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Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage: How to Respond and Love Without Compromising Truth

Virna Santos Lisa Santos Daniel Laredo




  • September 5, 2015
    2:30 PM
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This seminar is titled homosexuality and same sex marriage how do we respond and love without compromising truth first and foremost as I was sharing this morning. We often have to understand why what's going on what are people's stories do we take the time to listen to someone to hear where they're coming from and what they're going through the this presentation right now for the next few minutes will be about a little learning of the gay community I honestly believe that the Lord. Plucked me out of this community for this very purpose was to provide a perspective here for all of us in understanding where these people are out where they're coming from what are the agendas. There I was a political activist for the L G B T Q community for nearly over twenty years I was up front and personal with the public with media I was the first to adopt my daughter under new law that passed in California that afforded same sex couples to adopt each other's children as parents already and that was the A.B. twenty five law and I was plastered all over the news newspapers and any form of media that they still even showed today. The rainbow flag is been taken on as a symbolism of the L G B T Q community does anyone know what Stonewall is a stone wall. Stonewall was actually an incident that took place on June twenty one nine hundred sixty nine where police raided business establishment they provided a different excuse but they actually arrested gay persons many people were injured several people were murdered in killed during this ripple East raid and this is the incident that took basically the L.G.B. to Cuban community by storm and they basically started politically being active and fighting for their rights. So this was the commune this was the incident that took place that instigated political activism around gay right. Stonewall June twenty eighth one thousand sixty nine who was Harvey Milk or say I don't have my notes in front of me which is and the have top Harvey Milk was actually an elected official in San Francisco as a councilman he was the first gave a out gay official in the city of San Francisco. He was active in the gay community. He he encouraged gay business owners to establish their businesses in San Francisco and actually along with to the to your left is Harvey Milk to your right is actually Mayor Moscone both of these gentlemen were murdered by this gentleman Dan White he was also a San Francisco supervisor shot dead America's first openly gay elected official Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone on November twenty seventh one thousand seventy eight at the San Francisco City Hall the case cause a sensation that would go down in history as a Twinkie defense and make milk into a gay icon. Soon after the shooting he turned himself in the police station where he used to work there are reports that his old colleagues cheered and applauded him when he arrived to down wind in one thousand nine hundred five downright killed himself. White was a conservative who was troubled by growing official tolerant of overt homosexuality and crimes he represented a district up predominately poor white working class people and became part of a loosely formed coalition to oppose Mayor George Moscone and his liberal ideas. Having frequent disagreements on policy with fellow supervisor Harvey Milk in the one nine hundred seventy S. many psychiatrists ill considered homosexuality to be a mental illness and there was no real national gay organizations must go and he was an early supporter of gay rights and had managed to abolish a law against saw to me he was also the first mayor to appoint large numbers of minority groups including gays and lesbians to influential positions with San Francisco. H.I.V. stands for human immunodeficiency virus HIV the virus spread through blood fluids that affects specific cells of the immune system called CD for selves or T. cells over time a HIV can destroy so many of these cells that the body can't fight off its factions and disease when this happened. HIV infection leads to AIDS AIDS stance were acquired immunity immune deficiency syndrome. Now there's going to be a lot of information but I think this is will be helpful and useful in California alone nearly two hundred thousand Californians have contracted HIV and AIDS. Nearly ninety thousand have died since the epidemic began in the early one nine hundred eighty S. California ranks second in the nation in cumulative AIDS cases at one hundred fifty seven thousand seven hundred nineteen surpassed only by New York in the United States since the AIDS epidemic began in one nine hundred eighty one one point seven million Americans have been infected with HIV. Six hundred forty one thousand nine hundred seventy six have died of AIDS related causes. One point one million Americans are living with HIV need globally as of two thousand and twelve. Approximately thirty five point three million people are living with HIV globally now this map is a little outdated now considering what just passed here in the United States. Story so basically this map was telling us which states have legalized same sex marriage but now all of the state of the U.S. is basically all blue now a same sex marriage is legal now in all the states of the United States. Seventeen countries have approved the freedom to marry for same sex couples nationwide. Another Land. Belgium Spain Canada South Africa Norway Sweden Portugal Iceland Argentina Denmark France Berthel your go I muse Eland Britain and Luxemburg and as my understanding of Sharia is probably coming up pretty close to passing. Maybe we'll see in the church there are a couple of organizations one is called Seventh Day Adventist kinship. S. state can ship has been a sporting and advocating for L G P T I advantage and those who love them for over thirty five years and has regional chapters all over the world and many private Facebook groups for talking to people who understand exactly what it's like to be both at the nest and L G B T Q The other organization though it juicy there's I see the intercollegiate Adventists G.S.A. coalition exists to support gay and straight alliance group at Adventist colleges across North America. I do see is an unofficial student led organization that is not recognized by or