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Preparing for the Harvest Now

Bob Folkenberg Jr


Bob Folkenberg Jr

President, Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 20, 2007
    2:30 PM
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him before begin let me share with you will quotation from the first session that I didn't even have time to get to that I really think synthesizes all what we are about ten please remind me to tell folks who come in the pickup the material for this seminar is coming in pick up the material for the seminar and concept for the front so I don't have to I don't I just feel so far high up there I can try to be closer here this is a quotation from the ninth volume of the testimonies which is liberally of vision that Ellen White saw of what the church would look like at the end of time would you like to see that a snapshot of a pick like a video or picture of what the church will look like right before the second coming she says this in visions of the night representations passed before me of a great reformatory movement among God 's people many were praising God the sick were healed and other miracles were wrought a spirited intercession was seen even as is manifest before the great day of Pentecost hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families and opening before them the word of God hearts were convicted by the Holy Spirit in the spirit of genuine conversion was manifested on every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truth the world seemed to be lighted with the heavenly influence great blessing were received by the true and humble people of God is an amazing picture you see a church that is on its knees confessing their sins but yet out living a life of evangelism with their neighbors in and people and a contract with God was with them in not only are protecting them but also giving them the Holy Spirit to make it effective him only God is talking to us to be a part of that movement now don't you around the world in your neighborhood to be involved in this great light that is supposed to encompass the world financial were here for like UIC were also here in the seminar talk about this whole idea of evangelism being more than just a campaign for two weeks or whatever it is a lifestyle that could encompass the culture that we live everyday before we begin there right now presentation was quite warm in heaven again we invite you to be here we realize that spiritual things must be spiritually discerned we need your Holy Spirit to guide us were not here to learn facts Lord we want to be challenged by your spirit to help us become more like Jesus and his disciples who turned their world upside down we pray that you will help us Lord you given us an important mission use us and equip us we pray in Jesus name in preparing for the harvest now when we say that the process by which a person goes from unbelief to belief is best described as a journey it's a journey of faith journey we could say initially the Lord has on the leave or gain man recording his body the church to serve as his hands to serve as his feet to guide him to lead and to touch and to encourage lost souls towards that living faith in Jesus Christ very rarely do you even have that you have experience where life like Saul Parsons when he was going to Damascus and pulled a light shines the business component the news comes because face-to-face with the man he was persecuting Jesus Christ and sometimes people say will that's how conversion is light it's all about you know are tells and whistles and lights and just this wonderful feeling and at times it is I would suggest if you look at the life of Paul that the Lord was already moving him along the journey before he was took a trip to Damascus he was seeing the faith of Peter and John he was seeing the face of Stephen as he was being no stone he was working on into the Holy Spirit if the process is a journey and he does not often call upon the Angels to help in that process because upon his body the church to be a part of the process member like Andrew number one he led Peter to Jesus saying you know we found the Messiah we are called to lead others for that same source of life and that's seeing source of hope we have talked about the last couple sessions that the reality is that in today's society in the last twenty or thirty years there has been a tremendous specialization in the Avenue 's church or what we talk about evangelism we think about the professional evangelist we think about well it's those only who have been ordained a Packers and this is hurt our church greatly because when you look at the places in the world what a church is fully growing it is where lay men and women all the message in the mission they realize that they are the ones called by God to take this lasting message in short what their neighbors sure what their family shirt with their coworkers in other words to lead people to Jesus it's everyone's responsibility but too often more often than not I should say people will follow us to Jesus only if they tried this only available in will have a real relationship with violent example might want to first met my wife I was I think I should does earlier this previous session I I was on my second date with literally just getting to know and I will that this was the woman that I wanted to marry I just knew it on my second question that I invite her to ask her to please Merryman and by her marry me on my second day no L'Oreal was a crazy not crazy why good enough if I knew this is the one for me and I just want I know when to want this president is not a matter of will no matter what you tell her that one did not I'm recently not developed any class we did not develop the relationship to think of my monitor to marry me on my second or second date the Taco Bell she was going to she was going to do to us suggests I don't think so I don't think so I have developed frost I develop a friendship I tried the heel in a book called the externally focused Church which I highly recommend the author Rick Rosoff says this controls the truth we must show the true maybe think about that does that make sense can you imagine somebody coming to talking about the love of Jesus in one minute and the next minute they're talking about their cussing and there there are no up gossiping and are doing all kinds of unloving unstoppable things it makes sense doesn't so in order to tell the truth which we believe the thirties the truth we must show the truth Jesus said at the what are you all will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another in them