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Salvation Simplified

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • January 4, 2008
    7:00 PM
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foreign heaven would enjoy this talk about you and Laura nice is that this is I speaking tonight it would be you not me and that Jesus would be only seen and heard themselves in our hearts that we would feel his words burning within us as we walk this journey right now we love you Lord and we welcome you on this your Sabbath day and heavy turn the lights out for a moment to share with you so it happened to me that changed my life and I believe it illustrates the truth that every one of us must know if we are to know God to see Don one day and it's a lesson that I learned the mission field this is actually not a representative picture of the country but it's just a picture that I toke as we are headed down the road this is rule Peru and we were about three hours from the nearest city or headed to a village in this village had no running water except for one hour day no electricity very simple and we're asked to do just don't work there there was myself and a dentist in several nurses several physical therapists occupational therapists and people that were just interested in God 's natural remedies out of the clinic we had and most of clinic was just sitting down and teaching people wasn't a whole lot of technology no surgical suite sorry marketing basically we had some hydrotherapy very limited view poultices we could make some charcoal we do have some water and what I found out in this country is that people don't drink any water people are purposely dehydrated so a lot of what I did was educating people about enough remedies but the most important remedy was that I pointed them to God as their physician and that was something that had to be done with every person I think this we sometimes forget that God is the great physician sometimes we rely on our technologies are education the things that perhaps medical science has taught us and there's nothing wrong with any of but ultimately it is only God the blue must always remember that no matter how far we go in our education or other technologies these are the other stations where people would learn about various health remedies if you look in the middle you can see our Dennis he's got a mass there and to the far left those actually are our restroom and that we had no little partitions batch wall there in one of the things I was impressed with is that they were just crowds and crowds of people wanting to be seen and they would come up with any possible way to get ahead of you in line if you are to walk away for just a moment several people would fall units are asking you questions now I didn't even take a moment TE or anything like that the only time I took a break was that he go the bathroom and so I just went for a brief moment to that little building overrun the Alaskan coastline bathroom but I got followed me in the bathroom and accessories is the bathroom he said the daughter was a figment Doctor one question I thought a good number in the bathroom in our culture of your guy and you go in the bathroom is in talk with the guy there is used in the bathroom no but if your girl is rather rude not to talk to the producing of the skull next year the address you but in that culture there is no barrier like that he had no problems finding about them in flying and I said well would be more than happy to answer your question and to see you in your place in line when the things I found was that many people were crowding around seeming except for one family it was a mother and her daughter she stayed at the back of the crowd the holding she never once took a place in line she never once try to come forward to seeming all I would cash is little bits of conversation things like all the so many people well my cases and that serious all he doesn't have time to talk about me and finally her mother just grabbed her by the shoulder things got a marsh or to the front of the line why Nancy saw and what I saw was younger her name is Helen and she's on the right my right in the yellow fifteen years old apparently healthy apparently happy and so I said what seems to be the trouble and she said well I think it's my and I just have chuckled and laughed and I said oh well maybe at some boy and she said no one is something wrong I can't read sometimes I can play together children I get tired I felt my heart three special pain I said okay so I listen to her heart and I heard the worst sound I never heard my a very loud harsh sounding murmur they told me that there was definitely a cost her symptoms I had her stand up I had a sitdown I returned the one sign I had streamed down I had a group with her hand D all the stuff that Doctor Warner teaches us the physical diagnosis that you really never use later pretty much except in situations like this you just get the echocardiogram so I found out after doing always maneuvers that she had what's called a ventricular septal defect a large hole in the two big chambers of your heart now that can be a problem just as far as the blood not flowing efficiently but that's not your major concern was happening with this girl is it the right and the left ventricles of the heart were mixing blood with each other enough of those who are medical students which pressure Woodside has greater pressure on the left side of the right sidebar left side right because it has to pump led to the whole body and the right setup are just pumps blood to