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Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator




  • January 19, 2008
    8:40 AM
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my name is Jessica Clark Hendon they were talking about them how to study the Bible the seminar is over I guess arching title is diving deeper setting does work with the spirit of say were going to be talking first of all this morning at the principle of biblical interpretation how we contribute the Bible accurately ourselves and I suppose that to begin with we questioned our heads masked Lords presence started by than heaven we just want to pause and confess our need for your spirit Lord we are mortals your word your truth is immortal we are finite in your you are infinite I just want to pray Lord that you would send your Spirit to inspire our hearts with the with the truth of your word that inspired as well that we might have greater confidence in our ability to hear your voice speaking to us through its pages what we might have a better understanding of your will for our lives we thank you for this in Jesus name and welcome come on in over going to be on what I just be looking at them this subject of Bible study in three different sections the next section if you're interested would be about how to practically study the Bible just some keys on how to have an devotional life how to how to make your devotional life interesting and more rewarding and finally out and the third part of the summer is going to be my conscience versus God 's word I think a lot of people understand the role of the conscience of their convictions and impressions and feelings and what does the Bible teach us welcome what does the Bible teach us about our conscience and could we actually tried to follow into the the following password password the last opportunity to look at some simple book double principles of interpretation I suppose many were there last night when I gave a summary of why I think the seminars important in essence I believe there to really really fundamental principles that come to us I suppose from the bust all church certainly came out then greater beauty during the Reformation Bible either principles that had been chosen is built upon the first is the principle of Salzburg Torah our lives must be built upon the word of God an early Adventists actually had a a a reputation for meeting people will they study their Bibles they know their Bibles and other people didn't want to be one of the things I'm speaking of dinner really want to meet the unhappiness in the day because they simply know their Bibles better now unfortunately that the motivation as we heard about a while ago the motivation wasn't always probably the best we wanted to study Bibles to promoting wrong and that's not necessarily the best motivation for forsaking the Lord God they doesn't it doesn't always lead us to a big personal experience that is growing as spiritually back to you not in his history probably as well as I do now you retain the point where we break the law the law the law until we were as dry home I says as the hills available with neither new nor rain red desert wasteland because we we could prove we were right we are people the book but yet I almost I almost indeed that experience for our church today I find it many times we bring it we've been so content knowing that archers is well-established and documented more confident of that week we don't study like we ought to we don't study as much as we should know there was a transition and I wish we could spend I guess a few hours talking about the history of hermeneutics how the hell throughout the history of of the Jewish nation then during Christianity Middle Ages Reformation on down that this times out how people have so to remind a pendulum swing how the middle interpretation has has has gone from being very so to Mister and and you know like interpreting everything with four five or six different meanings to being very literal under very different there's some trends we can look at the fact is that when we look at the history biblical interpretation we learn we learn of the Reformation set a a movement about to bring us back to the Bible back to the word of God what happened in the Middle Ages the Middle Ages essentially if I can make some general sweeping and summaries which may be maybe partially accurate birth interact your inner treatment and is in essence the Bibles was separated from the common person during the Middle Ages that make sense because while number of reasons it was felt that you had to me had to leave Arsenal McCloskey had to be administering at the clergy in that category of church member in order to understand the Bible anywhere in the clergy of you didn't spend your whole life and devoted to Bible study and research in understanding the biblical languages and in many cases it was more Latin than the original languages then you can be trusted to make an accurate interpretation of the Bible had to say and understand that though the Bible is separated from the common person is that this great distinction became to be made between clergy and the laity in this brings us to the second major principle that we bring from the Reformation and that is the prison of all believers Reformation said wait a minute no this isn't God 's will for the priests and the amongst the mean only one thing the Bible and so in a radical move one that was very controversial and costs some men their lives the translation of the Bible is undertaken into the common vernacular common language is that people actually spoke what that change was it allowed common everyday people to study their Bibles so while that seems like just the sort of a Monday in fact today that was revolutionary that changed the way the whole world thought about