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On Stony Ground: Worship - Growing Deep into the Earth

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 21, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him falling and we thank you for giving us a good night sleep fun at such early in our free have disgraced you were dishonored in any way we asked for forgiveness as we had convenes in this humble abode we asked the Holy Spirit may descend upon us to fulfill the promises of Jesus to guide us to teach us and lead us to truth father merely spit convicted us this morning and help us to understand what you have us understand the greatest Jesus and why also inground worship going deep into your chest and your Bibles and I know with you a note about a note of the teacher brought a notebook or repetitive be good to have where need jotting right into this right away and we gave for those of you are yesterday yesterday the fourth session regular review Jesus 's words makes Jesus 's disciples a space on John chapter eight when the memorizing that once again little bit later on the word changes us into God 's character is a simple statements but actually is reviewed from yesterday and the still so enough to go over and for the rest of you were here according to the palace door there are three ways when the word is prevented from changing us and his disciples funeral the first way is go get MP3 from yesterday review by the wayside is the first season were spread on the wayside yup these were the seeds that were not on the label right next to the way you have an easy way of being deceived in thinking there on the way but are not supposed to the black church but not really at church and spirit those are doing devotions with ammonia soak as a history the word of God is hard but immediately taken by seeing superficial hearing of the word and the wayside heart represents in attention eighty need people in conspiracy we losing losing regarding the word of God I've no idea what that means is this regard that a faulty faulty devotional life a lack of spiritual application and that which is almost a mark but Ruby off so those were their authority there choices throughout the parable of the sort as a course on the speech of the six Chrysler presents different results of the sewing as depending on the soil thus he teaches that the word of God fills in accomplishing its work in our hearts and lives the reason is to be found where did you think the reason for going to Mark chapter for the chapter in a message after thirteenth is not a people of some people ministers of a lot of the Christianity belief before soils Jesus 's teaching predestination Helena heard that before so Jesus is out there he's writing the seed and there's four types of soil and the four top is already predetermined and if your thorns all well Jesus planted you that way and if you're deciding on OL cake Christ optimizes saying is Jesus 's asset in essence is teaching us that we have the choice to become what sort we want is a clear case don't feel like I on the forty one and I can get out there and that you can change in an I God 's grace that clear to begin shoes the reason is found as we found ourselves with the result is not beyond our control sure we can change ourselves the power choice is ours and rests on rests with us to determine what will become a think sex is Johnson favors thirty one to open it up in your Bibles have an open in your laps but to memorize this together to three short bursts don't be afraid I will think of V cannot know how we do well but maybe later and were it is guys and girls I went together old people young people in Smyrna minimized to does once it together okay to repeat after me if they continue in my word okay something is early in the morning and your minds just clogged with revising for breakfast today release in which he said only appear in your mind the quahog for oatmeal when we need it we don't wake up until yesterday we talked about untimely report of God which is so likable whatever this is where God friends we got six Attn: Stanley is the word of God yes okay John chapter and verse thirty one if he continued my work are what is more time with all the zeal and energy can muster up at nine thirty morning on Friday if he continued my work van Re: my disciples indeed and everyone would find it a continue my word then are you my disciples indeed if you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed good but you are in a riser now because all your staring at screens is reading along said one close your eyes no one he knew or slap you in the back appearance of the word your insecurity will be assuaged here okay to repeat after me if you continue my word then are you my disciples indeed can be memorized yet you keep your eyes closed when the whole thing okay the next as a whole verse in one shot be ready if you continue my word then are you my disciples indeed repeat repeat day ready ego him always go gentlemen go of their general one more time even where are the men of God they will die close your eyes doesn't be your dad has appears again in the screen don't do that Olivia Bibles within your note date with all your memorization the lability in your brain the guys given you memorize it verse this morning ready Domingo your latest prayer for brothers here and pray for them date young people ready to go candles are young at heart tango amen amen amen and thank you very much take recognizing this later on today so just don't forget it