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The Heart of a Servant, Part 6

Paul Ratsara Jay Gallimore



  • December 21, 2007
    10:45 AM
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for Sarai his consent into taking through those foundations I think they're fantastic armadillos love them and so as soon as I get him my companies will take you through those five initiatives I think there there just after what we're telling you is the real paradigm shift unit is been lots of people going to places like Saddleback and Willow Creek and all those kinds of things in front to find a vision for the Seventh-day Adventist church when the Southern Baptist churches already got a vision layout and vote in what Christ said and in with us for processes with my sister the testimony sought to the church and we have a vision that house telling him the other day so I must ask you know what I would do is I would do everything the more hopeless to do how do everything the Lord told us to do swallowing the amount so this is something you are right some of us are still coming in here and we are going to have a prayer hearing and starting hints are heavily following for your presence here this morning we need your help and wisdom and it really do that to us as we share today and talk we pray to only build and strengthen your church Jesus came home a while Rosas coming up on engines will prevail you have any of you have heard that will read just recently came out and said everything we were doing good work possibly her best amazing thing I pray their integrity at least they had the honesty to do it but here we have spent we has spent on all how much money sending ministers and their and it is just a very unfortunate kind of thing not that we can't learn from places RSR make that clear I believe you can learn ultimately this is some nice clean election us testimonials here prophecies of Scripture and then the new Google site and applying applying methodologies and so forth but what's happened is that while Cleveland is taking a car along and brought it over his call real problems in our churches because people but let me give you an example for us as we believe in Revelation fourteen the three Angels messages our mission MRI as real clear on and if you have a world of you have that condition and then you have a world organization to carry that all right so your mission drives your church a theology drive your mission your mission drives your church organization I and him and these big measures are all Congregational Seventh-day Adventists cannot carry out its mission in congregational form of church government in the resolution surgery government we get as many times as you guy have a world church government I was at a house in a meeting some years ago actions zero conversation where a scholar Robinson versus name he is a mean he's well-known among closely basically stood up and and made fun of the organization so that his church is well effectively layers I noticed out more layers than the United States and so forth you know your brother bless your sweetheart I mean you need to step back and look at this just a little bit differently let me talk about the United States of America do you want a strong democracy because democracy is at all levels you have democracy and after county city county state and federal as for divisions is exactly to the original conference divisional this is one nation is passing the world you have two choices for a worldwide church government a papal system which we reject as undeliverable or a representative form of church government so a lot of people that today I believe it do not any longer believe in the vision so what they do is attack our form of church government if you can collapse our form of church government and you will automatically class our vision as a done archaeology so there's more than one way to fight this thing and incidentally is a know it or not and cannot attack us on Revelation fourteen and I will get you far they know that the Anglican church government and people accept so anyway I'm simply saying that we have a vision that God has given us and then vision demands that we do put stuff in place to carry out that vision so anyway I think that this church I believe in second organization is meeting in between English and always studied and what better and we long to resources and we spin resources but we want to thank God for the organization we had all right I'll go back to the two elderly sorrow hoping you for your much establishes an important move into the converter or think of Christian leadership is about character and integrity thank you very much we these justify efficient use of that talking about this is the booklet list of Christ tell it won't be easy I initiated multi- General conference center we recorded a knowledge diffusion will find yes I saw heard off and then we send Activision on five initiatives of Jesus we went to the soul crayon I'm consolidation starting to one of God outlined in the that we all we talked about this is the proton these this booklet report that all of the new process that will follow from all then consolidation starting the war goes on to speak of prophecy and thesis this is so I will summarize what is written here we use our names be legal since for example the first initiative is when the holy spirit 's ministry with the press it is the Bible it cost estimate is that we just seem to read texts about this eventually to summarize it since a full verse twelve I don't read it off us that is in a it possible please will you and a servant of Christ Jesus sends greetings is always questioning in prayer for you that you may stand firm in all the will of God not sure I fully sure so that is if this is in contrast in the history meaning I are organizing on the Zune eighty seven one that I used to preach all anonymous nine percent oh nice Jesus are organized