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  • September 5, 2015
    7:15 PM
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Thank you all for for submitting your questions. Many good questions. We can't use all of them. No offense if your question is not asked. They were all good questions. Except the question about what the wife I password was. Could we have. Could we have one of you pray before we begin. Other In Heaven we thank you for this opportunity to answer a question whether you know that each one of a serious human. And when you're with them to answer according to your word. So I pray that we would give answers that are the book. And that will guide the minds of all those who are honestly see. You know what the Bible. I've heard. So I know usually it's easiest and then it gets harder. I don't know that that will be the case tonight will do one. Easy one. Do we have to be baptized in order to go to heaven. If it's all right I'll jump in for an easy question. It was. It was actually to you. Oh. Well. That's a trick question because everyone who can be baptized should be baptized. Jesus said unless you're born of the water in spirit you cannot enter the Kingdom of God in John Chapter three March after sixteen whoever believes in his baptized will be safe. First thing Peter says after they say what must we do. He said repent and be baptized every one of you and you'll receive the gift the Holy Spirit. Last thing Jesus said before he sins they haven't. Go there for teachin Baptizer baptism is very important. But some people obviously will be in heaven and were not baptize or a lot of people in the whole Old Testament dispensation. So but it's a command that tells. It's as important to a Christian as a wedding is to a marriage is from turning point where you publicly tick. Declare Christ. Obviously the thief on the cross. Oh. We're closing tonight talking about him was not that ties and he'll be in heaven. I think Jesus was baptized. Not for his own sin. But for those who couldn't be they get credit for his baptism. Been All right. I know God has called me into ministry. And after years of serving faithfully. I have fallen back into a sin. I had overcome in the past have and then disqualified from ministry. And I realize that what they find back into is not specified. I answered the last question. I mean. As I'm listening to the direct question. The person was in ministry. And then at some point. An old soon became a reality in their lives once again. And they are now asking the questions. Can I still minister. And I can I still go back to the ministry is that correct correct. All right. Well I mean. David is an example in scripture he was one whose God had called use my duty to do His will and to speak his word and he fell into sin. And he did receive ramifications for that. But yet God was still able to work through his to be his manservant David had to repentance we read that solves that one which is key and that is what I would say to that minister because it also kind of makes it seem like ministers don't sit or ministers at some point. You know we just stop sinning. Per se. And while we don't want to make an endorsement for the and it all we know that by the grace of God we don't have to fall back into it. But if we sin. The Bible is very clear that we confess our sin. God is faithful and just as a give us the cleverest of all and right now if I'm cleanse from all unrighteousness that I am right. God can restrain speak to the merits of his son. And I can now go forward and do his work. I'm answering. Based on what I'm hearing I know that they are sensitive situations. You know there are certain in that people have fallen into. You know examples of Pastor. Molesting a child can he go back into being a pastor. You know once we start getting into those sensitive very specific things then there may be a very different answer. But when we're dealing just generally with that that I would anyone else have anything to add All right. This next question I think it came up because of the session here in the tent. I'll give a little background so we were talking about some of the arguments for our stances in the Bible. And some of our stances in the Bible come from Leviticus. And we as Christians. It appears to others that are not Christian that. That we pick and choose what we want to stand for particularly in the Vedic A So the question as how do you determine whether a law from Leviticus applies to us today or not. I know some are ceremonial laws but why is it that we for example. Don't get tattoos. And the reference here is of that it has nine hundred twenty eight. But it doesn't matter how our how we shave. Our beards. Leviticus nine hundred twenty seven. There are two verses in Leviticus what one may not be Leviticus and some will have to help me look at up. But when it says. You're not to make any cuttings in your flesh neither shall you mar the corners of your beer. People said that means you're not supposed to shave. You read further on in the Bible it says you're not supposed to mark the corners of your beard for the dead. And they had a practice back then that when you were in mourning the pagans. Would mutilate themselves you read about what the prophets of bail did. They cut themselves and they would lead to a kind of a finger. They would shave off part of their beard so they would look like they were has all the shovels and morning and God said your holy not supposed to do that that had nothing to do with whether you should grow a beard or shave. You'll notice that when just of comes the meat before the feral and God fills in with the Spirit to interpret the dream. He changed. And so I look right at a guy with a beard when I said that sorry there's nothing. That doesn't mean anything but you just were right there. So when the Fifa chef was in mourning. You remember when David. Fled because of Absalom he said I have not trim my beard. Because I've been in mourning so they used to trim