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The Lord Will Take Me Up

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • November 13, 2004
    10:00 AM
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in all your heart is relaxed high priority and reliability in a single evening in watching me and I will talk about the reasons why people would fall away the Lord will return sort a meeting of the reasons why immediately and indefinitely enabling all the way cares of the world there is anyone on the project in the truth okay I reform okay Hillary I got out I thought I is okay in a single line who you know I like that nearly everyone is a earlier will have nowhere to turn that in a few thirteen in the summer thirteen the first nineteen twenty three Matthew thirteen first nineteen twenty three and they could really explanation of the journalists or nephew thirteen hundred twenty three when anyone hears the word and not they come in one way or I are eating drinking the night away five million all I know I'm not really a good job in explaining how I understand the word and he will hand them over originally violating a life for the fire died down the only other reason than that he received he only in the word on the line actually receiving this and have done really well in your world will help forward and more tribulation will arrive because of the word I live in an adult liberty for a teenager who are in care of this world and even as a little word any comment on all like to start with me anyway I think there are any reason why reliable I wanted to leave the church especially in a time and I really mean anything in the is coming out in twenty one hundred and ninety five twenty one p.m. dream team I think that even hard to believe I am the in a day or as I moved twenty one entering illegally trading on my hair and are sold as well as church members thank you both for SOW they shall cause to be put to death him and him on my name and rely on their hair on your head shall perish amazing and your patient is seeing your soul shall live you telling us that you are going through the worst possible affliction between life and betrayed by members going to the hospital suffering on assuring the one hand on your head just be patient the whole of Christ rule in your soul not one hair shall perish you will hear a little earlier in profession or setting for profession to gain a livelihood as well they are holy our largest care in our lives and our school job career of residency internship that I can share high my attenuation we may have knowledge becoming a Christian is a true and that I was in the original and all of life in public schools I live my whole family was initially agnostic and I will draw you only lighting visual revelation seminar in the following refer to your seminar they have in Christ in Iran in the morning and then you can help anyway I can go where God is taught anything a long story short I had a full scholarship to help them to read it all ran to my home I have been all a little of moving in the any of you know me more and can you imagine what my parents taught their time and at all was made a believe in the law completely crazy to you this is absolutely the worst decision of your life my question is also informing all my autoimmune because I am in and tell you that now I have been through undergraduate and Andrew Wright were as green as an international school is now in hey going to the government one penny allowing one any time alone and I and in addition to the live sure you then you're in between possible future prosperity you knew you were in Birmingham and now you is not only will you are looking at all the things that had gone water washed away you will want to training a new ad hoc session is scheduled on in your life they then made an yeah my bad word choices here you choose the Lord the Lord is available to help you tune in Arizona so I think you're doing of God 's righteousness and only thing in healing a list is food clothing shelter education job and the Lord will definitely take care to Joseph you remember Joseph I will I hung in the morning and everything is forty years similar decision Genesis chapter forty verses fourteen to sixteen is soaring channeling his slave and he just because his brother and told the injection in Charlotte is our alcohol in his life and anything else is strong agreement and fourteen million children in to the other and they ran out of air heated in a funny way only well you shall like crazy on me and they are bringing on how greatly I was solely out of the land Hebrews and here also I think they put me in you and me and me offer because you are the three years following and I would call and talk to me the only thing I've ever been with disabilities and two years him a him or not I call in writing and will initially know you later I came to their home will be alone for Christmas but all that has now been made really various archive older and older whatever you are Communion on ninety and always work out that way and actually will hold your resume eleven twenty one twenty five said he is refusing police in a call this on the Verizon are choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people I actually enjoy the pleasures of sin however you can really only need to be in a generic and all I feel your pain in my imagination is more than just remember only reason the posterity you will blessing God is the most important thing you have in your life I remember one of area along the harbor interesting anyway I was at Harvard anything under analysis of fellowship and I remember coming to one of the interviewers who were very later in the interview he had an application he is really a sinner here you are this is very professional question he asked me was a new Christian is the first is and then I will internationally as a missionary thing as long as I am Christian yet they notably Microsoft in a number of whom have an author by online and I told her I love you he is known as a whole interview here you can't cram down people throw you and I think I is that the director the program player weather changed history is a blessing and I want to know very very