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Why Can't We Forgive

Keala Thompson
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Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries




  • September 4, 2015
    8:00 PM
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I've been realizing that there is such a great need today for forgiveness and as I've been a pastor in going different places I realize there are many people today are longing for peace in their hearts but they can never have unless they first have food in complete forgiveness for those who have hurt them in the past I've heard it many times people say you know I want to forgive but I just cannot or hit and say you know it's just too painful for me to even think about forgiveness and they've heard me so much in the gas up in the lives of my family and all my parents that I and my children I just have a hard time to forgive and I felt is such a great need in today's world for the power forgiveness in fact in order to hear from a past wounds you must first forgive for forgiving others is critical to boat as physical and emotional well being in fact the people who don't forgive. Sooner or later they become very bitter in life and unforgiveness terrorism apart in fact the never knew the set free from their abusers as everything in their lives both consciously and unconsciously revolves around those who have hurt them and abuse them in their lives you know the true story of a woman who went to counseling and and she went to see this council is she in the first session serious sainted a counselor about her mother and it's says are talking about a mother you know my mother she did this to my mother did that and my mother are this happen with my me my mother and she was very bitter. The next session the same thing you know my mother did this a month my mother the dad and very angry in the unforgiveness and bitterness and a heart. The next that it was you know my mom did this to my mom did that and then next to my mom did this I'm among the data and finding the cancer was kind of sick and tired of say look you knew what you need to do a G. need to go to your mother you go to your mom and you know if in fact this cut all ties and this alarm no longer Those see you really need to stop this and unless you stop your action fag you point me to move far away because this bit is killing you not only your relationships in your life with those whom you love but also your physical health it is killing you. This unforgiveness and use this get away from her and moved far away as possible you can for her the lady was looking down and kind of looked up in shock and surprise and what he said and she said this on sorry I guess I didn't tell you that my mom's been dead for five years you see unforgiveness is like a change in links you to those people who were wounded and hurt you and that person may not even be living in a more that pain in their hurt they cause you is still like a chain of unforgiveness a links you to your past and you may not consciously you may be hurting those people who are innocent all around you by the abuse and pain and hurt that you receive from your pass and you're hurting those whom you love and many times a sub consciously you're actually hurting those whom you love the most and that's why God wants us to break those chains and God wants is a set us free what is a mess because you just came to set the captives free any want to set us free tonight what is a man so when we study forgiveness and that's the power of forgiveness as we journey through forgiveness. May God give us the revelation of His forgiving love letters for a father as a word is open help us to understand it and make you speak. Is up here in Jesus' name amen. Matthew chapter six verse twelve how we truly forgiven known as the Bible says here the Bible says and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors Now how many heard it from people say laws God's not going to forgive you unless you forgive that person I mean heard that before them you see Hence my know anyone who's he has against Ok a scene there heard that before and I was the have to forget I persevered. You does need to because if you don't forgive the person. God's not going to forgive YOU ARE you heard that before. Now to maybe a player words in the beginning but I want you to pay close attention as we go through this study. Our care now is true for Matthew six vs thing that God or the forgive us if we don't forgive but I want you to know that and I was you enough a given because you forgive others I follow me and the words God doesn't forgive you because you forgive someone else are you following me. I weren't aware they get that math is six foot four says as we forgive right is as another to say C N N In inspiration from Christ object lessons paid to fifty one M. by the way I love this team is weak in Christ our rights as well as a human rights is by faith messes has been dear to my heart for twenty years and I love this message so if you look at this not a safe across obsolescence as ice is a parable and talking about here says we are not forgive in was because we forgive the spread of Pastor says but was as we forgive Now when I first read this I didn't understand want to say it took me a long time to understand it and so tonight as we going to go through this and go to a parable hope that a come to light in Access you see Christ's righteousness in a different way. God's character love in a different way and that we're asked to give the power to forgive so as if we give others God forgives us all if he's in chapter four of our third to listen with a Bob I have a sci fi then shut the for a verse thirty two and your Bibles please collations if he didn't show up the for over thirty two what does this mean. Freedoms for over thirty two The Bible says and became to one another tender hearted what is a say forgiving one another even as was God in Christ as was for give you another word God is only ask you to forgive others only because even as he has already forgiven you what is a man and then the whereas it doesn't store you like I need to forgive for us and because I forgive