a sense I mean it's so logical when you think about it if I tell my wife is always according her that I love her and I love her but I treat her in a way that does not show that some of my love it is a dissonance there is an vessel what I'm getting at is that in the end the journey of faith God is using you and me to show the true as well as tell the truth to connect with people to build that relationship with people remember with Sister White said about Jesus way of doing evangelism Christ's method alone she says will give true success in reaching the people she goes on to say the Savior mingled with man as one who desired their good on their something here you need to keep in mind when you when you are living a lifestyle of evangelism you cannot live in a fortress on top of amount and of course Jesus was not in mingled with men he mingled with women and he showed his sympathy for them and minister to their needs and then you wonder competition this is that relationship is the journey of trust Hennepin once you've established his credibility as a person of love is a person to be trusted he then would say to them follow me follow me that is a step that we need to do and this last session we talked about the importance of evangel living as a culture being lived out in community we talk about the myth that says you can do evangelism on your own by yourself generally speaking was off on the Bible and the spirit of prophecy that God calls us to develop a keen a community that supports each other in developing this outward for some vandalism and assault wing which is the first part of the cycle of evangelism to sowing reaping and then retaining all that has to be done in community is a fellowship we talk about the Weight Watchers member that water weight watchers get together of event to encourage each other to obtain their ideal weight but actually write work the same what we're trying to change our culture from doing evangelism maybe once a month or once a year for living a lifestyle of evangelism we need support for that and I encourage you last typed it to organize yourselves in the team sent him to work together in order to live out this lifestyle of evangelism which is showing raping and retaining right now in this seminar we want to focus specifically on sewing how was it that we get into the harvest and develop those relationships because as I said before sewing is literally seventy to eighty percent of the work of evangelism the Jeremy sometimes it will only put each one reach one for each or just accept takes work it takes preparation but solely is where the court or kids how they view Ben was sure him internationally overseas possibly they would have one minute walk then good when you go to El Salvador or Tanzania the legally selling the church they are before you get there is doing the sewing veritable one when the groundwork when you come there you are bent you've been tasked to do the work of the weeping Angels sewing is this connecting with other people building this frost it is leaning people into a genuine relationship with ourselves and based on that trust leading them into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior it takes effort and it has to be deliberate you know what has to be deliberate because if you're like me you're busy anybody here bored stiff I don't think so your student can working give his pencil if you are not going to set aside deliberate effort to meet with the team and connect with wheel people on your interest was that you're praying for that your working with it will not happen in outreach team we recommend that you develop an interest list of everybody you want to pray for and work for the next six months literally millions of people want to simplify the outreach team that I'm on we have about twenty names that we pray for every day and they were trying to connect with them to develop a relationship for and that we do recommend that you make appointments on a calendar signal would invite this these two couples the common roast hot dogs with us on this day so that we can spend time with it if you are not deliberate about that guess what just is not in happen so when is the process of connecting developing genuine relationships it and if we don't do this important work of relationship building building the harvest will be very very small so important so sewing remember the Bible of violence but this I say to you he said he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and he who sows bountifully will also read bountifully makes sense doesn't it and so I said earlier my previous seminar that many percent at least of your effort your prayer your work your is all in the sewing developing the harvest truly and and nurturing of relationships for eternity for example and if I want to talk about this morning but what exactly is thoughtless talk about this and will you how is it that we reach people how was it that we build trust with people first regular use of different example first of all you have to be with people the people table that you will visit no NHL isn't new you have to be with people as one writer said you have to forceful to be the salt of your forgot to get out of the salt shaker and we got to be on the folder would find a single right would find it but oftentimes I'm telling you folks we get into our own little routine and we get we stay with people only that we feel comfortable with that share our values which I can understand but if we're supposed to to to do so we work we have to be with people I just spent an hour and a half with a couple that were developing relationship and trust with him until you folks some of the things to deal with and build relationships are are very uncomfortable I remember a couple that we were developing relationship with who we were missionaries in China they were from Canada they had two little kids we had two little kids we connected they were foreigners and spoke English wishful for foreigners and spoke English they worked wholly agnostic no church nor will he just got and we would go in and visit different places you can go on vacation together and I remember one time sitting down to rest talk and this guy takes a beer poured it into a cup and hands the cup of beer to his two -year-old son Frank and unlike out you could say to me Bob you shouldn't be going out with people like that that's when my son is sitting on the other side looking at the Scottish King Hall handing there often is other son ex libris was about four years old he was a mage in my front page I was trying to be the salt we will try to be the salt with these people you know and