady came up to me and she was in the bread line and she told me that she was really interested in Bible studies and so a lot of Bible studies that even I have personally an F.M. want to one members have been getting with have been from this ministry it's every Tuesday so come on out to it it's at eleven thirty that they start handing out the food so God is moving a man he really is all have my next lovely couple. Come on up. These are the McDowell and please tell us your Nene's either those who don't know I'm GA I'm to our agent said You guys did something very exciting just last week can you please tell us what that was. Where I'll go back a little bit farther Nashiri camp meeting there was a presentation from the person who was the head of A.S.I. which is Adventist layman's services an industry and she said that they were planning a health fair not a fair health focus outreach in San Francisco. All right at the following May and she asked for volunteers so I'm assuming that it had was the first one on his feet that day he was so excited to go. So at this outreach in San Francisco what what two roles were both of you playing what are you doing. GA I was happy to our rights. Well that's a good with a cheese is help partner what are you doing the strict Oh well you know I would like to to read my text. Absolutely it says initial come to pass in the last days as God but I will pour out my Spirit on all fours. Your sons and your daughter Jill process for the way your young men shall see the agents and your or man children greens. I'm telling you this event was made up of dreams and planning. Elder Wilson from the General Conference called after the three days that we had this program and said that he felt that he had witnessed the last ladder reign in the spirit being poured out upon his church I've never been anywhere that I spent four days in the presence of the Holy Spirit I mean you could absolutely sense a I probably presented Jesus to at least twenty people I prayed with most of my patients I took out extractions of should have taken probably an hour and fifteen seconds I mean the Lord was there the marriages of both cities did not want this to happen. They finally started to soften a little bit when it was all over they both said one and says I am a homosexual Jew and you add Venice Can Come Back To My City and San Francisco. Anytime you want that they were overwhelmed they expected to serve maybe three thousand people we had thirty five hundred people lined up at Oakland in the rain on Friday. Amen the dental department we probably should have seen maybe thirty or forty patients a day we saw two hundred five the last they were there they all got significant service just one miracle right after another. I talk to people who serve food at the door we ate this little gal asked me what we're doing there and I told her I said we're trying to do what Jesus did and we're also trying to tell people of the Sunni current When I left there for the last meal she said Pray for me I think that about you know this this entire outreach and San Francisco I wish it were more people could have known about it but they were over you had thirty five hundred people who had got free medical services both I love is that Nellie ins of dollars. People from Saudi Arabia were coming in to San Francisco to help volunteer at this mission project and so many hearts were touched probably five million dollars were donated just in free services and probably that much more was spent by the combination of our conferences. A.S.I. enormously they raise about fifty thousand dollars at their meeting it's a show of the Lord is working they raised two hundred fifty thousand dollars is your phrase smoke and ask for more programs like this. Go ahead Georgia. We had so many volunteers there were over five hundred volunteers came including for marchers magpie Olsen brandy and us and well an analogy that task it was just overwhelming and never did you see a frown. Never Did you see a harsh word. Made it west and believe a bully wonderful We had students that came from Fountain View Academy in Canada a remark at him a will where it was really over a joint effort Oh it's not a lot of news was his quick question Mr and Mrs McDuff you had something to say to our church how would you encourage them to take a chance and volunteer A The men you know I think this work is going to be finished by one on one and every day I think you know if you say in your paranoid who is a you want me to talk today about Jesus. You'll find him. Amen thank you both so my so we appreciate your labour for the Lord never in vain Amen amen if I can have our next two hungry church members come on. Our AG So if you can introduce yourself what is your name my name is Alfred and playing very nice well recently. Blaine and offered I'm going to talk to blame here quick first what did you get involved in most recently here at the show. Church are going to fall with going to one and then now we're starting to fan to a one. Teaching you how to give Bible studies and then I mean have you pull the mike a little croquet I have a louder voice out now you join this class you went through you're almost through the entire eight weeks and what have you been recently doing we've been meeting with this person for Bible study a man what's his name his name is chock Johnny can you tell us a little bit about your experience has it been is difficult giving a Bible study is your original e-file No no what has been something that you've learned while doing this. I just preparation you know when you have a good illustration it makes the word come alive and you guys have been said in the town for a few weeks now I'm going to switch it over to Alfred here. Alfredo when you gave your Bible study to him what was John's reaction. John was very receptive to this hungry for the word of the Lord is very positive about meeting with us and he looks forward to meeting with us every week. Yeah you know when I first met John we had been going door to door he called before they hooked up with him to start doing the study he would call in the like when are you coming to give me a Bible study there are people in just right you live five minutes from the church really hungry for the truth that we've all been given Amen amen and so Alfred How long have you been giving Bible studies. Not very long not