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The Science of the Mind of Christ

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN




  • September 5, 2015
    2:30 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you for what you're doing here this week in itself with youth conference and we thank you for this opportunity that we have to be here to learn more about you and I pray that we will make decisions this weekend that will further and deep in our walk with you and I free that as we go through this presentation this afternoon that the information in here will give us things her judgment that if we've been struggling with something that we can gain encouragement that you can help us to trust the new developing new habits so was me now as we spend some time on this topic I pray in Jesus' name amen. So yes so this presentation is going to be on the science of the brain which as in the Raleigh just I certainly find interesting although all readily admit I rarely talk about the brain cell to my patients and clinic but I'll usually do presentations on this I actually like talking about the Bible but this is a very important topic so I'm glad that we can spend some time talking about the brain and soul. Let's just go ahead and and get started here. The so the human brain which is the body organ that houses the mind is the most important structure in the human body and my love my opinion but I thought I think it's it's obviously important because if you lose your mind nothing else really matters and if you don't have a an operational functional brain you know all of a sudden the things that you've worked so hard on technical abilities you may have everything just kind of goes with so and of course there is a difference between the brain and the mind of the brain is simply the physical organ the structure of the tissue in the mind is who you are as a person. And who you really are as a person you know what what constitutes who you are as a person you know we all can put on a good front for who we are as a person but the real you that which constitutes TO YOU are the real person. Happens right here in your mind and that the thoughts and the feelings that you have when nobody can assess Sarah Lee tell what you're thinking so when you're just kind of sitting around and nobody's with you you're driving around town and your mind is going through its process of thoughts and the feelings that are generated based on the thoughts that you have that's who you really are not the good front you put on for the job interview hopefully that's the real you but you can put on a good front for the job interview and then the real you show's of so who you are is right here especially in the frontal lobes in the mind and the thoughts and the feeling that you have on an ongoing basis. Determines who you are as a person so that's why I say that this is the most important structure in the human body I mean I don't want to have any injury or damage to any part of my body but I'll take a broken foot over a concussion and that's was the way it is so. Continuing on so the mind control of the rest of the body and the choices that we make in the mind of term and our human destiny now. There's such a thing that we call the lower passions on the higher passions and the the higher level of thinking the critical thinking happens in the brain and then you have the rest of the body the lower Passion of the appetite and you know sometimes we we give more credit to our stomachs and we really should. And other areas of appetite like well I was just so hungry and I couldn't help it. Now your mind control your your stomach your mind control of the rest of your body. Youth only by the grace of God bit but you can make choices that can lead to good outcomes in the rest of your body so your stomach is actually reliant on your brain your mind to keep it from being overloaded even though it's telling you that a tongue three ten o'clock at night or whatever your brain can can do better than your stomach every time if you let your brain do the thinking for you so the mind control of the rest of the body the choices that are made in the mind of Herman are human to and I can tell you certainly of the neurologist. A lot. I wouldn't say all. I mean for example people who have carpal tunnel syndrome and they have numbness in their hands. That's not because they've made poor choices in their mind it comes from the type of job. Sometimes they're required to do because of the need they have to support their family and they do repetitive work and then they get numbness in their hands and so that I'm not talking about that kind of neurologic difficulty but a lot of the neurological illness is that I see. Originate from poor choices in the mind and in fact I am often called upon to do you have Al you Asians for patients who end up not having neurologic issues but they think their narrow logic so I have some all have people routinely come into my clinic and I just saw someone recently too was in very good shape and ran marathons but due to anxiety issues. Started developing sensations that were electrical shock like sensations in her and her head after she would run for about a mile and she was convinced she had some kind of a tumor or other issue in her brain and she saw several neurologist and then somehow she came to see me and. I did what's called the hyperventilation test you can try this at home if you want not that hard to do you just hyperventilating and if you get the same symptoms within three minutes of hyperventilating chances are it's an anxiety induced condition and sure enough within fifteen seconds. She got that electrical shock like sensation in her head. Now it doesn't take it's not too hard to figure out if you're jogging eventual you're going to be hyperventilating because your drug and right and so but because of her anxiety issues created some other issues but a lot of what I see in my clinic people who have anxiety issues the pression people who've had even other health issues people who've had strokes people who have other similar things they've made poor choices in the mind that lead to poor health conditions such as hypertension diabetes high cholesterol and then you develop neurologic symptoms and diseases because of that so the mind control of the rest of the body and the choices that we make in the Mind you know I'm starting to get older when I LOVE hearing a lot I thought I was young and while I don't think I was in mental but I did think I was young and boy I'm pushing forty now it's kind of the spirit and I came here and I was twenty three years old so that's you know. But when you're young you think it doesn't really matter so much what you're doing but the older you get the more you realize that the choices you're making are affecting your life in significant ways so let's keep going here so look peons and then by the way the title of the message of the science of the mind of Christ. So Philippians two five called us to have the mind of Christ now let's just talk about the mind of Christ a little bit I mean and Pastor bachelor read that verse at the end of his sermon today. Let this mine to be a new which was also in Christ Jesus eating in the form of God thought it not Robert to be equal got the made himself of never up in Taishan and humble themselves became obedient to the death of the cross. So. Yeah the sermon today was really a good segue to what we're talking about this afternoon. Oh by the by the way I should tell you this. Other bachelor came up to me in the hall after the sermon and he's like hey you know how I said I was going to change my talk at the last minute I was going to talk about what you're talking this afternoon. Centrist thing kind of works that way so I have the topic of or thought he was in Perth a change to a different thing. The Mind of Christ if we could all have the mind of cries. Wow What kind of a difference would that make in the decisions we make on a daily basis. Making himself of no reputation in the original I mean empty themself E.M.T. himself especially have had the vanity body emptied himself