the lungs that's right so what'll happen is the left side of the heart will pump blood over the right so get re- oxygenated over and over again now there's a problem though that happens called Eisenmenger where eventually the right side of the heart will start to compensate in the pressure will start to now you tell me what happens in the right side of the heart will now overcome the left side so it pushes the blood from the right side of the heart straight through the left side when we bypassed and that is what I believe was happening with this girl is that those that she was having five listen to her and it was it was pretty bad because I didn't say word as I was just listening to her heart she started to cry as I think he saw all the blood drain out of my face and when when this happened I had everyone else on the missions using linear linear linear and so they all wanted to come and grab a stethoscope to listen and I gave her opportunity actually listen to her own heart and to listen to the heart of her sister to she could cut them tell the difference that there was something wrong and so we're finished she answered so what would I do in a simple there's really not anything to do your going to need to go to Lima which is the capital of your country and see a heart specialists and probably a heart surgeon and you're going to need to get tests going to need to perhaps get a procedure or surgery to repair this whole or to perhaps get a new heart and at that moment as I looked into the eyes of a fifteen -year-old girl God spoke to me that I needed say that I needed a new heart and I can tell you that in the story of Helen Little girl that I met in Peru I have seen the clearest picture of salvation that are seen in my life at the moment as she is looking at me for answers she's wanting a QR remedy she said what can I think more water I got I can't you just make a little poultice and put on my test and I said I'm afraid not there's nothing I can do for you except for prey and she simple what will I do I I've never left my village I've never travel to Lima I don't have any money how will I get there I said I don't all find a way out try perhaps some friends of mine in the states can help you I'm not sure and so she was distraught for Alonso was her mother but eventually she accepted and made plans to do just that in a heavy open your Bibles now to John chapter twelve verse thirty two because we see in this story the steps that all of us mistake for new heart and can you pass me that disturbances care Johnson October thirty two and I if I be lifted up from the year will draw all people myself that is the first step of salvation is God is drawing every man woman and child to himself in a thousand ways and with a thousand people he is calling you is calling me if you are a son or daughter of Adam 's drawing is drawing himself God makes the first move and that is what I saw with Helen because who came to help the team visit Seattle is a hate you know I have followed my heart I was sent to her because God was seeking Luke nineteen verse ten Luke chapter nineteen in verse ten Jesus mission for the Son of Man has come to what to seek and to say that which was lost God was seeking for Helen but you know he was seeking for me to the same time he was seeking earning exactly what was wrong he knew where she lived and he knew when I would be there the surveys his face for seventy nine says that Jesus knows us individually you realize that the Jesus knows you and me as if they were not another person on the face of the earth he knows us as an individual he is touched with the feeling of our infirmities he knows us all by name he knows the very house in which we live the name of each occupant he has at times given directions to his sermons to go to a certain city to a certain street to such a house to find one of his sheep do realize that Jesus knows where you are Jesus knows who lives with you Jesus knows every member of your family and he has specifically given directions at times to find you to find me to give you a message to draw you to himself Jesus is doing that tonight for every one of us as he did for Helen but it is not enough it is not enough to have God drawing because many of us I believe at least I know for myself in medical school things are so easy first so filled with homework with patient care things that are important but often times make yourself so busy that we cannot hear God 's voice and sometimes we get so used to things that we now ignore God 's voice and you ever done baking and would like to bake have you ever noticed that the person is making the Apple time ceases to smell the apple pie someone will come in high smells great oh I cannot even tell included the that we here in Loma Linda have been immunized against the truth within around it so much we've heard all the messages that we're not slowing down to hear God calling us because I kept I can tell you he's calling everyone he is speaking your name maybe it's you that e-mail you get me to see that phone call that you're too busy to answer maybe it's even through a little bird in the tree as your racing by their next class God is trying to get your attention God is drawing it to himself and afraid it things will not be so busy that you will not hear Revelation chapter three and verse twenty says behold I stand at the door and what I know again God is not one whose door your door he is seeking entrance to you and I but God is a gentleman right he doesn't sneak in a window or try the backdoor right you can ignore the knock he knows that you're