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How Beautiful ARE Your Feet?

Bob Folkenberg Jr


Bob Folkenberg Jr

President, Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 21, 2007
    10:45 AM
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Lord we thank you so much for this time we've had here and UIC it's been a blessing and we play now as we conclude this series on evangel living that your Holy Spirit will be here that you will challenge us to maybe the Boulder to be more intentional about our our lifestyle evangelism that we were one before we came here invite your presence here and we invite you into our hearts to make whatever adjustments you feel necessary so that we might reflect Jesus a little more gratis in his name and him I am Bob Falkenberg I am the assistant director for share him and this is a seminar entitled evangel living and this is our last session we have covered so much and before we get into this last session in order to bring you up-to-date I am than you do five hours of seminar in five minutes can it be done because if not what I would talk about here might not make as much sense to you so we've got a few of you living here every time and I'm sorry that we have to review here just a bit before the second of the others him advantage of living we have been talking about is not evangelism is not an event that happens here and there is not cooking school is not just take a depression recovery is not just in the campaign even evangelistic campaign evangelism has to be much broader than evangelism is an overall cycle is a journey we talk about of faith from bringing somebody on unbelief to belief in God uses us to be a part of that process we are his hands his feet to help people move along this interest if the ongoing bowling in order for us to be actively involved in that film we have to look at evangelism this the same way we cannot say while individual evangelism because such a such an evangelist is coming to our church and I would support it but then were done with that evangelistic meeting with her feet up when we say that's a wrap of the vandalism and more we've looked in the Scripture that biblically speaking all of us have been given the responsibility to have an active part in accomplishing the gospel commission right we look at who was sitting there on top of the mount before Jesus ascended when he spoke that great commission who was there I wasn't talking to was he talking to only seminary graduates theology degree in either the people who have finished a one-year course in evangelism when these people were black cock selectors housewives of fishermen right X terrorists maybe that's pushing a wallpaper the zealot you know he was out we would been considered a terrorist by the Romans all these people were normal people like you and me but Jesus looked at them and said now listen I'm leaving here but I have been given all before on heaven and on earth so I'm having said that I'm telling you you guys need to go and preach this gospel to every kindred tongue and nation are many finishes the gospel commission by saying bottle in removing the Army to be with you even at the end of the Internet award all the way till this whole chapter of the universe history is completed and I can get you I was and he was talking people like you and I so when we look at evangelism we can't just think of what I can't do that kind of evangelism I can do that kind of evangelism the bottom line is that God is calling us all to be involved in evangelism and the best way to do that is to have a culture of evangelism which is called evangelism evangelistic to suffer them turn on and off every day the world why we realize that we are God 's ambassadors were his messengers and we need to be involved in looking with godly eyes to say well what am I supposed to do that call of God to bring in July into my field of vision today to share my faith to point them to Christ evangelism is a lifestyle should be a lifestyle for you and for me and desolated that takes place is in what context in community evangelism is Deborah Lone Ranger Kahneman real okay it's done in fellowship with other Christians and so we talk we spent a whole session talking about how to form an outreach team and your church made up of other people who want to have a lifestyle of evangelism and you keep each other accountable when you encourage each other to develop an interest was the people that you all are praying for manager working towards and developing relationships with so that every six months if Emmanuel evangelistic meeting in Loma Linda or in Québec or wherever your front you all have these meetings in your home if you haven't talked about it talk about that another talk about you can have an evangelistic meeting to talk about a few not important in the incoming if you're not into a Mexican food if you haven't anyone else you want to Denny's okay that's very kind of a general place it's all okay but this ongoing cycle of evangelism for those of you who are been here what are those cycle first step was sewing want to reading and retaining the harvest of NASA's nutshell will go into much more deal detail practical detail we want to conclude this by by asking the question how beautiful are your feet now you're saying what in the world is this not have to do with with evangelism won't stick with me here now it's available about my feet my feet are not very beautiful in fact usually see are not like the most beautiful part of the of the human body but I am really pathetically I have a big space between my big toe when my Nextel and