you are being around people that don't necessarily make you comfortable using Jesus was always more comfortable people are all for the first principle so obvious but we have to talk about it and I think I be with the people you're trying to reach and means you might have to give up a Saturday night with your gang of friends and spend it with these new friends if you're trying to make it might mean that you might have to take time to go visit Google spent time listening to their their needs in essence I'm saying it takes priority I want to challenge you all and not just processes here but let it really come down to your heart say you know how it might done with this AMI with people or am I just talking about saving the lost and they're out there and I'm in here so the first thing we need to do is be with people isolationism it is not compatible with evangelism Julie was not isolation is not compatible we've got to have friends who are actually lost in order to reach them for Christ second thing we need to realize is what I call and many people call divine appointments I'm really like that term divine appointments every day I wake up I see Lord lead me this day believe me this day connect me interested me with those seeking to know you Lord as their Lord and Savior the Lord 's here I am here's the remote control I give it to you now you turning right from the left for me forward please fax just put me where I need to be and then help me be aware of those are appointments that you have set up for me during the very house talking with with economy .com this last Sabbath is a part of an outreach team the church where I'm a part of than we would have a different outreach teams face Obama just can't believe it he said since we started this outreach team and were committed to a lifestyle of evangelism I play every day Lord please show me whining to what the store where I need to talk about you and wanted to connect with he says it's scary all the time now people are coming to me I see all these opportunities before I never saw them and he said mom I know why I didn't see them before because I was afraid the party December flare that is that that comes to pass it's this one Lord show me who you want me to witness to does not mean but when I can witness what does we need to go around something people want ahead with the Bible and it doesn't mean you don't want while Revelation fourteen show them that if they don't shape up it might get the Mark of the beast that is not what I'm saying you're talking about connecting that person to a source of everlasting life it might be a personal testimony it might be giving up a reason for your faith of my data you never know that's the amazing thing but the important thing is having eyesight to see where God is creating these divine appointments just about a month ago I got on a plane from Memphis Tennessee and flew nonstop to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam I was not going to do some meetings in South Germany and ducts I sit down and here beside me come the lady she sits down and we I always can't introduce myself to people I'm Bob and Ernst gave me her name and the cost to be honest with you I love him and how white airline flights because of my reading time and and I like ignoring what I'm eating a anal fun traveling when I'm eating that's my reading time to put myself down I have my book with me you know I'm ready this is a nine hour flight noses great as I sit down she's astonished me with name or you from all she's from Belgium and I can hear very thick French accent we start possible the more Belgian and then C I Civil War you do and she told me she's over here and home of the shopping in the euros she should've brought a bunch more stupid to buy stuff here and we go from that will come to work she does a travel and before long I'm just chuckling to myself to the Lord I know what you want me to do so I put my book away and we spent the whole long long time talking and little by little moving things you what you do just amazing when you ask people what you know what it has to what you all tell me about your life what you joining what what the story after they finished telling a story which by the way everybody let's talk about the story what are they and what are they due or what your story aware what we really want on it myself anyway of course we ended up talking about God when talking about the Bible and she just came out with a statement picture sometimes I stumbled me away when I hear someone had only gone totally totally non-Christian and Doctor mom her father was a Jewish and her mother was a Catholic and she had just been turned off against any formal religion and all which he went on about how terrible all the traditions and formality bottom of about and by this time we talked for an hour to hour ago how long and I just had to come I think he knew he and I talked to will John a little more distal end connected the dots it was so mean and when I finished a long conversation that I feel me how was a waste of time I could read before your endeavor works out Wham always energize ventilators whatever you are sharing your faith in your own blogs agenda York 's spiritual you call a man when you share your faith you spiritually grow for what I'm try to illustrate is that you need to ask for God 's eyesight to see where you are what you are doing sometimes I don't say a word on the plane I don't aside I'm similar to my school to say something here must will say something in a plane for example usually people do like to talk on Wednesday they like to have their own space to push myself but sometimes it's obvious like waving the flag talk to me so we come are or you are in the restaurant for your meeting somebody on the street we need to be number two we need to be conscience conscious of divine appointments having it ever had that happen to a divine appointment for your life forms each year and I'm supposed to say something I'm supposed to say something and when you use a needle something to be worried about having its supposedly feel like if we miss out and we say the wrong thing this person is going to fill excuse me but God is much bigger than the few words that you have to say and if you if you is that this postage total salvation is dependent on the five sins since as you string together then I just don't believe that God if you if you fumbled that God will make sure that it's okay to be a fight of to speak from your heart speak from your heart for sharing your faith we work fast using the tried-and-true undershirt some of your vaccine this method is called before any purpose so New