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Exonerating God, Part 2

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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a while I like to do in the next hour is to take a look at several biblical passages that describe the cosmic conflict and that speak about God 's solution on a cosmic level of the problem of sin but we incrementally referring to several biblical texts is sold out you might want to write them down let's begin by going to the book of Job chapter thirty eight thirty eight in verses one through seven Job thirty eight and versus one thousand seven accident three years three getting a personal here God is not asking Joe Jonas talked for about thirty seven chapters actually thirty five chapters so the USA not my turn and got asked in a series of questions he says where were you when I laid the foundations of New York tell me if you have understanding for determined its measurements surely you know or who stretched the line upon it to what were its foundations fastened or who laid its cornerstone what's we describe the resources creation yes college or not recreation there were two groups when God created this world and they get something when God created this world this is when the morning stars sang together for the morning stars are the angels yes when the morning stars sang together and all less than all shouting for joy so you can see the stars the morning stars and your sons and on the morning stars are angels the Bible makes it very clear that stars represent angels but the sons of God are really the representatives of the world 's the never say you know you have in heaven to categories of beings of course other than the Trinity yet the Angels the angelic host then you have the inhabitants of the worlds of the unfallen worlds now both need back to Job chapter one Job one model if you want on the deal extensively with the sons of God with the meaning of the sons of God not accept some of things like pavement if you are interested in signing this more often I have a presentation that identity reading on the title is God 's heavenly council were ideal with the biblical concept of the twenty four elders on the twenty four elders are the sons in the nose of the representatives of the worlds of is called God 's heavenly council and you might want to see another one right before that one it's called the return of a war hero is really that the foundation for the one hundred twenty four elders on which is relatively counsel but not inside Job chapter one and verse six now there was a day when the sons of God I say sons of God that we read about in chapter thirty eight sure when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord do they live in the presence of the Lord now because the Bible says that they can present themselves to the Lord so they must not live there as also is among the soul comes among the sons of God Satan is acclaimed in the Longenecker why would he come among them and because I'm a writable on nothing and have a right to be among to come some sense I want to become from present and lots of the site from where you saw same as in the Lauren sent from going to and fro on the earth and from walking back and forth on it then the Lord said to Satan have you considered my servant Job somewhere in the devil come from from the earth from planet becomes among the sons of God so where most of the other sons of the company that must come from other planets not widely available representing planet Earth who showed up in their legitimate because Luke chapter three says that they are at home was the son of the is called in the chapter three and was called the son of God battling with Adam the son of God in the special sense differently than us sure because he was the son of God by creation we are sons of God by procreation so I have is unique is the only one who could really be called the son of God we are technically grandchildren and great-grandchildren will as we decided we are we descend my procreation from happening Adam was created by God he is the son of God but when asked allow himself to be overcome by Satan Satan took his own insight now begin the representatives were that's why Jesus when he was about the time says now is the judgment of this world now will will will be passed on to the cross the devil is not about the phone and Jesus sits on the phone on channel all of the enemies of God please thunderously and even returned the phone Adam Boston originally now let's go to chapter two verses wanted to again was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before a lot and asked if they come again to present themselves in trouble unless they left off in the first meeting I doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out if I can and often gone back to where they came from after the first meeting and Satan came also among the reasons are people who are answerable RSA and where you're from he says all I come from supervising my world planner knowledge or notice or were going to deal with this tomorrow afternoon in the last hour that we MSN are together and take a look with you in the book of John Midian seen the daily breeze presentation that I have on the book of Job anybody seen that one of the incident present tomorrow I study the last hour of the book of Job is going to bring everything that we studied together but in one of the following fundamental misunderstandings of this book is the idea that the Dallas accusing Joe is not using Joel 's of using God not us John chapter one was again chapter one because the access bus is the devil obviously my servant David I see your territory is