I used to tell an Academy in college sometimes I be in flip-flops and the talk will be mostly the old one was six thousand eight hundred had my six oh abdicated year ending the local router and I think you can still feel the stop down and feel about having feeling all better joking joking is not there is not a very good looking for the legal drinking and there's hand outright when you came in the door to one right closes the door in the bottom line his feet are not necessarily that which you and I would think of as being beautiful okay but the Bible tells us that we all need to have beautiful feet Jeremy not maybe if we want to do we all need to have beautiful feet but what the Bible says here in Romans chapter ten verse thirteen to fifteen it says for whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved folks like there is in a nutshell the gospel of Jesus Christ no matter what one's background is no matter what one's challenges have been if you call upon the name Lord you can be safe using them in the great think that is what is good news about the good news like that him Paul asks a series of questions and then wait a minute whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved that's a great but how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed makes sense doesn't it but there's even more fundamental question how shall they believe in him in whom they have not heard C in order to believe in someone you got here about the first right if you can actually call upon you to be saved you need to believe in him first thing you need to cure bottom but there's even more fundamental in order to hear something you have to have what and how shall they hear without a preacher and that it was on the safe house so they preach except they be sent to Daschle was trying to do here in this today is to try to send you out so that people can can hear and then they can believe in and they can call upon the name of the Lord in a somehow we feel like maybe God will save people some kind while samosas of something you don't get if we can have a Christian living is a neighbor next to a non-Christian that's good enough they'll be a say because her standing next to the question on little and sometimes please do not misunderstand me here but we especially in the last thirty years or more on this history we have become more and more specialized to the point that we relegate evangelism to certain ministries or certain people if we want to do evangelism were like okay let's call the conference and conference evangelist or let's call amazing facts and an amazing fact that there was a misunderstanding we need to have all these people preaching let them preach but if you think there enough evangelists in the world a professional paid evangelist when every city in Québec University North America in every city in the world that Anthony Selah Morse and we feel like the only people that are vandalism vandalism now what is the last fifteen or twenty years or more like the appraisal war we've got to be and what you don't do it for us but not before us we give a donation to them so they can proclaim it to the airways not exactly who was not saying that's not as wonderful like them we should have ten times more TV stations and everything is not my point the point is what it does to us we have a responsibility date we have a responsibility to engage in a lifestyle of evangelism to be used by God and will be doing that Paul says how as it is working how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things can you say men not alone this because it doesn't say here as it is within how beautiful are the ministers ordained pastors evangelists analysis knowest talking about any of us who step out in faith share our faith God is calling an army of youth is calling his body his church and being much older about evangelism and we've ever been before and then it says we will have one beautiful feet so I ask you to questioning how beautiful are your feet meet all of us here probably can honestly confess that they're not as beautiful as they should be payment or minefield when it feels are not as active as I should be you see what I'm saying all of us need in Boulder every Christian should have beautiful people I will say there is no such thing as a non- witnessing Christian ethic oxymoron is a contradiction of terms is like saying January in Minnesota is hot okay there's not true it's cold like same thing and we have beautiful feet as Christian because we are carrying beautiful messages we are bringing tidings the middle good news or bringing tidings of peace and joy were bringing light into darkness but how often are we content to carry the light in the bushel like the iPhone says right and we say what we are the salt of the earth what we all love to congregate in the salt shaker were not out with with the food every Christian should be willing to share their experience with Christ and you know why because that's what were called questions call Christ because we talk about Christ secondhand going on over to look with me at acts chapter one verse eight you brought your Bibles acts chapter one verse eight will do what it says here right at the beginning of what we could call the Christian church era error of the of the of over fifty four the church began to take this gospel that Christ established and take this kingdom message which Christ it started and we were called expand look at what it says in acts chapter one verse him you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me where in Jerusalem and then where Judaica and then Samaria and