of all humans. Selfishness and was completely unselfish and obedient humble was willing to go to the cross you know you talk about being made of no reputation and you know talking about pride. How many issues could be resolved if we were sent with no reputation because what this passage of Scripture is teaching us and again this is we're going to be talking about how we can have the mind of Christ in the science behind the mind of Christ but what this passage of Scripture is showing us is that Rep huge Haitian doesn't matter but character does now if you have good character you're going to have a good reputation. Generally speaking although Jesus was hated he didn't have a good reputation by the Pharisees But Jesus wasn't concerned about his reputation he was concerned about character so he emptied him self and he humbled himself and he was obedient even to the death of the crosse and so many issues he's that we have as human beings is because we're concerned about our reputation and because we're concerned about our reputation and that is because we have a pride problem that leads us to make decisions. That lead to bad outcomes in a variety of ways it could be why style choices were concerned about our reputation so we dress a certain way or we certainly we hang out with certain groups of people I mean you know I was talking to somebody yesterday to was asking for advice what would you give advice to a first year medical student and this is sort of related and I was likely in a it was interesting to me that when I went through medical school the people who were at the bottom of the class tend to hang out together and when it came time for exams they would complain about how the exams were just so hard and so on reasonable and this is so unfair and a lot of them were failing the exams and then they would just talk to each other and and then they would make them so the cells feel better about themselves and so in their little group their reputation was OK. Mon themselves but again above was comparing yourselves among yourselves you're not wise they should have been hanging out with people at the top of the class who set the bar high and said What more can I learn how little can I get by with the path so that's that's always a piece of advice I give to people who are starting school in the do not just medical school any type of service that he now wants a success in any line. Demands a definite aim and if you're like my aim is the barely clear the bar for I don't want to come see you as a doctor I mean or dentist or mechanic I want to go out of the best car mechanic in town not someone who barely got through so we're concerned about reputation so much. We're not willing to humble ourselves to be obedient and so we're talking about the science of the mind of Christ and so now we're going to get into some of the pathways and I'm going to there's a lot of spiritual application here but we're going to discuss a narrow anatomical pathways of have formation so when you look at the slide and we'll get into this but this is a nerve on in the brain in this neuron talks to other neurons and we'll get into that but it's amazing how have it's can be formed in the brain and we will see that it is possible through God's power to form have a pathways that will help us to have the mind of Christ and again this mind of Christ is a mind that is not interested in reputation but character and humility and in following the will of God So here's a few scriptural versus the Add to this as a man thinks than us. Hearts there was the you know the way you think on a daily bases there are he says but the way you think on a daily basis and that is who you are and again we can all put on a good front here it's off with youth conference praise the Lord we love Jesus so good to be here. Jesus is coming soon. We can all say the right things and do the right thing you know in a group but what are you like when nobody's around. Are you in your heart you like boy I hope Jesus coming sooner Boy I hope not. Yes I want to get married and have to always always something I am very happily married and I have two wonderful kids and I wouldn't trade them for the world but nobody in this life. Can Replace who Jesus is the mean and if you'd rather have other people in this earth for so then Jesus is a most important to you so just think about that. It as you think in your heart so you are do you really want Jesus the comp. What do you think about people who cross the you know we could you know sometimes we can be even good and put a smile on our faith and and make it look like somebody didn't offend us but in our heart were like on a get them next. I'll be subtle about it. When my opportunity to can come to get back at them they're going to be sorry that they crossed the line with me as a man thinks of us are so was he. That's not how Jesus with think Jesus humbled himself. Father forgive them for they know not what they do and so you know I've given this presentation and a couple of different settings i gave us at the northern Caribbean University in its university in Jamaica a couple years ago and it was a bit of a different emphasis and I've given this also Andrew University for a health seminar there this is deafening and I have more of a spiritual component for a Sabbath afternoon presentation and one of the things that I really want to drive home is that we all need to allow you to help us to develop a better habit patterns in our thinking especially as it relates to Christianity in a general sense how do we relate to people especially the ones that we don't get along with or even people that were close to you that can rub us the wrong way and a lot of us have developed bad habit patterns that has led to bitterness and for a stray Sion and you get into these negative cycles in your family where you just start pushing buttons and those habits halfway start firing on the ready to go and you have you already know what the preset buttons artificial You have your preset responses and you go into your battle nodes and before you know what it's all there and you fat and some of you have been married for a while have years of experience and that what scripture is teaching is that we can overcome these types of pathways are pattern of thinking can be positive or negative we've been all all we've all been around those you're cheerful in the life will be around because of a tendency to have an optimistic when I give my wife credit for this was heaps of these pictures again I want to take a picture of us on whatever but I mean you know I have an aunt who ever since I was a kid growing up she was always so positive always so nice to be around we always look forward to being with her and I better be careful what I said is being recorded. I have someone I guess as a role she's a row. Others suffered on the sign with anything else you we can all identify people. If I could have gotten away without things she I would have been OK we all have people inside our families or associates where you're human tendency when you find out they're coming over the phone because they're not happy for them that are this type of person and they're going to for out. Their life story of how awful wife is or you just don't know. Now mind you I'm not trying to fit anybody down if you're in the situation in life right now but if you're in the situation arise why far enough you need to change it's not a good place to be sleeping at night. My cat doesn't even like me anymore. And then people will be polite enough to sometimes put up with it for a while but if you're like that you might notice that people have excuses for not coming over and not being around as much. You don't want to be this kind of person and it's a habit you develop a habit where you just are going into this war was me it could be like oh my school is so far this is impossible I can't believe anybody could ever do this and my family is this my mom of this find out of the my sister this my brother that my boyfriend was my girlfriend and you're developing habits that are going to be hard to break if you keep hanging on to now you're