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Among Thorns: Subversion - Growing Against the Grain

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 21, 2007
    10:45 AM
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I have wanted to thank you for the privilege of studying a word father we thank you for the privilege of being your people were scattered across the country convening in Minneapolis is a privilege that fellowship with each other especially send work together is this enjoyment we thank you for the father as you have been with us in the past seminars we ask that you be with this last one and Lord IMing capable and competent and incomprehensible followed by your spirit things are possible so far we ask a blessing that we can give to myself and also for me personally listen to this presentation in prison Jesus thing well before start off with we hasn't had a whole is the last seminar in advance last seminar knowing education cancel uneven that one of things you will remember her from the passive seminars and doesn't have to be from this seminar just let's just share Luke said Pat parade but potpourri of what we've learned so far one three zero registered this rate has shouted out just a hold of us is different etc. have anyone because remember this we ascend and this believe in the fourth minute remember the seventh day and we need to remember anything that we learn the system and addressing the important lesson we remember you take and allow her to think how not to be selfish catalogued emphasis on not there take your house you selflessness breaks that rock barrier that the Christian precious metals deleting anything from the seminar the other will learn step up refresh Brad hung up in the morning no really okay okay now an integral part granted and a seminar yes and have one seminar called out the words were interesting as I thought it had good okay if you abide in my word in your my disciples it obliges in which relations of life okay awesome work abide continue remain to know else you did for shame to show the gospel of share the gospel we don't believe it works while we were not well powerful is good his seminar they were not announced they could contribute in Regina on the seminars called among thorns is the last of the three presentations it's start the third of the four loss soils were not but I get really into the fourth solo just because it's a good one that's the one we should all be hundred sixty thirty fold fruit nuts well the researcher says but among thorns by one of my favorites on the top it would encompass some version of going yesterday were not subversion needs some version have to direct get an idea of what it means little later on in review is for those the other dramas for president 's brief review on the word makes us into his disciples one we talked about and my first presentation superficiality prevents this process number two we just my selfishness prevents this process and they received next day thing text data files Johnson favorite Fedora memorizes facts for those you have noticed the passes can be super easy it is not in the painful memorizing this case if you continue my war Re: my disciples indeed repeat after me if you continue in my word I then argue much I'd yet then are ye my disciples indeed they've got to meet if you continue in my word then are ye my disciples indeed okay for those of you have been here with us as the last session one to three ago they close their eyes fill my time ready go in caveman for the zero two and is the first time I won't pressure anyway so it is about breath of thing among thorns guards that is after that you look at the third start select together okay look at Matthew thirteen March before I lived separating NFPA thirteen percent over seven says some fell among thorns the thorns sprung up and choked them take out the previous one it said that was sprung up the scene when in and go indeed this one up really quickly but here the ceiling growing as much it's the forms that are growing for interesting and and thorns choke then mark for sentences somehow very similar some fell among thorns the thorns grew up choked it and it yielded no fruits and will be very similar again some fell among thorns and the thorns sprang up with it and show it interpretation a couple verses afterwards Matthew says he also received seed among the thorns is he that hears the word and the cares of this world the deceitfulness of riches choke the word and he becomes unfruitful this is something you should all be familiar with Mark says some very similarly says the cares of this world the sinfulness of riches and the lusts of other things entering in and the Luke says when it hardly go for the actual good cares and riches Ray cares and riches and pleasures of this life and bring no fruit to perfection compare these guys see following storms that means your handiwork of God the thorns sprang up that means the cares of the word not the word to the world and Ellen there is she's crucial difference besides list of richest and less of this life spring up then you choked the word of God is choked there's no fruit and is no fruit it registered for seen so far the wayside scenes never grew cake so there's wrinkled on the side the birds comment by picnic Pentagon celery seed vaccine grown to go super fast but as the foundation so what happens is the sun comes out this should allow the forty seats emphasize that thorns grow and show proceeds there still alive yet dying Melanie this which of the three cities is the most