York City had it was so simple what a sports standpoint it's an acronym and I use it on the plane I used it incomparable disk you must consider from you use it all the time family status assess the family everybody doesn't like talking about family quite what's what you know what you doing here you Mary Gallagher gets up I'll have to kids are going to talk about families who are you from the Limited will appear in this area got been here for last four years never left when you talk about the what is it like to live in a place family what's the next thing you want to family the second thing occupation occupation old hate people like to talk about the work they do hater of the eleventh okay this lady to talk to she liked the work to fill in all the interesting people that you meet since and so forth and and so the light of the last year just isn't ping-pong game enough about family and serve patellofemoral bloom dockable could see what about your family see you tell what you you developing a relationship that works occupation at home they tell you what doctors make about what we do on dates and got your whatever you do when you televise and then the next one and this is sometimes the one the double-clicking to see what you come and would you just pray Lord Saul in moving toward his arm which is what religion not like the third different ways going into this religion are you afraid of hell not the most benefit best way of going about although you know what there might in case you what you could say that one guy card before and it all depends on the contents as if you were to die tonight you know would you would you have the peace to know that you are life of Christ that is especially fitting we won't have quite a bit of a discussion on the privileges but this religion is not so much trouble will tell me are you safeguard you have a human to build this religion question is more so do you practice a faith are you a Christian are aware of the more Tamil sitting on a bus Intel shown southern Taiwan and I sat down and a guy sat next to me and he could tell I was a foreigner and they love to practice their English right so they start talking the hello how are you one fine thank you and we start talking in and so I'm like I go to do for the family occupation as it so are you a Christian I said to him and he said on Christian not that anybody tell me they were affected but he was so proud on half Christian alike will ask for what you have Christian weaning half Christian anyway really I chuckled that we talk the reason well I'm happy to because you're not going to church and some friends but my family still Buddhist incident we unpacked animal that you might get some really interesting like that with the lady found out her dad was with tuition and her mother is Roman Catholic so so long and and how she was forced to go to all this ritual 's and she was really turned off while the rituals and and we talked about that and then issue out Eccles uses the vassals you have a face to what your religious background and they will begin to talk to guess what the ping-pong goes this way and guess what happened next in this table what about you and that gives a time to tell your story and obedient to the T which is guess what testimony and testimony is not will let me quote you solved one nine yes time is not testimony testimony is where you were before Jesus and what it's like now that you know him what difference does it make in your life on it might not necessarily take that that form it might be very specific about what the lady on the plane I'll use that as an example I cited shared within the meaning that knowing that God is love and that he's much bigger than rituals and I talked about the relationship aspect of of God and Susan will not thought about that all share your testimony talk to them about their walk but your walk with God your journey ask questions as you're going through so remember before family was the second one occupation asked about the work are religion and moving to a tee sometimes you might start with all an Anglo family still don't be so hope I can talk about that but this now come on be flexible with it the issue is that you developing relationship with commonality issues okay so we talked about the fact that we got to get out of the salt shaker right and the to be with people that the first thing secondly that we need to be open to two a divine appointments the third way to connect with people and living out this evangelistic lifestyle is to practice before networks find it develop conversations that lead to Christ and the other way is so important in the whole aspect of sewing is prayer prayer focused intense where form we know people say that again focused and intense prayer for real people sometimes it will be to pray for Minneapolis alone apart from Minneapolis but you know Minneapolis is full of people with we going places I think is very important to pray for your people and as an outreach team as you organize this team that keeps each other accountable cool lifestyle of evangelism and is committed to the cycle of evangelism you organizes team one of the things you wanted to first think you want to do is develop an interest list as you get together the formula so you could pray in an table who was it that we want to work for all I have three friends of regular school work or not Christians are not some damn business programmable if you like those things you have your cousin if you listen count is not coming to church anymore he put his name down and you put if you develop a list of wheel people and then you begin to pray every day for their salvation this figure makes any difference praying for real people with real life versus wheel needs absolutely guys look what look at what it says in the Gospel workers in times past there were those who fasten their minds upon one's soul after another saying Lord help me to save the soul is that intentional one I love the word fast it sounds like you guys and felt total to knock and I am not not let go my dear Jacob you know grabbing onto no Christ is another let you go without giving a blessing fasten on to them but now such instances are rare sister wife says how many act as if they realize the peril of sinners but how many take those whom they know to be in peril presenting them to God in prayer and supplicating him the same easy that an award taking these people 's names to go on every day I intentionally written the story I was doing up our rally for outreach teams in the Tennessee area and in the old law Collegeville Tennessee area and afterward a lady came to me as a Bob Hilliard