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The Sanctuary and the First Generation

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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the heavens and they were thankful that we can again consider the sanctuary your whale Lord is in the sanctuary and we want to consider your work and your way we thank you and we come in Christ's name amen I looked at the rejects concerning generation in the Bible as I prepared for this particular series and there are generations I got God loves every generation but he is been longing to have a generation of youth for Jesus and it really hasn't worked out the first generation of a hundred percent of the list right and this second-generation fifty percent of them were homicidal and some generations it is simply less whole generation that God is looking for generations he's now take a big lead generation and I will look back down at the first generation as we look at the sanctuary and now we just saw in our last time together that the the centuries the main focus of the Bible we went to that engagement over you is the main focus tentative if these the provinces all vaccine through the gospel of John all I forgot to mention the gospel of John Jesus into our ministries built around his coming to the feasts in the gospel of John all built around the sacred revelation all focus is on the cipher like we saw in our overview in the first shots of you were not here but too bad for you but if you get the notes by downloading from Asko .org WW not after the orgy or dictates for this DVD procedure within the sanctuary that was offset by William Miller and all the admin pioneers we look at that hour what receive eleven visions concerning the St. Louis little bit some of those and administer the administer to century doctrine is its unique contribution to theology and we didn't get into that but we will start getting into that I have five additional points the last lecture him so they want on my last lecture but just remind you Jan Andrew said that the center is a central doctrine of the admin system Urias Smith said the same thing we discovered these things so we save them to decipher doctrine is important in this generation a necessity and that a search but what do I look at now is what is it important in the first generation the sanctuary and its importance in the first generation is possibly what is the leading cause of death in America right I estimate either owners of heart disease cancer stroke exactly said the living God 's cause of death in America is a and that is of course very far disease that then leads to death most people say heart disease cancer stroke diabetes and of course those are wrong but they are a result of the leading cause of death which is said so it's kind of bad for those of you just here to start on the wrong foot but hopefully regain your composure the original plan the original plan generation number one cocreated man and what did he call himself was exotic on self costs let us make man in our image in our likeness right so who was involved in creation in the beginning was the word the word was in the word was not a God like a Jehovah's Witness for the day but was God right now was he there the beginning to create yes in the beginning so Jesus was involving creation who also is involved in creation doses one one and two now the Spirit moves on the visit in the beginning God that God the father right so that the father son and Spirit were involved in created the wonderful and what is says let us know Meg God this is this is the wonderful truth of the tri- unity of God right is the same word by the way when it says in the semi- hero Israel all got our God is one really six six six forty six write some a is the same word is used in Genesis two twenty four auras is astutely for what to say and the two shall become one flesh this is a more thought and work so someone is married to become one and God is one he's a relationship got the filing of the fund of the solicitor so they were involved in creation the municipal infinitives of who were there my little select next one was mentioned pattern after that let us make man in our walk so God 's original plan for generation one was people should be gotten to sleep lipreading atomic and I plan on Sumner noted Ephesians chapter four verse forty four and then also look at Colossians three ten I have up on the screen for you to look up as well look at these interesting facts Ephesians chapter four verse twenty four readers with it on the screen where created according to God in true righteousness and holiness so he created him us him to whole idea in creating us was to be in the likeness of God truly righteous and truly holy soreness is let us make man in our emphasis was to be holy to this was the plan for generation one noted collisions at the three percent on my friends list is after three percent Colossians start but it's good for people who are the center is a gathering place collisions Colossians helps understand the collisions and get out of MRI causes of the present not what it's according to our after the evidence of him who created him so in other words he wanted us have knowledge of God the knowledge of the father if you will in the image of him so that the images at the mind of Christ the mind of God the mind of the Spirit this was God 's plan for the first-generation creation of a think this is a pretty good and other words we were created to be like Jesus so the first DY seat name of the was I mean it was the way back before the three okay so you have this this whole they were created the to be like Jesus that is amazing that is amazing so why was man created with the Baha'i was created why was man created this people I have for myself that as my friends so they were created in his image so they could give glory to his limits to his likeness to his creation has created works what