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My Conscience Versus God's Word

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator




  • January 19, 2008
    2:45 PM
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reminder we talking about something that could be a very sensitive topic is something that I think is not given enough attention of police to find in my own experience I say this I was quite surprised of the things that I learned and so I feel the need for additional work prayer that we might be able to have the Lord 's blessing with us as we study starts while in heaven today we thankful for the promise that where two or three gathered together in your name you will be with them and we we're here more than two or three heavens gather together and that name and for the purpose of knowing more about you love ourselves inside is not traded today and her a few minutes we have shared together you'll help us to to not just have human thoughts that you have thoughts inspired from God were to use me but speak directly to your people today through your word through your voice because their hearts may we understand the conscience that and maybe be able to be better people from this time together we think in Jesus name and this topic is perhaps even most important at the end of time I think it's become more important as I studied Bible prophecy writers I've seen it as more important as I studied Bible prophecy because of the description what's going to take place in Christianity has become closely and vilified without a little more before finish that I've first of all we want to agree on answer to the question what is the conscience and what does it do not ask people this question I received quite a wide variety of answers and some people believe that it is the voice of God speaking directly to the heart some people believe that it's just something that gives me sort of innately inbred in man leads him to think second perhaps about something he's doing the Bible doesn't specifically define the conscience is no verse that says in a plane thus saith the Lord that the conscience is but it does refer to the conscience and a number of places I like this to open our Bibles first in John chapter eight John chapter eight we find a story where the consciences of men are being chronicled describe the story you're probably familiar with you in a burning mount of olives and is still early in the morning when Jesus came back to the Temple and began preaching in their as he is perhaps the sun was just coming up the date was just beginning that it scribes and Pharisees and the rulers of the people dragged a woman into Jesus presents who had been caught in the very act of adultery now there is probably no more humiliating place to be dragged from where she was dragged then to the church and no one more humiliating to these placed in front of them Jesus can imagine he was wholly he was a teacher he was respected and here she is so they asked him the question in Chapter eight verse five no Moses the law commanded us as such be stoned but what saith thou me know this was a trick question there was no good answer arteries the thought in any answer that Jesus gave you was down to condemn himself if he said Stoner they would immediately gather their witnesses and run the Romans of the Roman authorities because the in presented in the Jewish leaders from exercising capital punishment so now he was inciting rebellion against the law several if you said don't spill on her they would gather witnesses and they would try him before their own tribunal as being contrary to the laws of Moses so neither Randy Gage was in the wrong answer and they had a lot of questions in ask that the story of your last last section but notice what Jesus did this they said tempting him that they may have to accuse him Jesus stooped down with his finger wrote on the ground as we heard them not what they hadn't contemplated with the Jesus might have a third option after all he was God you know you a exactly Jesus is Lord has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing I suppose you at least a thousand answers to this question they hadn't thought of it he's got fleas it's done in writing the desk and it's fascinating what happened he pretends to adore them and that must've been a little annoying you know important people don't like to be ignored at least not for very long it's a depressing feeling ordinary there is there China's trying to get used answer the question he just tuned them out and teach writing than in the natural thing for the curious human nature is going to be to try to see what is writing right and so they they gather around and when they are writing I imagine the first person looked over her shoulder against his face and turning and sort of his countenance dropping and turning around heading out and what would that do the rest of it would make them want to see what was written before leaving improving in hunting around in the Bible says that when they continued asking he lifted up himself and said and then heated is without sin among you let him first cast a stone at her and he stooped down and wrote on the ground as they which heard it being convicted by their own conscience went out one by one beginning at the eldest even on the last and Jesus was left alone and the woman standing in the mix amazingly enough Jesus not only was writing this tens the secret sins which nobody else knew about of these men but he chose to in order of their age beginning of the oldest all of the youngest one by one being convicted by what their own conscience they went out and I want you to notice the storm the role of a conscience as noted in the story it was Jesus actions in the words of development around the convicted these men right such a question what these men their conscience but I can almost assure you that as they were leaving the Temple on the day getting there all very happy wow my conscience is working great today then again the church right and yet I felt praise the Lord I have a conscience I love everything I think I'm probably mad I think they're probably embarrassed or humiliated release afraid they were going to be here