talking about prayer only to the store just for this last week involves a diagram of the Mister Greenman and she looked up in a small town in British Columbia I don't even part of willow at British Columbia 's a small town to let out their you know what it's a small top five six thousand people possibly nineteen ninety six an evangelist in the town set up a tent in the summertime you have to do the summertime up there in the winter and still summertime and evangelistic series fifteen people were baptized when I heard about the story I couldn't I was a bit skeptical I got on the phone and called Mister Greenman and got the story directly from him it so happens it that no agreement had no religious background had no interest never been in the Senate down the church in his life one of his friends is passing by the tent as it was setting up putting on a all the people assigned shingles in good prophecy and so forth and he said to his to know why I'm interested in this come with me tonight so he went to these meetings he was captivated by the word of God and he and his friends kept coming at the end of this evangelistic series gave his heart to Christ join us in Dallas church was that the great thing got dressed in what Harry still in effect from the baptistery goes on Sabbath morning after the baptism to potluck beautiful and the potluck and is walking into the potluck room and an elderly lady walks up to them and said no I just want to know I'm just so happy that you were baptized Jesus thank you so much is that I've been praying for you and the loss of even one him that this just before Jesus I know I know that I have been praying for you for months and he says that going all you season the only never met before I have been praying for you have the soul glad you made a decision to join this church on the lot was very curious and he said ma'am how is it that you know I don't know you I've never been in an amateurish for Jesus well you might think this is a bit strange she said that the Holy Spirit impressed me to take our little wet phone book and could go through and just like constantly impressed me I've been prying for your name for months when I talk to no one he said Bob it's more amazing than that of the fifteen people that baptized nine of them have been played for behind me I think of only and that awesome at the company that prayer is not an important part of sewing we'd be on our knees playing for these people as if their life depended on it does it depend on your house for a big honorable and respectable use you to somehow win these people to Christ that will connect and create whatever form of their life on some under their feet luckily in chaos the way it needs to happen but bring them relationship with Christ the one of the key ingredients in soloing is to have a real list of names that you and your outreach team are praying for and develop those relationships connect with them for a fun and find ways to share your personal witness in a testimony anything untoward to the user but be attached to them by prayer until the other thing that's important was selling his prey you have a list of people your project with our law make a list and I encourage you not to go on this journey of evangelism by yourself get back to your church fine for free for others who want to take this journey with you and me when you pray for these people connect with them do everything you can to prepare them for the next stage of evangelism evangelism which is weeping and like I said in my previous seminar at least six larger outreach team should have an evangelistic meeting in your framework average six minus one every six years is that okay every six months if you do not have this cycle of sowing reaping and retaining going every six months it will not become part of your culture will not be talked out of the story her earlier about how in El Salvador one churches required to have for evangelistic series a year earlier so going feet between each of those you what you think they're going to sitting back there visiting to giving Bible studies are getting developing relationship is a only three months it could be another weeping of an inordinately much if you need another weeping event outreach team if you're committed to a lifestyle of evangelism or saying his deep passion about sowing because you know that in five months or months into my community inviting the people on your friend list to come to what you may be meeting that you will be presenting in a hole maybe or a Taco Bell or Denny's will talk about that next seminar we do this we think we do the bleaching highway the presentation but seventy percent of the work is not back if the sewing it's connecting with real people is is crying for them nine of the fifteen people folks were baptized in that evangelistic meeting were baptized by a little lady who was oppressed by the Holy Spirit the textiles lanes out of the phone book God wants to use us to pray people into heaven prayer is focused on real people and for will open a way for them to come into a relationship with Christ and to use you to be the means for that take place when we share with you another idea for selling if the connecting principle how can you be the salt of the earth if you are not connected with people willing to connect with people what people the people on your interest list let me give an example of this site for example you are you have you go to great clefts to get your hair cut every two months when you need it or not to go there to get your hair cut and the single lady is the one that extra hair and she is asking this question you know that she's a secret he's interested you develop a relationship with with her friendship we know what you are part of his outreach team you guys back there are two old wouldn't it be a good idea if all of you want to great clips and took a haircut from that same lady why because she does a great job I hope she ties but the reason you're doing that is because you want to connect with her and develop more than his relationship with this lady does that make sense so as an outreach team you don't just have a list of people that are just floating around an abstract you are saying a connection we have Jim now guys Jim repairs mufflers I believe you have muffler problems Jim and so all of a sudden Jim doesn't have one and he's got all of the outreach team guys going to have their cars fixed by Jim and when it comes time to invite interweaving event guess what he doesn't have one friend is in Athens yes four four entities may I not illegal and they say are their muffler fixed but they know that he likes bowling