the Bible to change the way that church operated to change the way people believe it it it made sweeping changes in how God 's word was read and studied and before we get our top of the day I just want to stay and say that I am afraid that with the advance of education within Adventism we are in danger of marching backwards towards last leg Bible study and more dependence upon the ministry upon the clergy limited I carefully am not opposed to education understand that it is on the side of it gives me shivers when I hear preacher saying well you know in the end original language what it really says is such and such a leave you if you have enough sort of talking down to a lay person were to look this morning at some principles of biblical interpretation which I believe if you follow if you will live by their supple they're not really rocket science this is something in an one hour that I can give you they were compared to know that apartment is classier and in a theology that a theology major would take but I believe that if you follow simple principles of interpretation five the Bible itself that you as a layperson regardless of your education and even regardless of your intelligence and God you will be able to arrive at truth that Jesus is seeking to teach you in your personal life so that's our that's our goal today our goal is to be able to elitist good together little bit back like where friends and a little more space here beautiful our goal is in in a few minutes we have here this morning 's first seminar our goal is to allow the Lord to cheat just from his words some simple principles which of these safeguards perhaps and to teach us how to rightly interpret the Bible now on I was planning to share this with you on PowerPoint but knew my computer had different intentions yesterday after three years of faithful service it gave up the ghost and so I I've sort of collected my thoughts in another format and it's okay because it taught me an important lesson you know we rely a lot we rely a lot on electronics and last night as I was sitting in meeting after meeting out thinking about my computer was in the today and that you know what my Bible hasn't crashed you know there's something wonderful about the written word of God the battery doesn't run out it doesn't have any you know of it doesn't become outdated anyway at it it doesn't it doesn't have the technical difficulties of software hardware just as wonderful to be able to get up and study the Bible right here so were going to be really looking at a different format perhaps but I just will be a blessing the first person I can tell you a story this opera illustrate some of my point someone may do it happened at the Chicago Divinity school and down the University Chicago Divinity school and there was at one point I don't know why the school had this visiting professor who came in who was who was speaking to the list some mold mud clergy from from from that part of the Chicago and on this list speaker was challenging some of the basic premises of Christianity not all why sometimes and divinity schools those type of the speakers are invited but I suppose in secular academic circles or something respected about just being open-minded or something I don't know but anyway this is the professor went on for some time talking about how the word of God wasn't as trustworthy as Christians and how made it out to be an and God God I use a lot of the easiest type of an approaching thunder God existed but he wasn't back connected with the with man the Bible might have been in the an account of the encounters with something that could be God because God really countermand any rate at the end of the seminar he asked her questions in the back of the seminar the very back row of the Florida Victorian and old man stood up and he brought with him a paper sack with his sack lunch because he was staying all day for whatever the meetings work and out as he stands up he takes a bite out of his Apple and eighty eight he says no Honorable Sir I have a question munch munch munch munch me takes another bite he says you talk to is an awful lot about the philosophies of whether God exists or whether are you saying you encounters now or know how we can or can't have a relationship with him munch munch munch and an attitude asking this question keeps repeatedly taking bites out of his Apple and then everyone feel a little annoyed with it because these cities taking a lot of time in the process is anxious to hear what it really is it really is questioning is making comments about the lecture they just reasonably ask a question and finally after after this goes on he finally gets to these is pretty much finished with his Apple and he comes to this question and the question he asked this intelligent professor was so Doctor Professor this is my question was the apple that I just a sweet or sour is a little reporting on through the audience one of the what is what is he talking about when he and then you know the professor instinctively answer is in good scientific that fashion nice as I said I'd I couldn't possibly answer that question because I haven't tasted your Apple and the old man said neither have you tasted my Jesus and sat down you know until we had tasted Jesus for ourselves we can talk about the theory we can talk about the philosophy but we have to have a personal experience in order to understand who God is and what his message meaning is for us today and talk of this that little story illustrates a couple of principles that I've been sharing with you in getting our drivers another worker is with a lot of new people come in and we paid the very beginning but maybe little early I want to just ask us with our heads for further support for father we want to know how do we want to know Jesus for ourselves one of taste