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What is Evangelism, Really?

Bob Folkenberg Jr


Bob Folkenberg Jr

President, Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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before we begin let's have a war reporter asked the Lord be with us to guide us in our discussion Lord in heaven we thank you for this new day we thank you more than anything for the joy in the piece that we have in Christ our Lord and Savior thank you that we also have the privilege as you have given us to share this gospel of Christ with others bless us now as we open your word as we discussed what evangelism really is in the seminar and I predict you will guide us in more than just become and that we understand intellectually help us Lord to to flush it out help us to because of your Holy Spirit living in us to be active in the lifestyle evangelism we pray this in Jesus name in welcome to evangelism that the great commission in action today right this is on the airlines of this is not the destination that you are supposed to be going to this is the time to get out or going to a today specifically in this first seminar taught how to define evangelism maybe it will differently then you have heard of before but I feel it is very biblical and dumbfounded on some very clear principles in the spirit of prophecy so what we want to do it today is talk about what in vandalism really is in terms of of law what does it mean when we say we need to be doing evangelism was it what does it mean when we talk about our pay our church needs to do more evangelism what we're talking about here and see the next seminar will looking at his guards Marine Corps and you talking about the importance of evangelism not as the Lone Ranger kind of approach but rather working together as a team is a group of the local church and share him this is developing these local church become outreach teams always leadership to talk about those and it will talk about the important work of selling in this cycle of evangelism but today he worked right now moving to talk about what is evangelism willing nineteen one hundred figure was nineteen like nineteen ninety three ninety two in October in a phone call from the trans- European division and they invited me to go to a little country called Albania having you heard of that place and the whole Jeff who was the dictator had just been overthrown about eight months earlier and they were wanting to send an evangelist to deal with meetings and to do evangelism in Albania I was excited about the opportunity and so off we went to go to Southern I'll bring it to the city of Cork to work for six weeks we preached we worked we visited we are we went to this theater cold theater and it was filled every night we would have a drunk guy standing up and challenging and cursing at me in the middle of the meetings we would have all kinds of things happening it was a very exciting time at the end of those meetings are we had a baptism in a hotel is only place we could find that had any body of water it was a fish tank about this deep on underneath the stairs and we had at we sat the people down and we baptize him like this I was on my knees that's only my water we could find that was a bit of winter fifteen people we started the church there in court it was exciting it was wonderful but was that evangelism would even without evangelism that evangelism with the obligate CS was another story about three weeks ago or so about a month ago I was an organ and when I from what I often stop and I love to read a long reading and I pulled out my book at a Taco Bell in associating my being real this is my time I want to understand how like eating and meeting is a beautiful combination on eating my being real reading a book called the language of the and is written by scientists on why he believes that there is a God who is I was just devouring it enjoying and all of a sudden the guy next to me pops up and says Sir what is the language of God now what am I supposed to do I was enjoying my meal but I sensed God 's leading in these humor the front of book and we spent another half an hour talking about God and about Christ and about salvation in Christ is that evangelism it might all feel more comfortable with that say that the vendor was noted that evangelism you know what I would say that that is evangelism balancing that evangelism in Albania we could also say is a kind of evangelism right but let me ask you a question let's go back to that first gospel commission written there in Matthew chapter twenty eight breathtaking twenty to begin our definition of what evangelism is willing okay then Jesus came and he spoke to them saying if you have your Bibles look at Matthew twenty eight percent to twenty spoke to them saying all the forty has been given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples of most nations depending on the political circumstances that would assess all nations and then baptizing them in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you and while I am with you always even to the end of the age you realize I just want to make a will one note here this great gospel commission yes with the assurance unable back was as a writer the beginning of earthshaking it says that Jesus came and spoke to them all working in heaven what has been given to me on heaven and earth the Lord before he tells us what we need to do he tells us I just want you know that I have authority to make this happen in any ends the gospel commissions by saying what he says Enloe I am with you always even unto the end of the age when it comes to the work of evangelism taking the gospel of Christ to others he will never leave us you will never forsake us and he will give us the power to accomplish we also part of the text have we not it says in this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the white all the world as a witness to all the nations and vanity