there and he's persisted praise the Lord thank you Lord for your process you are known someone comes your door you don't really want answered so you can elect don't make any noise here done that no nonoperating and think what happens is quite enough for long enough to get what the Gino DeJesus doesn't mean he doesn't leave and so he knows that there's absolutely no chance anymore and he will not kill ring the doorbell and call you up the page you to do whatever he can get your attention but notice that he knocks he doesn't open the door right it does behold I stand and are not and if I open the doors at what it says is the diameter sizes if any man right who has the common azido and that's the second step is bit though I was sent for Helen I have no doubt in my mind is so good to see about according to him and he remembers the story he was there I see that visible pictures are although I was sent we were sent to this village was her guarantee that I would ever see her your memory what happened for most the day were watching the outskirts maybe that's where you are maybe you're looking from the outside in your thinking well should I come to go to make that decision or not she had a choice students should see if she had never come do you think I was it hey you there in the back one over here believe me there was more than enough people to see for that day and the next day and the next day and the next day that I would've never seen her none on one to come not to respond to growth Matthew chapter nine twelve and thirteen Matthew chapter nine verse eleven thirteen goal you and learn what that means pride not come to call who will go back on this rebuilding why does your master he Republicans and sinners but when Jesus heard that he said to them those that are what whole need not a physician but they that are sick but go and learn what that means I will have mercy and not sacrifice or I'm not come to call the righteous but sinners repent now many of us are sinners all Romans three twenty three tells us that what we all need to use we only forgiveness we only come and I can tell you that just as it is in the physical so it is in the spiritual that many people do you know when they're young teenagers launching yourself in their twenties when their twenty three twenty three to thirty many of those people have health insurance the thing to say most of them know why and I'll think do you think Helen would ever come to me if she was a fifteen -year-old girl and she had no pain no shortness of breath no palpitations no dizzy spells and no fatigue of and that's the point no one can come to God unless they feel they need no physician this can be seeing a bunch of people with no symptoms because that's what drives us but you know what some of us have no symptoms release we think that we don't revelation chapter three verse thirteen verse seventeen and going back to a similar passage we read Revelation three twenty one churches is talking about this year the Lancet CSS I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing but does not know that what you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked is it possible to think that you're well when you're not have we not all seen patients that think they're well and they're not many I know Doctor days patients might have a huge term tumor but still and be in denial sounds fine and how many of us have encountered as health professionals ask you some that affects almost sixty million Americans and it often has no symptoms in fact it's called the silent killer note that it high blood pressure high blood pressure often has no symptoms I can tell you that what you don't know can hurt you in fact it can kill you but I praise the Lord and in his mercy and his grace he allows us to feel symptoms doesn't mean he allows us to feel pain your happens and you don't feel pain you're better if the disease called leprosy people will leprosy are perceived as wasting the labor deal that they don't waste away if their noses just fall off but their features fall off right as I had friends who were missionaries to knowledge and they were stealing stuff and someone copies me the fire the president left to describe the writer will have to visit during the night a rat will bite you and you will nuke it the route went right what happens when you don't do that the rest is a mildly good fellow on and that's all these people lose their extremities and a feeling it'll feel pain don't have symptoms I'd say that that's one of the number one cause is that I see any patient is because they have pain now what is it in the spiritual realm what is it that's causing symptoms in your life I can tell you that most of us when the music 's playing when the parties moving window wine women and song are flowing so to speak we don't really think about God we don't feel any symptoms when the music stops and it's quiet and your home in your room and there's nothing else going through your mind than what than what do you have an emptiness you say will wait a minute there's something wrong in my life is something missing I can't put my finger on it are you feeling that had you ever felt that way I know I have many times an x-ray that you would ask God to give you symptoms so that you will seek that you will find him I can tell you that the symptom that I believe is the most prominent is very simple and he's explained that to a group of the Jews before I do that with Helen she had symptoms that cause her to seek me know I told her the diagnosis is actually a picture of her shortly after I gave her the