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God's Marine Corps and You

Bob Folkenberg Jr


Bob Folkenberg Jr

President, Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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I have this seminar number two on a series called evangel living the great commission in action today what were trying to do is is talk very practically about what is evangelism that's we spent time doing the first seminar and we defined evangelism very simply from the Bible and the spirit of prophecy is not an event towards a campaign evangelism is not just a campaign is not just the chip program is not just a cooking school evangelism is not even Bible studies on its own or handing out literature at the corner or that is not evangelism cannot be defined as any one of those things in and of itself but evangelism rather should be described as a lifestyle committed to the sharing of your personal Savior Jesus Christ with others a lifestyle at ongoing lifestyle we get to get the next step in said evangelism is a lifestyle that if you were to look at it would be divided into three areas a lifestyle made up of sewing activities sewing a lifestyle that will have reaping is a part of of that lifestyle as well as we can retaining sewing meaning developing those relationships growing reaping presenting the message of Jesus Christ and at the last seminar we talked about the importance of message to evangelism we talk about the reality that many people look at the evangelism is being a feeling or is being a program instead of it being message centered and at the heart of the message is Jesus Christ and in the heart of the Seventh-day Adventists written the message is the proclamation of the three angels message is what gives us our identity is what gives us our focus is what gives us our reason for existence God is called the church into existence the police before the Angels message which in this Internet shall we talk to the last seminar is a message of famous but now at the end of time prepare to meet your God is about and when we try is a seven damage to the light who may have Methodist would try to be like the Baptist of the Church of God we are messing up we are giving up on what God has called us to do with the church and asked the police the three angels message guitar special mission okay our special mission as a evangelism thing is a lifestyle that is characterized by sewing weeping and retaining we finished by asking a think a very good question that is while that's good but how does it happen how can we really make it happen if we were to characterize evangelism is being a lifestyle or culture would call it a culture evangelism as a culture how would you describe your culture would your culture be one that is saturated express and daily in a desire to lead other people to Christ and prepare to meet him very soon and a mind you you are busy I'm busy some of your school some of your working there's a lot of work to be done is in there so how do we stay focused on the lifestyle of evangelism when we are constantly being pulled this way and that way to pay bills are to be on time for this project or to get ready for that task or to spend time with our girlfriend or boyfriend or wife husband children whatever how does it happen a while want to talk to you about today and only talk about this right now based on the reality that we've clearly defined evangelist okay in evangelism being a lifestyle because so many people take evangelism doesn't work I will say when they say and I think that eventually stabilized at the AI guys that because Jesus had to go forth and they don't preach his gospel to every contamination and and then the end will come Matthew twenty four but now basically was saying it can't be done so therefore God is that he can't be there with us is impossible to accomplish evangelism does Mark what doesn't work is what what doesn't work oftentimes as you when I involved in a lifestyle of Angels were not involved in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in interconnecting with lost people we don't get our hands dirty with the loss people of a country every time you get involved in sharing your faith you have got to did Jesus said member we looked at the angles of your last seminar recent Christ method alone brings true success in reaching people commingle with them as one who was getting care about them all worldly care about them in and basically one zero one their trust and confidence on White says and then and then comes the message he said follow me so folks what I'm about to write essays based squarely on the foundation that evangelism is a lifestyle that God is calling you to be involved and not just professional evangelists not just the bachelor not just of conference president not just your pastor he is calling all of us and we look to the quotation you can get back there on seminar one hand up worldwide says this is the cleanest in the highest work that we need to be involved in now and she says we are his message and that means you and me so I come back Unisys folks don't lead UIC or the seminar sank all that was a nice message board that was cool or that felt good I feel so close to God folks you get him a call in who you are is a Christian and you are called as a Christian to proclaim Christ to finish the work which are still believed to be finished you and he's calling us can you envision can you just turn on your your your your LCD screen in your brain and can you see the way people on army of youth involved in a lifestyle evangelism and churches all across this WorldCom if it would not make a difference absolutely it would make a difference huge difference so what I'm going to talk about now is how we organize this army I would like to suggest to you that Ellen White in the Bible have given us clear principles how to take the reality of the gospel commission to all of us should be involved in a lifestyle evangelism that all of us as Christians need to talk about Christ and you've given us principles to organize ourselves to maintain a focus on a lifestyle of evangelism I call