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Spiritual Competence: the Elements of Growth

Angelo Grasso


Angelo Grasso

Director of resources for STRIDE



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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morning or Thursday everything they like Sabbath to say enough who here has been to USC for is okay I've is probably two thirds how many of you here are in high school a series and if you're in high school family are in college and postcollege okay very good my name is Angelo Grasso and I don't think I've seen any familiar faces if I should be thinking the places I apologize but I don't think I see I am a instructor at Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts has anyone here is an area from the Northeast and the Northeast is okay and when you're from the West Coast US coasters South Austin Southerners Atlanta Illinois area judge area okay what I'm missing Midwest okay twenty midwesterners what is Minneapolis considered Midwest okay I've never been here before so it's really a privilege to be here to share with you all lessons begin with a whimper Tessa 's father in heaven Lord this morning as we open your word I pray that your spirit will be our teacher I pray father that you will open before us the principles of true biblical discipleship and that father we will make a commitment to follow you for the rest of our lives in Jesus name I pray and I just did a little history when I was seventeen years old I committed my life to Jesus one hundred percent I was an Academy student I've gone through the I was very well and I was seventeen during the summer of literature evangelism God spoke to my heart and he said I want you as my own as I age seventeen I completely committed my life to Christ and since then I've been on an adventure in my relationship with Jesus I would like to say that it's been all uphill in the sense that it's gotten from one victory to another victory for another victim to another victory but I must confess that it has not has not been the case in my journey with God I have hit some brick walls in my journey in my relationship with Christ I hesitate rock-bottom and it's the principles of discipleship that have kept me on the path of salvation and I want to share with y'all during these this three seminars some principles of discipleship that have allowed me to endure and to not give up the most essential principle about your Christian life is this never give up when you fall get back in Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus was telling his disciples the signs of his coming they asked what would be the signs of your return and Jesus began to give this prophecy he sitting in time there will be wars and rumors of wars other wars and rumors of wars today Jesus went on and he said ending and times nation shall rise against nation they will be famine and pestilence in diverse places as their family and as Iris places a today in the world that we live in thousands of children die every day from starvation and disease in this modern age that we live in so I believe that we are living in the end times Jesus went on to say that because iniquity shall abound the love of many will wax cold he went on to say that you like disciples will be persecuted you will experience tribulation and then Jesus says one of my favorite passages he says but he that endures Soviet will be saved the secret to salvation is indoor to indoor means to hold on to the rest failover images were in a profile the life of some disciples the journey of discipleship the journey of the biblical disciples and women talk about some of the successes and some of their failures and just the principles of spiritual growth and discipleship so if you could turn in your Bibles to Matthew chapter four Matthew chapter four study over seventeen which is in its start with the basic principle of discipleship and that is the call what is discipleship so Matthew chapter four start on the seventeenth and Matthew four seventeen we better than their and from that time Jesus began to preach repentance for the kingdom of heaven is at hand and as he was walking by the Sea of Galilee he saw two brothers Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the sea for they were fishermen and Jesus said to them follow me and I will make you fishers of men in the Bible says that immediately they left their net this followed him let's break down this coffin the beginning of the seventeenth has from that time on Jesus began to preach repentance and Monday so when did Jesus began to preach this message of repentance this is the beginning of Jesus 's ministry look at versus welfare answer Wendy Jesus begins of regional pathogen now this is an interactive so if you see the answer if you want to say something does go ahead and say it so what does this all say when it integrates that site so when John was cast into prison after Jesus heard that John was cast into prison she went to Galilee and he began to preach now what was the message that Jesus was preaching according to verse seventeen what was the exact message that Jesus was preaching repentance for the kingdom of heaven is at hand not those of you are familiar with the New Testament closing message does that sound similar to the message of John the Baptist actually Jesus takes up the same exact message that John the Baptist was preaching before he was put into prison now have a question for you what is the difference between the message of Jesus and the message of John Nieves the same exact words repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand but what is the difference what was John's mission on earth that sites prepare the way for the Savior right to tell the people that the Savior was coming as so John was saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand and others which I was saying