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The Heart of a Servant, Part 2

Paul Ratsara Jay Gallimore



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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her father is the human heart to pray that your Holy Spirit will be here and be a real teacher thank you for being here thank you for the Angels they can see your face their present and give us wisdom and Jesus came I was signed during the breakout is having somebody now I will say who sources have a somewhat homely that you late they were in a a secular Corporation syndrome wonderful experience it was than they were in a religious setting and they said it was doing God 's work but it was such an awful environment is a possible is it possible this certainly is I commented to the individualist and you know so that corporations are you working forward using God 's principles in the pursuit of man and here is a religious organization using the Devils principles in order to get the Lords work one interesting world about the wine is one of the two together my right God 's work to be carried out God 's way I let me tell you what a life this is a people like me to sell your conference president lately just tell you this are your division president for life circles like thereby arrested this morning Jane position does not give value to your life means not making a living I is that it doesn't make you more valuable somebody else needed is a necessarily give you more wisdom on his FA unless as you know the Java conference presents is to consult Saul is you have to give it everything is going you have to give directions centers are expected to do that but the whole concept is aware to consult one another because we are all brethren out of the cistern and thereto were all brother and sister were on the ground is equal to foot of the cross as we know we don't respect people 's responsibility we should pastor I had I thought I had in the store director told Smiley of the day they had talked with pastor and do not talk to nice of Pastor and this overrepresented and said look you know I don't mind you have a difference of opinion but you treat them with respect we should treat everybody with respect to the doesn't matter who they are we should treat them with respect this Jesus treat us with respect increases respect even when we are in the opposite camp for him he still is how I want to what we were left on the part about picking up the cross and following Jesus just a little while and do on this before we switch to another part here and a little story on your Italian sake but they kept the immensely my off but have any of you are going with the Alamo I love you honey are not quite with it very quickly when Texas was trying to win its independence from Mexico they were in a war and they had a fortress that they take over for coffee and that my dad with something would go to my bed I was growing up and saying we were not from Texas but he would say to us just is witnessing say okay son remember the Alamo someone got run a little story I thought was interesting I like the story little better it's a sad story but the download I was sixty some seventy some defenders of the Alamo and the Mexican general team up against that for with four thousand soldiers they knew they were they were wiped out and he offered them surrenders as you serenity a few days to do it if you surrender and will save your life if you don't surrender until everyone so they consulted together had a young man there who was about eighteen nineteen years old and they said look if we can get some reinforcements you would actually carry off why was I who can go in Mississauga so he slipped to the lines of Santa Ana and he made his way to another part of Texas any asset for some reinforcements to come and I said hello to have reinforcements no reinforcements are coming that he knew what that meant that more if he makes his way back to Milan to sign and delivers the message division of troops coming in these are all and I including him it had a responsibility but he said my responsibility to take it back knowing he would be dead the next day slip to the lines of Santa Ana and deliver the message to the rest of that there was no reinforcements coming they are inside they will fight to the death and they did everyone lost their lives responsibility and responsibility takes place as we wish it would there been times in my life same kind of myself here when you were the Congo and you did yourself here we didn't you just bearing responsibility he may tell you a story the later and taking responsibility is a is will think what his responsibility responsibility visit Christian leader have I not long ago I was teaching art I had a devotional for a stewardship seminar in his university 's North American division help wanted asking how little devotional and will easily think about stewardship when you think about using online all stewardship others of people that are about helplessly more money is always a think about that very very narrow view of stewardship stewardship is really the management of my life right now Jesus has a stewardship parable and validate hungry as they are found in Matthew chapter twenty fourth last part is there any talks about a servant that he was over his that his house and he says a faithful servant gives food to every body the faithful sermon on the faithful manager gives food to everybody just when they need it paraphrasing but then there's the unfaithful 's manager and the unfaithful managers