going to be able to overcome it by the grace of God but why develop I have a pathway that will be there the rest of your lives. Socially for those of you who are young. Weren't to develop positive have its engine and look on a human being I have to fight these and so I'm speaking and I'm not like chronic But you know I can certainly have my moments of negativity so we've been around those who are very pessimistic who can turn into a potential any potential positive opportunity into a negative perspective and we all know who we'd rather be around and so the bottles of the way we think determines who we are. So what hope is there of thinking on the right direction you know you look at Romans for example Romans chapter three verse is ten and eleven and says there is none right has no not one there is none that understands there is none that seeks after got our natural tendency as human beings the way our mind is wired because of a fall because of sin. Our natural tendency is to not understand and to not seek after God and to develop have a password that are negative so now not every human being is born wired to be extremely extremely negative and there's actually unfortunately going to going to be some fairly positive thinking centers that don't make it into heaven because they didn't give their life to Christ but our natural tendency is to develop negative habit patterns that's just the reality of living in Austin for world there's none that I understand there's none that seeks after got now this is part of the Gospel in the book of Romans that this is why we need God This is why we need the gospels the pulp develops this idea that this is the way we come into the world but then he shows as we go through rooms that we don't have to stay that way. So we're continuing on its not our natural tendency to understand God in a way that would lead us to follow after him or think is thoughts and have the mind of Christ so when Scripture says Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus. That's not a natural tendency for us our natural tendency is to not have the mind of Christ at the not understand its not to seek after God In fact if you read the list of things that happens in Romans three It starts in the mind there's none that I understand there's none that seeks after God and then you read it why don't we go ahead and read some of those verses just to see what Paul is saying in Romans Chapter three after versus ten and eleven. Here's what happens when your mind is wired in the wrong way. So there's none that I understand there's none that seeks after God first twelve they are all gone out of the way they are together become unprofitable there is none that do it's good no not one so wrong thinking leads to wrong action no one does a good and then verse thirteen. There through is an open self walker or a grave. Well that's pretty bad and you know what I have had to really see God's grace to stop burying people in my mouth and life through it with my tongue because it's very easy to use to look at people who are doing dumb things and then and then to share that concern with others in a supposedly sanctified way and the reality is that's not it's actually an Christ like to do you that and I've had to learn that the hard way in fact about a year of you I was at it at another then and I preach that Sabbath and this was at a Saturday night meeting I had preached that Sabbath morning about having revival and having the Spirit of God in our hearts and I went to a meeting that night where we saw some friends from another church and somehow they brought up the name of someone that I knew from somewhere else out of state and the spirit. Prickly her and said Don't say anything Norman and what idea I said something and I should have said I said things about this person that were true but they were unkind and so it was kind of getting into the wintertime and fantasy where I miss the warm weather here of anyone. But I don't know if the smog so anyway but it was getting one for time and so I would in the evening time I would do you have a wood stove and saw us putting wardens the and the Holy Spirit just start a prick in my conscience Norman Why did you say that. And I realized that with my time and I had buried this person into the stuff will curb the grave of my throat to these other people that are very nice people at another church that I know very well so when I spoke at their church I go to their church every so often to preach the first thing I did when I got a church that with I came up to them and I said Please forgive me for what I said about that person and they said well we accept your apology we hadn't well upon it but you know it just we need to learn to stop burying people with her tongue hated your with so and so to avoid that are really really and then it just turns into a gossip session and that's what Paul is saying you're there's none the understand there's none that seeks after God nobody is doing good no not one an arse the one we're not following after God Our throw is unopened supple curve with our tongues We've used to see the poison of asses under our lives our mouth is full of cursing and bitterness. Fee are swift a showed blood destruction of misery our ways the way of peace of a not known that's what happens when you're disconnected from God and then it concludes by thing there is no fear of God before their eyes and then it's the all the world may become guilty before God all of sin and come short of the glory of God So this is the natural tendency of the human mind. It's to not seek after God is not to follow God and it's you put people in the grave with our tongues and shoe we may not be literally killing them but if we have hatred in our hearts of the good as murder and our mouth is full of cursing and that are nuts were as good as the children of Israel of all murmuring and complaining. Murmuring and complaining. Murmuring and complaining and so we have all these bad habits that we've developed and I don't know about you but I want the grace of God to change those bad habits a mile off and on. Amazingly And I love this in the same book. Romans chapter trolls vs want to see where you see that there is a non that I understand there's none that seeks after God Yet when we come to Romans twelve wanted to I beseech you therefore brother and by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable under God which is a reasonable service and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good an acceptable and perfect will of God Now we're going to get into the science of a transform mine but I've showed you from the same book of scripture that are mind naturally is to go the wrong way and yet in the same book we have been given the promise that we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind that our mind doesn't have to stay bad forever. You don't have to continue to put people in the grave with your town that's a habit you can break. You don't have to keep murmuring and complaining. Your mouth doesn't have to stay full of cursing them that are nice enough to say that way now if you want to end up outside of the kingdom. Don't change. But Scripture says we can be transformed by the renewing are mine and it's connected to the theme of this weekend. Paul's as I beseech you therefore brother and by the mercy of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice that's going to delay sion to twenty I am crucified with her I thought the living sacrifice. Nevertheless I live yet not I that Christ lives in me a life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God he loved me and gave Himself for me so as we present our bodies a living sacrifice as we are crucified with Christ the old man the old Norman who has a mouthful of cursing them better now. And you know it's faster Badger was saying you know he was saying you know if I were to tell you the way some of my things you would think different. Same thing with anybody who gets a friend if you knew some of my struggles and some of my issues and some of the things that I come to the ward on a daily basis asking for Greece to make