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National Apostasy Leads to National Ruin

Dwayne Lemon
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Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 5, 2015
    2:30 PM
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Father in heaven we are so grateful we thank you so much for the blessings of life and string. Dear God we thank you for the privilege to worship human to do it with such freedom because Lord these days truly are being numbered moment by moment. Help us Father to cherish these precious hours that we have remaining of probation and help us whatever we must do teach us to do it quickly as we hear the voice of the shepherd and as we hear him maybe we follow him we're so ever he made and I think you that you've heard this prayer and I ask you to please the Bible does now and take our lives and let it be consecrated Lord to the fill us we pray with your Holy Spirit and maybe come in teacher and open our eyes and help us behold wondrous things out of your word is all prevent we ask in Jesus' name amen amen. Or life invite you to turn your Bibles with me to the book of second Peter chapter one second Peter we're looking at chapter one and we're going to consider a very important passage of scripture I would imagine even a familiar passage but we're going to consider it once again because our study today is going to be based on Bible prophecy and as we look at second Peter chapter one we just want to consider what the Word of God says and we're going to look at second Peter one you were going to consider verse nineteen and when you were there just please say amen the Bible says in a book affection Peter chapter one were looking at verse nineteen and the Bible says For we have also a more way sure word of prophecy. We're into we do well to take heed unto it as going to a light that shines in what kind of place a dark place until something very special happened it says until what the day gone and the dates are arises within our heart the great grand purpose of prophecy is that it was signed like a light in a very dark dark place and it will literally lead to none other than Jesus Christ. Anytime prophecy is preached and it does not lead us into the arms of Jesus. Something is wrong with that prophet of God or the Bible is very clear that when God gave the gift of prophecy. He gave it to him as a means for us to see our need for Jesus Christ and to run to him as our only safety in these very last moment the verses says it is not a wonder that we are told in the book evangelism page one ninety six and this is for those who are taking note in the book invented isn't page one ninety six we're told that ministers should present the sure word of prophecy as the foundation of the faith of Seventh Day Adventists it continues by saying the prophecy the Bengals and the revelation should be. Carefully study and it says and whipped them in connection to the word be hold the Lamb of God which take it away the sin of the world this is always to be the means by which we present Bible prophecy in there is much to present because there's much that happening right now we are living in a time when many of God's people not just the world not just worldlings but even God's people are being filled and overwhelmed with fear there are many of God's people that are putting up a front and they're coming to churches and they're putting on these rose colored glasses and the acting like everything's all right when they don't. Deep in their hearts everything go wrong and I'm not simply talking about living contrary lives were professing right isn't it. But we are indulging in thin I'm not talking about that I'm talking about individuals that understand a bit about Christ there right isn't it. People who understand Yes I know the Word of God I know God's promises but somehow in their study life in India devotional life they have not found a refuge in Christ and when they see the end time events coming in such incredibly rapid pace there are many will putting up a front before others and acting like everything's alright when their hearts are being overwhelmed and perplexed with fear and that was not God's intention we are told and that left a little book first. John chapter four and verse eighteen there is no fear in love for perfect love casts doubts fears and there is nothing wrong that if you find yourself in a place where you are being so overwhelmed and so perplexed what God is trying to help you see through that. Personal Crisis is that his love is not been perfected in you and if his love is not been perfected enough and that is what needs to be the very very forceful prayer of our lives and father please help me to enter into an experience with you by which your love will become my love so strong that it will cast out every single fear that I have because we are told in life. Sketches one ninety six we have nothing to fear for the future. Except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and His teachings in our past history. When you find that you are becoming fearful of the future. God is that it you know then you must've forgotten the way he led You must've forgotten his teachings in the past history of these people and this is why it is so imperative and such a time as this in our history that we have to get back to understanding biblical history getting back to understanding how did God lead his people how did God lead during the time when there was papal supremacy we're living at a time right now where they're also if agitation is taking place that ultimately is going to bring everything back to Papal supremacy and so it is that we would do well to study the history of looking at the Reformation looking at the wall then be in looking at the Huguenots and all these various groups and how God kept them because we are told that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever and how he kept them in times past is how he will keep us and that's why I say with all due respect of the sisters in such a time as this in earth's history I just want to lay this out in the front right now this is not the time to give a great hope this is a time to give a great controversy. Why am I saying that I'm not saying that to insult any of those who created the great hope or whatever it may be I am not here to read a man's heart but what I'm telling you is that in the great hope you don't get the Protestant history and that this is a time we need the Protestant history we need to understand how did God leak in the Reformation. How did God lead his people when they were living in a time of papal supremacy and you can't get that in great hope but you can get that in great controversy and so it is that we need to get back to that boat and we need to go back to the early chapters and we need to not deem it boring we need to look at it with the highest of interest because we're watching how God led in times past. And that is my promise of how he's going to lead in the very closing scenes of Earth history and when I understand that I had nothing to fear for the future because now I understand do you get it. Event so this is why history is so important and history is important to the point that we know that inspiration tells us now I'm so sorry that we can't get this one here for those of you on this side of the best that you can try to work with the screen over here or just pay very close attention but when we studied biblical history there is much that we could consider because the Bible makes a definite statement that literally governs all prosthetic realities it found the book of Ecclesiastes the chapter one and this one's going to screen here and you will see that in a clique the ASCII Chapter one The Bible says the thing that has been it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there's how many things. There's no new thing under the sun god makes it clear that no matter how much it appears like a brand new revelation to us God says no there's nothing new under the sun in one way and some principle or another it has been manifested in times past and so it is the thing that has been that's the path is that which shall be that's the future and that which is done that presently is that which shall be done that future and there how many things no new thing under the sun history has a tendency to repeat itself so when I think about that it is not a wonder that Christ told us when studying prophecy and in time event and the near miss of his coming and the Final Crisis that he taught something in Matthew twenty four. So let's go to Matthew twenty four let's look at a very familiar passage of Scripture that I would imagine we have read time and time again but we are going to consider it. I believe God wants us not to simply know how to repeat words but how to consider his Word the Bible says and Matthew the twenty fourth chapter and when you get there. We say amen. The Bible says a Matthew twenty four starting at verse thirty seven the Bible says and Matthew the twenty fourth chapter we're considering the thirty seventh verse and the Bible says Matthew twenty four in verse thirty seven but as the days of Noah were so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. Now if you just pause right there. Context really in Matthew twenty four when you read a statement like that it definitely is pointing out the fact that they're going to be a lot of evil behaviors that took place in the days of Noah that's also going to be repeated and that was contextually what Jesus was showing a Matthew twenty four here because we're going to look at the next verse but the good news is is if the things the situation is even the activities and behaviors of people are going to be repeated as it was in the days of Noah then I would encourage you and this is just a side note I would encourage you study the life of Noah's because the thing with is going to be wicked people like the N. to delude the INS There's also going to be right just people like no other and the more that you study the character of no and what Governor his mind during those times you can start to see things that Christ want to see reflected enough that it's people in the very last moment of history a man but now looking at verse thirty eight in verse thirty eight. Jesus as far as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that no entered into the ark and knew not until the