existentially painful would you rather be burned out by the sun attacked by a giant bird or sell live and be choked by my forms why are living many of us are paralyzed in the third soil to the first oil Illinois that you get is that the first company gone the second one is the use of superficial that you value a minority for the third one is your still in the church you're still living with these thorns are continued choking thorns before then he cut off but not uprooted grow apace until the soul is overspread with them across out to be fifty degrees crucial to social the phone lines must be of Rooney now I just trimmed you whiny when you cut them off temporarily okay and I think a lot of us Christians live this week we take away all the laundry 's cut off the roots are still very deep in our hearts we asked Jesus Jesus take the clumsy breakdown of the earth and in go deep and take the roots of the foreign and just think about assistance embraces sound effects of forgive me if this incoherent different types of thorns cares of this world deceitfulness of riches and lusts and pleasures look at each of these three little bit more depth because of this world Matthew chapter six is open to Matthew chapter six if you have your Bibles Matthew chapter six that the secret to Bible study is to see what is being repeated over and over again this morning owl cities and the trouble of some Bible scholarship and just say what's happening chapter six verse one five therefore I think you take no thought for your life verse twenty eight why take a thought for raiment firstly one therefore take no thought verse thirty four therefore take no thought what is Jesus saying don't worry okay so Jesus and Allah Nepal policy when Jesus they repeat themselves over and over again don't worry don't worry don't worry don't worry by the way the war in conclusion don't worry because the worry don't worry don't worry please don't worry don't worry you understand as I was like what is he talking found that of the Gospels say over and over again now here using Deloitte only don't worry why it actually motivations are the other into this assignment person on night team they not up for yourselves treasures upon earth where all rust doth corrupt with these breakthroughs sealed but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust doth corrupt worse these are not regular steel we treasure is there would be are also amongst all topics that Jesus talks about guess we talked the most it's not about love it's not about grace is not about the law here to talk about work and money the most interesting things I think authentic a lot of money he's not the CEO or a vessel is to think we are human beings living on this earth we labor for six days we put the punch card and blue-collar workers from mindset five or six students from nine to three in the morning with his work a lot and saying how vain is it if you work that hard and you wasted all on something 's ongoing efforts to think to maximize your labor here's some advice industry thinks delayed up on on things where moth and rust in fees for things not biologically gay rust chemical decay and themes social decay okay social decay you two don't invest in the boyfriend blogosphere your heart don't invest in a girlfriend sister or my music I don't invest in a nice suit it'll decay don't invest in a LCD projector there LCD TV is two thousand dollars indicating a rust to using and have all this money uses for something you can appreciate later on what is that juicy souls if you don't appreciate the wealth of souls now you won't appreciate having to be eternal pain and having silly souls there like I hate these people and Jesus Salo made of better you can come here and him or know I know I know I have personally to offender success for all these things the Gentiles seek to have a father knows he had need of all these things so please the Lord needs me to man and man the Lord easier woman the Lord means you need a house Lord knows he needs on you soon the Lord knows me marbled the Lord needs your young and I said the Lord will all these things but forget about this containment seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things are guided empty escape hybrid is for the sermon ready but here's always worth a teasing is don't worry don't why don't worry because there is this kind of I need worldly things meant how do we have in our brains especially Americans and especially Americans we are the target database and so Mike and I need a candle border it's so awesome it's the one where like you'll have to have it on the hellhole that they just put in the public can discuss about self is so awesome like me I need that but unlike why do I need to Armenia he got a mechanic simply regulates I got a cancer cells Jesus don't worry you'll get you all how these things of your renewed intellect can open myself it was his page fifty one Christians must work they must engage in business and it can do this without committing sin I think she's sexy going against the opposition uses the word award or any other people the long been awarded to sit next to a him a stop sign and him 's been away here and do nothing out they always execrable yet anyway many have become so absorbed in business that they have no time for prayer no time for studying the Bible no time to seek and serve God at times along the soul go out for the holy is in heaven but there is no time to turn aside from the Dean of the world to listen to majestic and authoritative utterances of the spirit of God she landed in the