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The Heart of a Servant, Part 1

Paul Ratsara Jay Gallimore



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him hello everyone I'm glad that you're here and say what's so great is that you just sent right up front like to start with so that's his fantastic I'm one word prayer than where it is coming out amusingly writing things in our heads our heavenly father here's so good to us we were praise your name this morning they all do we do bring glory to your name and we leave your heavenly father may we have a new concept of what it means to give leadership in your work in Jesus wonderful name amen I have with me our heart sorrow when to stand here so you'll know who he is Elder wrote Sarai is the president of the vision president of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean division how many how many members do you have in that member tells works out of the map will that tells what settlement will okay you suited continent of Africa by the way good morning to all I'm glad to be here you can see the continent of Africa this summer and part of that continent and then the island seen the demolition the Nazis where the division is sovereign of regained English and division we have twenty three countries in that division and territories on the two two million members in uninhabited conferences and hundred and eight thirty eight he known him in thirty eight conferences and fields and eight unions what is certain your largest conference how many members as her largest conference almost two hundred dollars and how much it which are largest union more than half a million more than a half-million while is amazing you have to open and that is zombie a union conference and then him him we conference to more than five hundred thousand our largest union North America 's only the Southern Union with about a hundred and thirty thousand give or take North American membership in Canada and the United States and Bermuda is about a million just a hair over a million so that kind gives you a perspective on their eyes interesting that a lot of the literature now is telling us that the center of Christianity is moving away from the Western world and moving to Africa that particular biblical Christianity is moving Africa Christianity in Africa is growing much faster than any other religion including the Muslims you hear that about the Muslims only grow usually by fertility but that's what I should say that anyway by having babies the Christianity is growing in by leaps and bounds and weight we want we want to make this a seminar which means as a teaching seminar we don't we don't plan we haven't got a group of sermons but as we go through your day be able to hear and go from section to section you'll be able to hear Elder at sorrow will be weaving his story and you'll see why and and what God is doing on this amazing thing system marvelous things I've watched him he invited me to come to his division and I got to sit and watch him leave his division I can tell you try to build him up here but I can tell you spirit of God is working within his union presidents love human rights conference present slovenly habits residents and his union presidents there and I've never seen better leadership anywhere than what he was doing the best leadership of ever seen was what he was doing with his with his group 's overall though to grow and learn from Alireza I just thrilled that we have him here in the me has the experience he's been a conference president 's been a union president he's been now division president and that he has a wide range of experience pastor I've been evangelizing and evangelism he's just got a lot of experience to bring the table and that now we are talking our sorrow talking not about secular format leading General Motors hourly no no doubtful we are leading was just a man when I find a spiritual organization that's right surcharges and actually very different from things that people here in the secular new may have been to a lot of seminars on on the 's leadership and augmenting some rights in arts and a great information but you could take some of that information and become the new Hitler of the world you think about so talk about something coming in were not find that even pull it was a big political contest going on the station of the president United States as well talk about political leadership were talking about the most precious thing in the world God 's church that's two and is no way that we can do these church if we are not spiritual that's right right so would start with something that you not to give into any leadership conference I promise you that you've not heard the eyelashes that privacy online gases is not heard what I want to shout next what I would tell you next because they don't think in these terms and before we can lead you got to follow in God 's church elder at sorrow before you can lead you go to be a good follower that's two and who are we following we are following God amen refine the Lord Jesus without the Lord Jesus we have no him under a leadership unless you follow you cannot be a leader in God 's church in fact I the first thing that Jesus asked his disciples your unit back to me my remember follow me follow me and so English and lest we become good file we cannot be good leaders know that really changes the paradigm was evident here out there in leadership else what you got in a you got to do this to make the connections in everything in the world and I got all these things twenty one lot leadership