God then next forgives me or you follow me. Gotta say no you're not the initiator got into as I forgive you first. And because the experience got to going to see you first then and only then can you go out and give that same forgiveness you see two others who have hurt you what is a man does than issue eight and we are asking the ones who respond to his goodness and that is what you forgiveness is read all about and so if you look at the handle again it goes on the quotation across Africa lessons and it says we are not forgiven because we forgive but as we forgive and it goes on here the ground of all forgiveness is found in the unmerited love of God What is a man but by our attitude toward others. We schall rather we had made love and that forgiveness our all so bright is my faith is not us doing something first and God rewards because we forgive then God forgives us know God forgives us first and because he's free to give it to us by his loving grace we respond to that and then we freely give to others but whether we give it to others are not even to have gone to the process whether we give it to other than not it depended upon whether we have really receded. If we really have that forgiveness toward others than that proves we have receded and then now forgiveness is retained in our life that's clearly has a minimum but if we have not received the forgiveness of God even though we say God please forgive me in we've noted God forgives us but if we have an experience in our lives it was this in our head the greatest journey is a you know that eighteen inches from their head to the heart. Right so if it isn't I head intellectual cerebral religion right up here and doesn't go to the heart and then we don't forgive others that's not forgiving others it just proves that we haven't truly experience forgiveness and our hearts and that's clearly has a minimum so that because that's clear that's gone to a story here. Matthew Chapter eighteen turn to match up to eating so this is the parables. So this weekend I'm focusing on parables because price of that lessons was written well and you're right in direct connection to the movement and eighteen nineteen the right is my face you know I joined the Wagner. So tonight we look at the parable of the king and his his servant and on forgiveness. Matthew eighteen or twenty three starting verse twenty three. Peter asked use about forgiveness and then what did Jesus. We've you to him in his story what did Jesus share. Matthew Chapter eighteen verse twenty three to twenty five of our says. Therefore the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who want to settle cons with his servants his officers and when he had begun to settle counts one was brought to him who hold him ten thousand talents but as he was not able to pay his master commanded that it be sold with his wife and children and all that he had and that payment be made so Jesus tells a story about a king and this story does King want to start or is the concert all his servants is you know the contents in Oz officers and one officer came up and is looking to the books he found that this officer had Oldham ten thousand talents so ten thousand talents with about seven hundred fifty thousand pounds in this case was gold now in today's market vote eleven hundred dollars an ounce. Comes out to about thirteen billion dollars It's a lot of money right. How many could actually pay thirty billion dollars back here I was hoping to see a handoff that can be a friend here about zero one with a razor has thirteen billion dollars Now if you are thirty billion dollars How many could actually earn enough not that you have it was early enough for years of of working actually paid back. No so because man couldn't pay back the thirty billion dollars to is his king the law said that he had to sell everything the found they had including the found either the wife and it showed any and even the person himself and to be sold into slavery make as much money possible and so that they could actually hear the death and move on but what did this officer then do look at verse twenty six inch up to eighteen the Bible says the servant there are fellow down before him same master had patients with me and I will was pay homage. All he was pleading for some time a mercy with his keen he filed on and you know worship Him Now first of all could this officer pay back all that he old. But in his mind did he think that he could pay it all on so he couldn't do it but in his mind he felt that he could actually do it the boss says we are saved by grace through faith and not of was. You're SOL there's a Gift of what God right now to works as any man should both right in other words there's nothing we can do to earn or to gain God's blessings but there are many people who think that they can earn again does bless and buy the things that they do you see this server have become so accustomed to hearing the phrase I scratch your back was you Scott five or a favor for a favourite There was a culture that time was I looked I do something for you then you don't forget me right you need to something for me. Favour for a favourite favor for a friend I do something he doesn't define me. You do something for me then I gotta do something for you right now it's like the Worley thoughts are back then and that's the worldly thoughts of even today that we're seeing here and the people today do the same thing in church they do God a favor and they sped God to return a favor return than a true In other words I do something. Knows if I pay my tie. God will bless me how financially right I've heard that before if I have good health because I go to church. I have a good job because I found the truth if I do something good God would then forgive me for the Bible I was says that God sends His rain on the just and the was unjust God's Reign is what blessings there was that God says in His Word that God sent his rain yes on the good and the natural law we do good as special extra blessings we know that but guess what. God also sent his blessings even upon the weekend when I got away see him in the people who even don't even deserve and what is a men were told in a