my serum is a blameless man is not right separated from all I know the devil says there is no embrace my son Satan answered the Lord and said does John fear God for nothing is questionable as jobs to our mercenary motives he serves you because the loaves and fishes he serves you because you are doing some of itself is within the demos is not the viewed everything that leaves him deserving of the University of things I was not quite himself on the line an estimate of his domains isn't making God to look good on the back the only when the much more careful in the way we act we realized that what we do not bad or good what shall happen the times that possibility my job hackers not to his face who would've been proved right say I will do through right angle will micromanage you see he sounds thoughtful the loans and the fish is wrong when the story ends Joe is faithful to God to Bavaria he has a lot of questions and the notice unstable to God by the way this is taking place in the family Council sometimes the conflict in this first at anything until we happen accident all I was able to rules this world will I have any counsel you want to do everything himself Madonna 's Republican style of government I did not promote the Republican Party and I'm talking about Republic represented a style of government each world is represented in the Thompson family Council and they deliberated and make decisions up there concerning the heaven is involved in this is one of those meetings and that the subject of conversation itself and the heavenly council the representatives of the world 's angels are all gathered there and there was a discussion between God and the devil and an process is also related of the Austrians always know he doesn't deserve you because of what you guys as well take everything a second building is an annual Sema reasons with your children will think of anything somewhere in the afflictions all Phoenix and loses Russia's Loza support of his life went on the book and said that his friends and his nice anytime anyone doesn't listen him and Donna are represented in your jobs as though he's in the yet will I trust in him no course provided in the story God came out smelling like a rock and the devil was proven wrong giving it when it a lot easier for geography and understood what was happening seeing we have no excuse because we have been starting he had Hill Scripture video yet he was faithful to God Satan is incredibly important book by the lady all the starting second Chronicles chapter eighty yeah what we see in this world always not really necessary this history behind history history is a conspiracy going on but all this is necessarily very yet everything we see in this world is a conspiracy it everything that is taking place in the world is running a repercussion of things are happening in the invisible world or maybe some biblical examples when Jesus was born the Bible tells us that Karen had all male children two years and younger killed interest you will strengthen the day after the Bethlehem is the only definition was a little comparable Internet newspaper that ignited the newspaper will send all e-mail children but using when you go to Revelation twelve is all an easy behind the scenes the dragon stood next to the woman to devour her child as soon as he used to behind those of you seen some of the lyrics in the Genesis series of cartoons in the Cisco is looking at Genesis from the perspective of the conflict that's going on in the invisible war every story in the Old Testament has to be seen from this perspective that what happens in the invisible world is with the heavenly beings while angels in Lincoln Angels lighting elements of the bowels are as real as some of the battles are fought on planet season gives impression that this between loyal angels and disobedient engines in all impacts the invisible world is impacting this world is the story of Ruth was a magnificent little 's little book that book of Ruth is at all presentations are necessary as how rules six and with the thesis in Genesis three or sixty using a historian of Naomi and her husband a big one of Maulana because of this terrible drought so naturally the Illinois bill will cause a Strauss is a God mouth of the causes dropped Scott is going to remove the sand the most divorce so there's no legal over there by the way Naomi 's husband something time from Judah Kingston from June Thomas of seeing something in this film error and lonely old Abimelech and his two sons die over there so there was a small problem is not currently any Messiah coming from this family but then you come back the Juneau Nellie Dennis and whether she brings Ruth who was a lot like this violation becomes a visible light is out how good God so they are not supposed to marry people from other nations will affect the SUV came in Israelite because you said you will be my people your God will be my Jimmy Carter incorporated herself at so they come back and reasons up to make a long story short she ends up in the fields of the bonus and ruse gets navigable as in the book of Ruth ends with the genealogy who doesn't love story with Gmail LSR answer they lived happily ever him climaxes genealogy and in the room well and to have the big genealogy that ends with a in vivo Matthew chapter one the genealogy of David takes it all the way to Christ God transplant that family do more to bring rules back so that relevant variable last and from Ruth and Boaz would eventually come the Messiah and to the world so what the devil invented for people God produced good got a human on earth is an impact on what happens in the invisible world we need to understand that the