it's easy to memorize short term yes yes the en banc is is very easy in Cuba transition from asking him to help him long-term is very difficult you all of your Bibles to a Doolittle a structure study on the second type of ground the stony ground Matthew thirteen and when the look of Mark chapter four and also Luke chapter eight the three chapters where this parable was found more Matthew chapter thirteen responds six surgeries some fell upon stony places where they had not much earth and for which they sprung up because they had no DNS over on their sun was up they were scorched and because it no root they withered away Mark is very similar he says some fell on stony ground where not much earth and immediately it sprang up because I had no depth of earth was I was out of sorts because I know it would it would array wizard away very so much Matthew Bullock is no different I don't know why must the three Gospels Luke always takes a all have different of the doctors and doctors lives after he says and some fell upon the rock as soon as a sprung up it withered away because it lacked moisture it gets more scientific American interpretation Scripture interprets Scripture Matthew thirteen later on says he that received seed into stony places the same is he that hears the word of God and anon with joy receives it yet happy no root in himself but gears for a while and when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word by-and-by he is offended Mark force is something similar was little different unalterable parts is when affliction or persecution arises for the word 's sake immediately they are offended and Luke says they on the rocket is a stony ground loops this is rock they on the rock are they which were they here received the word with joy and these have no root which for a while believe in a time of temptation falling as we got that's my small author of comparison we compare of interpretation and in the first part eight system sees a fall on the stony places or the rock that's receiving the word is not much earth so they sprung up immediately that's not much steps of their happy they never meet superficial questions have no idea why the Christians but are so happy there's a restaurant talk about later today on this in this part about worship services have even forced services are super super happy say worst services have to be sad to be real I'm not saying that but there is a general trend will get into a failure to get going on the sun scorches and affliction jubilation or persecution for what the words sink not for your sake for the word Satan for the Bible says that some people say don't I wore a red shirt and when certainly persecuted me I hate this is the son forced upon my back no it's not take it for the word Satan is a very the different and they were there because of no roots and these guys are offended and the following and Luke says there's no moisture and for a similar to the sun porch is what happens the plant the moisture goes when it came rock and that the soil is bedrock simple but rock rocky soil to take any ever dug a hole and you easily and rock I only child i.e. grew up having no brothers and sisters in its own economy and what I do is I a you know have not imaginary friends why I do things that you must of occupied one thing that I absolutely love to do is what I guess that's part of our question and answers to the hit was because you don't ask you in your eyes only child I used to love digging holes honey London but not now the use of a loving wool now I think I can get to China and in and in lucky can be a right a little bit hickory on the way there some Korean now in my backyard he can hit go so deep in your bed rock and you digging digging digging can't get any deeper this bedrock is superficial it prevents the season going deeper into the lock suits and provides no foundation to seek comes in it's the seed does whatever she do with Iraq's innocent dies and then the road that the little street is not the call roots and go down down down and down pages to what the bedrock and integrity for the rock is self the carnal nature and the old man to hear what happens the word of God Collins and either through devotional for preachings and UIC through the fortune cookie with restaurant I don't know and it comes into your heart and AA gets to a certain degree blankets a certain point answer selfishness some people are conscious of this some people are not the people are asked for forgiveness and say Lord I'm selfish having overcome this at about the people who aren't say this is ridiculous why do I need to change this going on the rock itself the correlational men secede or of God grows only superficially there is a façade of joined growth superficial religion ankle Colossians price object lesson page forty six many who make a profession of religion are stony ground here's like a rock underlying the layover the selfishness of the natural heart underlies the soil of their good desires and aspirations is the shocking some of you are here G Y C you actually may be here for selfish reasons I know people were here to find their future spouse how near the outdoors rent out a year to find a future I know there are people who do not do their devotions because they want to look more pious than the roommate honey don't talk about I had a roommate and I now is when his people it's always a retreats we had a roommate then and is that one with a six o'clock to market my divorce was fizzling at six o'clock I'm going up at five thirty