very long but I was there and Alfred did an amazing job. I know he's been sitting there like it wasn't that good but it was awesome and God did a miracle. John and I recently talked and he tells me that he enjoys studying with both of you and they have made such an impact on him his wife has Parkinson's and just seeing you guys that he can use anybody's Blaine told me he said he was shy and Alfred said they were shy but in the bible study the Holy Spirit takes over a man a man so when you get the opportunity to take F M one A one or two when it's not for anyone's benefit but for gods and for your own human right thank you guys. Next up we have a men will learn it is good we have whatever our most active physically and just in the church church members coming up here can you please tell us your name. Bob done and how long have you been a member here Mr day ever since the Brian Mike Man series about fifteen years ago so for about fifteen years so how do you tell us a little bit about your ministry and if you want to call it anyone else that's fine. Yeah like there were some others come up that are involved. We have a few people here that are volunteered to come up with me where the volunteers Oh here they come in they're matching shared This is what we're looking for. So tell us what is the name of your ministry and what does it do I am I certify the young at heart. Health and exercise instructor went through some training and there's it's a program that sort of around the Midwest or area and it's going out into other areas now Patterson included There's one there and it's a program that is well accepted and it's something that I was just doing the exercises going to class and they asked me to to be a substitute instructor so I took the training and I thought you know that the Lord pressed me that this could be something that we can do it our church a man and it would bring people from the community that to be acquainted with our church. Amen and it's worked out really well. Your throat started about four months ago and how many people and it's every Tuesday how many people attend your workout class case Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tenth. Eleven thirty. Everybody's welcome it is geared for older adults. But anybody can come and we've had we've been averaging about thirty people about certain thorn or old amen and I would say probably more than half are from the community not from the church and say that's a great opportunity for you to come out and bring your neighbors and and Bob can show us what one of the structures look like. Yeah let your mind this is happening. Oh. Everything it's just movements with with with bands and we have. Everybody here could and Carmen do it by that we have ten would we hit the main muscle groups it's strength training that's not a robe exist here looking for something more vigorous this is not the place for you but if you want. Most of our workouts are done you can do it sitting in the chair where Have a chair we can do it soon or standing and everyone works with their own pace and their own exercise level this is the they have three different tubes for strength ability to the light and we have car right over here. Going side to side with faeces wonderful you know something about the if Young at Heart ministry Mike Mr Dunn was saying many over half of them are actually just from the community and then they come in they look inside of our church pastor Nell in ten seconds or less tell about the Indian woman that you had met through the young at heart so one day I was mumbling to myself why they're not more Indians in our church and I came in and I walked into the younger arts class and there was an Indian lady who actually come to some other program and I was able to take her through a toward the church and she said I'm really open to these kinds of things a mess so there are goals to be won and she would have never come if the young at heart program wasn't put in place that the straight day men men got is on and you all can have your seat we have a few more testimonies and we want to get you out on time. All right if I could have my next one thank you so much. Our next Lenny is Miss Brandy how many of you know Randi so if you don't you go after that testimony his might for yet you miss the sad how long have you bend attending here at the ad series advantage to you know I start coming in late two thousand and twelve. Very nice and recently you also got involved in a ministry and can you tell us what it was and what was the most exciting thing about it and what you learned. I did I had the privilege of being part of the medical missionary work that happened in San Francisco when the building bridges nice. Yeah I heard about it was kind of were you there the whole time or just part of the time I was actually there Tuesday evening Tuesday evening I was away and tell Sunday morning until Sunday morning so she was in San Francisco from Tuesday to Sunday and I bet you are just visiting the beaches in Eleatic relaxed now quite obvious that they were putting in countless hours volunteering for these people and what unit were you working with and what's the story you could share with us that really stood out. Actually I was assigned to pediatrics. However we were short and many departments so we were trying to patients then also had the privilege to work in the lab. I.K. a little little closer got there you know that's perfect. We love the voice so tell us did you have a unique experience while you were there I did actually Friday it took place in Oakland I had a young nurse came over to me and was kind of bringing her patients that we need to get some lab work and gave me the lab slip and I said OK so how do you have a seat and realized she was Spanish speaking. And I am not going in Spanish but by God's grace we were able to communicate and get his blood work done and so what we have to do with him is gets his cholesterol under control so walked him over to lifestyle medicine and they were extremely over bombarded they were busy but I was able to connect with a young individual and got to camp with him pray with him and set him up with some healthy habits and he was he was so Glass who he so so blessed Yeah Wow And what did you walk away from that experience with the understanding. You were you were explaining to me earlier that after this