history of the real histories of what we see the real losers will be gassy Navistar in first Chronicles chapter eighteen where they had wanted to go to battle there was American Johnson was invented Johnson I was thinking about Judah to drive zone of the South it happens than the king of Israel the thing and kingdoms of the Soho think tank finds itself now family really is and so I assess the shots that hate work together you know we could go against our common enemy the Syrians and describe your because around us and said Johnson address as well no soup should we consult the Lord will you give me promise you four hundred and so they come to and enhances your Johnson and I wanted what was always the brightest areas you think it's a good idea all cities and when you thought Johnson was a pleasant dependencies is not going out a profitable around him and anything I got anything that is in the dungeon because I assume that you are browsing dramatizing him will him will voice probably comes and enhance is no Johnson veteran I want to go and fight the serious geniculate and like I was the prospect certainly seems to be disconnected without moment nicely some of the same this taking place in heaven this is how the Lord sitting on his throne and I also happens around a little and I will and try and developmental Sony gets killed this is one person one being in Natalie Council said one thing and another suddenly nobody wanted to do with it since then suddenly a spirit came and presented himself before the Lord this is Hollywood and let's us how you doing this is all being a lying spirit in the model most will visited a loyal angel no not because God is using why you about this is a system that's was an apple he was allowed to go to heaven the heavenly council 's name are Jesus Donna McCroskey Cagle anymore representing this world because Jesus now represents his plan is that what happens on earth is really a repercussion of movements that take place in the invisible world now don't let me first Corinthians four pursue this a little bit more fortunate this chapter for an person I get a possible speaking about the prospect of martyrdom assess for I think that God has displayed an office the apostles of the last as men condemned to death for we have been made place to go better translation of the creator one of the apostle led me as a theatrical presentation is the word is being referred to form the creator of all who are the people do to the world both to what to angels and to somewhere the apostles a spectacle only to human beings now they were a spectacle also as the angels were watching this dramatic presentation this theatrical presentation on the history of planet Earth particularly referring to the apostles who were condemned to death North America license chapter one Colossians chapter one verses nineteen and twenty different and not only has to reconcile the earth with himself or does not have to reconcile the whole universe with himself and asking whether it also reminds even the loyal Angels gaming it to the line in the minds of a loyal angels whether some confusion yes I said what he says appears to be right who knows is not really like that there were doubts in the minds of the heavenly intelligences solve the plan of salvation on this earth doesn't clear up yes it will and all questions that are in the minds of Natalie Maines is not already run reconciles a girl who is not but it also reconciled and noise Colossians chapter one verses nineteen and twenty fourth please don't bother that Shanahan didn't get him that is in Jesus all fullness dwell and I am by Jesus to reconcile all things to himself by him what is done by Jesus reconciled all things to God and all notice whether things on her or things where in heaven having made peace through the blood on his group 's does this guy have to reconcile heaven with himself as well as I set foot the decks as well go with me to a vision to understand CSS there are indications interspersed also Scripture that this controversy is far broader than just visible world investment will not just in this world Israeli outweighing whatever remains can see a revelation of God 's character resolve the same problem solved the questions that all the beings of the universe have Ephesians chapter one and verse ten that an the dispensation of the fullness of the times that is what Jesus actually came to this earth he might gather together in one may gather together what no one is a neo-Nazi all things in Christ all of which are which are on or in the higher document that exercising once again there's the idea of uniting bringing together one is aware in heaven and on earth most divisions three nine three one divisions three versus nine through eleven actually lesbian in verse eight to me when less than the least of all the saints this grace was given that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ and to make all see what the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ to the intent that now now this is important verse that now the manifold wisdom of God what to be made no the manifold wisdom of God might be made known notices by the church to the principalities and powers in the hectic life this is the church accordingly is making known the manifold wisdom of God before the heavenly universe absolutely verse eleven according to the eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our moment but let's read a couple of statements from this material that you have him all to change five the second full Corporation CL a white cloth please understand Scripture in one sense must have and be reconciled with Christ as well as are we usually think of it