and will come from your that with a little bit about myself you know where I'm coming from I'm a pastor I I work with a ministry call share him which is involved in mobilizing and encouraging leading evangelism around the world before that though we spent nine years my family and I as missionaries to the Chinese world we spent in China Taiwan Hong Kong before that I was festering in Florida is will we talk about all the world I believe that God wants this message to be preached to all the world even in communist China all the world and then we have this promise in Matthew twenty four fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world what is it telling us noticed the truth in this text the lessee students number one there is a gospel can I have a least one amen if there is a gospel the reality is that we're not having to invent what we have to say we're having to construct you on a great proposition to share with somebody else there is a God him him God has a believe instituted the church created the church for it to serve as the conduit for this gospel of Christ be preached in the whole world and I think there's a reason for that he knew that we needed to preach the gospel of Christ he knew what he knew we needed it for our own spiritual well-being because you know there isn't any such thing as a non- witnessing Christian thought about that there is an oxymoron Christians are Christians because they talk about Christ and because they reflect Christ to others and so here in this promise that this gospel will be pushed to all the world first of all you have a promise that there is a gospel number two he has a kingdom will try to create a kingdom Christ has a king went just been invited to expand that kingdom number three this gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all the world that's a promise amen and you all the world include your city and includes Québec it enclosed for you live sometime to think of all the world will yes the gospel will go to Indonesia and praise the Lord 's going to Africa for the Lord is going to China but what about Québec were talking last night were buckled back it up for the world absolutely exactly that includes all the world is in it your next-door neighbors of people across the street the people you work with just a reminder for you just came in your hand outside the door there makes you pick those up there's another promise in this one works it says after the job is done towards the great commission is accomplished to take the gospel to all the world then he and well is not good news the end will come not maybe it will come that you want to succumb to an end in a way he's waiting for us to become more passionate about lost people is waiting for us to get active instead of saying well I will send money to such and such an evangelist and let him run with it and for each he's calling us to support the growing evangelist also to become involved in the gospel commission ourselves this is one of the tragedies of the last twenty to thirty years in the ominous church especially in the developed world is that we have become more and more dependent on professional evangelists to do the work of the great commission as if to say well I'm not a specialist in this as if to say I don't have the gift of evangelism books when asked a question just because you don't have the gift of evangelism does that mean that you're exempt from the great gospel commission if I had to get that helps them talk about in the New Testament our administration or teaching does that mean I don't know more about the great gospel commission because I don't have the gift of evangelism is ours as no everyone should use the gifts that God give them through the Holy Spirit to accomplish the great mission of the church which is evangelism which is the great gospel commission to every kindred tongue the people so what role does evangelism plight in this promise in this prophecy that we have read and in Matthew twenty four what will the supply its thing reimport it is the promise that is a promisor if evangelism is that important don't you think it's important that we define evangelism very clearly because I want to definitions floating around on it I've had people say what we're going to have a concert in our church sure we church is working with us in developing out we think that held it Morgan conference in the church and that they call that evangelism is an organ concert part of evangelism well yes but is that it special we want to talk about when to share with you a few common definitions out there right now for what we would call evangelism evangelistic meetings I had never heard a church board to win into evangelism where they sang when they said we never could say we have a campaign whenever revelation seminar they just define and focus the honest that's usually what we think of is evangelism is an advantage of Lotusphere flaccid evangelism is an event woman a holy crusade he will go to put the graphics on the on the screen will be a pretax evangelism how about this one personal Bible studies is some people define evangelism just as personal Bible studies other people might shape won't know little Melissa those two things the most important thing about evangelism is sharing one's personal faith with our neighbor or with our friends are with our coworkers that's what evangelism is some other state living a life that reflects God 's love I've had people I think just this week on a person 's enemy in the only thing we willing to do is just be kind and loving and thoughtful let let us show the love of Jesus to others that he will take care of the rest is that what evangelism is is not a definition of evangelism that we can all embrace I would like to suggest that all of these we talked about are only a part of evangelism but not a definition in and of itself now some you were sitting here are going to be buying default immediately think about evangelism as being a crusader