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Why is the Sanctuary Important to This Generation?

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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and they were thankful that we can does come into your courts with Thanksgiving in one phrase we can spend a few hours studying the sanctuary we ask that your Holy Spirit would be with us that you would lead and guide us and we know that you can because you have then you have the truth of the sanctuary so we thank you for that with your spirit would be with us in Christ when we pray amen the sanctuary and this generation is logo talk about first year that the judge into a song when I was down in Mexico limits in jeopardy as ago the top midsize Letizia goes like this don't you know don't you know you are the temple don't you know you know you are the temple down to nine ago and now he lives out below example of the spirit of the Lord I like this on the thing together don't you know don't you know you are the temple don't you know don't you know you are an example in Gansu Nagarjuna you an example an example of the spirit of rule you learn them you will will say the Miller couple times now little too high for you when you saying this early in the morning is what happened so okay is that no on this entity want to California's much earlier so actually it's for me the sanctuary and this generation of error this is the saying the main fraying is to keep the main thing the main thing I remember that say and the main thing what is the main thing of Scripture you know I love to say that he was everywhere is nowhere in other words if you're not focused if you don't have our priority do not know we are headed if I would like it to get there and the so what is the main point of Scripture what would you say the main point of Scriptures Jesus Christ salvation are either all good anything else the main point of Scripture while some people would say well love is the main thing I've heard people say that the greatest of these is love on the right is always negative the greatest that would happen to me that Las Vegas is the greatest while some people would say no the cross is the main thing Doctor visit I should glory save in across the Christ my King 's also was antichrist is that they think the fact zero cents about the sixth century Limited Limited this video began wearing crosses and practice on charges you God have across as the most prominent thing and some honest diligent on the cross as they are in crisis I am across so-so as a lacrosse and I I think these are wonderful tax bosses daughter visited by Gloria anything but across the less of anything which is a lovely maiden name across as a may think what other drama cells that have no other gods before me while you can have anything else before it probably is the way they let out a hissing there's this question was a great day right and I went it was able to keep the main thing the main thing that I know the way that is while at another check to do in Hebrews chapter eight camera chef they also together added he was just a analyst let's look again it was just a verse one now this falls as is the maiden voyage of the things we've been saying we have a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the matter you the balls as the main point of the things we've been sacked opposing writing to hear will the neighbors and zebras as well Miguel that it is that this whole idea is to the Hebrews and he was at this question and the question was what's amazing was an event what what what what does it mean a crisis job right and so he needed he says the list is the main point of the things that we design thinking says this is the Psalm this is it some but will now result with two or more numbers are added together to be added everything up this is the sum you put it all together suggested all those other checks the cross and God 's love and everything else if you added up then you summon up it all to be thought of as a threat we would think of probably two the satellite UAE on nor the likely get so close that so another words the main point the head of the things we've been saying is that we have uprisings in the sites was at first to a Minister of the sanctuary can relate to and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man you say hallelujah to itself this is the main point now let's let's continue on here will do more cowrote most of the books in the Old Testament is able to write you the longest book of course it would be Jeremiah could format are three that meant that you want relaxation is a grinder there is a lot not but anyways I got zero my lamentations right and how many chapters within the books of the Pentateuch would God then that those five the present of how many chapters in those books focus on the sanctuary about forty even more so if you ask most is what is the main point of the Bible which of course when Moses wrote the Bible is that there were too many other things out there to read some I said about the Job but you know he would say the main thing is the site rabbit agree with it what about the prophets who are the profits that were to get the profits we were the rock Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel is a major profits the minor prophets if you look at them what is the focus of the profits that everything is about the sanctuary whenever their books nowadays they represent bring this up as some people say why do you address talk about the century so much that I really wasn't my whitlow will have you read the Bible recently forty chapters in the first five books and the Old Testament prophets on the chances of it about the subject was a sober forty as you just read through Ms. Gopi he put down a look at the Y melt