and if I was five thirty he's looking on the user anyway so you like to get a visitor or competing of the Korean War he has let us leave the black there is a selfish motive there can be a selfish motivation to good spiritual things is that shortfall church ladies can make Oliver entire church for selfish motivation event that one person makes the apostle paper space lasagna and elevated to feed the crowd what do you outdo the other dizziness or elders wife yes Santos the females man church also compete producers of the hour every second outreach the pastor about about whatever the selfishness of the natural heart on your lies the soul of a good desires and aspirations so superficially is good but in your heart it's selfish the love of self is not subdued and seeing the exceeding sinfulness of sin the heart has not been humbled under the sense of its guilt this class may be easily convinced and if you need correct converts but they only have a superficial religion that outsiders go inside to have no idea what's going they're happy with their joyous and had no problems to innately selfish and I think the majority of the honest church is not like this I could be wrong I'm yellow grease is that the whatsoever but they are all there denominations out there who have interesting worsened styles and the goal to use revision coming is when talking about their people out there who attacked Christians have you heard this I work on a public university setting and many atheists are you a Christian 's legal interest is the feel better like you need individuals alike will hurt him or I need to feel good and they come to church and all with all caring fatherly teddy bear wraps his arms around you and catch you on the back and you feel warm and collegian FEB can go back and finish the entire week many Christians are living that life Luke fourteen Oz consulate discipleship is not because men receive the word immediately nor because they rejoice in it that they follow a but that was when the parable are set to receive the work immediately do not want count the cost of everything is this Christianity biblical Christianity the Adventism is hard if anyone says it's easy to have no idea what they're talking human but even though it's hard it's quite rewarding event it really is so don't think Christianity is except Jesus and got a roller coaster downhill from that point on not go to Luke chapter forty one open there right away synonymous slide seat on the convenience of reading it Jesus speaking in the Chapter fourteen I call this the chapter of cannot be my disciples because Jesus says you cannot be my disciple regards there are three conditions of how not to be disciples of Jesus first is found in chapter fourteen verse twenty five years that meant the there was a great multitude with any turn in sentiment if man if any man or woman comes to me and hates on his father mother wife children brother and sisters he ate his life also he wants cannot be now the store for hate is not hates mobile homes a mom I wanted you I see that one needs a winter but hate the next part in this hate is talking up a number to draw Jacob hated Leah loved Rachel yap that doesn't mean I like our love you Rachel I hear you Leo is just not in the Hebrew XE means I love you Rachel first and Leah unfortunately I love you second so we must a lot of positive qualities in second but number one is Jesus if you do not do this condition you cannot it's an absolute statement cannot be the site number two is found in virtually seven whosoever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple the second one but no one talk about which is what this was the sub quote is referring to is found in verse twenty eight for which of you intending to build a tower sits not down first and count the cost whether he have sufficient to finish first anyone watching going to make war against another king sits not down first and consults whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand or else while the other is yet a great way off he said that Bassett and message and decide conditions of peace for surgery his words again so likewise whosoever he be of you have forsaken not all that he has he can not be once counting the cost relic as this having been to church on a church pastor and we have a church bulletins you electrical deliver programs I went to a church and initially noticed to two thousand people or hate can you help full these bulletins and have to want pre- folded a budget cable people asking to these new things I hate outside of mourning our worship got continue for Mike or take now I'm on the mentality is less just jump right in and start three two thousand fifty one two in all of our hard work the Protestant work ethic view full full full full and therefore like thirty minutes I don't like the hundred or so would I like a thousand nine hundred more to go Kate the great sunlight should I get more people that are not so the head of housekeeping from the pieces you know what we should before you do this think about strategically what we should do before we jump right into it you might left a smart idea how come I to think about the first of all let's get more people involved in a smart idea small and let one one one brilliant in another one by one what should we do that stay to my too much I have a better idea than to buy two sixty two by ten and on another bad idea because what happens into my tent is like the inside and outside the matchup you like some I like to get folded likely