kind of relationship that God desired element intimate with them he close united together know each other Isaiah forty one birthday Exodus thirty three eleven look at those texts but he was real I my servant Jacob whom I chosen the descendents of Abraham my friend he wanted us to be in friendship with him the Lord spoke to Moses face to so I behold him write face-to-face as a man speaks to his friend I would jot something for report out of the next that they be with me where I am so this whole idea this was God 's desire the first iteration to be in sanctuary but not visiting prosaically to be in the most holy place of you will vessel big picture what frustrating desire for humanity must read together now the serpent was ready with the more cunning than any of the beast of the field with the Lord God had made at a set of the woman has to God indeed said you shelled not eat of every tree of the garden on the woman said to the serpent we may eat of the fruit of the tree regard but of the fruit of the tree which is the limits of the garden got is that you shall not eat it nor shall you touch it lest ye die in a certain sense of the world is well surly die for God knows that in the day that you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you'll be like God knowing good from evil it was already my God there is him so when the woman said sobbing three was good for food and that it was pleasantly odd in the street as I will make one wise she took of its fruit and ate it she also did your husband with her NEA she was the first drug pusher C was the first one to post a Macintosh apples if you will see was the first one that is not funny at all really but she was the first was he says will you take this and you'll get our aside got such as the first drug pusher right while what words of the Bible used to describe what adamant he did first twenty two forty three with me a woman being deceived valid to sell whatever he did was do what transgressed transferees what I transformed myself press means what aggressively across the line got group so I transferred myself aggressively positive about Sony was in the air was this dog that hated me and you start barking everyday source by this dog the dog was barking at me they are the first that in mind I bargained me but when I got sick of the Berkeley so I barked back at the dock a certain part of the dog and this led to because I looked up as I was barking at the dog and I saw the window the people who are going to give them a Bible study in error was working at there while to illustrate very short as I could see the whole story which is very interesting but I can one day in the same God now hated me because I barked at him and I was not I got a one-day defense that kept the dog away from me somehow the dotted Doug on the fence and he distinctly visible and when he saw me coming he ran especially good to go underneath the hole and to devour me in three quick bites of audio Gulf War that was until I get as soon as I think I love him because the diamond of events it was transgressing it was transporting himself aggressively cross the line up and run it but for him in place he got stuck under the fence breakups and when he was under the fence I found him in the midst of prescription and half of the other side half is on that site now had a decision to make what I help the dog will do that separate I let the defense up and I lived is under today the dog went back and after that will by the way when I looked up this looked up and looking out the window again and when I went back from the annual that I get he never grown me again he waved his stop you you beware this to anyone to say hi how are you and we were good friends I don't want to do Elvis right even though her aggressively against anyway so add many transgressed is what it says most like twelve stadia through one man sin entered the world so the Bible uses the words of transgression and sin to describe what Adam and Eve did what effect that their decisions have Genesis three seven eight they had themselves for they felt naked verse eleven twelve they begin to blame each other a woman you gave you put in regard their life without Phillipe so that they were naked they had blamed that bank in their life as it was a plaintiff about his they were saying that chapter two percent think unwarranted the penalty for what they had done was what death so that this incident led to have nakedness blame pain shame death poses all keys understanding is a short visit that site revealed all these things out of the bottle describe your practice and your sins have separated with me to divide asunder of the covenant were what God has joined together where the wedding that no man divide asunder with a languid site about Jesus on the cross and said that there with the sundering of the Trinitarian powers while sundering and your sins have hidden literally means by covering his face from you so that he will not hear so we cover he won't hear the fee covers he will sell the effects of sin what was God 's initial response to Adam and Eve now the bandstand someone read this Genesis three eighty nine Genesis three eighty nine let's look at the recent open house it sounds like a bubble screen unless just of our Bibles to John zero Genesis three eight oh nine this is the first question got answered in the Bible but to say that I heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam his wife hid themselves in the presence of God among the trees of the garden then the Lord God called to add up and said what were you only think this is a beautiful text beautiful text so they heard the sound God walking God called him he said where so what did God there was his initial response is singular look at the ninety percent says he came to seek and to save that which was lost Old Testament and New Testament book came to seek and save the lost what a God promise would be the response that