eighteen hundreds people on aging for busy people no time no time I know time is LSU safety sauce in two thousand seven seven familiar with it coming on surveys and uncle my mom mom I love you but to most efficiently communities or even text texting our parents happy birthday at nine hundred HB anyway cares of this world cares of this world were so busy taking care of ourselves and guesses what when the time for Jesus this is something I want to belabor this point but this is a form you guys is a form usually spiritually and chairs as well as restaurant you continue to live in the deliverable ceilidh toward the sink chokes you eventually deceitfulness of riches by the way money is not bad in many friends it's not about the Lord uses money in the fantastic ways there's a lot of people feel guilty the devil on both of the control on the local user popping out the sinfulness on purchases now that I am a lot of money my individuality and my purpose and my knee and my identity comes from my bank kept and their something wrong with that take the deceitfulness of riches first in addition to six percent for the love of money is the root of all evil which while some coveted after then air from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows so Timothy appalled the sensitivity whom money is the root of all evil that's what the love of money and so when you see a ten dollar bill on the middle the convention center what is your first three actions you are is it all just ten dollars the Christian dollars and I want to have it's another need with it by simply can't help but I can opener of him the love of money friends I want I'm not really in China this is one I'd hate using movies for analogies are reading but this one in values is great and he has in recent ruthless Schindler 's list if you haven't heard of it the launch of its six but is one part is just it hits you would be really crazy is manning the nation the operationalization of these rich man and he sells everything he has to say the Jews to get another concentration camps or something like that whatever possible to any reason to watch and in the end celebrity sells cars factory in all these things and see all these Jews by the last moment he looks down and sees what time it is any of this expensive watch and cries at the end of the movie thinking how many more souls perhaps I save with his expensive watch and think why what happened watch me he needs wants the missing wide 's expensive watch this German Rolex I don't know whatever it is missing happening more souls die because I had this expensive now in the last phase friends we should not have any a money left in her bank Jesus comes we should if you have a million dollars in your bank when Jesus comes that is awarded as the money is in it and having you may think you have any more souls could I save about a camping zero rather than hundred nine thousand toys out there I'm not saying no liquidate your assets now for Jesus a KM we understand that the principle involved there a FE which stands for fundamentals on education or to educationist educators go to Google on it that says money God 's monies expended in order to make an appearance at the world customs the religious experience is contaminated with worldliness the evidence of discipleship Christ like this is something odd prosperity is not discernible by the world or money universe of heaven so how you spend your money and the pastors have no right to how you spend money but we have the Bible teaches the principles has been human is a private exercise but how we spend our money determines the salvation of ourselves and also for those around us lesson pleasures these NSA things simple in themselves but something that is May first is that the kingdom of God whatever attracts the mind of my from God whatever draws defection away from Christ is an enemy judicial we believe as the local Christians that sex is not bad in a friend 's sex is not that it is a natural drive that God gave us is one of first Commandments and gave it go and be fruitful and multiply and help this drive is so holy and so strong it needs to be protected under the confines of marriage to be experienced in this most heightened form hunger is a natural drive hunger is a beautiful thing from God amen friends know I'm getting hungry now that hunger is that they know what scene does taste natural drives and he turns them up or turn down any Nixon with with things and new blends in a blender on high speed it has been ill from target and he says this do this now and it is malformed weird urges and drives in its case that's what Boston pleasures so if you're attracted to the other gender don't take away and hang herself not because I'm not in a unoriginal because their other denominations out that I believe anything that pertains the body is able yes so hunger is evil sexual drives evil marriage he in discussing very we believe assembly avenues especially unaccounted home life she allowed a psycho somatic connection between the mind and body she says that the soul is not this white sparkly thing in the middle right here it is our flesh are mine all companies who your sofa we are in this body itself is a soul and all the drives in it this part of God 's mechanic make mechanism still feel guilty copies in front is it's a balanced perspective on these things know what they'll do is you know why you're checking a girl will let me just press the trouble and any pervert the ghetto whatever they goes in weird way if you're hungry you know you should be eating healthy