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Franklin Cobos


Franklin Cobos

Director of the Department of Anesthesiology, Cumberland Medical Center



  • October 23, 2004
    10:00 AM
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him visiting like this everything worked out I have a meeting in Las Vegas our related that I was able to rearrange Wi-Fi 's anti-Communist language English all I do enjoy my time coming back share something that I do it but I sigh Cisco Iowa Kansas I think I have when I was here I enjoy walking around halfway this library to virtualize learn how to thought who saw the rose is a common mathematical ceiling installed I actually were in Warminster and I had felt when I had the pleasure this morning as I sometimes nominated Naomi little something is here for four years arose as soon also Microsoft will get a plaque next to the statues of his American all sounds with you always relax for King lesson during what we talked about together and I only looked at as set out in far less tax issue is the second paragraph third line down the other three words is Saturday and I can in my chance we talked about chance of competence and how those your belief in those two concepts shades how you live your life is better and worse and then this morning we probably will go back to Florida there were several things I wanted to speak throughout the South and in the issue around time I heard voices for a function is a particular service sure what I did last time when I was asked to select yes or I have been him how to process I'm also sorry bless all our models this morning and began to look at the Lord 's prayer will you find in some places for convenience you can go to the first Gospel of Matthew chapter six number Palmyra text that is for the sermons about that chapter six nine begins in person I handed out when I initially began my personal finances passage it was one of the other books I don't recall if I was passing by legally because his position and is to help me in the stairwell of his duties as an axiom simply it is a job for a hundred hours I wonder if some indication in the range when I absolutely agree Jesus question of the disciples had come up with teach us to pray for their meeting was the way Jesus considered an entire night in prayer is to spend the entire phrase of the day working for people who are suffering for angry and still lived on for life in this world and so perhaps it was fascinating impressions I was missing I experienced and they do not and they want to learn how to insulate him from Wednesday to just pray that the Lord 's prayer his response which they received I bring this up or down into several phrases and actually words when I said initially broken so phrases such as through my mind and my own personal study and prayer I will use his words now he's our prayers are always I was a amazing failure is when I looking for our law pray this prayer I imagine that maybe I was born I remember one day will civilian our pastor for our class is gorgeous I morning and he ended by Lysol to recycle our starter moving pieces linearly where we remark that we celebrate back on the left and basic science on the page is all health pieces because I had misplaced one of the phrases are the class on him and the other half of it was confusion and people were saying kind of hazing is I do not know on me I felt in my heart that was a serious symptom of an underlying problem I need to address the first word our bottling facility allows in chapter three of you are positioning is that while he's with the group of people in a house of Parliament this is Mark chapter three verse thirty four thirty five that I will read as morning that it saves you to Jesus and he is looking around the house on the family sat about and who said behold my mother and my brethren lose ourselves in the world on the same he is my brother and my sister and mother was experiencing his relatives had come to the door this cram packed house for he was initially measured on as we gotten his visitors you that family and his response has him basically says what he says is clear in his response is an amino iron with right now are as important to me as one of the family and water and then I realize they're going to shortly thank you I mean you can make a interrupt who are doing with these people to show favor to those in exile may not actually be inclined to favor you I have in my life how is that it has talked on the phone I see myself honoring the second time in the conversation I think of my father 's calling I'll say hey dad you know I limited to the voicemail and data with my father and my family and I knew some of the work is a cell phone that is while my sister Nancy and all were like do you have a family and generally Tuesday to tell you all anyway I is on the line as if his life and I don't know what I think they will not modify the software them on hold pending along the facing situations is an long time these are some of the authorization to how we treat people who are not his blood relatives did they get treated well as I suspect myself how do I treat those around without me his office is refusing he looked round about him on those we sat about the people I work with school and to treat them as well as though they were literally blind like handling there is a passage I read recently and is reviewing where I him this is like a harder one connected with you starving for the want of kindness and sympathy I have lately trying to notice people I work with maybe you live in the coming week anywhere were expressive former Beatle craze is KUSA and I expressed on this Friday on Sunday as you know that one day they will say I have alienated up on the simulated in the gallery they had a problem somewhere in their life resize pictures of them homework and put away his personal issues and for professional duties is finally divorced as painlessly as I good morning are you passive individual material is easy finalization if you work with the Lincoln Hollinger having your family or anything is worth it if you will all the people that you expose yourself to ask you do you feel you can risk a restraining module works are available you don't really care for that were being taken with the greatest fusion is it is nice to see again in July has easily visible on the nicer things the reason lies in not raising their family while I was allowed to go and change of anonymity online your family and I saw some of his work on our father treatment people at work as all of they are a convenience like my refrigerator in the murder of the one blogger machine by changing all so where are you life-saving university dissemination of a number for doing it myself how is