on the Earth as we reconciled with God through Christ but happen it must be reconciled with God through Christ as well because our questions there adopts that need to be cleared by this statement is from vital training school on the Hamblen December one nineteen oh seven finale white motivation not only man but angels will ascribe all honor and glory of the Redeemer for humans and are sick you are always in the sufferings of the son of God was in not only member angels are secure always in the sufferings of the seminar internationally previously all the costs are the inhabitants of the fallen world have been guarded from apostasy suggests that core is the same I went to their house well back to put à la whites of the unfallen worlds because of what Jesus did on the cross and was started on the cross later I have been dying from apostasy business that has a factually unveil Medusa also I reviewed his license one the claims of Satan 's deceptions are process Jesus went understand across in the light of the logon because Jesus is paying the penalty of the law is a program that the racism of sin is death of the cross and go nuts across answers when when they see what happens at the cross it totally disconnects them from any sympathy was a divisive statements in this material well once as a win-win family meetings saw what development of Christ at the cross any little bit of sympathy that he still had with him was removed they no longer had any sympathy whatsoever for him because a song about a way that the cross probe of the logon is still ninety shortages of Jesus at the law they die to uphold the law and me that he didn't help along the cross will not by executors than from future processes with the spirit of prophecy say not as they are never going to experiment with the process even though in the battle then when they see the fruits and the consequences of sin which are seen primarily across to get the same not only laws that are washed by the blood of Christ but also the holy angels I drawn to my describing them giving his life for the sins of the world God scaling with the rebellion of Satan is justified before the universe that justice and mercy of God are fully mitigated when we let me amplify the point a little bit yelling man sandlot was between a rock and a hard place because God said if you sin he will die so analysis now saying Uganda but then he says how can I not love destroys regions I is session is presented a conflict between the mercy and justice of God demands that they do not see demand they be forgiven and solid across all because of ourselves as seen in that she is nice of them in the justice is satisfied because Jesus is the penalty that we should suffer so much like across Justice and Mercy Dickinson to the cross sells the mercy and justice of God mercy because we don't have to suffer the penalty justice because Jesus suffered I saw it as I indicated at the cross he most certainly is supplemental statement and she says that justice and mercy of God are fully dedicated solely to all eternity rebellion will never get outlines and Linda knows such as the import of his own words when from apart last time gauging of the Temple he says looking forward to his approaching sacrifice now is the judgment of this world also the prince of this world be cast out or if I related up from the earth will draw all men unto me almost this comment will draw all to me not only are but alas but Heather for a few the whole family in heaven in heaven and earth is named and then let's go one further statement this one is found on page eleven of the bottom of the page of the Christ upon the cross made the short make sure in the destruction of the who has the power of their who was the originator of sin when saying this is going there will be not to attempt to evil the installment will never need to be repeated and there will be all danger of another rebellion in the universe and not so was this whole mess worth it yelling at a society where people want instant gratification I want one and I hope that's why we haven't had a nice max out there's not a lot one fundraising results of sin problem he doesn't do take a few measures is only legally salvation is a process slow certain guys not believe anyone sends when all this mess is to get you saying that words alone and eventually restrained from sin in this world of darkness will prevent a sin in heaven the significance of the Christ will be seen by Saints Angels falling that could not have a all there is someone without the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world shall we not been exalted cross of Christ the Angels ascribe honor and glory to Christ for even they are not secured except by looking to the sufferings of the son-in-law is the efficacy of the cross of the angels of heaven regarding apostasy now you can read the rest of the same as what is referred to in the verse says that we've noticed in prescriptions for nine Colossians one Ephesians one Ephesians three John F John Chapter twelve is a radical for example no printing or seven words that there is more joy in heaven over one sinner that replace the normal one hundred and eighty Pharmacia when decisions are made on earth does that impact Kevin did not alight says that sometimes when we sing in the worship service the Angels they don't pick up the song and sing along with us that's an awesome plot is a lot of songs these days and the churches of the Angels Woolsey and what they will sing the hands of the gradients don't have a handle full of names of Williams with profound significant words where it stands and builds upon the previous stanza songs are seen in Scripture Eureka