was in some future time in history not too far away the kingdom of heaven will be here so the kingdom of heaven will be here soon since I was talking about I now Jesus is among them anything repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand now John is the main way for Jesus why is Jesus preaching the same message that John is reaching the difference between the message of Jesus and the message of John is the difference between time and proximity in other words when John was saying or clicking on that event he was thinking about time at hand in other words it's going to come at some time in the future but when Jesus was saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand he was saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand proximity the kingdom of heaven is near the kingdom of heaven is among you Seth Christ says when God sent Jesus to send all of heaven and that one gift Jesus is the kingdom of and so when Jesus says repentance for the kingdom of heaven is at hand for the kingdom of heaven is near he's no longer talking about time he's talking about proximity I am near to you I am among you I am a hand my hand can literally reach out and touch you as I hear Jesus begins to preach this message repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand now I have a trick question for you letting out a vast literature question what comes first repentance for the kingdom of heaven coming near okay if you read the text what let what word comes first repentance but it says Red Hat for the January event similar to saying repent because the kingdom of heaven is among you so what really comes first the kingdom of heaven you for fifteen rounds and so disastrous example of someone running here is that everybody go to the exits for the building is burning what comes first us going to the exits or the building starting to learn the building things were okay so the kingdom of heaven comes before the call to repentance why is this important principle for disciple who takes the first step in the disciple journey Jesus always takes the first this is the first principle of discipleship that we must understand Jesus always takes the first step the theme of the Bible the theme of the word of God from Jen and Genesis to Revelation can be wrapped up in one phrase God pursues his people you are not here on your own power you are here because God wants you to be here you are here because God has taken the first step God has drawn you towards him God has lavished his goodness upon us and the goodness of God does what leads us to repentance the goodness of God leads us to repentance so the first principle of discipleship is that God Jesus always takes the first step now in Matthew four eighteen to twenty Jesus gives us a living example of this principle verse eighteen says West Mercedes as an Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee and he saw two brothers so who takes the first step in his journey Jesus Jesus this was so where they are any conflict to Simon Peter and Andrew any sentence of them all out before getting it what worked what would that these brothers doing what specific activity with these brothers doing according to the word of God according to the vicinity okay they were casting their next intimacy so now real quick what those next represents of those managers let's listen things what did those nuts represent those men that they menacing Al Qaeda livelihood White House choosing energy okay exerting energy very good one of those Mets representatives part of what makes them who they are why does the Bible say they were casting their nets into the sea regarding remembers why does the Bible say they were casting and intimacy as they were casting their nets into the sea because they were fishermen that's cool they were so that's what they did ultimately those nice representatives their identity they were casting their nets into the seats because they were efficient because their father was efficient and because his father was efficient and his father was efficient their identity was wrapped up in their activity their identity was wrapped up in their heredity their identity was wrapped up in their culture they were casting their nets into the sea because they were fishing what next identify our lives today for those of you are in college when you meet somebody I was one of the first questions you ask them what they ask you what you amazing water in one of finality Malaysia is because we want to put them in our little cubbyhole of identity you're an art major okay I know it's about a okay your premed major your nursing major and as the trail of people 's mages are we like putting them in our cubbyholes of identity these nests represented these visions identity what next identify is it your major is it your culture is it your family growing up I had many nets that identify me I had an identity crisis as a teenager I remember I grew up in the was like an adolescent going through puberty in the early nineties and I grew up in Staten Island New York and I had an identity crisis everyone of you who's gone through that experience noting you wake up with a new look is something there and you asked that question who is this person looking back and I decided cool and Michael should I become at that time there was this like really big heavy metal movement and I said yeah to be ahead thing SI went on about a black trench coat accident on my Mantovani a black trench coat and I bought all like that because it seems like Motley Crue and and Metallica and I started growing my hair out and I started hanging out with you know headbangers as the book my hair doesn't fall it just grows out and so I just never really worked for me the head I was at pleasant now you know I'm not on again so I moved to another school and ending the school there was a lot of you know flux RSS icon in the time