or campaign I'm just challenging you here that is not it over here we hasn't had authority walking on the site so please evangelism is is all of these you could say put together it is a package it is it is something not just a campaign not just Bible studies not just living a Christian life I would suggest that all of those are a part of evangelism but not a definition in and of themselves here are a few definitions right from the spirit of prophecy and like to share with you and those by the way our are listed on your on the handouts so that you have no technology can take those with you number one from the book evangelism page fifteen look what it says to us also the commission is given you agree with that has the great commission ruling been given to you and why is it that we don't sometimes act upon we feel some kind of the great gospel commission is being given to only people who are pastors may have told they are the specialists right or evangelists but sister why tells us know to us also the commission is given we are bit in the to go forth and what as Christ's messengers to teach instruct and persuade men and women to urge upon their attention the word of life did you hear what he's saying here this is so counterculture you're still what I mean by counterculture today the postmodern mindset and and even that the comes after is like you cannot be pussy that you know personally that is in politics the talk about religion and politics right at as you stay away from those two things and so that's why sometimes churches do evangelism by buying up and they think they call I want to be misunderstood him the basically they are evangelism is simply the welcome mat evangelism I was in the church for weeks ago that their concept of evangelism was having an ashtray at the front door of the church they felt that they wanted to have people who are struggling with cigarettes to come to church and therefore they wanted to provide a place for them if they needed to go outside and smoke or to have an extra don't you know what honestly ask again but if that's the end of your evangelism what will what is in God doesn't want non-smoking people to go to hell he wants people to go to heaven amen and I was talking with another lady in another church and and we were dividing up in the outreach teams be getting this to work on this lifestyle of evangelism and she came up this is no pastor I am already completely invisible she was talking completely completely overtaxed I am working with our health evangelism and I cannot do anything else and in she was doing a great program called the chip program I don't know if you've ever heard of that so fantastic program just went up nine runs overall we have an alumni of over two hundred people in the community and we get together twice a month and we have an alumni supper and we have twenty three non- album is coming and she was just so I excited but then I was while I said look at all this and I said so so now what I said Williams you're the perfect opportunity here you have all these people who are eating right who are concerned about their health have you ever talked to them about the connection between health and spirituality are natural allies and sister please don't misunderstand me but I don't think him I was too concerned about people with quick cardiac health wind up in hell the important thing is that that health message is an opening wedge into entering white frosted to the subway over to the internal things are a lot healthy lost people amen so that the point is that when I connect all these dots and she is telling us here to us also the commissioners given that means all of us here we are bidding to go for this Christ's messengers to teach to instruct on a teacher I can't instruct and postflight old no that's not that's not nice folks I am not suggesting that Google round something the Bible over people 's ads but there is an intentionality you keep cash that word there's an intentionality to what she's talking about here going forth as messengers teach instruct the site men and women converge upon their attention the word of life and see what else and to us also the assurance of Christ's abiding presence is given in that wonderful what she says to go forth to do these things she also says Christ will be with you don't worry he will be with you will you be nervous hello shall be nervous but does that mean that that you should not go there when I proposed my wife I was as nervous as can be that mean I shouldn't the poster when I talk to her father was ten times more nervous than the notion of asked for her daughter 's hand in marriage no just because you're nervous doesn't mean you need to become petrified that means you need to step out in faith and full-time essay this again and again to come to the other seminars of primitive you are calling us out of our comfort zone into the basal and one of the best ways to have a deeper more real extreme relationship with Jesus Christ is to get actively involved in sharing your faith because every time you do that you are stepping out of your comfort zone where everything is under your control and you're stepping into the face so when you are totally dependent upon the presence of Christ in you and with you amen so Ellen White gives us this definition which involves teaching and preaching I have to tell you as a Seventh-day Adventist as Seventh-day Adventists we cannot divorce message from evangelism we cannot divorce the two we have been given a specific clear mission that identifies us as the remnant church and that is the preaching of the three angels message not the three Angels feeling about the three angels going well have you read the three Angels messages it's not an very warm and fuzzy global warming is very warm but it it it's not a very fuzzy cuddly WebCams kind of feel it is a message but it is encased at the beginning and at the end with the good news of the gospel of Christ into what I'm