and see that he is good will another blessing of trusting in him Lord you given us your word as the that chosen the mining chosen means by which we should know him should know you said today we just pray that as we learn principles of interpretation that you would help us to to get to know Jesus better through our study of your Scriptures we think that Jesus name our going to look at the first principle that I'm an share with you and this is in first Corinthians chapter two verse fourteen first was instructed to in verse fourteen the first principle is that spiritual things are what spiritually discerned and says a veteran is reporting when you get there want to say men are right that says but the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness unto him neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned by the author most of your young people some of your parents in the upper had any ever worked with the with and a friend perhaps the unit was not living a Christian life I mean they didn't even think they were in an extended warranty when self-esteem they didn't really believe that they had a relationship with Jesus and yet they come to try to argue with you about spiritual things letters and make sense of this policy of a sense of that truth doesn't make sense to me over here that sometimes earning more have mercy how do I deal with this without you saying you know what is not worth my time talking to you does you can't understand this teaching if you don't first have a spiritual mind of course it takes patience to listen working with the people who are struggling and and resisting spirit of the Christmas was the spiritual things are spiritually designed lighting is very poor press to recognize in the context of the seminar Lord help us down the spiritual mind you know maybe not all of us are where we want to be our Christian experience maybe we are still searching to know who God is and how to trust him and how to believe in him perhaps it's a case but in any case we should recognize the outset that in order for us to understand internal things we need to have our minds wanted to contact with the divine mind spiritual things are spiritually using the second principle is found in John chapter twelve and up on the two verses that illustrate this principle John Chapter twelve is our first passage John chapter twelve verse thirty five and thirty six in the second principle is simply this the understanding of truth is progressive it's what is its progressive counter to twelve versus thirty five and thirty six then Jesus said under them yet a little while it belied with you walk while ye have the light lest darkness come upon you for he that walked in darkness knows not where he goes while you have the light of believe in the light that unity children of the light these things they Jesus and the part of added hide himself from them what is Jesus saying to us again Artie said that the study of truth is progressive but what would he say that life never stay still candlelight is walking and and if you are going to stay in the light and continue to grow in the life and progress in the light what you have to come to the point where you say you know I'm pretty much satisfied with where I am and what my understanding is I say the Bible nothing on the fiberglass enough by the right schools I know what I believe I don't mean to learning what you can do that because light is progressively lasting allied with Jesus you have to is you have to stay with him you have to be progressing you have to be continually learning you cannot stay still neither are growing on your die a walk in the library sitting in darkness us only two choices you have understanding of truth his progress and is it that Jesus wanted to get a powerful physical illustration of what you say is within the mercenary success of these things that Jesus and then what he departed he's moving right he's on the move and the next version of excellent phrases he said himself from the Tijuana state with Jesus he's not helping hundreds signal anything he's not trying to play hard to get truth is not supposed to be difficult to apprehend but requires us to be earnest and seeking and staying with the truth understanding of truth his progress what does that mean what one of my trying to say I'm trying to seven Jesus trying to say if you want to be learning something tomorrow you'd better be walking and what you've learned today he said at a different way in John chapter seven verse seventeen I like this is almost more plain in John chapter September seventeen he says in no uncertain terms that walking in the truth staying current with Jesus means obeying what he's asking domain leaving the wings asking who it says under John seven seventeen straight up if any man will do what his will he will know the doctrine whether new God or whether a student myself you want to be able to understand true you want to be able to know what is right and what is wrong here a doctor to say that God 's voice is that of deception you want to be able to understand more about the Bible follow what you know is right today and God will be able to give you more truth tomorrow know if we have in our hearts in a situation where we are knowingly living out of harmony with God 's will how can the Holy Spirit expected to speak to us and give us more true if you ever heard in forever of the concept that we are only accountable for the light we know sometimes life I've known of friends or students who feel like you don't tell me what it is I don't want to be accountable for more loud you will be accountable for what you don't want to know and what you potentially don't learn to I suppose Benigno Holy Spirit is not in the business of trying to make you accountable as much as it can with the contact you again with all know Holy