so I had my mom glad by me like a bad idea jeans and put them on backwards because that was what does it back then it was greatly and I got the tightest date I could put this little faith and I walked around China that it is hard as I tried to the hard I have his baby face and nobody buy-in to my identity as a hip hopper as if the no matter how many rhymes I memorized no matter how I could deliver the rhymes I justly I just looked completely fake such as finding my identity in my culture island I was born in Chile South America my dad is Italian but where I grew up you are either Italian or Puerto Rican and so what when I went to elementary school it was a school full of Italians as so maybe ideal now you are telling a Puerto Rican and I am Italian but my sister went to high school with a bunch of Puerto Ricans 's own when I went over there to visit her and I feel manually one Puerto Rican and Latino men avoiding a Puerto Rican and I'm not even Puerto Rican but I I wanted to find my identity in my culture and so I tried all these ways to find my identity and its sales I failed miserably time and time again to find my identity in music and called him this and when I found my identity in Jesus I realized who I was meant to be as acute we have Jesus comes to the disciples there casting a net into the sea because that's their identity and what is Jesus 's invitation to them the Bible says and Jesus said unto them follow me and I will make you fishers of men so that you come to them if they follow me and I will make you carpenters from an dizziness and follow me and I'll make you tax collectors from an know Jesus has follow me and I will make you fishers of men in other words Jesus isn't coming to them and asking them to change who they are but she wants to read identify who they are he wants to re-create their identity in him you may be black Hispanic American as long as your a black Hispanic American Asian for Jesus because Jesus wants to take cool you are and use who you are to reach other people who can identify with who you are so get the call Jesus said unto them follow me and I will make you fishers of men solicits breakdown in your worksheet this is one of the three aspects of the call I saw that so let's just break down the cost first Jesus says follow me and they said okay so it's just blessed to follow me follow me is the call oh say call of the Savior that is the initial call that Jesus makes each and every one of us follow me when Jesus came to the disciples these men they were disciples yet they were casting a net into the sea and Jesus came up to them and he said follow me so when Jesus called them to follow he created in a crisis of commitment he gave them an other option he says you'll have to toil your next anymore I want to give you another option and that option is me citizens follow me that is the call was sated and then Jesus says and then get better that he say and then you and I will make you something else what does you say he says follow me and I will make you that is the call to sanctify Jesus says if you will take this one commitment to follow me I will do the work in new that will change into someone you never imagined you could be before the one work of the disciple of Jesus is this to thought if we will just choose to follow Jesus he promises us that he will do the work of sanctification in our hearts Jesus said unto them follow me and I will do the work you will get one shot your one work is to follow and if he will just follow I will send you and I will change you into something you are not before what is that thing follow me and I will make you fishers of men that is the call of the sender Jesus doesn't say much just unto ourselves he saves us for the sake of the salvation of others the ultimate glory that we can give God the ultimate honor that we can get God 's reflect his character in such a way that by living our life we are calling other people to follow us on the journey the three aspects of the cost follow me if you call the Savior and I will make you is called the sanctifier fishers of men is the call of the sun and what does the Bible say happened as a result of the call what do they do the Bible says that immediately they left their nets and followed him now let's understand something did Jesus come to be his disciples and said listen let me just tell you everything that's wrong with your next button to show you all the ways that your nets are inferior to what I have to offer and then you can come and follow me did Jesus even addressed the next Jesus didn't even mention his name and address and that's all he said was follow me because you seem repentance while repentance is our first taking of our sins it must primarily be a turning to Jesus repentance is a change in direction but unless that direction is towards Jesus were to end up back at our next again him I will send that immediately they left their next and follow him another wife in order for them to follow Jesus they had to leave their next behind what is a site worth visiting relatives were in a file use gorgeous in a change on our next behind us as a father what eventually would happen well then that's if I get stuck right somewhere along the journey and that any disciples would have to make a decision and I hold onto my next form item to follow Jesus the question for you is where are you on the spectrum of this year where are you today on the spectrum of Mister maingear here maybe you using toiling at your next human China floods out your own identity in this world even China find that success whether it's in your career or in your family or your academic life you've been seeking to find your identity and your social cliques in the city to find your identity and your culture and your MySpace page and you realize that your notes are broken and Jesus is giving you an author option and that option is