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Jason Shives

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  • November 6, 2004
    11:00 AM
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I read in John they brutally beat a no-no I am on the medical Sinaloa University and maybe giving my testimony and I'm getting my testimony because I'm I feel like I want to show off anything I did I just want to pray the Lord transformed my life and an powered people customers and it shows people that have gotten you in that person 's life and I can do in my life to before you started like you will actually matter what shall we do before you start in the order parameter I dearly thought thank you so much for the Sabbath day they do so much more for alignment to come beside the world Lord you have to care the money I thank you Lord for allowing us to meet in the mountain churchwarden displace regular for the people here that open a church where we might be able to thought but I pray Lord that you send your Holy Spirit to be here I pray Lord that the things that are mentioned it will not be my words will that be would be ordered to be rewards trailer even though but even if Isaiah Lord I pray Lord that I would not hold back helping that you want said Lord I pray let alone hastening that he would not want that as well I pray Lord that would distraction of the will decidedly open our ears open modular hearts to you I pray Lord that the message of the bot will be true to the Bible we here sharpen trailer that you and you change your lives to the word I claim the promises to recruit out the door you are here in the next trailer the GB and your spirit hepatology and I have ability under Bible to turn to Revelation chapter twelve and eleven dollars and eighty feet away the and I will share Bible and in Revelation chapter will help during the leader in the King James version are looking at the numbers loving the speaking of the entire people of Hunter forty four thousand early couples let me headed and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they love their lives on the that overcome the overcome and they overcame their testimony sometimes I have to be honest about the euros the testimony of the other looked like a hundred foot communion of the church but on what you're talking about the people overcame any retained by the Lamb and by the word of their customers as this is very important so I ask you today how important is our customer you have a testimony that you would be willing to share in your life that you yourself happy that you know your life that you you you can't live on our testimony to what the critical Olympics are the creator of the universe and that he lived with our lives that we wish to survey more than willing to live author says they love their lives not even to the market the story of how I thought leaving Paris persistently prayed and even the other side was a far way home pretty Mollie God that that that rebellious I can be preaching the use of basically if you leave this place a lot love that the Emperor had he lived his life without a e-mail please remember and in him who are not doing we can pray he will on yet a little more lower right so I'll don't elaborate on that one point in the sake of the organization I divided my way for different time just so a medical student so I think even organizing a lot of things to me at easier this way hope you don't mind the four hundred heart not knowing Christ Christ sliding away from God revival in the Reformation off with finding hard to try to bicycle tours bottle but yet anything related on telling my story the Bible is finding life finding Christ Christian in fact before either figure fourteen I can only remember one time my whole family Lutheran Church together one time I believe in God in fact I believe in the supernatural being up there but that he is around four years old my grandfather died he was a healer basically God whom he is praying night talking to him you know you called me a lot they mostly I know now that my grandfather sleeping underneath and elitist it was just doing relevant to their helping me on this life here and there are some really my family my dad and my entitlement and my dad was a Marine he was a hydrogen report and worked long hours to support his family he believed in God but saw Christians as we people that were dependent on too dependent on other people take care of himself and the high morals were himself and his family believed in being a good visit country him modern audio children will be filled actually brought by the Seventh-day Adventist and when she went to the big hit intermittently by work to a prevailing belief behind during my childhood my lot let the smoke in my model of the gambler mom was decked out in jewelry she stayed out late at night she got she can go out drinking with her friends she ate the only only in this setting cannot say that there shall be equally important in every untrammeled vigor have a radiography girl this is a very strong Seventh-day Adventist so for me growing up I know I will single out another novel talk about the same but long chose to leave leader beliefs she never went to church well going up she never talked about God Henwood extremely superstitious and I can remember a time to forget everything around you is working on being out you cannot buy the house that will not work the slotted liner had a brilliant little good humor and energy Outlook and rub the belly of the blizzard that you had a human she would have been blocking the helicopter landing and I felt that basically what relenting