spirit of prophecy that even the bread we eat is stamped by the cross of Calvary what is a myth. Eighty five of a body in a was even a people who will weaken even hate God every fiber of the body although the to the cross a Calvin God's blessing even though the hey God what a god what is a man God bless the good Anna Bligh and guess what now need a god bless the bad when they don't deserve it not as a I do something you know for God and then he blesses me response No he's actually blessing those who don't do anything good in the press is the evil right there on just knowing that but is there are times when we as Christians do good and then bad things happen to us for doing good is a not true so to look at only blessings as a way to determine whether you're good or bad is not a good way to determine whether that is actually your walking there right we are not true human God blesses the good and the best our motivation for serving God shouldn't be because you're going to get something from God and I'm more of a simple serving God shouldn't be because it may feel obligated to serve him but he said our motivation for serving God should be because we appreciate his character of love and always done for us and the thought of a grateful heart that is free not feeling obligated but a heart that is free we will only from the heart of a cheerful giver. Want to give back to God What is even and that is the gospel Now what does officer. Then do those are the boss is here. Verse twenty seven what did the King do the BY OUR says here then the master of the servant was moved with what compassion. Released him and was forgave him the debt so this king was moved with was another was this king had a compassionate heart what is a man this king had a a heart that was full of love compassion forgiveness and is willing to offer all that that's what this king had in other words this is we selective of our king in heaven what is a myth. I'll KING You haven't has a good heart a compassionate heart a loving heart and he offers that to us also and why is that supported to have a compassionate and a good heart to experience repentance because in Romans chapter two verse for the Bible says that it is the goodness of God that leads us to our repentance to see God to forgive you forgiveness and goodness is directly connected so not experienced to forgiveness you had to see that the one you worshipping the king is actually good and compassionate What is there a man was this king compassionate Yes he was but did his servant truly see that this king was compassionate. Noise did it because he thought he was a receiving the food grace and love and compassion on the king he thought he could still earn something and do something for his salvation for his forgiveness that he was actually seeking and I was looking for to what happened next and twenty eight in math eight hundred twenty to thirty you know the Bible says here. But our server went out and found one of his fellow servants who owed him a hundred denarii I'll see laid hands on him and took him by the throat saying pay me what you all so this fellow Service fell down at his feet and beg him seeing had patience with me and I were paid you all are some familiar and he would not but when and threw him into prison so he's a pay the debts. Now this comes out to about day's wages one hundred days wages comes about twenty thousand dollars it's not a little as pretty good sized chunks. Spitter Papa says that the ratio or the bottom million to one so it comes about right so what twenty thousand dollars you know that's not a small chunk of change right now a look at inequality and that's something I act at least get a good down payment on a good car or even get out you know a small quiet to get payments the whole pay off the whole Carre How many here actually like to see twenty thousand dollars in Missy hand there so he saw his friend twenty thousand dollars twenty grand in like man twenty thousand dollars saw dollar signs in his eyes I saw you went to him but I want to know is that he went to him and what did he do he bade the guy begging for forgiveness. What did in the words sound exactly the same that he pleaded with the king to give me time and I'll pay it all but he grabbed him by his what he actually was a physical abuse or right to his fellow servant so he was an abuser. This person was an abuser he went out there hurt those around him and he saw Zollo servants and his father heard him why was he an abuser because. This servant became an abuser because he himself saw all the king even though the king was not an abuser the king was compassionate and forgiving and full of mercy and love right. But in his eyes he had a false picture of who he saw the king was he saw the King as an abuser. Somehow Yeah right you say that but you still requiring a favor for a favor King no fun gotta go out and pay you back all right that's what I was thinking is mine even to King said I'm going to give your butt in this mine. He believe that he's still going to go out. He's still going to get some money into people act as a favor for a favor. Cannot these freeness world right and so in his mind you know was not true. He saw that decking was an abuser and isn't a true Also today our God in Heaven is not an abuse of what is a myth of God is good but people are human though people like to paint from the church isn't a passer than speaker they like to paint a false picture of God and what is false picture of God People believe in in C. there was a God of the Old Testament is if and when the dot of the New Testament but is a God of the Old Testament different from the God of the new Then God say I changed not what is a myth. Philip had a Palm with that two thousand years ago did he write. Show us who the Father is God the God of all the Old Testament it is different from you Jesus you know in the God of the New Testament I'm seeing I mean that it doesn't make sense they had a same problem back then is that show me the father because I I don't know who he is and Jesus had the same rebuke him to say look I have and I've been here long enough with the right if he had seen me you have oil. Yes In a father what he