so he may go bowling with him each of your judgment was in order to and at the same in other words what you're doing is you're taking all we've seen less than that with them so much as me I have a relationship with Jim but I want the rest of my out we steamer was as much as possible to have a relationship of trust with Jim as well so you connecting with them that's the connecting principle for example Mike on if you have a hairdresser like I mentioned ladies if you have a hairdresser that's interested connect them remember the objective is to build trust and friendship and to look for opportunities number that the divine appointments to look for opportunities when you can share your faith when you can bring the conversation around the things of God to see whether out of how you can be of service and then finally to invite them to what the comfortable weeping event to hear the truth as it is in Jesus as I mentioned earlier one of my sessions you cannot divorce evangelism from message dear me we have been called to preach the three angels message not to give people through Angels feeling or whatever else you want to call with with a message to proclaim an affiliate of message is not to be proclaimed by the Baptist down the road of the Methodist that is the work it is the admission that he's given us of the Baptist Church at this time in history until we talk about evangelism we shouldn't just talk about cooking schools in chip program those are all important what is the purpose she can't does not interested in people with great cardiac health Cornell is interested to use that as a way to show an interest to develop a relationship easy and to connect them then with people in the church and to build trust so that they can hear the message that Jesus loves them and that is coming very soon so slowly besides all these personal things that we've been talking about in all him this was cooking schools stop smoking plans programs divorce recovery etc. all of these are opportunities for you to connect with people in the community but they are not and in themselves they're not an end in themselves let's talk about external focus have you ever been to this place and look cool that will cool I love I love Taco Bell backpack for my wife I could state in Asia with my wife if they're just been one Taco Bell of course joking and I love Taco Bell but damn this is saying here think outside the life outside the black and you know sometimes we think of evangelism we always think of the board we think of well we got to do with cooking school or that's a good thing bugging you might be people one unit was list that would benefit the net for what I'm saying is guys is an outreach team said County Civil War help us be like Pachelbel help us think outside the bun help us to get outside of our normal ways of doing things to connect with people let me give you some examples of this okay but we don't believe that we live as if sometimes the lost we live as if the loss should come to us rather than when goal to whether lost our and so we need to be creative on how to connect with people let me give an example there is a Nike optical kingdom assignments have you heard of this you heard of it genome assignments basically says listen we openly commit to you a certain amount of money that churches on the fairness doctrine of British Columbia he has he gives a family who's interested a hundred dollars the chart gives the family hundred dollars in you are required must prayerfully invest and multiply this talent for the kingdom and then afterwards take that money and invest it in some sort of missionary or project in the community you listen to about five thousand dollars in his church and after three months it multiplied fifty thousand dollars and they went out into the community they wanted to homes were lost single mothers your needed to have a total makeover toughing it we did the home they went into the soup kitchen and ate provided I think the list goes on and on very creative another example is the church that new that the morale some of the well water problems in the public school system so they went out and bought forty thousand cards cards thank you cards and personally wrote a note to every worker in the public school system this is a large system and janitors teachers principals and said we appreciate what you are doing to raise our kids to educate our kids for the future we know that you have a difficult job were playing for you and if there's anything that we could do to partner with you to help you in any way large or small please let us know my name is Bob Falkenberg here's my phone number call me let me know if I can help in the mail this out all these people and you know what it made such an impact those people were so touched that somebody thought of them and before long some of those members were helping clean bathrooms they were helping the bulletin board there were helping lead paint hallway and guess what they're doing everyone are doing these things they are out of the salt shaker connecting with people in him quite meeting their needs mingling with them as one who cared about them like Ellen White says we cannot be created with how we get out into the community going to the neighborhood asking for prayer requests not Laura born say you were from the stripped-down you would just like price for you as a leader we can pray for lifetime the signal sometimes acidified from my and she's fighting cancer so we will watch her name will pray for two weeks later you come back you see we've been praying for you and how she going another way about washing cars for forty two standing up there for a car wash let people come through the one of favorites it were not accepting money what are you doing this because we just want to demonstrate to you the community with the gift of God 's law he gave us eternal life for free and here's something for you read just things like that you can go on and on you can brainstorm the important thing is to remember that sewing is an area of evangel living that takes the most time take the most effort yet to be the most deliberate about many get your hands the dirtiest in terms of getting involved in people 's lives and don't forget the forest for the trees what I mean by that night and did so obsessed with one for you forget that you're standing in a forest when I'm saying is sometimes people get so obsessed with with this one program or this one event that they forget that that the chip program more this program really is only part of the larger lifestyle of larger process of evangelism that involves moving people along in their