let me try up a report for Eudora came from all during my childhood she never let you and her upbringing because of her poor past most people building the bridge her life revolved around pride money achievements at your younger brothers and jewelers sisters and my sister who are the one that is still the knowledge of God in the today is Sunday school to take me to church learn to sing him my crocodile is not a little bigger life they are need for God alone daughter and what they wanted and him and so I love this family or what caused the change in my family because I everyone in my immediate family are Seventh-day Adventist my grandmother said that and there is none of us in what confiscated from a family that has no religion at all look on the jingle Bell thirteen we came to America we live in Japan I will try to mention we moved back the state to move very very hard my family parents will especially love all her gay boyfriend she could find a job as a child that he is on our privacy ran around and in England had been my job might build more than your income and I started to increase metabolism and the law permits management on the longest weigela per copy lifestyle my parents were a number of notable they can't develop on it that's like to have you here in order to handle your character provided within the world if you are going about it all I lost Brenda had reported by provider and a number doubled over mom didn't want away we do everyday life to be hiding a little and it was just useless soldier rescued soldiers cannot do anything on the Internet what happened but she just couldn't give up the things that bound her and latter on the same time my mother 's grandmother died and my mom was raised by my grandfather or grandmother or mother or mother-in-law is so Sheila Delany brought my mom up in the administration mom devastated her grandmother had were either in the church in Le Mans had made a promise to her that she would return Sunday at church banality Julie Janata way to an old Philippines is very and him back a little bit about them on the person they are and what you like okay I dilute like uncle anything that the compilation I is on okay will go to church on Sunday no I will not help were gone on Saturday just like lot of money on nitrogen filled alternately critical injury like that but the monthly pension and pulled the listing realtor told by real early would he want to go in a early and I like that but I don't know it was the new lender while the work is a little treatment I was on Monday and the day you go to church and what is a Saturday night out okay in the chair is empty like me there and get along that the leader of the family but not really as I will and my blog is my long as you can think what you need to the house need to have a strong involving woman leaving the house and very true she did she keeps the house who shall on Saturday back in September of nineteen ninety four we got dressed up I had like one pair of my quote without we loaded our nineteen eighty five Toyota van handholds find appointed us to administer in Milton Florida July to try and actually many people on the wrong day I imagine I'm on the left is related without her input I know I know nobody else in my family would be in the church and God be wanted not only great for building that stands up looking a little like even longer be malarial including her husband her children everyone lingered that will feature children had and I stand for the right and they will learn how to build church will offer live a little and you are church handmade here in a music recital heating may be entertainment for drug banners are seen as less important to monitor her artwork and character let me tell you brothers and sisters you are in your favor by compromise with the church teaches reporting inconsistencies of the church you are just making it harder for them to accept the truth of God were later likely to harbor them and the compromises on the unit had only allowed them to be able to embrace the world had a jerk at the same time dry eye in the Bible text can come to my mind came forward for that friendship with the world in June you will ever be a friend of the world is the enemy of God UK where did you together the Bible says there different and you can sell his own words help you out and give it to say that you got a problem they can stay together got there no certainty in chapter sixteen verse thirty three the no servant can serve two masters either he will hate the one and then while the other or you'll hold the line by the other you cannot circle admin over the course of the next few weeks my family went through metamorphosis the pastor of that church was gracious enough to come over and about one hundred and beyond we had a Bible at me when you are a Christian you will help you hold on the right of England there is a lookout we're actually reading it I rather think it was decorated along talking able to your vehicle she one of the church was coming over you will come in my life who actually are in excess but what do you call that even your work were coming together I realize that all will follow her and not disabled had I gone and created everything on your running said real literal days will be important for the side out and a lot bayonet postconvention and a lot of enough in a monocyclic and different foods to start smiling more I attack my parents up fighting which was a huge lot in life is not working about again searching is not great to talk to divorce even among our waking up early and bring it together in the other evening and morning world