see him in the character of the father of the Old Testament is a same the POV is not a God and God changing in the old in a new The plan was with us as humans in an inability to understand God's word what is a man and if you don't need to see who God's character and see his right his nurse God Almighty working not sure what he same in mighty work he saw God was an abuser and his own eyes like today people see God in a wrong way they can reconcile the Texan everything's all the cigars and Buza Why did he kill his children and and all these different nations and destroy them and with a sword and while it is bad things happen and all these things right and so they can't reconcile they see God as the abuser and because they see God as an abuser. Those who abuse always become an abuser. Unless the first experience healing and you say that again those who abuse by others. Always themselves become the abuse all becomes an abuser. Unless they experience healing for themselves that's what the sins of passed down to the what third and fourth generation from one generation to the next. Unless there is healing and I want to be here tonight what is a man in this whole weekend him and so you saw doesn't abuse their rights are different picture gods and guess what happened doesn't want to be is the only reason why he then himself the abuse it is all mine which wasn't true then went out to become the abuser and now he was abusing and physically abusing his fellow worker and talking to him by his neck and then threw him into prison why it's because he was an abused person who are never experience healing and God wants to experience healing what is a myth. And many Christians today are spiritual use of the church. Psychological abuse is as parents are to children and I've seen it all motion abuses through their friends co-workers their own husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends because that's how does he got to be that's hard is seeing their parents to be the representation of God to them and thus the sin the past down to the third and fourth generation is as a now sort of found me and abuse their spouses and their children but God can break the cycle because he's a compassionate God what is a man and he can do a mighty work in my life in your life that we just let him what happened next. Thirty one to thirty five know the by was says here in Matthew Chapter eighteen about says so when his fellow servants saw what had been done they were very greed and Keven told a mass the other had been done than his master as the he had called and said to him You wicked servant I forgave you all of that debt because you've big me should you not also have had compassion on your fellow servant even as I had pity on you. And his master was angry and deliver him to his torturers until he should pay all that he was due to him so my Heavenly Father all saw would do to you if each of you from his heart does not forgive his brother his trespasses what is a man a man so when we talk to people is almost like we're seeing in on I know you're angry at your mom but you know unless you forgive your mom does NOT going to forgive you is only likely put is a false picture like oh God like you know does an icon to forgive you because you know you gotta do your part first you do it first and then God response and forgive you for you doing your part in forgive your mom and some of the good pain and God a God expects you to do something on your own initiate all on your own and by doing that we almost were unconsciously ta soundest false EDITION from generation to generation in our church and we have unknowingly painted a false picture of who God is and because he painted his false picture people become angry God He asked me do things that I can't even do and the going on like I know I need to forgive him but I just cannot ever heard that before. I tried in China. I need to remind Bible more I need to pray more. How about seeing the story for what he really is what is a man isn't like we're jumping into the story at the end of the story and we totally thawing out the whole text before the whole beginning of the story. Could a story to the start with the king requiring a servant to forgive his fellow servant It started way before rig the king had already forgiven him way back here what is a man and then because even series and he was only asking him to do what he had already experienced from his king and gotten the same is only asking and do what you have birth experience from God What is a myth and does what he says here and read it again the SO WE CAN A sink in a crisis of the glass and peace to five one we are not forgiven because we forgive but as we forgive the grant of all forgiveness is found in the unmerited love of God but by our attitude toward others we show whether we had made that love our all and the same way we may have asked forgiveness from God and women being given forgiveness from God. But whether we have truly receded are not is revealed in how we treat one another and that's clearly means a man image for we love or forgive someone and that reveals that we have surely receive God's love and forgiveness but if we don't love and forgive someone then that we've bills that we have not received God's love and forgiveness so in other words to truly love and forgive others we must first experience God love and forgiveness toward us what is a man so now you understand how to work so we love and forgive others is based upon experiencing God love forgiveness toward us so without understanding let's now take a look at God's love and forgiveness toward you and me tonight. So turn me to John jumped in one thousand nine hundred sixteen Year by was these John Chapter nineteen verse six. This look at the love and forgiveness God has for us so let's go especially to the garden to seventy in the cross that's when we look into the garden to seventy in the cross. John Chapter one thousand births six and what did the religious leaders want to do with Jesus or the boss says here. Therefore when a cheap priests and officers saw him they cried I was saying was. Crucify him was crucify him. Part is said to them you take him and crucify