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Crucified with Christ

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • September 5, 2015
    8:00 PM
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Actually little less than a month now. We're going to be doing a satellite of ANGELES their program with three A.B.N. called heroes of faith. And it will be up linking from Lansing Michigan. This is going to be kind of a combination of amazing adventure and an evangelist big meeting a sort of a family friendly evangelists of program for ten days. Have some neat things for the kids and stories that they can relate to as well as hopefully good theology so the adults so pray October second. Through the tent. If you watch and a half T.V. or three A.B.N.. You'll see it there. Thank you it's a delight to be here in to be with you and following the program tonight or following our closing prayer care and I'll be at the amazing facts. Table will be happy to visit with you in there. Because there's less grass and. That's a good vein. And I pray with a real quick. My message won't be long but I want. The Lord to do through His Spirit. The in depth. What we might lack in length. Father in heaven. We just have come together we're focusing on the Supreme scene of Jesus on the cross. And I pray Lord that Christ can be exalted in what is said here that hearts and lives will be touched and transformed for the better. We ask in Jesus' name amen. I am crucified with Christ. It's no longer I who live but Christ that lives in me. And the life that I now live in the flesh. I live by the faith of the Son of God who loves me and gave Himself for me. I've often read these words of Paul and thought how I would like to have that experience where I can say it's no longer I that live but Christ that lives in me. Anyone else out there. When it feel like to really be able to see it. I know it's not I that live but Christ is living out his life in me as the song we sing live out by life within me. Oh Jesus King of Kings. You know I think it would be a missed opportunity. This week when we've come together to talk about Christ our rights as this and being crucified with Christ. Without taking a few moments that talk about someone who actually was crucified with Christ. You know the Bible the Jesus wasn't crucified alone. And if you have your Bibles you can turn with me. It only appears in the Gospel of Luke Chapter twenty three. The story of the thieves. On the cross and. In this passage. There's just a very valuable lessons I think verse thirty nine. Luke Chapter twenty three verse thirty nine. Now you know Jesus was on the cross seven hours. Interesting. Six hours a live one hour. Resting on our dead. Early in the day of the crucifixion when he was initially crucify. Both thieves in gauged in kind of uttering implications and and deriving him and calling out for help but as time went by the Holy Spirit. Began to work on one of those individuals. And this is where our story takes us. Then one of the criminals verse thirty nine. Who were hanged or crucified. Blast seemed him sane. If you are the crises of your softness. Why would that be blasphemy. One word makes all the difference a two letter word. When the devil appeared to Jesus in the wilderness. He did not appear I don't think is that. Monsters I'm hideous. Half human half animal with red leotards and a goatee. And even plop on the ground and say I've got a proposition turned those stones into bread would leave you never listen anybody looking like that The appeared as an angel of the Lord. But he betrayed who he was when he said. If you are the Son of God Father came to Jesus and said Lord. My son been vexed by the devil if you can do anything. Jesus called on that word he said back to the man. If you believe. All things are possible. It is not a good word with Jesus. Is that if you're the Christ's. Save yourself enough that he had said you are the Christ. I would have been different but the other Ensor in rebuked him the most of also been something in the tone of his voice where there is some sarcasm Aaron. And the other thief picking that up. I mean here they're having a conversation. Three of them are talking together on the cross. But all the mob listening. The other answered and rebuked him same do you not even fear God. Senior under the same condemnation here you are being crucified with Christ thing. And you're mocking you're being sarcastic. Notice for the sin. We indeed justly for we receive the do reward for our deeds Wow. You know if you go to prison. I've done some prison ministry and awful. High percentage of people in prison will say well I didn't really do anything. This man was confessing. We're getting what we deserve. He's publicly repenting and confessing. Indeed justly we receive the do. The appropriate reward for our deeds. Those a day coming what every land is going to be justly awarded according to what he deserves. But this man has done nothing wrong. Has pilots that I find no fault in the end. And then he turned to Jesus. If you prayed a short prayer. Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom. Now I don't know if you realize how profound that prayer really was because Jesus did not look like he had a kingdom to offer anybody that day and hanging there bleeding and bruised and battered naked completely if not at least partially to call him a king and to call Him Lord. Just seemed very out of place. Holy Spirit did something in the mind of that sea for he was able to look beyond what everyone else sees and through the eyes of faith he saw this is in the side. We even when his own disciples were simply I'm saying we thought he was going to be the one to redeem Israel. Something happened in the mind of this these being crucified with Christ. Changed him. And he said lord. Remember me when you come into your kingdom. This is an important study. Because of the answer Jesus gives. He said I tell you assuredly. I'm telling you this day. You will be with me in paradise. How many of you would like to have a word say to you assuredly you will be with me in paradise. Everyone's looking for assurance. I'd like to have that kind of assurance from Jesus. Assuredly. You will be with me in paradise like an answer how it's possible friends. Jesus said. The night yourself. Take up your cross and follow me. And you'll be in the kingdom of heaven. Now. When you take up your cross and follow Jesus where did Jesus take his cross. To his crucifixion. Year and a half ago I was in the Philippines have been there three or four times now and. Karen in Nathan were with me on this trip and it just happened to overlap. Easter. And we were one and you know capture some some of the saw some of the missing facts of faith that are getting up and on the Internet we have fun recording these and. We heard that there was a town not too far from Manila. Where they sort of reenact the scenes of the crucifixion. And I frankly had mixed feelings about whether or not to go. But I thought you know we should take are our recording equipment and we should go in there might be some footage or. The story or something that would be redemptive. And so we went to this place. And I cannot name Sanford. So we can we have any Filipinos in the house. Yes What is it. San Fernando Yes when I thought. And they they established. Not the San Fernando Valley. This is a different. In a long time ago I guess some Jesuits were there and he praised the people for reenacting the persecution and we saw them in going up the street flogging themselves bloody. Our cameraman was following them and then he had plenty of space in the actually the lens. Blood splashed up on the on the camera lens at one point it is a grizzly business. And then they had several people lined up to be crucified and they get i've you you know I've never seen anything like that I can tell you that. It's a festival. People come from around the world they were cameraman from. I mean major news agencies. Our cameraman because he had a pass of pressed as they let us in where their cameras go right up next to this place where they crucify people. Folks are in the stands are selling ice cream and T. shirts I mean really. It was an event to come watch these people and there are people that volunteer themselves and they. They put some alcohol swabs on their hands and they actually nail them to cross and raise them into position. And then one man before he was about to be crucified the media guys are wait wait we got to fix his microphone. I'm like you and they went over to put his microphone on because they want to hear me L When he got crucified. I wasn't so sure we should have brought. Nathan with us he was seventeen at the time and. And he was very troubled by it. And it was a very sanitary crucifixion. Compared to what Jesus went through. Stainless steel nails there. Paramedics are right there watching. They did leave yet there for second they take you know the water rushing off the dress you up. That's not what they did with Jesus. Crucifixion was designed to extract isn't much suffering as you could pall possibly get from a victim. And I remember watching I'll never forget the first time. The first man that they when they join the needles in of him to hear him you know. It was so primal. And it was so real that it just transported you back in time and I wasn't expecting that I was trying to look at it from scientific guys thinking about what sermon illustration I guess I'm using one today. But it had another expected effect on me. Because I knew whatever I saw that day. The mom. The spectators. They had government officials that had bleacher seats. So they could have a front row view. To come watch someone be crucified. You know we're a long way from the days in our country where they had public executions. But they used to people would come it was a spectacle they'd watch a hanging. They watch somebody killed by a firing squad and. Seems like it. It tracks a crowd. I think it was Winston Churchill after he got done speaking one day and he had five thousand people come in England together and to hear him give a speech and someone said to him after. Mr Churchill it must be rather. Inspiring to see if I peep five thousand people come to listen to you give a speech is that's nothing. Hundreds of thousands would come to watch me hang. And that's how it was then day there was a mob there and most people were mocking Jesus and the disciples stood off at a distance. But this man. He figures what have I got to