on the family devotions to know that was received well over her knowledge of the path of a candidate intervention by hand we started learning the hands about Angela doesn't let anything but we got automated and glad I listened then Malik briefed on the ribbon and until you are however so many years the Lord is not leading her life every day we can and will really talk my mom Hilda will help you and what attracted up to the Bible study on Christian standard he showed how they got how the blood of the Cabal activity for eternity all I'll say out of the dollars you can a lot get to chapter thirty five was summarized the Israelite meeting golden calf with their jewelry and when everything is documented in Doctor gearing Exodus thirty three vertebrae to have the children of Israel enter the promised land they removed all their organs now everyone here in Isaiah chapter three Isaiah chapter three verse sixteen hundred twenty four there would buy this book for Jeremiah Isaiah chapter three County paramedic him were actually eating and the Lord will take a little work every of the penguin ornaments about their feet and head are called in their round I'd like to enact a change in the bracelet will not learn the part of an organism delay and a headband with applicant hearing worrying the nose jewel details of the apparel had a mantled in the Wimbledon on and on and on going on here nation of Israel at all into apostasy and one of the major continental philosophy is that American and all that they wouldn't want himself and got in before I forget he is with your heart and outward stronger heart is much work on the outside like that coming I never thought I would go there to thirteen you could turn out their equipment is something the Old Testament book that I believe that the whole Bible is inspired and not just because it is very effective in his elevator the first book after Daniel Lavinia G Overstreet I take it as sector of the day that he was born in maker the wilderness the right note from her holiday effort to researching and working as a handholding that upon her the date of mailing learn to burn into that energy sector Celtic earrings and you will if you think you went after her lovers I forgot me that the Lord partner guy thing luckily we put that on your forgetting about me because I open the outside is not the dizzying rate usually if you want something else I wanted also to begin with the data for the topic you were not the tentatively marked immediately suitable clothing and goal world upholding first appeared separately registered by you are and why they're not be outward adorning of old revelation and demo really hit me Revelation chapter seventeen describes the independent model uses a limited church unified this morning is this false church did not turn pages to convert the world and gold and jewelry earrings is not had any contract that would elevate privileges or performance as you called us on the moon the stars in their characters meeting Holly is not shiny lucky all the while I know you are but in the evening I really didn't I do see if you like a small thing but I will double very clear I am sorry I got there Bible believing Christian verse in the Bible had a lot of 9/11 changed my life and for me my helplessness of the Lord and they look like I didn't realize what it is what it is and it would idea ever for personal and really can't you think of you together a quick note to talk about how woman represent the church and Bible property and that the man of that woman is usually of Jesus Christ that it was over for the day thinking of the future set in winning then we find seven churches on the thirty seven hundred and revelation first particular chapters and supplemental ankle the blood may think we'll eat our own bread we all wear our own apparel will be called your name you can take aware of how familiar they guide you I know people are probably crazy big of a young I got up and decided if I was a lot said and defined in the title of the document is due to looking at audit rules and it looked me up and I felt about thirty working at all I will forward to him here to hear you found what long I got me a ring and wore it on my finger and Lulu is helping him on a given me on the job a lot written on the long now that she didn't like me a lot of things growing up she bought herself a lot of things but all the wonders you give me while they keep it long I really need a month he will actually done I realized that the Bible is crystal clear and jewelry I realized that you speed up get up his golden crown and had an thorny crown handout when I board myself I take an attitude thing you realize that you can do without jewelry don't bother coming again in glory and out of continuity on another week of June patient the short-lived virtual eternity I looked down at my hands I said a prayer echo got my ring and ninety microliters will really am meeting month my mom will let me know if it was okay for Hillary again you can't really tell them I'm sure jewelry leaving out your jewelry she had yet here in briefly unable just as they are just showing up with it I was poor right now I've arrived okay literally maybe the same come unlock all her earrings bracelets and what was the real shock is even a proper engagement ring and wedding band she later told her he later sold her jewelry and give the money to the church about being a good steward of God is in a electric sacrifice a little night he's looking for Jesus and I really I knew there wasn't anything simple and jeweled himself in learning here on earth and put them on my cell will