affiliated with any advantage institution. The Seventh Day Adventists documentary film portrays three couples to get couples and one lesbian couple while we can disagree with the message of the film which seems to be promoting that it's OK to be gay and Adventists We can however agree compassionately that their stories are real they feel they have been rejected and are considered unacceptable and this is what we need to speak to the Seventh Day Adventist film actually I personally know the filmmakers they're friends of mine when they first heard of my testimony. I reach out well actually yeah their way around when I first heard that this film was being made about three four years ago I was excited because I thought it was going to include stories of redemption and I reached out to the filmmakers and we've since become friends. But once they heard my story they did not want to include my story in the film and also of other individuals that I know that have been redeemed from the homosexual lifestyle. Were not also included in the film and this film has made its way around the entire world and are still being shown in Seventh Day Adventist Church is to this day their act they were they were actually the film actually was shown at film in film festivals worldwide and has received many awards for what it's done and brothers and sisters this is what's critical at this moment the homosexual community sees God pro-trade just like that God hates fags. God blew up the shuttle because of gays. God hates America and it's sad to see little kids holding these types of signed. You see brothers and sisters. God characters at stake here. God has been portrayed to this community in the wrong light that is what the homosexual community learns about God that he hates as God's church we are responsible as gods remnant church we are responsible and how Jesus is pro-trade to the world it is our responsibility we are accountable on how Jesus is shared we can apologize to the people who have seen Jesus portrayed in the wrong way. I'm just going to go through a couple of quotes and then Daniel in lease are going to come in and share a little bit about themselves and their walk. You know we we talk about judgment and a lot of no one likes to feel judged right there someone here who likes to be judged. Raise your hand. You know in the Bible in Matthew it tells us. Matthew chapter seven vs two and four for with what judgment you judge you will be judged and with the measure your use it will be measured back to you and why do you look at the suspect in your brother's eye but do not consider the plank in your own eye or how can you say to your brother let me remove the spectrum your eye and look a plank is in your own eye. These were Jesus is very words brothers and sisters and what I'm trying to share here with you in regards to the homosexual community and the same sex marriage that we are confronted with today is how do we respond we cannot respond to these people without recognizing our own brokenness our own need of Jesus first because we're no better than anybody else. And this is what's been the problem we have crowned homosexuality as the crowning sin and that's the problem because in God's eyes. Finished and we may face different levels of consequences but Jenison regardless and sense. Separates us from God and in order for us to minister to these people people who we've forgotten people who've seen God in the wrong light in order for us to minister to these people we need to recognize our own brokenness first Amen he who looks often upon the cross of Calvary. Remembering that his sins placed the Saviour there will never try to estimate the degree of his guilt. In comparison with that of others he will not climb up on the judgment seat to bring accusation against another. There can be no spirit of criticism or self exultation on the part of those who walk in the shadow colorist crossed this was words from our very own UN to Ellen and thoughts from the mount of blessings not until you can feel that you could sacrifice your own self dignity and even lay down your life in order to save an erring brother have you catch the beam out of your own eye so that you are prepared to help your brother then you can approach him and touches heart no one has ever been reclaimed from a wrong position by censure and reproach as pets or lemon was sharing earlier today that there is a ministry of re brew that will occur in the last days but that will be guided by the Holy Spirit not by our own understanding and not by our own opinions of others but many have that's been driven from Christ and led to heal their hearts against conviction how we witness. And share the love of Jesus to others brothers and sisters who regardless who they are where they're at. We have that capability of feeling their hearts against conviction the pending on how we do it. A tender spirit a gentle winning department we save the airing and hide a multitude of sins. The revelation of Christ in your own character will have a transforming power upon all with whom you come in contact. Let Christ be daily made manifest in you and he will reveal through using the creative energy of his word a gentle persuasive yet my the influence to recreate other souls in the beauty of the Lord our God Amen I want to share one brief story from the Bible and then I'm going to bring Daniel and Lisa or Daniel first now and I'll remember the story of the the woman caught in adultery. OK Let's take a look at that story real quick. Remember when they were about to stone her. Jesus knelt in the stand and wrote the secret sins of those who are about to stone this woman it's kind of neat that Jesus writes arsons in the sand because when the wind blows it's all gone and they all left one by one. Dropping the stone and this lady down on the ground was about to be used to frame Jesus Jesus looks down to her and asked Where are those who condemn you and she responds she looks around and she responds No one in a question because Jesus is there. He's the only one there with her and so she's asking in her mind no one's here Lord but you do you condemn me. That's why Jesus is response was neither do I condemn you go and sin no more. Jesus was able to reach your heart when those who condemned her were no longer there. Jesus did say he came to save the world not to condemn it. Amen. Thanks fan or so you know mentioned I'm going to move this because I don't. So yeah as was said I'm Daniel I'm from Sydney Australia that's why I have this weird accent which I don't think if we had all your other ones