Spirit is trying to help us grow so that one step at a time we not only learn but we obey what we've learned and so we can then move on to better understanding so the understanding of truth is progressive if you want to know truth tomorrow opening what you know today that a sense and very simple now I don't want anything that I say here because this is a this is a you know I were on the campus of the of the school of the great theology programs of what I want anything here I say here to being all at all considered on you know anti- education or that the Mises 's question do you need a PhD in theology to be able to apply this principle of your life no every single one of us can obey what we know today and if you have a PhD in theology but you don't understand or placements with your life to think you might be ended at a disadvantage to know what truth is over a simple humble person praying what you said about his business bargaining because it tells me that I can be of I can be in God 's educational system no matter where my educational level in theology is an expense it gives hope for the common person the understanding of truth is progressive outlet loses on to the next point and gives us hope because my next principle is found in second Timothy chapter three in verse fifteen seconds of each other three verse fifteen I think it was just the other evening Jeffrey shared with us how online says Tennessee had no brilliant talents or abilities he was not outstanding in his is a perhaps even his intellect but yet instead says in first and second in exhibit three and verse fifteen and that from a child that was known the holy Scriptures which are able to make a wise and the salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus note two things that will bring out about this first of all I really I never read that I don't room reading Lynn Jefferies investment of a just and really came home to me he was an ordinary person used by God there was a reason ordinary person so here's an ordinary person committee without any real exceptional brilliance and Paul says from a lot shop till you have known the holy Scriptures so an ordinary child not a brilliant Gino Eagle Loop West Lior or would you be about last night at an iron Jensen not a brilliant theologian and scholar in an ordinary child from from their young age can understand the Scriptures it tells me the Bible was not written for the scholar it was written for the common person the Bible was written for the common person you and I are are not only capable of understanding Scripture nursing truth were required were required to study the Bible it wouldn't be fair if in order to understand the nuances of theology are somehow a enough and understand enough to be saved you had to have have a great intellect or venues entities that would be fair when so God gave us a word which was written for the common person I say this is a principal early on because this principle if it is true it derives how we study and how we interpret the Bible in a sense it this is true then one hundred schools and practices of Bible study we should should follow must be available for the common person to the common persons and accents even if it requires and requires an knowledge of the languages is going to eliminate a lot of people from the study of the Bible right is nothing wrong with them to the point responded me wrong but it is not required for the common person to be able to know what truth is when we look at some of the principles you understand how even if you don't know she would greet even have all of the tools that a scholar would have his or her disposal you can still come to an understanding of God 's will for your life as of the Bible is written for the common person in fact it says in verse and angry controversy page five hundred twenty one it says the Bible was designed to be a guide to all who wish to become acquainted with the will of their maker and we many of us out I hope all who want to become acquainted with the will of their major express will look at is found in second Timothy chapter two and the verse fifteen just one chapter earlier second Timothy chapter two and verse fifteen should be pretty close there is says study to show yourself approved under God a workman that needs not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth this is the principle if there is a right way to divide the word of truth there must also be a what a wrong way that's pretty much self-evident and so on here's his telling Timothy studied to be a good student of the Bible is a new of so that you interpret the Bible correctly now there's really an age of overwhelming pluralism we live in an age where people are accepting of all kinds of ideas in fact the word tolerance now means that I not only accept the way you are but I hear your choices your lifestyle your beliefs as equal in value to mine as of age isn't really topsy-turvy mix of world I remember one time why shouldn't it also depicts a stories of the of how the world 's thinking is changed even in communist countries are run in the Communist Communist administrators local authorities who knew of them when I been doing evangelism they said no don't you come in here and try to present your religion as being superior to others having I think if you didn't think ages was superior with uniqueness and how can I how can I share what I'm going to believe without giving the impression that I think it's been coarsening a severe blizzards along with there we not respect that but in today's world type tolerance means you do not view your ideas your lifestyle your choices as better because there's nothing right now Hathaway comes to the Christian there is still truth and there is still there I hope men and there is still a right way to divide the Bible and there is a wrong way