flood came and took them all away and so shall also the coming of the Son of man. Deed Jesus gave very very clear how a harbinger if you will to let us know how close is close because not only does the world want to understand what's coming next. There are many of got people that don't understand what's coming next and when I say there are many of God's people that don't understand what's coming next. I am speaking to the You Tube watchers and the audio version listeners why am I saying that because sometimes we have allowed blessings to become a curse. Let me repeat that sometimes we have allowed blessings to become occurred I believe with all my heart or universe was designed to be a blessing and has been to many of us can you say Amanda that I believe You Tube was very much it can be very much used to be a blessing has not been so to many of us a mint but it is possible that a blessing can become occurs why because they are some of God's people that don't know any time event except it be through the mind of another preacher or teacher that they heard on audio Burke or You Tube and they are still in the glass thing to study to show themselves approved on to God a workman that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of Truth. I remember one time I was going to training and I was doing a training and I ask the missionaries a question that normally the missionaries don't get right and I was so happy that at this training that I asked the question I said So what does this mean and then next thing you know everybody looking at each other they didn't know the answer and I said OK that's difficult but then one person raised her hand she raised her hand and she said I know the answer and I said all right I said go ahead tell me the answer and I'm thinking let's see she gets it right. She gave the answer and it was one hundred percent correct. Old man I was so happy as a teacher. Anybody knows teachers get very happy when the students demonstrate that they have taught themselves well and have studied to show themselves approved that right teachers and listen to you but so then I made her a spectacle in the class after she gave that right answer I said I got in the car a spectacle in the class I said Do me a favor sophist then D.C. and she was just like OK you know he didn't expect that I said Do me a favor I said tilt everybody in the class how you arrive at that truth that you knew and asked if the hunger head down inching I don't think it was using their head now she got the right answer. And then she said because it was I was listening to a certain preacher on audio. You get it in other words some of us if we if we were to carefully search our hearts some of us go no further in our biblical understanding than what we consistently view or listen to and download and we are allowing another man another woman another ministry to do the devotion for us that Christ wanted to be done one on one and this is why sometimes we go ahead boy I'm a show you some things that day for those of you to sit around all the seminars when we do face through in other words a second presentation here I'm going to show you that prosthetic we got it bring a Seven Day Adventists to the front I'm going to show you how God is doing it right now in a very powerful way in twenty fifteen where he's literally bringing seven the advantage to the front and brothers and sisters that quote You're going to see it that quote says and when we are brought to the front it says if ot theory could be picked to pieces by theologians and the world's greatest historians it will be done. So if ever there was a time to make sure that we know or what we believe for ourselves it is right now so again like I said when we read Matthew twenty four we look at versus thirty seven thirty eight. Yes we've heard it many a time. Yes we've read it many a time but we need to understand that there are people in the world and yes people in the Church that still don't understand how is everything going to go down in this world how to begin going to close we see signs I got people coming up to me all the time rather than do you really think this is it. They ask that listen I understand why because sometimes there are ministers in the past that under certain leadership certain popes we said this with those posts the dead those leaders are gone and God People have a natural tendency to love to sleep in slumber so once they see that the alarm is gone the pope that day that dictatorial president gone all that must mean we have plenty of time and it got to go right back to sleep so what we need is to understand I understand why Seventh Day Adventist so-called present brethren also coming saying hey do you really think this is it and you know I did saying that because they don't know. God wants you to know we are told in the book great controversy page five ninety eight we have a chart that points out every way mark on the heavenward journey and we do not have to guess at anything I want you to think about that precious promise brother this is do we have a chart points out every way mark on the heavenward journey and we don't have to guess I am so glad I don't have to guess what's coming next. All I gotta do is face of the look at the chart and you know that's hard is that your bible. The more that you and I learned how to study this book rather than you will find that it reveals wondrous things out of God's law and so it is when I thought about it I said OK. Days of knowing right as it wasn't a days of Noah and there was something that I've picked up in personal study that said look at it I said this is the chair and so here's what happened. Number one side looking at the days of Noah because Jesus talked about it and he talked about how the flood came to the lot of people unaware and they were gone. Notice this this you know the people rejected God's message after one hundred twenty years of laboring so let's go to vs Let's take a look at it we're going to step by step go through script I hope you don't mind the Bible says in a book of Genesis go to chapter think we're looking at Genesis six we're going to consider versus five eleven twelve and they were going to look at verse six and I want you to see what the Bible says Genesis we're looking at chapter what. All right we're going to Genesis Chapter six and we're going to look at verses five eleven twelve and then we're going to look at verse six I want you to see what the Bible says here and it was amazing as I thought to do this study more and more that God was showing a trend of Scripture that truly when I look at what's happening in our world today there's nothing new under the sun. Watch this the Bible says in Genesis have to six in verse five it say this. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thought of his heart was only evil. Tenuously therefore look at what it says in verse eleven and twelve it says the earth was also corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence and God looked upon the earth and behold it was corrupt for how much flesh for all foolish had corrupted his way upon the earth. Then look at verse six is said and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart and this is when God made it clear I'm not going to strive with man always but I'll give him this probationary time period now what did I look at that when I began to look at that I started to understand something I looked up the word nation and when I thought of looking up the word nation in the Bible it can just basically talk about a group of people that are like minded on something. OK so when I look at this it's that how much of the flesh corrupted their way all flesh so when I look at that you know what that would be called and modern term national apostasy it was national apostasy the whole group the whole body of people decided to up the pasta size against God and His Word as a result of this national apostasy what happened. Notice what the Bible says Name A goes on to tell us now as a result of the rejection the people were was destroyed Now let's look at the Genesis Chapter six again. Notice where the Bible says we're looking at Genesis six seven in thirteen and then Chapter seven twenty one through twenty four notice the trend because watch this the Bible says in Genesis six and we're looking at what seven in thirteen the Bible says and the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth both man and beast and the creeping thing and the files of the ear for it repented me that I have made them. Verse thirteen and God fit on to know what the end of all flesh is come before me for the earth is filled with violence through them and behold I will do what destroyed them with the earth then Genesis seven twenty one to twenty four it says in Genesis seven twenty one to twenty four and all flesh died that moved upon the earth. Both afoul of cattle of bees and every creeping thing that created the fundy earth and every man all in who's not stools with the breath of life and all that was in dry land I and every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground both man and cattle and the creeping things and the fall of the heaven and they were destroyed from the earth and no only remained alive and they that were with him in the art and the waters prevailed upon the earth. Hundred and Fifty days notice as a result of national apostasy actually brought about national ruin. Now this was something that outlook because I said Could it be you know sometimes you sit down and you're thinking about God and His word and as you're thinking sometimes the Holy Spirit will begin to talk to you like it there's an idea fifty and he will literally begin to speak to our mind and the more than I thought a study an event after event I thought wait a minute this was deliberately put in Scripture and this is a trend so what we see here. National apostasy led to national ruin Do you understand it then I went to the next group the next group with Sodom and Gomorrah because Jesus didn't just say as it was in the days of Noah he also said as it was in the days of line so when I found a look at the days of Lot again I noticed a trend the people rejected God last message and messenger they were even more emboldened in base practices now go to the Book of Genesis forty notice this we go to the Book of Genesis the fourteenth chapter and we're going to consider Genesis fourteen seventeen through