food but in his impressive Brian used into a man cleaning up cockroach in Eagle make a cockroach salad cockroach takes cockroach soup I saw the adolescent patient before many parents seek to promote happiness of the children by gratifying their love of amusement hall Americans and American cell and left myself not alone they allow them to engage in sports to attend parties of pleasure provide them with money to few screaming displaying self gratification the more the desire for pleasure is indulged the stronger it becomes dangerous of these years as more and more absorbed in amusement until they come to look upon it as the great object in life they form habits of idleness and self-indulgence and make it almost impossible for them ever to become steadfast Christians have you ever searched YouTube out there and you joke is the example of having too much time on your hands now that are useful things I don't get me wrong college students have to much time on their hands one possesses then to do the things they do on YouTube to waste their time that Donna discusses that he exhibits our culture today why are we just so enthralled with pleasure and entertainment I need to be stimulates the release in the community with my thoughts we wake-up music musings musings musings musings related across arthroscopy and NNM anyway I annihilated in the end they went on the charts like avenues like I do understand the old one the church can compete single option for your iPod saying single load your iPod of the Bible there's a group of NFC helps now I need to get bored once want me to train our minds to get the intention back because we can't function as human beings especially usable people they say the more sauce also psychologist social status the more pleasure oriented toward the more idleness that he experienced the more angry the child becomes as Alice there's a really angry kids seem other than a parent to let me know what you want to do and and and and and then it's not the parents what had to the household of the kid was headed when you want to do anyone wants to me and the kids get angry imaging angry spoiled kids are out there I knows how what he keeps on their summer I anyway self-denial is not a bad thing in and of myself now not saying we are going to ourselves in the Whitman affect the call common misconception we have self-denial is like looking and not washing your phase and it is still not taking a shower does hate yourself that's not self offense behind Jesus 's self-denial symbolizes the world first John chapter two verse fifteen sixteen who love not while he knows very well love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man loves the world the love of the father is not in him for all that is in the world the lust of flesh left the eyes of part of life is not the father but as of the world everything that define the world first the lust of flesh essentialism K things that your body is naturally crave yesterday we were at Andrea Olivers plenary session fresh presentation along that stockholder friends I was addicted to sex that is not uncommon friends the majority of men are addicted to pornography American today take before the ladies before you like nothing was happening females are more more getting into pornography more than then now a faster rates it is weird than amending a proxy is excusable was just a notice the whole world became one more socially charged colossus documents areas where they are to talk to all the sins of the six or seven prime advertising companies and what they do they are all in sync and this they are intentionally advertising to young people by interviewing ten percent of the teenage frames most radical fringe and applying what they are excreted and advertising to the remaining ninety percent and guess what they have to do gender advertising your best works for the females is called the mid- roof advertising campaign you show a naked female body from the chest down to her waist you know the new roof that attracts men interesting they are intentionally making females into sexual objects now the guys think that's awesome all the same we wholeheartedly welcome back we want to be sexual objects is crazy we want to be sexual objects for men babies and moved campaign appears in a new campaign if the dumbing down of the man they started with Homer Simpson Simpson is but it's not come to degree where the movement is a young male is stupid and totally good news is what you assessing millions of TV advertising like that and there's sexually obsessed and all they can think about is sex and alcohol and a stupid and that's the general conception of masculinity to be the media and guess what females are attracted to that end then aspire to be there in the years just turn on any media source any any top whatever this comment whatever and female as a sex object and the demands and eighty that's what our cultures become elected now my thing as a reactionary on CNN's of sociology sociological observer yes everything is permitted rent is a sweet answer lust of the flesh sensualism lust of the eyes materialism take everything that we see even myself and I I Asian I thought it might has abated some of your today we go around everything that we seem to search for any to buy that it might happen by that I asked you think praise the Lord renting a recession right now behind us spend our money is much save up to my friends use on things that are useful like souls spin on resources donate the campus ministries a mission conference whatever last flight of life and we