sure that old habits don't pop up you know you would understand that all of us have. Humanity to five but that old man needs to die every day and when Christ comes in that is when the mind of Christ comes and we or you become a living sacrifice now Christ lives in a and now his mind can be announce that you're not going to have the mind of Christ if you're not surrendered like oh yeah I want to the mind of Christ sign me up Sure OK Ault all put an emphasis on character over reputation and humility over pride and I'll be a nice kind person to be around and if you don't surrender to Jesus if you don't see Christ in his right chestnuts on the cross. You're not going to have the mind of Christ. So we want the mind of Christ and this is really all connected to having the right just north of Christ when we have the right just north of Christ. We're going to think the way Christ things and I'm I have some very exciting powerful force at the end of this presentation. Here's another verse of Scripture we just have I guess she more verses a stripper before we get into the science. Second Corinthians ten five casting down on magination zur reasonings and every high thing that exalts excels against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity was every thought to the obedience of Christ the vet not a promise or was second Corinthians ten five says that we can bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ that the promise of Scripture you know not just stay stuck in a cycle of negative thinking. Scripture says you can bring every thought into captivity every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ your negative thought patterns do not have to be. Your life of slavery for the rest of your life and let's be honest if you're banned in and negative cycle of bad thoughts bad thinking bad habits bad choices maybe you're overeating Maybe you're watching things you shouldn't be watching whatever it is all of that can be brought into captivity to the obedience of her eyes and then you may think this is impossible the promise of scripture I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me so the bible makes a clear case that through the power of God our minds and fots can be brought into harmony with the mind of Christ and I want I want I want to be the loving and lovable Christian the Illinois talks about I don't want to be a negative Senekal Norman and now we're going to examine nourish anatomical and narrow biological evidence for how this takes place. Now Paul didn't know about the neuroanatomy and nerves as an X. on the and then dry it's and neurotransmitters acetylcholine adenosine and gas and all that kind of so he didn't know if he did he didn't write it down. All he knew was what God told them and that is that you can have a transformed of mine and that every thought can be brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ that even when nobody knows what you're thinking your thoughts are in harmony with cries so your thing you know some of us we can put on such a good friend we're thinking negative thoughts but we know how to filter so the words that come out are politically correct but yet God is promising that even the thought can be ride not just the words so let's look at this. How are habits formed in the brain that are going to talk about the science behind this. How are habits formed in the brain. So words and actions that are repeated over and over again form permanent neural pathways in the brain so it's like walking on a certain pathway through a field you keep walking over and over and over it eventually it becomes a well worn path and it becomes easier to go because you've worn it down by walking on it and it's it's the easiest pathway to take why walk through the way that when you can walk through a well worn path way and that's what ends up happening in the brain we developed well developed pathways so that almost almost becomes a reflex to act a certain react a certain way to say certain things that have a certain disposition based on various circumstances that kind of rise and the older you get the more you realise that's why when you're younger you really want to make good decisions. OK so I'm going to quote some scientists here now what I'm going to show you first and I'll come up here and point this out so this is a neuron in the brain this is the cell body a nucleus and from this neuron extends an X. on and these are the synaptic junctions with the Mylan sheet that's around the sun which is the nerve and. You'll notice these finger like projections off of the acts on those are called then rides now there are billions and billions of these neurons in the brain neurons are nerve cells so you have regular cells outside of the body you have narrow ons or nerve cells in the brain there is billions of these now when nerve cells talk to each other a signal goes from this nerve cell down the axons and it comes to the end of the Exxon and on another nerve cells you have the denge rights and the axon will then pass the signal along to a dendrite and then share that with this neuron and you can form an infinite number of connections in the brain just doing that as an expense. So the acts on from the nerve cell sends a signal to another nerve cell and the Den dries on the receiving soul than receive it and then it may pass it down through its acts on and the cycle continues. So for example when my motor cortex which is in the post eerier aspect of the the frontal lobe. If the Left Coast Syria aspect of the frontal lobe tells my right hand to move there's a signal that fires were the nurse will start firing and they fire and they send that signal down eventually to my arm and then my armies in response to what the brains and I happens very fast and that's a pathway that's formed was amazing how the brain words that were certain we're going to be focusing more on emotions and character and that kind of thing as we go here but today we know that messages are processed in the brain and sent to different parts of the body through neurons or nerve cells. Most of the larger Elm Chalmers He's written a book Healing the broken ring and he continues. Each nerve cell is made up of a center called the nucleus the surrounding fluid called the saddle plows on abound recalled the membrane and it's pretty basic Those of you who've gone through school that's pretty straightforward. Now let's keep going here. Extending from this membrane. Many a little fibers called then your rights receive messages and one long standing five recall the axon Schrans and its messages to neighboring cells so you only have want to act on that's transmitting but one nerve cell can be receiving many different messages at the same time so the way God created the circuitry in the brain is really amazing. So it one nurse so sins one message but it can be receiving many messages or signals at the same time. There are known to be about one hundred billion neurons in the brain with ten to twenty in the cortex of the grey matter. So between the sending fiber of one so on and the receiving five or of another cell there is a tiny space called a sin that now let me point this out. OK so here is the sin after the synaptic junction Now this synopses actually write down here that make sense. So a signal comes all the way down the nerve and it's going to go to the next nerve and so this is the end of the axe on right here and here you have the receiving dingier I have another nerve cell but there's actually a little gap there it's called the synoptic junction of the Senate so you're going to have neurotransmitters released from the end of the act on and it will be received by receptor is on the receiving nerve cell now just doesn't aside of the neurologist will tell you this and this isn't actually directly relevant to the brain this is actually in the peripheral nervous of them but how many of you have heard of my Athenia gravitas and if you've heard of my theory of gravity. Most of you have my studio gravest what happens in this is outside of the brain it's actually between nerve and muscle further down but the you still have