to follow him maybe you have taken this step maybe you've taken the leap of faith when you made the commitment to follow Jesus where he goes and you are here Jesus is trying to change you into something that you were not before you see you can tell the work that he's doing in your heart but there is some issue or some wall or something that you can't let go of and the work is becoming difficult or maybe you are here anxious is offered to do the work for you him or her to know you I want to make myself insufficient I say no it's my responsibility to make myself efficient and Jesus reminds us that your responsibility is to follow does that mean waking up early and having a devotional life with him yes does that mean finding a place where you can experience the presence of God in your life yes there's that means following him to the pages of Scripture through the Bible study yes these are all ways that we follow Jesus but none of these things are works unto salvation all these things do is place us in the environment in which Jesus Christ can do the work of changing our hearts Jesus says I will make you fishers of men and the purpose of this seminar is to help us understand the process by which we grow the process by which Christ changes our hearts and transitions of fishes of men and now working again another was crazy that was just the answer isolate supply let's get our worksheet again and let's talk about competence so end the journey of a disciple in the life of a disciple competence is really the heart of discipleship spiritual competence in the heart of discipleship competence is the process by which we allowed Jesus to make us fishers of men I so let's talk about what is competence anyone was that when the second basic definition of competence okay to understand what else okay ability to do something so competent when terrible understanding how to do something and then be able to do it well I and that's why if you are him us him competent knows if you are nursing majors they make you going to clinicals and your rotations because one thinks a severe will to describe you how to draw blood and it's another thing to be able to do it I'm working on his college and I wish that our theology majors could have the same kind of clinical clinical rotations that are nursing measures that because then we have theology majors and realized that we may know how to talk about how to do stuff but we don't always know how to do stuff so what is so important that we become competent Christ followers who would like to look up first Corinthians eleven one Ashley let's all look up the inland you reject it forth in me will me and I went Mrs. Hall speaking and he says that his members the members of his church of his community of believers he said that the members follow me as I follow Christ that my friends is a bold statement many times we signal don't follow me don't look at me just look at Jesus on that amount of failure in a messed up don't look at me look at Jesus but here Paul comes to us and him with boldness says follow me as I follow Christ that is the statement of a competent site wide competent so important because our example will revealed people that Christianity works or doesn't work you know why so many young people leave our church it's because they don't believe that Christianity works they don't believe that the gospel words and you know I don't believe that the gospel is because they don't see the gospel working in the life of their leaders and their parents and their teachers and their pastors what are some of the consequences of incompetence in our church today what are some of the consequences of incompetence in our church today bitterness backsliding in fighting division young people seeking their identity elsewhere because they cannot identify with the people who have been given the responsibility of caring for the spiritual competence is the heart of discipleship okay such follow me I'm a positive follow me as I follow Christ now in a talk about the core competencies and in order to do that we're going to look at a parable of Jesus to talk about the core competencies of the disciples so let's look to Matthew Chapter thirteen verses one through nine Matthew thirteen one two nine project through the forcer and use of a will and in to the will to a say in her say Google is the world so and so is the desire and so will the places where they serve as a meeting is over as I was there is more and they withered away and so on from his a good dry rot in a pool of fifty and that your easier and thank you now this afternoon Justin is going to three of these soils and get into specifics about what they represent who I manager this morning as we are just going to give an overview of the soils and we are going to talk about how they bring out the three core competencies of discipleship Jesus so according to the parable on-site let's let's first identify the four soils represented in the pair so was the first type of grounds or earth that Missy landed on the wayside are and what does the wayside me the path so the first amended on the pathway to the second of England stony places of Iraqi places where there is a land among thorns and we can wear the fourth Suitland in good soil okay now let's read Jesus 's explanation of this parable instead of me not just China LUN you would Jesus does verse eighteen of chapter thirteen says therefore your parable of the sewer when anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it then the wicked one comes and snatches away that which was sown in his heart this is he who received the seed by the wayside but he who received the seed on stony places this is he who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy yet she has no roots in him but endures only for a while for when trouble or persecution arises because of the word immediately he stumbles now he who