bad news after the initial shock like I shared with her what the diagnosis was what the plan was this is a picture that was taken but it's very interesting that she look happy she looks pretty happy what he supposed to be happy I just gave her just a horrible amount of news I can tell you why because many of us in life will live day-to-day and not know what's wrong will have the simple fill this emptiness is paying and not know what the causes for what she know now she has a throng after years of having the symptoms she knows it's wrong but it may sound pretty harsh at times you look at Revelation chapter three verse nineteen Jesus after he says that we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked gives us the remedy and tells us why in verse nineteen as many as I love right I rebuke and Jason be zealous therefore and then he says behold El Salvador I'm not God gives us the bad news but you think I gave Helen the bad news because I want her to die no because I wanted her to go to Lima and leave right that's why gave her the bad news so she wouldn't just one day just pass out and going to an arrhythmia and arrest and down Jesus wants that to for us you know sometimes people are tempted to think while can hear your presenting a story on conversion you realize we are trying to help and hope the hundred forty four thousand you talking to I want to look at this John chapter eight verse thirty one John chapter eight pursuant and we really need this is so basic Bigelow John chapter eight verse thirty one then said Jesus to whom the Jews what was it just any Jews within the Pharisees was that the Greeks was of the Gentiles who wasn't the Jews but a specific group of Jews that what I say that Seventh-day Adventist right we are spiritual Israel with accepted geez we believed in Jesus and what he has come to fulfill our so Jesus is not talking to the Pharisees right now Jesus is not talking to Gentiles is not time to great he thought into who is not in us is then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him if you continue in my word then are you my disciples me and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free to listen to this then after they him we are Abraham 's seed and that he realized that at themselves more than the fourth generations of this is related to Ellen White Wii gamer have seen and were never in bondage to any man how fast now you shall be made Jesus tells us how and this is the symptom Jews answered him verily verily I like that verily and his engineer the first sentences again verily I sent to you whosoever what committees is the servant of sin and the servant abide if not in the house forever but the sun by the forever if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed that is the symptom that is what should drive us to God and realize that something is not when you are hidden away in your room when your thoughts are only your own what is its left what is it that grips you what is that habit that binds what is that aspect of your character you can't seem to shake I can tell you that sin is much more than an outward act on you to show only show you something that amazed me in first John chapter three first John chapter three first John E verse ten and I think it shows a perfect balance here in this the children of God are manifest and the children of the devil who so do it not righteousness is not of God right for you straightforward committing sin or refraining to do what is right even if as he would do it not right this is not of God what's get a half not even what the love is not his brother how do you treat the people around how you interact with those in your family I bet you that there's in many of our lives is that relative that you know when you have that family reunion you can notice that they are in one part of room you come to stay in another part of the room or this person on campus when they walked down the hall you kind of like find a way to go some other way around anyone you know you to symptom and you need to come to God find out why because I can say that sin is not merely a committing of a wrong act its failure to act once they are to love but there's only one person who can teach us how to live at the one person who can give us that great heart and Jesus in his great mercy he says if you are feeling the symptom of sin in your life you're in trouble he says this servant abide if not in the house what forever but you know when you read that verse was at Sadie you the servant is not a Biden house forever but a son abides forever some bad news amusing look if this is what's in your life you're headed down but you know that's not how I see it is axiomatic of hope because how many of us have fallen on he says that the servant does not abide in the house forever but by saying that what does it mean that the servant does abide in the house for what a window in time is purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ for everyone save you realize that even those who reject God every moment are dependent on him for their daily food for the next breath for the next heart Jesus buys us time so if you are feeling that happen in your life if you know that your spirit is not right for your brother this is good news Jesus gives you a window of time to abide in the house to enjoy his grace to enjoy his mercy a window of time to find a cure from the great physician let that be your symptom let it drive you to Jesus and say Lord what is the diagnosis not Hassan perhaps that is for you the diagnosis can be Isaiah chapter one verses five and six