then what of the inns of the earth people using these concentric circles starting out where they were living going to Judea which is around whether living in Samaria which model it out was a big week for them scenario one scenario have to do with the gospel guys and then on to the ends of the earth I want your notice what does he say we shall be what does he say we shall be he says that we you will be what went Mrs. he sometimes we jump to the end of the merciless hayseed we got a goal here would idle Hill got it all here for less beginning to go back to the beginning is that you will be my witnesses was a witness somebody who was seen something who gives a testimony about all gives evidence was what we witnessed itself was as you will be my witnesses what we witnesses exactly an open we are the ones who have seen basically into the eyes of Christ who has looked at us and says and now God calls us on our side his son because of Christ we have gone from darkness into light because of Christ we have purpose in life we had meaning we are existence has a sense of hope that is the good news folks in a nutshell what is this good news like the song says I once was lost but now I'm what I'll was lying but now I see him for what this is all good news is that in Christ like Romans five says we are reconciled with God before we were not reconciled with God but now we are reconciled with God why is it that we sometimes are not more excited to share this with others in Ohio found that in many cases we are so all higher in the misunderstanding accustomed that the right word we are known we are so used to it jaded that we do not realize afresh the magnitude of this incredible love the colors you we are excited to call up a friend and said that you see about going to address last night have you seen this yet using that were excited to share those that think that you were talking about Moonlight and death eternal issues and we are at times afraid to talk about it or we are all don't even feel the need to and I think that is a lesson we need to ask ourselves how beautiful our feet and awards how real is this gospel to you I like the way this is summed up in John three sixteen for God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed within him should not perish but have everlasting life which means which means this and this is a testimony to God 's given us this comes out afterwards eternal life and this life is in his son first John chapter five verse eleven to thirteen have you read this first John chapter five verses one to thirteen Woodward says and this is a testimony that God has given us eternal I one of the reasons I think that we do not work this is much is because we have not come to grip with the incredible awesome love of God towards us that we have been given eternal life and this life is in his son and then he goes on to say he who has the son has what has life and he who does not have the son what makes a airplane any of you guys are students of July posttest words they give you question this date object a and B and C and it says all of the above none of the above analysis and the C&D in all when it comes to salvation it's simple the ARB you have the sun you have one and then you don't have the sun don't have life that you have the sun would you want to share a number I was getting ready to go with my family as missionaries to China and a good friend another pastor in my conference asked about why relieving Orlando Florida the B missionary to China what's the deal are you going and I said to them like you feel God calling me to go there meager one two billion Chinese and need to know Jesus I knew I unlock the old Watford and MCC challenge the Arno but there's millions of people in this area the need to know Jesus why are you going I somewhat feel a calling he sizzle that's good answer is but what about this and he began to share with me some other reasons that are not really thought about one of the reasons that we are involved in any kind of witnesses because Jesus said to start option is a command goal we therefore I mentioned this earlier one of my sessions I said some people say why don't have the gift of evangelism does that mean that I don't need to worry about all the gospel you are a fool I don't even worry about witnessing some idea exactly exactly I cannot imagine that God that whole inspired by the Holy Spirit meant to say enrollments and twelve in Berkeley 's Goldman and why do you think that he was saying that if you have the gift of evangelism don't worry about witnessing for your faith isn't it you think that if you have the intelligent gifted whatever spiritual gift you have God is calling you to use it to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in using those guys and so he said to me Bob the first reason that we need to witness and the Geneva China or you'll need to work with his review is because God said to is not is not a matter for you to say well maybe I don't like her type second reason is the golden rule can you unpack up for me was a little node turnabout is fair play awards if you are doing to others like you would like them to do you are aware that have to do with evangelist exactly if we have this hope why would we want to keep it all to ourselves that selfish if we can have hope when we wanted somebody to share with us so so there's no reason here that that we actually are how the sun we need to go in and share the sun with with other people because he who has the son has life he who does not have the son does not have life does not have life this is a very clearly that goes