down he think we can go through all forty chapters this morning and I sit next six hours the administrative assignments in each of us were reading we might be overrated on but the profits stay focused on it as well the majority of the festivals of ancient Israel focused on the sacred fact that I daresay all of them that were to come back to this at the end but we had all the festivals on the on earth then in heaven if you will answer the same Passover and unleavened bread and way C the Pentagon sent trumpets in the day of atonement and the feast of booths all of these festivals focused and revolved around the secular so every kind every time they got together for a significant meal like a festival while anything about the sanctuary cipher I never talk to someone and over and over again is that sailors that they are picking start thinking that maybe negative but think about that now is a visual idea of advertising on the site in the middle of a video Coca-Cola comes up Coca-Cola comes up and they found me I think women and men to try to get me to think about cultural Coca-Cola believes to do it in such a way that you could even see it on the screen you'd see a movie and it had these friendly with insipid study the people would actually respond is it subconsciously would see that by the Old Testament festivals all of them focused on the sanctuary spring faces in the law this is a hard that is looks like it's it's an actual lie gets an old heart this is deftly on autoharp this is not to harp on any longer but this is our from the Internet so I don't know the words from that looks old enough to be David's excellent but only so was no but the Jews were via loaded user cowrote most of the Old Testament Psalms how many are there was out of the company of those Psalms focused on the secular overall the new look and then there is singing about the sanctuary was in the data say this all plays out for one thing have I desired I remember the sun one thing have I desired of the Lord that will I seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life is not legislated precisely the one thing I have desired one thing we bought we brought a model sanctuary to our church actually two times I got so into this the first that would buy the century we had about sixteen hundred people go through in and start about five hundred Bible studies and there were six people baptized just by going to the sacred and we worked with Oklahoma is in the mirror and we worked on following up those studies we had six people baptized it was interesting to see how interested people in Seifert I was like day like I got so into the site I decided to sleep overnight I don't recommend this was a real favorite overnight in the most holy Place sign in on segment of the property in the most holy place and no guarding your and so I have nothing to add a new morning this helicopter comes in a helicopter the comes over my church and its negative picture of the surgery from up above I will like Outlook and I will never blot and I look out on as a helicopter people are interested as a sewer and David was supremely interested he said one thing have I desired that will I seek after I'll tell you more about the off-season pictures of that secular was set up there so he does not want to inquire the devil about Windows and you just come in at the end of today of the first lecture beginning with the first model sanctuaries of utilities out they outdraw you exclusively for those are the summer and that stay all through innovative the different lectures on it anyway one of the individual sildenafil the full episode picking up what the New Testament of the Old Testament it is a gray Old Testament of a focus on anything with his actuary what about the New Testament news as many as have other things right how did Jesus began his ministry most of the example of a highly unevenly resulted right he was taken there he was dedicated and and the focus was on the was on the sanctuary how did he concluded his ministry started his ministry by cleansing it how to conclude his ministry by closing the sanctuary did so on the adjustments he says something whether the call the double miles my father 's house the middle switch your house is left of the vessel but the ventilator it was always sending people there is adult so is after the break right so he was constantly focusing on the site where Becky was a sanctuary right is a destroy this temple in three days already set up they thought he was talking about the template 's and zero was interchangeable in his minds of IM in the course John chapter one the tabernacle with salt and a in our classroom activity a lot of the basics and practices it was fun and have because I'm assuming I'll be pretty much know the basic linear from G Weiss he so unlike a deal too much volatile you that just while the sanctuary one of the reasons I'm giving you some models is because I'm still sore I was always a work in with this and this this town and I said you know who to reach I don't have violated three members of his church the conference gave me and so in order for a straight up from there is good and as I said how can I find the most honest person I read that story about Mister Hewitt in Battle Creek I said I would find the most honest person is living in the bright I just believe the Lord to bring it to the Zionist person at Plymouth this man's name is Mike Sonntag and Mike and Mike the Baptist and he says do not have a problem with the Baptist Church civilized that he goes white learned some things in the Bible it is a Arnott important missile would you like that I think that the demand 's report was that this is gotten the most honest man down this is what is is that's the old covenant so I drew a picture he was working as a wood shop and I