suggesting to you is that evangelism as as a whole must be message center and the message must center upon Jesus Christ and him crucified him him returning very sooner men here's another one no definition consist like ministry of healing that I think many of you have read this before Christ method alone will give true success reaching the people right she goes on to say the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good key show his sympathy for them to minister to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them have a good day y'all take care now that we did not will become the postmodern were going all we given we meet their needs and everything everything is great and it was that y'all come back now conduct a small Cocoa comfortable donuts and an orange juice now Jesus then looked in the differences follow me follow me none would become my disciple let me be the Lord of your life or does that mean this is a wonderful definition folks wonderful definition and you know it involves getting our hands dirty it means mingling with men as one who is either good folks of the kind that you get involved in evangelism your nice little structure beautiful clean the world is going to be affected amen you get involved with people who are lost that means you're dealing with people who are really struggling with sin or are struggling with with her because of the sin areas and won their confidence and he bade them follow me you have the command here to teach instruct persuade you have our invitation to allow others to follow Jesus even in the word virtue she says even that we are to be his messengers and what does that imply if you are a messenger you have something to deliver what is that a message in a message to deliver you also have a personal day today in all in the lives of the needy your call to get your hands dirty if you bring these together we can say that evangelism is not just an event but rather it is an on going lifestyle a worldview one evangelizing consulate should be evangelism is not just a cooking school evangelism is not just a revelation seminar evangelism isn't just a discipleship seminar it isn't a whatever you want to call the chip program it isn't just Bible studies it isn't just delivering cookies on on Christmas Eve to the ill all of them is part of evangelism and it's not just one event is rather a lifecycle a life style and his wife that sure him we call it we are encouraging men and women Seventh-day Adventist to be involved in a lifestyle of evangelism evangelistic and when you take a look at your life and you take a look at your time and you took a look at your leisure time how much time what is your life like this could you describe it is one that is committed to evangelism and to living a lifestyle of evangelism I like the term evangel living because what it says is that evangelism is not something that we check-in and checkout evolving awkward to evangelism note date when you get worldwide all we need to do our thing now check out that is not the way it works evangelism is a constant lifestyle will be how Mori and ten up saying Lord connect me with those who maybe are you are guiding my way Lord Levine me Lord help me get the words to say I is I stop it is a culture can I use at work culture can evangelism be a culture about what is a culture while I've never seen these guys may attend in the whole biking culture I don't have a motorcycle but I seem to go by and hear them about two miles away in Oklahoma but you know you never see at least I rarely see somebody on a Harley Davidson with the with the soup on okay what you see them where R leather pants big boobs in all that they go to when they do they get together for weekends right all the bikers weekends and they travel all over the states to go at the fielders and biking can meetings and endless church biker camp meetings bikers come together the invited speaker and hate it's like a cat waiting if your speaker at the pocket camping you must wear leather I'm just kidding Doctor Bacher to say there is a culture that surrounds the biking community and it affects all the they even do what they wear on a talk where the goal what they do for leisure activity where they spend their money right that is a culture without this I hear Apple and have met people who are in the max maybe none of you here and that might be good my son is one who is just totally into Max he has a thing on a newsroom that says on all what is it has something to do with the Windows as opposed to back or something else on some play on words are you know what the bottom line is people who are in the max are always anytime Windows comes up or or Microsoft who you know they where met my son has a big Apple T-shirt you going to have Apple stickers and of course are not which is the computer they go with the iPhone the iPhone lining up you know I mean iPhone and you and I have an Apple iPhone you know it's a culture it's that Mac culture and I would like to suggest to you that evangelism should be a way of life like that as well not something that we do all our churches should have evangelism for the next two weeks and it was a despicable rest for two years and the end and I can be so bold as the same as during those two or three weeks we feel so guilty one were not at the meeting every night and and most avenues never invite anybody and then when it's all said and done we walk away and many are missing off see evangelism doesn't work it doesn't work when the reality is that the church is not working order look at the shows that we send out you know when you have the old government the image marital Daniel tool you have some basis in old Daniel seven eight nine in a sinkhole wanted to look for something let's tell you why the tools and doesn't want to do is anymore when the reality is there is more about thirsting and unloading of the things of God right now especially processing than ever before reality is not that it eventually