on to say these things I have written to you who believe in the name of the son of God that you might want to know that you have eternal life and that you may continue to believe him the name of the son of God folks who know that we have eternal life not because of our own merit but because we have a son who was our Savior you realize how many people appear to ask them what's happening after they die what's what their future is like they may have no hope and numbers sitting in a taxi once in Taipei Taiwan and I often cited the station with these taxi drivers this you don't like to fix took my mind off of their driving as it was a very spiritual experiences to sit with them inviting self like a solid talk to Amanda wrote this at all these amulets these little icons in different things dealing with the blue space hanging from his rearview mirror and I said so what are these things or this one helps me here to not have an accident them I hope you slow down that would help you a lot more than this one does business and I said to him will what is your fault what is your faith effort on the Buddhist acidosis of Ptolemy you believe in him and a better life in the future right yes you believe in Nirvana which are DR equivalent to heaven although its total opposite of heaven Nirvana is the absence of everything or as heaven is the presence of God being in the presence of God and I said to him so do you believe when you die you you will then be in Nirvana all holes I don't know I don't know I don't know I have no idea I can't I'm not sure I don't know I don't know and in other words here he was going through all these motions he had no earthly idea if or he died in his mind he would end up in your barn or heated up Mrs. as his neighbors gone on Islam and people need this kind of hope Christians will have eternal life we have the knowledge on for life because we are in Christ then we continue to believe in the name of the son of God is not great we walk at peace now with God and we walked at peace with God in the future and this is the gospel that we are called to share with others eternal life is ours not because we borrow white arrow we somehow connected with with some mystical force knowledge because of a gift of Jesus Christ through our Lord we cannot stop there we must share this good news against the question is your eternal life dependent on you sharing the good news is your eternal life dependent on or is there any connection with you witnessing to others and and your eternal life faith without works is dead in but let's unpack that multivitamin with you completely but why is it that it's almost the prophecy you realize that because if you do not put your faith into practice your faith will watch the you follow me your faithful by if you do not put your faith in the practice it will be ten if there's not that already until there is a direct correlation I want to just challenge you that if you don't have is viewable if it is you that you need to have you need to get involved in carrying the gospel of good news other people because your future spiritual development is directly connected with the we must share that's why Jesus calls us to be his witnesses witnesses of his grace witnesses of his salvation because you know what he knows that we need he knows that we need so how are your faithful how are your feet you shared your faith have you led anyone to Christ maybe you save yourself one purpose I'm anxious on the one essay I get all jumbled up I don't know maybe you have some fear and review lacks some faith that we share with you quotation I shared earlier you sessions ago but I just really like it Jesus Christ is saying to us all year little faith our hearts must be worked by the Holy Spirit we must believe that the Lord wants us to come to him just as we are be ashamed of the fact that maybe you are afraid of your insecure about this it's okay come to Jesus as you are and let your hearts be worked by the Holy Spirit she was on the same we must believe that the Lord wants us to come to him just as we are without any delay and in faith call for him to work the Lord desires listen to this she wants to manifest his power amongst his people he wants to but why doesn't he sometimes because we live in our own comfort zone most of the time were we in control of everything so when were in control we can give him control it is when you step into the faith so when you stepping outside your comfort zone and one of the best ways of doing that is sharing your faith all of a sudden you have not let it happen you're out of your comfort zone you told out of your comfort zone that's what you have to depend on him and then he goes on to say where there is no one at work there should be more than a thousand not ordained ministers but rather she says there should be black men and women of faith and prayer who can work for God they're all connected faith and prayer alone are not good enough this is a three legged stool here we got faith in God which grows the study of the word of God we do play a which means on our knees and was walking in a constant state of dependence upon God but then when you take those two Emily reported in the practice in other words and works you lack faith to share with others first let me encourage you not to be quite here with your inability to call me just because you're nervous there's not mean you are incapable of sharing your faith into the first time I preached a sermon I was taking the class of homiletics southern Athens University and I was so nervous for the twenty four hours before I please I couldn't eat