us in Africa junction between a nerve in a muscle where the nerve is going to talk to the muscle and there's an after junction. In my assistant here gravest the immune system releases the antibodies that bind a receptive ears on the muscle so when the nurse and the signal and get blocked so only some of it gets through and you develop fatiguing weakness that's what's happening in my theory of gravity so it's not a problem with the nerve it's not a problem with the muscles the problem with the signal getting through so the brain talks to itself and so the signal sir it's a nurse old and then when you get out of the brain out of the spine from the nerves to the muscles you can see you still have the signals that pass through but in the brain you have than X. on talking to another neuron and you have the synapse and that's how signals are our release the neuro transmitters primarily you're going to see the polling adenosine Gabba and a few others that transmit the signals and depending on the type of neurotransmitter you're either going to carry through with an action or stop an action based on the decision you make in the rain. Serve there are between one thousand to ten thousand synapses for a typical neuron which means that there could be sixty to two hundred forty trillion total synapses in the brain so this one this one nurse so it could be he could have between one to ten thousand synapses are or didn't rights where it can receive signals from other inner self so you've created a huge network in the brain. Lots of signals can be transmitted so you really can develop new habits is just that once you start developing one type of habit that the way you tend to stay but you could develop new pathways you just have old pathways that you develop so let's keep me on another was a neuro scientist Dr John A close and he researched town nerve pathways function when fots are initiated and what he did was he placed a recording. Electorate over the motor cortex of the brain that control the initiation a finger movement so you think about moving your fingers and he's going to stimulate that part of the brain and what we found is that even by sea thinking about moving the things you're that area of the brain cortex B. and firing two tenths of a second before the finger even made now some of us have better finger movements in here than others I wish I had the finger movements of Lucy the violence of those pathways are just they become almost automatic You don't even have to think about doing arpeggios because they're there those pathways of in the Vela I try to do an arpeggio awful sound terrible but a good musician they've developed that pathway so that the cortex in the brain knows how to get the finger to move in a certain way and I just becomes almost automatic. And so but the interesting thing is that before you I mean just by sinking about moving before you make the decision to move the thing or just by thinking about moving it the brain starts a fire so that tells us how the brain works now let's keep me on nerve signals are transmitted from one near on to another in the brain creating either a motion ill or physical responses depending on the part of the brain that stimulated and frequently emotional response of lead if a physical actions of the not true so if part of the brain a stimulative that makes you angry a lot of times you have a physical response. Laughter hand together show grimacing of the face whatever the case may be and the start to turn into have a patterns and again. A lot of the cycles. Negative cycles especially in marriages and families and relationships are based on these bad habits that develop and now mind you I'm not a marriage psychologists the just take this for a grain of salt but men and women's brains are wired a bit differently and if people tell you otherwise they don't know whether you know. And the way a man's brain is wired especially emotionally is that men respond negatively when they feel a lack of respect not of the Make It Right but this may help he is just a little bit if you're trying to develop new habits in your family or whatever. Thing about this so if you're a man and you get angry when your wife's us something just think about and say OK you felt lack of respect there but she was she really disrespecting your are that just how you feel about what you said so the that's one thing you need now what happens and these are the cycles of start of elephant. The man will react to the hope will react in a way. That makes the woman feel like he doesn't love her at that moment now in the man's why not I thought love my wife but she feels unloved Now if you're the one and take a step back and it is he really not love me or that just how I feel in the moment that that would help a little bit there as well but then if you can talk about it and say OK wait a minute did you did I say something that made you if you're the woman and your husband react you can say did I say something that made you made you feel disrespected if you're the husband you could say did I say something or do something that may keep made you feel unloved and a lot of the cycle the you get into this really bad cycle where so you feel disrespected. So it's like if I'm the husband I feel disrespected so I make her feel on love which causes her to be more disrespectful to me. Which by the way this them and in my home under saying this is it and if it does not very often but this is a natural tendency that can happen so that then you get into the cycle where you made me feel disrespected I make you feel unloved and you make me feel even more disrespected so I make you feel even more unloved and then we ensure ensure cells into our positions and we say well I'm not going to forgive you because you did this and then we have this cycle of dysfunction and it's a habit that we've developed and it's something that God can give his victory or so let's keep going here talking about these pathways so WALLACE Now here's the here's the amazing thing that and this is what we're going to do your own on this so-called Arthur Echols was examining this and after John general an electron microscope. He noticed some tiny enlargements on the sending five or that looked at him like send manager but and so he called them do butan So what he noticed in that what we discussed. Have discovered is that on an X. on that sends a signal that acts on has become part of our regular pathway of a habit that you dig. These nerve cells are basically wired now to just fire automatically they have they have but unlike figures on them called Bhutto and enlargements. Because they fire so much that they get larger because they need to work more so you start developing habits and the nerve cells respond and they enlarged and they're ready to just keep working and working on working because that's what they're used to do doing. So there's actually a physiologic anatomic changes that happen in the nurse of your brain based on choices and have with that you're making and today we know that these little beauty homes are found in different shapes and sizes and we know that they also prevent he is chemicals based on what's happening one of the Seattle calling and this is an excited Tory neurotransmitter that causes something to happen to move forward that can be good or bad and brain scientists have discovered that any thought or action that is often repeated is actually building these little butan zombie in the certain or fibres so that it becomes easier to repeat the same thought or action the next time so the more you do at the easier it gets to do. So works with the principals. Frequent thoughts or repeated actions become easier the next time I mention this really about musicians that's what piano players can after much practice play the keyboard with a minimal thought process you know I can't even play and I would have to practice at him just as I can you know I can kind of mess around on the piano I know the notes and I can read music on a horn player not a piano so I can play the piano on disaster. Practice practice practice and I can barely get it. But someone who's