as well as ladies coming and so he leaves the drinking and partying in any system this everything is still less always say that you have a responsibility to hear the youth leader in your local church if you are the only sound schoolteacher or whatever you are there's other areas of stewardship that are very very important and one of the areas of stewardship is a stewardship of the truth another words we need to take care of the truth content of the faith that was once delivered to the site sometimes I can be costly for us we have responsibilities enough people won't like that sometimes people say well it really doesn't matter you know we would be nice as well would always be nice him me never want to sacrifice the truth as it is Jesus so is also seen as a presenter have a responsibility to guard the truth how carefully have instead a life of Christ here is an amazing new times at how little we know about this of Christianity you won't know the church I got certain church right now and they are all manage some very big enough their language I wanted that he doesn't want to know I was talking I had in my office I have been a little asset to them you know what you find it it I see you trying to find a political solution Christian leaders Christian leaders need to understand that our problems in the church are not political or spiritual living explain what I mean by this time and they you I feel like saying that Jesus said when he says it made me judge over you dear Jesus that's my fingers that it is Lago property problem is remaining to the enemy I say this is what happened next and the other side conservatives is always as I touched out what they are him here someone will abuse right now there's a payment as someone I can try to play a political solution by saying okay as is versus writing evoke a wrong is needed in psychoactive you can try that at the end of the day the only thing that would put the boat back together his practice of Christianity which means that I cannot forgive somebody for doing something to me and still love my arm around and continue to function the practice of Christianity whatever happened to the Beatitudes thousand one church one time and they were having so whatever you wonderful churches by the way in Michigan I have wonderful pastors that people are people he understand it wherever you go people are people and did something to my house and I was in one one Churchill 's larger church and they were handsome whatever and I just sit there and look at all of the attitudes it is hard to be mad at somebody when you hear Jesus say anything and say in a blessed are the MLA ever have in your heart if you are full of stress to start repeating the Beatitudes embrace songs blessed are the merciful rest of Outlook is some people sometime I said you need mercy the shortcomings in the level of your shortcomings in the afternoon here to the left of your shortcomings come on don't tell me you don't have any something that your shortcoming should be put out of other people 's shortcomings is that understand we all know scientists and people coming perfect packages they don't bless all the merciful for they shall plot containers these of you won't mercy begging mercy if you don't get mercy the practice of Christian and that so might my point is this Christian leaders we need to be really really acquainted with the Beatitudes we really acquainted with the fruits of the spirit that is as much for those as this is in so much as a high-level Sabbath were wounded with a Sabbath to the economy you know I is sometimes necessary people I think you know what are the athletes that awesome you are the best love you lots you guess what it is in a leadership to lots my best to our services are really good was against forgiveness estimate when I got an hard sometimes easy to say that our motocross bike it is once again I was yellow as a good one naturally I got that in their hollow was a guest bosses line we going strong we can we can sell love is getting close to getting real will warn you helping all patients at the people I meet is when you something yesterday you know that I mean me in the Lord we argue that stuff sometimes knowing I never win the always wins the good years of using the best tool is called the Golden rule and that Islam is an is to treat people so if I if I have if I have a fellow colleague a teacher pastor somebody in the office sitting across from me I try to say okay if I were in their place how would I want to be treated if I were in their place will think how I think I had time to work some languages you know why you just can't do this need he is okay as illustrated places letting me use leaving me now you tell me what you would do it also they stood silent I will respond reasonable that you are viewing you have to do whatever you have to estimate only when you do purely edited they can come up with anything else another words that flowed me that I was treating them well interesting website that the visits are planned for some wealth would you try this I think must you not think that's fair astride Estrada figure works thinking is a solution of joint solutions how we talk about solutions some pornographic and and that would have a good time that they were talking about about following Jesus in Christian leadership Council a very good to go go to the spirit godly attitudes govern over rules put those in your toolbox and we at different paces in the surroundings that you have and I was so perfect I will it is the application follows and know that I'm not