which address delegates stopped and not not being a down moment but when you do what you don't hear lately what it means to be a leader I know but that's not where Jesus started where Jesus started was I'll follow me all us take a look at some peoples lives here less of the first was for the definition remains to follow it feel free raise your hand to follow this is dictionary of exotic look the dictionary violate any of you later Q1 are notes you can bring a plastic or something along to be driving them to to follow art following means to go to come after a notice of next farms I gets more and most were whereat it means to engage in a way of life and that's exactly what Jesus meant when he talked about that it needs to obey well now most leaders want people to obey them they don't want to obey somebody else running button that hour Jesus thoughts we could file easily got to be obedient a group of followers are here words you do what the leader does and the leaders way of life becomes your way of life now ours are you made of moment ago you said we've got to be spiritual people don't give leadership in the church in order to be spiritual does that mean that you are some kind of mystic that you need to get into a convent or to a monastery are that you need to tag and to Richard Foster's new age kind of mystic things the answer that is that's not where Jesus present was his nominee assets will talk about prayer and leadership as we go along was Jesus a great man of prayer was a great man of prayer EA was and had a close connection with his heavenly father but but that the issue is do you imitate newly imitate Christ in our lives in our living I would like to say that unless were imitating Christ we have no business being in any kind of church leadership is that if your youth leader in your local church if you're a deacon or an elder in your local church if you are a Deaconess are a Sabbath school superintendent or Sabbath school teacher you need to ask yourself and I imitating Christ if you're not in the wrong business wrong work all right let's go on living elders argued this feel free to get in your daily point I would look at you have your Bibles having brought your Bibles good okay most ongoing Bibles this morning with little time just looking at a few examples here are you hearing me okay I can pick up the mic that you're hearing me okay I'll just keep doing it this way I like to do numbers chapter fourteen at the store you know well that would notice and some portions in here it's a story of Caleb and I like to look at numbers fourteen and I like to look at verse twenty four you know this setting is Katie 's Barney you have ten well supplies ten then come back and say we can do this it's too terrible to him the come back and say the Lord is with us must not be afraid of these guys and you know the rebellion that took place on the leg of those ten spines did they have leadership ability and they have influence to get results but how will history reach out you know what was sacred history judge those results let's let's take a look at now at at the that Caleb and somebody has alleged it up and read that for me this on my schedule loud voice please will you already solicit Caleb had two things Caitlin had different spirit like to suggest to you that that word spirit there can be added to his I did get idea attitude is huge if you have influence you have it have the right attitude you can use a negative attitude like intensifies it and you get negative results bodily that's not hard to do if you watch the political campaign at all is going on right now is use discussions about cats and I just watched on a little thing is a lot of this person is attacked at when people say they don't like it and the response was that his attack ads and that a negative attitude because it works so it is very easy with our carnal natures added to the start on negative attitude to people around you that is so easy to do as well you know and you can be just missed on the negative but Caitlin had different spirit Caleb had a candy spirit Alaric Sarai Howard missed first meeting and we had a group of a folk there I will say who may beautiful their and we were talking about being able to do X Y and Z and it was a it was not it was just not an easy thing and so we threw the idea out your member were sitting there do the IPL and it was very interesting immediately one person start to see all the reasons why could be done and in a little bit another one popped up again as all reasons why could be done we can do it and we discussed mild a course that that positive attitude had the influence and of course we knew that doing what if I'm not my getting details on purpose here we knew that doing what we had suggested because we found somebody that had a positive attitude and everybody else came in behind us to get done and it had all worked out to all the theaters the person had were unfounded and him not that they couldn't have some legitimacy got a VI calculating here that they work so he hasn't yet the second thing is what is the second thing in that text about Caleb I even just follow God he followed God 's holy are fully with his whole heart if we are going to be a leader in the church of Jesus shipment we sat about us that we are following the Lord will with our whole heart if we are not then were going that are endlessly no wrong direction logo real wrong direction so let's let's see what happens forty years later when I was forty years later some I take that Joshua would you this is a lifelong tax ballot has diarrhea Joshua