begin everything the Bible teaches about how Christians should live in the Bible only parallels up with cutbacks in the spiritual him out of writing about my legitimate will hammer home at all this is wrong on your property is looking at this video and if you apply to store data that the struggles that are going on and they knew the old jewelry didn't come around a lot on here than regular reader of your impairment this is very good that the Internet is illegal or institution in the helping that he felt less important than what you thought were there she had thought defined people for example the younger churches both the knowledge of truth and religious experience here she hope to gain much instruction which she could carry back precipitate in the Pulitzer Prize and paying a lightness the worldliness the lack of emotion which he met on every hand caught before they should get all the world her direct and more costly jewelry and other ornate but upon us I will be forgot you know the particular article I I all extravagant hacks is how the call of earlier superfluous to Brooklyn adoring she was not the seventh and it did not wear jewelry gold silver precious children that they do not conform to Europe when she saw a lot of those people that they got the wind apart from the Bible and with the camera she felt bewildered having not the same policy and make you what you endeavor to inform her of my daughter have to experience the new fanaticism hatching the interpreter with the work of the top of the world the Bible says the Lord to be possible the little lady okay I guess you could lick her nurse or doctor actually helping of the accounting occupied a position institution with visiting wounded to the system through Monday the how Google and has said she wasted both of the jewelry and other profusely the Lord 's treasury and the church got related warning a solid ability labs where I want hereby to figure what I was immature and I was taught always been populated I'd like ours the whole thing I would have no part of the talk about conforming to the world or conform to Christ God worth playing if you cannot be mistaken I shall we'll pay it should have given us or tell by how far we can and yet still be able to handle elegant look legitimate and not all the way to know that all one of the all regulatory you can receive all my life and not being able to transmit light to those who walk in darkness in my testimony family suddenly the hope that people on yesterday Jay and see how God works if you let it different they're going way back to Doctor that will never learn the back the estimated I thought everything was peachy hear straight from the word of God my mom my dad my brother got everything we were not strictly joy that your genetic and I like the God movement is my guide with the Marine Corps he was hard for him for the regular meetings he accumulated and later received a call to the ministry the first three people got converted the estate jewelry sectors were already had her own family and my grandmother all of you will play got lucky I wish I could fail and what the money and go the hell away and I'll know more working a lot I feel all will him I decided out forty man raid on one year old high school animated luthier told me that I wanted to Go Daddy zero people at leaving exactly what I believe the Politburo people that study the Bible to all outside in the Bible hilltop in helping the nuclear public high school in over two thousand students but now I'll be differently it made me stand up when you're fourteen years old and you're in a public high school in two thousand ten you don't want to stand out you want to blend in I didn't I can make something that I didn't know that you nearly got running and people like to hear on the Internet a shy guy is going to try to make the rent but I needed to describe I can't wait in the Bible seriously like I agree that make you that I am area financially debilitating that God would like to communicate the Academy foundation put on there a lot and I want to be negative and being on the sermon so we had a negative person to see how got the save there were some shopping many I can they are looking for the same unit I just given up and some help we need to lead their hold on the glut of unruly or further than K no that but just because he taken up Academy know don't know like everything is okay to walking again he gotten what you have any guide of major alcohol in the included header in godless digger girlfriend in her room at night or during the day and I will be meeting everybody in the back of the room we were in charge of the middle school where zero I couldn't believe it again upon the same stuff that had initially shocking how very impressionable I want it and was quite originator that nominations and you know how to spend it twice per week I was put on socially I go totally without the appropriate repository of euros in wealth held expelled from school and all of our graduate ability gotten a lot I got to my car over mighty and I came like such a well behaved in the classroom will only ever luckily I graduated truly college military letter to Portland in a regular struggle coasters and looked at as you country out in my heart again you never had another big update my heart back that I look back now but my spiritual walk a lot more like the message in the nebulous and not what the holy Bible are saying auto decline very quickly the new model in the nubile and read the Bible beautiful women I know you were gone and the Holy Spirit teaches you the Bible says in you can easily forget what else I love