then he mobilized his army times we just qualifies in a nice meatloaf recipes these about organizing are these more about that tomorrow I will pray it you have noticed that daily basis on praying is the first twelve coalitions shutout soul versus wealth so all the initiatives which is a foundation is Brian I thought a lot about is that he I don't want to expound much about one feet I want to say we need to intensify our prayer I think Ezekiel and I we don't pray enough and that is not my idea it is invisible status of Christ even the Angels are summarized this is what is going on in these people are praying enough being we are angels just follow what we call was being on these people to the individuals think of me we pray okay is it even one clunker of Jesus conquered we need to pray I pray sing on initiatives we call it follows management polls May the second two hundred seven over zero what is that Eileen I think things that you have heard from me when you went to this will mean these two phrases one man will be able to teach followers also by Emily these can be applied even in local church I'm being of the CDs manuals guidelines in the church so if you want to use the Yukon to us in the office is stocked with your self advantage the revision will pray I see the young people teach them how to pray the interagency relationship with God so that is in the first vision in way that is because close Middle East lady said it is being as I heard from me among many witnesses call me Nice to see a faithful man will will be able to teach offers someone said it remains integration is expensive try to be a condition of his expensive car Lawrence clean since there was a big big big usually training was over the leading doctors away on getting those who are very busy that's probably very hostile you can toss up people individuals life individually but one of the things of God to complete for an kind in the group that is already leading because the slave and you present you what things and what is the outlines and action this is so signing bonus and no envision these using the same reading frame we worship any hot training training plan the church members playing the elimination along the use that strength is without meetings every year for four day conference presidents and presidents S training training is very important so in your case sixteen don't ever underestimate claiming planned for these doing well I need to be Michael according to the spirit of prophecy and practical the thirty and this is one we call it sick RIF project see starting with a bath wrestling is Paul's letter to the stick on a project what is this these sees what whole in on Jason extortion in always on tick both time is not an offense that but the Bible really calls about in London his explosion whiny as you start with one other than twenty members and then the following day you bought a three thousand what is that person is not you my premonition it's twenty five fax yes one hundred and twenty times twenty five what is it three thousand two one two five times I know it is possible to move the my grace is on SR eighty first twenty two hundred and twenty three million people also how also nations will come to Jerusalem to see the Lord Almighty in philosophy is from more languages and nations will take firm hold of one June by a handful feasible and safe pathos with you because we have heard that can't easily why would we tag by containers in meeting them in the pool all sitting that his extortion maybe a fun times when you need a departmental open church don't don't just fight for some meetings I attended luncheon is our mission is the function ice in departmental the church must be informed to speak or if you want your department to work well needed eighteen three pointers basis in winning souls is like it or not obsessed abilities even if you have your Angels and revisit all I would like NATO to help human beings must do because we needed we need to fill eyes to leader on personal ministry direct download Sabbath school may need to be a fun and interesting for you if I'm too nice and funny and nice I believe the one we unwittingly foster it is we call it will proration is a card is a kayak to see from above see the abundance how was your thinking is a Kia beautiful cover of a nation really destroyed by war the priests I have to leave the leave leave the country will be confidently seeking on the half as far because it table was closed during the game eighteen it costs bomb dropped but one is a kayak people could embark on as it became Stewart's stowage is if I told thing in Cheney this is not studied a short series is not a parliamentary way it is their way of life so if you want to be young people to be strong teaches selection I bought some notable in money time powerless they bought the user to fourteen thousand treasure time what is a level one for eleven stewardship soul in our division we emphasize this one I'm the loss if if one of the least way eight hot guy I pay attention IDC is owned on holiday septa of that chapter one verse two eight by the way of LASIK eye out it is in the single and Chronicles chapter thirty one thirty one verse nine to twelve one eighty say that Yahoo you are young they would be close across also all for all of the Israeli nation a problem the problem was a holiday link to spend the money for school it was in the house and that you see from across the one you have a vision yes the visible resources what destroyed by being feasible resources there was Tuesday and is highly outlining that the people of God and resources for a season-high syllable is a lot not truly undying adventure pieces about check building infrastructure on maintaining what three how sometimes we fitting would be goofy but the problem for you maintaining facilities all of these goals as defined in five initiatives and I can tell you that the Lord is blessing a reasonable