doesn't work the reality is that we are not working in evangelism should not be just this little event that happens if were lucky in a church every we hear from you to yourself I have been in churches where they have not had an evangelistic meeting crusade in the last thirty years you might find hard to believe but most churches in North America don't have one every year maybe once every two or four years but the reality is evangelism is not just that meeting event that campaign evangelism needs to be a lifestyle because of all you looking to is that campaigned to do evangelism you really have a hard time being successful the church members need to develop this passion for lost people this lifestyle worldview of shirt that permeates our life from waking up until we get at night it says Lord I'm on your mission today who is it that you are good intersect me what should I be praying for one for cool shall be on my prayer list that does not have a relationship with Christ or maybe have a relationship with Christ but they have not yet made a commitment to be part of God remnant church to prepare prepare for the coming of Christ they need that in short evangelism should be a culture that should be a way of life it should be something that we do not every once or twice a decade but something that we live every single day you see evangelism should be all about sharing him sharing him meaning sharing our Savior Jesus Christ with other people remember when I was a in college my senior year of college my second senior year I had so much fun in college I just added another year at and I was one of the date with this girl and that that had been introduced to me by a good friend of mine Dave was on the second date it was Christmas time right about this time we went to him I was an education major as well we went to an education department Christmas party and at the end of the party after I'm gone out with her like two times I went me to the line to my friends my best friends Romans was gone I said John know what it's not a matter of who anymore it's just a matter of one I had found the girl of my dreams and what's interesting was I didn't just go back to my room and sit there homemade I have to tell somebody about this I had to let them know about the school called Audrey who I did eventually marry and what was scared to death to talk to her dad is very intimidating than me but I had to tell somebody about it I had to but sometimes we are just like closet Christian general secret and in what he is saying to us is to think of evangelism as an event in the book of facts to see them holding evangelistic meetings once every four years and calling that evangelism if you want about it I miss it at the book of actresses and dog added David Lee to those holdings and a net daily that didn't happen just because they had an evangelistic meeting every two years it happened because the whole charge was so along with the risen Christ and it had such an impact on the life that they were constantly sharing talking about Jesus enough for the term question came about because they are always talking about Christ here met people that are Redskins by Kenyans Chicago variance get one thing people talk about the sports I'll have more talk about NASCAR all the time meaning it that's what these people talk about Christ on time-sharing him they couldn't help it evangelism is a lifestyle it's got to be it's going to be given to women not just evangelism is an event I just want to challenge you here don't think about evangelism and want to get involved in evangelism or feel how my getting for each as part of the cycle of evangelism but God has given us a very special message could I be so bold as to say this we have been given a special message is called the three angels message and if we believe that other Christians if we believe that the Baptist Church down the route down the road is going to preach the three angels message for us we have a problem the following if we think that the Church of God is one very good to take the three angels message and start thinking of for us so that we don't have to thought I think that's that's wrong I never played the game of risk before any progress okay when I grew up we had a risk game and idea was that you had certain armies and you try to conquer the world right while one my kids were growing up we were in Hong Kong and we went out then we decided for Christmas to buy them a game of risk well we went and got building a Chinese version of the game of risk was very interesting same thing but it was all bilingual Chinese characters we brought her home we opened it up after Christmas I look at him like me saying more old obviously lots Chinese characters but I noticed that there was a new kind of risk it was called special mission risk what you do with it you you you had about the different pieces of the Army and then you given up Harding and not allowed to show that I pronounce and take part in you look at it in instead of the object of the game being the call roll the countries know the object of the game is to accomplish the mission that you've been given in the mission might read conquer South Africa South America and Asia and then hold it for one two four one turn and you went as a meal discard my take over North America and Africa hold of the one for you with all when I first saw that something hit me connected in my brain I said to myself when this is exactly this is exactly what what the Adventist churches been different sometimes we misunderstand the whole concept of the remnant books the remnant doesn't mean that only the remnants are are are saying the revenues we have been given a special mission special mission rest member special mission and it is our mission to proclaim the three Angels messages which involves proclamation of the gospel in the context of end time events are we calling people back to the faith of Jesus and keeping the commandments of God prepared