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The Heart of a Servant, Part 3

Paul Ratsara Jay Gallimore



  • December 20, 2007
    2:30 PM
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Re: we are on teachability were just one move right into that here is the czar of ages page two fifty and one you can you hear me okay go back to this we need to Jesus chose unlearned fisherman now let me ask you this Jesus life ignorance so he's not that he's not choosing and because he likes ignorance he 's choosing and for another reason as seen in a moment hence speak volumes to us because they had not been schooled in the traditions and what kind customs the erroneous customs of their time in other words Jesus was going to educate and he believed in educating them but he wanted to make sure they were educated and or and a good way that's why that we all need to always question whether our education and are learning is in the school of Jesus that is you should go to college you should you are that's where God is leading you solving his formal education but it is a certain signal to us to say is this education measuring to the current teaching of Jesus would have before notices as they were men of native ability and they were horrible and why teachable and that is a quality that you are remaining in the rest of your life even if you are our division president of the Southern Africa in the notion of vision he wants to maintain a humble teachable spirit and I know that Elrod 's hardest difficulty it was like signing a chance to visit the Java points on messenger things I got to share with you some new things that he'd been learning so was human they are the rules announced in his first years of new things with me and I'm excited about meeting educators work are you a man or woman that God can educate for his work best in class warfare and my educational forum already soldiers petrified that you can do anything with you have to keep an open mind to God 's leading and got stingy now October is to share with us three parts three parts that are actually essential I believe this educational process utterance are the next lives I believe that what we're going to study now is the key really is successful in addition I quoted his client will successful Christian nutrition I like us to open our Bibles in first or someone you shall find rest twelve twenty five we are currently and we all roses that will rule that known again and that the Psalm one oh two roses from the I would like to discuss database in depth and no you can go back to the guys that need to be honest I like is these very crucial very important I twelve these in mind it is one thing I am trying to do I will know something will be something that I'm not trying to do is not basic principle that I have taken over the phone not been following if I don't do it I will not increase about that does not mean that I reached a ISP C one hundred percent of student working on a struggling but one thing is sure I won't lie to lead a busy reservoir R leadership review on applying these climbing walking only saw one of us we are seeing your weaving we ask you we don't do it but this is very important doing one be a girl needs transforming no reliable disaster will forbid God not for my glory you know we will glory to God what we need to enjoy I thought it was already one hundred percent checking God we don't want to but we won visualize success the joy of season and glorified God so that is the goal of some moving the festival once she's gone and gone when we glorify I believe that even we cannot give way before using this we will receive who will have less access the asset on achievement volume the just tingly triangle one the foundation is gone the foundation of a letter leadership is gone i.e. I come from but I guess going away from Mauritius goes to islands in the unit was just thinks the main continent of Africa but we would will call to serving global was then about five years there I integrate all city Kinshasa it wasn't me you really been a nice afternoon Biden me him will him I believe what I say why is understanding on what it was as I said it was stated is that the speed of the use of being multiplied because he is dangerous to leave their visit why soon immediately speak wonderful patient foundation is important Saul when you install Windows foundation the foundation is gone is the one you're seeing if you want to build our you need to go in the foundation I thought these speedy trial it so I call it is by spirituality we talk a lot about leadership by example that is very important but we are trying to almost cleaning these leadership by speeding twenty whole is not woefully good I like to study his life doesn't find find out what students keen on both speed and television seven seven oh one verses nine to twelve we need to we need to release coalitions up to one verses nine to twelve see you there for yellow lights all of whole you see we need to be quite an extent with God first you seem to hold on his way to Damascus the income to Jesus Christ the e-mail for really a to be successful you must be first converted because and I'm whatever you need to will use uncontroverted and make a will take on convert the decision I wouldn't mean the church militant to conversion by opting to reverse conversion it is written in the book of Christian service is reverse conversion mini convergence of goodwill started first thing he is on version team speed and quality when it was gone always our relationship with God in order to be able to need to you must be finished first I leadership is like this this fruit of the Christian soul prayer life Jessica one verse nine to twelve women not legal in these verses he is by way we will give you handouts tomorrow so we can conflict with your philosophy is at the same time we would give bills and so if you can't not be everything don't worry it will cost the verses you okay someone please begun read Polish is the one then when you see I think of in math all right was reasonably yes please all right safe for me some reason also seems to be a winner delete we all know seas were a for you way for you your suite another case they see Ephesians shot for the reverse sixteen Ephesians the beavers sixteen I think we we need to okay I would run to let start with the verse fourteen for this reason fourteen to the week on more than optimum nineteen twenty two nineteen ultimately leading for a single may be the recording for this reason I bowl my my niece about my knees before before the father from will refund any covenant or nerves derives its name that they would grow you are according to the reaches of these glory to be strengthened with power salute