it then that you need on the ground folds her hands in prayer praise our father immediately work on Libya life you don't actually bother to live in the way you treated people around you and is the Leslie is a question of his father father are not immune addresses here in okay and the same claims upon a person 's age as our father as you do get down soon that concept is intriguing is arguing intellectually is easy to say yes all children will family all got created a small dose of culture creating race in Carlson 's bow it comes to addressing letting that way as is a different question shouldn't be a likely candidate candy is a practical sense prayer in a practical sense I pray when I was in my prayers with her and has had issues on a beginning to make among conservatives as I lived throughout the day driver this morning I pray you are on a joint fundraiser and treated myself as their father and that has changed the way I live my life perhaps overuse will argue you think about this some of course and then if you talk about it if we move from talking our friends and family I base you can another young lady were missing measures of the enemy 's we have our favorite enemies that we encounter in life is treating them as a phrase our number is our father waves vaguely between them speaking of girl gives American and lose hundreds anniversary six Christ comes in the close of that and he asked the question which analyses three was neighbor to him that fell among the disease is the most major religions as well I do not enable a more enemies and Christ was teaching his disciples in this parable about real life example of how is he excited and intrigued people who managed to fill the Denise if you think conservatives six hundred and six Stephen Frazier friends well what about the people real visiting friends Luke six versus thirteen to thirty three for any of them which love you what thank me for sinners also love those that love them if you give it to him was to continue what I for sinners also do even the same as I has to consider how is this evening we were actually coming to talk with any of our country will now consider those who even know what you need to avoid eye contact with actually actually administer your meters away they are making way you treated them estimated obviously our subconscious is your friend they are your enemy yes him or your race is half of the scenarios that are the families of the church of believers you think of those as their mothers and sisters in Christ as your spirituality as nannies out and consider them and treat them differently now consider the importance of the war your enemies the sons and daughters are the ones with whom you place you as our father is a real salami with your solid answers everything my answer was so easy to say yes because you know the right answer but deep down you know come Monday morning we mean those people again is not going to be easy John fifteen thirteen rays greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend 's I recently estimate is that I is available in our life on the regular friends is refining these of you thanks for our friends are enemies of positive professor is a greater love for the Romans chapter five or six I think Israel finally greater love you wireless data greater love hath no man than this and a man lay down his life for his friends and said he is misleading and I wonder in the state of the natural and heart it is impossible for the manifestation had a greater love than to lay down his life for some new blood there is a greater love than five or six describes an ending time high side him a him per se is not commanded his love towards his friends in a while his friends were actually firsthand I put them as much aversion is as yet waiting for information from various hand in my version actually I missed you scholars found it actually raise in due time Christ died for the ungodly he went on to die for me I was not afraid to me and I for the ungodly will die for whether now is my desire was going to be the young you live your life as a Christian he will literally like you are willing to humor unless you should season sometimes wisely clients will think about my mother my pharmacists and others as was it would assume the most highest regard for once I was reasoned that I have found as I warned more than those the ones I choose works as an initiative in aqueous networks are likely to gain meaning Geo game archive agent José is in this prayer praying our has made me refocus my understanding of how is I view everybody around me as a practical way led prayer July talk about the word father our father and our father him crazy on the master and Lord may say well so I am later on degree in chapter six verse twenty six service to his disciples which is a common master Lord Higgins as well I called Amy Lord Lord the things which I say adverse and when idle and verify to me rather than this I was one of those hot experiences that realize will probably because you want I guess is why why do you call me Lord Lord and do the things which I say the answers of us together Lord I thought because I is hygiene is a difference is an easy to the address as you pray the prayer our last question when you were growing up in your home as a child as emotional as well I felt better in school history boss had much greater chance of hitting only two answers by counsel at all Carolyn I finally arriving to apologize that I wouldn't do it always on your twenty percentage points in his life as a sentiment by focusing on the list is in high school and I will apologize in the swing you were growing up in their home that's enough questions for the child in your opinion do what your father told you to do him I must tell her mother has little to say where you are to discuss with your parents have decided to question her name he corners on what they ask you say or argue the incident they complain and question the authority of the job is investing in parents and I wonder such a manner that having twelve personal Christian is my heavenly father will through those stages Chris a stress as I did in my childhood experience maybe you have to and may be family therapy you can did is correct that we need to consider more carefully this phrase our father our father Paul had to consider the cost of the Lord shipmaster calling our Lord Lord as he was traveling on the road to mass action under six he suddenly has a life-changing and he is here for sausage etc. he shriveled and was astonished in my reason for not I should have an electrified fooling I was astonished before God when these but Hall is a business handling and being astonished as you struck to the ground and he says these awards are as wealthy as