took a different pieces of wood off his shot by a journal down in my hand in the dust of the wood shop a picture the sanctuary and I started go to the sanctuary and showed them the land my little piece of wood the represent of the land and Jesus you know what that sends out at the one verse twenty nine behold the Lamb of God particularly world I said you know that Lamb all of the sacrifices represented who Jesus know if the bread and what does Jesus say about the bread I am the bread of life then I talked about the veil at the garment of artists every veil represents some way the incarnation the fact that he came in came near us live within our humanity and everything everything about the sanctuary tennis space of that right by kind of it actually does it's interesting that via the outer covering was was was better skin which is unclean with the likenesses so what they write about the bed avoid but he carries the whole idea right and that they are being the altar of sacrifice the lamb was sacrificed their and because of that than the original level sacrifice what did God do any good Passover Exodus twelve Passover what Passover the firstborn of anybody who put that little doorpost right so then also you had the labor which turned into the lingering was it was oxidized copper silicate Green of loyalty but that labor what did Jesus say about about the labor what he said about the water supply water of life right and of course you have a lampstand that point to John a twelve I am the light of the world of that of course the altar of incense interest seven twenty five he ever lives to intercede that instance went up and then over that curtain and right there into the most holy place and then they are in John chapter fifteen verse ten is as I have always kept my father 's commandments and dedicate them perfectly and they are critically keep the Commandments of itself such as picture there and I went through this with my and I started it all the blood went ahead and after it was sprinkled and I talked about what happened but the syllabus of the every single aspect of this Old Testament sang three points to Jesus the Lamb points to Jesus the bread points to Jesus the veil everything points to Jesus the altar of sacrifice points to Jesus Judas and Ryan Price European repulsive price your Passover was sacrificed I am the water of life I am the light of the world Jesus said he ever lives to make intercession and he said to Peter I've prayed for you when you converted your strength of the brother and and that he like the arcade perfectly kept the law in his life so everything about the sanctuary was representing Jesus both in the daily and also at the end of the year which will talk more about later on Niger this but the form on the floor here's Mike I'm thinking is the most honest man in town because he says he wants to keep the Commandments and I prayed sincerely that the Lord will lead me to it I'm unsure through the site for the four minutes is my first files I guess lead us you what he built the long run I like the way you think convention that Mike really did not build a sanctuary thinking it he said is not borne by your very optimistic that you looking for rejection are known as but he could've some people would say that but remember he said that he wanted to keep the Commandments right you don't need to this is what he did he started to weep and cry aces I've never seen that before in my life this is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen where is your church and I come to your church I will next week he came to church because he saw Jesus for the first time real test so let me tell you that what you study here is he somehow a few have grown up so that here is the solution as to how many of you are advanced within the last five years one to three is a beautiful beautiful even these other people we first thought is that more beautiful perhaps but let me to say it had been in the cellulite it gets more more beautiful doing that so it all this this this will change people 's lives I decide changes like justice that little digression we know he started to cry I started were both crying and his wife comes in I hope that this jockey Johnson will will will will will will not exactly like you were crying out and I will give the guy is like watching were kneeling on the floor next to the sanctuary and she goes is there something wrong to doubt her husband had a heart attack and then he went through and he showed her everything I just let me show you what I just she wasn't as impressed she said I was a call leader in .net there was a records or something to but over time she finally came in soon the evidence church as well sanctuary just that simple diagram the real model in the visit because if you just Toronto recently with kids you're talking to someone else to share with the aisle of the plane on the way here you know it was hard for me to get here today back to gunnery a citizen and Internet bundle on the planet I was supposed to leave at six o'clock in Sacramento I sent my Macintosh phone iPhone alarm but I learned that I did not a sentence I miss my first life luckily I luckily luckily I got another flight for only about the forty five thousand reply Michael whilst so I got another flight and I was it I always love that flight but I mischievously did I left in rush hour and I all know I'm not going to get there so I made this decision to go in the lane world like ours that have more than two or three people can go was is a good decision no I thought it was because of new media in justifies the means I thought you know you love me but all of a sudden it was like Christmas in my rearview mirror have yourself lodge where a little Christmas of you missing myself and the policeman told me over and against