him for final fall in him so what did the religious leaders want to do to do is they want to why kill him was specifically was crucify him he see the Romans had we find crucifixion and use it to execute runaway slaves and and the worst criminals. Crucifixion was the most painful and shameful instrument of the Roman empire ever invented by man it would take about three to seven days to die on the cross gangling was set in and the hands and feet with a rusty nails have peers that pain will be excruciating as every joint of your body start torn apart. Death all to Milly would come in by suffocation you cannot exhale without raising your body up and we did the pain was unbearable in the shame of nakedness you were exposed to the cold at night and to the heat at the A but what makes Christ that the supreme sacrifice. Above all the other debts because hasn't heard there been other Martyr Square died more worse debts and almost like people can say you know look my martyr you know he I worship him because you know he suffered a worse physical death then Jesus right. What makes uses debts or special than was supporting about the cross anyway so let's take a low John Chapter nineteen verse seven what was a reason why the Jews wanted Jesus to die the Jews answered him saying we have a law and according to our law he ought to die because he made himself the one son a guy so what is this was something make sense of God What is a call so why did the Jews one Jesus to die because of war that thinking that he was claiming to be God in was a lot of good breaking the law was blasphemy right. Blasphemy in man making in self Gaza so they're upset or that so whether according to the law what was the punishment for blasphemy. Luke twenty four twenty Luke Chapter twenty four verse sixteen our case so they want to crucify him right Lou twenty four verse sixteen is see what the Bible has a say they want to crucify Jesus or I And they're crying out what kind of way he'd they want him to die or the same. Crucify him right. OK sublists see what was the law for blasphemy and what to say what he was doing he was after you claim to be the Son of God of blasphemy but let's see what were the Levitical law here for actually claiming to be God. Luke Chapter twenty four verse sixteen. The Bible says and whoever blast scenes the name of the Lord show surely be put to one death all the congregation shows certainly one where the say stone him the stranger as well as him who was born in the land. Sorry Leviticus twenty four over sixteen so OK if we are careful me a hug it was all silent. Orgasm ears on me and sorry my bad. Thank you for cracked it I saw that here the paying attention I was testing your care needs pass a test or this is a very good crowd. OK as students of the word forgive me the seventies on forgiveness right I saw the sea test you're actually willing to forgive me tonight. Thank you. Luke twenty four. Over sixteen. You with me right there by with me. So was a punishment for the Larb for blasphemy was he put the happen to Jesus used for the B. was stalled right. Killed with stone and the Jews knew this cousin John Donne to turn there but John ten thirty three many pic of the stone in Jesus so why do you still means therefore when others saw you before actually claim it yourself as God we want to stone your right so they knew a stunning was what do the Jews want instead of the story. What did the Jews actually won they wanted to have been one. Crucify to be up there on the cross up there on a tree right now. Why did a Jews want Jesus to be crucified on a tree routed to me still. That's the next question right. Good question right. So turn in me to do to run a me twenty one. Verse twenty two or twenty three. Deuteronomy twenty one verse twenty two and twenty three. Pretty sure does the right text this time I double checked. It's hard to see or hear this voice. There are no excuses and them drama Chapter twenty one verse twenty two and twenty three thought the question is why did you would want us to be crucified on a tree rather than to be still my that's a good question right because they're kind of going against the law not the by Were says here the boss says if a man has committed a sin deserving of there and he is put to death any hang him on a one tree his body should not remain overnight on a tree but you shall surely bury him that day so there you do not the Fatherland with a larger God has given you as an inheritance for he who is hanging right on a tree is was a curse word of God I see the law blasphemy demanded a deals be strong but they didn't want to use just to be stone they want him to hang up on a tree because if he was to be hang on a tree and then he would be one curse the voice of God and then to the Jew They knew that if you cross by God and God can I hear your prayers when you're cursed of God up there on the cross and there's no hope of being forgiven all because then God can hear her you can be forgiven on the cross and now in there but then the curse a fall upon him does the hope and I was there's no hope of His resurrection and anything like that for him he was cursed of God and the Apostle knew that too. That's why turn to me to collation chapter three verse thirteen. Elation chapter three verse thirteen in your Bibles the Jews hated Jesus morning you know. Just for him to die was not enough to the for them they want him to go beyond they want him to be a curse of God Now what a possible being hung on a tree. No Daisy and diligence of the three which is right as is by fate out there by the way. Chrysler right is chapter one of them. Romans and Galatians and Obama says here. First of all verse ten it says curses everyone who does not continue in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them so if we don't obey God's commandments then all of us who don't obey God's commandments I was cursed by God right. But I wanted a normal would happen in birth thirteen the bombers is here. Cries has we deemed us or saved us from there was a curse of the was done law for not obeying God as we deem as from the curse of the law hol having becoming a one curse for us. So Christ became a curse for us. How did