experience you recognize how important it is to be involved it is so important you know what it's actually when you're standing in a room full of thousands of people that you realise what a big needs that people desperately need our help. There are there are people who are waiting twenty hours before the clinic opened aligned when we pulled out on our back there was a line. Huge line we were already services you know it's OK Do you guys know that this quick that they settle with located next to one of the biggest porn industries of all America. Yeah right next store that's where the Gospel supposed to be a mint or think you know that one but it is a kind of god really did something miraculous over there and as it was being done over there the Lord is also doing miraculous things here a men and them but it takes people it takes people like all of you church members to know that the Lord can use you to reach people no one else can do you really believe that it's so true and God has opportunities waiting for us thank you so much brandy and keeping our last testimonials as she comes on afp. She will give us her name and we will talk about what she's been up to what's your name. Good morning my name is my family and her man to give the OK that was a long life and I don't know if I could respond this is Martha and how long have you been attending here I recently started attending here regularly. January. OK And I don't ask prior to that regularly since Jageler Lee since January and I saw Martha and a few other people and we began to pray for her. Thing we know the Lord has a place for her and ministry. Amen. So Mark what class did you recently take well I just recently kickback if a man went to one class how to learn how to attack the people around give libel settees and then right after we finish that I did the cooking. Class which I have never thought I would ever to hear my pain med. But had happened was Marta took this F.M. want to one class and from there she got connected with other people who had been taking the class and they decided they were going to this is such a blessing candy Assayas actually put together a group with a bunch of these spiritual friends for new people and it was out of this time and I was like wait I didn't get invited to injuries like are we supposed to be doing things without you. Yeah actually you're right it so it was a blessing because out of that gathering they came up with this idea for Hispanic cooking school class and we had over fifty people come and it was martyred first time but it was a blessing. Anyone who was there it was good food and good good way to learn how to cook so what else so Martin has now gone from F M one A one to teaching cooking schools and then the Lord laid a burden on a few of the people in the pastoral stout heart that we need a Spanish F.M. one hundred one class Amen we have Spanish I had seven ladies come up to me all speaking Spanish and I'm not equipped to speak back and they had said that we want an F.M. want to long class so tell us more about what are you doing now with close to set of doing the everyone when in Spanish and I feel that the one that to be more blessed than actually teaching by doing things for God is am being more blessed and learning more and becoming more connected to God and there's a verse that. I wanted to share today this morning because I really coming up of Brennan speaking to a lot of people is not my thing I always been like being in the back corner I don't really I get really nervous and I when I bought a year ago I said I don't want to go to church I don't want to talk I don't want to speak leave me alone. Kind of I think we can well we can't tell right this is billboards don't realize this pressure in my base wrong and have good courage do not fear nor be afraid of them for the Lord your God He is the one who goes with you he will not leave you know for sake you so if you have any fears of whatever way it is played in God's hand and he will be the one that will lead you to speak whenever you need to speak and say they appropriate words that the right time. Amen Marta thank you so much thank you all for sharing your testimony there's one my scripture before we turn it over to pastor now and revelation to leaven says that they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they love not their lives even unto the death. I really believe that God has a plan for each of you Hayman and the way that you can be involved in ministry in many ladies and gentlemen God is presenting before moments right and he's called us to seize the moment. Some you may not know this but some you may we're going to be starting our Patterson church June seventh to weaken far we're going to be having a special prayer afternoon session there today though at about two fifteen were meeting in the lobby and what we want to have is the biggest outreach group. Ever had in series had out of Patterson for a thirty minute outreach thirty minutes that's it thirty minutes and we want to show the Patterson of the city of Paterson. Our love a man by the way Lisa will be returning as our cross trainer starting in September. Amen and but God has called us to still really see those opportunities throughout the day I want to be prayerful and when God presents before you different things take advantage of those thing God is also mentally seeking your best HE LOVES YOU church family why don't we borrowed for a word of prayer Father in heaven thank you so much for the rich. Testimonies we have heard Thank you Lord that you never forsake us even when we have squandered all those things. Father we pray you do the dean the years that the locals have the end and you would grant to us new and fresh opportunities whether they be small or big Lord we pray would be faithful and we rise to the challenge. Father we are hungry to do your will and to finish your work. I pray God that you would bless our church our city our families. Bless the city of Paterson God as we begin to head to that direction. Thank you Lord because we know you're already there in Jesus' name we pray. Name in government teachers ma'am in this media was brought to you by audio clips a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio for or you'd like to listen to more service leave Visit W W W dot audio dot org.


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