you never been proved wages of sin is death you know what if you study the Old Testament the taken mammas the final incentives and the Old Testament there is pretty much one example for every single commandment for the person that did that died instantly Manny picked up sticks on the Sabbath dies instantly you take every single one of them in one place is a signal judgment were got killed someone or whether there's in killed and any knows we gave in and they died instantly lost the address of this like one of those right most the time though he gives that they could be iniquity had to be filled out the so that but there are times when the steps that is an interesting book out of them by Rabbi recently written that went to every single of those and showed the difference between those death degrees in others but the way the New Testament summarizes it is the wages of sin is incident I don't get into this idea will die in you will die some people say that when God says in the day you eat of it you will die if it was a marginal reference in what I want to find out I was dying they would die I want that idea to die instantly if I can tell it's because that's what gets us into trouble with it all it's not that bad and I love thy but there's zero tall there's barley green welcome back up with some old rent a mistake right on the two programmers write at the pearly artisan when Golden gate so what for what God promised was instant death so why then did God ask them where they were when the disc that eczema while this particular case it wasn't a signal judgment time why were they instantly destroyed but for this there's the instant man accepted the temptations of Satan and that the very thing Scott and said he should not do Christ the son of God stood between the living and the dead instead let the punishment fallen me I will stand and man's place he will have no chance very instant seller Revelation chapter thirteen per se is that the Bible says that the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world right then he says I know the wages of sin is death and I will die for them I may remember that a hundred times he said that about you today while another death penalty at once and forth in this case because they ransom was found praise God God 's only begotten son volunteered to take the Senate him myself and to make atonement for the fallen race that's what the century teaches how he did that now he makes its own what they were this good news good news how did God teach this in Genesis three toilet was reading Genesis three joint will Genesis chapter three one so right there at the very beginning they can say what he wanted for generation one but what happens and now what does God do this is sanctuary number one in the Bible actually anyway I want to myself confused by talking too much or confuse you by the same personally one also for Adam and Eve Adam and his wife the Lord God made tunics of skin and clothing so the very first thing this is called the deli meat makes tunics of skin and clothing while all you have to do to make the skin something had to be killed was adamant he did that the first sacrifice it on the site through the person would kill the animal himself because they cause that whatever the process was there an happen it says the Lord God Lord LR DR Z Aqua is the Johnsons the discriminating judge his new job is that it is really always tried many does the Bible that word Lord with righteousness the right thing to do God is Elohim that means the mighty cabinetmaker another words that the God of mercy the God of justice that he must die the God of mercy steps in and says look I will die for them you and I will be separated there will be a sundry of our relationship so we can allow them to come back in relationship so the Lord Meg Tilly 's of the Lord God I will tell you curriculum became the God who won the second and he may fill rates of sediment out of the brave the Lord blesses a newsprint present is or his sin discovered the moves on a transcript being blotted out for good the wages of sin is death so the mighty cabinetmaker comes and interposes the holiday he stand relationship with them that by being a little guy that would take away the sin of the world or narrow way if you will settle the world so right there you have the land I may remember that's right with America for the foundation sacrifices of the site you have a right to write the beginning of this picture how powerful was crisis is ludicrous this is powerful as soon as there was sin there was a Seder as soon as Adam said the son of God present himself as surety another was as a guarantee certify surely will do this for the human race with just as much power to avert the doom pronounced upon the guilty as when he died on the cross of gout that you see many titles that all across as so important it is but the trials was back there and the cross will be via Carol Friedman have cheat window this reduction in review of the cross wasn't a moment in time when really it's been there for the reverse actually the sanctuary and even what went wrong then was made instantly right in Christ what did God do next going to our text feed zero man I love that word Doris which means divorce you really delivers Wimbledon divorce it was actually a legal separation because they legal had broken the law God hates divorce he never wanted that is one any divorce if you've gone through divorce he was a child Junior printed that is never one of ever but this legal separation came between human what you think of purpose wasn't driving the boat what all is said and fallen short of the digital that sex is good news because if you are in the midst of the glory of God when you send what would happen to you so got it all right to foster my glory as if you were in my glory and be no stories say is in a writer my wrong here so he must avail himself when he went looking for them that's why I