excitement and we cannot take it crazy focus is on his cause I think that if we outlined these as an example the Lord will reveal to you because gone also like to call control to your school for the speed of processing and voice of the Holy Spirit okay anyway is if I is okay with who we are remaining questions one to three that I will know them anymore okay please we don't hobby some ninety eight but probably we should put these on my sometimes but they may have wheels you yes okay guys this is the solution easy right here so we made an strong minded young office website because they values he also and always as are our websites there is in my SCA is is is an for okay next and that is your mission to a nice so I alright okay for Hyundai chapter one verse two one eight okay all right I would like to know the possibility to add anymore to continue with his very important aspect of addition setting would defeat you may locate what wedding on the phone so far but this one is RAL rots on the back of your helping me out with this book this is what you do not hear very much in the secular version kinds of conferences and less on this whole issue of character as talk about this for secondly you know this misstatement of the state will remind ourselves are very often the greatest one worlds the want of men you said you currently will not be bought or sold what does that say was that Savior leadership position the thing that we need today when people think of politicians today they think of the site lately means something very different on I think of people who will know whether means justified on the end justifies the means yes I you and yours and I is migrated one and you are going on in Henry was a leader is just a leader to Hell Rose I have no so lazy and healing is genuine there is no souls are true and honest when talking about Kerry 's longer here in their inmost soul and with integrity something has to come from the inside I is where your heart is and who do not hear the call send via strike name shopping we must do this in a sloppy writing Carlson by trying me will you remember that Jesus using the methodology we did that and but that doesn't mean that you're not great opposition Mark this down in the criteria for success is popularity index of criteria it will not work for me and in the church Jesus says in a England these seminars on leadership in the other all are saying about you how you used it nearly everybody invited St. Paul Holocaust this one Jesus said it's as if everyone speaks well of you because if you follow Christ everybody oh well men who do not fear and also a thriving man whose conscience is true to why duty another words it doesn't feel good is my duty to do it and when we had a man who will stand for the right though the heavens fall the seven rivals it is right in his son dependent on outside circumstances we created being the image of God what does that mean every human being is created in the image of God anonymous this is down with our candid that the creator and that is a marvelous statement we agreed the image of God fruit with godlike powers honestly apologized hours rest of you have some godlike powers what are the ones that are initiated here individuality Archuleta all of you are not just alive is not a cookie-cutter even if you have brothers and sisters all of you look different you have individuality power to think and do desire power to think and do it anyway Mason is imaging it was the power to think the power to do don't you enjoy doing that that's all enjoyed living at home and all and I is because it's fun to think and it's fun to do what happens when that power is the valid notice education eight seventeen the men in whom this power is developed armed men who bear responsibility who are leaders in enterprise and who influence character the words they have impact far beyond who they are let's talk about individuality what is individuality here's a dictionary the dictionary says your individualities a song qualities that characterize and distinguish a person from all others were all all well and they also had something very alike and that was they were very true to the principal 's but they were different you need my favorite disciple is John and I also like Peter really Paul Blount think I'm how they got there in Paul's shoes on this Manhattan irritability that John Johnson will worsen and he people think I think I is you and I think I met with the abilities we need your nuclear visitor will stay in the call to the Sanhedrin the phrase and say you crucified the son of God but towards the lucky number video during the oculi that I like Peter so your dad your mutiny is not a pleasant variety life for us he created is endless variety your challenge their abilities were all white snowflakes your likes and dislikes your personality and easy for visitors well the truth is always all saying what Warhol like dramatic and all melancholy about where we're actually is like everybody is different because your mixture of those kinds of things and that even changes as you as you change over time some of your alliance to excessive power failures of the shares as they involve thinking to inform you have in mind to have an opinion on bullying needs to reflect all to ponder remember reason to form a mental picture image to the advised by thinking of will say this is a statement offering justification ground clause power to bring our intellect saying or sound we might have a reasonable mind do exercise of faculty on one jingle on say this as soon as illogical never give a reason person on one of the same diseases you cannot give a reason the reason for students he's the truth is as soon as they want is a nice wine while we would do something that destroys us and as for selfishness and I lead us in the devil when he was Lucifer got created the great under shepherd verse had not fallen Sunday we were all Meyer is one of