fourteen six fifty nine would you do that for me and I will and will and my brother and in a way will work on your little world and is a doubt the here is rather you will will you will will will and that you will will will will not in need I will and I saw a new will that is in a somehow is for both verbally and in her work duties is a was the Lord 's will and you are in a eighteen was there and I believe you will be busy and I hope you are all in the Yahoo is a you are as a death in your needy here is a way in a you and will follow a as for issuing these things several times you know has important and you hear over and over again the characteristic of Caleb follows the Lord and that that's where it all starts and if anything else you know I am uncertain this was a word I get into the nuts and bolts like nothing you have this you have this your church are your influence is not going to have the power and impact let's go on just a little bit and look at a few other texts here on all non- Simon vessel to Simon Peter and for a moment since my take Matthew four eighteen to twenty would you some I do that for me Matthew four eighteen to twenty just read that for me please before these disciples who are going to give birth in essence to the Christian church before they are given those responsibilities they force of our said follow me knows what comes first and then I will make you fishers of men L Rosaura come back he produced a second your young men in Madagascar are talk to us a little bit about what happened in your first religious experience how was this whole issue of following the Lord because if you had never taken this step you wouldn't be doing what you're doing right now and what you use us as their beginnings okay him and decide guilt following God is soul crucial when it comes to our walking with God maybe some of you know already that I was not raised as a Christian army ended on the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Seventh-day Adventist church of my pages six this integration of the elimination was just limited to probably once a year attending and Chris during Christmas time and probably the most twice a year and during the eighties there time on bottles who just cut a long story short the Lord Dingell and hold me out of the darkness when I was about to be trained to be chief Isaac on emergency you thought if I went to about dumping the deed I'm the W video card to gain out the best professional that your your father was a cheap right yes okay so that would've been that you would've been following in his best to that's true I parked on the responsibilities of all the new chief unconditional chief is to keep to keep victimization of the elders to keep in addition the residual confounding so I was waiting dollars but in the DOS I found a book I guess what the New Testament the new dissonant I never read that book on wine I was obtained a machine of all of this on me I read the book from I just offer Jesus Christ I was old for going it was no easy tool of office are not called positively because you see the impossibility of being influential the wolves calling the voice of God was so strong I cannot resist so I form of Jesus and asked us but I decided to follow Jesus will came foregoing and I be in Mimi said I thought was the most beautiful I this following business is not easy and I hope I don't either I wanted to share if you would your parents really excited about this whole idea of a view going back to school way they were really happy about this no I don't need focus into halftime that means is that I wanted to summarize that about everything going well with me unspeakably deep or so probably will use about ten ten to twelve minutes to the Morales home my young nightlife expedience Sunday I went to school and the Lord has blessed i.e. I is very foster the cause is given based comment but I have a complete his new price on that one of people so full of me doesn't go far leadership in Mountain View the president of the law for years at least will be become a very influential man so my parents really evade it will kind away when they listen to the kind of thing I bought some sound was not one of exciting about the buildings so they began fitting Joseph me I was poisoned I was poisoned and wanted to finish me those people for life five months and was Association eighties it was these kind of poison that kills you gradually just to destroy the ceremonial body finally you die I was a tool called spiritual people to try very hard but one day I called my father I certainly sent we have done our best for your son but we think that we we can't no longer continue you have to take your legal song so I was taken out okay all went to be to the top of the village people while waiting for the announcement of false make their own was a vegan diet here but I was facing people linking fortunately there was a friendly farming you can is ignoring the halted cures all we would just give them something that will neutralize mediated by all the Apollo police poison I and you will be killed so I thought that was cute but my mom was the genetic signal sound we are not going to allow me go back to school because it would drive a hot view with us then go eat unknowingly you will die because of the year she said these the Muslim Benjamin to continue so you can go back to school they will come back and get United I find it all alongside fire conveys them is in no way we don't want to discuss these you must stay via song I like all of us I find it in finally it was sad I give all said what they find