Saudi Arabia can say they have scriptural content abundance of scriptural content and it's an awesome thought that the awareness and in all eleven resources when we say things when Jesus died on the cross and wholeheartedly it has a close connection between heaven and earth knowledge on chapter twelve verse thirty one now is the judgment of this world now the ruler of this world will be wireless cast an eye if I be lifted up from the withdraw all people to myself then she said signifying by what was by my dad he would die so I was benevolent and address out as a rule of his world my wife on the Democrats PS because he is begun the serpent represents the represent Satan and the Paulino and Jesus became sin in our place he who knows all sin became sin in other words our sense or imputed income of this process this afternoon we deal with the sanctuary because the sojourner porky blazes in the sanctuary were not resolve the syndrome seeks were dealing mostly now with citing a finding of a cosmic view of the controversy that the purpose this morning is the same of the controversy involves the whole universe and well-being issues in the controversy on this afternoon and talk about the fourteen places in the sanctuary album solves this problem the encampment the court below a place in the most holy place therefore Jesus solves network Jesus takes the devil to court in the sanctuary are known on this revelation chapter twelve verse ten this is a reaction all happen when the ruler of this world has to then I a lot voice the same in heaven now salvation and strengths and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ have come for the shoes are my brethren who accused them before our God day and night has been what Cassell Salazar assigned to heaven when the devil was cast out of the cross audience and their enormous verse twelve therefore rejoice all heavens and you will dwell in them is against the motorway rejoice always have men's and you will dwell in our own not have been forgot a lot for the Angels is the airspace above also dwelt in the in the Hartman 's insult Moses rejoice O heavens and then we will all the inhabitants of the earth the civic address their regional role afterwards I suggest that is a butt hole because the devil has descended upon UBC because he knows his dinosaurs a wounded lion he's been human clubbed on the head and he knows that his time is left in all the designers short notices things are numbered because Jesus gave them the best one that not all may size our connection here between heaven and earth earthly events cause a you are absolutely very saw it happen over one sinner who repent when Jesus was on the cross there's a song in heaven now go with Psalm fifty one was recently very interesting here Psalm fifty one address for this is a Psalm of David penitence after he committed his second novel murder and adultery and just an reversible etc. you you will only have I said Verizon payment recognizing and confessing his he will certainly use and done this evil in your sight homelessness is a key point that you may be found just when you speak and blameless when you judge what is happening in first John chapter one is still there for all your placers on fifty one compact Jonathan John one in verse eight if we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us also understand we say that we have not sinned we make him a liar well there's only so that we don't say that we Ensign we may go away now we can Psalm fifty one euros for the last parliamentary survey healed so when David confesses a sin God has been found just twenty and blameless when he judges are you not want to notice something very interesting this verse is quoted in the investment goal with me to Romans three numbers four and is a is a difference a very important difference Romans chapter three verse four you tell me if you can catch the difference between the Old Testament facts and the New Testament quotation software in Romans chapter three and verse four certainly not indeed let God be true but every now and what a liar in Israel that he will be justified in your words and mail when you are just in the psalmist says when you just hear it says when what when you are judged so is going to be judged I like to share with you that that text that we have in the first Angels message where it says fear God and give glory to him for the obvious judgment is come can be understood into different wings they can revert to power in which God is going to judge you can also refer to the hour in which God is going to be judged lower at his is talking about the hour I see is that he's doing the RAR and means that now is going to be just the fact it is thought that in the process of judging God is being judged but if it is not made to keep records as well Microsoft I forget but not everything that have a photographic memory doesn't know everything that wherever committed vegging out whether we confess that with a related question is you know the end of the beginning because everything so why does he keep records and the Bible says that he might as he keeps and for the good of the universe by the family universe that sees what's in the books before the second coming of Jesus we don't see God the reason why God keeps records is not because of him but because of other beings who don't know everything so everything is kept in God 's heavenly records because God wants to move in and out they then just and merciful in the way that he is dealt with every single case in the great controversy between many easy to block users be a respecter of persons from the very beginning of the devil say that while you have the same as if you