their beards easy shave their beards and that verse really is no command about never shaving or growing a beard. OK so before any mark. Any more answers. That was just an example. And so I'm glad that we addressed it but the same time I think that. How do we determine which is which. So meaning. Are we picking and choosing. So the. The thing about the beard was was an example for example the beard. But how do we how do we determine if we are picking and choosing a good example though it was. And I appreciate the answer. I'll jump in anybody I just keep talking is no one seen any. But how can I ask how many questions that we have so we can pace ourselves. Were prisoners else. OK. All right and just. We go quickly so. Well I believe. Man shall live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God including Leviticus. And the things in Leviticus that would not be specifically a political right now is one if you're not living under a theocracy there are certain laws about a person called adultery or breaking the Sabbath you stone them and the other things would be. Those related to the ceremony which is no longer circumcision in the flesh but circumcision of the hard. But all the other social laws much of the the a civil laws in the world today come from the laws of Moses and their very good. You know. One of the things we're told in the book education page when eighty nine. Is when we study the Bible we should study the scripture as a whole. Which again goes back to the point the past that Doug just shared with you gotta look at the whole of scripture and don't build a religion a practice or anything of it just a passage here or there. Of the Apostle Paul as an example. There was a time of course God's people would wear veils. It would cover themselves. Cover their head. Of course especially the women would do it in a certain way and the hair with the glory. And a covering. But when you read it first Corinthians eleven a verse sixteen when Paul talked about this. He would then say in verse sixteen. But if any man seemed to be contentious. We have no such custom need of the churches of God. So there would be other verses that you would use to help clarify. A practice that may have been done in times of old. But this custom is no longer a play couple. You know again. Leaning back to the point made earlier. So. Study the scripture as a whole. When we look at some of the statements that are made in relation to civil law sanitary laws and other type a lot of the Bible. And then when we look at the scripture as a whole. We can see what is still a political today versus what may not have been a political because it was under the ocracy pertain to various customs etc. And I believe that will help but it is going to require the study you have to go into the word to dissect what is a political today versus what is not excellent. Next question is the fact that we are different from Christ does it prevent us from emulating his life. And having victory over sin as he did. Do. First of all Scripture make six. Clear that we can have the mind of Christ. So if we can have the mind of Christ. I don't see. Admit a big difference there. Now. You know that's getting into the whole issue of the nature of Christ which there's others on here that can talk about that as well. But Scripture talked about how he was the whole we think conceived of the Holy Spirit. And it's true that Scripture says we're shaping an inequity. Conceived in our mother's womb However when we become born again. And we become hard takers of the divine nature. Romans eight three Informix is very clear. For what the law could not do and that it was weak through the flesh. God sending his own son in the likeness of simple wash and for sin condemning said in the flesh that the right has most of the law. Might be fulfilled in us you walk out after the was but after this spirit. Now. What's clear from that statement is that the right just most of the law may be fulfilled in a not outside of not simply a legal that's a ration. It's fulfilled and who was not after the flesh but after the Spirit. The other thing is that people say well it says the likeness of simple question about shows that Jesus is different but the emphasis is the Paul is placing there is on the same the some the similarity not the different. Did you want to touch on legal declaration. Since then maybe individuals Oh you'll declaration so. Some people claim that the righteousness of the law won't be fulfilled in me. Christ will just the Clara me to be released only righteous. Even though my heart. Hasn't changed. So yes Scripture says. When I abide in Christ says right just this is fulfilled in me. Not only did she say that I'm right just his righteousness is lived out through me and I connect or I think for some crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I love yet not I but Christ was so. Scripture doesn't paint a picture that because Jesus is different there for I can't be like him. Scripture paints a picture that Jesus came down to this earth to fix me up so that I could be like him and that's the picture of Scripture that I see. I don't see anywhere in Scripture that says you can't be like you. There are so many verses of say. Now to mothers able to keep you from falling. Well this mind he and he was was also in Christ Jesus. He gives us of the next sample the first Peter to he gives us the next ample that we should follow him walk after his. So I think God for those promises. Because I don't like to be like Norman McNulty unconverted. I would prefer Jesus the love of life through me. Thank you anyone else want to add anything. OK Next question. If someone is born hermaphrodite. How does that work in respect to sexual orientation or sexual identity. And if you would explain what that is as well. Can you repeat the question. Yes. If someone is born a hermaphrodite. How does that work in respect to the person's sexual identity. First and foremost we need to understand what is a hymn Aphrodite