while the Lord says the Lord what wilt thou have me to do the Lord friends and allies on the visiting area shall be told the what now must do how willing are you really to allow God to tell you exactly what to do or where I began a series is as terrifying as I wanted to experience him who has a very raw to do some rearranging is scalar styles and new anesthesia and Monsieur Jarrett our entire class including realizing we had no idea what we thought we were doing so as we discuss our cases with our staff anything in facilitation and coronary diseases therefore since I set hers for three years ago is certainly months ago for hypertension has been an owner who are in this is what you have been identified here is what is often thinking of his job this is what would you do things just to hear him say it is an eye on him to get elevation is important Windows me I don't have plan can help you in our house going to do but he knew what needed to be done so I ask myself this question the candidate 's experience I felt like I was very great embrace our father I realize in my secular life in my professional life into what I told to do because I believe that I try to follow closely as those who know better than I do I sent I don't believe what they are telling us the truth this is not thanks I'm not familiar with as I have someone assist system is they are surgical collies don't need anyone to solidify his message and we are in renewable outlets like really nothing in our doing your job as there were no plan on the PalmPilot or something is at so for you as well this is something I do not call the shots as he knows better than me I question I ask myself you are for my heavenly father the same regard and Lordship as I do these their mournful air in humans at my workplace is concerned is and will kill me if I don't do exactly what my Lord says yes or no do I know you are nor do I believe that is the question is everything what do I believe that the wages of sin is death finally I will do what God says if I do not believe I will always do what he says will eventually run into problems if I see her later I realized I was acting as though I was smarter than God that I had other gods before him namely me I was deciding what was best thank you for your needs in the morning to say our father you cannot win I consistently non- conscious is inquired as a globally integrated you will now hear saying that he is Lord and father Ellen as we heard a sermon on more holiness and judgment is by and with some him a set of phrase and I will be done to reverse aging we read the words that I don't like thinking that I will hold my God data analyzed within my heart sounds for reversing there are times in life where you are going to the life to raising the chances in this section in the high reality time in Florida is afraid at first right analysis is being you which was also she is a lot in my life here will write a new house a home on my knees with my bulletin was just a voice reverent experience and recognize when he about gerrymandering are part of my day place of Christian please have someone else is made I will be done in a way I will be done in the morning when he comes now there may initially read my will be done on earth as it is and have I will be done as an dangerous and do you like to do thy will O my God John twenty one fifteen hundred and fifteen is entering interesting exchange between Jesus and Peter falling as I thought just a few days before anything she says eleven the provisioning is a little small talk we all engage in very early on and Jesus says to Simon Peter Simon son of Jonas him me more than he has suddenly I classify fragrant necessities to his other side because it offers a theocracy pain in my personal prayer life has led me to apply for knees to people that hangs in my life God speaks and answers we actually eat in the morning able to run my life is almost how meaning more than please everything is in my spirit and people are treated certainly are things I want to have you and he has a lot going on in ways you have me in the morning still fifteen twenty three minutes of sleep may want to join us for breakfast I wanted to let you more time with me as a person who I also saw something that I can my kryptonite locks premeditate on these words advertising and monetizing content is nearby when you are more than five minutes and finally learned a lot in London the management resources on this as I got an idea worth more than food was a highlight for me I work hard all day I know I is a resident who always has his matter how would they know a lot about the scope of his siblings as much because he doesn't like to have some breakfast he has his business is various Israel is aware is no minimums on learning something now I just he is posing only one at a hearing morning report a carburetor is easy using the memorial for easy and him Colorado's all residents and their families and rightly so we were talking to him what do you want to go on in the morning for me as I came across this verse that he was immediately high I have both of you to get on the one hand you may go about earlier will now mean more than these studies usually for no man can serve two masters for either he will hate you want to the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other is to certify amnesia is any news I those are your options you realize bottle so you can save an option on the House will consider they can have two answers to our local volume is as excessive as is I wish person I wish there was something between second-grade son their love for his mother no one can serve two masters you can pray and live a life of who I will need on earth as it is in heaven consider these things friends when you pray the Lord 's prayer some consider now give us this day our daily bread I mentioned this earlier success injuries as a worse but I think I've seen they are spirit and they are life as I see they are life him for a life of the brain I says along with cognitive covers of this little prayer that we find life being fielder he is feeling other places site provisioning of the Premier Financial day is exemplified in the strategies are showing Jesus says in Matthew twenty two twenty nine he knew there why is your notice is on the radio station I saw attributable more legitimately resign because he knows not the Scriptures and don't have a park on your life frustrations Weinstein says is infringing upon visiting Paris foolishness is awesome which are saved it is one is our God if you are feeling powerless if you feel like making many errors and mistakes is as unique as they regret and hope that it isn't daily this is not what is likely going through nearly meeting in Las Vegas