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Lessons from Elijah

Tim Arakawa


Tim Arakawa

Endocrinologist in Tamuning, Guam



  • October 30, 2004
    10:00 AM
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him to him and say that a parallelism and let it out either as I is will is him and this is the first time that the Cavaliers actually spoke to you like this so when I was in a Sicilian I really love is carefully one of the season it was very meaningful something that I can case you have an Elvis as part of the vision we wanted to Canada so halfway through the something of a revival as illustrating the story of his life painting remodel something that we all offer home that we all are centralized data store letter is much for the story you have given to us to show us how we can have a serious power is inherently superior that I can draw closer to him how sad anything is this morning I pray in Jesus name and return of the Bible Sears and Malachi the last of the Old Testament five after four verses five and six is actually the last two verses in the Old Testament Bible says the holes I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the are they in the Lord is the heart of the fathers children and heart of the children to their fathers less iconic by Theodore with a curse now I was one of the last Old Testament and of course he will converse is our policy of Thomas God angels and of Israel before the next life-changing deliver them for you they are mean and that he was so the Jewish nation will for many years I was healed I is a force is is that you are you Elijah there is I was idea that they like to see somehow we resurrect you a certain and you realize you are you resurrected as an is no one on what we later that they came in the spirit in our life that we talking about a time when Jesus was on the cross and he said my God my God why is taking a voice that is downright sizzling for a lifetime and so people so I would like to come in there as the Israelites in combat with a hand-deliver them so we do know that that life is for the first coming of Jesus and we know that it is less certain to Chapter 11 in the Chapter 11 the disciples of John the Baptist is all about Halloween night in prison was a very close to decision at this point I want to know Jesus are you the one person we look for another and so is the same as the lot to see that his administration is funneled to this is what he said was the first fourteen is that anything you will receive a visit seeing the degree he may have realized this is Elias which was fourteen another as a hair that that that policy and how I did he has been fulfilled I see is a life that is awesome I is in fact we do now even more clearly in live with chapter one before this is for his father Zacharias and phrases was and was serving in the in the Temple and an angel being told he would have thought this is part of that message to Zacharias was found versus seventeen is what the angel said actually shalt go before talking about John the Baptist he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias 's heart father said the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of his to make ready a people prepared for the Lord so here we can see that the first of all that John C was not actually the life is now in the spirit of power life is life Thursday the normal hours and I disappeared that came in the same spirit as an hour on him herself as the heart of policy children under a creative one of his non- Malachi and finally the last part of the verse is made ready a people prepared for the Lord and I like Susan a few today is that there is there was no life there the way for Jesus first come in for the incarnation of Christ as our is a life therefore any license have the exact same as in our kisses I know this because it is also talked about this and I really believe in Matthew chapter seventeen in this case is happen right after the Transfiguration as the year is besides Jesus and the disciples are finally back from that experience in the seventeen cantilevers and disciples asked Jesus they say to live in there is a first the Pharisees of his had been talking about sending out in his answer to that is you I truly shall first time I restore all my fantasy is that a life is already in a new end on that him whatsoever there was likewise also set likewise the old Elizabeth then the disciples understood the least negative Jonathan severe inverse well Jesus says in life that has already but he was not well received notice in verse and him Jesus says the Elias truly shall first and as you know there had to shout is featured as a price he is in other words and Fraser who I thought this game is very hard life beneficiary they were also the day in the life will come and he will restore all things and so I believe before the second coming had any living time some of you like to do the math physical person but some cows in the spirit and our allies I believe that each one of us have experienced life in real spirit in our was the message otherwise it is in the Lord now I realize this is the logo for the masses of the so in order for a moment in the thirty five four prepares the way we understand what is immediately living ourselves only as so limited I how revival is reflected in the story of Elijah and it's all over I assure you before we knew that I want to document element to how Israel Michigan became an awaiting saviors and is a loss and that will set the story of a lifetime is your story in first things after sixteen him a him or verse forty nine and thirty eight here is a cute idea I have only had a have somehow only to reign over Israel and a half already reign over Israel in Samaria in two years and a half long-awaited illegal and the Lord above all before he has of it has been a life game for everyone seventy nine that is why is the daughter now can't let billions when you serve and worship him now first on a mission that Israel was always this is there was a time when things are going better for the nation of Israel or Celina will seems all and King David is as when losing the ability to prosper and of course all there is no of their other nations history is on then I think there is some civil unrest in the nation this