that Adam is usually saying that if you hear something really written anything didn't you see something you gain much more than if you get your trailer everything is vital to having deserted annually the Bible James drinking says that the old all who believe in trouble but very few people except I didn't know I'll got to apply to their lives the difference between an electric Christian global leader in God one also that his word is molded in what felt like my fate did it happen overnight a pre- calibrated my spirit was not elected by the slowly leaks out there is a thoughtless Oglala in order to area called on it hard to move really hard and I had a look back at my and other Sunday morning that were indicators of my backslidden condition that will quickly and I just share the things that aren't really figured he had arthritis up with people that believe that what I had nominal Christians heartfelt prayers morning at night but got collected on my Bible I started skipping church this week to go hiking all I can see he's got to be on Churchill and Peter got called to worship him okay the GOP was more important than the EOD community and should be a photograph the law can't lie to start of all the bigger and bigger concessions until I was living in outright downright apostasy I lost interest in anything though it had exited at the church and the other legally coherent by studying outside of regular shopping on Saturday I really working on Saturday that I've actually done nothing wrong with the marijuana you feel good about what you feel good right and all the glass of wine every now and then have the pressures of college and ideology not really a Lord will not do what you need is a guilty of everything back anything wrong with legal and just felt on not a lot you have mercy can help to start with leaving the effect of the small things in battle is a slippery slope to meet a guy was a heartless guy I know matter what I did know because I lost my connection with the Lord I started to see what it is you okay yeah I saw that God will to all which is true but the benefit myself unable to make our salvation was used here are all English as a Mac on linking up and remind you about it that's a legalistic balloon payment don't realize is that you cannot happen but that wouldn't save without having an accident heart is legally outer people I need you cannot help it I haven't backslidden state without having a backslidden heart had actually salvation we humans at the Kennedy decree got an image of ourselves we got the name of the model that conflict with our own that don't conflict with our own thinking whether I thought the thing the challenge is not taking like a Nazi but the plot is okay everyone else is doing it to them now we live in a more enlightened age more than the Bible writers did they need all those rules all ideas grace you have caught yourself saying those words I advise you to pray in the long and even pray for this is certain that the response of the Christian leaving there is a prophet in relationship to describe that this would be the attitude of our church and on the help is a privately interacting this way the Bible to me is what interrelationship between restricting privileges are revisiting him speak of the Churchill Laodicea Re: fifteen percent of the relationship between the city seeking eligibility to the slot before he comes back I know thy works and that thou art neither cold nor hot I wish is our cold or hot Olympic size because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew hold on the lineup because you say I'm rich I think we should and not in him a note about an hour actually miserable poor blind and naked recognition of the church and the struggle of the Christian world today did not again if you like Muslim and being killed by the Romans as they can write the word when the ego there is not the struggle of the church is that we think are okay our old but according to the Bible we are actually recognizable poor blind and naked and everything to the world and we cannot change weekly I never went searching for savers I realize how far we got extra money we learned in psychology until you heal me I'll see you don't need pertaining to change the legal authority and being lukewarm because you think you're okay at least if you're cold you know you need to change I needed cellular person there is no such thing as drilling of the Christian you have to keep moving you have to keep falling clean your mind to change or not to change your focus myself included on his group are only two options of your book called the great controversy are only two options in the great controversy up and down again I tried to look more like Jesus and allow you to the clinically to be hard and eager holding that you are holding onto chairs and that another victory to her is not our home and then I heard our old water and we should be getting comfortable I know it will be hard going up thinking God would be coming soon to get here by Verizon can be a tenured help picking Robin that the environment to hear you're the well-designed user to return America to the benefit of not being there for so long Donald return and are probably many people believe that we ought not prepare us for this for the time avoiding holding going to happen to our Bibles Matthew chapter twenty four chapter twenty four if you use the seven or forty eight how to reverse forty universe watch therefore for you know not when we know not what hour your Lord .com getting on the forty eight figure out why they will serve as a but and if that evil servant shall say in his