miss and inelegantly folded around it up in a document is limited to what you agree my paperwork for the optimum number eight those guys are beautiful robbers in your church is the computer so I wanted you I see it better for a refolded it we were done in thirty minutes in time for sadness before you jump right in when you think about strategically what it's come to take the time done all these things and in Christianity the same exact thing if any creature says just jump right in his e-zines is a downer not Jesus think about it before you do you can not be it's an absolute thing and she says here it is not because men receive always do not count the cost a do not consider what the word of God requires than they do not bring a face to face with all their habits of life and yield themselves fully to its control it some people yesterday who asked to talk with devotions yesterday how come my devotional life only gets to a certain degree and is a ceiling of glass seeming outcome why is that so now I determine this yesterday but I did notice true but there are in some instances God will not bless you in your devotional life because you have already rejected something in your devotions before not willing to obey everything that we learn and experience word of God through the Holy Spirit God actually withdraws his blessings from as you know this is if you come to the word of God with an obedient hearts and submissive heart and with a prayerful heart of Holy Spirit reading scriptures actually detrimental to spiritual thefts the willingness of the heart is the most horrifying when it comes to emotions and the reason we hit the ceiling is becoming a week we have this natural selfishness this bedrock units refused to go and a lot of us ugly loss as evidence in the physics generation would be reading Scripture for informational sake nothing else is like and the prophecy of twenty three hundred eighty three B Hoisington draw pictures but there's no spiritual benefits fiscal fake religion may receive the gospel as a way of escape from suffering rather than as deliverance from sin they rejoiced first season for they think that religion will free them from difficulty and trial wildlife smoothly while life was smoothly with then they may appear to be consistent Christians again outside totally cool inside totally not cool that's the field from knuckle but a faint beneath the fiery test of temptation they cannot bear reproach for Christ's sake when the word of God points out some cherished sin or require self-denial or sacrifice they are what offend it would cost them too much effort to make a radical change in your life they look at the present inconvenience and trial and forget eternal realities like the disciples who left Jesus they are ready to say this is a hard saying who can marry so superficial worship are routinized or intentional ignorance of the word uses Christianity and worship good positive therapeutic non- substantial no service no ministry no evangelism I believe this is where ranchers they whether you think we were just Yukon and you he was Jesus and get out selfishness is being worshiped today Nazis and the reason why we need to evangelism is not I believe it's partially for the people were on reach a parsley for some emerging in a new and door-to-door were continued and court canvassing up ordering reportable work is the most horrible work in the universe I recall porting with passion bundled into logical to work on the less you what happens is it when you knock on the door your selfishness is combating against Naprosyn selfishness and in your my thinking why do I have to wear a tie in a suit in the middle of Nebraska and for this person is there my Asian eyes and for me to humble myself before this guy who has tattoos and and and a mohawk Nebraska anyway and anything afraid and wildlife the town what Jesus I don't want to do this I want to go away you are face to face with your selfishness inventions we would do roomy like hey Patty heard about Jesus and in your ear with a segment after the after that that person is watching you you face-to-face with the substance indeed if you don't do ministry you don't encounter selfish don't you'll see it isn't okay to the official worship we have a worship service today is some churches many churches a lot of churches where it's just the same thing as a Baptist service or Presbyterian service but sans Saturday flat you miss out of school you come in not at eleven thirty we like eleven fifty five and result preliminaries you the sermon you rush out to the parking you get out of it if you like I'm convincing them really nice or intentional ignorance of the worth of an award which was just in the word of God is read you're either thinking of us just the word of God and this happens all the time when the pastor preaches on our strengths and our story and in my mind I find that this every single config heard the story already twenty thousand busy talking and no again I've been hereby endorses cradle rock the cradle rock Trail role all men obtain delegates of the boys in the van was big deal we have to come with a wheelie it's all selfishness Indian immigrants is set when the preacher can't return even to egregious Cambridge horrible Richard boring creatures that I want to know that you have to say Lord what is what is what is the selfishness I've been convicted on my selfishness that more times than a preacher convicting in order what I need Lord take away this bedrock and honey just to listen but humble