is to try and you and put away any chain was called Judah and they became the southern kingdom began the other five examination of Israel they were in the north may patient is seen in easier goal that you will is Civil War and is is will is a him at four areas uniform in Israel the Jewish religion was aware in Jerusalem is is so ever hear everything you have a festival on his life are going to travel to the capital of the any nation is going to worsen their a father to be drawn to to their to Judah and Jerusalem is the other side is losing politically expedient for him so he had to do something very quickly to avoid with this idea what he was crafted to Golden a first time that Israel had built an house not a draft of the things that take place in a few cities in Israel one one until the people these are your God really got you out of Egypt was as he he access to alternative reservoirs only that but seeing the attitudes that is presented as an journal selected the lowliest of the people and may increase knowing that he feels safe you don't rose when he went all out on however they were still theoretically was gaining to add here is a lot lighter in Houston Austin the slide of the policy begins with little compromises for him a set of alternative center for some but for political reasons I is trying to to talk about forces and Taliban I know they were simply as a resource which will have a droit uses you were singing this is an image more or less all right see that his argument around and you start to start to see that this is there visiting you and you and I gradually the children of Israel began in person they worship style policy is a very common thing in his units will high once you have titles research realized that I it would be nice trainer 's fisheries are really shady and Nelson graveyard atmosphere is much more is a serene anything you can focus on hardware that will reason it looks very similar to the growth and but little by little they began to you to take these girls will move those you for now I feel closer to God similarly can you actually you slide into a period to see gradually is what happened in Israel by the time they had comes around is pretty much near complete really mean annex the verse verse thirty two a first Kings chapter sixteen talking about a half and he reared up an altar for mail and helped the veil which is built in Samaria and a happy growth him or serve the Lord God of Israel to anger than all the kings of Israel work for him no before I want anymore plaintiff is that there is a sanitation sometimes when we feel that people people might believe to them that we want people to come for religious activity that maybe we should make some changes needed we should make it feels this is the measure of all thoughts I know that will restoration began there are many people that do not believe that restoration will be successful events assuming that we have that they would not appeal to you and the administrators and they never seem to work on his chest before the enough about for whom we do not hormone residues in the little things that I was never in history restoration to have a set of professional appraisal courses there were no there were no dramatic test schedule in the eighty different immunogenic drinking land is relied simply on this maybe or is I believe and I pray the Lord fascinating okay I will certainly be limited over a hundred people there is and we follow God 's will refuse to make those little compromises God can forgive my feelings is a policy that is the end in not only a change of course is a complete in all hours him of various doesn't know the daughter actually means increases over how that is anti- religion he only makes an altar built the house bail is an area 's capital city and that he does is when everything seemed to rose etc. and at this point Israel is the lowest points seriously as RSA is really right for life somehow zero where we begin our story of Elijah here's where Eliza enters the scene the three Chapter seventeen verse one hey life is like it was of the inhabitants of Gilead said today have Lord God of Israel live before whom I stand there shall we do nor rain these years but according to my word we know the story here how he righteously sends you to ask courtroom it is a startling announcement is an and Hesiod really interesting happened for the next three years Israel is afflicted with an error seventy five Andrew and people are the reason I know five is a terrible curse I really can't have the power of Dale is listed as the auto majors out of the heart is not about agriculture whatever and really contrasted however as we all but the interesting thing is that God provided a solution to join in Israel the fourth at Macy's in second Chronicles him when Solomon is filled the Temple of Solomon 's Temple and Opera was incredible and dedicatory prayer is dedication service he was visited by an angel and I actually by the Lord I believe in the Lord called what to do in however occurs emotional and positive verse thirteen is the Lord speaking if I set up heaven that there be no rain for my command locusts devour the land or by some pestilence among my people if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land is a simple recipe for using a drought that there be no rain anyway to do several things for the sake of others I want to categorize those are the three marks the first one is humbled is a little solace attitude of humility is very important and the development of prayer as well finally turn from their wicked ways I will reform we have reliable I will see that it is freezing them in one of three things have to occur when ourselves our hearts in the prayer is the wonderfully formula companies in the show as it is a genuine revival and we'll see you again in a lifeless things were him very few have asked you to first things and we will move on the story of the Windows out of the heart of verse of Thursday's second chapter seventeen of herself will be coming soon first things first story has a go on and affect although are going to our two ingredients were humility and then a prayer and then reformat actually given in the form of humility and then reform there is a way to win in ecology the first to write in the