this is all on the creation of man as many leaves it is all a sunglass and an argument in Hopkins it centers me saying that as soon as we can if I thought the place when Moses was on the resurrected jewelry items you find Michael the Archangel Katie finally this is seeking to resurrect this there is momentum I don't think that they were fighting over the course Michael who comes with the voice of the Archangel incident reinforces one's for the resident Moses and the demos of what you think Moses from his he's my juices out while they read from his he accepted my class will sacrifice to God and Jesus I'm going and what is the promise on my sacrifice is somewhat involved way around the room and then we will be bringing them home how can God take somebody to have a lifestyle of darkness the blood of many many people is on his zone was on the hands of so but when I encountered that encounter between us all devices and Stephen is the site for going there just to see that caveman insult walking on the street of the new Jerusalem and and semen coming from the other direction and then done suddenly Stephen Robbins I saw no candy delicacy of the last things I was solid ours is the things that he is a murder blasphemer against the visiting CDCs at the moment seem against the records are opened and will be proven itself as the great apostle Paul confessed his sins and place in the sanctuary at Hamblen who claims the record of sin from the sanctuary will be one that will give a reason why Christianity Christendom does not understand the plan of salvation is because they don't understand is why they don't follow Jesus as I like there you have a revelation of how God solves this plasmid mess there were long for a rack in years younger than what was discussed this supplement lest I forget allow me to share this with you you bring up a good point and that is that you don't know many in the church today I started in the days when this might not mean a lot to love you but doesn't for you from nineteen eighty utilizing the event on the place of the cross and I will say that the sacrificial aspect of the day of atonement took place across this is the fundamental misunderstanding is Jesus did not die again in eighteen forty four he is a lacrosse is now is that using logical and design through the blood patient two thousand and for her helmet emblazoned across but that doesn't mean that the cleansing of sworn I want to place it across UMNO 's decision you'll pay will follow the steps you know how Jesus of the sanctuary and see how Jesus resolves this is a problem on this cosmic syndrome that were involved in now let's go to first Peter chapter one verse twelve first Peter one ten verse twelve bottle in a message in the sanctuary is a wonderful message most holy place message is a beautiful wonderful message for gossipy people out there tell you well you know the measures they never believe that he is intimately forgiven because they say that after you read that you can fasten is not as pleasant folks I greatest assurance of salvation is our sin in the sanctuary covered by the blood because it does not matter if you will find many reasons and he can send them to a single synthesizer who because he comes up in the all recommend this designer and a docent is canceled when it's so sad has been followed by great men had often been fast and adverse in the blood and Sand he is the one that will allow this thing of the forgiving us in a blot analysis and different things in the days there is and was the individual that was a new him us our sins he is one just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from on nice talking there about cleansing the second two hundred and cleansing house for giving us they only hear the sanctuary was cleansed from this incident and related lesson given his organization is only about you and what about if you have been battling really have to beware so make sure you plan to the loans you persevere one first-class just a little glimpse of heaven it says here speaking about the prophets of the Old Testament who were looking forward to the coming of Christ it says to them it was revealed that not to themselves but once they were ministering the things which now have been reported to use the dolls who embrace the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from things which angels desire to look into the reputable size of the province piercing vacant place there before self and soft desire to look into and understand and deliver me able to fully understand because I have been redeemed in the same sense of women that we will have been reading now let's know the Psalm eighty nine time is almost up Psalm eighty nine in verses five through seven Psalm eighty nine is I sent him an are you getting the feeling this is more than the controversy metabolism all they want to see what's going on there watching the CAC exoneration gauntlets involved universes may secure my mother seen happen on this earth is much broader than what most expressions in the plan of salvation to the secretary of the greater original people think well what do the Blazers because he has a lot of things while quotations and will be graded on a receipt from historians and from pioneers you also see the latest letter LI makes the material some material from other sources for radiography but she places it in a totally different framework is in the framework of the great controversy between good and evil in that sense her book is unique to see how I like to think that Congress is not history and philosophy of history but also the ball behind the scenes to see what's happening behind the scenes were not the normal I guess using