to divide the Bible that we could talk about the book and methods of political integration in several different ways but done meet we have we have tried to say there to extremes if I if I could venture into could be somewhat controversial to extremes of the observation wanted to take exegesis a sort of exegesis exegesis is ugly to say a little look at this passage I look at the relevant IL context in the situation of a culture having a final look at only this passage exclusive of all other passages in Logan on this passage and see what what was the real intent of this passage and others at the place for good exegesis are the other extreme as a proof text method or could be an extreme really the two were supposed to work together but we understand trying to tell you there's two different two different extremes and theological thinking the first interpretation that protects methods as I meditate a verse here and in person there and I'm going to put them together and come up with a teaching that is dangers in both extremes of perfect methods with which we typically that this event can be abused if you take if you take the proof texts out of context without doing proper exegesis of thing is that really what is trying to say that you can get yourself in trouble right if I is like that the high hi once in the store Eleanor was anecdotal rivers really true but am there was out there was a man who is a lab who tried to fix right to determine God 's will by simply flipping the Bible one to verse remember that another Bible study is not one of the London and teach an extra seminar but it is one method people use event of his life when he came to the verse that actually your words actually located and says in Matthew twenty seven verse five this was the varsity red he cast down the pieces of silver in the Temple and departed and went and hanged himself as a music like in Visio he was discouraged as life study Bible but he wasn't quite sure what this verse was meaning to say to him similarly try again for the Dublin Bible nineteen and Deuteronomy chapter fifteen in verse seventeen and this is now sound likewise like that was pretty depressing Zoe is out there one more time and he said a prayer neoprene is vitally flipped a page and he put his finger on the page and he opened his eyes and it says in John thirteen verse twenty seven that thou do is to quickly now the proof text method if that's legal predicament isn't isn't the one we will use I would say that's an abuse of the protection protects method is really what Jesus Quill businesses in Isaiah line upon line precept upon precept here a little under after we've done some pro- appropriate exegesis after we doesn't appropriate exegesis on the passage me know what being intended we compare all the passages on the subject to come to an understanding of truth when you read a book if you wanted to know I saw book around if you want to know another of his boys they like Jesus but not the church if you wanted to know what the real summary meaning importance of this book was when you invert service urea sentence and the well measurable like this book you know what what about reading chapter is better than even had pleasant and better chapter is better but ultimately you can come to the real intention of the author and the meaning impact of the book by reading the whole book right and want to read the whole book you sort of have this bird 's eye view of what he was saying even the implied teaching of the book what was said that wasn't what it really said actually the Bible is the Bible if we talk over and talk a lot more about context and minute that when we look at context need yes the surrounding verses around the verse is its context the rest of the chapter the contents and backup musical book all the Romans easy while I was his applicant to say that collection of chapters but ultimately to understand God 's message to man through the Bible we have typical book the whole life is the context of any part of the Bible and that's when the more we study the Bible the more we come to a clearer understanding of what God intended anyone passing one verse a convicted defendant to Revelation you get to Revelation a lot of Christians do this and they have they don't have an understanding of the great controversy that Adventists have those of a controversy in the vocal concept it is this not just on one versus of history throughout the Scriptures is great controversy picture and praise the Lord we've been given help in understanding the great concerts what's going online to see you get that great controversy picture and all of a sudden you understand and time issues invested in it it seems to get put in their proper places and then we assume one person revelation don't really understand very well this whole context of what you understand this truth in light of a condom resin the ligand that is not enlightened in timeliness you know what you mean this could mean that right but we don't have that context then you hear in danger of coming up with strange ideas there's a right way to do what you are wrong later by the truth that's the principle that we are looking at now and so I wanted look at one more verse on what do this the next principle and this is found in second Peter chapter three verse sixteen second Peter chapter three and verse sixteen is a right way and a wrong way to divide the Scriptures entered the Scriptures and the interpreting the Bible the wrong way can be fateful that doesn't make us sit up and pay attention on what will you could die my misgivings represent that's a little bit extreme but this is what Peter three Amber sixteen tells us exactly speaking of Paul this is Peter talking up all of them and just back up a minute what what kind of person was Peter Rose 's background is a fisherman today was an