it God 's Marine Corps and you as a will to talk about what you say your church is finished in evangelistic series okay if it is an ideal bit more not invoicing the life of three weeks and it's finished now all you say I can rest I can plop my feet up and watch my favorite program for two weeks in a row and not feel guilty for not going to charge we finished evangelism now black when asked a question in in most churches in most churches that hold in evangelistic event the campaign you might have maybe ten to fifteen twenty percent participation Max start with but is him jealous as if evangelism finished just because you finished the campaign can you pop your feet up flip off your shoes and just relax I have been in churches would have said were done with that now we can wait a couple years to do it again many churches that have never had a weeping event for thirty years and one await every thirty years the one have one so much work exhaust is that what evangelism is all about in most churches the answer would be yes we will rest a while maybe a couple years before we call dual evangelism again that's what it will say we're just rest a while until we do evangelism again in other churches many state evangelism doesn't work what they're saying is that we work as literally sank is gone now not involved in the work of evangelism absolutely here's what it means is that they are not working in the lifestyle of evangelist they think there's some magical formula in fact I have seen churches take the work of evangelism and give it to the United States Postal Service or committee of Postal Service they take the work of evangelism and assign it to Uncle Sam and safe walking to send out twenty thousand brochures and if it causes a penny and then when very few people comes it back and we say of seeing evangelism doesn't work organ we look at Doctor Fitzhugh all the first seminar we look at the brochures with you know the image or obese Anna was a safe test these crazy things they're scaring everybody away from the point the membership is not involved in the lifestyle of evangelism how can we sustain this lifestyle of evangelism it cannot be forced it cannot be forced at all yes sir I would like to suggest you today we'll talk about the rest of this hour is a way to maintain the focus the way to maintain this lifestyle of evangelism in your local church we wrap is through voluntary communities committed to the evangel living voluntary communities committed to evangelism that's how we do it evangelism according to the Bible and the spirit of prophecy is best lived out in the context of a community of focused and well disciplined team that works together to maintain this focus on evangelism just want to make sure she just came in there are handouts for this seminar over here next to the door on my left you're right just let you know well disciplined team that is focused on this concept called this reality called evangel living in other words you have to join God 's Marine Corps is what were saying it is based on biblical principles let me share with you for small mark at the sixth or seven look what it says Mark six zero Bibles were seven those of you who don't have it appear on the screen and he called the twelfth to him and began to send them out one by one saying unto them go be a Lone Ranger for me that what it says no he sent them out one to buy two and gave them power over unclean spirits in acts chapter twelve or forty five it says inborn advice and Saul returned from Jerusalem when they had fulfilled their ministry and they also took with them John whose surname was Mark WC here you have Paul and who born in listen I have another guy called John Mark now he didn't turn out well at the beginning I remember the story the kind of the homesick didn't like the food didn't appreciate where they were sleeping in Oakland back but then later on he came back and apologized and wanted to be a part of evangelism again invades and didn't fall in any time for him the Barnabas took him under his wing and and then glued Paul Galápagos Islands and he began but was never Paul calls out there hope all it was always tall land part of his Paul and Silas and then you have looped in there somewhere in the mix if you read you always see a team of people who surrounded Paul as a team and then you have the disciples going out to buy two folks there is there is a principle here that evangelism is not something we do on our own by ourselves without proper support and encouragement have any of you beneficiary him eventual international evangelistic trip while you die on two three four Craig what we do every morning when we get together we have a devotional and we have Mark team meeting about what we review we talk about what's happening in different spots what do we do that because there is spiritual strength and support when we come together and pray we can share how's it going to your site will you know this happened okay let's pray for you all to go in the site was going well we rejoice with you there is that kind of encouragement this is what the Bible 's telling us but yet you know what happens in many churches other churches today in our eye was guilty of its wing listen to the preacher preach on evangelism and it's wonderful we walk out of church on Sabbath were like Lord I want to be involved in evangelism help me be more bold evangelism find days later if you have a great memory you can remember what the sermon was about two weeks later you realize even if you memo with silver spot you haven't got much continually change your lifestyle is because you are out there on your own neuron you will your solo player out there that is not the biblical principle here Mister prophecy gives us some very clear counsel and him only selecting a few of her quotations she has many other quotations and invite away on the handouts at the door you'll see almost would denounce you have to write them out feel free to fit the just meet along with me let there be in every church well what organized companies workers to labor in the vicinity of that church which is saying here is in every church