that happen for it is written. Kurth is everyone who hangs was on a tree. Specific wording as used in Deuteronomy. Paul knew that and the very thing that the Jews wanted they didn't want you to Saddam didn't does one have to be stone they wanted Jesus to be cursed by God and the very thing they want to because of the hatred and anger a G.'s of the very thing that they wanted was the very thing that very Kirsty want to G.'s on the cross that he experienced where the very thing that actually saved them and didn't even know it a mess. Date even oint. And that's the love and forgiveness God has for you and me what is a myth but doesn't end there. Twenty math each of the ten or twenty eight. Matthew Chapter ten birth twenty eight Matthew Chapter ten verse twenty eight there are two different types of death and this see in Matthew Chapter ten or twenty the two different types of death now the BY OUR says here. Jesus is speaking here saw Jesus the fines to two different type of debts. Matted timber twenty the Bible says Jesus said and do not fear those who kill the one body is that as one type of death. Don't fear though the kill the body but cannot kill the world. Saul as another type of debt the SO death and then it says here but rather fear him was able to destroy both saw and body and was hell soul Jesus talking about the to death like a dog if he died the death of the body you saying this was called the birth death right the head of the first death right in the Bible talks about that and then we know in Revelation chapter twenty there's actually something called the very good second death right which is actually the soul death. So the first episode of the body death when did that happen before two thousand years after the out of the earth. OK before the body death right happens right before right and then the the so does one of the happened before the Thousand you that after the thousand years ago right after the solo dies right so that's one of final destruction of the week in a separation and everything right so does the first and second that OK So has any man died the second death yet again. OK So let's turn to Matthew twenty six yeah. Matthew twenty six verse thirty eight. Matthew twenty six he has got me scared because Alec double checking my Texan. Matthew twenty six verse thirty eight. Ready twenty six or thirty eight now wanted notice twenty six for his thirty eight has anyone died a second then no the bounces here start in a gonna get so many and then he said Didn't Jesus said My body is exceedingly sorrow even to death. Say here and watch with me as I would assess what did you say my soul. I don't feel with the death of the body the first death just fear of losing your turn our salvation eternal life forever and the death of your soul to fear being not just Greenstone in dying. Fear B.B. hang on a tree and receiving the turn a curse of God and he said Oh that the turn a second death of the wages of sin is sold that eternal death. So has any man died a second death. Jesus the Son of man might add what is a man that's what he did for you and me but doesn't stop there. What did you describe in the cross. Matthew Chapter twenty seven birth forty six the next chapter or Matthew twenty seven verse forty six What did you describe on the cross the by I was certain about the nine hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying Eli Eli lama sabachthani. That is a say My God my God why have you all forsaken me was another word for say can abandon me why have you left me right. Why have you separate yourself from me right now though as it is was up on a cross and you think Jesus was actually asking an across think you know the actor thing Jews into drama. The young she will like drama. But if he was actually acting people make it seem like he was but do you think he really believed that he was actually separated from his father yes he was in there was up there on the cross Jesus really believed that his father had abandoned him that his father had separated for himself on him that he was forsaken by his father. Separation from his the one whom he loved and the one whom is father had also love was his son and use up there on the cross and he felt separated. You know look at your hand on the father was there are but the thing that Jesus started when that the father was there no he wasn't faking he with pertaining in the kitty firsthand on a story of Jesus paid one of four this was an unguarded against semi it say says he hadn't lost the presence of his father it goes on there to the next one and desire for ages seven five three is as a father was with his son yet his presence was one not revealed and in that dreadful our Christ was not to be comforted with the Father's presence in other words can you imagine the full way past in eternity ages he had always been with his father for way back to turn of the ages the far that always been with his son then always spent time together they had loved each other they had had joint again and punish ippon Musa gathered had everything together and then we Bellis work him along and they made a plan of salvation and yes there were separated for the time when Jesus came to dessert and they felt that pain but was like almost like a joy of having a child of again and that was his son and is a seen him been raised in Nazareth and then the time came for the mission and when he was thirty years old and the years went by and they knew that separation was coming and in thirty three and a half the separation came and now he's the father was there but he couldn't review is present to his son in the sun was there on the cross and he felt so overwhelmed by the sins of the world overwhelmed by the curse of that sin a glacier in chapter three verse ten that overwhelmed a curtain the Zach thing that the Jewish leaders wanted for Jesus they had gotten and now he was up there on a tree. Cursed by God and God the Father could not reveal his presence to his son and their own across he is up there. Dying on alone. You know John sixteen thirty two Before that time right. He said My father is always with me he has never left me he loves me. Gee whiz those will always confident