twenty and then we're going to look at Chapter eighteen onward to in Genesis fourteen and we're going to go ahead and look at verses seventeen to twenty notice what the Bible says because remember the people rejected Gaza last message and messenger. I want you to catch that little what if as Genesis fourteen seventeen through twenty the Bible says in the King of Sodom went out to meet him after his return from the slaughter of shit outta more and of the kings that were with him at the Valley of Sheva which is the king's Dale and no Cassaday king of Salem brought forth bread and wine and he was the priest of the most high God and he blessed him and said bless and be a broom of the most high God possessor of heaven and earth and blessed be the most high God which have done what. Delivered dine enemies into their hand and he gave him ties of all a broom when he saw that his nephew Lot was caught in his drama. Abrams you know the Bible says went and he went to delivered and when he went to deliver him a broom was demonstrating a light calls it that Abraham demonstrated the right to sniff of God and it showed that writes a sniff of God does not equate to cowardice. So here it is that when we begin to look at that Abraham with giving a demonstration of God and His power when he went to deliver his nephew now we're going to look at Genesis eighteen and when we look at Genesis eighteen consider verse thirty two and then Genesis one thousand nine hundred eleven so the Bible says in Genesis eighteen and verse thirty two and then we're going to look at Genesis nineteen one through eleven the Bible says in Genesis eighteen in verse thirty two it says and he said although Let not the Lord be angry and I will speak yet but this once per adventure how many ten shall be found there and he said I will not destroy it even for ten sake this is of course when Abraham was pleading with God and he was asking God not to distort Saddam at least ten people could be found then you have to understand when Abrams a promoted had a habit a trend that if you went somewhere he would leave an altar he would leave something that was a demonstration of God and His power so here it is that when a room went into town he obviously wanted a light of God and His truth to be there. Abrams now is pleading before God and the thing Lord if it be possible if you could even find ten people that are living right Cicely inside of please don't distort Saddam got it if I find even ten I promise you I won't do it and we know unfortunately didn't find even ten because then when you look at Genesis nineteen what is the Bible go on the show it it says and there came to angels to Saddam it even and lots out of the gate of sodomy law. Seeing them rose up to meet them and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground and he said Behold now my lords turn in I pray you into your service house and carry on night and wash your feet and you shall rise up early and go in your weight and they said no but we will abide in the street all night and he pressed upon them greatly and they turned in on to him and he entered into the house and he made them a feast and did big unleavened bread and they did eat but before they lay down the men of the city even the men of Sodom come past the house round both old and young all the people from every quarter and they called on to Lot and sent on to him. Where of the men which came into the to snipe bring them out on to us that we may what know them and they didn't want to get an understanding they want to definitely know them like Adam knew his wife. So this is definitely what we call an abominable practice Now here's where it gets interesting. Keep your finger here go to the fuel sixteen because sometimes when we talk about as it was in the days of Lot or the days of Saddam and we begin to look at the realities of what's happening in the homosexual world and the homosexual community and we say There goes the days of Saddam but brothers and sisters it might be that we were hit blindsided. How do I know that is equal sixteen when you go to the sixteenth chapter remember you keep your finger in Genesis one thousand but you're in a secure sixteen and if you their police say him and the Bible says that if you're sixteen and verse forty nine B. hold it this was what the in the good of guys Saddam now watch what it says Nick what was the first thing on the lid pride was named fullness of bread that's called gluttony overeaten what was named abundance of Ireland is what was next. They did not shrink in the hands of the poor that right. All right so look at it said in her hands was abundance of I don't this was in her hand and her daughter. Neither dishy strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy. Did you notice that before we get to various fifty they were already for things that was labeled that's called iniquity the four think the what many of us do when we think of Saddam we think of verse fifty you see one of the favorite fifty it said and they were hearty and committed what abomination before me therefore I took them away as I saw a good many a times we focused more on the abominable act then the things that led to the abominable acts you see before they started getting all caught up into the abominable act they were first proud people they were great and they had way too much time on their hands and they did not do anything to help those less fortunate. So could it be that when we look at these four full descriptions of verse forty nine of the fuel sixteen could it be that they might be some Saddam might in even the church even though they're not practicing homosexuals abomination are you following. Sometimes we like to make majors out of one thing but we forget some of those miners that lead to the majors it was pride that ultimately got them to the abominable act it was good to me let me tell you tomorrow. My bride and I going to have a purpose to stand before you and going to talk a little bit about health we're going to talk a little bit about cooking school evangelists and how to pick the plan of salvation and demonstrated in a cooking school. Now we're going to talk about that tomorrow but one of the things that I want to bring out is that if we understood how food affects the mind and sexual based passions if we understood the connection it makes perfect sense why we're reading what we're reading in verse forty nine of his equal sixteen the more that an individual is proud in Belgium is in appetite and has tons of idle time which is the devil's workshop. While there's the poor and the needy that are not being strengthened. It creates an atmosphere and ultimately a mindset that developed into a character that even some of the most basic abomination will come in our face and will actually think it's attractive. So if you really want to help those in the homosexual community it's not enough to just talk about homosexuality we have to talk about pride would have to talk about temperance we're going to have to talk about the importance of giving up those gaps of idle time and we're going to need to talk about the need to be self less and self sacrificial the understand that I'm a man of solutions rather than I had when people make a lot of these about problem and don't have any solutions I travel all over this planet literally and often I go to people with limited you know what's happening in the church as you know is wrong in the church today do you see this and they go through all these strange things but then I always go to them I said you have done well in explaining the Inspire problem now my question is what's the inspired to Lucian and that's what I would like to ask these people people who are professionals who have doctorates and Ph D.'s in complaining about what's wrong with the church I said all right you got your degree but let me ask you this How well are you in understanding the solutions to these problems. Brothers and sisters we have to understand this we are living in the days of Saddam no doubt about it but God is reverse of to be part of the solution not just a bunch of people to make a bunch of noise and if we're going to go ahead and talk about the abominable practices of men with men and women with women yes we need to teach that but brothers insisted you make sure you address that pride issue you make sure that you address temperance in appetite. You make sure that you address all this I don't is that we see so many especially of our young people involved. And we make sure by this is that we show them the importance of self sacrificial service to those who need it now we're going back to Genesis one thousand nine hundred bring that point out Genesis one thousand with back there so we see in Genesis one thing that as a result of them rejecting the message of a lot in the messenger the Bible went on to say we were right there and we were talking about it they wanted to go ahead and and lady with these angels now we're in verse six in Genesis one thousand versus seven Lot went out at the door into them and shut the door after him and said I pray you brethren do not so we could be behold now I have two daughters which have not known man let me I pray you bring them out unto you and he to them as is good in your eyes only under these men do nothing for therefore came they under the shadow of my roof and they said Stand back and they said again this one fellow came into sojourn and he will need to be a judge now what we do. Deal worse with B. then with them and they press or pundit man Even lot and came near to break the door but the men put forth their hand and pulled Lot into the house to them and shut to the door and they smoke the men that there were at the door of the house with blindness both small and great so that they will read them fail to even find the door. This again what was happening is you see another example of what we call national apostasy message after message starting from a broom. All the way through a lot and yet they ignore the message they did not take heed and as a result of that it led to national parks they came together and said we don't want to hear it and they rejected it as a result of rejecting it. What does the Bible say took place were in Genesis nineteen look at versus twelve and thirteen and onward it says in verse well and the men sit on to Lot has out here any besides son in law and by funding by daughter and whatsoever the house