Malachi said to them I don't know how to say this but I need mercy is that I'm pleading with you I already missed one flight today I have to talk to these people and their there waiting for me you got an answer and I still call down the flip off on doing what you want your kids want for Christmas what can I do I edit anything is looked at me and I just went on his liver was on go until I see some change in the size of its faucet and I think it tells us that literally says he says you know what you just go on but not in this life so that I get to the airport I said as I gets therefore I can talk about the secular and the locals of the amygdala what does illustrate to the two big dollars I get to the airport another small detail I forgot the gas of micro night before my car begins for all was cool like additional digital methods and I got I went for another quarter-mile try to get the things I get to the final hill just before the airport yesterday that so I said well I don't help message I can push the car so I got out to push the car up until I go to put Scoville and I will set for your for a little learning is a want him tried as far as and when her health is working I got back to the Congress and Lord I said is limited to do so you can predict about the Lord you don't have less mercy than the California policeman I said in another thread be disrespectful but I got my syllabi and I have nothing at all to rely upon except your mercy and grace I have according to my works at work myself into right here at dimples the coral to branch is lifelong but it's for you decipher documentary think it's important that if you believe is important I know those forty chapters of the first five books I noticed forty chapters of the province hydrolase I praise God the site is wonderful but if understood to say here with my family about it it's up to you because now I really love the bundling in the sanctuary everything taught the message that we are saved by grace and faith and race single thing when you went there he went by faith that something would happen you had to rely on somebody else to take care of the land that he brought they had to rely on someone else to represent them inside the most holy place they had to rely upon the fact that got been accepted the prison they were consecrated they couldn't even watch themselves at their consecration they were watched by other people they were dressed by other people everything was done by other people also think it in the car is allowed you know what happened we know what is the most recent miracle of Allah the car started up it was actually I drove over and tries him him and I am in the car would move but I will send right-hander the gas phase the him I will give you some price is always a no more brother now what was the real reason this happened I figure that windows on the on the plane trip sat next relation to talk to me but hard to me begin this year with me and you know what the message was that you need to hear sanctuary she's probably one level N L looking for the notes of imposing such of the Mildred Davila Shaw Old Testament saints was everything you know to estimate site is a big thing we look at the life of Jesus and we look at that look at the book of acts just in your mind 's eye that ever talked about the sanctuary the disciples at any time of the Temple the first six chapters the first step is almost exclusively focused on what the sanctuary and leaving the sanctuary again that's a switch is other than that we had to accept the fifteenth and James is preaching their and accept the fifteenth he start to apply the sensory message to the new church the Christian church and then all the way through the book of acts you can see how the sensory messages apply so how did the phrase relate to the apostles and interpretation of the cipher message that they like it they like us Stephenson is a sanctuary now it happened like that I would tell you something when you talk about the sacred doctrine the devil hates it some Christians hate it so mad this evening and especially when you're teaching the truth of the sacred message what was so provocative about his message he says look the actual adherence upstairs and there was as always testing within the double cure taking notes was a tension between the priests prophets and priests I got to the point like some people many that are ASI urging why CRL know your house and to via whatever convention they go to you can find people that go to places like this I really reason that there is to market their products to the fifteen million Adventists they love to go and they love to do a good job marketing their set non-bank resources on what I thought you bought after myself right you go you do the same thing but say what the priest got so into that that they wanted people to bring more and more sacrifices and more more offerings and they wanted their their children change in the profits would come along and say things like I just said and the preselected profits from those dumping of the guilt and the priest got fat the priest prophet right book of actual book of Revelation we thought we look at if this was of course Hebrews is all about the site or what about the book of Revelation is a cipher in the book of Revelation all the way through the Rosen a look at receipt while the Gospels as an apocalypse Matthew chapter twenty four talks about end time events Marques Apocalypse Mark at the thirteenth I cannot in time events looked at the twenty one as an apocalyptic document into evidence at best if it was going through all the things right now is John and apocalypse yes it's the book of Revelation and he goes all the way to that liberals are members of the apocalypse is built on the same thing that Jesus was coming in Matthew