Isaiah chapter one verses five and six it says the whole heart whole head is sick oh hardest thing from the soul of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in but wounds and bruises and his word shooter flying source describes it doesn't putrefying sores they have not been closed neither bound up neither mollified with one stage four cancer everywhere from the head to the total open gaping wound in us amen one time in residency let IT just a simple squamous or basal cell carcinoma bladder control on his head and this is the only time when actually saw this all across this this person 's face even to there I and in the back they actually had a very clear description of the staff he had maggots eating away at the back of the tumor and it describes perfectly this verse putrefy and even the maggots are trying to help amount clearly the dead tissue that doesn't sound too flattering does God says Samuel clinical diagnosis and there's only one way to save you and that's heart surgery with you what's interesting Helen had a choice even then did she know because I told her what was wrong I let her listen to the stethoscope I let her listen to her own heart her own sister 's heart told him what was wrong now Helen when I told her you have a hole in your heart it needs to be fixed immediately she does it well Tim I respect your opinion and your schooling but I want what a second opinion you are trained at Stanford University and I found a great honor to train their but there is one major drawback is it we look to our patients we talk you later their level of education as they came to the ER and we found that the average patient that came in had grade seventeen is a level of education which means they finish high school they finished college and they had finished at least one year of postgraduate training so for every college student I saw Stanford there was someone PhD orgy or an empty and believe you me when they came in they often would say they want a second opinion is everyone even say that they come in and take factories in her before you say anything I swallowed you know that I understand my condition I understand my diagnosis I researched this thoroughly on the Internet and I know exactly what needs to be done as also got the lighting was okay go to it I'm leaving it up and take care yourself of course they needed my medical license and he needed the prescribing ability in the ordering ability of imaging or whatever but they want a second opinion they felt that they knew their diagnosis better known Helen's case why do you suppose she didn't ask for second and she's a child she's fifteen she doesn't know anything that I described her about her condition except what I've explained and you and I had a similar experience that it's not necessarily that you have to be a child I think if you just look at reality you come to that conclusion I was practicing medicine Australia and I don't know many of you have fact another countries frustrated the first world country we do nothing and I remember I had a patient with a headache of these young and based on her system description of the headache I was concerned about a subarachnoid hemorrhage and so I explained her NSM worried about bleeding in your brain because of the sudden onset of headache you have the intensity and the description number to order a cascade but this will not be accurate about ten percent of the cases especially the bleeding stopped and so we think SR described her a lumbar puncture spinal and I said this is what I'm than to be proposing to you that I would numb the lower partier back output a needle and I would take a sample of the cerebrospinal fluid which is the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord now the risks of this are infection bleeding and the husband stopped me into Doctor reason why you explain all this to us as well I'm giving you informed what consent and we don't need to know what was simple and just try to explain you the risks and the benefits I understand what your trying to but I didn't go to medical school I didn't take eight years of training wheels why were here if we thought we knew what we were going to deal with a home I want you to do what's best in your judgment because you have to degree and you know what the man said made a lot of sense to me why the world when I asked him to make a decision but that's what we do is God gives us a diagnosis and we want a second opinion we think we know better we think were okay and you know what you want a second opinion other than God 's there's one other note given to you is the devil and he'll tell you it just fine if so you know what the elders of the people are so much better than them know you're active in the church may go to church every Sabbath Jesus out of school the theorists in your life Jesus says the only going to last for a while a time so I can tell you that it takes more than just hearing the diagnosis from Jesus it's believing it it's not taking your own opinion is nothing a second opinion it's accepting God 's diagnosis as it stands but it takes more than that though doesn't it because what Helen SoCal got this for my heart life think I need to do is to just eat more vegetables or drink more water on a goalie must expensive what a waste of time would die but that's like you and I actually believe the diagnosis that God is given us we say to ourselves what is it necessary that I do all that you have to really give that up to come to the front do I is unnecessary we may believe the diagnosis but unless we act on which we don't believe in