believe that was Christ probably coming looking for them but it's interesting he wanted to quarantine them in a week warranties of his anti- you don't hate them she got had two problems well maybe more of those around me you how can I save these two children without perpetuating the dreadful disease so that's a problem I say them without perpetuating the disease pocket or destroy the disease without destroying them to quickly and the only answer he had was this legal separation if you are working an answer be found for this profound problem there Dennis is let's look while this is not dunces will what is really about what's as they say the highway old gods on those under thirteen of solving this problem literally is in the sanctuary self regulatory arthritis I sure writing a Genesis chapter one what else would I do Genesis three twenty twenty four he drove out the man and he placed our places the key plays Gerald Green as to being this to support and the Elohim chair of the Elohim is plural ending and chair of being as a plural ending is one to be a Gerald which is a moral one is still being us to at least at the east of the garden of the this is an arrest chair of being at the East guarding the workplace literally means to settle down by or to tabernacle so right there is a versatile Bible the first settlers centuries is is is is three twenty nine he said I will price Sarah being there all night all day angels hovering around the site was snow with pictures of angels angels were there at the entrance in the embroidery Angels were on the top of the important patriot run the veil in between only the most likely a evil all over the place there is Angel 's all over here we pray for them to come right around here what America was back voice is going to sell the workplace okay sanctuary to a by the tabernacle was a resident of the day and not have alienated Doug Besser and markedly those that little digital covers residence for a son all are you thinking when you look at that site for a model has been put together which waited they come in from the ease and they moved to the West as far as that he says from the Westar my sense when I confess given a gown put the rise and is not really an accurate son it's an almost disbarred visas from Olympic it becomes a very blunt about right as far as the east is from the west so if you write there is it is at the east and if the Angels and its their place this sanctuary will then went to have it by the sacred actions were driving with the say let them make me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them and write in there as soon as it was sent there was a Sandra says it was certain there was a sanctuary using reduce the plan of salvation they started wordprocessing on the sixth century there were cross or have crossing with the most eccentric most eccentric crosses became more involved now you walk down the street and people were crossed they think that that told you that their Christian the relation was a short solo for this but this herald big box for your e-mail I thought I would be more forgiving you can allegedly get a big sites where I visited the dates alongside Wright three one eighty four only the century Doctor to give a complete coverage of ubiquitous others not just across alone in terms of the civil NEC it all right there why was this so important why would angels being place of East of Eden where the wife may come from what Jesus Alito from as likely at the data was also known as unending White is a north-south if you go north wobblies are doing it it always is and then I will not glad that it's not organized I would be more on relationship essentially worthwhile where they come from the Angels that look it up sixteen twelve sixteen twelve eleven two thousand and there was just sixteen years well the other three-pronged than the poly was limiting their right three Angels messages are replaced with three tribes that is a very good to know God is to believe the Cardinals must've been nominated three frocks is just not headed the right direction chapter chapter sixteen verse twelve the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates illness rivers and mountains were resigned in his river Euphrates one dries up becomes what the growing until one is a life-giving stream Ezekiel forty seven the water flowed from the sanctuary water that flows from the double century which is pictured in Revelation sixteenth Royces sixteenth is the legal basis for the shutting down of the devil sanctuary a statement and this is it setting down her nose when it shuts down what happens your phrases right up that the way of the change from day based Acer was so what are these angels that come are they not ministers are either not spirits ministry to those who are heirs of salvation Hebrews one fourteen says so whenever you say angels as their ministry to those who are heirs of salvation and God enter policies and apologies as I will be surety for them so when that happens the Angels show up good news good news in this brother is a shot door theology as far as the east is from the last movie in what was an evil thing by brothers this is going on inside the look and adore the mental Genesis three twenty four Sally Hansen is an flaming silver linings all man you know so was talking to knew that infected and then they were saying they study this out when I thought of this flaming sword text I looked at all the swords of the Bible you know how we like not soon enter itself is about it so the flaming sword moving this way in that way I thought he was for twelve immediately for the word of God is living and powerful and sharper than a two edged sword so as soon as it was said there was a singer that was the word of God which makes playing the what to see the way of the tree of life doesn't work that would keep me protect it actually there were some are which means to guard it was used in Genesis chapter two