or someone else know whose it was written about I suppose by leaving in order they sort of given way to promote anyone ever connect the lines but here they leave that they leave the Temple on that morning no doubt aimed reactive Jesus the way that the models and they are convicted by their conscience they are angry Jesus they didn't even recognize the role of their conscience and they didn't realize that they were blaming Jesus when his later conscience that it caused them to leave without more about that little bit later not our consciences are part of us from the time we first reached the age of accountability until we suppose they are last breath of Easter thinking our last rational thoughts I said age of accountability to the time and I don't think that a young person really knows much the difference being right and wrong I read when I was about five years old I am I told my first lie or at least I thought it is a hang of the first time I became aware of what was truth what was false it know what was telling the truth multi- life the problem was that I climbed up and at my mom 's ornamental red country with the lens saw that I found in the garage and decided to do some pruning we moved Arkansas but a few years earlier and and down and yell as a timber country and everyone was lumberman housing the alumnus I start cutting easy branches often improving the appearance of the tree which some people didn't agree was an improvement and nice older sister was three and a half years older than me was among those and so she went and she told my mom that I was cutting branches off the tree which as I recall now out in the pretty hideous but I was finished and out my mom asked a question and you get the rest of the trio said no I didn't add up and so I said it immediately and I said that and immediately I knew I'd told a lie I'm uses like I felt terrible I wish I always have dozens of conscience ideas like I had I made it right I mean I was so distraught I apologize reliant on the rows Ms. rating to my sister wasn't really that sympathetic about my terrible disgrace I made of my life and how I am and him and I said I said you are at I said that was the first flyover told to know is not usual lots of lies him and I probably had the easier had reached an age of accountability it is a point analyzing we can't we come to know what are what is right and wrong we become accountable then throw it for what we do it we say something here from the time it was independently until there is not able to understanding more and I the conscience is a part of our very being referred to sometimes as set as self when we say things like I just couldn't live with myself if I did that right try to translate that you know it if you would don't understand what you mean by that it doesn't make sense Andy is not improper to consider the conscience to be a sort of an inmate inner voice and we look in our Bibles are Romans chapter two going to see another passage which gives us some insight into what the conscience really is Romans chapter two and were going to read verse fourteen and fifteen Romans chapter two verses fourteen and fifteen said this for when Gentiles which have not the law there on the Bible they don't know do by nature the things contained in the law these having on the law or law themselves which show the work of the law written where their hearts their conscience also bearing witness and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another never interesting otherwise just like they were to be judged by what we know the Gentiles acting and to eliminate mildew and Paul said that his group of childhood don't have a law Monday the age of the things contained in the law and I living according to their own conscience learning just by looking out the conscience is easy to condemn the murder schism that exists it does make sense that these people did not have the Bible as a guide for living the conscience and they actually are being contrasted to the Jews which had the Bible but work doing the things will right now and I read this passage and I sort of start to gather some insights about the conscience from it I thought having some real questions because in our world today there is a system of thought we might refer to as moralism talking about when I say moralism moralism is essentially the idea that you do what is right in your own eyes is right for you I do what is right for me in my own thinking is right for me there were that idea that is really really popular will the day it sort of it's a it's a new version of spiritualism the version of spiritualism because it's in essence saying all men are gods it's a repetitive repetition of the first while the earliest lies of the devil when he said he is God doing both as he we made ourselves in the demigods by saying what we can we can determine what is right for me you can determine what is wrong right for you we both follow our consciences what more can not ask for seller policy to heroes or do unfortunate many Christians and this is sort of what our topics about sex the conscience but I'm not many Christians meaning administration to moralists but it is a quite early I decided a few minutes ago but this is only said it okay gesture I can see your point with Bible says about world entertainment or whatever the topic maybe good for their mind but I'm not convicted about your I leave the discussion scratching my head and wondering like what exactly can conviction is I hasn't happened also far as to say to me because I'm not convicted about it I'm not obligated to obey or even one step further because I'm not convicted about it were I to open it it would be legalism I mean wow what do they think conviction really is I think sometimes we have a tendency to expect our conscience that wonderful and eight feeling faculty or to which God often speaks to us to read place or take the place of our reasoning faculties to take the place of God 's word and this my friends is very very dangerous I want to say coming out as may appear to be shocking to you as it was to me when I first thought it but like I learned I think is a true statement I think we were finished you'll probably agree with well