secularization an award of the Lord and he lives in saying arise yet it is there which will desire this is the Jezebel 's home territory or and twelve there will have a widow woman they are saying so he rose and went to Zürich and when he came to the gate of the city behold the widow woman was there gathering of six and called her as sexy I pray the little water in a vessel that I may drink that seems a reasonable way Jesus and travelers it's very hot dry business and I can use water and as he was going to City Hall there is a premium paid me a morsel of bread and I this is very customer at a time when someone was soliciting you or something anyway I you and get a little video you will have everything so this was an entirely reasonable unfortunately this window will open again was well he says the Lord thy God limit I have not a handful of meal there a little oil in a cruise and behold I am gathering through six and a radio in address for me and my son we need a and I heartbreaking stories pretty much as you have enough genetically she is preparing a laughable meal she is raising our children is to get him onto civilians he heard her herself assessor 's to have their last three were voted on and so one evening July the most later in versus Eliza says to us knowing good and I said but make me thereof a little king in verse and bring it to me after a fairly effortless and how rude he is waiting for the jihad as you yourself choose reason I have a little boy is going to die and she says fearing anything and as I realize it wasn't until the so is a I don't really care making a bread first then do yourself some self-assessment is the same and worse and worse line of research to system error that is life in the story is representing on his wife my God is fine to say here is that him order truly excessive on in order that that is we need to have a spirit of humility you know that's one reason why this was the first place is because sometimes we don't truly understand our condition until we get is difficult I know I have been in an examination is to say I know I'm going to try to make this work for myself and we truly cannot how the revival experiences until we are almost at our hearts and we realize that we do it ourselves so this is linear she she was sorry for the little things that you have a little fire to available meal that Rosalinda sustainer finale and a few more days before she was going to die as she had to have a place question is that all the success he has lived his life locations able to make was time enough and she indicated Katie as she is trusting God given to God and allowed him to sustainer he remember that we were thinking about whether and in your life what is it is what is what many are trying to myself what little she seemed to lesser is it worth it because the Army and analysis found the next verse three with me verse fourteen for thus saith the Lord God of Israel and their meals shall not race neither self-improvement will fail until the date of the Lords of the main players him us him for our overall carbon all we have yelling promises that he is wonderful that God will just take it easy is much more than we ever get in you a couple more days as here God is promising that he will sustain the agile misses the point here is that there will one of them is unable to can the oil what is an oil represented by the word is when you're going to their life we're going through difficult times any of yourself before God and God 's promises to sustain us physically sometimes they are dynamic as God has provided for each one of us to say yes to I have really finally in the next verse when she made that according to this analyzer she and he heard her house leading many to you again in the records there was my Bible another way to even nine hundred is for full-year we know Saddam is really fears and so popular in your organization adheres into the crystal clear to close examination but when we trust in God that God can I you can revile us in our first voice of humility sizzles as the Lord a prerequisite for revival and the stories found in chapter eighteen passages summarize the life to the warlord so I think that I felt you him please see setting up a showdown of a horror for fairly familiar with this story in verse twenty one Elijah comes to Angels in Israel pages and result in you and when we are seeking the Holy Spirit will there will come a time when you are called decision we do you know your heart is to appeal this evening and you need to do something about it and in such time as USC where all of a sudden everything to get an easy life the Lord will make a decision or perhaps it's a quiet moments in the morning where the Lord and he slowly to a point where you feel I need to get this on this time is the same as you notice for me but there comes a time when this is important Eliza says his people how long will it between two opinions and the Lord God called him to fail to follow him as morning and you feel right now in your life that you are halting between tuning is anything you are wavering that you know what I need to let go of something else these are the two anyways he awarded my grandfather was visiting five and God is calling you he's saying listen how long are you going to wagering any major decision and I believe that we had an outhouse that will be clear to us which way is and is scheduled in Israel the fire of the form of lighting a fire to consume the whole field him for five first centimeters thirty nine they say the Lord I see you on the Lord he is God what I mean the power the worship style the P 's system of worship and God know what I want to bring out actually is verse forty in verse forty there is a interesting development that is why this is to take them let not one of them escape me anything that had a lot to talk about design luminary I first read this when I specializing and even now when I read that exists in his kind is interesting to a story unless such conviction meaning mercy of God brings this this showdown is and may have the ability to Denny's a story or visit merely necessary that you know you have this type of inclusion in the Bible is a significant point anything from here that is he's not fail they represent the sun worship of the hours