so for more than a year I've been able to school I'm doing that time my father and uncle residual fees I will leave these young men to take my place to be the chief is time so I yelling keeping the training you know this is a long clinging to be chief by the time I found a book as a told you I thought it was all just and you just I studied I made the new dissonant from conflict and when I reached the top twelve of crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross in the middle of Congress ice Jesus and therefore social a new I wanted to follow follow me and one I felt the presence of God in my life the ideal not going back to school became unbearable so I can go to their friends they gainfully did please allow me to go to school no thing will happen to me Goldwyn protect me is it no then I played honestly didn't find any might not told me I think Sonia will go back to school I was so hopping will be one school and start the island I sold I've been doing my focused on not only the New Testament of the Bible and great I do so the whole of the call of God fully to becoming the next the also use it was a challenge because finally the patterns it will probably go see that you will find no we are no longer offering you can't continue you you you pray and study but they exist to have these so these unleashes conforming to become instead it was very difficult telling them so I can not one cool thing is because I knew for sure that it would be fitting these are appointed in the outline down bichon was just this goal always and I know the reaction so I just sound like a Sox pricing and they went to school I will be set just using some we were twelve hundred milliwatts and April twenty twelve I was hoping twelve so I just went advanced ID but I was not copy finally cut a long story short I want to be the directors sister continue here I have to I have to leave equipment understand because I was a degradable teenager for a young man sinned how come you and you have to use its north so I I decided to go old and take the car Institute 's when they sold me see what I said well you know that Ted will be sky high I wanted to be him but I'm not in college now I want to go yearning to become a cost is one in the past you might go Friday the patient within the United States is still but as far as I'm concerned personality is willing since no no no not us we we unknowingly allowing that site fight on these there is no way it was in meeting defining the meeting stating that no I mean guy not a phrase finally all there was a good with me at hot topic over the money myself waiting to go back this is known going too just like these you must thought you can be patient without being tossed cities but the call of God is so strong my heart see I know that my mom sent in this indoor and she started to cry she said I can't review my own four months is impossible he meaningful for don't come back because he won alone on my side and I knew she meant I was a very hard decision but God said I have to phone with whether the nineteenth as funny nose phone connect by phone on him all the paths that door knowing that phone that the there is I for one year it was no indication whatsoever have to take care of myself and so on but you know what is good I studied picking up after one year I said well let me try to go back to use a very jaded me I find you accept me crazy Lord so I went back and it felt cool that they accepted me and my daughter was each efficient son with me that we help her out the music continue your studies and the Lord one useful as possible it can't be trying to be difficult but overall goal is to give a few one informal is voice because the leadership is about Swedish all of us that follows the lead to hurting synopsis is called himself and we don't be many ages that be numeric by I may come and justify today that the decision even though he was heart that was the best decision iPhone type of ticketing not to signal on the last year if I went the way here God will need this was the key that would be simple if I do not was trying but the Lord 's people are wasting and that is that is a movie about is always present and he's always thinking you wouldn't know the next game was several days a become a leader is to listen to divorce court that is the key on it we know that that ought that will give some examples in my my experience is straight that these easy to me it was a partnership in my understanding of leadership of our study leadership of science theology and so on I student complaints that the best concept of leadership is that I these be legal what Jesus used is the one and it is up out there singing to this voice what it is about to be the cause we don't these goals we should practice that is the exercise that we need to do on our leaders to make sure that the 3-D we are because we make sure that we all came to the voice of God to be in both theaters I mean to be leaders in both church that is I believe that there was Chris that a church half be knowledge as one of his wasting your weight division or even about the usual house elite that is not connected by anyhow I been happening in my view she is always about making soul she was so almost white Nissan he was so on what was that like all standing unfortunately he begins proud but I need to stop listening to them he listened to UNICEF in this release prior I'm useful in this was on and from there it was a curse for the people of God and sometimes you don't understand that God did not stop him right there but I love you to continue remaining lease term of