faith journey that makes it initial whatever you're doing remember or six months from now six months from now you are going to be conducting your evangelistic meeting I know you might be saying forget that Doctor happen if impossible trust me it can happen six months from now so that means that what you're doing here you want to do it with a clear purpose in mind that is in six months you want to invite this person in this post on this person this person you want to invite into your house because you're having a small-group evangelistic meeting in the home so think about the whole process this is lifestyle evangelist however it is not an end in itself but rather is not dissing the event is not just a campaign remember that evangel living is a lifestyle it is an ongoing lifestyle of evangelism that involves the outreach team working together in community to argue this last session he didn't hear me talk about the seller lied so clear that we need to organize ourselves into communities into induced groups to encourage each other in the process of evangelism you never saw Paul by itself shows how Paul and Silas Paul and Barnabas and Mark and so forth they work together for the outreach team and your church that you go back and you organize yourself from your samba school or from your friends into single let's work together to be involved in evangelism and so you work vigorously you will deliberately acted at sewing and when you sell it's not an abstract or developing real names of interest less people which are praying for and the reason that you have this list is because these are the people that you want to invite to come to your repeat event right here in six months every six months and then you will retain them to processing them back on the harvester oh yeah absolutely those are people you can invite absolutely get involved in the filling process okay absolutely and by that I mean these are people that even though the three angels message to you develop those relationships as well if yes we do we do have those and the and the and this is another think some people say well when you're working to share him model do you have to use those the truth for today's series that sure him is developed will listen we are happy to to put those in your hands but you don't have to use those you could use a new beginnings you could talk if you use a prophecy seminar revelation seminar that was not the important thing the most important thing is the lifestyle evangelism that you are believing that you are living I cannot emphasize that enough the issue that confronts us in the North American division is not that we live tools it's not that we don't have anything to use the problem that we have found from Key West to Nome Alaska is that this what would Jesus vote for a award of the harvest to send label where locking people who are committed to a lifestyle of evangelism war saying Lord here I am send me I'm willing to go I'm willing to live the lifestyle of evangelism and what we're saying to you today is don't try to do it alone you're not alone Ranger in the Lone Ranger you need to connect with other people okay and in your church and organizing outreach team in evangelizing team whatever you want to call it and the purpose of this team is to maintain each other accountable in his lifestyle than are we found that if you know we only once a year it will be hard for me to stay focused and weeping at least twice a year that keeps that crosses going every six months your sewing weaving retaining sewing weaving retaining his cycle that's what the lifestyle was always having a list of people Ukraine for working with every six months knowing that these people can be invited to this meeting of the fastest one of the fastest growing churches in America Adventist churches will minister visited also Oklahoma the only evangelistic meetings in two thousand and seven seven not one to leave they had seven evangelistic meetings but you think that happen in a vacuum what you think is happening all the time in the church sewing developing relationships a person is baptized are immediately thought into this outreach team they immediately invited to bring their family of the next one that started six weeks to share this wonderful message in the process goes on the process goes on the process goes on that the core business outreach leadership team this is a complete picture that involves evangel living evangelist again folks evangelism is not a Bible study evangelism is not only a crusade or campaign evangelism is not handing to talk to somebody all of those are included in evangelism Biblical concept of evangelism is one where we are involved in a lifestyle of being concerned of being focused on lost people on lost people cannot say that enough and you cannot do it alone work through and out with steaming your info in your churches in the dream I know what you have people will be interested in joining with you to form this kind of not wasting what you probably heard people say they were anybody else you'll look how many people you have to have it or not we stay I would say to was a good start and end of Texas has worked toward for your gathered so fully as welcome what's the biggest thing you want to have actually that the congregation we recommend that you don't have any more than like ten or fifteen fifteen will be maxed is what happens when you have too big of a team you really don't feel like you are an integral part of it if you don't show up so problem mass of many other people it's a natural psychological factor so it's always open what you go you just divided the computer in the church where I don't with a evangelistic outreach teams going right now in the third week of April we are starting now believe me we are starting a evangelistic meetings in the community all done by those not reached is that a good thing that was a great thing in who is evangelistic meetings in the sewing the groups the lay people who are involved the laypeople are not the interest was there plaintiff and her visiting them there are developing new interest the laypeople of a wonder to become and how each themselves in their homes or maybe at Denny's on Sunday morning after they are painted blue meeting whenever lay involvement in the lifestyle they guess what we finished those meetings the beginning of May the weighted kick our feet up in the air and say while we could just relax a year now without the worry about that we get involved again if you know six months later him away from October José in eighteen hundred and one other weeping and tell me what would happen to your churches of every year