secular hair is not a denomination is here on is I know you I downloaded an action leader and my sister is a little bit later cancer connection you will need to be close to her so there is no other than I legally like this you will be all right going on to take care of his life you worry about their education your whole life just remember her early education energy on this one is for the Lord is nearly uneasy and no one will help professional will will mean Gene genealogy legionnaires and medicine annual meeting they'll have him him when another of his and I believe that the marital talk about the persecution is perhaps the worst persecution and those that are closest to the regulatory idea behind eight and twenty nine verses fourteen and the 49ers fourteen and eight ten forty nine fourteen and I had the Lord hath forsaken me and my lower astronaut and I hope that Helena will team illustration I believe that while the woman forget her sucking child they do not have compassion on whom I looking at I got the idea and I will not forget you behold I have written in the on the palm of my hand in your walls are continually before me you will hinder I any broken in legally and of anything other of his life in an okay I is will I ever met because it can be broken and hanging out here you are fishing and was contemplating medicine and I love me him to the Lord Andrew along and I is in town asking one person in my family is at that time and on and in the Henry and I remember well I think I was going maybe okay he is renowned for our half anyhow I was unfit to position my mind was not prepared for that in my memory was not strong enough that he and you and me to coaching on nine all the time of initial truth is an easy and never apologized and they will go ahead of them is only through the on position and reading them on your office and other guidelines you says you are praying every day I think I was supposed to be a physician and will openly honestly with me as we are sitting on top of the mountain is alone for an hour and I will only going to do in school history and all is free and paid a lower limit on he has no additional vaccination is the parent is not as hunting fishing hunting fishing sailing down to having anything now him they are my sister is your you and I are the last sister a living internship and life-threatening medical condition I remember being a danger in your time and getting alcohol union reviewer yet interested in hiring her to heal she is a violation ventricle is in critical condition and you will not make it illegal it is only collection of other grain and in the end she is currently undergoing treatment she initially had any viruses or the entire side of her body was paralyzed at the age of nineteen anything will do on this ability to live in a much better than immediately I will she has a twenty percent chance of being again over the next five year I rearranged my plan to live with my I'm a few years she currently in college Seattle and she is just how the messages are interested in you will need to understand insurance when you have a creative and you know how I try to live somewhere else in either and call her a one thousand dollars and a few hundred allows you a him your argument people who are so angry anymore intuition no housing village I suggest you try and need to know what you believe your insurance expires in the house looking occasionally in and over and over again Freeman is no know what I can't believe it you may hate things like that maybe you immediately on being anywhere near anything that they don't need help now I have a job in the messages alone I know you the anger and frustration felt that I can also tell you waiting we should deal with it turned to assist him in Vienna have similar experiences we Americans don't understand how a decision is made the Lord will pay you and still no computer I have fifty versus fifteen to twenty Genesis chapter Henry and his wife Danielle and I the story of Joseph and any soul of the slave will then here is of course unable to return for finale the ruler of the yeah all I have learned is to their father had just died down during the time eliminating and I is an and you and your brother in law and regulatory measure hate and will certainly require only evil genealogy any as you understand I will have a live in a fatherly man for whom I slowly underneath any of the formulae of my crazy now and he was mediating any evil and hourly rate and review of the servant of the God of my father and you and you brethren all the land around the North and the holy Angela is hearing on Wednesday work on all that I really need on evil against me but I could bring in a penal alive now therefore hearing on Thursday and your little one and he comforted them and how kindly to them Joseph was able to fully even illegally I will I love you I think that we understood the problem are doing that God will enable and he will be in the LOL him by not appear to have been running high we now and he harsh words and in and out in an evil and good and how you're going to be able to the worst betrayal of your life you understand that God has his hand over your life that God is so good to know God he allows in an Yahoo! News millionaire life he told her the most painful thing through the twentieth in passage the twenty eighth Romans chapter eight verse twenty and we know how many things all work together for good to love God and live hall according to issue in your home and all the more you will pay all things are good law and I hated it when they are beautiful to me and I is an and and and and and him autoimmunity and for good have you understand and I will have as slanted as he is going to have prevailed had had time to just relax and nail now any I will laugh and incubated for me having to choose between God livelihood is reckoning persecution God has let me down and put your hope in a new relationship media whether a program video Jan he is sure everything is all part everything is falling apart when I was in medical school my final year however if you are an little need for all the rest of a program may have actually been when I had a head injury usually they were always usually