for the weight accent. For another time. Thank you all for coming up first of all it is wonderful to see so many people here to listen to what we feel God has impressed upon our hearts and right now I'm just going to share with you my personal journey. So before I do that I was going to take a quick word of praise mind do you have any further I just want to thank you for the way that your spirit has led throughout my life. Lawton as I just share with these people now the way that you have played I asked your spirit would speak through me that you would open their hearts to hear the message that you long for them to hear a lot that they may learn something in their own personal lives from the experience that you have given me and this is my prayer in Jesus' name amen. So I grew up in a fairly. Close family my parents we lived near my mom's my mom's parents and all of their siblings my mom's grand mal. So my my my great grandmother was still alive she was about what she had been about eighty something when I was born and they all leaves relatively close and so I grew up with a lot of my family right there with me and my grand my great grandmother's father he came out to Western Australia from England and when he came out he was met by a cope order and I've been a skull Porter and they started the administered she in Western Australia and so I had this sort of background I had three or four generations of that minutes before me all sharing with me their own experience and really I guess. Flooding my life with Adventist influences and so I grew up in this type of environment with family was it was so important not just the close immediate family but my extended family every Christmas especially with a huge occasion for all of us we would all go to the family farm have a big meal and just having that opportunity to spend time with the cousins in and all that sort of thing was just wonderful. So my family was so precious to me and this is one of the reasons that when I got to my teenage years and started to hit puberty I started to notice that I was different. I probably should pass data to notice throughout primary school I knew I was different. Most of the guys in my class wanted to go outside and play sport I wanted to stay in the classroom and play dress up or if I was at home I would just sit inside and to cross dates with my mom my sister on the have other hand she would be at the side playing with a ball or whatever I thought I was meant to be doing. So I'd always been aware that I will different. But when I hit puberty it really became more and more obvious and it was around this time that because I was unsure of what was going on and I wanted them and says I want to know why I was different and so rather than talking to any of my family because I felt like all of them being such a strong Christians and being so close. Think such a close knit family I didn't want to upset any of them I didn't want to offend any of the money didn't really know how they would respond if I came to them asking these questions of why I was different and so instead of approaching my family I looked online and in my searches for answers online I found pornography and at first it was just something else I've stumbled upon online but eventually it became an addiction that really took over my life. Throughout high school I was really struggling with this addiction I have never been a big study or hated studying and I think while I was at the school I would always avoid my assignment and my parents were both hard workers and so they were often out my sister was a few years older than me and so as as I got older she was even older and getting a license she was you know now free to drive around and spent time with her friends and so I had a lot of time at home a line and I don't know if any of you have ever struggled with the any sort of addiction but especially something like a pornography addiction being a high my line is not a good thing and so it just continued to get worse and worse as I was growing up and all of this time I knew that I had to keep it to myself. Because as I said My family was force generation Adventist they were strong in their faith and the more I delved into my addiction and the more I learnt about who I was inside the more I knew for sure that my family would reject me if they ever found out I'd become heavily involved in my church as well I guess I felt that the economy are sponsibility to do that again because of my family and I enjoyed it I enjoyed being part of the audio visual team at my church. Back in those days we still had slide projectors I would go there every Saturday morning and put out all the songs and put them in order to make sure they went out with I downed and that was great fun I love doing that and eventually we got a project and just hoping that with all that made me feel like I had a place in my church. But again I knew I couldn't tell anyone in my church because I knew that they would reject me and so I almost felt like I was leading this double was as being someone I thought I should be in my church and in my family but then behind closed doors I was a totally different person I had a few girlfriends to keep up appearances in high school and so no one thought anything was unusual with me it wasn't until I left for college I moved to the other side of the country from where I grew up and went to the administrator versity in the eastern states of a stray or it was there that I had I guess I'd reached the point where I just thought it that if I wanted to I guess get three loss I would just have to ignore any feelings that I had and I would just have to act normal. So while at college I would find a wife I would get married and have kids and just live happily ever after. So I reached the point where I just decided to ignore my feelings but it was in my first semester at college that a lecturer began talking about homosexuality. It had absolutely nothing to do with the subject but he had a certain teaching that he had a huge burden to share. No matter what the topic was and this teaching was that any biblical reference to homosexuality could be read in a way that didn't condemn the practice of homosexuality is a day. So basically he was saying that there is no biblical reason for us to condemn the practice of homosexuality and that in God's eyes it was fine. This teaching really confused me. At first because of my strong advantage to heritage I just rejected it I knew that it must be false. But over the years at college the mall that these stuck in the back of my mind in the