looking trying to getting backup state action says all right do we really know what Jesus teaches you what is Jesus teach our reply that his teachings in a practical way that's the only weekend Lee is leaving revolver follows a follows because he believes and trusts the leader to what extent you believe in entrusting our question yes exactly one inch thin how far do you believe that in the Medicis and trusted teachers and use of auto as you are not near the was assayed during the break came up to me in a late point out something on the nevertheless and again another illustration nevertheless is very powerful illustration as when Jesus was in the Garmin Gethsemane where he says Lorna I would drink this cup could Jesus see the car could could he see the whipping that he was windowless factory see that could he see the laundry and spit and Horus and everything is pretty see a wedding is and he seemed to candidacy through the gates of attempting to see you all on the other side of 10K see anything all we can see is darkness and I want to come affordable in his hand may cause all logic points to absolute failure and finish bring in several one thing is will this following his father 's father says it has nevertheless I will abandon whatever I can see interest you with the darkness as a Christian leader will you follow Jesus precious hiding unfortunates you have reached down deep inside herself and assess questions and questions on which the teachability if you are the leader in eternal leader we got to be teachable I think the bar establish that fact that first of all our major teacher our most important feature is the Lord Jesus himself not right said his fee we learn his ways but we also learn from each other this Jesus teach us through other people actually to just two other people I have just L Ripoll SRT narcotics I just learned so much from him I been so blessed I have and add apples of our workers I think you know I think I think Jesus was speaking to us through his servant 's servant top lit up the servant is to look at Jesus but Jesus does use people to teach and I have an ear to be listening for the voice of Jesus and lots of places and I think John here someone even when John's CDs for five years ago John that long and as fast maybe any way it was it was this whole thing on what it means to really surrendered my life to Christ and I love the Lord I was doing him me the house was that struggling harder because I always wanted to no prop power and prayer say Florida you know and a homeless serving face-to-face you are just like Satan a lot of times and letting Satan and still be happy because I trusted with BS and is at the heart of Christian leadership of you you you got to go there because we don't think people are in the inlet they were all like John the Baptist John the Baptist is my greatest joy is the friend of the bridegroom Irish or something leader Andres was getting people together with the Savior I love that about John Baptist well each ability this is John Logan and he says this he said it is what you learn after you know what all the talents so you can have a lot of singer guys let me know what you guys like me I got to watch a guy like me I'm really tired because you know what happens to us the danger for you and me Pastor Paul thank you for your knee is it we got a lot greater we got a lot of experience we've been through a lot antidepressants and wants it back and say now you know we know next and there is some truth to that is better on the word saw I will because let me tell you the longer I live I think the less I know it's not because I have learned is that the field is the area understand and you can trust the Lord more interesting is nothing worse and leadership in a know it all and God hates arrogance is an area of some I really knows all copyright by things that have confidence in the Lord and move your Big Ten and all the time this placement to meditate but not just the current case you can read all of Scripture he hates arrogance of this is coming from Ellen White and I want to look at some of all who are responsible positions in teenager the leader of young people in your local church is that responsible are the eyes are responsible position a man to ever occupy the responsible position on side if you're a mother in your is a responsible position if your father also occupy responsible position me to learn the lesson is taught Solomon 's humble prayer they are ever to remember that physician will never change the character are RenderMan infallible I have a really this is a huge problem with Acer Jesus even the Sanhedrin the White House a contrast between Theophilus and Jesus they are the temple where Jesus had to was teaching the people in chaos that shows up to demand well I'm doing this since I was still there is harassed silver and his roles and passive Kevin dignified bearing everywhere he went people almost worshiped him those are my words and then she says in contrast to that was Jesus films for space no of God 's law and she positioned never changes our character by character is something that we choose beyond position the higher the position I'm in awe deposit money type this is scary I do not stand in line for high positions do not do it the only cover there there are lots of times I have in the morning and I find myself in this southern expression spheres that was and I think one and doing here on and then the Lord says e-mail Jay's on your business you remember I couldn't hear me eat you want to know the thank God was doing the work and