lose. I'm dying. I don't care whether people see that I'm trusting in Jesus. I don't care what they think of me. And you have been afraid the witness for Jesus because it's awkward What will people think you know when you crucified with Christ. You know Carol if people think and when you're dead. You cannot be insulted. I've been to a lot of funerals where people said all kinds of things and you know you've got to be careful when your pastor. And he do in a funeral. Get trying to keep a handle on it because sometimes the family says we're going to open up my suitcase and he but he wants to say anything about the person he's passed away. Sometimes it's beautiful and touching and sometimes with you really awkward and. But no matter what is said. I've never seen the person in the coffin react in any way. They really don't care what you say they are not moved by praise. And they're not offended by scorn. Their day. You know one reason we sometimes are easily offended is because we are not your crucified with Christ. Paul said I have learned to live in whatever state I'm in. They go the Oklahoma California any state. Whatever state as a bad job. Whatever saying I'm in I've learned to be content. Because when you're Chris a fight with Christ you can't be offended. And this the first crucified with Christ are two of them that were crucified with Christ that day. We all fit into that picture of the scenes around the cross. They represent the two great classes of people one on his right in the Bible says in one of his left now. I can't prove it but I think that the one saved was on his right hand I draw that from the parable of the sheep in the goats. I know it doesn't specifically say that I can't prove it but you can't prove I'm wrong so I say it. But it was a sign of favor that the right hand usually represented the sign of favor. And then you get the left hand. Want to save one has lost those two thieves represent all the classes of people. And there were there was an audience of that judgement and then execution. Execution. They were both guilty of rebellion. Murder and stealing. Bible says they were thieves in other places as they're guilty of murder. Insurrection. It's also true they could do nothing to save themselves. And you know I can do nothing to save ourselves they were helpless. But they both had an opportunity to be saved. They were just a matter of a few feet away they were within speaking distance of their creator who could save them. Can you imagine how sad it is going to be in the judgment where that thief on the left. He comes up out of his grave and finds out over. He was in the south and. All I had to do was ask can. And he was ten feet away from me. I was ten feet away from eternal life. And I mocked Well I've got news for you. He's not far from anyone of you. The Bible says that he's not far from any of us. He is nice and you in the world is in your mouth. God is only a prayer away. They are both helplessly could do nothing to save themselves. They had look. Now. The thief on the right. He saved. He went through all the steps of salvation. He said first of all he recognizes the Lord you know what the first step is and be insane. You need to see God in the year the king is I had died I solve the Lord. He solve the Lord lifted up. Jesus said If I am lifted up I will draw on and what do you think Christ was talking about as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. Christ was lifted up. Because by being crucified for the sins of the world. He was neutralizing the venom of the serpent. The devil. We have all been stung by that serpent. Back in the days of Moses when they were bit by the serpent if they looked at this bronze serpent lifted up. So you know. Shepherds. They carried a staff. And when they had venomous think they would kill this think but I used to when I lived in the hills read here a lot of rattlesnakes. I had a snake stick. I didn't look like Moses carrying it around but I had a stick just for snakes and when I ran into a rattlesnake I would clobber it. And then I would pick it up with the stick and carry it away because even after a sneak is badly wounded you might think they're dead you grab it with your handle surprise you. Even after they're dead. You can step on the skeleton of a rattler's head and if you get punctured by their teeth. The venom can still hurt you so shepherds would take it off. And they would bury it. And so for a shepherd when they saw a serpent on a pole it represented a defeated service. That meant a shepherd had killed a snake and it was taken to offer burial Christ. Lifted up for us represented the death of the sin he was neutralizing the power of the devil over us. And he says whoever loops and to me as Moses lifted up all the end will do is look and believe Christ said if you believe. What did that thief do to be saved. Did he keep very many Samah simply no not after he came to Christ. What kind of diet did he have. Well we know he wasn't going to movies. I mean you can talk about all you know all the things we typically think of as deeds of righteousness the looks this make one thing really clear. He was not see by good works that he had done. He was saved by looking to Christ in phase and asking. He was justified now. I