seven twenty four and Jesus in Matthew chapter twenty four was answering two questions many festivals admit that's a dual application amended forty four avoidance him free to questions what well what will these stones be cast down the disciples literally things me and what is the sign of your coming closer to question number one what will they still be cast down number two what is the sign of your coming already conceded that different in a dual application of a conceited when you are so important because we live in an era were people will say well it's just apply different ways we sent a scholar nurtured to set while itself is just applied in different ways multiple ways in the end the writer worked there for their firm and wrong and what they don't there are just this anatomy of an edible hard it was dual applications and rebut what I said he was everywhere is not where and what happens is here we have in Matthew chapter twenty four Mark thirteen and twenty one this this this end time events we also had this answering of the question when will be stoned to be cast out and that what takes their place in the book of Revelation and elegant because what it does is it does not pick up the sacred message with the cross per se or with the outer court this is an leave out the outer court that's only been covered but that it just moves the decipher look at this with me you want to get these notes bellow the Internet can keep up in Revelation chapter one we see Jesus walking on next the lampstands right candlesticks of course is the wrong way to say because the candles and use candles back then was like a wax job is a lampstand and in the land yet oil that came in let nothing astute doctor but when sin students reminded an end in Revelation chapter four we have God 's throne I'll come back to that is really an inauguration Saint that we have the altar of incense incense of prayer are mentioned in chapter eight verse three and then chapter nine and verse thirteen whole the office trumpets and in chapter eleven verse one business measure the temple were to come back to these new imagined the people and the Temple and those who worship there and then you have the ark of the covenant is MedicineNet using the progressive movement the cipher and the book of Revelation advantage of the fourteen we have Angels tally from the Temple with messages seven Angels messages in Revelation fourteen note about the three buttons like a chiasm with Jesus right in the middle the three Angels messages of Jesus coming in than three messes that go along with that so the Angels from the Temple and that we have a terrible ultimate revelation chapter fifteen and we had that simple open and we see that probation comes to a close and then we see the white throne judgment right and revelations at this point and then finally we see the throne of God relation twenty two verse one can you say that the book of Revelation focuses on the site dragons event in fact it's almost as if the author of the book of Revelation had read the rest of the Bible and he saw that the prophets has been forty chapters on it and the cognitive and spent for each of us and the songs he pulls it all together not after all I spend the whole court voices in showing you all these different things I can't do that here but it is fascinating to see Jesus in the book of Revelation will come back to the slide a little bit later in another presentation is giving you the overview so vital says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and his prompt for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that would reprove means questioning look correction notice the network him him so yes to Ray Rubens so if you read something that means the proof is already in the voting but you must be pointed out so what I've been trying to do with you is reproof we have gone through the Bible are so new that the main message of the Bible is a lot sanctuary message I have reprinted to you how it so I know received in return your faith will be reproved the day of your love reproof for the head yes that's the whole idea of Bible so you know we want to do it away it is reproved the because some people think why it's not that important announcer it's a safer message but what we've been learning here is that it isn't that important some of the woods I was in the normal clock working to the children okay the people are the recruitment now because of that you notice something when you study the Bible with people what is the best thing to do so with the right new pride and it is the Bible hotly remembered people that will start with our now that's fine if you're a certain audience but some people don't know about all white so as it is it best to leave it that so what I've done today I'm coming my for you start with the biblical evidence and then allowed to do this and then I look at what the early pioneers came up as they look at the same evidence that William Miller who was an Adventist believe it is a little delegate he think the sanctuary method was important of course it was a staged act him yelling fourteen other two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings then sell the sanctuary be right on the two thousand three hundred days as of the safely be cleansed and what they think this actually was an earth was connected with E Hansen pinpoint right he was cut off their but he was on a lot of one twenty but the point don't try to make here is that William Miller's sanctuary doctrine laid the foundation for the other search well excellent Bible sacred doctrine laid the foundation for William Miller sacred doctrine which laid the foundation for the editor to write down what was the first ad that is what address do it that was the first ten minutes they began to look at the sanctuary