as basically someone who was born with both sexes. And it's then known that parents have had to choose which one to preserve at the birth of the child. And later on it's discovered that they chose the wrong one. So it's an intricate situation. And we can't really. It's a it's very intricate in that. When the child does grow up and identifies. I mean Biblically. This is a thing. The Brickley are our sex part is how we identify the world has the world has done it differently. Where sexual. We need to understand sexual identity. Versus sexual preference and this is what the world has redefined the Rickly our sexual makeup. Determines our sexual preference. That's the political. In the world of car com for men to lies. Those aspects of a human being I don't know if Elise or Daniel have anything to add to this. But as far as the him Aphrodite situation it's a very intricate situation it something that needs a lot of prayer and is a very difficult situation for parents to decide for the child and own us want to add anything. Jesus made a very definite and. When something is done outside of this. We can call it. Not the act of sin. But we can look at it as an effect of. Here's an example Matthew nineteen in Matthew one thousand the Bible says and it came to pass that when Jesus had finished the thing. He departed from Galilee and came into the coast of today a young Jordan a great multitude followed him and he healed in there. The Pharisees also came on to him tempting him in saying and to him. Is it lawful for man to put away his wife or every cause. And he answered and said unto them. Now here we go. Had he not read that he which made them. At the beginning. Made them. Male and female. From the beginning of time God's plan was to make male and female. When someone is born outside of this plan again it is not because of their act of vision. But it is the effect of spin in the world. And it's important to help them understand that this is something that is definitely an effect of sin in our world even though it was not a sin that they committed. So again ever SR stated it is something that has to be dealt with delicately. That we can see how does God help an individual who has dual genitalia to. You know say. Well then what am I. You know how might the find myself. And I think the first me that we will want to do is help them to understand that they are child of God is to at least give them that identity in Christ while we're trying to seek and understand to all the intricate steps in understanding the chromosomes that cetera. This that the other in exactly what are you from the standpoint of gender. But at least we can help them understand if any maybe and cried. He can be a new creature. And all things can be passed away and try to affirm them in that reality. While we try to help figure out the uniqueness of this situation as it relates to gender identity. Thank you so unfortunately that all the time we have tonight. I'll be going. Yes we can get going. Sometimes I see this and I I think that means that the people are just waiting. Next question. In a home setting. If an intruder breaks into our home with the intent of murder mayhem or otherwise. Is it wrong for a Christian to use force or bear arms. To save their life or their family's life. I'll. I don't have a problem. You don't want to try that at the bachelor pad. Jesus makes a statement he says if you're going to break into a strong man tells you need to first buying the strongmen it was understood that people would protect their families I think that you'll find that principle. The idea of turning the other cheek. Doesn't mean you watch people be victimized. And you know it doesn't mean that you're this is not of indorsement of someone's one dream. To go you know stockpile arms. In your house. But. I think God expects Christian. To be practical and. You know someone's going to harm your family. Do all you can to protect. The Anyone else like dad anything. OK Next question. How do I find a balance of being a loving and submissive wife. If my husband is not submitting to God. We repeat it. How do I find a balance of being a loving and submissive wife. If my husband is not submitting to God. OK. Dealt with this question quite a bit. Because sometimes you know when you travel or speak different places Bebo ring up if I remember being in Australia. And I finish doing a meeting there. And as I'm shaking everybody's hand as they were leaving. You know you just expect everybody to say with normally say Praise the Lord God is good. And this lady comes in she shakes my hand and I smother the government she says. And she says I'm getting ready to leave my husband I want you to tell me why should. And I'm thinking to myself. I did not expect to hear that. At the door. I told her I said Well I tell you what I said if I answer it now. All I would tell you is what I think. According to my opinion that's not what you said so you may say we don't make a decision for twenty four hours. Let me talk to the law and then she said OK you have twenty four hours and. You know I ended up. Praying and. And that's the first time we did a sermon called the ceiling work and did order. And you know that a lot of places on the internet but the good news was that at the end of it. She and her husband did not break up the ended up coming back together. In the largest less politically. One thing I would highly recommend And I'm assuming right now that this is a seven. The advantage that would be asking this question. I want to encourage you to read Chapter fifty seven of the book at Venice home. If you have access to that chapter fifty seven of the book at Venice home. It's a chapter called attitude toward an unbelieving companion. And it. I mean I have literally. Given this to so many Seventh Day Adventist sisters. To read. Who are literally at the point of being I'm just out I can't take this anymore. And I'm thankful that one hundred percent of those that I've had the privilege to talk with