not you hire position a man occupies the greater responsibility has to bear is the word responsibility the wire will be the influence heating service we want to talk about influence I don't know when you want to do that but as someone you knew that the high I will say that the one person said that leadership is one thing leadership is influence John Maxwell nothing less nothing more and is influenced question answer is there anyone that has no is everybody in this room have been argument is losing some right now is your life influences and palaces that is a talent away leaving you with your input so you were all followers of notices were all leaders always always visualizing you have questions or times so I want to be a warning a learning thing is going to sleep more the wine will be the influence he exerts in the greater his need to fill his lives next door is a soccer follower depend on somebody else notice leaders are known to be dependent most leaders are either look at themselves everybody dependent on their instead of them being dependent the winning beginning on our Savior on the wisdom and strength of God and to cultivate the best and most holy characters that as well what does all this in position talk about leaders here who have high responsibility she deserves it was the emphasis on character would you do not hear very much in these lectures on the on the leadership you are little about character of some of the market are beginning white guy notices and initial books being printed and in some a Reagan wake up the character is so so important and in as well she says that and goes depending on the wisdom and the strength of God your own wisdom is that important him and why is it important to spend on God was an assignee shall answer for me okay so you're so human I like to suggest to you that we we are in a very narrow convention we can see very far in our ironic not their headlights and leverage of my clients on Thursday lineup to penetrate the darkness of the Stella Fogg you can see but so far so that the panel was called out for anything as long as nobody can get the right and accidentally outgoing well said this was under this without the record here that if Jesus intended on his father for the sea then how much more we know about please I am very releasing a horribly I was put as a conference president was a field one and was on the version two I don't want to be conference half of the union and the one who'll will befall me age of my father I'm down you can't imagine that it was a heavy responsibility but in all other age sometimes visiting that you you know many things I knew that there was a being problem for me in my conference that was so high that potential actually to sleep my team into the so I try to find out find a way solely i.e. I also need for policies the base fifteen fifty nine this war working hard at trying to our people and so on but it seems that I I know that the they didn't all close of his eye very hard I mostly in one nine seven Lord I sat on obviously do ongoing to sleep tonight I'm going to sleep tonight I give up on I find I use my student Duane and so on for sixteen days but there was no way so tonight I'm going to sleep please take care of this I went to bed for the first time the fifteen days I have a sound sleep around one o'clock that night it was almost a old human voice I was looking saved the voice said to his one two three four five but thirty six I have applied the following days unique world I woke for fifteen days no solution I are going to take out only thirty seconds I I turned this into hardly obvious you keep coming on to the different cities I will expand that all these need the voice of thought and being into I think that is the key to listen to his voice and no you will not encourage to doing no more than what the fact is the addition there is fifteen days like that resolution as I thought it are going about here was those exact position of responsibility in the call God should always remember that she was always remember that with the call to this work God has also called in to work circumspectly before and after their fellow men the word circumspectly for me are a draw quiet to go around all the way around the circle okay good to be where God is yes I think it means that they are well-connected to God and interconnected to those they serve to loss circumspectly means if I walk in a circle as I walked in the circle God is at the center that's so I don't stray all my home in other words any as people live that take is worse than the train the horse and had a horse on the inability in the horse runs around the circular corral interesting that I think that circumspectly in other words the horse doesn't get out were supposed to be a face time or needs to be so this is what he wants us always remember that the first thing our first duty is is that we walked circumspectly him will him somewhere before suggest what that in the presence I think it says that I should know always and not to see me it also says my fellow men what is that suggests is just transparency and all right so helpful as I have seen with your excess except for maybe some things in people 's why I'm not share because love covers a multitude of sins aren't you glad for that so there is always like that I'm not going but when we made when we make decisions we should be able to show daylight almost decision should we not so that people can say yes I understand why you did that so that were not simply doing something you don't have a long way are not so good