talked for the last fence will get into it but selfishly self self self self self self substance subversion the one that the next day to go against the world is called subversion in his rebellion young people love to rebel and entrance para single clean your room we say no I love it no person we must develop a truth hate sure it is a spiritual gift we must all be people who take things came out in Spain when it Proverbs eight thirteen the fear of the Lord as to what hate evil see inmate we do not as since God has treated us with the capacity to hate when it anywhere around and he saw the needle do you think all roots okay no like this care bear and no I wasn't when this argument like John had died it would I can as I don't know what anonymous the big see if you rule of good that much shops as much you hate evil that much he has a clear just because your Gordon Hall London is the love everything is so we as living in his lessons as converted people and those who believe we as as as admittedly Revelation chapter fourteen percent and fear of God the fear of the Lord is to walk hate evil masses he has hate you to hate evil now I would say no we don't need we entertained by the loving them I personally hate cauliflower I hated will I started in this Arabian restaurant was very good but outside of that any other time I hate cauliflower and anytime I see it Mike and I I have the tendency to wear my expressions on my face my face is currently I try not to does the no response and why is only seating will have a natural inclination to why is it we see on TV we just all one on the dog handle this sister and well sponsored this with you why is that now I'm not saying we should be around super ego anal-retentive all these things but is sensitive insane become too desensitized and you fear the Lord is to hate evil pride arrogance he and the evil way forward now eight I think all of us and of those of us in churches week we have a tendency to hate other church members if we hit people where our arrogant who are powerful I think the one way to do to not focus on that is when you when we see our own pride for the first time anyone else's prod does not compare comparison does not compare and torture the converted we see all the people 's private or larger than it were not converted we review her needle in haystack hate ourselves he did report that clear difference between developed hatred for the world ghetto speaking the recovered for Bush and forty seven as we talk about hatred is godly hatred is called so you're going if hatred is an evil 's entry into homes say I hated and you goal against the system goal businesses find practical ways in your life to see what I want to hate the system if it's entering your church all of you have a responsibility to place your pastors on a higher standard house on Santelli on the past myself Alexis asked myself young people you can do stuff and no one else can you guys have a supernatural power the new stuff and known lady for the face-off that when Israel angry and I've shut off UIC someone played a movie during divine service now this wasn't that it was an okay movie notion tolerated but this is a minor and there's some inappropriate for divine worship inappropriate so short a letter she said for this reason and she wasn't like I don't want to see that all with a Christian grace yes and not unknowingly yet rationally and intelligently she argued out the points why that was in court and she placed her pastor and made them accountable and an end the response we should have done for the precise reasons but in every way I love you I support you and I were to work together on this but this was I don't this is writing to do because she was a young person is weird when young people that if the cool of older people know what's cool because they follow young people anything he originally do the review and if you make a mistake is that you hadn't know I'm young and I you understand like me have that that that license so we have a voice and we have the license to get out of it when she was she started teaching theology because I just be recorded I offer what's one thing but she wisely because it is young people we get to do what we want to do and that the older generations can too much about finance industry not an article the next generation a young people are having a hard time the church is why because the baby boomers are making these weird things going on baby boomers are all about show huge costs of light light light sets sent Camrose and and and and and mythologies presentation the trend for young people today is to go back to the original the organic the real the natural the ancient debate about the young talk about going back to the source say that this generation identifies more with the grander grandparents generation when the baby boomers so they'll come into these meta- churches and churches is she lots of people at all the glitter and going on and then I went and just can't connect anyway is just in the Gagarin and watching TV show than to go home to get hospital would you like to start it were like you must get up on natural hard-core organic face-to-face bottles of experience because enough young people wanted it the parents and you want this must be the new cool thing we can think about while you're young goal against the system not just think if you're going to his assistant meaning actually notices in any way you are home our hormones tell us to go to the system but convert your hormones are convert your hormones take the Bible verse Proverbs eight