organize a group of people who are voluntarily associated with our group nobody's forcing them to be a part of that group who have a passion for evangelism who want to have a lifestyle of evangelism want to get involved in sharing Christ organize and into a group if a company and work together to labor for those in that community why because there's encouragement of prayer there is a fellowship look at this one here from the GC bulletin eighteen ninety three on the reason it shows up in the GC bulletin is all in what was in Australia and so she wrote a message to the General conference session and they put in the bulletin in every city there should be more of organized well disciplined workers now you know what that core me that's not for casino like a dead body this is the Marine Corps okay this is in fact he knows he's talking about about the military analogy because she's talking of our core here and well organized disciplined workers not merely one or two but scores should be sacked to work amen one nice but would you have to be delivered about these things you have to be delivered about these things you have to go back to your church in Saint Gildersleeve a former student really are interested in living a life of evangelism evangelistic let's organize it into living team of organizing outreach team whatever you want to call it in we are to keep each other accountable it will be to focus and work together meet regularly to pray for one another encourage one of the strategized hold evangelistic meetings together told me that we had to get up evangelist company you are the evangelists and and you organize it she says well disciplined groups of workers with which he says again and testimonies volume seven in our churches like companies before him for what service notice here's usable company again companies be word formed from his look different once united labor as fishers of men let them seek to gather souls from the corruption of the world into the saving purity of Christ's love amen what what I did here is is is a picture of a large fishing vessel you have one guy on a fishing vessel trying to hold in these massive natural easy you see a team one is that we'll write what is manning this pulley one is letting up only one is betting that they're working in a concerted effort to haul in the catch that's what she sang working as a team with a very clear focus and that is to bring in more fish to catch be a fisher of men right sometimes small-group get-together in our love small groups of the great is a lot of positive about it but they can become an end in themselves evolving here people end up meeting together just so that they meet again in swapping recipes and they end up talking about well this problem in that problem it just becomes like a like a black hole meaning that nothing comes out everything it sucks that but what we're talking about here is that we meet together for the purpose of life of going out and we come back we're talking about what we're doing out there and how it's how it is affecting us how we can do better after we talking about these outreach teams so let me summarize again evangelism then is best experienced in community where encouragement and where teamwork and where accountability are all present I want you walk away from the seminar I want you walk away from the seminar saying I want to be involved in evangelism but I realize that I cannot do it alone we value to the Holy Spirit either working you but I'm talking about you are organizes the church the body you need to be connected with other people that he's able to my church I don't know anybody my I will have a team like this my church will what's keeping you from organizing one you go back to the church you talk them into the pastor maybe he can make preachers sermon on it invite people to come forward and are in our church were on the member in old and outside of College Hill Tennessee Madonna Road we preached a sermon on this get any five people come forward want to organize things it could happen you might not even go that route you might just go your three or four friends is a you know we always talk about being more involved in evangelism lets form a sisterhood here a brotherhood of Islam a community that is committed to meeting regularly playing for people to talk about what this is how we came to I'm giving you this morning for the resources Margaret and resources which you can also find for download on our website share him .org you can download and their family didn't you hear and I'm also really beginning you a DVD resource that you can view online one by one but I'm also giving you a copy you can use which is called the soloing resource catalog and I'll hand these out homework done today so please let me forget okay is I do that thing LB like ACL later in obesity here in all until tomorrow but I want you especially to come to the seminar and outreach teams to to get this material and outreach team shall basically let me say it again evangelism is something that is not an event it's a lifestyle evangelism and if you want to live this lifestyle you can't do it alone you need to connect with other believers just intentionally connect with other believers had ever heard of a group called Weight Watchers meal we were always is over in Germany the South German union there to conferences that are working with sure him to set up outreach teams in their churches and unmentioned at Weight Watchers they knew about it over there to Weight Watchers a big organization what's the purpose of Weight Watchers help me lose weight help people come together they come together at once a week or every other week and they talk about helping each other a team to ideal weight maintain their ideal weight right and a sable you know they have certain criteria you need to eat thirty points you know a day or something like that to go by point system and a get together and they do what they say also how's it going with your well I weighed myself and I've lost most rebounds and what other people say well this is your loss thirty Your Honor this group is all of this of course not they're