received the seed among thorns is he who hears the word and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word and he becomes unfruitful but he resumed his seat on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it who indeed bears fruit and produces some a hundred fold some sixty and some thirty that which is sung now with answer these questions question one is whether the soil represents in this parable you will find the answer in verse nineteen stocking up the path it says that you want Kaman that which was somewhere in his heart focus of the soil represents us okay the soil represents our heart eyes and when the first lesson the confidence they need to understand is you are dirt that you are dirt the soil represents our hearts what does the Bible say the seed represents the word of God specifically the gospel right so the scene represents the gospel the word of God now the question is what is the role of the sewer performer okay to spread celibacy the role of the seller is to sow the seed and if you request object lessons and talks about the other rule of the farm is to put so finally getting to that will touch on it maybe a little bit good for is what is the outcome that the farmer is looking for ultimately what is not I finally looking for a crop harvests and says that he's looking for more of that which was sunk so he's not just looking for fruit but he's looking for fruits which have seeds in them which multiplied which caused more clients which causes more fruits so ultimately what you looking for is more of that which was sown he's looking for more he's looking for multiplication Cano is just really quickly ran down each soil what they represent their city forces as he was scattering the seed some of the along the path and the birds came and ate it up anyone who hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it the evil one comes and snatches away that which was sown in his heart this is the seed sown along the path so what is it about the path that makes it impossible for the seed to penetrate why can't the supremacy what is the path heart right and how does it have become this way questions it by being shot upon a again cry subject lessons I really recommend you read she has five chapters in their four chapters images on this principle of the seed and the point it says that the path becomes a path by being stepped on over and over again people walk the same way over and over again question is under what conditions is the devil most likely to come and snatch away the seed is sown in people 's hearts that's a win their hearts hi to the word have you ever had a testimony something that happened in your personal life that's not really stealing change the and you shared with like a friend of yours or family member and the look on their face was like in one year out the other night this means so much to me how come you're not getting it that happens to me all the time when I'm teaching class IP subnets like an epiphany for me and harvest investors exiting the sustaining that calls program nonresponse in evangelism program nonresponse we've become so used to squelching the convictions of the Spirit of God that when we start hearing anything about Jesus and across and salvation we automatically stopped responding our hearts become hard literally our brain form synapses and there's a pathway membrane that leaves one stimuli such as Jesus loves you and it goes straight to my don't care and eventually whenever we hear Jesus loves you without even thinking about it we go straight to I don't care this dark pathways in our brain that have been walk that have been taken so often that we become hard to the gospel and we don't understand okay so that's apposite that suicide about rocky soil Matthew thirty five to subset along rocky places where it did not have much soil it sprang up quickly because the site was shallow but when the sun came up the plants were scorched and a widowed because they have no roots the explanation was twenty the one who received the seed that fell on rocky places is the man who hears the word and it was received with joy but since he has no roots last only a short time when trouble or persecution comes because of the word he quickly possibly some question one is which part of the plant does this part of the parable focus on the roads right it says because he has no roots that is why he waited away now what part of our experience do you think this part of the plants represents where it was grown generally in the foundation and we're like can you see them generally now they grow underground they so the roads represent our secret life our private walk each one of us has a secret life each one of us has up part of our life experience that nobody knows about and it is that secret life that ultimately will determine our success or failure as disciples of Jesus so the roots represent the secret life now question three is what do the rules do for the plant okay so they provide stability what else is there is different when buy out as Aldergrove and nourishment so that the roots ultimately provide two things nourishment and stability for the plant I've seen on TV is down in Miami when they have a big storms in the big hurricanes and everything is us flying often rules and cars and stuff and then I see these palm trees and there's like there's like this you know but this film and or are you like bands all over but there's still there that's because the ruins of a palm tree going deep and far and when the storms come their flexible enough to withstand the storm and their wounds are deep and wide enough to keep them from getting uprooted now question forces what is the function of the words in this parable it should say what it what is the function of the rocks okay so what is the function of the rocks in the strip so if the roots represent our private life archival walked