more I thought about it as I struggled with this. Pornography addiction I had and my attraction to some of my friends in my class. While struggling with this I have in the back of my mind this teaching and I kept thinking to myself I'm only in my early twenty's this guy is a lecturer He's been studying for years he's almost ready to retire. Who am I to question his understanding of the Bible why can I not trust what he's saying he has surely had more time to study and pray and research this than I have. While at college I went through another relationship with ago it was for the most serious relationship our brain in and it was during that relationship that are really hit me I couldn't not pretend. I could not hide it no matter how much I wanted to love this girl and no matter how much I liked her as a close friend I couldn't romantically be involved with her and I saw eventually that if I wanted to try and pretend so that I could keep up appearances with my family I would be hurting who have the GO was and so I ended up breaking off that relationship and it wasn't long after that that my best friend he actually came out to me and another friend and she said that he was gay this was the first time that I ever felt comfortable talking to someone else about my feelings because I knew that he wouldn't condemn me because he knew what it was like his his dad was the president of and I've been a submission so he knew what it was like to try and hide. Being in such a strong Adventist family and keeping up appearances and so I was able to share with him which just brought so much relief it was such a burden that had been lifted it was about the end of that that I finally managed to gain the courage to come out to my family I don't know water was but I don't actually just finished a tour with a quiet to America and I got back and I was just lying in bed one night and I just for whatever reason that I was just so overwhelmed with this burden to tell someone. So actually recorded a message I didn't want to do it in person and I sent it to my best friend and in this message. Shed about my addiction to pornography and my same sex attraction. Again being really worried about how my friend would respond to this I thought that he might I guess to reject me. Come to treat me differently. Account I thought he must feel awkward around me. Worried that I would be attracted to him or be thinking about him in a way other than a friendship and I didn't hear from him for a little while after I sent the recording but eventually I got a message back from him and he said Look Daniel I just want you don't know. This doesn't change anything between us. I did get your message first of all I want you deny that I still love you as a friend and second of all I can assure you that you're not the only one and he actually invited me on a weekend away just the two of us and we went down south we just took our Bibles and we just had a great weekend of just praying together studying together and talking together. And he shared with me some of the things that he struggled with when I was able to share with him openly about my struggles and it was such a blessing to finally find someone that I could be open and honest with but also to know that someone else had felt comfortable to share their own struggles with me and we said we've become each other's accountability partners and we would keep in contact ever at least once a week just ask how each other was going if we'd managed to overcome our addictions for that week and that if not to pray for one another to pray with one another and to encourage one another to really seek God and and not really the sinful have it takes hold of our lives. That was such a blessing for the first few months but eventually lost got busy and got in the way and we stopped keeping in regular contact. And my addictions came back and while through this period I had come out to my family that I had been totally accepting of me as a person and I had assured them that while I was identifying as being gay but I wouldn't never practice and they were very happy with that it was about six months laid out that these idea that the lecture had planted in my mind in first semester came back and I had been so so confident in believing that I would be able to just I guess ignore my feelings and while I had finally accepted who I was which I must I had made a huge difference. Just finally accepting that I was Guy and acknowledging to myself that I was going maybe made a huge difference and it actually I think it helped me to know how so then deal with that rather than pretending that I didn't have a problem and so while I had reached the conclusion that now that identified as Guy I would be able to just know that I can't act on it the more I thought about this lecture and how he must have had a better understanding of God's word then me the more I wanted to believe what he said and eventually I did eventually I was convinced that the Bible did not condemn the practice of homosexuality it was at this time that I for a little while had been living with my best friend who I mentioned earlier had come out to me. And while some of my other friends had warned me against this saying it would turn out very badly I always said to them it's fine we know where each other stands and him living with me I can be a positive influence for him. And I can try and show him in and help him in how to handle his temptations and not fall into them but in the end it turned out to be the offices and way entered into a relationship. I remember at the time I really don't I didn't know what to do about it I never saw myself in that situation and I remember just sitting down and taking a look at my life and thinking from where I come from and where I'd grown up to now be sitting here in a home mistook surely Sion ship living with my partner it was just so far from where I saw myself previously and I was so ashamed of myself and yet at the same time there was something telling me that I had nothing to be ashamed of because the Bible didn't condemn the practice so I shared my situation with my family and my friend who had told her about earlier and both of them. Again told me that they still love to me and accepted me for who I was and while they didn't openly can damn what I was doing I still knew that they didn't agree with that there were others of my friends who when they found out we're very condemning and there were others who were very accepting and so I had these three different responses to my situation and I guess the response that meant