like one always lose unwanted culture him that all three pounds next week will be another three pounds forty nor nurture ideal weight and another girl William Reimer raises her hand and another guy anything we knows posting thirty points yesterday night three hundred I cast Baskin-Robbins and I cannot help myself what do they do get out of here you're not living up to our principles I was a only similar simple or even just behind you three hundred twenty three hundred points today start over again work on it tomorrow what are they doing there providing the community supportive community to help everyone in that community that group obtain of what common goal which is to reach and maintain an ideal weight folks that's what were talking about here what are you reading together for because you all have the common goal of wanting to live a lifestyle of evangelism you are practiced evangelism some people call these groups of vendor living groups in OU coming together to see how is it going with your evangel living well you know what I think about this last week all cable know you have anybody are praying for will talk about things we can't will talk about her that we think but you keep each other accountable to provide support you provide encouragement live witness to this person that they slammed the door my face a civilian war clock to meet that person is her 's and Arctic they feel discouraged we pray we encourage them on this folks if evangelism is not a piece of cake I just can't handle it when I hear people say Wallace sees a just share your faith hey folks this is a battle is called the great controversy if you haven't heard anything and it's rough and tumble out there and if you get your feelings hurt you can get discouraged that is why she is staying organized into these companies organize into these groups with common purpose and that is to maintain our focus on the great commission every church I believe should have a group that helps committee members live out this idea of evangel living share him and our partners with amazing facts call these groups outreach leadership teams as we call it the column whatever you want to talk important thing but these outreach leadership teams are there for you to help you and those who are interested in the church to become involved and stay involved in the lifestyle of evangelism are these teams close we got five people will more people can ever join the teams are always open to new people join when a team gets it's too big I would say no more than ten twelve fifteen people you want to start another team is involved in a lifestyle of evangelism the let's talk much more much more practically about what it means when we say a lifestyle of evangelism first of all outreach leadership teams are the more for the church to implement a cycle in a life of evangelism you are the core they help implement a strategy that deliberately implements an ongoing lifestyle of evangelism if you were to say to me Bob you have an endless lifestyle there are certain characteristics that would pop up right can you name a few what would you say I been his lifestyle would be a vegetarian what else keep the Sabbath good what think you decided you could see when you talk about about his lifestyle devotional life that was serious about going okay yours Cunningham thinking also very very visible things such as you know we don't smoke or do drugs for we don't drink alcohol these are things that people would look at as a sake here's some things about his lifestyle right when you talk about evangel living the lifestyle evangelism I would like to suggest to you that there simply for their sweet characteristics for a style of evangelism for an exit outreach team you need to make sure you're covering those three things at SLR talk about first of all you have solely to out of here so then you have waiting and then you have retaining using the agricultural law language here I want to go into this a lot more in detail how is the outreach leadership team formed first of all I said you can go back and formant informally as you talk to your friends maybe a group of you are here at UIC who are listening to this nisei you know let's form ourselves into an outreach team let's go back and keep each other focused on the lifestyle of evangelism okay that's one way you could also make a call from the pulpit invite anybody who is interested a lifestyle of angled staff the church and gives describe this process to them but what is the work of this outreach team first of all were to talk about sewing folks how can I say this solely is eighty percent seventy to eighty percent of evangelist look at what the Bible says but this I say he who sows sparingly will also want to read sparingly and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully does that make sense perfect set the second Corinthians chapter nine verse six inviolable talk about this text more in our next seminar all but the bottom line is that when we are involved in sewing if you look at the cycle of him performing sewing in the work that happens before the harvest is what takes the most time but many times we just want to jump in one inhabitant that campaign whatever campaign we don't do any sewing and it was that there was no my goodness nobody came evangelism doesn't work it would be like me walking out to my backyard and and the and I felt a few things out there somewhere my grass and the guy walked out five months later and I think many were where all are my coconuts is craziness I need to sow the seed company coconuts don't roll it impossible bottom line is I have paid no heed to them at all I've been nothing I been paying attention but I expect to have a harvest as if I was walking into the grocery store to pick up whatever vegetable a lot sewing is truly the hard work that you have sleeping breathing takes is can be characterized this way then he said to his disciples Jesus of the harvest truly is what plentiful but the laborers are few more this is what you see what is the prayer that we need to be praying with her Lord help there be more harvest what it would help what Jesus is