ears and without using Christian and you worship honey April worship any no worry of guitars and drums and and then this synth and dies to study with Sunday worship leaders and I got to a degree where I wanted it to bring it that is so much onto this one guy at a worship service he got so into it that you won top of the balcony a registered off like Dubya WF sciences Lord Jesus take me now and uses in his trance I guess I looked up on the balcony might do is even a jump within the druid and the Muses is going on unlike Barthes something wrong here this is not conducive worships there's people who come to church emotional hot hi anything to it new in Houston there some people say and what I want to service don't feel good afterwards is not bizarrely refreshing feeling you're using service a selfish worse abortion selfish on good positive grading no service as soon as we talk about that no holiness no denial of self the purpose of warship friends is the coffee and to deny seltzer today here this is not a worship service and is a seminar were learning several beware that were studied together but indeed mine service every Saturday night we experience a denial of self if we do not experience it myself you have not you have learned something you may have experienced your worship when you deny yourself you remove yourself and in that vacuum Jesus comes in natural that clear you and events the Cynthiana 's church worship is particularly different because we believe in the Senate sundown on Friday the sun goes down and then sundown on Saturday December twenty ten August the thirty first two periods of time God actually ensures into time itself wherever God 's presence is that's the thing that's holding Baptist believe the water is going to physical Baptist water is the holiest thing Catholics God 's presence executors the little without wafer of the circle to speak of the police think Agnes believe the Scripture tells us that God enters time itself to guess what finance or sure economy ready for time a great go fifty seconds with just a springtime what time it is in this chair know it's it's it's this you understand and when sun goes down on Friday God God 's essence God 's God enters into this you understand you can't say no if God and the water in the Baptist original I don't want to be near God and the waters there August walk away from the back to service if you don't want out any canvassers I don't want to take communion so either the way for them I constantly follow up yesterday he's run a circle but in an and is an and biblical Christianity you can't escape from Ghana was one day you to create up a time device and freeze yourself in time before the sun was notified and how that work can't answer you have to submit yourself to the presence of God study Friday sundown Friday sent is a clear imminent so worship is not divine service from eleven thirty to twelve thirty we had his conception is the holiest time yes so you're like me grew groggy and eleven thirty and you still awake and had told her you groggy and you go back to sleep the whole NewsFactor he did not denial self occurs for a whole day of self-denial will that's a call and I you now ideally .org with one day is voice surrender and Jesus takes possession of us we're not whispered position and net experience she does going from sixty as we do live a life of self and all on his value selfish or six days and when they'll like all activism is not knowing the carries of September day worship selfishness where does the joy come from worship Revelation thirteen and fourteen were not to read it but I sent Dennis Wurster becomes additional assays it's becomes more persecuted for not because on the data were worshiping on but because of the heart religion behind it you understand and heart religion is tied to the date your next persecution due to the word of God because we follow are gone you will notice because of the anesthesia you don't read Greek cricket controversy or such services should revolve around the word of God and not around the pastor or fishing incident this book is why were simply evidence in this book is the reason we come to church we like our which is the viewer got word of God where God 's self-denial what about self notebooks but instead how we worship we come in I hate everything along that's a wonderful person wearing a watch apocalyptic on manage that pastor again and no wonder we have a war worst experience and when persecution comes just what you think and hang not a new negative support but see holiness vector can we talk about toys after the Sabbath and this holiness after Leach over to her personal life for corporate life Mary's life servitude and Stuart to wash it is not just the divine services I just decided but it will race over to every aspect of your devotions are you personal worship services every morning he worked those who are married or closure contemplating marriage marriage is not romantic there's no way to violence as Mary's romantic and there's loving and Crystal room for supplementing your husband is the romantic assured off and have a six pack and an golden hair flowing out your real life is aware of Victorian dress and flow out of towers and when it's never been having your life unless you really weird it's never been a one marriage is a place where two people experienced oneness and unity of single people never experience that unity is something at the Trinity own experiences that this the state of being in marriage itself is worship and