like to just wonder sometimes what if by some quirk of coincidence. Pilot could change his mind to look at where that other thief I wanted to take him off the cross and let him go after Jesus said you're going to be with me in paradise I forgive you would have been different when he came of the cross. He probably go get baptized for one thing had that tight yet. Probably start. Worshipping with other believers. You know there actually was somebody who kind of went through that in that Jesus then a die on his own cross you realize he died on the cross Abram S.. So what would it be like to be breathless. Bible doesn't say what happened. As a lot of Fables written about it. But can you imagine standing by Jesus you know that there's a cross that is designed for you you're guilty you're condemned you're dying. And then pilot says which one do you want you want Brad to get pulled out of the cell by the Romans in this is mob there and you're wonder what's going on you see Jesus you've heard about of the pile is Israel on. Braben surgeries isn't. Last thing in the world you expected to get elected and the crowd says. At the prompting of those demon. Filled mobs. Give us parabens crucify Jesus. And the soldier comes over any cuts you robes and he says you know that cos we were willing for you. He's going to die in your cross. It's really our experience isn't. Jesus said I'm going to take your place. Would you be different if you found out that he died for your sins with that touch your heart would that make you want to be different. Would that make you want to avoid doing anything that would put you on another cross. Would you want to negotiate with the garden say tell you what I'll do half the crucifix and he does have the crucifixion. Nail one of my hands I want to his innocence. In a crazy to take it all he doesn't take it at all. He took all the suffering. He completely forgave him. You and I are like Brad us. We were released but there Abas was preparing for crucifixion. So what brought about the conversion of this thief well. He saw Jesus lifted up. He leaves he confessed. He repented. He asked. And because he believed he had faith. Those are things that all of us can do you know I wonder. Something transpired that day to change that man. And we can only speculate but. That man was there when he heard pilots say I find no fault in him. That started working on. When Christ was being crucified you know they say that when you're dying or there's some emergency your senses are heightened. And they were wrestling the thief both of thieves to the ground and they're crucifying Him and He hears Jesus. Seen Father forgive them they don't know what they're doing he's praying for the ones who crucified him. And then after Jesus is on the cross for a while he hears the mob. Mocking him and maybe he hears a few people recite miracles and say oh he's a wonderful I was there when he multiplied the bread. I got a cousin that he's related to Lazarus raised from the dead. He's hearing all this because they're there for hours. Then he hears Jesus say My God my God why have you for saving me. Have you read that before. Some twenty two year owner when Jesus said that go in your Bibles if you have some twenty two. Deduces lose faith on the cross. Now Jesus was our High Priest and at the Passover a high priest would read from the Psalms. And they'd often read from what they called the messianic sounds of Psalms that prophesied the Messiah. And some twenty two was a messianic Psalm. And the first verse is my God my God why have you for sake of me. Why did Jesus quote that verse forbade him. You know why because it's what he wants to direct our attention to then chapter. Look at what it says later in that chapter. I am poured out like water and all my bones are out of joint My heart is like wax it has melted within me my strength has dried up like a punch or my tongue cleanings to my jaw Jesus said from the cross victors. You have brought me to the dust. For dogs have surrounded me the Congregation of the week it is in close me. Uses my God my God why have you for say can mean your Jewish boys knew many of these songs. And he thought about what is in the rest of that song. And it says they pierced my hands in my feet. I can count my bones they look and they stare. They divided my garments among them. And for my clothing they cast lots and that the thinking. I just saw them cast lots for his calling. I see the mob surrounding in. I heard him say I Thursday peers his hands and feet. And his mind is being illuminated by the Holy Spirit. He lives it's a sign written above Jesus head isn't three different languages and what does it say. This is the king of the Jews. How do you get that mixed up and the Holy Spirit was able to teach him. He had a crash course on the cross. About the Messiah. Maybe he remembered the. Some of the words from Isaiah fifty three. As a lamb is brought before it Sears he opened not his mouth. He didn't see him defend themselves during the trial. And it says with his stripes we are healed he's all the stripes on Jesus back he was flawed. And all of these things were going through his mind. And so then he looked to Jesus and he thought that is the Savior. And you know it was his only hope. It was the