the rest of this particular site instead consider it their duty to order dictate and command will some people should never be given responsibility until they learn this lesson there's a place there are commanding angels in heaven are not and they carry out God 's command but it's not just an arbitrary system sometimes in the church is easy for us to say no past I sell like that but somehow will ensure you get a the sooner is likely that you won't make sure people get I you know God 's call is under shepherds underline the word under he is the shepherd all are doing is doing his work he's the one who gives orders to halt here to command in military fashion per se is considering eliminating to order and dictating command that doesn't mean that there's not time to do a little of that is something to think that's the beauty there's some legal insight on your orders now so on they should realize that they are being why learners so that means in your coffin position responsibilities here called to go to school that I have called this job done and right now going to school calendar varieties is the present hearing school was a spy and a man call me learn themselves what I responsible worker fails to learn the lesson is there any relief from his responsibilities in the matter over your hand the work of God was better for him he required because as long as he is using the command dictate an order he's not developing Christian character so he's locked in July so we can grow we can learn N not mean that vision so we get wanting a healthy salary alarm possession and never see his holiness and excellence in care that's why she said that he who honors God Jesus Commandments is himself are one of the biggest challenges we have in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and probably many churches nominations is immunity careful of our clergy and our ordination service are mine our young men that are being ordained I say to them your poll is on place for politician is not a place for comedian is not a place for after is a place to preach the word of God do not make politicians out of your preachers on one wall is a place for walls and certain settings K mean really here but when it comes to worship comes to preaching the word don't know Paul the preacher to finish in that is in some unfitting and a meeting the issue is when I'm solving me we were trying to hear the word of God okay I say that Paul is wrong beginning of the same all through it he recited the same media to write for and what man is preaching in my opinion a man is a good response is ignoring God praise God hallelujah the methods she's called holy annoyance and any others are saying that is the cause is because we don't want to get our religious leaders when wrong Roche was dangerous I write for some of the young talent that we got in this church are reported for passing on to protect them because the talent brings with itself to notations that are terribly some so when you see God has touched a man or woman with wonderful talent you say Lord thank you for the talent sleeves protect them that they will walk circumspectly always a for you and that makes sense so always have responsibility there are a position of his holiness care etc. etc. he who honors God sees his commandments and keeps his commandments is himself honored said that they are just recruiting right now because my wife got me the book are you wondering something solid leadership this is powerful I'm reading right now history the rest of reclamation by Dunay knew that is is a French authors then translated English to read about great controversy on his woman and authors in the great controversy and that my wife found it for me in getting tuning drop birthday was not attached to pay all shipping outlet and stuff it was sixty dollars use copy and I know that should she was likely that she she heard me say something way back there she was sweet enough to remember and think about it and she got that from my birthday I been reading and and one of the interesting while the user was a marvelous leader without taking what he went through before became a leader convincing made the mandate was to meet this need about leadership influences they had all our even influenced by Martin Luther he will be a harmless when Ms. Samara Margulies Seventh-day Adventist church Martin Luther taught using Martin Luther but he went to England to all and he says I remember all through the things of the traffic and is involving traffic entry things they traffic in money nonstarter they traffic in the grace of Christ in our installs of men and women bustling traffic that no one are is not about earthly honor is about most importantly you'll ever hear sent to you is not that you fellowmen compensate the only one molecular so-and-so what we really like you are that was wonderful our thank you for that wonderful sense is that nest on one and half-life is not work we do is for this leaderboard Sunday say Weld on his beloved child in who will it was impossible following their teaching and leaders need to learn so you want to really honor we must just keep God 's commandments of God the question each one of us should ask itself in all humility is not qualified for this position most people think the problem qualified to do anything that was a hard lesson for me to learn there's been really good less when I was when I was in my early twenties and started out ministry you see the list of stuff I was going to your analysis looks like now is small and I rejoice and watching other people do stuff