saying here is therefore private Lord of the harvest him and I'll laborers into his harvest Jesus is desperately meeting especially now at the close of earth history are more laborers but over the last thirty or forty years in the Amish church in North America the labors of gotten fewer and fewer you why because we have become more specialized music ourselves if you do evangelism with article conferencing in a conference evangelist year will be one of those angles with article amazing facts and get ceiling and a bachelor here he does that mean we can so you look we can get the bassinet so my point we need him to keep tweaking until he can go no farther but what we need more people involved in the harvest amen that's what we need when it comes so specialized field like we cannot do anything with evangelism unless we are certified for we are ordained or we are whatever folks that is not the biblical picture Jesus as please pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest who is Jesus talking to talking to you and to me is a harvest greater small as a huge harvest out there if I focus as we near the closing time harvest we would be greater are the harvesters adequate no they are not who was the Lord of the harvest votes was lower the harvest who is the Lord of the harvest yes and he is asking quality for this one where are the labors to work in the harvest the harvest is ready if there waiting to be picked but they're not enough workers and are not enough harvesters will have a passion women influenced who have the desire to work feel why we focus on so when work because it is more politically correct I've seen many many churches I was in a church two weekends ago and the obviously came up to me and said Bob you have to bobble working at that I don't have time to be involved in infringing the message I am so busy with my chip program having a religious program it's a wonderful program it's a great program is nothing wrong with it is a great LOI to the health message should be an entering wedge right she said all we got nine chip programs and roll we have to hunger graduates alumni and every month we have an alumni maybe I'm just so busy with this there's nothing we can do it I said system will how many of those people are coming to church now I'll not have a lot of targeted are working on my next chip program it I said to myself I said to her sister you will not be offended by what I am going to say to you but God does not have an interest for cardiac glee healthy people to go to hell that God is interested our health there's no doubt about that please interested in our eternal salvation more than he is in our intertemporal healthy men so chip program my lifestyle matter through it doesn't matter what there's lots of stuff out there that cooking schools are wonderful but God is the one helpful of glucose he wants them in heaven exalt our responsibility is to look at the big picture and say well if we have this cooking school and then we have a stop smoking plan that will give us an opportunity this with them are out we seem to be there get to know these people invited to an annual seminar click here the prophecies of the independent of the parent to be Jesus Bass homework you see it's not an end in itself right now and many of our churches was it what were doing evangelism we have a concert every month of INR church with church Colson is a will or outreach teams plan the beautiful organ concert and we wanted a community that were predicting we talk to the missive will have your conjugal wall and great soul did you have the chance to meet anybody we were all busy you are shoring and everything and so did you get the names of the people can only hold out what event politically incorrect we want them to come and feel comfortable and we said okay did you mean anybody that you have anybody again no we didn't so I said the purpose of this organ concert is that is now that the community who attended Knowles at time of this believe in organ music and folks is nothing wrong for misunderstanding hey let's have a concert organ concert but let's be deliberate to find ways to connect with those people amen but yet sometimes we're so concerned about offending words pushing ourselves or or whatever that we don't even want to ask you what you're making you know that's the problem that is a challenge into one we look at evangelism it is an ongoing lifecycle lifestyle of evangelism that involves sewing deliberate plan selling raping and then retaining aspects the circle that we go through what is the harvest defined it is the presentation was what is the hardest part of this this equation help me out here what is the hardest part okay harvest I would say is what we go in like Ellen White said we invite them to follow Jesus is where we are deliberate and present a present truth number two we invite them to make a decision this evokes when you get into the harvest those are the only two characteristics I believe that need to be their number one need to invite people to what to make a decision but before that you have to present something for the make a decision about an award during your harvest doing your evangelistic meeting to put a simpler than this you need to be presenting the truth as it is in Jesus you need to be talking about the three angels message and after you present the gospel you need to ask the question excuse me but how are you ready to follow Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior when you present the truth of the Sabbath you mean to say we don't need to say well now what do you think about was me wasn't a catchall next week the winning essay so what do you make of this are you ready to enjoy you willing to start keeping the Sabbath and enjoy the blessing that he promises sometimes people hold evangelistic meetings in the civil win one of making appeals because that might offend somebody folks I don't see that in Scripture fact Jesus says he who confesses me before men I will confess before my father there needs to be a response to to that invitation to that truth as it is in Jesus so that means that your evangelistic crusade