been practicing from early days as a pianist. They just open up to him though and they play because it's an automatic thing. Frequent thoughts are repeated actions become easier the next time and just as it's true of hand motions playing the piano playing the violin whatever it may be. The same is true about emotional thoughts and feelings and other character related issues so the more you do something the easier it becomes so here's are happy again you know regarding character formation if we have a tendency to be optimistic or pessimistic it becomes easier to stay that way as time goes on because pathways in the brain have developed that facilitate that process and you know the old saying You can't teach an old dog new tricks but Scripture actually says now we can develop a transformed in mind but there are things that will have to overcome. Starter William saboteurs psychiatry is the use of the illustration that frequent repeated actions for a literal neural pathways from the brain which creates a groove in the similar way that walking on the same pathway on the lawn where a path on the ground I did meant I mentioned that earlier so the sobering thought then is that every thought feeling or an act repeated is producing physical and chemical changes in our nerve pathways. Either the bluster to curse us when these changes have been strongly established think of the implications of this fact for mental or emotional health and our character formation so now we're kind of getting into the the meat of what we're going to talk about here are habits that we formed our either blessing us or cursing you can have good habits you can have bad habits. Hopefully your developing good habits for example of having morning devotions with God every day that it becomes an automatic have it that you're going to wake up and spend time with God first thing you do every day that's a good to have it but we also have bad habits to contend with so you know this works in our favor when we've developed good habits it's not so good when we have developed bad habits but thankfully there is some good news coming years olds keep moving so the good news is if we have taken the time to develop good habits that makes it easier for us to keep those good to have a Santa it's kind of sad when people have taken the time to develop a good habit and then they stop doing it so if you have good habits keep other good habits and bad news if we have developed bad habits through the years it can be difficult to break those habits and I think you know one of the hardest habit the break is people who smoke now what some people don't understand or realize is that nicotine which is the addictive property within cigarettes has a very some a similar bio chemical structure to caffeine so if you go to a good thought of smoking program what do they tell you if they tell you if you want to quit smoking what do you need to do. Quit drinking coffee and caffeinated beverages because of you know thought drinking caffeinated beverages you're not going to stop smoking because the caffeine is causing those same pathways the fire so you know if you're trying to quit smoking but you're still drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages you're going to keep smoking because it's firing the things halfway so keep that in mind that's why and by the way did you realise the L M Y in her first selfish and receive the white first on Kathleen and then later years down the road she was given my about pork so we're good as that enough about not eating pork what will happen to the caffeine you know how many of you crave broccoli it to AM How many of you wake up shaking if you don't have your your orange juice or cereal Maybe if you have low blood sugar but people if they don't get their coffee start shaking and irritable it's of the Sion So there's thing about them and I'm not trying to be mean this just telling isn't or all of this is not good for your brain. OK So worst we're going to see that there is still hope even if we have bad habits that we need to overcome. Scripture has promised that we can bring every thought to the O.B. in captivity to the obedience of Christ and how is this done. So so far we have seen the boots ons are formed on sending fibers at the synaptic junction when actions are repeated on a have this Will basis so you developed in large nerve in fire more easily based on repeated and actions what we want to know is whether negative have a password that have been developed in the brain can be overcome what happens in the brain of a long term smoker who stop smoking or someone who has been addicted to alcohol or drugs or these pathways go away you know it's interesting I was listening to Fred Harding he's in the General Conference health department and he was speaking at somewhere fairly recently where he ran into an individual who had not smoked and something like twenty five years something like a long time and he just happened to be somewhere where someone offered him a cigarette he's thought hey why not. And it's marked for years that he had been quit for twenty five years. Within two days he was smoking two packs a day because that pathway was still there. Now he also have the pathway then to stop smoking again and not to do that just tells me the that these pathways stay there generally speaking these bad pathways. Stay in the brain that doesn't mean that they can't be minimized. So the president appears the only after years of D.S. does use the pathways that contain these boots on may gradually die but generally they stay around it seems that habits form a rather permanent pathway in the ring. Unless I have it is not practiced at all for many years it is never a race habits can be overcome however by developing other habits that are stronger than those that a person wishes that overcome So in other words you know just using smoking as the illustrations if you can develop a good have it in place of the smoking or maybe negative thought it may be eating certain foods. Now let me give you a bit of a personal testimony about I guess last December so I guess from about nine ten months ago now I had reached a point in my life where I was. Two pounds away from being obese based on the on the body mass index and you know you can kind of sorta hide it where a nice baggy cedar you know water but I was definitely not where I needed to be with my weight and my you know I mean ormal human being like the and I was eating healthy food my wife cooks good healthy and food but I was eating three large full meals a day which you know a wise as most people should each e-mails a day but some need three and I figured Hey on that person and he's a three mil well maybe twenty five years ago when I had a faster metabolism but in the last eight to nine months I've developed a new have it of not eating a third generally speaking every once in awhile but you know it was a bit hard at first but also as the weight started to come off it was a motivator to stay on that new pathway and the first ten pounds came off just by cutting the third Me allow and that was I forget how long that but then I hit a plateau so then I realize I need to add exercise to it so there wasn't really exercising and either so now I exercise at least three times hopefully four times a week and I have a I have a nice long drive with three tenths of a mile and it's off consecrated so I have a nice built in place where I can do this exercise and that got me the next ten to fifteen pounds a so I've basically lost twenty five almost thirty pounds over the last eight or nine months and I needed to I mean that was a change that needed to happen but I needed to develop a new have a pathway and that started it by cutting out the third meal and you know some of your fine to have a third meal that a lot of us really don't need the third male So for me at least I have done much better in that regard so it's just a personal testimony we can build new pathways in the brain by consciously choosing to make a different response to a given situation than we have been used to making we must make of that conscious choice so