Doctor Seventh-day Adventist pastor after William Miller Crozier was not what it is like a tyrant Crozier was the writer of the group there was this guy named pawn Doctor Hahn and then there was Bob Crozier and there was a Hiram Edson and here's what you say this is what he had a haircut like a bachelor while passing through a large help actually invested in a cell this afternoon until Douglas said that Al Qaeda is oriented business arguments start over not while passing through a large field I was stopped had in Saint Albans in my view I saw distinctly and clearly that instead of our high priest coming out of the most holy place of the heavily century to the earth on the tenth day of the seventh month at the end of the twenty three hundred days before the first time answered on that day into the second apartment of that sanctuary and that he had a work to do to perform in the most holy place before coming to your Sony seems that now that that that resonated with Crozier and Hall on the road he later rejected it but he wrote it about run out of it in Argus article or that was called the law of Moses that didn't show up in the day star that was sent to all the early and unbelievers and it helped explain what was going there now to the question was Hiram Edson right that it was right was right to focus on the sanctuary was the right decision to make day and knowing what Jesus was doing there was importantly yet the notice of the others hold on to see the biblical basis for the sacred doctrine if you excellent book by Paul Gordon that looks at the biblical but basis for the safer doctor the early pioneers of the eighteen forty four the pioneers right now your notes it is a very good book to read but in that particular book this is what it says between eighteen forty nine and nineteen oh five one five more than on the articles for the articles in the present truth and admit review and the Sabbath Herald on the subject of the site for how many articles four hundred articles now these are articles that are all based with Alloway quoted as à la white male quotations although the ugliest enough filling out why quotes they don't chance to Bible studies just like we been going through and they go through all that Evanston I just gave an overview seriously sometimes whenever the LOL of renewals and that these are power for another principle apologist for the sacred doctrine were daily injuries James White and Uriah Smith the Reisman Smith Road book looking unto Jesus Sanders wrote the certainly the three angels message and many books I will family are in my in my bag about this is reading the site for janitors and brokerage on this one and they they would just study this out James why I had many sermons and many of you authored sixty five percent of the articles on the site for Doctor V3 three authors did powerful in a lot of what I like about you I think do I see is a place for you and you really you talk about things that you normally there will deeper your ability to be really confused after reading all reviews begin to see that you probably have attention deficit disorder because and I'm just follow the arguments of the difficult removal to go back and see that the state also that profound that's profound and the profundity goes on for two hours once I said that this innocent passers and dispatches spiritual throne of universal but live in California he and wanting when he would preach you have a man front I say right now when I say write the text on the board looking at the text that existed was ignited down assets as eight years old I was in the sky like I'm the man was riding down the text to start sweating profusely dedicated lobby to little fat because this kind of the people right is absolutely correct is a huge write-down back and forth others is the best to you please look out for hot swapping of the fastest sweating doesn't regale the text but that song is very settled I listened to it was usually ninety six texts or a hundred text or hundred fifty ten today in a sermon if you hear sixty nine texts no now understanding is that the overwhelmed with information back then they knew of all the people is synchronously the effects will they control studies the sentences four hundred and ten episode website on the view that some of the other sad to present at the Safeway is a great central doctrine of their system of veins Jane Anders is on course wrong is not existing doctrine of the other system as I shown you is the great central doctrine of the what you think with a member state of Jainism 's here because he also had the prima syllabi woman rises well and they would give us a mouse I don't think why was it so he says for it inseparably connects all the points of their fate and presents the subject is one grand goal no other status what kills people many times as topical Bible studies they don't see us connected to the list accident affected in the text but if you have a system that helps them see it all it comes together this is what saved my life when I heard the century Doctor one I was in my twenties again I came to us going back more than an atheist without going to a far country was not as much money as the prodigal son and not as much success everywhere when I got beat up I got beat up also returned and finally I could save her but I don't have time when I came back and I heard this Doctor Lesage I can remember listening to it and a man was lecturing I just started crying just like the guys are trying it I started crying I was going I could not believe the beauty and wonder of the sacred and these early adverse data to eliminate the document terrible traumatic disappointment for the century that was was bring it back together for the Brubeck noted for them it probably will for you do not want to