doing John seven seventeen says that what if any man will do his will he show what shall no of the doctrine whether I speak of myself before my father see my dad my earthly death antenna very good things that Tim to know not to do is not really yet to know there's a lot of wisdom to the to know our condition and not act on it is not really truly to know where we stand and I will give you a vivid illustration when we come to God it's like Helen we has to be willing to give up everything and take everything she gave up her village what she knew what she thought to be the problem and she accepted my diagnosis and my suggestions she gave all she took all we do that and many of us have we given our licensees that God I want to give my life completely to you I want to live only for you but then what then what what happens after that well I'll tell you Colossians two sixes as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord so Waukegan and the same way the you receive God by giving all and taking all is how you live as a Christian and I give you a very vivid illustration of this I was working in the ER and I walked into the room I saw patient lady in her mid- forties and she said you're my fingers hurting in fact I think it may be getting infected and she showed me a small little on her middle finger of her right hand and she said it was very painful so looks like you might have a wholesale letter cellulitis is an infection of the skin is what I decide on x-ray to make sure there wasn't something out going on they had not been the bone or anything you never fever the x-ray was read as normal by myself and I said what we'll do is the fuel be the plan and before that I think I did you know you got she's like well I think I might've fallen a simple you microphone will when did it occur well I think was last-minute shopping last night well I was drunk last decibel and you don't remember sick no and I was using some speed okay to smoke yes so I shared with her the results of the x-ray my diagnosis and what I felt the plan was I said on many give you a dose of Anna biotics right now write your prescription you go to the pharmacy you can fill it but take that even if you feel better and if the redness spreads immediately come back and in the meantime you should quit smoking drinking and using drugs now week went by and she came back into the GMC nevus she saw one of my physician assistants and at that time I was the director of the physician assistants and nurse practitioners your and so they ran this case by me using it to see simple cases on the roads of the more complex the data decisions and put and she sent him even as he displaced anger is just a big wad of us really Taliban she was apparently seen last week here and she said that we can do anything for her and she was discharged and then she's back in incident is of such and such as I can come to know why I saw will determine if you are sent on the door to Doctor Reasoner Harding who Doctor am so glad to see you the last doctor I saw a week ago he'd do anything for me you'll really so tell me what my finger looked exactly like this a week ago and he said he would just give me a dose of anabolic and that was it okay what did he do anything to the order to test I think you're an x-ray and did he write you anything all that he wrote me a prescription okay how did you fill that prescription no it was snowing and so we couldn't get out to the pharmacy fill to locate the GPS unit to stop doing anything like that he actually stopped him to stop thinking and smoking and is ended to quit yes I do feel it's greatness is when to quit today Phil and I Siddiqui mentioned coming back if it got worse simple yes yet but look just like this when I was there with no and I said well ma'am just bad news for you I think you might lose that men have for the operator all I knew that Doctor did me wrong edited as a layman I was actually document and I hardly looked at my old record like that you didn't look that way is you is required now you tell me why her fingered in getting back she didn't do one thing that I asked her she didn't quit any of the habits right to even fill the prescription and when it got worse what happened to the Mac but she came back when it was a wallop plus but I can tell you that in life Christian experience is the same thing because I can tell you that Jesus Christ when you come to him heal you he will cure you he will give you the diagnosis and you will get his treatment plan right now you tell me when that woman came to me what I do for her I ordered a x-ray gave her the diagnosis and wrote a prescription and I gave for a device on lifestyle now you tell me did I come to her house and knock on the door four times a day they huge antibiotic that you all to think I was still today yeah I'd like to report a stalker he gazed about six feet tall and Asian looking to Doctor recent yes yes that's the one to be worried if I did that why because she can do that right but when she came into the ER and I still wanted to go get yourself an x-ray wanted to go write yourself the prescription benefit all because why because you can't do that are you starting to see what God 's role is in our salvation and what our role is it's just like senior patients God will do for you what you cannot do for yourself but he will not do for you what you can does it make sense when God calls you to pray this he lists you up out of bed and talking on your knees every morning as he do that for you no I don't think he's ever done that for me you know he doesn't even do when you're