anything my stomach was all in knots I was scared to death in a remember getting on my knees I mean I can remember this was in the evening and I got my name on my bitterness of Lord your calling me I feel your calling me to be a pastor and yet I am about ready to die here of fear want you to do every week before I put some of the building of a human waste away I believe that within a year of being a pastor I was afraid I could not do it but you know what I step out in faith fears should only throw us into the arms of God we cannot say what I'm anxious I'm afraid therefore I can't do it by scouring it should only bring you closer to depend more upon God that's natural folks you're stepping out of your comfort zone and you're stepping into what I call the faith so so then how can we share our faith with others we spent a lot of time talking about that I want to highlight it again first please do not force it I like to recommend this do not force your faith one you are living the life of evangel living you should not go around with your Bible and be like the one around your Bible and just being honest and not literally quacking people on the head but forcing yourself on other people that is not the way to do it for them try to say is there is a little bit of relief fairies and their you have to force your way into religious Congress conversation every time you meet somebody on the road is your industry do you know Jesus ordained while you go to church on Sunday or the geology of his governor while people put their balls up and that is not the Spirit led approach somewhat condescending in front of demystifying this for you don't force it just be opened to God 's leading fumble around trying to find confrontation are trying to find some way of bringing up forcing a conversation about God there are many many times and I go through long plane ride Drive visit with people and nothing comes up about the nothing and it's not because I'm not willing but I'm just find a listen did not see what he says I'm fine to see if that at the direction of the conversation goes in such a way that will be ready to give an account of what I believe second so remember first of all forces what I say home force itself that was you don't have to be afraid of trying to start conversations let the board intersect you with people he's already working with the Holy Spirit to walk by the way folks sometimes we give ourselves way too much credit you realize that we feel like we are the Avenue only avenue that this person in front of us here is the same hello don't you think the Holy Spirit is working on that person way before your momentum you really Holy Spirit is working out there what you're trying to do is cooperate with the Holy Spirit not cleaning or doing the work of the Holy Spirit okay second follow the counsel of Psalms one forty three caused me to know the way in which I should walk for I lift up my soul to you know what is this have to do with evangelism personal evangelism we think this has to do look at again cause me to know the way in which I should walk for I lift up my soul to you what is new with evangelism well if you're like me every day you have a journey to think the classes for the grocery store to the bank whatever the laundromat whatever that is you have a journey on the telephone with your friends all kinds of conversations all kinds of intersections intersections between your life in the life of others if you start your day with a prayer saying Lord please caused me to know the way in which I should walk today towards Lord I want you in the driver seat show me guide me for allies to God that you are willing to be used whenever whenever it's okay he will direct you I just talked with a friend of mine this last sentence is Bob I started praying this prayer is scary it's scary it's scary because all of a sudden I'm seeing all these things I never saw before all these opportunities that I believe God is created for me to have a chance to share my faith I like column to find appointments will knows for your day and he knows that this person here from playing or has this need he will make an appointment for the two of you meet will you notice will you be awake when you be sleeping at the wheel most of the time we are oblivious and Will Leitch walking are doing our thing I will watch that happen I know I had average on what you have when you do when that happens to take the first thing I do is I cannot beat myself up because the bottom line is I'm missing nothing more hoping optimistic but yes what in life there are places you can make a U-turn legally and I realized I'd missed something I'll try to make a huge one and go back and connect with that person again and and installed the impression I got was given me that this before now you can't go back number the first Seattle UK back and forth the situation but you will than the similar unhealed this intersection again on here I'm setting here already and if you come this one in an and you should impress me I will then be there to two disabled you want me to say I will cover things are we talking about folks who talk about standing at an interest of realtors actually handing out the papers that say if you don't listen to me you can get the Mark of the beast that were talking about no more talking about standing an intersection in life in other words wherever you are with friends at school or your neighbor whatever always being attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to say that this person is mentioning this upon her her mother who sits in the hospital dungeons to be a