licensing the patent bears today the state of coexistence of two human beings is worshiping itself every thing about after the servitude ostrich and how is the money how we we spent our time all these things this is a part of worship the Lord offense many people are offended because of this book because it takes too much effort I then use ministry and are godless or hearts I don't think it's a selfish thing is getting more sleep teenagers need nine hours sleep on average more than the rest of us adults I heard this I wanted to mantras is just too much effort is just too early in the morning nine thirty but if we're going to ski trip on Sunday morning to get up at six o'clock guess what they're there for the morning but I think it's an issue of priorities and importance too much effort they also offended because it's inconvenient what I need to give this up I need to do that I needed for doing this getting convenience all because the selfishness and often it's because of a cherished sin is a book audio should read by an elderly tour as it's called getting decisions making decisions on your decisions into Internet search on this with the dating decisions you gain is Christ he talks about this when people or angry or infuriated it's because they're convicted it from there he don't want to make a decision he told the story and it's hilarious to let the story about a man that he was he when he went to the businesses he's holding evangelistic series and disguise mechanic he probably goes up to the house and the guy takes one look at it and start running book starting with now if any normal if that happens anal pastorate and like all men all ye must be afraid on this matter go back to my car elderly Torahs runs after him so this guy he's running down the negligent suburbia of America running down sweating down these running for his life not from a criminal not from the mass murderer from Hispanic pastor and AOL the tour is running after and did it I don't know how that he was the artisan as he spoke he involved needs as she has been all over fences and underneath trees into cars and find it stops turns around to account you need on convict just the one that I had that I can so when young people are our anger parents with young people are angry it's not because there was angry at times it is convicted on a ship if your friends are angry don't forget about your friends are angry or offended just keep on point precedent we don't be annoying oppressor it the convicted all the cherished sin people are rarely offended or maybe defending their pictures charts and that they have elected that the principles of Scripture must permeate throughout the entire Christian 's life the word of God must sink the network talking Christianity and worship the Word of God must sink deep inside this memorization and repeating with the pastor says and then okay it's not that was indeed highly do that full understanding practice we talk about that yesterday it must permeate throughout the family and marriage that's something I can whirl losing North America today Noah was considered the one of the greatest preachers of righteousness think about it state how many people seven people how many people was how may people were committed to his trust the entire anti- diluting world like one six Brazilian people in order to divide seven over one six presenting people what is a success rate zero zero zero zero zero zero one percent success rate of the New Testament consider the great creature why he converted his family may have that one person your family is so difficult to reach I think the Lord place a person your family wanted to to elicit your selfishness so Joseph but also give your burden for souls if Adventists were just responsible for our families Jesus would be nearby we had a a injunction to converter things we can it's hard nothing is easy but it's hard but if we do the work must engage our families our marriages those are married and often get a lot of years of skip that part the word Muslim afterlife calling you cannot be a Las Vegas car dealer and some dancing time needed to just do not connect take anything want while doing card and witness a person know you can't is your contradicting the person what I want to be able a pork dealer pork dealer aliases keep on going it must infect you how you spend your money how you need your address and you must impact what causes you before and after we look at this art are quite superficial degree to think a lot enough is enough if I'm a vegetarian and I wear long dress and I don't wear earrings and memorize the Bible every day I'm sick Christian Christianity must overflow to other aspects yes now there's something that costs I believe Arnold I believe about the right-wing of the undead Mister is conservative is that the word that we know we have standards we love lifestyle the beloved the word of truth then you know and what we do this because it is due to some of the Cape felt the left-hand of the church is super integrated society is something about us it were afraid of society and nothing should integrate fully inhabiting cities and we will a reconsideration of the summer next year but we should engage society as much as possible and as the word of God is being permitted in our lives and our and are the essence of who we are it overflows to other things why is it conservative and this have no passion for the environment within colleges from the student there is a new throw up trash stewardship why is it that were so and so