last thing. And he said Lord remember me. When you come in your king and that's just incredible faith. He saw Christ lifted up a spotless Lamb. He repented and he confessed he called out for forgiveness. He testified publicly. He believed the word of Jesus. He was crucified with Christ. And if we are crucified with Christ. That's the only way really. Someone once said only a crucified church is going to be able to take or crucified Christ to the world. All the live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Sometimes folks here we get a lot of me a little meeting facts and. Most of it is very encouraging mail. Not all of it. Some as critical and I have to honestly consider that criticism and some of it's valid criticism and I've had to return write some letters of apology or maybe correct something I said and and some of it's is mean. I mean I've had people write letters to tell me I don't know how to dress as a means to me. Stuff and they might be true but you don't ever say that if you do. But you know it doesn't bother me that much. Because when you're dead. It's liberating. When you're crucified with Christ. It really does make a difference I go to bed at night. In spite of all kinds of problems that are going on the world. Because I just think Lord I'm just going to do the best I can to do your will from day to day and leave the results with you because you're my God I'm your servant and. Cast your cares upon him because he cares for you. That's what we do with Jesus. It's. It's the only way to find peace now and what a terrible marketing campaign. Say. Follow me give up everything be crucified. Now take that message to the world. Why how do you. How sensible. You know a lot of pastors are trying to change Jesus. Marketing maybe they. They say find out what your community wants find out what the felt needs are and then make your church into what people are looking for. If they want something more entertaining make you service more entertaining. If they want and doughnuts and coffee for Britain bring Don't you think of find the what they want. I don't want selling. When Jesus said If any man would come after me. Let him deny himself. Of what he wants. Daily take up his cross and follow me. How come a message like that went around the world. Because it's the only way because Jesus said. If you know it flies in the face of all of our logic. The only way you can live as a Christian is the die. You don't ever start living your under a death sentence in till you are crucified with Christ. After that Steve her Jesus say you will be with me in paradise. He felt peace come over soul. Because even though his body was still hanging on the cross his faith was now still hanging on the promises of God that. You know you can stand almost anything if you know it's not going to last and is a good reward at the end. And when Jesus says I am promising new assuredly I say to you a place in my kingdom. The thief was willing to hang everything on the Lord has he lost everything he could have please his goodness. Taken up across. I was years ago I was in a Kmart. I don't go to K.-Mart anymore. I go to Wal-Mart now. And I was in a Kmart. And you kind of California and I saw a guy that had a Christian teacher. And some always looking for a good excuse if he's going to advertise I'll take it as an open door. And so I talked to him for a minute and he was very interesting guy he said you know I'm doing a mission I've taken six months or something and he says I'm going around North America witnessing for Christ and I'm carrying a cross down the road. I don't see ever seen anyone do that before. And he started thing you know when I first did it is I'm very committed to do it is that I've got to tell you when I first did it at a big wooden crosses pretty heavy. And he said I go down the road. And I didn't realize how quickly the asphalt was going to shave. Down the end of my cross is I just totally wore down. The end of my cross it kept getting shorter and shorter every day. He said which you know in some ways made a little lighter RE said but I'd start looking was looking more like an X. that was pointing straight up as well. And he says what I did is he said I've got a wheels. And I put a wheel on my cross he said a lot it's life easier to pull he said. It's sad but then someone else gave me a hippie said you don't have to carry a heavy wooden one like that. He said. I'm a fabricators says come over to my shop is that I can I can weld and I now do well with aluminum and I will make you an aluminum cross. And he just put would contact paper on it it'll look like a wooden cross. How does that really made it easy and it's about I you know I did a lot of cross care and I kept switching up shoulders but I started getting a callous. On my shoulder and so he said. So I stop somewhere else and they built a pad for me on the cross. So I I've got a padded cross made of aluminum with. Ball bearing wheels and then I'm going I'm suffering for Jesus. Now going down the road. I picked up a hitchhiker one time. And he saw the Bible on my dash I don't remember how it came up but somehow he discovered I was a Christian and he said. I'm a Christian to it see my cross he said I'm actually got several crosses and he started