good idea for me to say pray for your mom what's her name I'll be praying for her I appreciate the Chinese European was other praying for you Walsh will you will wear makes a difference I have some good reasoning the bottom line is you've got to be able to be open to God 's impressions but most of the time you don't like Elisha 's servant relationship who was standing there at that at the end in the city wall and scared to death because he couldn't see the Army of God was there to protect and watch as simple to just please open his eyes and the at the same time what happened was his eyes were open with that army there before was not there before are you sure was the Army there before it was using delicious on unarmed communistic Elisha saw that army the live rightly think Elisha saw that army okay I don't think he saw the birth in Kenya by faith that there was a protection from God and that around that that's a but I think in faith he said Lord this man needs a long more evidence of your presence that he might have seen I have not studied it and death I believe the issue was thanks he was willing to say Lord I know you're here with me and so when we go through life when industry off praying this prayer caused me to know the way in which I should walk for I lift up my soul to you number four how do I share my faith or talk about spiritual things have you all heard of the of the fort process F-14 great the bottom line is we there are certain things that we can do that create an environment that will allow us to bring the conversation for spiritual things for here this is a review okay for first thing that we wanted to limit since none of the movie all share the experience with the lady on the on the airplane the bottom line is the first thing you can talk about that everybody's willing to talk about is usually family right or occupation is the next one family or occupation so the first thing you would say is also aware of you from a very young person is a gambling siblings were to relive your eulogy on your life hate people and guess what they do is always a game of ping-pong or tennis if you like and respect when you ask about family and they talk about the family wanted to help ask you what what about you then the next thing is what occupation if the people are low older I usually start with occupation okay I don't ask out on city next to a lady are mostly while you memory and I don't go there I said so what you know what why are you the plaintiff and what you you are you from this city are you going to your back home we talk about occupation I have this happen not that I've been many times but interesting conversation I had just about a month or so ago on a flight from the states to Germany this lady sat next to me she was from Belgium and we started talking I am forceful and reduce myself to her and does she reduce yourself to me and usually often times us were in right but she started talking more we talk about her occupation she was in the paper business your met people in the people business visited International Paper Company and and then we talk about her family and she didn't promote Roman Catholic mother and the Jewish father and in just one article on talk about family woman what's the next thing we talked about well it can't happen naturally with me because I I want her occupation we think she asked me what will you do and I'm like well I'm a pastor it was interesting to see that oftentimes when I say that you like Old Navy and testing she said that is the answer is the past nurture question not work with the Ministry is called the share him and when not total but advises on this very interesting and then it was a perfect segue for me want to the next one we are stand for religion okay you talk about family occupation religion so that's what I said little well you know you know on a Christian I said what will you question what else is what my father is this in my mother 's back and educational to be honest with you I don't need religion to Santo Domingo I had nine hours ahead of me on the flight and the height said to her what I think you don't need you'll meet with Ptolemy of their anonymous said and she told me about how she was so turned off by all the rituals of religion Jesus I'm good with my mother to feed to the Carpenters and was also with realistic you know one of doing this and without it was just no meaning and under the Jewish faith although the season I have no need for that and she said I have my family while supplanting God for family and then I of course moved into the key one is a T was at the humility testimony fears of testimony willingly like testimony it doesn't mean pulling out seventh volume of the testimonies you hear me it means hi Bob what we just talked about earlier then what experience have you had with Jesus what differences in mating your life or immediately when she told that she had no time for God or no time for them didn't have any need for religion I have course shared with her what Jesus meant to me and that God actually is not wanting to your practice rituals he wants to have a friendship with you all relationship with her and she was just quiet she said because I think with totally new for her but there was a God that wanted something other than this formalistic ritual NASA does what its far side of the road to rituals in the Bible and their we need to practice and are very very special one is is that ordinance may not the Lord suffering I explained to her in accidental and that is in the method of a always concerned about is his relationship with you if I gave her my