your bandwidth the grouping event can take place of the church into place and hold just two weeks ago we finished forty evangelistic late lead meetings in Atlanta all of them in people 's homes and guess what and another five months in March were doing fifty six campaigns also article in a series but what are they doing between those meetings in these meetings are they doing there sewing and working are we training those new members after sowing season is a constant cycle of evangelism in a nutshell we are inviting outreach team to the so you know what what in the developing first list of Detroit for this interest less everyday what about in Bentonville the simplest list in every six month loan a hold of evangelistic meeting or reaping event in your house for submitting your house and into the saddle schoolroom for the next every six month will be weeping until Jesus cups and what were done weeping mingled in a work on retaining the harvest when retained at harvest and what is the best way to retain the harvest folks best way to retain the harvest 's gift the new Christian involved in the harvest is nobler waiting in Nokia late a Christian against a new cushion against apostasy than to get them involved in the harvest amen get them out there winning others get them ultimately affect what I was up when I was a kid in Central America I was twelve years old I want to be baptized and I was a member always going to a place called legacy of the Philippines zone fifteen church and they would not allow me to be baptized because the conference hadn't had a policy that every person that was going to be baptized had to give Bible studies before they were baptized I like that and so there I was I had to go out on Sabbath afternoon I was apparent that we should have a missionary mailman looking for Bible studies it was wonderful what better way to inoculate people against apostasy and to get involved in the harvest because when you are sharing your faith you are stepping out of your comfort zone and you are stepping into the face zone whenever you see and whenever you show your faith you are a little bit Norman Sergey you are a little on your comfort zone and you are totally dependent upon Christ amen I always find my relationship with Christ is closer and stronger when I am when I have shared my faith were involved in sharing with others have you had that experience always I even believe that the reason that Christ did not send allegiant of Angels to preach the gospel in a couple days and be done with it was that he knew that you and I needed many needed to be involved in evangelism for own spiritual growth and health plan never believe that evangelism or evangel living is an option to a question Christ yet a Christian must share his or her faith I'm not witnessing Christian is truly an oxymoron it's is a contradiction and so when it comes to reaping laymen and women in an outreach team also are involved in the reaping figure involved in the preaching many of you here raise your hand last night in the opening meeting I asked did you have been involved with sure Hermione was surprised hundred and fifty people from Roseanne said they had been involved in Fuji you can preach in your homework at church wherever the outreach team decides that you could even meet at Danny's once a week for breakfast is acting in an evangelistic meeting take place at Denny's after you finish with the pancakes you push a lot of the way you pull lock your Bibles and you present the truth as it is in Jesus now you still have to make a difficult decision to forget that we can make a call here at Denny's what would you do with every eye closed and never you now all I found a Bee Gees blade above us without you do know we have to be creative enough to disable if you want exegesis may need to check out your you got that you got to be creative you might say something like this hand in the car and say if you want Jesus to be the Lord and savior of your life across on this card sign your name on is that an appeal or you might say if you're talking about the Sabbath and holy sweet interests and by the way that's another thing folks please understand that we talk about evangelism and evangel living like evangelism to outreach team please do not confuse numbers with success and you hear me success is you being obedient to go to the harvest success as you say like Isaiah said more of you are you send me that you're successful there might not be any harvest right now but there might be later don't worry about that you cannot bring one person to converse and did you know that that's the Holy Spirit for but you are successful when you step out in faith and say I am going to be active in sharing my pain I'm in a live all lifestyle of evangelism your successful right there so we talk about evangelistic meeting event were talking about stalling and auditorium like we were last night if that happens towards a more but most likely it will be in your living room where my being a sound schoolroom where it might be a Denny's with swing interest in sweet of you other out with leadership team sitting around it and then attended the meeting you presented the Sabbath each of the outreach team people have already putting the permit of the unit to talk to John you talk to Jane given its oxygen and afterward you go up to those people individual music for what you make of the Sabbath Jim are you ready to start keeping the Sabbath day and following Christ's example is a call that an appeal for cities that the personal people so you could have an event with meeting at Denny's or my favorite spot talk about you could result reason the important thing is that you are involved in the sewing and then the reaping and then of course we need to be involved personally in the proclamation which is part of that reaping EasyShare him will be happy to provide you with material I'm talking about sermons and graphics that you can use on a TV DVD W left of a project electrocuted throughout the media player you can use your computer at Denny's to show the graphics and will give you the sermon she left and right those that you want