to meet Christ these are the three angels message and if we believe that others are going to take over our mission were waiting and at one of friends in the Amish church it really worries me is that many churches many Adventist aren't desperately trying to look like Baptists there desperately trying to fit in with the method is to whatever else events when we have a specific identity we all here last night when Israel said your identity determines what quiz number one identity determines what destiny and in terms of of evangelism is a natural is natural if your evangelism is how much how good a program you can put on entertaining people accept a lesser competitive evangelism and is measured by what numbers sometimes all we had an attendance of three hundred that was great where but when it comes to special the special mission that God has given this identity is determined by discipleship solely devoted and committed people souls to Jesus Christ who are preparing for his coming that is what were looking for in God 's given us this special mission as he given it to two us with the reality that we can do within our own strength absolutely not absolutely not we are still totally dependent upon Christ to accomplish this but if we lose track of that special mission if we begin to dilute the whole concept of what evangelism as if evangelism is a chip program and a story and a paragraph calls the book were doing evangelism we have missed the boat evangelism is a lifecycle that will include hopefully an interest in people 's health helping them live healthier lives hoping them have healthy relationships helping them connect closer to other people but it also includes proclaiming the message of the three angels message the distinctive foods for this end time and comparing them to meet their God I summarize in a way the three angels message by the message of anus and when Amos was called to proclaim that message prepare to meet your God as the work all of the work in the time Jesus is coming soon amen we know what it's like there approximately in the kind of the end prepare to meet your God prepared to be one of those of the Bible says you are they to keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus that is a message at half feeling any year cool man I'm cool look all cool and and and religious love each other home builders and this is the reality Jesus is coming soon and he loves you so much he does not want you to miss out on this important thing called eternity special mission folks and it's not something that we turn off and on it so that you permeate our lives should permeate all that we do should be a lifestyle culture so there's nothing else if you gather from this morning I hope you remember that when we talk about evangelism were not talking about the home I don't conduct evangelistic meetings or how many Bible studies it has to do with an old roll lifestyle evangelism more your thing Lord use me if you lead me to get Bible studies I will ask people if they want Bible studies if the time is right the time is right I will alternate Bible I know we only meow prepared for that you'll be there with me I'll invite people to evangelistic meeting in fact guess what I'll preach evangelistic meeting and wanted to talk about that where they should give you all to show you all the tools every one of you here I am certain as I'm standing here can stand up and Twinkies three angels message and when you do that you realize it's actually not about how good a speaker you are it's about you being used by the Holy Spirit for short the three angels message is that same message remember repair to meet your God that Amos had prepare to meet thy God listen to it on the TV sometimes just as an assignment and on Sunday morning listen to the preachers that are being their preaching on folks a lot of the stuff that they talk about we can agree what they're talking about the love of God we believe enough to talk about Jesus Christ the middle of the Mitchell also hear things such as if you love God and you want him you will get rich to love God and you want him he wants you to be successful he wants to give the desires of your heart if you love God at an end you need to have there's very little if anything of the message of Amos coming through in modern preachers and pulpits today prepare to meet thy God prepared to meet ever that means God is it this is coming to an end soon we we have been called to preach that if we don't switch this message well who will do what what what saw six volume of the testimony says page eleven the Lord designed that the presentation of this message in bottle weight she talked about the three Angels messages she designed that the presentation of this message shall be of the highest what the highest greatest work carried on in the world at this time can she be any clearer than that folks below eventually the highest and greatest work carried out on the world at this time why she and that at this time why he said that at the end this because we are living at the time of the end they like I heard the for preachers from wanting he said you know we spent so much time on minor things it's like where we are arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic actually said and I'm like while that's exactly it works fine and were discussing a letter we arrange adventures in the Titanic in the Titanic is sinking and sinking fast we were concerned about the deck chairs who are soon to be two miles under the water the Lord designs of the presentation of this message shall be of the highest and greatest on work carryall in the world at this time what a mess you question what is your culture like folks is it the highest and greatest work that you are caring on at this time she is so easy first we don't want like that and take just the church should be carried should be focusing more on this the church I had one lady just a few weeks ago I preach a sermon on my evangelism and