thirteen and seen what I want to go against the system of the world I want to live for Jesus Christ because the benefits outweigh it is still rebellious to have fun doing some examples of Pickett Friedman nineteen ninety okay by the way to go against the system not the people okay there examples Dostoyevsky Helena Dostoyevsky in this room alone there's so much potential but she moreover this one is not single out then write the next great Russian novel because I believe you speak Russian Dostoyevsky says you aren't a Christian and I want to write a great novel where people can understand the principles of Scripture when asked going to the Bible as he writes he was wonderfully however he did he did very well you saw the guys you have different talents different individual different different whatever essences of character use whatever you have and go against the system forgot Alexander fifty one against the system he wrote novels for forgot it other examples CS Lewis Helena CS Lewis Victor Hugo a children's novel he went against the system I'm a single army and reminiscence of his wonderful something yes this is not the babe of the movies all Harry Potter however but she usually writing rejects the system she went on BBC or the BBC temperature was there for Chris broadcasting hasn't no I don't object she went on and for a first unheated discourses on Christianity is so profound so well done they made into a book called the Christian right well done BBC album funding to anyone over this guidance date in the nineteen fifties all philosophers all PhD the philosophy or a fuse Altman going to philosophy was to deny God automatically become the sky album pointing to update these Dutch sure some of them in Europe whatever and he says you what I'm going if if I'm a Christian and the Lord is maybe within a rational intelligent mind I can defend the cause of God theism using philosophy and he prayed by the Lord I want to convert I want to help philosophers out there and today thirty three percent of philosophy to province in North America are theists because of this one managed a lot three universities one third of the philosophy department is now Christian is this one guy we need to impact every field out there to all of us don't need to enter the ministry but all of us need to do ministry via secured art history go out there and get a PCR history become the best part historian and combined efforts of biblical art history I don't use a great arena if you're going to be a computer technician the best admission you want to go against the system with cool you are other examples there are Martin Luther King Jr. the leaders that Abraham Kuiper this man was a Christian philosopher writer he started a university Internet in in in in the Netherlands he wanted to bring Christ and in the Bible Bible Prince was in the society he ran for government became the first Christian prime minister of the cake he discovered against the cement as a holistic and give you but didn't have time to think you'd be interested Al Gore 's moment I've now got famous over for president if you do thought leader in an admittedly joined Senator and he has a passion to see the world why is motivation comes from a Christian for some data this is lovely whatever but he wants he thinks were Stewart's Bush agree were stewards of this birth of God 's given us and he's using politics to get that across but he's not preaching like doing there and he just got the Nobel Peace Prize is awesome he loses the election 's biggest Nobel Peace Prize I rather be decided then next guy is a review wayside Wayside season we ate we blind me to focus we will the board of God in a friend 's focus refused if it shall develop a consistent devotional life Barack Isola teaches us that humility in one depth of the word refused selfishness we developed a life of worship and service of today of miss the section with enough authority soil that had hatred and experience life in the word refuse worldliness and develop a life of subversion and rebellion reference syntax if you continue my word then you are my disciples indeed which swell you where is continuing the word difficult for you and eventually you want to choose to become the soil of the hundred sixty thirty four the fruit my question is in which force for the soils are you assess the basic question which the forty yeah this is wonderful and we need to choose today to become a good one man work for father and we think you so much for this wonderful parable father it excites us that you have all these promises in store for us this high calling for us but I attribute you are seen of her special wedding be with a special group was convened here in the small seminar room Lord uses to change this world what you created a revolution with your son two thousand years ago we chose twelve people on these twelve individuals went out for the whole world and work were still reaping the benefits that they think that they so for us father empower us as your impoundment may we be army of young people in his last days vote up overcome our selfishness superficiality worldliness goes will him myself placing your hands we are most problems both Emerson is a following as we linger in different surrender always abiding your word so many of the signers for this design is this really is reduced by over medium ministry this is wrong would like to bring his presidency were learn more about you to go well I'll buy you a you are rumors that work hand-in-hand to the video


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