God 's most marvelous creatures instead someday be universal and only Lucifer and keep on him the week on this case an abomination righteousness is logical and reasoned because it supports life okay to act to take action to conduct oneself to behave and perform a specified function is affected by actions produce life savings actions produced that are choices and design one of the other our individuality is the wrapper character is the theme the filling our thinking becomes our choice is getting this closer journaling as I becomes Irish forces are choices produce our acts and are asked because our character is who and what we are our character wouldn't homeland this authority though and invading their leadership position in a living and I said I am making choices that are long lived my life passing yet you are necessarily came to prominence as you have a will and over here are your emotions and your feelings and no one here is God 's law and his principles and what you're doing is you're allowing your emotions you can control your goals and your choices is allowing God 's law as a human choices that are ruining your life by his emotions are very powerful and moving leaders run a motion enthusiasm is on the other the controls of reason that makes sense that's like the leaders have got to have good characters are in our collective character as a church we determine our impact and influence on the world is Islamism than five a.m. and you and I don't want to talk about is that she has a very interesting thing is a Seventh-day Adventist church I believe that was going on at my sanctuary right now with these going on right now is that God is the only way individuals is also waiting churches and he's also waiting nation she says that the so they want to results on screen kisses the Seventh-day Adventist church will be waiting in the balances of the sanctuary and says that she will be Josh according to the opportunities and abilities that God has given her plenty day when I read that while you read through that how do we feel there is no one on the face of the earth has been given more privileges and opportunity then this church that I love and I'm a part of an appointment to look very far around us to see that we go the wind not lived up to that raised by any of the testimonies of the chapter doesn't in their shopping God for that what she sees is a great revival movement among the Seventh-day Adventist church and that God forgive 's their sins and uses them to finish his work as she says when that revival starts it will be actuated by the spirit of prayer so that's the future the church the future of the church is not an apostasy even though there may be apostasy around us the future of the church is in revival and reformation is not good news to tell people that upon the Miami-Dade move the person is huge influence on ago and losing the table and eating I said the future the church is not always worldliness future the church is in great return for the God 's rest the future yes once I was at two forty seven volume eight two forty I read that your reader is a sobering chapter and a model is another promise I clean my chapters seven I believe what God promises to pass over the sins of the women in the cast them into the depths of the sea and then he promises to restore truth and mercy to his people in the news truth and mercy are many who want here start collecting characters appended all collectively following our profession house character obtained you're not born with it believe it or not and that you cannot buy and you cannot get it from someone else here's the page fifteen seven two seven oh one education and such a character is not the result of accident is view is not new to special favors are invalid the province unknowable character is the result of self discipline one self-discipline but what is self-discipline so this one is doing what you know you are doing you don't feel like doing so this one means a lot to pray in the morning don't feel like self-discipline says I do this because my beauty was the right thing to do so this is one move you in the direction of your goals when the enthusiasm has waned self discipline seems you on target by the way don't blame the target if you don't hit back in the sands of time are littered with the intention but good intentions are worthless unless you have some discipline in the self-discipline to get out of bed in the morning the biggest problem you can face as a leader if you don't have a self-starter hotel war Nelson and his team as we bring people need out of somebody the self-starter I will surmise that work ethic I want somebody here that's just got to be another study on the time I asked somebody out there has got some some mob energy by the way only said I like this you want the outpouring of the Holy Spirit these are my words will be out for the Holy Spirit is having the embraces of the Holy Spirit as well as the passive than half since I listen to the spirit you know what she does as he acted graces the talk about leaving you got have this as a leader act embraces are one energy to perseverance solves current three force for courage when you have to use force people wonder about that one serving as a gallery rest target a nice job actually find that this morning voices want to take anything to process and that someone is trying to destroy his movement that's force and visit visits Honolulu when you done it well yet in place the move scores he did not mean you are running roughshod over reading on the kind of evil is the only gas and is there maybe somebody on rocks at your car and your site and is applying the gas on Orson coverage on how we need that now days current him what will you as maybe as he was a contractor the staff had revealed it was the site of the summer is almost how we understand that but certainly listen I'm hoping this was a misunderstanding I will discharge fifteen