actress at exactly year you know great intellectual type what kind of person was Paul Paul sat in the Vida Gamaliel he was a renowned theologians on right the Jewish faith he was intellectual he was a member of the Sanhedrin for registry information the members of the Sanhedrin work were without exception brilliant you had to memorize entire code of Jewish law and order to be admitted and he and in addition they had this event is understanding that when an person was brought for trial before the Sanhedrin they could not bring it outside interpreter and to translate for that person who suspect was whose defendant in the the idea was that an interpreter or translator might not give an accurate understanding of what the person is really saying there were Jews another didn't even speak the Jewish language they were by the nice flow scattered all around the world and so when they would be tried they had they had to have a person on the Sanhedrin that spoke the language but later medicine what that person was somehow not being honest or had some personal agenda they said we have to have two people on the Sanhedrin escapist persons language and so on that of seventy or seventy one and with the count hydrogen on sure that in a group of some small number of men they spoke every language and dialect it was common that part of the world to abundant when Paul told the Corinthians I think I speak more languages on Mark Thompson and you all he was not just idly talking some truth to it was a brilliant man he spoke many languages he worked in three major language groups started the work of the Christian church has out here we see that Peter has little if she was so appalled writing second-tier chapter three verse sixteen also as also in all his epistles speaking in them of these things and which are some things what hard to understand which they'd better unlearn and unstable wrest or twist as they do also the other Scriptures under their own destruction you can study the Bible and destroy yourself while me that he carefully pushed book right not initially probably be unlearned but to be unstable and to twist the Bible to use long principles of interpretation is very dangerous it could be fatal so we move on the language of the Bible is to be intemperate interpreted literally our share with you this principle from Greg conversely page five hundred and ninety nine this is important today I believe even in the average church all comment little more about that as we go through this great country nine nine says this the language of the Bible should be explained according to its obvious meaning unless a symbol or figure is employed so what how do we read the Bible is literal or to somehow symbolic or parabolic or mystical it literally and last a similar figures of light how do you know what a similar figures of light cutting out well first of all you go to the zoo and take a very close look at all the animals and then you turn to Daniel you can say okay a leopard with with what Beatles links a I figure that the symbol right again questioned about his new novel check when you see a similar figure employed in Scripture it's obvious we come that we come to probably one of our famous as evidenced rich man latches right member the parable and people something times today as a people of other faiths will take about parable and interpret literally it's funny how they take something into the symbolically humans communicate living interpret it literally and you stop and think about scratch your head is able to save goes in a man's lap you know symbols they have to do it and must not be literal do you really think that an hellfire a drop of water on somebody's finger on your tongue is going to pool the pain or make you more comfortable also while I can have the language of the Bible to be ensure deliberately and less recordings on his number meaning and left a similar figures and when allies is important I don't want to I don't want to try to go criticizing of the theologians rather creatures but be careful when you start listening to us a sermon or reading material which takes a Bible passage or Bible stories and tries to lead into a mythical or mystical or some sort of a some sort of a parabolic meaning of the Bible didn't I've heard all kinds of interpretations of stories in the Old Testament that are somehow transported down to the end times and made to be prophecies will because this happened since we doesn't happen next now the Bible Vincent had been dwelling in another profits even in times of story other principally learn from of course those principles is true today they were then we learn lesson from the story but that's the way to become a prophecy no I don't get enough time going to the history of an interpretation of the Greeks especially the Jews of Alexandria began this method of Bible study where they said this is a lease for a startup with three they had three interpretations of the Scriptures one represented the one where was synonymous with the the body the corporeal one was the one was the the spirit and one was the mind you see and then the literal they always can they always they always equated with the body that makes sense right the literal meaning and so the Jewish mythology and Greek mythology these Jewish scholars began to give more importance to this or the mythical meaning of the Scriptures rather than the literal meaning because in the Greek mind the spirit was of more importance in the body and how that their education and the universe of Alexandria affected thereby how say what they started do they start read things like a lot of meets and a lot means leave the sadness of knowing that clean and unclean our member reading one time and interpretation a lot needs in the mythical easy the mythical meaning of that was that there are there are there