many times that we build more boots on the on the new pathway then we have on the old one so in other words you have this old pathway is not a good pathway it's a bad habit. Now you just have to keep developing over and over through a conscious choice a different path way that overcomes the old pathway now. A lot of us can do this through self will pulling yourself up by the bootstraps First certain period of time but really if you want to develop truly good have it you need the grace of Christ to sustain you to do this because anybody can go on a new game plan for two weeks but what are you going to be like six months from now are you going to be back to just the same old you and it's you just back to the same old way or by the grace of God Have you left Christ come in to develop a new pathways when the new nerve impulses come flowing through the brain it will be easier to take the new route rather than the old now here's this is getting into some some of the nuts and bolts here one key to understanding the develop of New have a pathways in the brain is understanding the role between Gabba an adenosine vs acetylcholine gabbin adenosine our inhibitory neuro transmitters so they're why what you would say stepping on the gas pedal you're driving down the road and you need to hit the gas. Gabbin adenosine are like that in the rain if you need to say no to something. Gabba and adenosine are going to fire and they're going to stop you so like if you're walking along and oh there's a huge cliff gabbin adenosine fire and they get your leg thought moving and that's a good thing you wouldn't want to brand the didn't have Gavin adenosine and the S.T. to Colin just keeps firing and then you go over the cliff because you couldn't stop I mean you wouldn't want to have a car that had a great accelerator and no brakes and by the way when you drink casting it causes you to hit the accelerator and not have a good break so it works temporarily like go and I feel will awake but then you can't stop so easily and anywhere and then it becomes an addiction. So the. All of these neurotransmitters have their appropriate place because sometimes you need to be decisively Yes sometimes you need to be decisive winner. When you decide to not do something such as avoiding smoking or of waiting losing your temper. Gabba and adenosine are fired by the neurons in your brain I guess I could tell you another personal says when I was fifteen years old I was about to enter my sophomore year of academy Mark family came to our conference can't meeting and up until the point in my life I had had a temper problem. Something goes wrong I'd throw stuff around the room and yell and scream whatever and nothing my parents a try to really worked and when Mark Finlay came and I went for it on an appeal any other things in my life that I needed to surrender to the Lord and by the grace of God. Generally speaking I have not had a temper problems that time I'm sure you know you have moments where you get upset that you know the yelling and screaming and throwing things and just been completely ridiculous the Lord gave me the victory over that developing a new pathway where when I was tempted to lose my temper. God had given me the victory and so I would say no I'm not going through something across the room. God would give me the victory and when I would say no Gabaa and adenosine are firing in the brain which keeps me from doing crazy stuff. Not a good thing I'm glad the gab and the adenosine are there to stop that. All right so when you decide to do something like smoking or losing your temper than a futile calling fires instead and that's bad in that situation but other times that can be a good thing we'll talk about The View tiles are formed on the terminals of neurons at this and after junction then a decision or action is carried out repeatedly when we repeatedly decide of oil losing the temper. Beauty and the nurse and terminal sensitized to the firing of gab and adenosine are created to help us to present losing your temper or any other negative action but then when we repeatedly loser temper acetylcholine firing off and that becomes a have it. Now if there isn't a long habit of was in the temper smoking or drinking alcohol where the excited Tory neurotransmitter acetylcholine is repeatedly fired this can be overcome by developing new habit pathways in which a gab and adenosine are repeatedly fired instead. So this is if you don't remember anything else from them for this presentation this is the thing to remember that when you're working on developing a new habit. Pathway decisiveness is essential. Saying no very strongly makes Gabaa and adenosine other inhibitory nurturance miners fired more easily so let's do an illustration of just say the you're having a smoking problem and you haven't smoked for two days and then suddenly a good old buddy shows up with a pact right here and he offers one. Now here's here's there's three things that could happen here. Number one you could say always thanks so much and then you're right back to where you were before. That's certainly not decisive I guess you could say it was the size of in the wrong way but we want to be decisive in the right way but you could be also kind of wishy washy lie I kind of wish I could but I'm trying to quit right now so the thank you. The so far full of you. And in your mind you're thinking man I hope he does this again but not this time thank you. Or you could politely say no thank you I'm never smoking again please don't please don't offer me any more cigarettes on not doing that and in your mind you're not saying without law but in your mind you're saying no no no when you say at that decisively. The Gabba in the adenosine are just firing away and it starts to become easier and easier to say now but if your life. Next time it's like yelled it and you can apply that to any addiction anything and whatever it may be if you're wishy washy you know I heard CD Rick say this one time sometimes we walk away from Sun hoping it will catch up to it and it will if that's how you feel about it but the grace of God can transform your mind so that it becomes easier and easier to say now now sometimes we need to be decisive in the other way where you say yes so for example. Like knocking on doors there is going to slam when my face and when one hand but when you start to be very forcefully PA that I could be more than just witnessing it could be a variety of things were decisiveness is very important then a fetal calling fires and it's good that it fires and then you're able to carry through with an action that needs to take place so if you don't remember anything else. Decisiveness is important in overcoming negative have patterns one twentieth set up to develop new habits we can sometimes flip at the moment it is important to remember that one slip does not destroy the new pathways that are being developed and learn from the most they can rely on God's grace to help the next time so you know if you have a little slip on a temper think it's all over I knew I'd never get the victory over this time for just forget it. Nah nah nah nah you're developing new pathways you had a slip God's mercy form gracious he's going to help you to keep moving forward so that eventually is not going to happen at all just man fall seven times rises up again the wicked falls in the midst of no just keep getting up God will help you and so we started by saying the Bible promises that we can have new mind negative thoughts can be overcome we see We've seen some of these pathways we've seen good news that new positive pathways can be created that can overcome old negative pathways and I have a few quotes here to wrap up this issue. And these are familiar course many are inquiring how am I to make the surrender of myself to God you desire to give yourself to him but you are weak and moral power in slavery to doubt and controlled by the habits of your life of sin. Your promises and resolutions are like ropes of sand you cannot control your thoughts your impulse as your affections the knowledge of your broken promises and force it