that his father was always with him and now for their first time he said Father why have you left me in a band of me where are you where is your presence that was a cry of Jesus' heart on the cross of Calvary. Questioning God why he was abandoning him that his father didn't love him anymore. Why had he left them all alone. What had gone wrong with the plan that we had together. News a very sad feeling to dial all along to know that you're dying and why you are dying all by itself known Is there a new you'd as dear to you it's a sad feeling to die alone. Anointed thereby aside and one of the towns where I once used a pastor those M man who had found in the very same town and he passed away and he died and he was dead a whole week before US phone is a sad thing to be there in an order your line units if you take your last breath and you breeding you know that your time is near and you and to be knowing that you are your white didn't make it in time when your husband didn't make it or you may be you today when there were maybe a your parents didn't make a somehow Nick on acid and and you're all alone and no one was there and to die on the loan is something about dying all alone and Jesus felt like he was dying all alone. Everyone had abandoned him and the one to friend the one who me truly love the one who had always been away from eternity ages past his own father he thought was even there. Key Madge in the painting was a fill. Noni that look at the from the handout testimonies that a church a volume two piece too and I know the Says here. Even doubts a sale at the die and Son of God He could not see through the one part of the tomb in other words he couldn't see the who's going to be resurrected again. He thought this was it he was going to die the second death but he didn't see a resurrection front of to the second death you know when we die here as Christians we had their faith in Christ that we are going to be was resurrected again we had their faith through are going to be resurrected and asses the first death but Jesus was here use jogging and he said he couldn't see past the porters of the two we couldn't see that he saw no hope in all of this is as bright hope does not present to him his coming forth from the tomb are conqueror he didn't have the whole day he was going to be resurrected and his father's a septum Zuffa sacrifice even afterwards right we know that he had to say don't touch me yet right Mary as so haven't ascended to my father and inspiration says that he wanted to present him issued a sacrifice was a sceptic by his father before he came down the sin of the world with all this terrible illness was felt to be up most by the Son of God that this pleasure the father for sin and its penalty which is death. Who all that he can realize who this a mazing darkness he was tempted to fear the sin was so offensive in a sight of his father that he could not be reconciled to his son the fierce temptation that his own father for ever left him. Cause that Putin cry from the Cross My God my God why is office they came in and he did that for you what he said he missed the sins of the world was place upon Christ was a not right on the cross as he was there on across the bow isn't a zero fifty nine verse two our sins have was separate ourselves from God So because of the sins will place upon Jesus on the cross of Calvary. He felt separated from God his Father and because of the separation he made a crime my God why have you forsaken me that was the end for him good bye father. Good buying jewels go by Universe go by humanity. I love you I'm going to miss being with you I don't want to be separated from my father for never been separated he loves me and I love him but if this is the only way for humanity be saved his soul be or what a god when I see a man are about to die and not exist so there you would be saved for I couldn't live a day my father's presence and fathers love all the one oin that you every single one of the city here and everyone is listening. Would be lost forever in other words at the cross Jesus showed to you mean that he loves you more than he loves himself when he C.N.N.. I was a mist of these conflicting thoughts at Jesus cried Oh my God my God why have you forsaken me but we know that in the end he's a father into your hands a commend my spirit what is a man in other words Jesus failed on the cross fault Oh but it did not fail it is a man and in the NE came out a victorious fate and I praise God for that what is a mess what came out of Jesus at the Hughes Piers with a spear. Turn to John Chapter nineteen verse thirty four. John one team verse thirty four what came on a Jesus out these piers with disappear. Notices here but one of the soldiers peers as side when a spear and immediately what came out blood and water. It's been said that blood and water came out of Jesus because and when explain to you what it says of the collapse of the ruptured heart cavity. Resulting in the separation of the watery Seram for the clotted blood in a pair of cardio now what is I mean in other words Jesus died of a broken heart there's actually a term for this today is called Talk us through bull cardiomyopathy which is called broken heart syndrome the true medical term and you know in these I've ages P seven seventy two in your handle and I was says Jesus he died of a broken heart he died of a broken heart. Sana Solomon a pursuit says that love is a strong as that isn't a word the love between a father's heart and the son's heart was so strong that when it was severed by us since it literally broke the suffering heart of God Want to God What is a man when he saw that in across that he was mean separate in I don't think it was only him but the father himself was hurting because his son was been separated by Hear him and was crying out father were I you what there was a disease this is a parable similar to what there was a disease going around this world that was wiping out people by the millions. City by a city to be wiped out and you know it is easy to start it off in Japan and then a jump to China when China jumped a whole why then Hawaii jumped to California and it was here and then a public