personally I sure won't be in Las Vegas whenever you hear continuing medical education doctors nurses continuing her education is very subtle things that happen yearly that happens daily Italy's deadliest in daily meaning Brad is spiritual rather while I have friends who live in a house that is because women have a candidate conclusions of the scenarios I will Andrea is never accessed the house of the Julianne Silverstein Scriptures as well as online and I thereby enhance this is a man who knew his model as anyone else I have to like this is rest him I will have to save ourselves on time craziness is this is my life your mother taught you is what will you hear is your evasion and will and will hear from and it turned out amazing I saw how well I like anyone will show you how to go about this they said I is going to go home as you walk around your house will do what you see no to my something that is valued to sell at a point is usually on arenas over eight hours of a varsity summer months want to know your Bible as any I've ever known before I see you anyway away sorrowful and him and John and Jean I don't know but he knew his Bible as they ran forth I do know is I sold things as I feel moved to Mansfield was like I say life is hard when possessions go but I agree with the principle that man's life illustrated in Houston is in God we are reorganizing priorities et al. whether to reorganize and season eight hours in a linear model is up to you in a longer period of time to Scripture today is to go there are two options in life there is authorized to act if you want to all you have to do more today than yesterday so growth is start an exercise program will him I noticed there was a carrier bag serving as you're not doing more to say anything yesterday the law able to answer you more to have you expected to change him jointly meeting with you and you doing what you're doing in the freestyle accelerations is okay okay this is something of the show is over a day you will have occasion onto the pain of giving up things you do not love morning Jesus is afraid his resume that says and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil I don't know how else I think I kind of sales and were there meeting and lead us not into education or a massive life we may not really know where you need to go to exchange and praying that he leans you happen to be the wrong one hesitation of something or another lead us to discuss how would you tell us second part that was to pray deliver us from evil trilogy of emerging onto the whole phrase first floor I came home and so that I don't go the wrong way lead us and of course our primary mission being a child of yours I'm going to say so why do maybe not as you deliver me from evil I find out at home yet as I was automated there may mistake in an eligible if we got myself into at the meeting I was at your leading my life deliver us from evil but deliver us from our last ideal choice as an Air Force file says all things work together for good you love the Lord God will deliver us from less than ideal choices and cardiovascular pathogenesis and forty eight payment to discuss this in more detail was here as we talked about some colonists surging as he Shearer Genesis forty eighty four case fans over the course of justice and is a business when you see all I have to obtain a arthritis he was separated from his family he living in fear for many many years on his journey over to where he would regionally he prayed earnestly and ask down on the goblins will be in his life he was on return at this time that he is an interesting phrase here in verses seventeen sixteen for now is the second highest total Wilson's head is interesting news is that the phrase is that the holidays of my life he was fleeing from his house he made a bad decision in his paintwork is why I was joined whether you have all kinds of domestic problems are not just limited in his own and is on father always on is a life in prison if these are false as he loses he thinks the death of Joseph I looks like you will is is is is is is is what I is closer and this is what he says because of his life as his hands on his father close of his life his benediction and he has his hands on his children and praise God before whom my father 's Abraham and Isaac and then walk the dog which is a all my life long to this day that Angel was written using the money from all evil blacks alas when I was housing unit on wrestling where are they financial that the Angeles is Angel I want to Leslie 's last I had a rough life amazing that decisions and why they landed in some ways I have been delivered from evil for this reasons me out when he is not into temptation but deliver us from evil this experience is a lot prayed to God daily when the heritage of Jacob my father 's life I think about the God which said J get involved of his life until today and Craven 's Angels took his hand off some would redeem me from all evil and Leslie let's close with him Sweet hour of prayer and I will mind you also seen this practical prayer doesn't stop when you get off your knees there are verses that talk about prayer without ceasing continuing his prayer if you are watching the same with thanksgiving in six easy always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watching thereunto with all perseverance courage and person here today as you are those situations where you don't feel like you have in life we don't want to change enemies while we don't want to feel as though there are people who are on our father time you kneel down in the morning anymore synchronizing daily bread tenure tired and maybe is was fairly old and will continue visually changed person for a ball Hinton is a sweetheart for the first verse Jennifer 's first Glasser is an antihistamine sorry for the surveillance and as a singer for the wrong person or persons so we are all that way I will pay all all and him and I and all in all no and that is I saw the created the and that I hi Ray a slave or as soon we are asked to a I will add all on so a shot is an Intel okay I do not say in my is and will last all I is a is a job law and that our father in heaven where grateful for the Sabbath were grateful for your word and we pray visually in the mind of Christ renew us from within seemingly have power in our personal life and many others see as an open opportunities for us feeling about going hands on Saul undeservedly we were yet enemies is greater mother we do have other we do not deserve the love but I love to me to those around us through this is a chance for you is the presentation is able and thank you for being patient with us when we make mistakes in Jesus name


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