the most to me was that of we love you. Despite disagreeing with their actions. Because to me that I knew that they didn't like what I was doing but they still made a very clear that they loved me. Whereas those that just openly accepted me I felt like maybe they didn't actually care about me and what I was doing with my life they just want to be my friend and I just wanted to always say they love me no matter what and then those who condemned me I felt like they didn't love me and they didn't accept me as a person and so that's why when they use the My family and friends who had said to me we love you even though we don't accept what you're doing. They each actually shed some books with me. And also this reason that I was willing to read them and I trusted that judgement because I knew that they loved me by their actions and it was through these books that God revealed Himself to me and while I don't have time right now to going to the whole story and are going to more tomorrow. Long story short God sent someone to me a stranger he spoke to me and gave me a message and from that point he helped me to overcome my same sex attraction and my pornography addiction and from their god has just led me on this incredible journey of redemption and seen more and more of his love and blessed with the opportunity to share that with others. Yet so I think you hopefully that was a blessing and now we get to hear leases the wonderful story as well. Who though. Every Sabbath if you can just about your heads with me for what a prayer for a start. They're kind of a father who just want to thank you for this opportunity that we can just share with my other brothers and sisters here. Father this is all about how you have led and how through our stories all three of our stories you have NEVER first second us you never left us and Father for right now I just want to ask that you will have your spirit just come near us and especially father may use that me aside so that you will be lifted up. Again I thank you for this opportunity father I'm very humbled that I can be here and just share and I pray in Jesus' name amen. Have you ever held a secret for so long have you held the secret for maybe a week you can raise your hand. Well OK how about six months. Wow How about thirty years thirty years. Wow OK Well that was me. Ever since I was in my mom's tummy my dad actually didn't want me because they were going through some financial hardship and they thought another baby would just you know make things even harder so my dad had my mom are my uncles Sorry try to lose me. They would try to make my mom fall try to trip her something just to lose me and I had asked my mom. What were you thinking at the time and she was she said well you know what I thought you know I really felt your dad didn't want you but it wasn't because you know it was always because of financial reasons and I understood that but as I was growing up I always felt my dad rejected me it was that this underlining sadness that I had that I was I was growing up always felt a little depressed because maybe I wasn't supposed to be here and with my perceptions of my dad I thought yeah he doesn't want me here that's what I felt. I actually was leaning towards my feelings and feeling rejected by my father and naturally my dad had a personality that he would come home and you know not talk to us because he was tired and if we were in his way or anything he would you know kind of brushed aside and you know give us the will attitude and so that gave me a signal that yeah I'm not supposed to be here all along I was grow as I was growing up I clung to my mom and I just felt that the clinging this to her and I didn't understand why I was clinging her clean to her so much because she also struggled with her her emotions and she struggled with depression and so me my brother my sister saw this in and out every day she would go into the room not top come out and just be a whole new person and so I conquer the times and she was very happy and very loving and nurturing but there were times as very difficult. So it's a very early age of five or six years old I became attracted to the same sex and you're wondering that's really young it was and it didn't feel normal I didn't feel right I didn't fit in all my classmates had crushes on on boys and I'm just like I have a crush on you but I would never admit it. I felt why would God to make me this way and all long growing up by of always kept the secret. In my church school I would try to do church activities just to feel OK if I'm doing church activities then I I'm OK you know. All long being so deathly afraid that if my mom my dad or anyone knew they were totally reject me or some kind of catastrophic thing I was so gripped with fear but our own was also gripped with so much loneliness and isolation because the space that when you're filled with fear and you're holding a secret it's a bondage you don't feel free you feel like you're the only one feeling this and no one can understand or no one will accept you so long as I'm growing up in church going to junior high high school I'm feeling the it's in the back of my mind that I'm attracted and I would have fantasies just sexual fantasies you know about my teacher about my classmates and this is a very hard thing to say in public and we go around the we share because you know why. Brothers sisters Satan doesn't want what hidden out in the open because when it's out not open truth can shed light on it because truth will set you free so I had these canisters just kept going in my head it was something of an addiction because I don't like my home life I don't you know want to. She'll my dad's rejection over me I didn't want to even feel my dad put downs or my brothers put downs on me so I kept on thinking is my brother my my father treated me this way. Well than all other guys were to me this way so I protected myself. Homosexuality for me was the protection. And so all along throughout my twenty's even call it I was cause it I was going to Walla Walla college and I couldn't make it for one year there because I was really depressed I was in love with my roommate roommate didn't even know she was actually my best friends ever since I was in sixth grade I was sick you really in love with her for years and I finally realized that I couldn't finish go ahead A Go back home my mom took me to the Dodgers because I look so pale and so gaunt and so thin because they start eating well and she says We saw what happened to you I don't know well you need to go to the daughter so she took me to