the underground experience what do you think the rocks represent I went to the rocks do this is go with what they represent the rocks represent secret sin secret sin will ruin your relationship with God cherished sin is what spirit of prophecy called in the book are subject to the rocks represent cherished sin in other words we may present ourselves to the world as Christians as followers as disciples but in our secret thoughts in our secret life when nobody else is watching we hold onto these pet sins these pet attitudes these pet fox and those things done the depth that I would can go in our relationship with Jesus Christ yes oh that's again what time is it the claimant is okay so how does I sometimes happy and that's a good question the question for in the last section how does fives because I feel like if you are if you are planning on and you have let your lawn you want to ten minutes when the afternoon aliens water and you have to break it you have to break the soil satisfies him he comes up again it gets broken how do hard high sequence off-again they get broken now it is not our job to go around breaking people 's hearts and but again I this is only an overview queasy Christ object lessons in there says that it is our responsibility to prepare the soil of people 's hearts not by breaking them per se but by living a life that reflects the character of Jesus Christ and it says in there that when people whose hearts are hard to see in us the reflection of Christ character they will be converted their hearts will be broken and it will be receptive to what God is offering them and let me just say something to read you a quote taken from Christ object lessons since I have any speaking to that very thing and install because I can't find it accounted to you guys of units it says the week develops first the blade then the year after that the full corn in the ear the object of the husbandman in the selling of the seed and the culture of the growing plant is the production of green he desires bread him we seen for future harvests solar husbandman looks for a harvest as the reward of his labor and sacrifice Christ is seeking to reproduce himself in the hearts of men and he does this to those who believe in him the object of the Christian life is to bear fruit the reproduction of Christ character in the believer that it may be reproduced in others there can be no growth or fruitfulness in the life that is centered himself if you have accepted Christ as a personal savior you are to forget yourself and try to help others talk of the love of Christ so of his goodness when the fruit is brought forth immediately put it in the sickle because the harvest is coming Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to clean them as his own this is when the character of Christ is perfectly reproducing his people that he will come to clean them as his own in other words when the work of the season the others were and when our hearts spring up and we shall we bear fruit for God inside of each one of those each one of that for those fruits whatever is a seed and that's even the potential for proliferation and were about to get to that so let's is run through the list the thorny ground of quick are the weeds Matthew chapter thirteen to seven says other seed fell among thorns which grew up and shut the plant the one who received the seed that fell among the thorns is the man who hears the word but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke it making it on fruitful silicas genus interweaves represents worth a lifetime warehouse deceitfulness of wealth okay so do they represent the way the light and well know there was and where the knife and a deceitfulness about what is the deceitfulness of wealth yes the deceitfulness of wealth is the idea that more stuff will make you happy the deceitfulness of wealth is the idea that more stuff more stature more money more close will make you satisfied now he's one of missing here knows that money can't buy love and money can buy happiness but if I had a million dollars in my hands yet something odd things go much smoother so if the deceitfulness of wealth is an idea and not really the wealth itself can it be that people living in the ghetto are caught up in the deceitfulness of wealth could be that the poorest person who has nothing can be caught up in the deceitfulness of wealth this world runs on the deceitfulness of wealth many women wake up every morning at four o'clock in the morning get ready and in their cars drive for an hour to go to a job that they do not like and work with people who they cannot stand to make money that they have already spent so that they can catch up and buy a car that they do not need in a house that they will never live in because of the deceitfulness of wealth the rat race that is the foundation for the economy of this country is based on the deceitfulness of wealth so Jesus says that these leads are present that were released of life and syphilis are no plans to do that we've affect what part of the plaintiff with and I just think about it okay so let's imagine here a plant on the net I'm a very poor dryer vent is there with me okay so here we have our plans roads power update and then here we have the weeds so about a plan to the way the fact okay so the fact that the outer portion of the also affects what the roots so they affect both the private and the public part of the plant what is unseen and what is seen now may have to skip a few questions here now the next question that one has to always why did the rocky soil plants die so so first of all we know there was because they had no root but what specific phase cause them to die the son now what did Jesus say that this unrepresented what does Jesus say this unrepresented if you look at the verse he says but when each rubble and persecution come because of the word he quickly