when they were keeping the garden keep the I think most of all the weeds out to keep the way to the dreamlike look at that look at the sanctuary is the way I hope God is a lot sorry thank you I'm keeping the sanctuary optional fifteen comeback in the center with me the money covenant maker who is the Bible called away is that I am the way the truth the life knowledge of the father but by me so then there's Jesus was that every aspect of the century point was that it Jesus can you see this embryonic sanctuary right there I Jesus in the way the truth and the life is not even embryonic it's it's all there is bionic and thank you we can work well together so the word was to become flats and to dwell literally tabernacle among us and that happened with way back there in Genesis out of your getting this picture that the sanctuary is not just for the final generation of the middle generation but it was for the first Sergeant Richard Withrow regenerates laser work in the base of the ER nurse and a paramedic and a lot of calls and take care people been very injured and even now as were talking I think Alastair one has been one of our colleges been struck down I don't know how he's doing but I heard Kelly was losing the ability to move his arms and they were concerned that he may to be put on a ventilator he might even be a ventilator now so he cut is instantly knows of a distant instant he resisted his room and now today's unveiling under your thankful for that ventilator how do you think it definitely wasn't there we would not have any hope or else this enemy another words when God drove people out when I intubated people want to take care of people in the field what was I doing keeping whale on once I was taking care of these patients there were three of them before the die that went into a nuclear reactor near our hospital and they walked in and somehow they had a piece of metal in the back one of their there their pants pocket they had sign in with the wax pencil that they had taken everything up I wanted and have a metal detector I don't know what happened now you know we got no spec is everywhere except the church people in the future for as by one these days but everywhere else even okay so anyway that's it in this the sacred message as well but anyway sell off so homeland security will talk about so any way here's what happens they go in and they go right into that nuclear reactor and they walked in and that the last person that walked in hats I don't know who was some graphite in a pencil it was in his pocket or whatever but it caused a huge arc to come off that reactor that was all it was electric in the making electric power feed also questioned Mister and the huge are comes out and it gets them all ways and to the guy that had the metal is this Alito 's blowup the other three were burned eighty ninety percent of seventy hours of burn unit that was my my task and so they rust and of course to our our hospital normals in a timely and they came in with the burn that's that bad what happens when you get a bliss when the new birth into blister sawyer food goes out only to do that whole body all your photos on your one big blister as all the fluid goes out and there's no food as I feel this guy from the photos I did die from dehydration to win but big IVs and then we had found the bags won back-to-back twelve regulator in old dollars money or I will swell but we put it all back if they were pop at which it was it would put all these bags an of of of what the coloring is like a switch with an accident happening in it David and I forget energetic out the banks and other bags because about two hours later if there's something to write as a college lacrosse right so anyway that's going on than think of the spaces and then he couldn't breathe because the so filled with possible apostate of fully thinking that they they were so swollen up the good briefly heavy with gold fasciotomy we take a little knife and you cut it right along here and cut all that scarcely can bring so I am doing this at home for pistachios and sign front of Satan 's influence in brief is that they would just listen to lungs can expand and whenever there were some people emerge to revise adult talk to people about their situation no always think it's a good positive thinking on our positive thing but ninety percent burns for the birth now I'm not to do it there were probably make my die on a taco about whether they know Jesus on a regular relative so I said to Mister Dorset looked in any pain relief appliances God is burned up the papers of the martyrs lay dying the fire stuff is bad at first but not violators it's okay and they did anything or not recommending it but he wanted to donate so they saw it he needed to avoid showing what people do anything that I think Don and I began I said there was a Hindu except the Lord Jesus Christ is everything right with your son or daughter can with your wife in front of them members and unit are talking to make everything right I helped load them up in the helicopter fly with the multiple to the burn center in Bronson right angles relative to the root of your significant they are integrated everything is taken care by everybody else because were desperately trying to keep the way open the good news is amazingly all three of those people made it and you know what that's what God is wanting with his sanctuary he says may you does not make it the problem is you don't even know you're not making something people get so sick that they make it worse I'm irritating care someday they get even worse before they get better than ethical drugs a culture robbery agents begin everything used to overcome them we get destructive people in the ICU and it could even move and the reason anyone most of that mess everything up in the air pressure governor had or something else and go on and it just be told I later undertaken by the goat and I got so cold all