her doctors a doctor told me here just really depressed and hit the starter was ask me very personal questions Did anyone touch you were you molested like no no no. So he hands me a bag of these editor president samples and I take it and I just feel so ashamed and I thought the broken like how can I draw something I don't even know because that's how far the Y. has sunk and then. So make a long story short for years till I was thirty years old I kept a secret until I couldn't keep it anymore. For Daniel was saying you I just cannot breeze I couldn't pretend anymore so I gone online and I went on yahoo messenger and just found a lesbian chat room and there I was just pulling out all my fantasies with all these women online. One after another one after another until I found someone on line that I really like she lives in Florida one thing led to another we kept on talking. Sharing. And then after six months I said well you know this is getting really hard on my so just move my stuff over there for a well what I was actually saying is I'm going to run away from California from my conservative church I won't tell anyone that I'm leaving to live with a woman to just live out this lifestyle. See I lived a very hidden life as my sister was living it loud and proud in sounds disco I always kind of like maybe jealous that she was able to tell everyone about herself. Whereas I was very scared and I was a coward and the I'm never gonna tell and fact the day I told my sister she was smoking a cigarette and I said I gotta tell you something. She smoking a cigarette. So what is it I said I I'm gay. What I said Yeah OK I'm gay. She's like have you told Ma yet I mean you're happy to tell or are you only said No go away no it's the my mom some of you know her she was very active in church she loved going to church but we were afraid you see if I told my mom that I was gay too because you're already knew about my sister she would say. Verna What did you do right. So runaways with me while I when I moved to Florida to be with my girlfriend and along the way to Florida there was the responding nudging at me. And it kept on the same to me the back of my mind. Lisa you're going the wrong way and I just I said no this is about me. I've tried and nothing happened I tried to date men nothing happened I had a boyfriend for six months. Nothing happen it's so off to Florida. Going to live out this lifestyle I lived with my girlfriend for three years only to delve into an addiction of pornography and alcohol and marijuana. Every weekend. Oh well on hearing of a conviction in my mind. Lisa I saw love you you're still my daughter but I was so tempted to push that part about how can you love me I will fully came to Florida without this drives out knowing it's wrong. Knowing having this conviction so three years result our relationship ended. Unfortunately Well fortunately and I move back to Vegas and fortunately I got very sick. Was in the hospital for three weeks and I had just reunited with my mom and they had did many body body scans army many tests and they finally concluded that I have systemic lupus with a rheumatoid factor the years of keeping a secret. Europe because of chronic stress on the body and mind has a big effect. Mind body and spirit souls hatred is one of the culprit and just manifested into lupus and rheumatoid arthritis but God showed me something else. And my sister was coming back to the Lord we were taking Bible studies together she was gonna get rebaptized She said Lisa why don't you get rebaptized to I said well OK. Us again. OK my eyes well we were coming back to the Lord were discovering all things but it felt new and we're falling in love with God again and as we were getting rebaptized in the back of the tree I just wanted to repent of everything I wanted to repent of everything and then I feel like it and have a time. Cover had a list of thing for God to you know check off but he just told me she'd be so your mind you've always been mine. You're getting married to me today but I wanted to say but God What about that was about this what about that you'd like don't worry just focus on me so after that rebar to them I wanted to make sure it was real we doubt don't we are human nature wants to doubt our experiences with God And so one day I was having devotion owners reading drawn twenty was was where Peter was walking along the shore with Jesus and Jesus asked Peter three times do you love me and I went through this as if Jesus was asking me if he loves me by the third time I heard you say Lisa do you love me. Or heated than gold go tell your mom go to your mom who you are living with in Florida and I said to God Why are you sure. Here I was this thirty something year old woman are free to go to her mom to tell the truth but God gave me the strength. Amen. Were sitting at the table I grabbed her hand and I just looked at her and I said you know what more do you know who I was living with in Florida. And by this time I was in tears and she just looked at me and says no. Was there with a man. It's a no there is that the woman and I looked at her and she knew what I was saying all she can do is bend down and cry and under her breath she said What if I do I told her you didn't do anything I took her to my room and were there we were crying and she said to me you know what Lisa said what. For God is merciful I think why do you say that because if you had pulled me long ago when your sister had told me I think I would have thrown in the towel I think I would have given up on God God is merciful beasts and I just grabbed her and I said Mom by God's grace I know where I'm supposed to be and it's with Lord just want to thank you for having us here and having us share our story and we're going to go ahead and have a Q. and A if any of you have any questions we want to allow some time for a question and answer but I did have something that we need to share with you and this information is regarding research that actually fueled the printer graffiti industry anyone know about Alfred Kinsey Yes he wrote the book the manuals on sexual behavior boys and sexual behavior on girls. Says research and findings have we been Fuld. Alfred Kinsey he wrote the sexual behavior in the human males in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and in one hundred fifty three he wrote the book on sexual behavior in the human female. He was known to be bisexual he was married and this is just going to be very brief but we felt we needed to also share this information with you as many of us have been in the dark and