testimony and we just talk and talk it was a wonderful experience when I finished talking with her actions that we're about done what I do that I think that was a waste of time than I was I didn't have been reading a book of my newspaper no actually time I share my faith if I get involved in this process when it's done I feel a hundred times closer to Jesus more in touch with my relationship with him than I ever have before the seven-year experience what I said at the beginning we need to witness for our own spiritual survival and an end this is the perfect point and I haven't really put those two texts together that Jane versus faith without works is dead the bottom line is if you do not put your faith into action by sharing your faith your faith will be dead in Wilmington and every time I have experienced and insured my faith the matter with it the Taco Bell talking to a guy next to me or if it's on the plane or what I'm getting by what over which an evangelistic series I feel like I am the one that you bless the most effective human thought about this why didn't know when that his work was not done yet in terms of taking the gospel ensuring it with the whole world why did he pick sure twelve month we met and a few others were within to take this gospel of the kingdom of each attribute can attend this one use us budget it would've been a little bit more cost-effective and highly effective for him to just dispatch a few legions of angels to do some heavenly billboards that say you don't believe in Christ and in and out what why I personally believe because he knew that it would help his church would help his disciples to stay close to him to live in faith another thing you can use in talking and sharing a lifestyle evangelism as you meet people is ask a simple question after you've gone through before instead of instead of the religion question and often times many people get nervous about this alleged possible what is your religion or whatever if you asked a simple question what is becoming a story involving your story what it means to say is telling the story of your life and excuse me but I'm not met many people who don't like to talk about themselves people will talk to my salon was born here I was above Obama and after you finish that story guess what that ask you what what's your story and you can give your story with us very nice emphasis on the role and importance of your friendship with Jesus God I want to go back to something I said earlier folks you cannot you cannot force these things you cannot make it happen okay you have got to be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit if you already have relationships with non- activist if you already have relationships with ex- Adventist St. Laurent today if I'd meet with suicide meet with Jana Moore is on going through my day please show me what you want me to give a verbal witness of my relationship with you being open to those divine appointments I remember God is bigger than your inadequacies I have had people say over what I say the wrong thing okay let's say you say the wrong thing you bungle your words you say something wrong you walk away going all move and shoot of servers like what what what what we do think that the borders can allow this person to be lost forever because you didn't get your sentence structure right folks remember you are partnering with the Holy Spirit in your the junior partner he is the Savior partner you can override you can easily override your intentions are good to not be afraid of folks about the underlying cynic as we have many here who have not been here earlier the life of evangelism the culture of evangelism that God is asking us to be a part of cannot or usually ninety nine nine percent of the time cannot be lived alone you cannot go back and in and be the Spiderman of evangelism in your in your district in your district you can think of the Lone Ranger him for encouraging young people when you go back to your home church connect with other people who want to live a lifestyle evangelism form and outreach team in and see each other accountable this process because if you goal is a yes I will live a life of evangelism in your Microsoft will guess what you might do it after we correct or two weeks but you'll get discouraged to get you my happy full site if I want to hear necessary or you might feel like it's overwhelming now nowhere to go I'm encouraging young people to organize outreach team seniority in your churches that can keep each other accountable it's like I shared with other group weight watcher folks in your Weight Watchers one white weight watchers get together every week or every two weeks how to encourage each other honest on a goal right into goal is what to think weight loss and to maintain a people or people that addicted their weight level at least a weight watchers they want to maintain their weight but why weight watchers they are trying to help this group is here to help them maintain a certain culture of certain objective why is it that we believe that we can go out into evangelism all Arnold without anybody praying with us with anybody supporting us I just encourage you when you go back ask around your friends are you interested in living out a lifestyle of evangelism are you interested in evangel living really is a way of life and then set out get together and write on a piece of paper the names of the people that you know who don't know Jesus who may be of slip out of the church or whoever never been baptized right now and then proactively intentionally go a lot of your way I will pray for those