important evangelistic team up to me afterwards if you look at recent all unsold gladly presets urban streets she was quite sure to looking up at me Jesus is a lot of resistance I really needed to hear that they really needed to hear that and I said I hope the Internet the bottom line is they who was the charges who you would need we are the church amen so when she says there is no greater work that the church should be involved in that is to proclaim this message to be involved in active life vandalism was she talking to she's not talking to the Paulson only of the General conference or your conference presently after she's talking to each one of you in your lot you have a culture of evangelism for your cultural think about do you know that those that greatest most important work permeate your life asked the question evangelism is a way of life that is characterized by mission by mission to reach the lost and warned the world of the soon coming of Christ we can say that evangel living is a deliberate lifestyle that seeks to sow seeds of truth and life participate in waiting events when those scenes come to harp to fruition and then do everything in our power to retain those that harvest so we could say that there is a there is a cycle of evangelism that should permeate your life in which sewing weeping and retaining sowing reaping and retaining an Internet accessible to talk about how that how can I buy myself carry on the cycle and lifestyle the evangelism on your tell you that biblically speaking evangelism never took place alone as a solo event if you look at the new the only time I can think of in Scripture would be Philip for example when he was taken away in the Spirit to meet the Ethiopian but that was a very unusual event and if you continue reading that when Philip went up to Samaria to be a missionary he called for backup help help on evangelism is usually done in community follow me here evangelism is done in community the Lone Ranger always had his Tonto Jesus sent his disciples out not one by one but what to my two is what I'm suggesting to you here is that if you want to have a culture of evangelism in your life and you want to participate in the lifecycle of evangelism do not leave your saints yes I'm going to do this I can do this I can do that I can do this I can do this and try to do it on your own I would say some biblical and and and and XML will talk about how eloquent over and over again says organized small companies of believers to work in the vicinity of the church to work in evangelism work as a team to support one another to encourage one another so evangelism is a way of life that is characterized by an ongoing cycle of events cycle meaning sowing the seed developing relationships creating trust going door-to-door and inputting a magazine in in a mailbox without seeing the person and the white of a person 's eyes that is one kind of evangelism or opinions that but Jesus method alone member gives to success you've got to come alongside somebody that his loss spend time with develop a relationship with them on go bowling with the golfing with the spend time with them develop that trust that's also when in the end you can't just let the fruits of their ability farmer is going to be invited to get out and harvest as well I meant and what is harvesting me with talk about that but assists in that include that that is preaching this is the three angels message and then finally ending up with retaining the cyclic continuing to build those people into disciple making Christians rather than just baptized members easy often time now the church measures success not by its intentionality in evangelism but they measure success your church might be disliked by how great the music they have either the charges are so proud of their banners or product their orchestra to have a great music is like a production while we have a short program and I would take the noble soul does not grant awards so what's different here I know what that is not hot doesn't mean that we need to be mediocre in how we conduct our worship we need to do with excellence after all whatever we do we do it unto God other people other churches are disabled we have a great worship service not just Nokia stop the music but we have great preaching others say you know what we're successful award we meet our bills we pay our light bill I'm serious I was president in Taiwan conference for number of years and we had ninety one churches all across Taiwan and I would visit these churches you don't visit and many times I would go to the churches and it would take to make them to be safe for most my last name is full convert would you try to translate that in the Chinese is just ridiculously long so I took on a Chinese name was passed to fool and it was a foremost God says something woman high water anybody here know what that means in order to behave in God we are still alive thank God we are still alive they were just ecstatic that after twenty years their dorsal open but yet there were ten or fifteen people sitting in the church and had grown partly all the time church and I would look to the music you think God is holding a party in heaven because you still opening your doors goodbye God 's desire for his churches that for his body by the way is that be healthy and growing amen other people establish their success by how much attendance they have other people are so concerned about what they need out of church look at this video here over Bulldogs analyzer when we see here find I think I missed this is going to go over here other people are so concerned are so concerned with with what they need out of church that they totally missed the point of vultures luxurious video will go on as will all know below we chuckle but back is obviously exaggerating a point but how many of our churches alike look like a I wanted this one how wanted this out one of the main meaning the church and I fully defined successfully walk