service announcement goes off and it says that they found a cure but all they need in his care that did need to find the correct blood match there's gotta be someone out there that has a crack blood match then we can duplicate the cure and say possibly whole cities and possibly the whole world. And so they ask you to go down and go down to your local hospital and stand in line there are going to test your blood type to see if you're a match and then maybe you could actually be used to help save the world so you go down which assigns you stand in line for a long line is you waiting is a hot day. Thirsty is is waiting and finally getting closer hours go by Viney consider place word in a job blood from you and your son and he job load from Unison your son in the say OK we want you to wait we want to stay for a lease an hour to get the results back please they'll go home. So as they were waiting there would join the blood in your waiting and has been an hour so it isn't an hour or so you get up a new kind of walk out on you rather walk out the door and as you just about the walked out the door there comes out a man screaming and he's the doctor screaming we have a match we have a match we found some of what the correct blood type and every once in a really screaming for joining us cited to have found a match. Cheering and then they go on and called a name of your son and you have always more screamin and their words applauding him in ever so excited and you're excited we have because you actually sons and help on saving the world to us so excited that as I see going to happen and this doesn't apply a big far sighted to your part into a separate room and they're talking with you and this time the doctor comes back with a clipboard with a release form from the United States government and hands it to you this time is not too excited as he once was a moment ago and as you're filling out the report and you going through you fill out the whole thing and you come to a place talking about taking the blood of your son and doesn't say how much and so you asked the doctor how much I loved the need a doctor response we're going to need a lot of it with an enormous it you explain it to your son and you are all alone in a room are together then the M. what's going to happen. As a diet still want to do it because if I give all my blood that means Daddy you're going to live and Mommy's going to live and my little sister my baby sister and she's going to live there are going to live and I want to do this so your can live and so they are putting on a gurney in the squad in a way in a welcome up in the rejoin his blood in and the last moment he looks to uni cries are to you he is Daddy please don't leave me please only me and you crowd to him and his life slowly leave him I would never leave you I would never leave you in the story but finding reveals the love that God has for you and me that he the father would be willing to give his only Son to die for world that did not love him or love one amazing love God loves you tonight and he wanted to see how much he loves you. Gina Son of God suffer the pain of believing that his father had abandoned him on the cross he suffered the agony that he would never see his father again. A father whom he loved so much and all of this for people who are murdered Him God our Father also suffered on the cross Don't you think there was only to Sunday at seven o'clock but the the father also has suffered on the cross of Calvary. Key to struggle we're giving up his one and only son would hold me love how could he give up his son especially for a world that did not love here how could he be separated from his son how could he know in the future that he would be right by a sun sign in his own son is crying out him but my father my God In fact you know in the whole Bible. When Jesus talking always talked about his father as my father has an intimacy. It was only one time in the whole Bible which is actually first to his father as a distant person as my gone because there's a loss of intimacy there and to know that you know that's going to come a point where his son to be crying out if you like he abandoned makes his own dad of the band is all father had abandoned him and he thought you know if you've been abandoned as a child know the genes understand what is a mess and you is up there on the cross. And the pain of the father knowing that he want to be there for his son and he couldn't because they both knew that they loved you enough to go through all of that. Decide that you and I have a chance to be seen what a god event. And is when we receive this love and forgiveness. We were didn't just go all in give to others the same love and forgiveness. What we have experienced at the Cossack over what he see a man then it becomes easy but we must go to the cause what is a myth. Tonight I'm gonna make an appeal. KALINGA me singing as Cali sing this song called Come As You Are. She comes up on going to share with the word say. Says come out of sadness from wherever you been. Come broken hearted led rescue begin. Confines near mercy old sinner come the earth has no sorrow that heaven can heal so lay down your burdens. Lay down your shame all who are broken. Lift up your face all wonder or come home. You're not too for the laid on you heard Lay Down Your Heart. Come As You Are. Tonight a going to make an appeal and I guess is an appeal to sort out the weekend was a do something with your hard this week and I really believe in my heart what is a man I may not be what you may be expecting us to do something. So maybe it is somebody here there were lighted his say Lord here I am I don't know what you want to do that we need is we can buy want to do something different and I know I want something different my life I want to experience a love fully what is a man so a lot I want to I want to invite you to come forward come forward at a fine if you want to make an appeal to God Here take me for I am come a lot here I want to experience this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more service leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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