and if those the veil had been allowed to do it in a live bullet most likely looking back to his unit Israel there would again or is those in recruitment did reassert themselves people which are often worse and he and Nelson hold conviction will be lost in the county have we him this is awesome maybe a successful retreat oriole revival we were really is we may even have responded to appeal us like we came down from the Nelson River was or was not home we decided living our lives again we slip back into that whole run we had gotten all that is a direct result of I believe not killing their and basically this is like a wizard is no reform whenever there is revised it's very clear that there is Reformation involved as well as all applications to each one of us is what all of the mail in your life I don't know whether they are less than their male forms of human utilities one hundred AVR I can think of more than probably in my life the veil that needs to be how shall we say needs the relieved of their host cell therapy said okay we need to follow through on this is me knowing there are wholesale a lot that needs to be done it is difficult as soon as to heal the problem with and then you and then probably in the more of these these profits and assignment is forcing this article Journal of wildlife that there is a necessary part forget the part of reform here in our we want to bring revival to our now I assume Loma Linda we also want some pornography for my work is the Lord had fascinated me and I made that he has for me to change the delivery oddly afraid I believe that you look at for the life of the manager and ingenious chapter five verse seventeen we find out when we find a little bit more about about serializing his prayer life at third and first anniversary seen the Bible says is the actual fervent prayer by Sanibel and he liked it was a righteous and he prayed in fact in verse seventeen this is the last of the man is something like passes as we are it was a new era a greater earnestly that it might not rain and a rain on the earth is three years as a six-month paper you can have the heaven gave rain and the earth brought forth her fruit you know that Elijah prayed for the something that he you when you read I believe this problem seems how my comments on the fact that she was living in a interior is in the hills and I and he was in forty five but only that the Bible says is praying for you sometimes living that we need sometimes we actually become closer to the Lord in times of trial and difficult times and Fuentes fascinated me for okay but now you idols and him a story in the first case analysis for singers around first Kings eighteen to quickly pass at a life the software for his attitude let's start with that start with with her sexy verse forty one thirty one comment (s) of the day get the injury there is a sound will resume is not a cloud in sight there is data and a half years is catalyzed and x-ray phase followed the Lord was in finally in verse forty two any right-of-way at the top of Carmel and he cast himself down upon their papacy between his knees kissing was reverent as possible he was pleading with the Lord visited service will now look toward the sea anyone and Logan said there is nothing a certain elegance sometimes thinking about the seventh time that he said behold there arises a little cloud out of the ceiling commands and is as you are so yesterday have prepare thy chariot and getting out at the rain stopping us to go wandering here they appear as law the phrase is as he prays that you can even save many times here but he is a great multiple times for the Ray and there is often a prayer this is person there is a prayer that is really important especially in are there times those of you how often you pray for something since I is my life that we give up so easily we forget so easily unless you really want something I will pray for you for that for no every every day we form on a very good years and sometimes it takes years it will set as does the Lord for that he only does he want to minister to a serious sometimes takes a travel experience whatever it are you prepared to pray everyone takes because it was White House revival I would encourage you that prayer is essential health tells us that we need to be praying for it however A and since we get is a is are you prepared for what you pray for interfaith revival I prepared the auxiliary Bible to notice your way when he lies between Friday is all he sees is a cloud of Nancy were way silky self so he's also allowed covering the sky and still there they were involved on the fall okay now this is confirmation identifying as a result of how to arrive he was a widower who is or is he okay because he knew it was coming I was going to be a downpour are you prepared for what you pray for latter rain comes when you see God as your red water and boil for sure I believe it can be those other three elements of a file cabinet there is so much more beneficiaries to study the life of my life to a life so as to what is the revival is happening myself he was called by Elijah that she he was a farmer and he seemed to Johnson that he is taking on an community of his youth ministry he killed oxen he dwelt in the McCulloch tools of love whatever was the only using covered in a shed at his house in when he is the Lord now Elijah she is a life behind a similar fibrous sacrifice the sort of reform is decidedly old and was dismissed I is so many there's a eye-catching I will go back and an elegant page if you want to chat that spirit in our lives you believe in Jesus as someone who is in time will make ready a people prepared for the Lord anyone are those that evil is the Lord please will you do don't forget the three ingredients for reliable and I was a little sad this weekend as a least a little bit I hope to reflect a lot of them sometimes to humiliating are him or send the Holy Spirit is a powerful way they got home I was at home and be a tremendous part of this process and I think that Gore lost if you think if we pray you are ready you wanted ready to part a of the one thirty five by Suzanne and missing on our closing hymn it will only number three on I sent off for a rural


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