are different classes of people known as the unclean which have think it's a straight here the unclean have either neither the date they can be in one of two categories they either don't have divided hoof or they don't chew the cud write I write this unclean and the clean between Google K so so this was the mythical interpretation of that passage the unclean are two groups of people either those who chew the cotton they study the Bible and they are not trying to learn about spiritual things but they don't divide the hoof and they don't practice religious exercises or there are those who practice religious exercises but they're not showing the kind that are not studying their Bibles and and and connecting with no with the Scriptures well it's true that some of the students people and children were people who on one hander are doing a lot of good things by this I don't eat that there's other people who don't do any of that but they may be difficult for a very spiritual but the meaning a lot needs to get my point is not an ideologue needs somehow there even periods in in in church history where where we were theologians sought at least seven different interpretations of the passage what happens when you start getting those all the layers of interpretation the obvious meaning of the Scripture becomes weekend and again board and impact of our life is diminished get my point so I have a problem when even this ministry will take a passage I will try to make some other mythical meaning mystical meaning about this passage and it simply takes away from the literal interpretation of the and meaning of the passage and teaches a bad method of scholarship to the language of the Bible shouldn't explain the greenest obvious meaning alas a symbol or figures employed next principle the Bible must actually say what is claimed to say the Bible must actually say what it is claimed to say again from a Congress of the signed page five hundred and ninety five before accepting any doctrine or precept we should demand should want demand I would with a nice way okay but we should demand a plane bus saith the Lord and the support what is a playing bus say the Lord is a point of the Lord something when I read a verse in the Bible and I save okay know what that means that when the Civil War if I have to interpret it is not unethical and I do think there's a lot of says that I didn't need is not understandable and they were going to accept any doctor reasons we should demand a plane that saved when the support for simple analysis our next principle and that is found in first Thessalonians after fibers twenty one I hope we can keep that he got the last one was next with minimizing time to them and try to show you how they are the related first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty one next principle is all of the burden of proof on how exactly to say that otherwise maybe understand I mean this minute the burden of proof for SSI certified in verse twenty one you're probably familiar this verse through simple birth of my certified numbers twenty one says this proves how many things on all things and even better than your Bibles have to we have some setting to be able prove always wanted to say hold fast that which is good notice the phrase including the making and hold fast what that means in our common vernacular than along the right gatekeeper of all things hold faster key which is good my point is this because I found myself in a position where I was chasing the nobles ravens and ignore that phrase even canvassing on those revenues but instead Bible city daredevils rabbits to the double something rabbits out in front of you researchers down the rabbit trails and pretty soon he wasted a whole bunch of time with nothing to show for it and I found a result the double drugs of people that would buy ideas going around saying this is true this is true that the truth has a longer study and in the same of wealth proving wrong number wrong as I stress that has anything in writing the conclusion of hiking that was in there some things that aren't like they can prove wrong really easy I in my I was looking for plaintiff into what is it is all the probe is not what is even proven me wrong it's what you can prove to be ride safe prove all things get rid of those things you can roof are elevated and disapprove nothing that is from all things hold fast that which is good and I quickly learned that I was wasting a lot of time trying to prove things wrong when the Bible is not in the business of proving things wrong the Bible was given to us to prove things right that is until now I say to my friends and the strange ideas as a you know what I know I have to grow that wrong by default it is wrong and you can prove the plaintiff in the working height and a sense don't go chasing the double down rabbit holes trying to prove everything wrong when the burden of proof is on proving it right as a win-win nineteen visualization you don't know you can't imagine how free I became the Lord Lord thank you I don't have that worry about what I don't know what is wrong and a camera was wrong I'll have to be concerned about it following the plane bus Sam Mark Madsen that's a wonderful freeing understanding to be able do that were running out of time so we move on in order to consider for principles for the sake on to three four four I think four things really quickly that we can use in our application education the Bible when you're looking at any passage you could consider these four things first other relevant Scriptures member Isaiah chapter twenty eight in verse ten will just how does read that to you to say sometimes as for precept must be upon precept present upon precept line upon line line upon line here little and their little Isaac in principle that we don't take the verses out of