heart my lord later becoming a delegate at the slightest fellow servant having a drink with the drunken lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looks not for him in an hour that he is not aware of enterococcus underemployment is working with a hypocrite there's only leaving us with a genus of the shopping looks like a giggle during the next Saturn Outlook and Virgin are diverted for sleeping on the burns were thinking of all the virgins were sleeping this conflict is found to wake up and I thought the not appear to validate their e-mail to the Lord we can commute up reply to this if this is something I need to get myself the Lord has given us the information we need and we need not plead a bakery and you know the world is mocking us I don't mean anything a lot of are the fault for you in your pocket guide and I feel him idolize certain in life truly waiting for the Lord to come in my losing a lot of the dog Michael McDermott and eleven in the evening getting a couple years now and have been up and down down the descendent for years toilet another diversion from a store that's what an animal now that I thought away how do I get back door was now their guys involute other and dropping out of a belladonna world under the now will you I believe the main keyword of my parents never stop praying for me and the people are parents regarding her I forget currently unfilled bag along and wants to collect data on praying for you and the other only temporarily but now like I is much is opted in a month thank you so much Sunday or if you think you are ready to move ahead in their thinking up all think about Stephen Pollard you can call me out in the trailer Paul and that many people are injured because of the municipality of no stop praying for people who didn't make the difference in the power of God be real not another I want to show you couples and I let me back to where I am today will that dialogue has never won a friend of mine who felt they just returning to Malaysia for the Lord and give me a couple books to read if you look a little dull but on the loose regarding donated to the supernatural the book awakened my interest in the Bible is group policy a lot in a baby who will the Iranians and all of their name is truly the same eventually the God put you I care to share the concerns with my decision and we all have tried that are common for themselves even though only on my befalling her friends and family on seven run that put our relationship on the line are willing to lose her friendship with the agency I concerned about the decision him and we are bringing romance pastored churches in my relatively controversial building the church as for printing out Halloween taken the oath to the field what your life and are not in the interview with you and leave you prefer patches well outfitted with remote items are picking up Hitler to buy a lot other from the pulpit you got another wrong with that while alcohol use redline the paperwork in the Bible literally losing there were expanding shock several of these ideas I added my own lifestyle the narrow dissecting the freaking everybody ultimately right I always thought that my ideas were indirect cost of the express will of God without hearing sermon that I love that even in the Navy make people comfortable college or sermon that they can challenge me anymore with the life I was living in a wildly late in leaving out agricultural policy geologist and you never had a perfect okay if I'm not looking we are not early Allen W Ray Rivera got the perfect fit if you read the Bible and other dividends you called your exchanger they ought to hang on perfect library but you know would like a little in any chapter in the Bible could challenge my current situation so I was living that life I was in your sermon obviated the community feel guilty in order to build a sermon is a utility to Oslo usual fabric located in virtually everything is okay but they got not one you want a hooking up all that I all are you doing him to read about myself the Bible so clearly I didn't want to give up my filing a mother can send that I never really gotten the anything sure send ugly and I said I may be brutally honest here and tell you much simpler you will notice that we had us a valid value because hopefully maybe summary maybe coming up short limitless and maybe coming up no data here's my little luck the flash hit probably the biggest in many of the guys at the dealing of God in our view any merit is not any I hear you looking at that nice looking girls on the street of a life because they could I glanced at the Army anything is the real girl the field is much in the development a lot looked like a girl I'll include you as well mail there and everybody what you like and taking another world there are lots and lots of the flight did the last all the lust of the flesh and they like the likelihood that electing is elected him know if I'm wrong to carry but on the way back to Le Mans she told that the Lord had impressed her that my girl friend and I were practicing and ungodly relation in a long ability and is used by a given everything else up and I knew it contrary to the word of God but this is my launchers and you are not the related married anyway I didn't give it up because anything out on the lake your story is true okay make the opposite of actually having the location is not in the him rise I imagine this happening to you later that night a little I was sleeping I had a dream the dream of the building with no exit no way out I kept trying to find a negative there was no exit is that I thought was right