falls away so the sun represents trouble and persecution in this parable okay now for the plan that was a not so because I have no rose it was cheap there was too much sun for that plant and I said here we have a plan that is caught up in the deceitfulness of wealth what you think is Kennedy him closer to the sun is surrounded by weeds and thorns not enough sun were caught up in the deceitfulness of wealth we do not find it enjoy to suffer for the sake of the kingdom of God we do not find it enjoy to suffer forgot can we run away from suffering like it that way okay we must continue good soil that either teammates are still some seed fell on good soil where produced a crop a hundred sixty or thirty times what was sown but the one who received the seed that fell on good soil is a man who hears the word and understands it produces a crop yielding a hundred sixty or thirty times that which was also questioned one again is what is it that the farmers looking for in the plant a harvest more of that which was sown let's go straight to question three is what is the relationship between these plans and decide just enough for growth so was there when the sun hotter when the roof when the plant when the sonogram grew up not what I call there when the plan in the weeds you know it was the same size but the difference was how the plants responded to that site could it be that God allows trials and tribulations to prepare us for growth could be that shrouds and simulations are not specified from it and so schools to cause us to grow and let's just recap further analysis so what is the main point in this parable what then are the core competencies of a disciple so let's break down the core competencies of his so we have a plan in our plan was the first thing we have done here is so the first quarter this is the incompetence in the disciple is a private life and the work of the roots causes growth and social rehab the plan and the plan represents our public walk when we nurture and cultivate our private personal relationship with Jesus there will be a public walk of integrity are public walk will reflect our private life now we could have a public block that looks like a nice fine healthy plants but in the end it will be revealed where our roots lie okay and I finally have the foods and the fruit is our potential for proliferation which I think with the easier it could also mean potential for multiplication but we like alliteration so the three core competencies as a disciple is a private life public walk and the potential for proliferation now let's look at this formulation will quit the formula is you see there's a seed soil and in the blanks there what does the C represent word of God okay the gospel what does this all represent our hearts so the word plus our hearts equals a new life in Christ just like the seed is the soil it wasn't planned the word plus our hearts equals new life in Christ is the plant the seed now it's a plan if it plans the soil no it's the sort when we accept the gospel into our hearts and receive it and our hearts are prepared and we allowed Jesus to do the work of removing the rocks and the weeds something new begins to happen in our hearts that something new is called the new life in Christ it's time obvious that yes your shirt Christ's object lessons and talks about how the rocks represent Saracens and others were convicted by the gospel we received the gospel we accept the gospel but we want to hold onto those nets there is this in our life that we know as soon and yet we talk ourselves into believing that we can do both that we can both serve God and serves pastas you cannot see you cannot drink of the Lords cup and of the bells yes another this feedback I have we do not okay very good that's a critical question on Najaf Miller has had limited talk to it really quick what does the parable say we are what are we according to the family there okay we are debtors we are the soil our hearts Alyssa now if you have a plot of land and is full of stones does the soil beside you know what these stones man I need to get these out here following about and is the soil start shooting rocks out of it continuously who does the work of removing the right Jesus comes and he does the work of removing the rocks analyzed what is our job our job is to surrender to Jesus every day to open our hearts to him and say Lord I realize that I have rocks in my heart and I realize that because I am soiled I am powerless to remove the rocks are not and so I want to surrender to you to allow you to do the work that you are longing to do in my heart you know what keeps us from growing and what keeps the rotten heart is that we resist the Holy Spirit we resist the work of God we resist what Christ wants to do in our hearts but if we will not resist paste steps to Christ page twenty seven if we will not resist Christ will trust in himself and he will change our lives I'm sorry can go further but that there is more on that at this time we have to close to listen our heads for prayer Chris's father in heaven I thank you for the call of discipleship that you have given to each one of us I pray Lord that as we cultivate our inner lives that he will teach us the true meaning of him us him this will surrender the father the Word of God will take root in our hearts that he will grant since then nurture and stability that we so need in order to bear fruit for your kingdom and reflect your character so that you can coming I pray for these gifts and thank you for them in the name of Jesus in a this media was produced by audio birds and hope medium ministries utilizing generation and would like to listen to more is present or if you would like to learn more about emergency when the government NYC web or also find great with you on your verse board and an open video .com will


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