people connect with those people and then after a while holding evangelistic meeting together with your family for these people which are combining to come while ensuring with you today has to do more with with personal evangelism as part of a lifestyle of evangelism I want to encourage you you're not in this alone for the church was organized the church was organized to take this good news of Jesus Christ and Sharon with other people and you can't do along how are your feet today Robert says how beautiful a lot of feet of endeavoring tidings of good news every Christian should have beautiful think how your feet as you look back at your life and last year the last two years have you let anybody to Christ as you look back at life regarding shared anything spiritual with anybody else have you playing for anybody you have a player list of people who are lost and you are praying that God will show you a way to connect with them how are your feet today I was talking about you will feel okay document your spiritual repair that God is commissioned you to use the carrying this gospel to other people if they are not sharing the good news to others we need to get busy and then we need to get busy our line is a beautiful vision of all thought the end of time she shares that by painting a picture and ninth volume of the testimonies which he says she saw envisioned by night people his church going door-to-door visiting people open will confessing their sins praying for people that is what the church will look like at the end of time and folks like I said earlier it's not about setting up more TV power is very good is not about having more professional evangelist God wants to use every single one of you with his hands as his feet to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ forsaken how are your feet become the GUI single release great seminar and they inspire you but folks I'm telling you it is only icing on the cake and it will soon be eaten away unless you act upon these things usually young people you've got to put them into action and I just want to encourage the say yes Lord I believe in evangelism the cult beyond my belief let me put it into action let me be pulled for you will you be disappointed at times K thank you if you think it will not be disappointments you got some competition will you have doors close and friendships may become to close at five yes well you maybe even have to give up your life on yes maybe not we don't know what's ahead folks but let me ask you what we share our faith in times of persecution when were not sharing our faith in times like now we have total liberty don't think so I believe God is calling my known army of youth to be serious to be devoted to be consecrated to a lifestyle of evangelism like now not tomorrow when it's more convenient or year from now when I'm out of this job run done with school right now saw in this seminar asking again the question how beautiful actually are your feet and if you don't feel like they are as beautiful as they should be him the Lord is there waiting to partner with you I go back to the great gospel commission had never read that we always week either form to all the world please acknowledge me but the verse before in the first after what is said the verse before Jesus says all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me all ye therefore and then it ends by saying and I will be with you always even until the end of time if Jesus just go any simple sorry I will have much authority out there in the symbol I've got to go on vacation I can be with you but I all the best that would be a very private thing but what Jesus says is hey listen I can't be afforded to accomplish this mission you know what the mission is he therefore completes this good news of Jesus Christ every kindergarten nations baptizing them in the name of the father send the Holy Spirit and then he finishes by saying and loan interview with you always in good times and bad times even unto the end of the age which means until the last paragraph is written in the book is closed and you get to come home with me for I just encourage you young people people be strong like Joshua says for the Lord thy God is with you Lord in heaven we confess today that our feet have not been as beautiful as they should could have been because we have not been as bold and as full of faith is we should have been in taking this good news of Jesus Christ to others and because of that your kingdom is suffered because of that Lord our own faith has suffered so give us this will give us more were cured you I see I don't think it's by accident I believe you called us here to refocus our attention on on the Ministry and the commission that you have given us especially lowers your sure please use us to be with these young people that they will be blessed by your Holy Spirit that they will organize themselves into teams and companies to work in their communities for you maybe some here will will get on an airplane travel to other parts of the world to open the Scripture preached the soon coming of Jesus please Lord go before the stand beside them encourage them given boldness more people seem to hear that let them get the sense that they have been with Jesus for this in your e-mail this meeting was produced by audio burgers medium ministry is Parisian craze would like to listen to more great handling and working with like to learn more about you will have you had the wife seeing web one half by three hundred media on Hoover's board handheld video .com


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