outreach team are conducting to evangelistic meetings here and in between were constantly involved in reaching people for Christ sewing what easy to have your church Jesus would come I really believe if you look at the work of the church in areas of the world word is growing rapidly a characteristic that you find is that the laypeople have a sense of ownership for the transmission of this church as well as the message that we have in the past there are the Clippers the coaches you might say they are there to support the can of the Woodall and possible absolutely every new member becomes ineffective and the four other members were in them and if you are willing to bring them into the always think for limited hours even become a part of the outreach team they have a whole circle of friends that do not know anything about this message and they all wanted to know by and then all of a sudden you just list just to get things to start working on accusing bring all kinds of no interest in them you of course there is a three-man unit and focus it is and it doesn't end there that one event now you need to do it again six months from now Bill and what will we go somewhere else you collegiate and let the other people preach the sermon one ninety ago to give your full this whole cloth of evangelizing is is however cold in North America I'd be very honest with because we generally assign everything to little boxes everything is so neatly placed specialization bracket what we're saying is no every member of the body of Christ regardless of your spiritual gifts and peoples it was a gift of evangelism slightly to worry about the great gospel commission is to know what ever your spiritual gift is you are called upon to use that gift in order to further the great gospel commission amen every one of us can do this and I know God will bless you people think outside the bun whatever an end God will use you yes when it comes to sure what accounts of preaching obviously you would want to give them good training on an usually we work with conferences and that whole boot camps to train the speakers and more we're working with over twenty different conferences now will just be a matter if you go to our website share him .org on the white hand side you will see a list of all the conferences if you are portable tools conferences connect with them and they could tell you when the next campus but the interesting thing is we have not happened come with us internationally could preach not have the next and we had many cases where the people are preaching and they come to the call and then walk off and become forward on their own call I just this summer I had two people baptized the one on this in Tanzania with me who went over there one of them was preaching both of the monthly checks gives me more than what we cannot not been baptized young people taking twenty one years old had not been baptized they were touched what you went over there with us he's in she was good with health talks and she said for a unbecoming but don't you think I would become an activist the sun one for the sociological anthropological reasons is I'm going to go check out Tanzania will every night she heard her cousin who was seventeen years old preaching she's up in nineteen and preaching this message and she said to me Bob after Bob Amberg heard her preach I thought she was putting my anatomy and and she came forward to give her heart to Christ in our baptizer in a river over the as if an amazing thing so the Lord I would not say all you're not an amnesty you cannot preach I would say this is exciting let's sit down and work with you and let me tell you whenever you preach this message and show this message you will realize why again you are some of them they distort my wife grew up in heaven okay married to a mammoth creature whose heart she certainly knew many evangelistic meetings we went to Kenya a few years ago and one of the speakers couldn't come and they asked him what you preach I didn't ask but somebody else after would you place a series of meetings and she said on the prayer bondage yes I'm not going there this is not your decision but I know that you make the right decision she prayed about it she said yes to a great job one day preparation and wanted preparation which you know what would you finished up through the meeting owner forget going down muddy pond where they had the baptism and she was greeting the people coming up from about is him to wanting down her cheeks and she certainly bought for the first time now I know why I am a cenotaph like to be offended by that breach is very sitting listening to be put for years and she's gone to Avenue schools and in everything but now for the first time she knew why is that she wrestled to it digested herself it would hurt she had to understand him and she proofs it with conviction now she understood word off all the pink pieces fit together folks it's an adventure let me say something I said before until you come to everyone so sure retired I'm sorry if I repeat myself but I feel like I need to backup sump of those who are not an opinion before but it is in the process of sharing your faith that you experience some of the most exhilarating and wonderful spiritual growth in other words we live we love to live in our comfort zone when we involve ourselves in evangel living we have to live in the faith so we have to live by faith and that is great for your faith with Jesus Christ was spent together and think my time is up what were grateful for the opportunity you're given us to be a part of this great gospel commission you could have been yourself as you said you could even you couldn't even at some point have the rocks cry out but we have the privilege of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and is sent down this lord you've given us this mess important message at this time of Earth 's history please let us be faithful help us be faithful help us to live a lifestyle of evangelism blessed everyone but his humor your Holy Spirit fill them give them courage and faith that they will go home and redefine their paradigm that they will be active in a lifestyle of evangelism the recruitment team that will take this journey with them and we thank you in advance for hearing are prayerfully ask in Jesus name amen this meeting was produced by volume burgers medium is generalized generation for grades you would like to listen to more great handling this is working like to learn more along the lines is W W CYC web one thousand nine Greenwood media audio verse four and had video .com


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