in the city bring them out of this place for we will destroy this place because the cry of them is waxing great before the face of the Lord and the Lord has sent us to destroy it versus twenty four and twenty five it says then the Lord rained upon Saddam and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven and he overthrew those cities and all the plane and all the inhabitants of the city and that which grew upon the ground as a result of national apostasy again it led to national ruin so there's a chance that we see and it's not just a trend because even after this brothers and sisters. Israel went into Egypt didn't it. And when Israel went in to eat the do you know brothers and sisters as Faroe and his holes. Reject God's last warning did you know that this hour get warning. Oh he got tons of warnings for of this if you read back in Exodus fourteen one through ten in Exodus fourteen one through ten. Fragile and it's all good warning after warning after warning and demonstration at the demonstration at the demonstration. Fratto and its host. Reject the warning and it lead again through national apostasy once it led to national apostasy then lo and behold. Pharrell and the Egyptians Holt are destroyed in Exodus fourteen twenty six to thirty one all of a sudden I'm going a little faster and I'm going to go ahead let you write the verses down but listen the reason why I take time going through the verses is this there is something that's far as I'm concerned is absolutely not even dangerous is dead being among seventy AD in it and that is to assume you know what I'm talking about. I've decided I'm doing that anymore. So literally what I do is I'll put up the verses and I'm like Let's go through it because we're assuming we know the stories were a lot of times we don't know the stories and sometimes we miss very intricate detail but I'm watching my time as well so I want you to write this down so that way you can know it but then there's a second reason why I want you to do this the second reason I want you to go through these verses is because my heart is the heart of a teacher. God put it there and one of the things teachers want is not so much for you to hear but teachers want you to hear and to hear so well that now you can teach it to others. That's what a feature one so the more the to have the verses the more that you're looking at the verses the more you're thinking about the verses you can answer the question when you have that co-worker that relative or somebody else and they say What do you think the pope's visit is going to amount to. When you begin to that what do you think America making a decision to go ahead and and now give full sweeping license and say it's all right. Anybody can get married if they gave all throughout the country it doesn't matter anymore. With needing to win this woman gets arrested because she makes the decision that she cannot let her consciously violated and even through her work. Distribute something that violates our conscience and now she's in prison. Where's all that needing to win somebody stuff that asking those questions do you know what God wants he wants first Peter three fifteen you know a first Peter three fifteenth is the Bible says and first Peter chapter three and verse fifteen it says but thank the five The Lord God in your heart and be ready always to give an end to every man that ask if you the reason of the hope that is in you with meekness in fear. God wants you to really know how to walk people through truth he wants you to break it down so they can understand what's going on let's coming next and then find the refuge before it's too late. This continues so national apostasy. Faron the Egyptian hole saw destroyed it led to national ruin and over and over and over again you see the same again I'm a show it to you right here. Ancient Babylon. Same thing when the children of Israel went into Babylon and they were kept the same thing you see the example to belt sander. He rejects God last warning and Daniel five seventeen through twenty four he would Jack's it and Babylon had tremendous witnesses to let the people know of God it is right at this through the example of never could never hear it is that when Bell Savard reject God last warning national apostasy What came as a result of it. Well we know the story the Bible goes on to help us see it. Babylon is fallen and the king and the people are destroyed. Daniel five twenty five through thirty one so again national apostasy led to national ruin over and over and over again and I thought it looking even deeper did you know this not only applies to all these groups even applies to ancient Jerusalem even when you look at Jerusalem brothers did you see the dream over and over and over again the leaders of Jerusalem reject Christ Matthew twenty three thirty seven to thirty nine they were second that's why Jesus was saying oh how long I would have gathered you like a hen would get her chick but you would not so then Jesus says so now behold I leave your house and to you. Desolate and when Christ did that I was the last time he stepped foot in the temple. Well here it is that when that happened again that was a demonstration of national apostasy they were turning away from Christ because apostasy means to turn away from the truth and Jesus said I and the truth when you turn away from Christ you have committed the greatest of apostasy you understand that. So here it is that when they turned away look at what happened later on we know the story in eighty seven the Jerusalem was ultimately destroy as Jesus prophesied until the and as a result of that. Ashton of apostasy again led to national ruin Now the reason why this is important is because Let's go to Revelation thirteen when we go to Revelation thirteen we see a very very biblical trend national apostasy leads the National ruin national apostasy leads the national ruling lo and behold when you look at Revelation thirteen notice what the Bible says the Bible says in Revelation. We're looking at the thirteenth chapter and in Revelation thirteen we get that story the two beasts and notice what if it says and I stood citing a verse one and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw beach rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and opponents on ten crowns and upon it has the name of blasphemy and the bees which I thought was likened to a leopard and its feet whereas the feet of a bear and its mouth at the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him three things what a dragon give him power what else. Great Authority now watched it gave him power seat and great authority and I saw one of his head as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and how much of the world. Now all the world wondered after the Beat question Who is this bs being spoken of here this is none other than the papacy. Alright papacy better known as the Roman Catholic Church. OK the papacy Now here's the next question did they suffer a deadly wound. Yes it is the one going to be healed. Is the wound healed all right mix multitude Now that's why had I asked because I had a feeling OK So once this there are some who say that the BE tower did suffer a deadly wound but that his wound would be healed and then of course all the world wonder at the now I want you to watch this because the dragon gave the be somewhat of a dragon given the gave him power what help great authority what we don't really understand that term power the word power you're about to see in the world power. Actually pave the way for the seat and the greatest already. In other words it's grown. Never had power the whole feet and great authority would never take place it was only because of the power that it had seat and great authority so we need to understand that power little bit more carefully. So now watch what John the Revelator does John the Revelator does pretty much what God does throughout the Bible you remember in Genesis one the Bible says in verse twenty six. Let us make man in our image after our likeness etc Remember got that and then Interesting enough when Genesis two comes in then God In verse seven says that and God made man out of the best of the world. Reason to is not the breath of life. Now wait a minute I thought he did that in Genesis one in other words what happened between Genesis one and two it is the principle and Bible study called repeat and expand. Yes and that is called repeat and expand so gotta fabs in Genesis one twenty six. Let us make man in our image after our like this etc Then when you get a Genesis two God is repeating what he did in Genesis one twenty six but now he's expanding he's saying now I've got down on the ground and I decided to make men out of the dozen I breed you understand he's repeating what he did in Genesis one twenty six but he's expanding the same principles in Revelation thirteen after God This beach is going to suffer dead when his wound will be healed and all the world wonder after to be God begins to repeat and expand. Watch how he doesn't. Revelation thirteen the Bible says a Revelation thirteen We're continuing now in verse four and they worship the dragon which gave power unto the beast and they worship the beast think who isn't like unto the beasts who is able to make war with him and there was given to him a mouth speaking great things in blasphemies and power what was given and power was given to him to continue how long forty and two months is a twelve month or sixty years. God is repeating what was already stated in Revelation twelve thirteen and onward. God is repeating it but now he's expanding so now he says so he gave them power for these forty two months this is again the dark ages. So now watch this. So then it says. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blacks in his name and this happen Akhil and them that dwell in heaven and it was giving unto Him to make war with the things watch this now and it was given to him to make war with the things and to overcome them and what power watch this power was given him over all kindreds and tongue and what else. Question Is somebody has power over a nation what kind of power do they have what that call. That's Politico or civil power is that right. But now look at the next verse it says not only did you have power over the nation. If there's an all that two of the pond the earth shall do what shower was shipped him whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Question is this worship that everybody's going to give to this first B. is this worth something that is borscht or is this something that the people are just doing willingly. Oh it's for president this is as you progress through Revelation thirteen because they're going to be another player that's going to called everybody to worship the first piece is that right. And notice in the Dark Ages was wrong asking people to listen to them no wrong with doing well now wait a minute if somebody forces you to worship against your own conscience what kind of power is that. That's religious power is that right. So not a so when you look at this be does this beat have both civil and religious power. Yes and when the bees had civil and religious power that's how it developed its feet and exercise great authority you follow that it was able to exercise great authority over the people because they had to you you know church and state. Now since that's the fact. Then when it says the beast will suffer a deadly wound What power did the beast alternately lose the power of what what do they lose the power of church and state but it says the deadly wound will eventually be healed so if the wounded going to be healed that means it's once again going to have what church power and that's how we're going to be demonstrated in what church and state question Are we there yet. No and you want to know I know. Because I know that if they had that power we wouldn't be here right now and we would not have the freedoms we still have presently right how we would not see a man doing everything possible to unite with everybody and even tell folks who are gay that he knows he has a standard that homosexuality is an abomination in the Bible and instead of giving the definite answer he will say listen I'm not here to judge anybody he wouldn't have to yield and succumb to all that stuff if he already had his power back. You understand so the wound is not healed yet. The wound is going through a healing process are you following now somebody's going played a row and watch what the Bible says in Revelation thirteen out of versa live I thought that this was very interesting because a lot of what it says here in Revelation thirteen eleven if there's an I.V. held another beach coming up out of the earth and he had to have like a lamb and he spake of the dragon verse twelve and he exercises all the. Although what of the what these now what power do the first the said church and say so in order for the second beast to fulfill the rest of verse twelve it has to have everything. Rome had and it says it decides it by some it says it exercises all the power of the first these you follow that. So exercises all the power the first beast which means that it must have church and state and look at what the Bible says is going to happen when added verse twelve again and he exercises all the power of the first before him and it causes that we're calling it mean forward and causes the other and then which dwell there in to worship the first these who did the Wound was healed. So when we look at the second bees who is too who's a secondly that of the United States of America. When we look at the second Beast of Revelation thirteen we see that they are going to come when the United States of America is going to play a part. In persecuting and prosecuting the people of God through the union of church and state but then I wonder what's going to ultimately happen notice what the Bible says and Daniel to now watch with a bias or Daniel two was going to happen before the Texas Daniel two So notice what the Bible says now we're looking at Daniel to this is why again as we stated before when you studied Daniel two in the image of the Metal Men when you study it when you get to the feet of iron and clay the feet of iron and clay represents the mingling of church and state that is the better interpretation a lot of time for the years seventy AD then it's what taught the coin term that the feet of iron and clay. Represents the ten divided kingdoms of Western Europe for the fifth. It is not in this ng in my words please it is not limited to that do not limit the ten toes and the feet of iron and clay to simply the ten divided nation the with you are not teaching faithful Bible prophecy my word is limited you heard me say limited right in other words all the ten divided nation the west your is it inclusive to the feet of Ironically yes but is it limited to the feet of our nuclear no this is what the prophet meant of engineers and one ninety six the prophecies of Daniel in the Revelation should be carefully studied when you look at it the ten toes. AIG this un till that final kingdom come that crushes everything else the ten divided nation the Western Europe don't. Yes and that that's why you don't want to limit it to that so what we want to do is understand it is the principle of church and state. Iron represents Rome which was a political power play. Jeremih eighty four to six. Romans nine I think it's sixty four. Verse nine old Bible verses show Clay represent God's people God sir when you see feet of iron and clay you're seeing a mingling of political and religious power the reason the Bible says they sell not cleave is because when the first time clique comes up in the Bible. Is in Genesis when there was a beautiful thing called marriage and way that marriage ceremony took place. God says a man to leave his father his mother he said I'll clean lead to his bride and they say I'll be one flesh how long the dogs want to clean the last forever so when you think of cleave you think of something that is permanent so when the Bible says the feet of iron and clay. Shall mingle together but they sound not cleave God would think it will not be permanent it will not last forever. Why because Jesus is going to companies going to crush that kingdom out yonder stand that not going that forever younger fan so when we look at that. Then what that means is that when the Bible shows that there's going to be a mingling of church and state all the way up until the end of time that means America of fits within the feet of iron and clay and the time is going to come where America is no longer going to cause the Earth and then which is well they're in to worship the first beast whose that the wound was healed. What is it that will lead to this. Now notice this statement from inspiration. We're told no one has yet to receive the mark of the bees please don't go around telling folks they got the mark of the bees. Inspiration is very definite no one has yet to see the market at the same and that's why stop calling the market the Sunday worship if you say the market to beat the Sunday worship and that means people got it right now that people deafening worshipping on Sunday a better term would be the mark of the beat is Sunday observations and forced through church and state union you would be you would be more prosthetic Lee Biblical if you said that then you simply say in the market the Sunday worship and by the way we're going to work tomorrow and tomorrow Sunday so the only thing the understand the Clearly things be clearly a man all right so noted no one has yet to receive the market to be the testing time has not yet come. It said there are true christians and every search not accepting the Roman Catholic communion. None are condemned on sale. They have had the light and had seen the obligation of the Fourth Commandment it said but when I now watch this it says but when the decree shall go forth and forcing the counterfeits Abbot and allowed cry of the third angel shall warn men against the worship of the beast and its image the line will be clearly drawn between the false and the true now watch what happens next all of this is coming from evangelism to thirty five then those who failed continue any transgression will receive the mark of the beast. So when the Sunday law test comes to the people have done and when it comes to us and whatever decision the individual make at that this is when they're going to have either the market the beat or the seal of God If you want to reading aren't great controversy six o five make it crystal clear now look at what it did with rapid steps we are approaching this period now what's going to be the time when Protestant churches shall unite with the secular power to sustain a false religion for opposing which their ancestors and do it the fifth is persecution then will the papal fab it be what. And forced by the combined authority of what church and state there what it says there will be a national apostasy which will and only a national ruling you get it. Brothers this is we're not far from this I cannot give you a day I cannot give you an hour but I can definitely pay attention to the season and I am telling you we are not far from this everything is being put in place to bring ultimately the United States of America and this world to a state of national ruin as a result of national apostasy. Now here's where it gets interesting the question then that came into my mind was this what movement would prepare the way for America to commit national apostasy that would lead to national ruin America's going to play a role in ultimately enforcing Sunday observant and bring everybody to pay homage to the papacy that's basically what prophecy is just showing us hook line and think a very clear now because of this the question is Well what are some agitations that would take place that would prepare the way for this and there was one that was very clear one of the things that is a massive part of the movement to ultimately bring us to a place where we are going to see ultimately this national apostasy take place is this movement right here is a movement of the quality the word equality has become a very important word in America. Especially as of late and the reality is when you think of the quality you think of images like that this is now the new image of equality the understand that this is the image of equality. Today when you think of there's nothing that is being advocated more worldwide in fact take a look at this this is where you want to play the clip. Worldwide movement world wide movement and here's where get interesting because of the fact that this became such a massive additive I mean nothing has swept our world like the movement of equality as revealed through the game marriage movement