office continued by the term of the Holy Spirit spoke and is still too busy to the decisions of the church bus the Holy Spirit was not only so for these his existing siding was that he'd bus you did this to them was so friends that is the key listen to the voice of God and for no use leadership and to become the leader of horse traction the men him a scene in one of us God is actively involved in in your life is actively involved in your journey and Jesus said something very interesting on it just is not junk out fist that a few months ago I was reading in scientific time I had that and I've always wrote Jesus when your teacher know when your Rabbi the translation called no one year-to-year for you have one year which is Christ that we are under shepherds and want a hasslefree hard things to say about people that are not dedicated and less little bit more son Peter here are some I will give you one five versus one day look at Stan rivalry that for me if you would five versus one day he wants to do that here's the pages turning seasonal morsel but Stan why you got your readers write your hips and I believe that force him and him are as I saw the part I will tell me thank you thank you so much tell me what the intended movement was in that rendition what was the vivid moment on which the whole event turn there's really one word there I recited I suspect you mean the word that shows the pivot on the back I had a nevertheless that is why is nevertheless the good word of it exactly in other words these as I will abandon my science I will abandon my technology I'll abandon what I know and I'll trust you because where you don't really doesn't fit with my technology each value this nevertheless is where we are suffering in the church today for suffering because people around I see they see they see big mega- churches Messala they did this that the other you know they brought in the music they brought in the water were worse and worse so if I can get around with it why don't we do they fidget high negative fish and asset and our church boards doctors business meetings in our youth meetings in our councils we have these kinds of discussions as someone we come to the word nevertheless nevertheless is where the under shepherd shows movies following the Lord or not will we follow the Lord your regardless of what we see around us who we follow our coming is huge it's huge is going on every level of church work and it is expected that one or succumb to come of that nevertheless I go to Matthew chapter fourteen twenty six to thirty three is very valid for me Matthew Ryan back spacing I tell me where the story turns around what does it where it is a circle plan your thinking take the risk you may you may not get it right you might be right I might be wrong as possible but okay that's good to someone I was thinking that's good about what I was thinking you and this is he was afraid to go back in the first part of that was that a good thing to want to walk on water yes or no I was on was fantastic Jesus Jesus didn't proceed her back is about Peter Yankees Jesus walking what we wonder what Jesus wants to do it tasted great and mighty things that he promised that he will do greater things than even odds they will do so to speak if you follow me anything that does Jesus want us to accomplish great things is a rule of faith and leadership a man and I saw someone out all rights are talked about the role of faith and leadership that you got the regular newsgroup we were recently we'll talk about visioning before done here hadn't have you believe anyway Peter sees Jesus walked on the water and power that Jesus you are doing as Jesus is doing it it must be okay for me to write some things differently and Jesus is revealed in Jesus Peter sure you can add Peterson walking on why you do that I like to do that I think I like nuclear medicine and nine at the start one audio is not just want to clean the half-life is getting out on the way to go here so he has been doing great things for God in the midst of doing great things for God he runs into this when that has seen has he followed has he followed Jesus one of the challenges is that we all following Jesus and then for Schumer there's going to be the worshipers with hear me you start following Jesus Alvarez are obtained as one possible reasons is running through his life you heard one already made a decision about Jesus coming best half of them don't alarm others their families are close I tell people you have influence on me and you know you can come you can have some influence but in his close friends of mine they can really have some influence but you don't get on my detecting unfair vantage so he made his decision to follow Jesus the boisterous when was when his mother looks at him as I carried you for nine months in my will you walk out of the store you no longer want such as a wind faith the Lord that he didn't get afraid I think he was afraid that he he didn't him here affect his decision following a matter of unity to be a friend will be afraid that you let your fears rule your decision when Peter sees when he becomes afraid becomes afraid he loses trust Jesus and begins to question the wonderful Savior those historians it is wonderful how you know the scary part is I think I'm running out of his salicylate we move on how legitimate is soliciting possible Paul this is for Sprint 's eleven first one I have our comment on this one to see it is always good to find BT key to his success leadership on whole I would say he's one of the most successful recent years we know he