behind me the rooms are dark and the Holy Spirit grew darker I look back I saw this figure it scared me and I realized that it was being it was peeking out from behind the wall and pulled me closer to him but a lot closer to me until I knew it was himself I couldn't move out like that I wanted to wake up and not herself in a dream and you want to get out of it what you can't need like stock I knew I was dreaming for a hike like nothing happened for psychology that in my dream if you do not will start shouting to get anything behind me Satan how well that I was sitting up in bed big black robe sliding screen at the word as if I was still in the dream it scared me to everyone at most so scared when I realized I had on the gondola gondola and even out of that dream high jump off my bed and started praying I pray for a long time to get scared me and whatever you do not have a practical or not I needed to be shook up the latest report from United continuity sugar and not feel we need to be shaken up everyone will the next evening at two thousand four hundred and the next evening and restoration of the poor bastard Rick made an appeal that is there anyone in the audience felt holding onto a chair sitting in pinpointing the and him unaware Hilton and I felt like I was the only one of the audit and then peeled all you will ever ask anybody if I do not like you have even need be little careful of the deal of the heart lung unaffiliated part to another trouble getting up at sin but God gave me to victory in every day of trial made in a little easier you know you want one or the other in North America and now because I will not uphold control over my life I truly do not believe you and will include a pillar already until the owner is aboard want to include you to learn the Bible that are essential for a Christian to know if there is legal to use and you can write it down and taking notes on the market after Turner your liberal one I cannot trust myself in your life and a knife in the heart is desperately wicked who can know it probably working on it there is no way that in light of the man but the way thereof and delete the destruction ever to see the dangerous addiction treatment effects for everything that I said what I can do it all by crucifying Christ again and you knew that nothing that you gave a copy so even I thought by how much more of the Lord of the universe imagery if not good enough to know just what you want to call me here and/or the work Doctor cheers June fourth and intimately electric that we know it and we don't know all that said as good as you noted you the truth and not doing work for you if you are looking for targeted like a ball and he is frequently in the Fremont will give up our life is currently all yeah by you please have a plan it is anything but while I believe Michael Raymond Pena is right and that you have shared you have made a division of manager doctrine had neglected the commandment of God and God on my culture that God comes down and the sun from on high level forty I think what got them about how you feel better than the color wheel our culture he works for cultivated and onto a memory stick figure is not the possibility to get the necessity and admittedly continuing to build an altar through to remain or sacrifice worth it I needed and I will Bible you like what we are different there will come to you now open it again and if you believe the Lord is coming soon and their people he looked okay and then you believe it is becoming asserted that even yesterday I Haldol and here we are yet been it now deconstructing the plane to the Bible and God is coming that is coming closer than ever before my brothers and sisters within the godliness of godliness it finally got had time to stop playing church and we're getting to heaven and we forget that being a Christian is not about getting to heaven report apology getting to heaven as a reward not the goal of the Christian middle to be like you I'll be stopping critical question of being radical disciples I don't rival the environment and to stop questioning we did not want to be the only unit in his convoluted way I him what critical does and I wanted it really mean that brought little oversight by the Lord in the discussion and critical questions that will last a foundational issue article I love God anything to believe him in the critical questions that are perfect likely that God is changing my character everyday is a critical question that the Bible is too saturated by culture to be taken literally the model changes my culture will eventually mean the Christian God is love and turn it I love Damon and is the most important thing is the most important in the Bible God is love the whole reason why we can but don't request the Bible that talk about how God expects something from okay is not like this is my work there for reading I don't do a lot of we are called to be called labors with not writing in your Celtic peoples along the journey of life shall roll the car microwave elevated everything we want to go looking for the evening on down anything but you never said I was going to be etiology of the dreaded a couple more verses on their Bibles will be working with fourteen twenty eight the Doctor looks as if I am sorry that I was not saying what you're right Jesus is saying it anyway November twenty six is an alternate and hate not his father and mother like daughter and brother and sit in yet to even a lot as well he cannot be my disciple and whosoever does not bear his own cross his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple him away to build an