million members I still celebrate the seven billion people in this world hath what you never heard the name of Christ and I got inherent at this message before Jesus that we've got think things in plan in store for what is going happen but yes it is should we should there be a seven billion centimeters several hundred hundred million people waiting for Jesus to come is the time for you we will stand up and say in this generation we are going to finish this work and we know we can do it our own but we know we have a God who is able to come down and help us I was in my hand this is where I start this is my newsgroup we got this town we got the city we got this neighborhood were going to do something about it when you are a guy that the Alcorn Holy Spirit persistence is not in the self-discipline persistence case going when the eyes key rising when the obstacles he hosting persistence keeps going one person said there's not anything omnipotent except for assistance following his news that gave you the story of the importunate widow because he became persistent and his point was a persistence will work with the ungodly jibes and what it will work with the God of heaven who loves us him us courage persistence force energy has an energy I automatically will have an easy chair I want to get back in an easy chair and rain but Jesus I don't come I spend too much time there homework to do and I will have the energy having side of me with the quality of the item is one of at least these the asking right now Jesus comes Hope you all see Jesus come in your bubbling underground at that minute brother Paul reps are because I would be hot I just wanted to the above ground coming apart but practically underground it's okay to United pretty close how do you say that a will and will you as a man who is the mold on a year and in it was was is you is what is a man those were the places you got so much time don't waste the links selecting an definition watching television and also your ghost is my sister and what intelligent you watching someone else's life on your life fades away people comes in class audio sources such as Judy Johnson Nora Henson related software you look at it but for more on how much time this generation wasting hotels authorization ever look at Anna when you can get fresh face of the news or something on the Internet I'm not as funny as you will find the place is all the world mitigation was volatile getting a new one Janine and get out and about your business be living your life has to energy for measuring the persistence energy force in Kerch Deauville France there is call or ministry basics into thinking complimentary patient to Johnny today here are a less that's the one I'm not going to do this we a skepticism vanished church exists to develop Christlike characters in my right and everybody else in the contract of Christ were in the business of character and character is wanting our world today and we really need along the foundation of character on a more movable was all about about fifteen minutes I really want to hear the one oh seven given that little bit I don't know what their company on the fear the Lord will ask the church to explode relaxing the fear of God is that we can understand something leadership worship under the young people worship is not about what interchange you are me worship is about worshiping God what he wants to be worshiped when we get this it is clear everybody thinks churches here take care of the church worship is there we go there as the right homestead nearly as him patient thank God call us to his house to worship him wandering and his wife and operating system can endow us with that way is only going to our colleague a response to circumstances tells a lot about his character character is more than tall prices doesn't make character of crisis do reveal widget characters adversity makes a person choose between character or compromise you can never separate a leader 's character from his action talent is in his the character is a choice we don't choose our parents are huge circumstances are offering we don't pick our talents but we do choose characters character brings lasting success with people followers do not trust leaders this character is more all right daddy Jesus like the one across the entire human contact is scared about that stuff I was in Somalia today and they asked me some something about if I recall such as CRM Colorado eight meters eight is also my calls you something doesn't mean that's what you are you know when you are in with your harvest on the mezzanine can make mistakes and will make an officer made my share of them but character is is where you want to be made a mistake in trying to fix my bike of the United States South Africa Minnesota simply as somebody can fix it on the number four liters cannot arise about the limitations of other characters this is very interesting highly talented people will often fall apart at the height of their success why do you people have done people who just have a lot of success really look up to them everything is going great and also lives fall apart on because there was a lack of better office statement Steve Earl a psychologist at Harvard wrote a book entitled the success syndrome and that is people are heading for disasters the character they're headed for Americans like Pharaoh when Pharaoh in these areas and they looking at the stupidity in error in place of the estate agent who shows up behind Israelites the frenzy over and he's stable enough to take his whole army in their eye 's ousted Taliban NRC areas for making the stupid stuff humility will keep your from front in the same haters with painful feelings of aloneness is uncomfortable as you know is I know it's a bit son they say on me it's lonely at the top I hope my comments thanks I'm not alone is because you believe it is meaning you should be a notarized sorrow reminds us