to know problem we haven't we habited in twenty five different languages or if you are working with different ethnic or language groups but guess what if you want to use share hamsters for today hope for tomorrow series no problem use no beginning he was a revelation seminar use prophecy seminar the news today on it does it matter what tool you use the important as it is what you're in the harvest statement we are going to be giving you today this this resource is called selling resource catalog what share him did is we went and interviewed twenty one different avenues ministries and by the way were bought right into version three what will probably opt us to thirty different ministries and we has to what do you have to help the local church in Québec or the church somewhere else who wants to the outreach teams that wanted to sewing what materials with tools folks are about a hundred and fifty different resources here that you can you you are wasting to soloing more active mint handouts flyers Chip program depression recovery parenting seminars divorce recovery seminars June Avenue just so many things in here that you use for your outreach team what we are trying to ensure him as you did this for a arrange all excuses or influences obstacles for saying to you how you can't do this alone organizing fifteen missing what we do as a team I'm getting this material to organize yourselves and fourteen the day second these are what we don't know what to do for selling no problem you goal would give me all the material that we tell you what the heart of your outreach team is the interest list you develop an interest list of people that you know folks I can tell you that that the problem the most outreach teams have is that they put they have to lay people to put on a list and you pray for those people and you connect with those people and you and your invite them over to eat with you right now and are the outreach team down the member were now working on coming up I'm serious one of the things we're going to try to connect with these two families that are friends of one of our outreach team members and their two couples and so my wife tonight our kids in that and ends these are the couples all that have a wiener roast you don't want to have a bonfire moving know most of the and marshmallows and just spend an evening with them is that evangelism is it's just sewing I am developing relational why am I doing that because I like hot box is added no undoing of the want to know the people I meet thou want to build a relationship with it because I know and this is true the third weekend of April my outreach team is start reaping campaign and we want to invite these people to come to that evangelistic meeting my son was up there last night the younger one the full fourteen -year-old she has a team outreach team all the early teens and used all of them those who wanted to join our part of the tape outreach team in training and working for people what we have my wife and are working with my wife's hairdresser and an in-house boyfriend and they have a daughter who's it like an early teen age and when we invited them over to our house my son 's outreach team all that came over and played kick the can and still the flag and rose to not bobbing marginals all we were visiting in the house why was he doing I mean obviously they like playing kicked Canon these things but the reason they did that strategically is because they want to develop a relationship with this young girl because it on the third week of April my kid along with these other young people that are starting an evangelistic series of your tickets and increase the gospel of Jesus Christ no no it does not have to exactly right when he let me say this up for the leaving here the sewing process does not necessarily involve the presentation of the full message the sewing is a connecting processes building trust will what we might include a question this is why it is that you don't come to our office parties on Saturday well there's an opportunity to share a little bit about the about the Sabbath in my giving involved in your personal testimony but the point is you're developing this trust another thing that we recommended that an end in him hold outreach process is dependent your selves to these interest in multiple in other words if I know James and he's on Annapolis outline your my outreach team when you find a way for you to get to know James and related technology for United Technologies noting those four happened this warplane for him every day and who want to see him in the kingdom into when it comes time for the evangelistic meeting dolomite him I'll invite them in a single bottle you know Jim and him and and sacrament to be there to only okay I'll come out check out for friends or inviting them to come to the same evangelist of me that you see folks from talking about is something deliberate and can you see how you cannot do these things in a vacuum you cannot do these things by yourself as the Lone Ranger you need a team in either a fellowship you need a company of people who are committed to living out this lifestyle of other evangelists hope that that is clear to you and we will in the next few seminars be going much more the detail on the sewing and repairing and making appeals were to be talking about that more firstly seminar for the last part of this of this out we call it the cycle of life Solomon vandals we talk about sewing weeping all the last thing is retaining will be very very responsible of us to go out and harvest all this and let it rock that is why bodily just for your information would share him pitch you internationally ninety five percent or more of the times we're taking you to a individual small church to preach in the church we don't do these being meetings you Google church why exact because those people are inviting people to the church when you leave the always sitting at all connected with the members of that one church because we believe in retention retain both members you are like control jalapenos delicately opinions and in what I call them I'll just let them sit there well