hour would you be a Christian to stop down and count the cost of the cost I is reversed immediately this writer will continue to get reversal is the only beautiful but enter negativity is reversed flow Paul states the pain and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution God the Bible and let us know and I call them baby from the world a fading in the world okay you know anything feels good maybe legally prohibit child than other people don't you live alone however a lot of it in the big media with other people feel that there are people of color and incorporate by line getting on affair that the only people temperature witness help Doctor Barbara Morgan another outbreak is more important here we worked with our lives here on earth do you know but little wheelchair about the lives you like to follow W relating to look at what God wants you it is advisable to have someone look to put the onus on one or satisfy the water you would never drink it in your life you much but maybe it is a finite my theology politics on the scourging we must remember we all originator already great pay the price for our transgressions he promises to save us because they want ourselves guide Disney World and equipment to have our lives I want to add that I do not hope that no matter the difficulty you made it all him John John sixteen thirty three John is in the reader Jesus says he's analysis of the things I have spoken unto you that in me you might have peace in the world you shall tribulation a being of good cheer I overcome the world is I overcome the world will leverage your article was written in the purpose of the sermon is not in the flat he and he and I will go to the purpose of the sermon we knew we appeal to the heart and allow people to make a decision regarding the purpose we will encourage the horse early in the world okay but I will not be dreaming in the Holy Spirit maybe work on some of you there is no big deal the Lord overcome I can come to be regulating up in the Tiger had got an hell out of Nigeria and retrieve them in an number five twenty seven and Jesus all he and a couple of the people are extremely out of the eye is an reply twenty seven what we stand in the healthy for you and you really got living her life if you truly want to have a generally will overcome your life and I will go to him all the and I were him I I I is an annual of the younger than anything is the root summary other than maybe another ten hello I have been that you'd really the Holy Spirit in your heart he wanted development on landline you will want library of in the dialog identifier line and you have never really given us something the nation how you and I you and the Holy Spirit hand you want to join a fun one for you I will will will him and in a you and laugh and will be out there is truly one the one powering on party lines and initiative a lot of it off and maybe resulted in an they want you want then felt that living in London resulted in Christ I'm like you philosophers and become bored to tears with people in the world hoping the horrible thing that we be available for viewing you believe that they're able to heaven when we make decisions for the Lord or in Re: are all the time we do error and is I pray Lord that we would not let your sacrifice will and leave it on without making a line for the big problem or conflict between the University comes on and I ordered a trailer that we would not hate your life lightly he thank you for the opportunity to come together to meet to worship you Lord I pray Lord that he let me today will see them Lord I pray love the Holy Spirit would continue in the morning there's nothing struggling with more that you and the Holy Spirit Lord that you given an X recording like a watch out for that you given the Holy Spirit will trailer and you'll be real in our lives Lord a relief unit Herodotus original is so hard to him and keep our eyes focused on things we can't see heavenly father Lord he will prove by believing anything on the menu one thirty eight dollars trailer that we would we would stand on the shoulders of the load of the pillars of our church more than gone before Lord will the people that love the way I pray Lord that would be unusual through regular payment from our sin and help us to want to enterprise and in our lives I pray Lord of the Sabbath would not give me another side of Lorna Lincoln we can come together Lord and I say can and will build on our merry way to do this I would be a start in a July that people change your life you will ensure there is the world in the garage I pray Lord that we would would come to the cross the convicting you truly want to change in your beauty legal beauty myself included will we'll know tomorrow you know it got a new trailer that you keep all your hole in who not only from your area and we would do everything possible to make sure that other people know about the history of August two hundred and twenty two hundred and other hand I pray Lord that you just give us that a true conversion experience Lord is gradually converted to the point in taking on the jewelry what's the point he is not eating or playing on the love of Jesus and I really do anything that I say put it back on Lord before he was a universal coordinated real or help us to not be a painted by the floor more than help us to help transform this world is all that use later trailer for extracurricular Holy Spirit be with us a bit about me as we continue here Saturday Lord help me hold you will be serving only God is all interest in the payment


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