entertaining and healthcare to the program that I will avail me to go anyway how many hours he will have very interesting injury is usually in Iran and I really like to live on her and I didn't know what is on course for a half in question is how little time I asked him to all the talking I said that I was as masculine I will do a terrible accident there will him my words later they are similar imaging or other questions that were asked to allow the preliminary hearing on him during my hospital they had offered to buy nine hundred nurses who now offered I live in a carrier in one way or another and I don't believe in your anymore and silverware and you and I and you are very very headed for a long time and in and in and I you Howard of IQ testing in your isometric family as well as neurology Doctor Sharp and he and him a very high functioning is suitable for you and you and you are recommending delaying a newborn and so I will know I've already donating and I know they were still in the own life and leisure time bidding on an e-mail will actually let you know as a result in me and people like me in the audience watching my class in the here and now live in Berlin when I had a head injury and later on will not last him to anyone as soon as I know John know that a program and you know the story you may name the hours I didn't understand why you want to hold on one hole and onto the Lord is anything I was out in unbelievable pain humiliating people only I is anywhere as I was incriminating her side he later in order unless you and I hope I will love them I know she is not true I believe in everything that I am here and there will be any data to make a long story short work it out and I now graduated from Stanford and the hospital or my sister even more treatment often follow all her MRI though they are living with her are you living with her and also treatment and is able to bring handout in the end I remember I was at all actually I know I love you very much in my life you know how their relationship with a young lady of years ago and you know they are anything to know how you like and I was donating on the owner how do you know near elimination I had you will of Allah are doing very clearly as I share your work on I I you and my life illuminating and I am in relationship to you and I should think very another thing you love someone like you look down I because I made a decision the Lord told me and he held me in his word is on a four eleven he is a living will and I are certainly not going quietly fascinating my life to Jesus to go and Chronicles twenty five physical related to much more than that finally after all I because it was so late I tried everything available in the narration is turn on why I feel the myriad theory I believe you made your decision you have to believe in God has something better my life I was over the resolution is that it may not be any week and I think the most important thing is that he gave in my life was turned down meaning you are interested in the field will you know you have no money for school I want my sister I have a poor him where the result is following on my family I believe that you are going to church every my brother who is not a Christian and awesome meeting you thank you for your sister it has worked out really all the non-Christian owner family are now having a man in elderly patients who are in on visiting one of them again they may not turn out well in Daniel three I think we have an attitude we can hate feeling a little overwhelmed Daniel chapter three verses fourteen and R Daniel three this is a very familiar passage all of you on Saturday media and negotiating a fiery furnace and answer the team I think it's something that encourages me I hope you heard it here because you have a greater purpose in mind usually in my thinking I tried e-mailing like betrayal there are more than one hundred and more elitist and Israel and the only is this job in a game in Buffalo has a greater plan he was an anomaly really are fourteen in letters and true and no duty not to serve my God no worse availability initially set up now if you do a tiny here are our all I know you will immediately halt unfortunately that may well anymore you know he's only half an hour into the burning fiery you know that he will deliver you out of my hand and is a scene in we are not careful in the latter you go horizontally or be unable to deliver out from them during my trip and he will deliver us out of it I have changed the hearing of your peers in mercy on me and give me and I want to be like that but like I be appealing to me over and will not like nowhere shooting NH they were able to handle it came to Daniel for the lot of all our savings in their lives a even if you count where Rachel was having a energy and everything turned out that I'm alive I want to be able to say no commandline everything here I will have to let matters what matters I believe that Shadrach Alisha and that NATO will enable a to the King because they understood over and I added I like to share with you I think that they are illegally in all England this him him CRM on an diarrhea and finally and I had a head injury I realized how many are making my life how confusing people how do you arrive in my family actually a lot of people will I is apologized for having me my latest one I'm going to be history in the following became honorary associate I will I will try and will create any and all mail if you are not violating the calling my name power line will pass through the waters hoping we will want to hit a hill to restrain as Hilda Van went on through the water I will be leaving the river they shall not overflow me know I know a lot neither shall the flame kindle upon you the truth and an ability to have pain in our you can cut and you don't have a job in person the financial support of the health and Ukiah he will have the Lord his friend in the years following through on anything she and I will him to him or her to I will him will and have a little-known I is a new here that will leave you hanging in a you and you and you and will you are a you that is that you in a you


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