is a key first according to her eleven versus one unless if one of you only use okay just then we these are things she using a popular theater formula you will spike cold to be a leader I see that the simplifying key to become a leader in the judge is a photo of my soul and then the cause I am following you know of Jesus believe in following Jesus saw that we can leave you Jocelyn Lord saw that we currently considering donating their time when God spoke to need us what we don't allow God to lead us event we should stop linking postage so this is a formula for knowing me back is the great items is what Paul says follow me at my example for the landing zone will do what I do I think we wouldn't want to be able to see Blackpool for the minor example of mediators consider six four Olympics by faculty students leadership leadership will talk more about that little but your phone these that that's sort of the so that people can follow us payment from the land of the next one here knows this one is that this is very important and integral think about Jesus being a follower and how I want to draw you into the evening to focus on what I saw pulled pool was a forlorn follower of Jesus before Lord Jesus and even Jesus himself was a follower Leslie Jones defined as nineteen okay please someone is leaving his joints out of five verse nineteen okay okay Jesus himself was a follower good morning John subject he is twenty eight and twenty nine please read that about Jesus yes Johnson a numerous twenty eight and twenty nine okay please then read thank you very much to me so I is the concept of these solo or soloing so they keyword the concept is for us to be needed we need to be in the wall is saying okay start bleeding the online about following you need to buy for us the keys need to follow to be able to lead a powerful thought is a is a thought I have not had in mind a replica for here is a comment on that we often don't think about Jesus following his father was a costly for Jesus to follow his father I was very costly if you go to and I think I come to go there right now but if you go to the Philippians of these Philippians chapter two it talks about Jesus changing this is how I was not robbery to be equal with God have them explain what I mean by this Jesus is standing beside his father and he is giving commands is not taking orders understand swimming when the Angels look to Jesus they look to him for commands Jesus said don't intend this galaxy can take no ten thousand Angels object just five thousand songs out there I don't know what they're doing but the Bible says that Jesus had undergone the father has a million personal attendance around strong and he stays on his father is getting worse now is this but he took on himself the form of a servant Jesus changes position sustaining cytosolic nonconservative and only takes order is that following notice flashback to where Satan lives savings great Satan 's great sin says that integrates was choosing along the serpentine cretinous server but now he steps away and tries to become God himself Jesus does just the opposite he who is God becomes so you know what Jesus is going to be the leader of the universal all of us and all the billions of worlds and billions of people are going to honor him throughout the seasons I just returned is the leader of you is the greatest service to others 's race follow heavenly father is no one like Jesus now this is the tough part for you apologies so you see him to follow Jesus easily pick up his cross what does that mean I a lot of people starting procedure now I follow Jesus that they don't like what is going to cost them there is a winning account the costs and be a leader in God 's church you need an understanding will be opposition that the opposition is is based on Scripture were going astray and that's good but this opposition based on the fact that you remain faithful to the Lord and faithful to Scripture then you have to just deal with it I is a costly thing when asked what it costs the disciples how many of them die a martyr 's death all one and it finally killed John Nino storing fun they are a good and I think it's asked the apostles that need relative John because he wouldn't they can break him is through an Apollo boiling oil anyway I say in a well-to-do eventually vanish to me I'll pass it Jesus can do anything I don't like this sometimes because I had to give up control fellow as I was my last day in and they said flying is why anyone sounds phonetic control I suggest the most of his life I know nothing about flying a plane but I will tell you that it does give you that little feeling you know I am that total mercy of whomever 's longest thing you have taken the place of Jesus you the place is owned your life in Canada places even following and if you have an influence for him if you're going to become a fisher of men that thrills me this and that she'll love them back I cannot become a fisher of men if anyone within and across and that means that you're willing to do and suffer and return of your living whatever reason you can plan your life and to trust him with your life following and I will make you thirsty promise pictures it started out as a this media was produced by audio birds will preview ministry Mountain View I see generation I praise you would like to listen to more this presentation or if you would like to learn more about emergency and the government NYC web got word emulsifying treatment and see you are you reverse board and have videos .com


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