historians can only see one before their eyes but elements is the history behind history integrate hours and even as part of all the natural disasters that they can brazen the world more and more and more tense all the time in all I started a new is being sarcastic so many people died in Katrina and you know it was a terrible event in the neuropsych and shall give you pictures of everything that is what they got pretty mad and audible alarming of how we're going to break her asleep by midnight and the elements as well have skipped all of the elements that causes earthquakes any causes hurricanes any causes terrible conflagration that small or him this explains the reason why the double cause because of these things allowed by God is because ultimately the devil wanted to blame God 's people for the calamities that are taking place that history behind his that has a hidden agenda that the devil has Andre Carson five eighty nine five ninety okay Psalm eighty nine finale once auditioned Mister Brown CNN will bring for lunch Psalm eighty nine and verse five and I happens well crazier wanderers of the Lord your faithfulness also in the assembly on the singer 's forum will end the heavens can be compared to the Lord who among the sons of the mighty can be likened to the Lord God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints and to be held in reverence by all those around him all Lord and a lot of holes who is liable is mighty like you Lord your faithfulness also surrounds you saw that happen also don't happen is also praise God for what is happening under the electric account there's something about you guys are gross I remember the heavenly beings are our job when they see the implement is my creation this virus and the sons announced on a regular this world is not disconnected from the invisible war on the resident universe is interested in it what is happening now long in one statement closing it's in your material him very first statement page one but the plan of redemption had a broader and deeper purpose than the salvation of man it was not for this along with price paid to the earth it was not merely that the inhabitants of this little world migrate on the law of God as it should be regarded but it was to vindicate the character of God before the universe is resolved on his right sacrifice its influence upon the indulgences of other worlds as well as on-demand the second floor room and look forward when just before his resignation he said now is the judgment of this world now shall the prince of this world be cast out and I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all unto me the Christ in dying for the salvation of man would not only make heaven accessible to manner but before all the universe it would justify the love that justified the use in their dealing with the rebellion of Satan it would establish the perpetuity of the law God and would reveal the nature and the result the results I think saw the address field salvation is much much broader than just Jesus come into this world to save us from sin and all and my failure is very interesting story and we find in the Gospels about the lost sheep do not affect caramelizing or will we normally do you say in all the supper I member of the church goes astray and was in Boston all were supposed to rescue and bring it back to the church shortly application for that is not the greatest application number brother Alan White says of the ninety nine NASA in the fall represent the world is an interesting know why she's a website represent this little world that went astray from the University of Sacramento called the ninety nine seconds if you're going to see the lawsuit represents Jesus left the security of tenant accompanist for the rest of this middleware to bring it back to the fold of God Arnott is what happens when the shepherd brings the sheet back to the full he calls his neighbors and he calls his friends he says I thought I should will barely have a prefiguring of when Jesus brings his little world back to level the Bible says in the book of Revelation that category creature in heaven I really is will praise and honor for what he has the wall universe will be called again in the welcome God people home and then the controversy will be listening but when we thank you for revealing these marvelous things to us as we studied together followers were so thankful words are not sufficient to thank you for everything you've done not only to rescue this world to rescue the universe father I will see something this world worth hanging onto this nothing in this world that is going to last forever the most important thing is forming a relationship with Jesus Christ so that we might be able to living in your breasts while currently that will be father IFN no sin no Lisa in our lives my suffering this from Jesus we want to be there we want this world of sin the company we want to go home we want to vindicate your character Lord we want to make make you look good you want to go back to the whole world to see that you're gone a lot in the same is the creator of this court 's sin and evil in every species of bat things that happens in this world has loving you always keep up help us to keep this heavily focused thank you father for having manifested in Jesus name will reconvene this afternoon at two thirty and we have to assess some relevant directly after setting the same type of solutions is this immediately I probably will in a generation and is you would like to lose and everything is human life is in WW see you have a board of buying the city will go on for a and you will you


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