praying you and keep you awake if you're sleepy you know that so I guess you don't pray like this before and never played like that known an auto racing especially if you're done with call don't do those little facedown weighing prayers could believe you me he will fall asleep and God is not to prevent because you can have any of you when you're getting your morning devotions have you ever had your Bibles can float through the air can open up to the right page and start reading itself to you I've never happen to me I have to do that because I can look to change my heart I cannot to change my thoughts I cannot I can change what I feed it right I can decide to expose it to God 's work I can pray right they give you an illustration John chapter eleven verse thirty nine Lazarus has died and Jesus has come anything to do what a raise and a life but amazingly enough the man of Calvary who could call back the dead to life does not do something when he comes to the tomb there's something in his lady murmur was system was and what he do very interesting if you look at desire of ages page five thirty five euros fine what I believe is one of the keys to understanding what God 's job is and what hours is take eat away the stone I listen to this Christ could have amended the stone to remove obey his voice to exist on no yes sir is rolled out a way putting off Corsica in the sister of heaven and earth controls all of creation and Canadian had the stone move itself to get on the rocks talk if he wants to pick and cry out Christ could have commanded the stones removed and it would've obeyed his voice he could have been the Angels who were close by his side to do this at his bidding invisible hands would've remove the stone but it was to be taken away by human hands thus Christ would show that humanity is to cooperate with divinity what human power can do divine power is not summoned to do your you see what God 's job is and what our job is God does not dispense with man's eight he strengthens him cooperating with him as he uses the powers and capabilities given him no I can tell you that that may be different for all there are some of us who are much younger in our faith and then there is the mightiest serifs and have that kind of the spectrum and it is true that all of us are dependent on God the weakest saint in the mightiest year all depend on Christ remember Ezekiel 's vision right of the Angels and what was beneath the wings of the Angels who sent God every one of us is dependent on Jesus Christ but let me give you a scenario let's say Arthur were to collapse right now co-ops one expect of you margin maybe call 911 when you're nursing student I see my start CPR maybe mouth-to-mouth on God would expect you to do everything in your power to save him now let's say you brought your Arthur to me and he still wasn't breathing his heart was beating and I said well let's pray about it I just kneel down there and I sit a beautiful prayer for Arthur and that's on you how would you feel the project when you that's at the second opinion because you expect of me more or less the marketing much more you expect me to Schocken user to give the epinephrine is a regular after being segmentation and abandon the whole nine yards right because I can because God has given me that understanding God gives what percent of his effort to save us everything one hundred percent but what if you want you to give one hundred percent but your one hundred percent is different than mine is what I can do it are things that you can't do but God will do the rest is never no matter if you're a bystander that knows nothing but to call 911 and pray or an ER doc at the level and comes he will work with both of us but he expects different things from each one of us you know I had a friend of mine that I went to college he came to Weimer from a life of drugs and he said many of the drugs he had driven to great difficulty in overcoming many of the habits were just tooth and nail yet again hydrotherapy treatments drink lots of water walk all the time when he was tempted there was one drug he told me actually anything to them when I'm tempted by this I see Jesus someone's knocking at the door and it's for you not me and he had to just walk away and got took it away like that and all God has done that for some of my patients with cigarettes they said they prayed and the desire was gone somehow the bot battle tooth and nail against the help alliance of its first Corinthians ten thirteen God will not suffer you to be tempted beyond what what you are able but will with the temptation make up way of escape you may be able to bear it know what you're able is not the same as when your a blessed when you're able is maybe not the same as little child who believes in Jesus correct but the point is is that God will do for you which you cannot do for yourself but he expects you to do what you can can you see that can you remember that patient ER and the next time you wonder well I don't understand what's God 's job with my job you can remember the patient in the year Philippians chapter two verse twelve and thirteen gives us the perfect balance to what God is going to do and what we are going to do work out your own salvation with fear and trembling not vested by itself quite a daunting task when using for it is who God who works where in you to do two things both what we know and to do his good pleasure God will work in us we can't change our hearts we can change our thoughts we can't change many things in our lives we can break ourselves free from the habits that