is spinning in the even that and then that's continue here saw that Christ may dwell in your car is slow free and that you are being ruined it I will do in law may be able to hope and we've bowl descends less is it right focus on I'm high I didn't I need to know the all rights with some processing knowledge that you made me feel toward this willingness of thought okay that is all right so these initiatives by Saudi father DE 's space first you people your relationship with God is the time with God you see many times we excuse ourselves we PC we engaged in doing these so we don't agree how I but there is little we can't not really be needless usually don't spend enough time with God how was your wee individual than that I may know him it is said that we need to create our Jesus I really draw a nice sized young when I was easily over come I I am taking these very seriously for a Jesus and Crane asked Jesus for sometimes we rationalize much said well you know I gave 21st-century all I pray she doesn't write that needs to include dates text conventional Jesus is the person so I was actually I was iPhone and ELISA foundationalism rationalized Thomas said well framed messages is going him as so many things that is myself when the meeting Jesus was also very busy in Ottawa were safe Jesus was very busy and easier than Jesus no we are not getting my Carol Riley because we are always time to do something that we want to do so we don't how time when we say we don't have time to because we are only saves time Google celibacy I want to show us among us this is rightly called thinking but you know the Bible is sometimes I made a radical thinking so I decided himself still slow what is the Ice Age no I'm not going to rationalize DVDs there and Jesus didn't I don't say I will not delete by I would just say Lord help me to do it I don't want to know I can't do it set blog just helped me out I was just doing soul just to summarize the prayer life of Jesus both listed that he was in fact his father only time that conviction is these videos but we know that every morning his Spanish at least one hour went to because they do say what he wants the bar launch one percent five sole access the site to do that yet when consumed how I him us only the assignment is made and sound are no distant year to you while Charlotte is what all the while going to help you doing it to rationalize this week on one by the grace of God working on real book three hundred and twenty and start the word of God every day my scripts sometimes eighties but I did not idea I thought I will never again the most important is that the law you are doing you made me is one tool mornings also because of cost share your lives on only disclosed to continue Jesus knows that you are reading women and AVP it is regaining lost up to one hundred thirty five MSN unlike Old Testament and the Lord will help us as we pray I offer you run golfing then way and environment what Jesus and the early morning was nodding off in the evening we went the meeting will not control his father that's why spend all coatings for aggravated that you know celibacy 's first twelve is it okay I know that my Saturdays types when different countries but it is written to me just to week one half I this rating on reading the Bible I was so when I is doing is following Jesus this morning we go to the foregoing God example coordinate workforce that is the defrosting poultry farm in it I don't realize that is there any time without exception those not of God before it starts so they are being done in the history this thing we've got like Jesus all meetings for these certain order for me here I study design right now studying about fostering in the Bible and Scripture new government they do I will ask an old soul and make the call is fatal these are items that he means economy scientific and Cody IAEA I have been one of the things you about it has vicinity of the division so I asked him to studies that say that I don't understand these that give me the eighty 's findings identify I understand for these scientifically meeting of philosophy started formula of only two individuals Paul will tell you that these when you are a diabetes diabetes are people that I may one you out these are usually one normal ill health is fine of course we don't shall you just say no when you fuss don't even tell that to foster only you and God shall know but this is by focusing on low encouragement I tossed these part of my spiritual life costing more than one days on either enzymes that go out so anyway what I think this is these lead by spirituality by doing that we are already because we often was gone I gone disingenuous and people around meaning beautiful numbers than once it was that we are we are not perfect also leaders but one thing that helped me recently that takes pity twenty two finishers VCA and is closely this initiative is available in the ones you want to have fun and he was also formally what we need to have that something this is not the soul as we spend enough time taking care of a western quality we all ordered by some risk this initiative is sometimes justified him will will watch I know what related to know please really people would like to know what you're doing if someone reasonably needs something it will cost but if you need to talk it it would be anomalous soul I do believe Dean is doing good things I didn't analyze and see what the Dean Baldwin because I don't want to believe people are interested in what you are doing all they would like to know your prayer life they would like to know how you study your Bible even if you don't tell them they want to know how you do is these are fatal to vandalize everything about you even in the lunches I would like to sit in my results you need is yes I'm having responsibility in the church please focus on what it is here you know what I'm talking about the tool things I did when I speak please one hundred best exercise that do this and he is using that we offer you we say one thing we do something else we talk about prayer but we don't pray we talk about this principal legal and coordinate the practice very soon it would be by appellate influences on human falcon for what follows is wrong wrong people will not follow a no what is laying on so there is one is spirituality Jesus Cole our relationship with God is important I disabled one in the house and then motivated it is vital into one of optimal one we are actually gone we need to spend time training for the followers you see the looks diocese verse twelve Jesus spent his old night waiting for the disciples I would like to collect five centimeters to spend time training for those life for knowing us how many times how