disappoint like they don't group of a look at Jan Anderson he lost his wife he lost his daughter the game we went through all kinds of things and yet he believed to the various and he wrote right up to the various was translating this doctrine of the French language and he was all the way through his life story doctorate was a wonderful home for you Ryan Smith the subject resides or is one which suits you engage the attention of the study put back in as the evidence that some of the evidence it is the subject peculiar to the fatal every one of our people should therefore make it a point of first importance to become thoroughly conversant with the subject why a survivor I fall here I first importance James White the present during the crisis now ministry locally placed the president was as found in Windows is aware easy to the joy of hair that is the end of believers hearts we have witnessed the Floyd of tears and it went as the flying of of some such as the literal century in heaven has been pointed out at the literal Jesus showed me standing before the mercy seat that is over the art of thinking and still playing with his blood to the air of his people and we have heard them expressed great joy that they have found Jesus it also me churches today we'll talk a lot about you but I will worry is the voice doing I have no idea what is the dial after Chris and sometimes they would want to think it was until now are always at their forgiving my sins always does that there could forgive your sense but that's what doing that's all about you and we do it for you yes you know himself as Doctor no I won't does he take ever said that there is no wonderful through was that always doing him understand what is doing if you want to be going within the postmodern whatever that means generation and one thing to say about postmodern people out of a postmodernist the simulator dead to me this is modern right here at their policy must be done out but anyway is that they need closure of the century Doctor brings closure to understand how Jesus can close things out just like we not only believe in a literal Jesus was a minister of the sector but we possibly assigned to as literal Hollywood and more when John says he saw one like the Son of Man in the midst of the seven tells us that John had appealed another part of the century and he says the temple of God was opened in heaven and there were Synod assembly archivist Dominic or assessment this being an event to take place under the sounding of the seventh angel it should be compelled at no other time and at the end of the twenty three hundred days the most holy was an open for our great high priest entered to make atonement for the cleansing of the site work will be understood not only who Jesus was but where is the money doing anything doesn't work the freedoms who what and where and also what I went on to allow manipulative between eighteen forty and eight eighteen forty four eighty fifty one notified that I was in the Bible evidences of the cipher is a big deal profits solved right I would ask you what either the Abu quiz I went to all those that I said in the New Testament then I started to what he had the older old pioneers now I'm finally down to go away because this is the way followed the Bible study led to these firm convictions and that she had how many visits between eighteen forty four nineteen fifty one focusing on the sacred doctrine eleven prisons that specifically call robbery of the words gave evidence that they were on the right track they got good at it I just went to San Diego which I was think about going when I look at this one walked outside a minute to go right back to send you in San Diego they had the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Journal that the Quran society focused on the heavenly sanctuary in general it is focused on the corruption of the of the Temple and they look they studied incessantly the Temple they stopped when the table was destroyed they would be in charge they would rebuild data doctrine of the heavily sex-related books written about what will be done every Sabbath in heaven illustrated and realize was a bit index of Jesus Lincoln have a big mistake of what it does is hold that but what they speak to is that this doctrine of the sanctuary was so important during that time powerful to see them I will watch what she said about the ciphers because of it is the central pillar that sustains the structure of our position the Scripture which of all others has been the foundation of central pillar of the admin fake with the declaration of the two thousand three hundred days that saw the sanctuary being Clancy says the center to decipher the central text is annually for the holidays one recovers a base for twenty three the subject of the site straight was the cheese that unlock the complete system of truth it says next is open to view complete system to connected and harmonious when you agree with me that there's something in this this generation that the word about the site for as a cipher so my thing it is the main issue I now have a Bible study are you ready to the Bible say what they like our number one would be fun Moses Huntley chapters over to the proper television 's number three the salt only chapters there with the New Testament will refine all throughout book of Revelation all throughout the early pioneers all throughout their defenses of the Alloway eleven visit the natural time span Samantha this meeting was produced by audio birds will be a ministry to utilize generation I would like to listen or greet you present or he would like to learn more about C please visit WW UIC web at work also I agree with you in our universe board and an open video .com will pay a


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