that we are not alone we have a Savior we had angels will behold the face of on him a lot of us and encourage us we do not have to be online meeting one hundred and because I believe in sharing leadership I warned the center of attention sometimes I live in a glass bowl and I have to live in a glass bowl that you have to live there anymore that I need to his website share this other people involved and let other people know that you appreciate the contribution enabled people that a contribution it really helps what's going on so you know that I be a keeper belt of Paulus R I really appreciate that I've been housing great idea and I thought were doing this today with that in his heart but we always give the glory to God in the glory to God Elrod Sarma the idea but really all that stuff all comes from God and my right scene praise God for what he did however what size life as we ought to do that then we don't usually destructive secret and destructive adventure seeking in these kings Solomon is as a picture of that active use of modern examples except for the time of the altered King David got that got itself into intellect and all right lesson if you notice these character flaws in yourself as a leader do something about it don't just wait around character flaws only get worse with time unless they are addressed normally bustling start addressing it isn't when you step in your emotions are your feelings are your thinking I would have more time to talk about that that you know that are not right you go Lord is Lord I don't choose is feeling those feelings in those all are not to guide my actions and thinking that bitter feelings are angry feelings in those kinds of things you keep wrestling with God I would tell you I can tell you from personal experience God and eventually you find it long enough in prayer and you persist long enough God will take it away and you wake up free from those feelings you don't choose him so when you're confronted with wrong feelings that you know they don't belong there you simply say more I'll choose that would come across your hand don't belong there is a law out to those thoughts now want the God of heaven that's when you change character when your inmost soul okay go go go down to integrity for just a moment moved to that integrity is something that you cannot live without is a leader and you have integrity in your inmost souls the trouble and you're in trouble really quick and here is some code of values incorruptibility soundness please do not think the religious leaders are not tended to being corrupted there's nothing more sick than having religious leaders who are corrupted we know that the text limited on here there are many passes hangs on my wall the statement hangs on my wall in my office there are many as in life on which you can travel however integrity is the only path on which you will not get lost why is honesty so important if you're dishonest with you are about yourself you're going to make self-destructive decisions to hear that something is actually alive as you realize because they don't want the truth had just hidden the truth and the truth I don't mobilize it is the only way to build for him ask questions on marriage in which there is no intent will happen any relationship in which there is no trust you cannot keep a relationship in which there is no trust and you cannot maintain leadership without trust and build our common people know what you are and what you do is the only foundation of any civilization and anomaly the more civilization that loses integrity priests and elders and persons for organization and are somethings that weren't the only thing what they are and are not in the root of his integrity is the only way to get so caught up that we just want on those more than anything else that is undermined the integrity I love numbers out of the quality was all that is there that hasn't been ready in the middle of the rate for translations as they know that they've been converted they love the Lord Jesus I love this message to say anyone vegetarian Linda love the Lord changes in the gnome Wasserman that is long on display we got to be really careful with it inside is the only thing will prevent chaos in the organization you are you using leaders and lacks integrity and chaos every time and difficulty in thing they felt once in a while 's covenant so I'm just back and forth he questions your what is truth Lord open my eyes to the truth what is that this was as it is in Jesus Seventh-day Adventist are seniors of truth well there are on is going to really save time obligated on the last part of this we must recognize that such leadership is impossible without a close beside connection of the Lord were not able to discern truth we were born corrupted and the only way our nature what was truth is to be converted to follow the truth as it is Jesus based on our prayer is once transferring our no-no if father we thank you so much for the time that we house and that to reflect on these very important subject which is in addition thank you Lord because you are a whiny we just followers and we know we are fully aware that without limitation no shortcomings of steel you want to use us thank you a half now would like you to keep us first your Holy Spirit the guests although he will but I wanted to shoot will not be a curse for your church but rottenness it was Ellen Christie saw his face in your company so that we encounter that identity with you onto the father face advice be used to be with you will him this video was produced by Hollywood hers and multimedia messaging you know I see a generation of grace if you would like to listen more great deal like this person or if you would like to learn more about T1 's please visit WW CYC web or also find great when you get them on your verse board and ask them to do the whole video .com is a


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