show me I didn't realize until then he was wearing the half dozen different crosses. And I don't remember had all these to the New Age analogies Frege cross there was wearing what it represented night. And I didn't mean to offend him but I finally said now. Does it say in the Bible where the cross or bear the cross and his blank look a motorist say. I said you know there's really no redeeming value in wearing a cross that easy I said are you bury him across. What does it mean to bury the cross. Christ and you're going to be hated of all nations for my namesake. He told us. You'll rejoice when you're persecuted for ages. It doesn't make sense but Jesus said If you would want to find your life you must lose it you must let it go. And if you seek to save your life you're going to lose. The only way you can live. Is by choosing to die. And you know he that is that is freed from send you struggle the same. Did you catch that Romans Chapter six it's been in the Bible you maybe missed it. Then Or for years. He that is dead. Is freed from. I increase the fine with Christ. You struggle with temptation and your huge writes about trying to the dead body. They get all kinds of victories. Temptation actually has very little appeal for that impulse that I'm Dan. This is really you know I'm making like this I'm trying to make a point in just a minute you know how I teach. But there's a point there. That really the. The turning point for Kristen is to be crucified with Christ a new experience that. You know Jesus. He came to earth. To die for thieves. And we've already got. I'm not even thinking of tithes and offerings other Mint plenty of Robin that way. I'm thinking about everything we have belongs to God. Our life our time we're stewards of all that he's given us and we've been unfaithful. And the Bible tells us that. As we surrender although we have realizing that there's no good thing in us. It is painful you know the big battle is that you read this and steps to Christ. The greatest battles a battle against self but it is the a Nissel battle. Is that gardeners against so many battle a Prain. Not my will but I will be done. Now. I trust in many here of done that before. And you may have to do it more than once why do you think Paul said. I die daily. So when we're talking about being crucified with Christ to be surpassed are doing I was doing OK and I'm struggling again. Going to be crucified with them often. But they don't stay dead. You need to be born again daily to. I am crucified with Christ you know I live. If you're dying daily new not born again day living or more dead than alive if you're not going to be any fun at all right. So we need to say. Lord I must live for myself every day you were new that covenant with the Lord I want to follow you I want to be crucified with you. And he accepts us. You know Jesus did not die on a cross in a church. Between two candles with a choir singing. When he died it was. It was ugly. It was between thieves and Roman soldiers were cursing and people were spitting and there was blood and there were flies and vultures circling overhead and it was agonizing. And people were crying and some people were laughing and and. It wasn't pretty you know most births aren't pretty. I know they try to make it a lot better now but sometimes a little crying and there's some blood and tears and and. Mary Magdalen. She wept in Jesus' feet. But she spirits a total conversion. And a joy and a liberation. And being crucified with Christ means. Confessing and repenting of our sins. What was the first thing out of. John the Baptist mouth when he started preaching first word. Repent. What's the first things he's a said and at this time he began preaching insane. Same thing. Repent. When they came to Peter and Samina brother what shall we do what Peter say. Repent do think this feels good to have knowledge or sins. To humble yourself like that it's actually painful. But why does God want to serve him. Because when we humble ourselves when we are willing to be crucified with Christ we get to raise with Jesus. At the resurrection there was joy. And you rise with him your crucified with him but that's what baptism represents a deaths to self. A new birth a new breath a new life a new ministry a new power. And you're born again. You may need to renew that experience. Each day by humbling yourself keeping short accounts with God repenting of your sins don't hear too many sermons today about repentance you don't hear too many sermons today that might be uncomfortable. But it's what the Bible teaches friends. If we would be forgiven our sins we must repent. With must confess our sins I know you believe that in this group and then you experience the new birth. You know. After Christ said Verily I say to you today you'll be with me in prison I think you all understand he wasn't saying today you're going to be with me in paradise. Because Jesus didn't go to paradise then day. John Chapter twenty one Mary goes the worst of them by his feet he says don't touch me I've not yet ascended to my father. So the thieves cannot be with Jesus in paradise Friday afternoon. If Jesus didn't go. He's saying verily I say to you today. While I don't look like a lord. And I don't look like a king. Because you had