and say are you one you deliver the last two thousand years rejoicing in other people 's abilities and accomplishments that will finally worsen with age it has an insecure leader you immediately and always insecure I was John this is really good the fetal illustration on the is my business anyhow you enter a new intern came to see Emily entertain even getting any set now I get along just fine is launching you understand what I would tell you and nurses will set in and we just talking blobs of chalk and can pull Andrew a circle around it is united along just fine on you never step in the lesser asking sister Irene secure always had a way such as I see it popping out myself I say those suggest what is right we were roof frame was the year figure is the opposite of faith feared and perfect love just have to understand that faith is also true that you trust God with your life and living our best threats are unwanted for you anytime you want comment on this solitude even accounting office doing okay okay the question is just as I am qualified for this position half I learned to keep the way of the Lord to do justice and judgment the same years earlier example had early Earth example has been given to us that we should not want in our own strength but each I center so as Solomon expresses a little style for the Solomon is then had all wisdom the whole-grain humility love the Lord he started out all the right free one half the one in your PM as he was well-qualified physician in the place that he lost justice and judgment and the Aussie humility any begin wall in his own strength and vigor that he can figure it out Jacob wondered what happened where that story where the two prostitutes came in from of him with the babies was sad story the story and he said and I cannot discount one woman had that way he determined and that was a brilliant move on he was a brilliant college is well happening is to praise the God of heaven and it just probably went to his head please then okay having read these questions question was that the Olson home where God is time for he is on a personal call the police okay to call a qualified home must call right well Yahoo is letting me talk about that is holding him attention that there is a tension there is the last of my own personal experience just a little that is great I think not since the call of ministry asking if there were natural inclinations in natural talents and I like that that would listen themselves to be a blessing the minister at think we all take personal inventory there are people and Island living as God was variety amen as variety I looking for us right now doing for us even even if you looking for some conferences all content conquers all kinds of every individual visit God as we all need one another so there's an interdependence that goes on here so that means I do need to have someone take stock of my talents and my passion something up the actions of people 's lives are you in a few values of medicine utilizes run at it if you are a human talk about the position I don't have on unqualified for that I'm not really good I just don't have a lot of science but somehow the scientific brain so if you asked me and I qualified to be a physician José no I'm not going down that road was so happy to keep their front don't have reacted to be a nurse he can only work on the better side manners by the one we were those doctors it has great bedside manners among Butcher in the surgery and another volley worked as a nurse in LRM and she's as a model created equal about acquisitions in your eye now saw my funny heart neither creatures created will I think sometimes we don't will looking for something that God sends people to encourage us I got to the pastor and I like to encourage many as sixty one behold an existing series a stay I think you I think we seen you you you often think about the ministry I felt I call my heart but I think you need to be a doctor or physician it was anyhow wrong when I had a look at myself and say I somehow manage so I get a look at set the habit the other thing and I have a actuality other things you got a look at is where is the leading and how does he open his provinces for that and I think any of us are understood just below I think Indiana's qualify to be a minister of the gospel I'm not qualified while opening the pastor of a conference meeting actually clay feet so there is the next step where God is okay I did calling outline and would help humans launching the pendulum of yes to questions Solomon qualified to be key on ESN okay immediately you so I will I is for humility Kyle kicks in here I think it's a disaster accounts I think it's important to your people saying you that you have confidence in God is leading this land is considered as often as important moments at the same time to go along with that you can look at yourself and say you cannot do this now there are times will will will be to have been using this a lot in the wind were gone over to the believe that Moses and when I say journalists damage a mouse that is why God is always do their and as some people who do not have a talent for that they got has a common set of them I'm sending you a way that made me maybe you should should go in another direction is a child is not objective set of standards it's subjective there's this concept that somehow there is a difference between the biggest of the spirit and power but even explain I was and I was passing a large church in an innocent place and wonderful group of people they were discounted in Bible