I struck true I have so many jalapenos this year either coming out my ears proverbially and him I did let him hang himself on the player to look at a party and why you read and great but the what why do I brought them in and I for the first time this year I did try canned jalapenos and I've got them all stacked up there in addition to different kinds of peppers and with it and garlic I preserve them that my dear friends is responsible gardening we need to be responsible laborers who focus also on retaining and I said earlier the best way to retain the harvest you need to focus on this is an outreach team is to put them back at work into the harvest and what is the best way of doing that when you have a new member or even an inch last invite them to be a part of what you outreach team busy church growth research has shown that members who do not develop at least six or seven friendships in the church will soon drift out of the church what better way to connect them with other on fire Christians and to bring them into your outreach team amen so you have a new member to come through with the money reading events invite them to be part of your listing what it does is they have a hold mother group of friends that don't know but the good news of Jesus Christ that they will be anxious to connect with him twenty four and work with you as a team to reach an end think of the other demoniac example of the demoniac Lucille Jesus putting the demoniac we want to see the testimony clean and to be with Jesus to follow Jesus to learn from him and Jesus and what sent him back home to evangelize his wife who are Greek word is his will he coughs his family system his family and his friends etc. back March five nineteen talks about it and what we're saying is you have a new member sometimes we isolate them was a will they can't do anything the church until they are mature I'll never forget I was in China are served over there for nine years as a missionary and we had a church and were visiting when it was a mumbled affliction between the older people in the younger people and there was a youth leader we were told who was doing things terrible things he was taking his youth group ultimately on Sabbath to worship him like no more asking him he wanted nothing there in China is going to have an outdoor worship and that was radical and again and we were visiting with the elders of the church in Africa in a single field had a bit of the interview scoop is annulled and I said will not escalate an easy job he's a young man and he's not listening to us elderly elders investors will hold is this older that is the head of the youth group fifty five he was fifty five years old but it went in and in that context if you've ever been to China in the context you have to be a member like in regular and good standing for like fifteen years before you can have any any say what we work turn that around and say you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior you have joined yourself of this remnant Church of Bible prophecy were preparing to meet the Lord get into the harvest get going work with us and guess what when they come in they already know all these other people that you never but they were what are we gospel of Jesus Christ so what is the purpose of the outreach leadership team is to help us focus on a lifestyle of evangelism in other words live evangel living network experience evangel living in this is characterized by a cycle of evangelism which is sowing reaping and retaining you know we live in a very busy world we have lots and lots of distractions and a community of believers committed to the single an important goal of reaching the lost I believe is key to maintaining this focus on the lifestyle of evangelism in fact I'm telling you right now folks if you leave this place committed to do evangelism to live out a lifestyle evangelism and if you do not connect yourself with other like-minded Christians informed this kind of more likely than not that passion will slowly dwindle so I just want to give you the challenge make a decision today to form go back and being that capitalist that the agent that will form an outreach team and will then become actively involved in this lifestyle of evangelism this lifestyle the Vandals despite his challenges is out the next seminar will spend the whole seminar talking in depth about how the white build relationships with other people how I develop and put what we might have Bible studies how I give my personal testimony wife listen to God 's leading so that I can live daily this kind of lifestyle evangelism will talk about the sewing and got in then this afternoon the second one will be to talk about how wide it how can I get involved in the reaping highlight for each highlight the terrorists are meant how'd will make it appeal talk about actually get more in depth to this seminar which is to give you an overview and underlined with yellow underline and an orange underline inventive white green circle the whole thing they say that evangelism takes place best when you doing community as an outreach team was better for Lord in heaven we thank you so much that you have called us to be your ambassadors to be your representatives here on this earth we know the time is slowly ticking by and we are rapidly coming to the end of and I just pray that you will give us something new vision for what you have called us to do please forgive us when we have been so satisfied with the status quo only been satisfied to just be onlookers rather than active agents of change and of the gospel in this world operated to help every member here that is listening to go back and to organize outreach team that will keep themselves focused on this all-important great commission to live on a lifestyle of evangelism plus the more we pray in Jesus name amen this manual was produced by audio burgers medium is as Parisian grades would like to listen to more great humans and working like to learn more about what is all of you have DY C and were also playing with you on Hoover's board hand at video .com


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