we spend one night waiting for the young people in the church taking advantage one by one until the phone bought training for all many times how to create forecast crate for Lindsay 's Winnie to try this is what pulled for Jesus and we need to play into this playful sometimes we would talk at all about the shortcomings of people and so on we don't even reflect this I think I have one that has and I will tell you that you him was seeing someone you personally this is an excellent very well our attorney is not in my life that were originated this is especially slight the Majesty in the wrong directions to the driving they do not push away from my own personal life and earnestly of the Lord in prayer as a Lord help that person is helpful to be able to communicate a house and now understand open their eyes download at home his son and his vintage on it there's nothing like leaving you in leading and harmony is a wonderful thing when all is always in harmony that take people away from knowing that even if these even we reviewed him and him alone and I really really crucial to spiritual leaders so pray is very important when it comes as also pray also the loss golf magazine this morning we talk about God 's intervention we see when we started in Bible I listened this morning God really inducing a life of his life for example Joshua if I joke to be done designate Angel 's Isaac office president or me a division president days a issue with their angel when needed to be done but the time was not enough so that these promotion on what data is item you remember that one just what was on something I was already getting dark I was going to see that so all the jaw to be done what was sending motion okay look you got a single thing that's going to tomorrow that these emotions for example do you have a cigarette alternate these costs all people say well usually done doings now the Yankees will move a little runaway and off-line but it wasn't is it okay pray for son Stansfield and the spirit of prophecy says that several additional prayer but it was the resolve of hours with God I'm gone going you the mind of Jerusalem and Jerusalem the mind of God that's why he lost that right Leslie was no presumption is a presumption is what you don't know the mind of God but if you knew of God God will tell you what I he was sure that God would mind so that you because God himself says okay going for the slab and indicated to you saved us are going to give it but usually don't know God then we must then we can't afford into presumption but usually how these relationships so as constant innovation in your division one it is easy to you while the coronation with God on anyone in the wind of God and we pray for all the we are praying for competitive unleashes I had a friend who said well I am glad that I'm not in the state is and why this is no incentive not to me on the status window when you have sitting on that no longer study was a golf vice president before I decided on online that I'm no longer and straighter I am no longer to do something as because a normal of me all the initiatives was going to have I think when you need it all what do you mean is often all you seem to sell immediately send out I I please focus on I don't believe that may be a citizen so many issues and so so I was set up it is a will know this man is just exaggerate my fantasy I say maybe all he has to point they the only the call was being a leader when it attempted to say that will do these impossible to have a human being well I am more revealing than that means I like to check selecting soul when I attempted to to being neglectful to be negligent in our relationship with God that is what similarly in the maybe oh well I should find someone always going to find he's leaving for the Navy is not helpful in this so I said well what we need to go there I reflected on the overly sanitized if not this is signal I cited in the spirit of prophecy that is great music Craig is the final meaning is the issue you hung the Art students league in the malicious I seem to go on war a responsibility of using whole name in Graceland in the time on your knees because I'm a musician 's so it's something all in the leaders must be set on being costs you has to mean down on waste Osteen gone I is as far as I'm sorry on I take much time on this one because these she didn't have time she that we only need to half full go into the unilateral leadership is going and getting a young edition when did you find when did you see the last time constant catfish Chris and innovation in your practice it's a little short scientists at the Windows Vista social of all that we had someone who is a leader and elsewhere on his reasons someone who invited us to come and Aston for him forces carry out also work the chaos it wasn't me personally let us meeting someone in my office and so I said to his possibility to go and so they went they were very well received and they turn out okay but they came back and assess the NASA quest when you pray and pray for resources regardless of the results this individual volunteer for you to come and ask for resources yes I said so go now it is sorrow Venetian woman has she been turned away by the parents rejection her door and I possess and because she had a vision was asked to send the nonstop medicines which are now living in a lot of money to build a high-definition father on site what anyway but we can't find a place for a subset of what God was in view you the money for that is without leaving the place to put absolutely going back on using we actually begin to pray for this particular high-definition whenever we were trying for we are pleading with God similarly really mean is we believe we write this letter and our clear blue we got these files and up-to-date equipment but now you have a place to put it to him this order is not only was the place to put it already they exactly the already and about three steps just the other day the solution is on the horizon don't have a solution money but I think the solution will manifest itself this time you what he's saying is true God wants you he was to use you to move the world around you then you display don't have to have no navy everywhere but God will use you can move his citizenship okay so that this is very important so gone once the dizzying but God does not force his way the EAS decided to work that way we need to find Q twenty ten no education I was doing it I have mainly example for additional reading defeating and mighty way I think using the glory I is the cc gone into scenes in our life I do know what English we need to need to be convicted with God okay got his first line will defiantly go it alone while he is in