after they've read it they said I have seen what God is required. Thank you and the Lord is really helpful. So you know. We have the story of Abigail and neighbor all the ball was referred to as a who you know. Really bad guy. But Abby go with a very faithful wife. Nevertheless. And she even functioned as an intercessor on behalf of him when David the destroyer with coming to get him. She saw this man who deserve death. And she was still willing to intercept and intervene. They say. You know please don't do this. It's better. And you know. You see Abigail as a godly woman who was apparently with a very on God the man. But what we don't see of her leaving him and abandoning him. Unfortunately. You know he did die. But we don't see them just getting up and taking off because he's an unbelieving uncooperative husband. You know. So again I would highly recommend Chapter fifty seven had been his whole attitude toward an unbelieving companion. Really really good God The practical. Counsel for the type of situation. And even if you're not in the types of situations in case you are in a situation. Next question. This is this is actually one that we've dealt with before. And I think that it can be. I think that we can answer fairly quickly. What do you mean by country living how far out of the city. How far out of the city must you be does it need to be in a secret place and completely off the grid. I live in the country. ANNA. I live an hour and a half from now she'll see which is a pretty decent size. And you know it's a good to have a game plan for. What we as Seventh Avenue. And I was timing on the world. So for example that you followed the council of Christ that when the room and armories. Surrounded the city of Jerusalem that was the time to leave Jerusalem. And they did. Rationalize they will if we flee the city the Roman army. Going to a rest of them will be for the road. They follow the the council. They left at that time now. Some of them had about sooner and one of the even had to flee into the situation. Similar with. Similarly with Country Living words hold that when the sound a lot of the time to leave a large cities moving out of the smaller towns and of the country preparatory to fling to the mountains. So if you're going to lead a cave like houses are just live in now is not the time to do that because we have a work to do you to to take to the people of this world. And we work the cities from out those centers or so for now it's not a sin to live in the city even now. But your last chance to get out of the on the law. If you have an opportunity to leave sooner it's always better. I'll be honest. You know I move away from all of the five and a half years ago. I was in Trinidad for two years and when the time came to leave there I had an opportunity to come back to Loma Linda. And we made a decision as a family that country living at that at this point in our life with a better decision. So we have a place you know we live on twenty acres and have a garden. And a very passion all of those things. And if you can take steps and now. Shooby out of the city. Before the final crisis comes up always going to be better then making a run for it at the yes. If you can have a game plan and have a place out in the mountains that's a nice of you know secure secret location. Great but at the end of the Day Remember you're relying on the protection of God in marathons I think at the either September nineteenth or September twenty fourth. Well what I actually told of the angels of God More guy the faithful people to hiding places in the mountains or the meet up with other believers. So God will take care of asserts. We can do our part make sure you leave one. When the sign time of the leave. Follow the council got of. You haven't. But ultimately will rely on protection. I'd like to add that. As I understand SR White says in the book country living. That country living. Isn't about escaping persecution. Country living is about character development and preparing for persecution. I guess I'm in a distance of. Alhurra isn't as we were talking about that and going off the grid and we actually me that plans like ten years ago. And you know it's not easy Everything is easy but. I mean I was really scared to be honest. Like the first year. I was so scared by the tell my wife was scary guy they want to know what I was scared to move the country. But we made up plans it actually is a lot of hard work. And it takes time it takes time to sell your property in a city takes time to find the right place. And then to learn how to know we you want peace off the grid. AS So this is a whole process. And other way talks about Also it's not being are in a place where you naive to be harassed by your neighbors. So I guess you're far enough for your neighbors were. You don't have them like living next door like and in the suburbs. And also didn't come with time we said you going to want to leave the cities but you would not be able to. And so you know make sure that you know way to last minute so things happen and then you make a decision in not realizing that is going is a long process to get there though where God. And so I think are those things like we did to us and we're is living off the grid for ten years and two months ago God has to sell their property and we're moving back into like the suburbs. For now anyway. But I mean Gaza things like that that we never expected and that's why he has right now and we discounted like mommy was saying we just kind of listen to and follow God's guidance. At this point of. One of the things that help me and my wife. When we left the city. Got our country retreat. Is we decided to hush. All boys. We didn't want to hear anybody else in their opinions because we were listening to ministry that they gave something that can a country living. Very bird. They would very much like. You know the same with a paratrooper with the Sabbath they did with AD so much and they get very you know. And again because