context as we talked about earlier but we must look at all the Bible has to say on a particular subject and draw a conclusion or eight a doctrine or belief that is in harmony or can be harmonized with all the Bible says on the subject at real I hope I don't get on any of my soapboxes here this morning that unlike unconcern at times when even what comes out of some theological circles in nepotism recently we've had several books published on the book of Revelation which proposed to study the book of Revelation from purely an exegetical point of view looking at exegesis of each person each passage I have a little bit of an issue that because the book of Revelation was not written without the proof text method in mind without line of online seventy five percent of the book of Revelation is about from the Old Testament allusions of the stores or direct quotes from Isaiah Jeremiah Daniel of the books seventy five percent Sony did you want to understand the language to understand the language revelation you have to bring into focus the passages of those those those illusions came from the artist and revelation you have to understand sanctuary because over and over like a timelines enjoys disorder dropped in the revelation given idea where you are and if you don't study the rest of the Bible with revelation you won't come to an understanding of truth and revelation that's not how our plan is that it is just that was myself no by the way the tried injustices and you nothing about the body but of the book Revelation and if you want to scholar knowing the language I think you be confused just reread it right furthermore I'm afraid even if your scholar are you having it doesn't mean revelation without setting the rest of the Bible with and so life online other relevant texts is the first thing to consider when you're setting a passage not with that in mind let me just let me just say this with that in mind you could categorize versus on any topic in one of two categories one category might be plain clear black and white versus another category might be verses which could go in different directions depending on how you understood and interpreted right the principle is when you consider other relevant versus the verses that are playing clear and thus saith the Lord 's on a topic have greater authority than the verses that are sort of gray and could go either way when I think about the rich man Lazarus for example that first if there was no other passage and though in the Bible about what happened person dies I might be tended to believe that a person that goes really than ever how right but there are so many works of their plane player pack light right routes on dropout throughout the Old Testament Ecclesiastes throughout the entire Scriptures there's so many Sony references only know one person died needlessly as lights are the less clear Bible passages in the light of the clear what that expense by the relevant passages the second thing to consider the second thing to consider is the historical setting historical setting very quickly the circle setting is to understand the situation is taking place in that day when we talk about relation such a frustrating chapter twelve and fourteen for example the whole issue of tall if we look at what I have one word where quantum was quite was a melting plot a cosmopolitan job was people from many different nationalities languages and there's confusion in court because when they came to church the Romanians that the building was the best and so they all try to talk about the good Romanian and the Germans on their languages nothing else I talk is that a lot of the good and the English and Spanish and everyone else was just competing together and impulses that God is the author not a lot of confusion but all things done decently and in order to speak take turns speaking language as and when you take when you speak in languages have a translator makes us estimate is willing to do that automatically happens church we went home and people setting up preaching but that's what that's when you look at the historical context anti-Semitism meaning as to what was being intended there look in the context are to talk about that sort of skip past it we look at the other relevant Scriptures the context translation historical setting translation you don't need to know Hebrew Greek in order to look at some of the original me how many do you have a Bible program on your computer most Bible software either house or you can add to it of a lexicon of some sort Strong 's numbers not talking about you a lot you don't even have to know your alphabets in order to be looked them up because they are numbered for you all the combined numbers in order right and so you can get loaded and I'm ready to go to lexicon or your computer may have looks on you can look at original meaning it may not it may not be as as good as being able to speak a reader language yourself but it's it's an aided you can look at these those four tools with the principles they talked about here this morning and especially with the heart in tune with the Holy Spirit I believe God will be June and century of this than helpful I grab time it sort of prayer but in heaven today we are grateful that you give us your word and as we consider your will for us I pray him we might each apply the principles that will be most useful in helping us know Jesus better view of told us that you know Pam is life eternal that's what we desire give us hearts that are in tune with his innocent wills letter that are willing to be obedient to his lord someday very soon maybe see Jesus face to face maybe throughout eternity with better mines and a better world continue to study the infinite truth of who you are in your left breast and thank you Jesus


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