bind us from the character traits that enslave us to say constraints of care we cannot write but who can not when we come and say look we do not have the answer Lord I confess had to tell undue but you can God will do for you what you cannot do for yourself when you come to them and say God I need you to change me I need you to make me a different person I need a new heart he will but what if Helen's estate in her village she would she had to go to Lima she had to find a cardiologist she had to find the surgeon or work with her parents to do that right just like you and I must do what we can to read God 's word to attend had been hoping to go to restoration to go to Key West he to evangelize others to share our faith to build us up close to Jesus to put the spirit of prophecy in the Bible and iPod so you can listen to it right because we can we can do this I can tell you that with Helen the things I've shared with you are fundamental but not the most important truth please remember that God seeks you please remember that you have respond to feel your need please remember that you have to know except God 's diagnosis but act on it and know what your job is and know what God 's office but there's one truth will share with you that I will never forget what happened with Helen as I left her village were saying farewell that's her in the background of easier peeking out from behind her sister put on the bus they thought me to bus said farewell and even from the window is as waiting out Helen jumped up grabbed a hold of me and kiss me on the cheek the thinking so much and I went away not knowing what was happening Helen or how she was going to recover now tell you what happened I went back to the states and what is typical when I return is my colleagues at work was okay receiver where to go this month could ignore the somewhere rumor as well went to Peru while you see anything interesting any action diagnoses now is one of your assault of yesterday with Eisenmenger 's comp all I can assure within the details of the situation and of her need and I can tell you that the next day it wasn't a doctor it wasn't a nurse it was one of our texts in the ER and she made about ten to thirteen dollars an hour and she had an envelope of a thousand dollars cash assistance for help do whatever you can with this money to help her out I have asked for the money I had to share with her the story of a little girl with a hole in her heart but that is the truth because it I provide for Helen no I did not get Helen provide for Helen no she did not will provide it for Helen are you touching the heart of someone who wasn't even administered at my work who wasn't the big high roller two thousand dollars of US money and leave you need I goes a lot farther in that country than it does here and what happened was the money was sent she got all of the test she needed all the treatment she needed she was feeling fine and with the extra money that was left over she went for Agnes Academy she was baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist just two weeks after I left I didn't give her a Bible study I didn't do any of that for she had seen the plan of salvation already as I had because the most important truth of all of this is a yes salvation is free for you and I is very costly for God Genesis chapter twenty two verse eight if you remember nothing else please remember this in your journey of being a Christian Isaac is there with his father on the Mount and you said father hears the word and here's the fire but what was the sacrifice and his response is what I want you to never forget my son God will provide himself away and it's exactly guided because of your kidneys are failing what can you get from someone a kidney transplant right to make it needs you need to survive this one because my mom had to win your hearts bad in order for someone to save you they must die and that's exactly what can't you provided himself as a sacrifice for our failing heart and if I remember Helen I remembered myself I remembered that I needed a new part but it was God himself who provided his own heart when you give away your heart you've only got one of you die and that's exactly what God did for you in our and I pray that if you remember nothing else just remember that if I remember a letter but my father wrote to me as he and my mother were getting a divorce I was eleven twelve area a wrote this long letter of how much you love me and how he wished that I would avoid some of these bad things if you fall into he gave me advice he encouraged me and at the end of a letter he sent him you may not remember this letter in your older you may not even happen but if you don't remember anything else just remember your friend and I pray that as you live the Christian life to forget all the points that sure does remember that salvation is free for you but it's because God gives every as a sacrifice that the for the new heart for you is free but it cost God is all that you and I might appeal from loving father in heaven thank you so much for teaching me that I needed a new heart through a little girl in Peru thank you for showing me this salvation thank you for showing me what my role is and what your role is the most of all our training thank you for showing me how much you and that you yourself pay for the new heart for each one of us I pray Lord that everyone who can hear my voice would remember that that you are different and that you love them and that you are giving everything the same Jesus that


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