I know this will be an audio Vertamae here to see our use of money. But the goal. I'm not doing that what I'm talking about is the concept. When we tell somebody you have to have a minimum of this number of acreage so you can have this much wooded trees so you can have enough would burn for that till Jesus comes with cetera. And if you've got people who will start saying then. So I need to get probably at least twenty eight years. And then now you look at all these twenty eight or properties when they could've been a perfectly well ten acre property they could have gotten everything. So the first thing we did I would recommend you do it is we took the bull country that we read it cover to cover. And we wrote down. Underline asked Rick we put everything there that define what a country property was. What country living is because the message is Country Living not country location. You know some people are just happy to have a country location where they bring the city into the country. Those IS country living. It's a lifestyle. How far you want to make sure it's not so far from the city. That you can't minister in the city. You have to be practical. Somebody used to say a gas tanks worth of distance. I'm like. I drive a Ford F one fifty Nothing can hold. Six hundred miles. So are you saying that I have to have a whole gas. I got the six hundred one. You know say that it's not logical. So again hushed voices. Go back to inspiration. And look at what God says there should he not went into the cities but the process now is that he always brought people back to his country home. So that and obviously is not to hide and. It's not obviously. So far out that you can't practically bring things in let me say this last minute there is a statement. You read in the country living. And this goes back to the quotation is the last page in the book country living where some volume five and she says. As the feed to Jerusalem. So shall it be with the you know the Sunday law crisis until I have heard. You know the idea of waiting until the Sunday law and then he can move. And I've had some challenges with that as I would read back. One of the best things I've learned reading the writings of L. White is read Date. Read the date when she said it she said The time is coming. When God is going to call families etc out of the city. That was an eight hundred eighty five one thousand nine hundred comes. She says. The time has come. To get your families out of the city. As a very definite state. And then one hundred three Get your families out of the city to satisfy the now there's this urgency behind. What happened between eight hundred eighty five. In one thousand zero three. It's interesting because it's very similar to the siege of Jerusalem we know that the siege of Jerusalem had to eighty sixty six S.T.S. eighty seventy titles. Eighty sixty six S years came in the racket asleep great controversy says. Pulled out. Got people saw the signal said hey that's what Jesus said in Matthew twenty four fifteen. Let's get out of here and they left so it is not one Christian died in the siege eighty seven Titus Cain. And when Titus came that's when it got pretty bad. So when I look at eight hundred eighty five the time is coming. One hundred the time has come what happened in between then eight hundred eighty eight Blairville eight hundred eighty eight Blairville is exactly when there was and in a pimp. To pass a federal Sunday law. In the United States of America. Eighty Jones in another seventy Baptists were instrumental in going to. You know Congress or what have you did. To kind of put it that day that this should happen. And thank God it didn't happen. So we saw our country tried to pass a Sunday law. As far back as eight hundred eighty. Which would make it logical to meet that one hundred maybe that's why the time has now come. So my concern is please don't make a mistake. Of waiting for Ceci is when he already came and Titus is on his way. So I would say let's just be as careful as possible. Listen to the voice of God study very carefully and. If the Lord. Open the door for you to leave. Go ahead and leave but leave for the right reasons as my sister stated you know it is. It's a character develop it to allow people to see what Christianity is really like in the home front because you know we are we are at home. And when people can see Christ in the home that's a very powerful with both you know there's much to be said about country live though those are some of those critical. Anything else. I apologize a grossly miscarriage that. Final question. I know. Does. And this will take some explanation as well. Does the lunar Sabbaths theory have any man. Does the lunar Sabbaths theory has any merit. Well. I'm not an expert on the subject. Our surprise how it took off and how intrigue people got and basically what the series saying is that the Sabbath may not be on Saturday what we think this is seven pay the week but really something to been missed. And the Sabbath is supposed to be governed by the moon and it could fall in the middle of the week. Which would kind of change your schedule. There's a whole the ologies is built around that but there's some very clear statements one where Ellen White says as you prepare for the Sabbath on Friday. All that kind of seals and those kind of statements mean that. She always understood that it was going to be the seventh day as a week what we call Saturday. And this probably others are going to answer that. Why the way my friend Steve Walberg wrote a little book on it and I think it was Steve wrote something on the Lunar Sabbath perfect. Well read the book is all right thank you all for participating. Thank you for asking the questions. I really hope that will have more a Q. and A later on in the weekend. You're all dismissed. This media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon. Please visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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