is absolutely took our world by storm and you have to remember Jesus said one of the signs of the days of Noah was going to be the corruption of marriage remember they were marrying it and giving in marriage and there are many ways that that's manifested but one definitely is the new concept of course which is now sweeping our world in becoming seemingly and abundant the acceptable which is gay marriage. But here's what happened two days at the United States of America said well we're going to go ahead and do it. Remember you see I wish I could really go into all of it but I know I can't because the time we got some messages are going to be uploaded an audio verse very soon but we really go through American history and all these things but you will see that America remember it had two horns like a lamb there was a time that America was very right in standing for Biblical Christian principle. OK That's why we still have the dollar that In God We Trust All right. Today you have to ask which god. But nevertheless they're there are things that are ten that are little sign post to let you know that our country was very much. Indorsing inclusive of religion and of course allowing Christian principles to be the means by which things were governed but a time was going to come with things going to change so I ask them miracle made the decision that listen we're going to go ahead Mary everybody two days later somebody said well you know what. Wide to it was almost like people were in a relay running position and as soon as Americans that all right we're going to do this. Then immediately some people said All right let's go and they said why Sue Why cannot it be three four five five hundred why does it have to be two people so now but it did with paved the way for the same sex couples. And this is what side of the happened to same sex couples right here these are actual pictures of people who started to push so now the next push is for not just something in Utah but something that can be done. All throughout the United States of America. Listen if two men can marry thousand that's all right. Why can't it be three Why can't be five Why can't it be eight ten twenty thirty and we all get benefits and we all get to raise children and everything else and what's happening is the religious climate of America is absolutely drastically dropping immorality is the new equilibrium and this is what is happening brothers and sisters now it didn't just go to same sex couples but it's got to get even deeper than that because of course you know transgender became super popular you know what is so offensive about this is that this man who was known as Bruce Jenner who now were first themselves and Jenner he's being rewarded for taking this step but there were other people there with a woman who was purses the airing and playing the game which I'm not an advocate of competitive sport but she was still perseverance to play the game of basketball while she had a brain tumor. She ultimately died in other words there were people who were much much more worthy of getting an award for perseverance than and going against all odds and all these other things but rather this is going to make a trying to make a statement so here it is now that this is becoming again the thing of the day so it's not enough to be gay it's not enough to get married to be gay it's not enough to say hey why don't we do the ruffles and all these other things but you know what I just think I decide I want to change myself and I did a meeting the other day and I didn't meeting at one place and I can't name the place because I know this will go public but I remember that I didn't meeting and a young girl came to me. Precious young girl. I mean she's not even a teenager brother to sister. And she says I think I want to be a man and she says and I want counsel and I want this and she started going into all the rationale of why she believes I remember Seabrook did a sermon years ago and see Brooks and I want to contact all the Brooks just to ask you we're going to get the source he said that things would get so bad in the days of Saddam that the common sense of the days became easily boring and therefore awards would be given for somebody who could come up with the new most new with based way to practice in that is how bad Saddam God All of a sudden Brezhnev If it when it is now popular to be transgendered when it's now popular to be gay and all these are all of us and we've got folks coming out of the closet and we've got every right to know you know what do you know I yeah yeah we feel of the through and all the sudden and we don't understand listen television and movies have been putting out psychological messages a long time ago that's why God gave us a preservation policy give us the preservation method he said that we ought to cut these forms a false abuse meant all and that we are not to put these things in front of us. Endako going because today you can't even trust the so called child sitcom you don't know what they're teaching our children and we will put those things in front of our children. Sponge Bob Square Pants Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues in and even Veggie Tales brothers and sisters we need to start understanding the all messages. Inspired by Satan that maybe even innocent people were put before either thinking is good when it is evil for Marvel not even Satan shall come as an angel of light and his demons and so we are going to really be careful because this is the popular thing today brother this is it and we're not to see it in the world with seeing it in Adventism with seeing it in the cherish if ever the people need to understand Christ their rights is how Jesus can live out his right his life within us and even purify our desires. Remember somebody came to me and said It's alright it's alright to be gay as long as it's in your heart just just don't fulfil it. I said I think that's not the gospel you tell me that I'm a man supposed to just want it all their life but can't perform it. That is a pathetic way to present it. I believe that when Jesus brings a man to a state a woman to annex the where they are born again God even purified their desire. He will actually show them how to hate what they once loved and love what they want hated that the gospel I am aware of from the bike. So I believe we have a message to let the Brethren know this and I don't care what your desires are right now. God can create a new a clean heart God can help you love what do you love and hate what he hates because that's the power that God has a God So here it is we look at this now this man right here is very interesting His name is Dr Paul McKEW And he's the former psychiatry in chief at John Hopkins Hospital now what he put out there in relation to the commentary on transgenders very interesting here's what he said he said yes he was make an argument about this issue of transgender Here's what he said. Yet policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a write in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding treatment and prevention. This is a man who literally is coming from a second offense point and he think when individual thought beginning to talk about you know being a transgender and they want to go ahead and go through sex orientation change it he said that it's a mental disorder it's not a right that needs to be exercised in need to be prevented it needs to be treated. It need to be counseled through and ultimately the individual needs to see this is a mental disorder. Now look at what it says May He says at the heart of the problem is confusion over the nature of the transgendered sex change is biologically impossible. These are his words come from effective sees a sex change is biologically impossible people who undergo sex reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather they become feminized men or masculine that is based in women that's all that's really happening not being changed from a man to a woman a woman to a man you can't do that it's impossible. OK And if you don't want to believe or from a biblical standpoint this is the best the science that's a No it is impossible a man is a man or woman is a woman you can lengthen your hair you can put make things pop out of place of the never was before you can do all of that at the end of a day. You're still a man. You're still a woman you've just become feminized or use just become masculinized you understand that as a message that need to be talking to people being lied to people actually believing that after their reassignment they actually believe I am now it will mean I am now a man and they need education. Given in love yes straight through to let them know no. You're still a man you are still the woman you just become masculinized all feminized that's all that happened. Phrase the Lord All right so what if it is there are people who undergo sex reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather they become feminized men a masculine there's a sion women claiming this as a civil rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to colab rate with and promote a mental disorder this is literally what the scientists are saying OK And the reason why this man is an authority. Dr Paul McHugh remember former psychiatry's in chief at John Hopkins John Hopkins Hospital was the first hospital in America has a sex change reassignment for a hospital so I mean they really an authority on it but then here's what happened. So not a saint is just constantly trying to raise this very bless it gets called marriage to the point that it's not enough to do all the changes but it will happen next. Did you know brothers and sisters that there is even now something called marriage between human and animals. This is how much of a game. Satan is absolutely and joining to play with God's creation. OK It says here the website marry your pet dot com See this is a marriage of minds and companionship you have no conjugal rights and figure clarity you are not permitted to sleep you pay they want to put that there. But they actually called of the marriage and you know again if you can't presently go to court and say you know if you mean official license or what have you but this is the down spiral of where everything is leading to and what a faith and trying to do it the end of a date completely erase the image of God from humanity that's