around their blanket I always was very aware of the nurses to look identical and everything about what Digby think about I feel the likes of the seals you probably want a blanket all this that was his enemy that's what God does for us that's what the centuries about he does all that for us because he wants to keep away any started doing that all the way back in the very beginning so what just was given back to Genesis three fifteen I will put enmity between you and the woman this was the great cat begin to work for in the two attorneys hatred and account from the real will toward enemy to hunting the God-given gift indemnity that God would not like to appoint effects to put enmity between Eve and the double network that absolutely no chance because even though you could do all these things were so much they have to make a decision and he allows us to have this decision-making ability to gifted him and he made it possible for mankind to appreciate and it shows the good has that advantage became so we can do transgression that it was impossible for event results trying to resist the Barbie will he was make them by saying I would've remain so forever had not got specially interposed regarding about so when he gave been with the gift of what entity that enemies children rightly utilize the capability know yet able by faith they were able to use it correctly he obtained witness that was right this is what okay that can use it instead of bringing an animal sacrifice to God Cain brought one in the first century system festivals real vegetables wherefore this was a peace offering of praise operate on the operator it was like heaven because they praise God everything 's okay on cottagers on the rights no repentance no confession before the trance and a lot of frozen vegetables so what he then entered the safer thing was he brought the what he just came with his attitude of gratitude without having repented or open a pencil obey is better than even sacrifice and that was a grain sacrifice he was bringing it was a prey sacrifice without a certain sacrifice so the first sanctuary at evil was accepted into the did the right thing and so he could actually think of brought a sacrificial and he could come next and runs the price offered located and so he's not want to follow the sacred protocol will run a sacrifice got accepted the day became angry sometimes insured people get angry when you do things right between the sacred methods all I want to say I'm sorry do you all don't worry about that way about grace out of guilt low a price competitive once in church I went to resources we go to the full watching anymore in the list above in your eating and drinking donation to yourself that's about it that's it exactly that way but that's what that's what it says in Corinthians right now note the significance of the New Testament on the story can enable you think asserting able to allow disabling the loop will similarly not have to little more significant in that first John chapter three verse twelve not as Cain who was at the wicked one and slew his brother wherefore these children because his own works were evil and medical science is a new commandment I give you this talk about the new new command and it says it's based on able to express that case another with all the way back then was the new covenant available fan into eleven wall and events that have gone after the way of Cain and run speedily at the Arab beta so this ally DMK enables a huge door in the first site ripper and passage what can we learn from McCain look at this but it is this is very important this is for six of them so the Lord said to Cain why are you angry read these words slowly with me why are you angry below and why has your countenance fallen if you do well will you not be accepted and if you do not do well symbolizes the door and its desire is for you but you should will decipher doctrine says wait a minute what's it saying here John plan saying that it didn't have any conditions yes if you do well is there any assurance in this verse is something assurance business assurance of anyway like the performance year 's ability to know but it is a exit like the reforms came performed and a wrong way yes or no shortfalls according to disperse it was impossible retained at victory over evil the unfamiliar people say that's a possible victory over those alone you can have a Lovato the timeout with us and look in the Temple times like the birds flying overhead occasionally but the little building in your hair so what God said was his desire is for you but don't allow Satan to rule can you have victory over sin and the first thanked research what was the message of the precise reserves I am the way the truth the lifetime everything everything was there but I want you to have my victory is a powerful sound the first iteration of the have faithful people in it know what was faithful Joseph was faithful Caleb and Joshua Jonas was that David was faithful and here's my last slide the lever drive and in the last generation will God have faithful people something whatever generation from Adam resisted every artifice instead for this noble representatives of what was to be in the power of man to do and to be price working with human efforts helping men overcome the power Satan even Eliza on the correct representatives of what the race might have been through faith in Jesus Christ if they chose to be a legacy that oh paradigm in the first sanctuary the gifted in that the everything else so this eyesore in the first generation is important to those of us who live in one of the final generations a this media was produced by audio birth media ministry G Weiss generation grants would like to listen in his present-day or would like to learn more about privacy and visit the UW CYC our author I agree with you in our universe board and care of videos .com go


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