pledges weakens your confidence in your own theory and causes you to feel that God cannot accept you but you need not despair and you know I think all of us can identify with our promises and resolutions being like roofs of sand or New Years Resolutions whatever it may be. Element goes on to say the what you need to understand is the true force of the will is of the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice. Everything depends on the right action of the will the power of choice God has given a minute is there is the exercise you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself give the God at the factions but you can choose to serve Him you can give him your will he will then work in you to WILLING TO DO YOU HAVE HIS good pleasure. Thus your whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ your affections will be centered upon him your thoughts will be in harmony with him so here's what happened he said I can't do it God but you can and I choose to give you the control. Of my life and when the you should use to give control of your life to God up he then steps in and takes over you have to cooperate so every time a temptation comes up are you going to choose the lead God are you going to choose to do it your own way but then God develops these new pathways. These new HAVE A patterns in your life so that that God can help us to develop these new pathways now let's keep going here and were technically supposed to go to four fifteen but I may in a few minutes early and take a few questions here. And though this is also actually from Sister ice desires forgiveness and holiness are right it's far they go but if you stop here they will avail nothing many will be lost for hoping and desiring to be Christian they do not come to the point of yielding the will to God They do not now choose to be Christians through the right exercise of the Will an entire change may be made in your life by yielding up your will the Christ you ally yourself with the power that is above all principalities and powers you will have strength room above to hold you steadfast in the through constant surrender to God you will be unable to live the new life even the life of faith I like that constant surrender you will be enabled to live the new life even the life of faith and I'm a realist you must give a header my final quote here but I want you to really think about. This is desire of Egypt is Page Six sixty of the powerful quote If you don't remember any other quotes that I've read today this is a quote to remember all true B.D. and comes from the heart it was hard work with Christ and if we can sense she will so identify himself with our thoughts and aims so bland our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when obeying Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses. Did you see a not that it will become our own N. pulls to follow the will of God but the renewed mind that we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind you don't have to stay like the man of Romans seven zero the good that I would I don't see the and the things I don't want to date us what I'm doing Oh wretched man that I am that's just the human experience but it's righteousness by faith. Thank you God that you cover me while I keep saying and oh wait no that wretched man of the man of Laodicea the Jesus of he's going to spew out of his now you don't have to stay in a life of slavery to sin and bad habit you know not just stay in a negative cycle in your relationship with your spouse where you have bad thoughts and feelings towards each other all of that can change all true B.D. and comes from the heart and if Christ is in your heart when we consent and we allow him to take over he will so I didn't to five himself with our thoughts and aims he will so blend our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when obey in Him we shall be back. Carrying out not his impulses our own ample that means we will have developed new habit. Pathways in the rain that are the habit pathways of Christ which is the mind of Christ so there is a science of the mind of Christ when the Scripture says Let this mind to be a need which was also in Christ Jesus that is actually biologically. And physiologically possible because of what God does in our mind this isn't something that you're doing you pull yourself up by the bootstraps to change your brain you make a choice to serve God you choose to give your sinful heart to him you let Christ come in he becomes your righteousness he gives you his mind he gives you his heart and when following him when obeying him you're just carrying out your own impulses so that. I mean what let's just make this practical I mean come on guys at some point if you're struggling with pornography it should reach a point where you see that as hateful like oh man i can't watch it tonight. Be better probably keep me out of heaven so I guess I shouldn't watches omma. When Christ comes into your heart is going to give you a hatred for that and I mean women come on eat you really want to be like him Cardassian come on we're headed for The Heavenly King them not for the debacle realize centuries most of this world and men and women we have our own issues that we've both have our issues and God can give us victory so that when obeying Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses where we hate this loss where the things that we once loved we now hate and we have the mind of Christ and we're not concerned about reputation because you can have a good reputation and you can be looking at the printed graffiti and admiring him her to ASH and from afar but then you can come to church on south of the make it look like you're an upstanding seventh Avenue is looking for Jesus to come when your heart is far from that reality but the truth is that God can so transform is that when we really receive the right just as of Christ when we really receive the mind of Christ he totally changes us from the inside out. And sometimes people will focus on the externals. When the heart hasn't been working on but the reality is when your heart changes the externals will come with that as well. Now we need to be gracious when we become converted so that we don't start judging everybody who hasn't come as far as we have we need to have the love of Christ for those but when Christ such as our heart the heart changes the thought changes the thoughts change and the patterns of our life change as well because our focus is on cries and who he is and what he's doing forth and I don't know about you I think that we all want this we want to reach the point that it can be said of us that when obey Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses that the will of God becomes the natural impulse of our heart and I understand the naturally speaking our tendencies are such that this isn't. The case in certain areas of our life but one of the reasons we come to meetings like software thieves conference is that we come to meetings like this so that God can convict us so that our hearts can be pricked. So that the Holy Spirit can say you know what that's a habit in your life that needs to change and God as His grace is sufficient. He is willing to help us to make these kinds of changes in our life and by His grace I believe that all of us here today can go forward from this meeting and allow the Holy Spirit's a prop just about whatever it maybe and we just need to learn to focus on her I trust in him and she used to serve Him and He will give us the grace to make the changes that we need. I have I think eight minutes or less to take a few questions on this topic so if there is any questions I'd be happy to take a few questions before we have our break and if you feel like you've heard enough Feel free to move to another session or whatever but. This is my only help talks after this I'm going to move into so my next question is going to be on Christ our High Priest going to this media was brought to you by audio proves a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W. Audio burst dot org.


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