all he wants to do he wants to completely erase the image of God from humanity wise because I don't know if you remember that little statement in steps to Christ page ten. Infest the Christ page ten we are told through the tenderest. Of earthly ties that human heart could know God has sought to reveal Himself to us you see it was to marriage that God wanted us to understand what holiness really is it was through marriage that God wanted us to understand the communion that he desires to have his creation and now this marriage. Communion is being directly attacked to the point look at the growth of same sex marriage in two thousand and thirteen. Then look at it in two thousand and fourteen. Jump from here to here and then of course twenty fifteen. Completely This is why we're told. Great change of the food to take place in our world in the final movies will be rapid once and the question of what would happen when it would get here you see in other words how can the United States of America get to a place where it can become just persecuting power to the people of God and it was through these agitations that we got a small picture of it because watch this get the sound. Notice this next video clip right here. Observe it. Merit for the new the snare and that was just literally ministrations top lawyer says it is the Supreme Court redefined that problem is that they had met up at dawn and we want to know what the kids did not doing that and manage just that they are lucky that works fine and most efficient way to get rid of government popular solicitor generals also really funny. Call me going to be and I don't know that I do not deny that it going to be an edge. Why when the position of that express your general what extended to post only one day a pair of old were whenever he's on that we're going to lose it and if they don't come when I will know that you do that you go online and just last week the world watched this one A.P. consider everything said about those who have religious convictions on social issues. D C cultural posterization and structure by C. have to be changed my life and have their vacation or explanation or general massive or find a job for me to question our about that gave them the last Shannon thank you. May not and so you can see the landscape you can see where it's all the eating. Our presidential election coming up and what have you been making it clear this is opposition and so on in our next presentation I'm going to talk about Dr Ben Carson not in the form of slander but I'm going to talk about a reality of his movement and what it how it going to affect seventy AD minutes so we're going to talk about these things because they need to be talked about. All right and we need to understand it so what God is saying is that look gay marriage issues this threatening religious freedom in. It was Satan's most diabolical way to pave the way for Revelation thirteen to come depends what was going to be the agitation that could pave the way to put everything else to come to pass and we're literally watching it all happen right now because now this web had become so deeply We'd you have to understand did you see the article what they said they said. Especially any institutions government funded any institutions that are going through these things. Remember even a seven a church presently the way we're structured we're five hundred one c three brothers and sisters. OK We always look for that when we want to give our donations and what have you but we need to understand this potential consequences with it because now I'm going to answer some serious questions when it comes to who were going to hire to teach in our schools who we hire to go ahead and teach in our various administration offices and what have you and if somebody is gay married and live an openly transgender life or whatever it can be illegal for us to tell them no we cannot hire you to work in our A.B.C. you understand that. So it's something we're going to be impacted as a church no doubt about it and it ever there was a time to repeat the word whoever's on the Lord's side and here is right now. Because that's exactly what happened to this lady right here. She made this is he said look I cannot violate my conscience and even though I'm not getting into the intricacies of the decision of what she did what I see is that this is how this thing is going play out. She stood upon her religious conviction even though it violator law and it wasn't like they fired her they just could have said listen we just got to fire you but instead it ended up becoming something where obviously she ended up in prison a Kentucky county clerk who has become a symbol of religious opposition to same sex marriage was jailed Thursday after defying a federal court order the issue licenses to gay couples and it just gives us a picture of what kind of agitations God's people are getting ready to face and this is why I keep saying to you a final crisis is upon us. We've been preaching about this thing for years some of us more than others but we've been preaching that and showing this and going prophecy after prophecy reality after reality God People have been hearing it for a long time the people say amen. Then we go back to sleep and now it's coming up on us and think is real thing is real brothers and sisters and the question is what we do now as God's people because this is the agitation we have to understand when the Pharisees afterward question him concerning the lawfulness of divorce. Jesus point is here is back to the marriage institution as ordained a creation because of the hardness of your hearts he said Moses suffered you to put away your wives but from the beginning it was not so he referred them to the bless the days of Eden when God pronounce all things very good then marriage and the savages had there are is in what kind of institution. Twin institutions for the glory of God in the benefit of humanity. Advantage home page three forty and so we see that marriage and the Sabbath are very much linked in fact I would use the term in dissolve you've legally why because that's what inspiration said the Sabbath and the family were alike instituted in Eden and in God's purpose they are what indeed Zol you believe link together. Meaning if you hit the savage you hit marriage if you hit marriage you hit the Sabbath so we are seeing a very well. Pattern while organized the whole diabolical attacks upon the marriage and the family institution and as far as America is concerned it has ever been changed forever. So because of that with seeing that America is going down that slippery slope of what equates to NASA no zero apostasy. And it's going to lead ultimately to national ruin you see brothers and sisters we were told when Pope John Paul the second row D.S. Domini he revealed to the world the methodology that the papacy has always used to pass Sunday laws the attack on marriage does not stop at marriage it's going to lead to the twin is going to lead to none other than the Sabbath issue so it's kind of like God is allowing us those of us who are students of prophecy. He's allowing us to get a picture of what getting ready to come. So everything with the even all the way down to the fifth of being put in jail and said the persecutions and whatnot. He's allowing us to see that because God is saying this is how things are going to go down when it comes to the fat of question so I put this back here I share this with you even here at South as you karma share this with you from years ago so I would imagine many of you are from the even though the new faces here but what Pope John Paul the second India's Domini what he did was he with field how Rome has always past Sunday laws this is what if they went through the century she has made laws concerning Sunday read when says she her mother Roman Catholic Church the Church that this she had had in mind above all the work of what service the workers so notice whatever Rome one of the past Sunday laws what they would do is always focused on the people. Focus on the benefits of a Sunday law helped them to understand listen if you agree with us to pass on to all this is what's going to help you this is beneficial to you as workers and families so what if it is certainly not because this work with any less worthy when compared to the spirit of requirements of Sunday observant but rather because it needed greater regulation to lightness burdens and thus an able to everyone to keep the Lord's Day holy so they wanted to do with there was no partiality everybody get the same benefits and that's why the best way to do it is not to say observed Sunday according to your conscience that's what Rome discourages they say no make it law because if you make it law. Everybody get the benefit. It's very diabolical. Now what it says in this matter. My predecessor Pope Leo the thirteen isn't cyclical rooms of Orum spoke of Sunday rest as a worker's rights which the state must guaranteed therefore also in the particular circumstances of our time. Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy So this is the crisis that's coming upon us now the reason why I bring this light up is because America is in trouble. America's in trouble we have sweeping crime we have police brutality we have a horrific economy we have issue upon issues as it relates to even the very things in our society and it relates to business. Nature are areas in pure all sorts of problems that are happening all throughout US and therefore the question is how can we solve these problems and the answer is he's coming on this I wish I could laugh with you because I can guarantee those who laugh now you won't be laughing when he gets here what I'm telling you is he's coming and when he comes he's coming to be a solution to the problem this is how is the new That's why he has a six point a gender of what he's going to address to Congress but notice it says here. September twenty fifth scene Philadelphia USA and it says World Meeting of Families. He's coming to talk to the families. Yes is going to talk with Congress but he had a talk with the people whine because Revelation thirteen shows that in verse fourteen that they need to make the images of these people if the people that going to be key in a stab listening also the the image of the beast which was church and save the people are going to say we want it and he's the simply going to prepare Congress to say you get it so when you look at the fixed point agenda when you look at the things that he's going to dress. Everything from economy. Well that's interesting the beast power want to talk about the economy so that it can make it easier to put people in the plate with a Cambaia they can't sell. Everything makes sense brothers and sisters this all coming together right in front of our faith. You remember last year Pope Francis said opening businesses on Sundays is not beneficial for society because the priority should be not economic but human and that the stress should be on families and friendship not commercial relationship so he's put it out there last year now has come in this year to hammer it in and what is he doing. He's coming to bring a solution to the problems of life but do you know what I learned. Do we really have problems are the real problems in this world. Yes but did you know did you know that the Gospel is a wonderful simplifier of life's problems it is not that the world doesn't have problem it's not that the church doesn't have problem the question is how are these problems going to be solved and so the question is how can it be done because he's coming on his agenda so that he can ultimately show how the problems of life can be solved and ultimately is going to lead to a combining back of church and state. Pope Francis needs the United States of America right now. He needs them and that's why this meeting is so powerful to us but what I think is more and powerful is what do we do about it now there are a lot of ways to respond to a coming crisis there are a lot of ways when we see prophecies being fulfilled but now we get to the most favorite part of my study and that question is how did Jesus respond when he saw a prophecy being fulfilled and I want you to see what the Bible says In mark the first chapter you see in mark the first chapter which is a number of these final point and then we're going to prepare to go into our second session we're going to our second session we're going to talk about how we can really be a solution to the problem is the problem come into this world the problem coming to America. They've problems with all of them are they going to come to us personally. Big problem that these are going to come to the church. For God has a solution but I want you to see what the Bible says when Jesus sall prophecy being fulfilled the question is What did he do because I believe whatever Jesus did is what we should do because he's our pattern in the Bible says in the book of Mark Chapter one we're looking at verses fourteen and fifteen and I want you to see very clearly what Christ did watch this the Bible says in the book of Mark one vs fourteen or fifteen it says now after that John was put in prison Jesus came in to get out of the And one of the doing. Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and saying what the time is fulfilled the kingdom of heaven is at hand with pain and believe the gospel I want you to notice that the more that Christ saw prophecy being fulfilled is the more Christ began to preach the gospel and counts are the work of Satan this is not to be overlooked. Because there's some people I see probably being fulfilled with him and I would give you a country home. I'm going out of the city and get into the country and I'm going to far away as I can off the grid. P.O. Box nobody knows where I live and if some people that are doing that think they do it got service now brothers and sisters I have a country home you know I was on the ballot that out because some minister made light of country living and I don't appreciate that and God will deal with those ministers because that is the message that God needs to have lifted up more before the people God has called us from a long time ago to get out of the city as bad as possible. Eight hundred eighty five the prophet of God says The time is coming when God's people should get out of the city in one thousand nine hundred the time has come. How do you miss that. They are people that are actually ignorant enough and I'm going to say this there are people ministers people who are responsible leaders and preachers and teachers of the Word of God that I actually telling congregation that we ought to wait until America tries to pass a fund a lot and then get out of the city. If you just sit down and think about that that's ridiculous. That doesn't even make any sense how do you all go wait till a son in law is passed and then go around talking let's get a realtor. Let's start looking. Let's go ahead. Country living page nine fit one of the reasons to get the property is so that we can start growing food because the time of buying and selling is going to be a serious issue how do you wait for the crisis come and then you buy your land now you gotta tell it you have to wait at least a year before you probably from it in other words it's not sensible. God wants His people. I want right now and whether I am learning something I'm a sadist you know where we get a close intimate bring it to the next one let me say something right now the voters bless our missionary training school in New Hampshire the load is allowed some people to come our way and these are people with both money and power and they have come in they said you know we've read that they're supposed to be a restaurant work to be done in the Northeast we're willing to fund this. Somebody said you know we supposed to be a food factory and if they were one of the fun that but what they did was they said while we have the funding and all these other things there are some things that we're not fully aware of as we should be as a relate to what got councils out on how to set up a true good outpost So would you help us so we said yes we would. So Brother will for a while or myself we all decided we're going to take that the little booklet called health food ministry by a long way we took the book Health Food Ministry and we read it cover to cover because we knew we were going to counsel with the men we want to give the street Council when I went through the book Health Food Ministry I remember I told my wife this I went to my brightest it honey I have learned one thing very very clearly in my mind I save God really means what he says and if we don't do what God says He will leave us to our own devising and i told us that it has never been more that I have never seen the spirit of prophecy speaks so powerfully on this is why God raise that the restaurant work and if we get away from this it is better to shut down the restaurant the more that sort of you know quite a lot have mercy now brothers and sisters why do I bring that point up because we were told in one thousand three get out of the city this fast as possible. One hundred get out of the city this fast as possible and God's people keep laughing we keep waiting and we keep coming up with these strange ideas and we think we can do something in Saddam remember God told us not to locate in Saddam to save Saddam. God means what he says brothers and sisters you and I can do whatever we want to do it is council but I believe as believe in said one time he said You can argue with God but I don't think you'll win. We have to understand God has very clear street messages and if the door is open to do His will you need to go through the door while the remains over now why do I bring that point up because when Jesus saw prophecy being fulfilled. What did he do the Bible says He gave the Gospel it was the solution to the realities of what was happening around him and there are principles based on him giving the Gospel that we need to study because I'm going to show you how did Christ respond to his final crisis you know Jesus had a Final Crisis. Jesus had a Final Crisis in his life on earth and there were steps that Christ took in those closing scene that prepared him so that he could finish his work and his father would say Well done good and faithful servant and so in our next session this session we talk about the profit reality of what's coming we see national apostasy leads to national ruin we see national apostasy has well progress even in this very country and remember everything starts here and then mushrooms out to every other country so we have very much living in the very closing scenes of Earth history and God wants something done about it but he wants us to do it intelligently and so it is that we are going to have prayer so we can ask the Lord Lord please show me how to practically realistically prepare for this final crisis because remember the whole theme of our sessions to get to my workshop are entitled Christ our example I want to look at these ample of Jesus how he responded to the Final Crisis and then by the grace of God mean we responded same way and if it's your desire to say Lord I want to respond to this very clear very up and coming. Final Crisis is getting ready to come to the people of God in this world. Lord I want to do what ever it takes. That I am a first spawn as Jesus responds and if that's your declaration that your desire and that's a covenant you make it was got an invite to the stance easy. And as you stand do you see I want you to know that Christ and with you. We've got some serious steps we've got to get ready to take and I believe the Lord is going to bless us even beyond our expectations. So why don't we go ahead let's head and let's have ourselves a word of prayer. Loving Father we thank you so much for what you showed us law this so much more to show but I believe we can see very clearly from your word that national apostasy leads to national ruin and Lord we can see that this very very country that you mark in Bible prophecy as a place that would represent even the horns that was like a lamb that one day it would begin to speak like a dragon and the time will come where also met Lee even in this very country we're going to see national apostasy that will lead to national ruin it's our desire to be a people prepared to meet our guide to show others how to do the same thing and I thank you for the simplicity of your words please Lord let it be settled. Ever so deeply within our hearts that by your grace we will do only what Jesus did as he saw his final crisis coming and I thank you that you have heard this prayer I trust also that you eventually did for we ask it all in Jesus name Amen. 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