many of us don't realize what is being taught in our public schools today and we need to be educated we need to know. So the Lord has helped us put this presentation together specifically to be able to help us to be informed and to realize what we've been up against all these years and that the panache graffiti industry was a planned scheme by our own government and I don't mean to come across so sense and sensationalize with it but it's just a fact that's all this is theirs we do not want to sensationalize and he thing especially any work from the devil. Amen. So just give you the proper He was the Alfred Kinsey the man responsible for these two. Comprehensive scientific studies on human sexuality. Speculations dictate that his research field the progress he in the stream which is true by nine hundred forty one Kinsey's Pyar nearing work had earned the financial support of the National Research Council at that time funded by the Rockefeller Foundation he his research prompted the required sex education curriculum in public schools and public schools today we have sex education and that where the history from his research went to notice before the entertainment industry and sex revolution exploded in America. The Kinsey Institute is housed in Morristown Hall which is a part of the Agnus welds quadrangle of buildings on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. He obtained more than eighteen thousand sexual histories eighteen thousand subjects based on in-depth face to face interviews this lady her name is Judith Reisman is an American conservative academic and author best known for her criticism and condemnation of the work and legacy of Alfred Kinsey she exposed a lot of the data that was recorded during his research she has been referred to as the founder of the modern anti can see movement and to the right to your right is actually a documentary film called The Kinsey syndrom and I understand Little Light Studios also sold that copy and just to give you an example of the kind of data that was discovered during Kinsey's research. To your last the far left column is the age of the subject as young as five month and across the top of the table is what occurred the number of orgasms and the time involved at the age of five months. The research dictates that they had three orgasms the time involved was unrecorded at the leaven month the number of orgasms was ten and the time involved was an hour I don't think I need to go any further if you can comprehend what's happening here. To Melissa was provided to the subject to encourage our response and the type of response that was defined as an orgasm was either of the child. Or in this case five month old infant were to kick vomit your inane Defra Kate it was all considered an orgasm this is the kind of research that has fueled sex education in public schools this is the research that has fueled the Pernod graffiti industry and pedophilia we have been set up. Society because we want to go by are feeling and what feels good must be must be so right. We hear this often in society right and even in church we go by our feelings a lot don't me I don't want to go into any more detail on this chart but I think we all gathered what this is about a man. Yes And this is the kind of information that were not made aware of we don't know what our children are being exposed to in public schools and we are reaching the end of time brothers and sisters what dating has been doing to the human race for the some tire time to check the sex acts was a holy thing that God intended for us for procreation in men now as you know in homosexuality and same sex relationships the parts just don't fit right and I'm here to share with you even when I was in my long term relationship with a woman that I had my daughter with and I'll never regret that because. It was such a beautiful experience I delivered my own daughter in our own home and my daughters now thirteen and she is learning to love the Lord and she knows my story she knows what God has done in my life but I'll tell you something when I was with my partner many many times. Something did not feel right. Because identified as a botched lesbian It was expected of me to be the caretaker to be the provider to be the everything a man was supposed to be but there were many times I felt neglected and there were needs of mine that was not being met and I believe this is what the Holy Spirit used to to sewn in my life and to help me come to this point now of completely surrendered to Jesus and completely overcome same sex attraction and actually we knew my desires for the opposite sex and so my prayer today is if it be god's will and in this during this time that both my sister and I we pray that the Lord will bring us to the husband that he's prepared us for and my daughter can experience to be able to call someone dad while here on this earth so just of I just wanted to share a little bit with you the what I feel the Holy Spirit. Used inside me and he also used my family and church members to show me God's love the spite how I looked. Don't understand identified as a butcher lesbian I wore my hair was short I wore men's clothes men shoes. Men's everything I showed up to church one day to pick up my mom and I see this lady running out of the church across the parking lot and I'm thinking do I make a run for it or the Earth's going to happen and I try to maybe get in the car and white because it's coming at me I see just came out me so quick and she held me and the first thing in my mind was that she know what I look like he she doesn't have any problem the way I looked. And that was a seed planted that this woman came after me in the parking lot she didn't wait till I went into the church she came after me like God went after Adam and Eve a man there was other incidents where God used to plant seeds of love in my heart and those were nurtured by the Holy Spirit so when I had that conviction that I had shared this morning when I had that conviction the Lord knew when I was ready to hear it always so now we want to just open up for any question and answers a question and answer. Will hopefully by God's grace. Give you an answer. But if anyone had any questions you wanted to leave some time for that right now. OK So for those who didn't hear her question her question was what's pretty much the crux of victory what does victory look like for someone she was telling a story of a young man who's been praying and praying and praying and nothing has really changed and so he decided to go back to the lifestyle and so you the