away just feeling so comfortable as if they had just eaten a wonderful buffet all-you-can-eat for one price folks the church was established to reach the lost amen and we need to have a culture of evangelism that said we are not satisfied unless lost people are coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ not only is a church but as individuals God is calling a church that has a culture of evangelism and when I use the word church I'm talking about you folks in the commission culture as an organ conference calls that I wanted to call it commission culture a culture that is permeated by by the great gospel commission evangel living folks is ownership of the message and the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church near the biggest difference between between the churches in areas the world for the church is growing rapidly and heirs of the world where does it it's that the members in the areas where the church is growing rapidly the members on the mission and the message of the church in an example of our last summer we were in El Salvador and my kids by two kids were preaching evangelistic series for the first time they were up there last night Michael -year-old was preaching for the first time fourteen -year-old and of course I'll be up thirty five campaigns going around and we went public to visit all of them but I went at first like to see my youngest son I mean I was curious how he was in a new it was doing great got there he was twitching his heart out I would not talk to the pastor I speak Spanish always talking with them is that if the elders and anybody was all excited and I came back through four days later nights later to see how things were going and I'm looking for the best at no cost unlike in my mind you know skip Bob I'm thinking maybe stay home and watching I Love Lucy reruns I can't believe this war is a guy I talked to the elders message that before I was supposed where the past and they said all the past when he's not here like you I know you would have to hope will pastor Bobby said he has he has a twelve other churches and seven other companies with this one he needs just twenty churches and he's conducting evangelistic meters of evangelistic meetings going on right now to unlike then I thought to myself how the conversation I had just and recently with the conference president of this place possible people who almost is his name for he was telling me all sharing within what were doing in North America getting outreach teams and churches to have two evangelistic meeting events every year we'll talk about that getting into a culture of evangelism the cycle or organ as it would have tooled in the year things are laughing at me I'm a twenty one or eleven in music well here we recommended by the way when they should recommend down there it's basically need border it away we recommend that the athletes charging company has sole evangelistic meetings do the math on that that pastor has twenty churches at times how many address a year for that a evangelistic meetings that he has got to oversee in a year does he preach all votes it's impossible and unfortunately it's not a job appreciate event with the camping year what is he doing he is training and equipping cool and doing the visitation who is doing the Bible studies who was inviting people who is overseeing the program was going to preaching hello it is the latest people I met and that's why the church is growing so rapidly that you have an ownership and you become an admonition El Salvador it's not like well I hope the conference gets on the stickier there really hope they take it seriously no man this message is their message this year we need to have that ownership down this message is a big God is asking you when you when you all of us to share actively and passionately to be involved in the lifestyle you are the church folks you are the church everyone of US do you have that sense of the coach again at such a passion for life people deal all the message in the mission of the seven families churches in other words God is giving you that great commission that folks on telly we are called to share Jesus Christ at this time we are given a mission and message at this time and for encouraging the work of evangelism is something that they do but look at evangelism is something that happens every two or three years in our church for two or three weeks at that evangelism is a lifestyle it is culture that God is calling every one of us to be a part payment how does that happen practically how do we get involved in this lifestyle and cycle of evangelism will impact that in the next two or three seminars very practically in the local church but I believe until definitive ten thirty so let's stand together for four Lord we thank you so much for your kindness and I could say Lord for your patience with us we have been sold happy to rearrange the deck chairs on the sinking ship call planet Earth when you are asking us desperately to call people to the life that which is Jesus Christ forgive us Lord for being so distracted with the things of this world forgive us Lord for so quickly passing the buck on on this great gospel commission help us or to live evangelism to be involved in evangelism actively in our life and in our church and realized that the definition the great gospel commission is not been given only to those who graduate from Andrew 's University seminary not at all they given to everyone who was then baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and was waiting anxiously for your company fulfill us with your Holy Spirit equip us with brain Jesus thing and this meeting was produced by audio burgers medium ministry is really preparing and would like to listen to more great handling this is working like to learn more about what is wrong of you see what I see them or also by you your audio burgers board hand and video .com


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