faith in me. You will be with me in paradise. You may not be there today. But you will be there and you know what's amazing to me is that even though Christ hands were nailed to the cross. The greatest joy. You should read this chapter in the desire of you to the greatest joy that came to Christ on the cross was that glimmer of hope Christ came in the world to save sinners. And when a sinner called out to Jesus from the cross for salvation. That just refresh his spirit that his sacrifice was not in vain. And the devil could nail his hands to the cross but he couldn't keep the Savior from saving people. And Jesus couldn't reach out and touch him. But by the power of His Word He transformed him. And that thief is going to be in the resurrection of the just because he accepted by faith the promise of the Lord. And he was crucified with Christ Jesus was just a prayer away and he is today for each one of you. But it'll mean. It'll mean doing what that fifty AD say and I'm willing to deny myself. We're all in kind of selfishness and sand but if you really want joy. You've gotta say no to self and yes to God. It is more blessedly given was the you know that begins with your heart. If you want to be blessed give your head away to God. He will clean it up and give you a new heart give it back to better and that's you have joy and peace. Devil can torture your body. D'Souza don't fear him who could torch your body but he can't take what I'm going to give you that in your soul will give you eternal life and joy in a purpose. That nothing can rob you of. And he wants. Everyone here to have that. I believe the Lord brought you here tonight. He wants you to experience a new birth. Being a witness for the Lord. Making a difference in your church in your community. Having healing in your relationships where you work in your family. It all begins with the nine yourself taking up your cross. Following Jesus is my prayer now. And I trust it's a prayer many of you that we can have that experience and say Lord. Not I but Christ. I am crucified with Christ. Yet. I live and the new life that I now live I live by the faith. Don't you want to live by faith friends. The faith in the Son of God who gave Himself for me. If there was no one else in the world Jesus loves you so much that what I saw there in San Fernando year and a half ago. Someone would have gone through that just for me. They would have increased a vibe. It wasn't. Stainless steel. Sterilize nails. It was all the suffering. For all the sins that you ever committed were all concentrated in coalesce. In those moments. On the cross. If you can think of all the things you've ever done wrong in trying to milk that down into one dose. Jesus. Embrace all of that he took your sin. And then he said Now if you love me. I'm offering you eternal life I'm taking your badness I'm giving you my goodness I'll take your death. I'll give you my life. But you've got to trust me and. If any man would come up and follow me it costs. All like that merchant that found the treasure in the field he sold all he had to get it or the Pearl of Great Price he sold all the Had to get it. Criseyde if you're not willing to for say call you're not worthy to be my disciple. That's what it means to take up your cross who deserves all wanna be God. The one the Minas. Is it unreasonable if he says you give me all. That's a Christ. What do we give up when we give all sin polluted heart for him to cleanse. All of the misery and trouble in the tangled mess we've made out of our lives. And she said I'm ashamed to write it I'm ashamed to think it. We're not giving up anything. When we give all to Jesus were giving up something he's going to clean our lives and give us a new heart. You've got everything to gain by really mean in business and turning to him. Repenting of your sins. Except in him and then he'll give you a power to be a new creature. Would you like that power would you like that piece and purpose and if that you desire. Would you stand in his presence it will close with her and ask him for that. Lord this is the axle that the Gospel revolves upon. It's across. We know that Jesus. As he told the fan you'll hear after you will see the Son of man. Lifted up an angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of man. Lord we believe the cross that you build is the bridge that connects heaven and earth and you've invited us to follow you what a privilege. Help us to be willing to do whatever it takes Lord. Through the Holy Spirit working our hearts right now. Help us to do with that the IF did. And just a call out of faith. Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom. You are our Lord and you are our king and we surrender all to you what have we got to to lose or perish. Lord save us. I pray will do that for each person. Give us the spiritual strength out of put that into practice. And then to spend time with you in your word in fellowship in prayer. That our faith made her strong bless the convocation just thank you again for the Sabbath we've enjoyed the with the readings ahead in the week before us. We pray all this price. In this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it the W.W.W. audio verse or.


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