studies and we had a certain person container really meant well I'm not finding anything derogatory for this person came as an Avenue you these gifts of the spirit and easiest spell on you and I will test for you and hold you to find out what you give is home all his wonderful thing one cannot church as a worsening so I went back to church fringe to hang that and I also had people coming up to me were getting Bible studies winning souls say no to the test I found out he and Bible studies wasn't my gift someone with half a blow job and and I and I I don't conviction go back description and see what I'm teaching this is what I've discovered we were born in using genes I know people that can look at a piano and figured out start playing it see below for plan years it is a ligand like these matters I never had my mother wanted me to have so she sent me she sent me three years p.m. lessons and I can just barely got something with my right hand and had when you're born you got your back along the Lord Jesus yes a man where they belong the Lord Jesus and you should bless those talents educators counselors and good things educations and related equipment talents but the gifts of the spirit are supernaturally given when you run out of town very important to advance the gospel in our pastor is what happened in acts to does God do they have any understanding of how to organize a church twelve Benjamin not only will the we understand God having given themselves they need language skills did have time to go to school and did you speak four languages are know nothing is not the right word I'm so proud of you Sunday Jesus help me maybe tonight I see you got on your face longer and an activist that these are what I don't get this brother to get back to run Ya I just went to maybe to comment on this very important question about some of the qualification I is to study probably what passages in Scripture very briefly by the time I think is about to be up and say it didn't so occur in two and chapter the I like these it is about all these sexy and single origin chapter two verse sixteen do no one will always smell of day to be on the different ways of life and easy simulation I want easy to such a task soulful warmth radiating is known unknown qualifier forties Lakisha but easily continue the reading of the passage is so chopped up the mediastinal and verse fourteen and that we anyway yes starting with verse three cents coffee to our species alone to Christ before God not that we are competent in a less outs to come in anything for ourselves back I will call because on so using a code of dossier will be qualified these the thing that got disqualified so on kind to view the coping is unique DCC I'm what you study the study the writings of pool it is always there is no horse the response I have gotten these are presented in a church I'm not life I even do preach his Gospel and then say yes because I I like all using business qualifications and duties but is incomprehensible what if I then that means you wall or releasable and reasonable for and idea verse six two thousand eight began in our communities visit of a new continent not of the negative about all this adding greatly to the Old Testament using all the children on these meetings to homes built in southern uncle I know you know they did not copy seals will be six thirty very difficult to accomplish so all in the end and we would talk more about these about it is you I don't believe bravo Cindy says a few young people that what we need now in addition is constant and studying possible it is all constant abrasion from the beginning of the creation is constant innovation redemption cards and information miracles want to estimate the New Testament Christianity for the agency collects information and I think he is that somehow the display we need to and I is the key focus in addition to go back to living in thing which is allowing God to MTV and you still here on Exodus chapter thirty five thirty five and verse thirty six thirty two thirty four thirty five then Moses said to leave the lights seems a law that socialism is a sign of mourning the sawmill for all the disciple John God and he has definitely been one of twenty five Bill October the day slaves and they did indeed get visas these training sole goal is chosen then and that diversity and Diaz told him with a signal that is one condition in which the busy with the spirit of God Spirit of God we steal opportunity and knowledge in all kind of costs and then he was also given the ability to teach Oliver through thirty four and in verse thirty six so there's a little and I have every seen person to whom the Lord as humans deal I know being a geek to know how to cut it out all they were both acting the sex so PCT will talk more about these on probably design about the singleton innovation I unselfishly like these when I'm under the disease the key on and I believe that as we get fish of one finishes sending out I think Allison successful because that is the key I have a dispute is a student in the leadership allowing Gaullist and if you because all their weight goal needs Eastridge displaying their footage all right okay I think our time our time is as Weidner was produced by our members media ministry lies him great sorrow I would like to listen more green new deal with his presentation or if you would like to learn more about you when you visit WW July see well for an awesome binary Windows media audio verse or and www. video .com is a


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