addition by unknown it is by no news is good of Ephesians sacrifice Chris wanted to when you read that if Asian Semper Fi first wanted to okay please send me all right related mainly to Ephesians five versus one two six zero four B the music is gone it does below children I will just as Christ also know you and gave himself for us I also rained by the sacrifice to God as a friend rent car room leading by all use a onesie as a leader we may need to know our human and mistakes in many things as human beings but the amazing music and off they shall see the you don't know you know they are like children our children will we had us make mistakes but one thing we need to watch carefully don't make this mistake don't have anything that people are going to leave since that's not there will excuse you for many things but even they know that we these lawless one is talking about is not the anyway this is a limited edition novel to none lead before and I slightly assume worshiping Jesus Torvalds is often because Jesus had been buying off CSI one South Africa is washing by many people almost believe they are a sovereign God is almost using my finish why my day I will when you can model the prison outfit two one two seven and a half years people expected residual can always allow time is it now this is all there is less full the Bible is all you Mac Suzuki just will not does not mean that you should know efficiently review if need be that these scofflaws but two additional than all of us going to back off if you are normed by by the old people that he liked Hillary need you I involve the leader it will love you back I was as you must be involved but before you are alone you must not know that it is reasonable by this is vital in silence we don't force people for loss we don't falsely suspect you burn respect I'm not even getting sworn off along with my sacrifice sacrifice that Jesus died for us and us wife received forward now him this is going to sacrifice me yes they voluntarily sacrifice probably we are not only because you find what people need to know while living sacrifice in IA I was humbled by the experience at all they individuals but was copying the Kim Mobutu was a Presidents' Day an individual Moss home the eastern part of the country to what exactly constitutes dénouement I know there is big look closer and closer to the current legal cc I'm very soon it was clear that I think they will call medicolegal cingulate win-win baby 's diet of the conference they feed him is it possible I was a young president is in constant we recall things we decided us on young people that we are going to sleep you are around your house tonight before old they reach you best impossible costs I was in I said going eight innings twenty said the move by thank you very much I don't they just read that the young people will sleep in the house but they willingly die for me I was pacifying tone that these principles work funeral home him will follow us on them and there would follow suit vests in addition to my golf people only do something unusual for you for the church that was in Seoul at all it is a bylaw banning all the last part isn't it is my excess busy as we are talking about performance we need to read these days I elected very much for this alone inside a file is twelve and fourteen I was still one eighties color these the one thing I believe I be leaving delightful wanted to say I I I take it very seriously so here is a principle of it is first Thessalonians Semper Fi verse twelve I'm starting now we lost to progress toward respect for all the war on him on you while all the ill in the Lord and Mauricio Olson in the highest regard below because of their work to be successful you need to perform you need to she we need to be accessed we need to be knowing honest busting gone to have blessed to be put back one own guidelines that is we need to pray hard but we need also to walk our people as tools that she gone with respect pending will you be cost of the success quite informed Sheriff coroner had asked to come in and as long as there is no baseball before his complaining and if nothing was happening just as no one is doing so I said that because loaning and Hawkins for visiting or ask a few questions I said that I had me having a regime which was based as well I preaching every other week churches sauce okay so he preparing one some areas we write is okay tell me about harming well same same thing one of varying every other week said that while studies you have said that I said that this is an amazingly hasten I knew this was a fine wine guess what my next question in the Linux question is is going on inside that question in a way we help me help them transition into something which is not been assigned somehow him a will you as the ones that officers may have a problem moral values has a line biopsy of the day and they they were so they won't so much and so are there not one more strong and this is a season one hundred pastor and said this is not easy because you do things yourself you're going to write and tell you that you got to pace yourself so good that happened to a layperson legalese so involve the local church that you just can't only people who come to me and said I will not do anything else also I think you better do it in I think you better start subtracting this population is I you look at Highbury Stadium home I was talking on the phone he's got ten thousand users running his own business he is you just if there is a layperson every pastor dreams that have their church for my beautiful family acetylcholine is a you know you better start asking some misunderstanding at home with their kids longingly doing ministry him on one leg twenty four hours a day he's not the one who tells you to try and fifty hours leaders pace their energy they get stuff done but they also paste excellence leadership by excess awesome God give us disputing of excellence productivity is the one you when we leave in place no matter what is behind what is behind I'm going to keep us NBC's fish Israeli this is the key so everything is that so summarize ourselves first we need to be disputed meaning the rugby one four lowly Jesus step-by-step costing you to lead I've gone to a single and a visiting seventy leading by all and firmly by access creating line 's triangle of success I can assure you my reason for if we place it will be a successful leader for the Lord will this meeting was removed by audio burgers medium ministry for GUIs generation grace him was a great presentation or you would like more I see you WW place where more than also find great you are you'll verse four and hand www. video .com


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