we should week we were so obsessed with fine-tuning on whether Jesus Kenneth thirty three eighty or thirty three five eighty in March or April or the audio but we don't care to find in people dying in Rwanda vis-à-vis why is that why is there that this can guess the number one I think 's people have against conservative what you engage culture not be part of the culture but engage culture the clear intent you agree you on political causes we need to be involved in politics now before you go along the rear religion the word of God must inform our politics but not dictator that clear we don't like what it presents candidates and vote no on the feminist OL inevitable this year if not all who is a Christian one oh is I like oldest Catholic guy that thought we should let all we must think rationally okay we had a devotional life must permeate what are the political beliefs that I have one of the values that I have what do I want to advocate in this country environment the social cause economic causes these are all busy I think about intelligent rational and biblical Christians all based on denying self and friends Swingle called by some fluorescent Glo bull 's and safe environment not because the nature feel better devout people are singing Monica Seles six we talk about selfish motives but Jesus has made us stewards of the earth we do know that it up on itself theologically correct and worship can have selfish motivations correct lifestyles that have selfish motivations emotions evangelism prayer lives can be selfish and selfishness is the bedrock that prevents that selflessness leads the depth and one encourage you to read the book of education the best book ever in the whole world take this organization does not have my education at all personal life and the purpose of life is to serve and we serve this death is pretty what permeates down if I purpose for your life is meaning to life 's is all great all conclusive but for this FAQ is the last verse for today humility on opportunity to the secession Philippians chapter two units you of Jesus is is the pattern that we have temperature verse five let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus who being a foregone thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation took upon himself the form of a servant is made in the likeness of men being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death in the death of the cross wherefore God also hath highly exalted him and given the name which is above every name in the name of Jesus every knee should bow of things in heaven and earth and things are under the earth that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord the glory of God the father this is our example what this means is that our lives is the selective service what that means this is sitting there in a seminar there is even a selfish motivation to listen for seminar and honor what what could be rethinking what how can be selfless how can be selfless and it can take about that piece of garbage right there on the service the functional useful in some way when you're waiting in the cafeteria line but the center like one among them effect of selfish motivation like to let me talk this person and I don't like about people but I wanted to myself to talk this person hey is that we had airport is in a candy bar hack raises money to do no donate to salvage it constantly thinking of different things to deny herself bedpan rock where did you can be on a superstrong as we deny some of it asked Jesus to take like one of those of you want to TV infomercials that one of the cloth thing 's Jennings should break something oh rough ground Jesus take a claw said Martin just question we need to be selfless people the only way toward a park permit units is commercializing a people called aphis on solution either limits women's as we asked her self-denial the plot must break the soil it's a painful process but based on their way to support the Sunday bake or melt thus far we talk about the wayside which let people think you think you are on the way to you not really on the way so I got people think you're having a great experience but are not and the about thorns going against the grain against the system I think if we take these three soils and prevents the weaknesses from the three soils that you discover how to become the ground 's orchestral or prayer you guys are looking looking pretty intense but aborted prayer and in the Lord helplessness and offense Lord help us in this and start following of the Lord we talked about self fish this today would perhaps week before the Sunday Times Bobby this is the root of the matter will be asked as you have given us a choice we seek to be the fourth type of ground orders across March we don't want to be a wayside we don't want to be born we don't want to be a stony ground help us to produce fruit Lord Lord I ask that you be with every person who has come to the seminar and every person who listens to this MP3 receipt selflessness break this bedrock me to the depths of our hearts so maybe true religion not superficial we endeavor to follow in the footsteps of your son we pray this is turning this media was produced by audio birds hope media ministry Mountain View ice generation would like to listen to more is present or if you would like to learn more about what you see when the government to NYC with God Ward also find great with you on your verse got bored and have videos .com go


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