main question was What does victory how did victory occur with something like that. Well as far as the victory question if you're going to the morning devotion tomorrow we'll find out then all men. I'll talk to you in private. Case. So what we say to someone like that what what what did we go through earlier in the slides you know the one thing that we have to remember is Jesus looks for transparency. She wants us to come to the surface with the truth. I men but how we reach these people is by your own witness in your own life and loving these people to Jesus praying for them letting them know that you're praying for them to do you have any I think for I can just speak for myself in my own journey it's a day to day. Surrendering and focusing my mind on Jesus our ministry is about by the holding and by the holding is placing your full attention to cry and even though we may struggle sometimes we should we focus more on the struggle then I cry sometimes the more we focus on the struggled more will be struggling and so God given telling me to focus on me and eventually as time went by I didn't have an overnight those attractions just fade away and I was like oh this woman's pretty good but I'm not you know she's not coming into my mind in my fantasies you know so that's how I realized that I was reading as I was looking at my sister in Christ like wow she's just a sister in Christ and so sometimes God gives you victory and you don't even realize it is just because you're focused on him. Yeah I think if you come to the program tomorrow I think will be addressing a lot of I guess you'll hear an example of I think all of us certainly speaking for myself I know I prayed for victory and I didn't feel that I got it when I asked for it and I think now that I've learned more about the human mind and how that works and some of the stuff we're going to look at tomorrow I think. Need to be careful how I say this because I want to sound like no one's praying hard enough or they don't they're not really believing what they are pricey but I think I know for me and my experience I might have been praying for victory but I wasn't doing anything about it I was I was expecting it to just be America Cuba and I was kind of saying God save me from this but once I finish problem going back to my computer and I'm good just the hype that you're going to take everything away and I think sometimes in the whole context of the great controversy we need to we need to act on our prayers if that makes sense. So to really show that we believe what we are praying for through our actions rather than just asking for a miracle but I think also God answers prayers in ways that we don't always expect and sometimes the whatever is happening at the moment. God can always change and with my story I prayed for a while and I gave up because he didn't change me but in the end I believe he's used for His glory and I think ultimately if again with what we're presenting tomorrow it's very much about what you spend your time thinking about and I think as as Lisa said as ages of each of us found that the more time we spent thinking about God and for it's going to him and his love we just naturally which changed and so encouraging anybody no matter what their struggle even if they've reached that that point where I feel like I've prayed for victory in the haven't gotten if they encouraged to just continue to see gotten a relationship with him then it's up to God and He will he will do with that I wanted to add. Usually we quit right when it's around the corner. Usually we give up when victory is just right around the corner so maybe one good thing to say to somebody just say keep holding on just around the corner. And I've said this to many young people around all sorts of struggles that young people have been who came to me talk to me about you know what DON'T GIVE UP ON JESUS CHRIST just around the corner it really just hold on to Jesus. One thing that we have to realize brothers and sisters. Victories not about something that's relied on you. Victory is not something you do. Necessarily victories a person and if you're having a day to day relationship with Jesus Christ you have victory. Amen. There man I know I believe are a little bit out of time but maybe we could just take one more question I see this lady here and just make it really loud so everyone can hear the next Simon are will be really good for that question. But also just answer that sister I appreciate that question and it's an important question what she asked is What do we do with those who do not have a Christian background as Christian counsellors are many probably Christian counselor sitting in the Stroom as mean my sister studying to be Christian counselors as well. To aid in our ministry you know what Isaiah fifty eight comes to mind are we service in these people's names. Homosexual might become a struggling with depression just like a straight person would be would you address their depression differently. Nom. You don't seem so sure about that. Know how do we serve these people need. Do not underestimate the love and care that can be shown in servicing people. Do you don't Sr White says that the prodigal's will just come will return when the when God's people learn how to serve them I think we're time up. OK if we can't. Try to sort of say I know that this really a lot of you that have more questions please we are approachable to come and talk to us we were allowed to answer your questions it's always hot in ratings like we have swayed always run out of time but feel free to talk to us in person and if you don't have time this weekend if you're leaving this afternoon. Common get out details off us and we have Skype came out Facebook my about anything. OK just really quick if everyone can just quiet down really click we're going to bow to give your contact information and how you can get a hold of us. It is info at be L. dot org Again in full at B.B. L. dot org I'd like everyone to bow their heads and so we could have a word of prayer. Dear Father in Heaven Lord we thank you for moving your holy spirit in this room today. Father we thank you for the information that was shared from your words from Spirit of Prophecy in of informing Lord father of things that we should be aware of to protect our families to be guarded. We must guard the. Father thank You for the victory the victory parade with this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version of you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W.


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