very carefully if you live by what your conscience defines as right and wrong you're going to be lost if you live by what your conscience defines the right or wrong is going to be lost now I lost some of you just wait a minute and look at guards were to more closely and I hope you can see what I'm trying to say there are many references in the Bible of the cost was turned one of them 's first Timothy chapter four verses one and two but in the Bible what you find is they are not only conscience is described which are leading to God and goodness their consciences the are described which are bad consciences first Timothy chapter four verses one and two now the Spirit screen speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall does apart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils speaking lies in hypocrisy having their conscience seared with a what hot iron must turn a few more pages over the Titus Titus chapter one and verse fifteen said that under the pure all things are pure but under them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure but even their mind and what conscience is defiled but very simply don't trust your conscience why because they're good conscience is more bad consciences it may or may not be accurate trusting your conscience will lead to extremes on one hand or another God never intended for our consciences the definition of right and wrong I remember a friend of mine who was very conscientious that words related to conscience isn't it because whenever he was convicted of something had this sensor impression he wanted to follow is very sincere in this I remember he was probably seventeen or eighteen of time extremely stupid and he you wanted to have a closer walk with God he wanted to studies by the more very very sincere and we found was when eight because of a cloudy casino he is convicted of being consecutively to the less silly to study better he could be better need to cut back on his and take you through the eating less but he ate less as my must apply facilitative he was convicted fugitive he was out my size or large but he got on I-95 about half what I weigh and finally I realized what was and I said to him you're trusting an impression somehow when it simply isn't logical there's nothing inspired to say that you're eating too much it's normal when you eat food for some blood to go from your brain to your stomach otherwise it wouldn't I just write to you not letting quite clearly is way scripting at everyone during the morning wake-up for you to suggest that the point is I should was passing through prophecy says this even impressions of the Holy Spirit upon the heart are to be tested by the word of God so he began eating prayers Lord and he's a friend of mine today but his conscience understands time I will write a rate what about the even referred to in Romans to dinner they simply just do what they thought was right the answer is yes but noticed a significant observations and we look at Romans chapter two there are two things that Paul said he's talking about the Gentiles which have not the law that do by nature the things contained in the law is not talking all the Gentiles to understand that words he didn't just say that as long as they are sincere in their idol worship enemy say they're following their consciences he said there are Gentiles and not how the law but they are actually land being in harmony with the law of God is in a sense that all the Gentiles to that altered his walk inside their own eyes now there's a way that seems right amended and thereby the ways of the visitors a specific group of Gentiles upon referring to those who because of their willingness to sacrifice self and listen to the Holy Spirit 's voice on their heart in nature or revelation or however they heard it they actually they actually were doing they need to think that's the group he's talking about second notice that those heathen which have not the law don't have any other opportunity for knowing what is right and wrong when my friends have the word of God to import observations one is talking about those who are actually living in harmony with God 's will and second there have another option to their following their consciences the best do this reference this referring to their experience does not indicate the conscience is to take the place of God 's word in defining truth or righteousness I want to share with you now students the prophecy is found in my neck and personality volume one page three hundred and twenty cubits of this the idea is a really entertaining by many that anatomy practice anything that he conscientiously believes to be right but the question is how the man a well instructed good conscience or is it biased and warped by his own preconceived a conscience is not to take the place of bus saith the Lord consciences do not all harmonize and are not all inspired alike some consciences are as dead seared with a hot iron men may be conscientiously wrong as well as conscientiously right Paul did not believe in Jesus of Nazareth any hunt in the Christiansen city to city verily believing that he was doing service for God what really got me attention was when I found out that not only is some cottages goods and consciences that consciences can change the new thought for I was for me I saw my conscience was something that you know the whisper speaking to me about the same yesterday programming the conscience on the same our consciences connects a change in Paul's faith they were Christians but only recently been freed from the superstitions of paganism driving your Bibles first rent instructor eight and that these pagans mind that dogs of the Haven the temples around them these dogs have power to cursor blasts also in their thinking for them to eat or not to eat her food offered a model is a fearful thing right these idols had the power to either blessed or cursed computer wasn't wasn't here so you summon it is a big deal and on all new however there was only one God in the whole universe and says in verse ten is a verse six but to us there is but one God the father and of whom are all things and we in him and one Lord Jesus Christ by whom are all things amoebae have Paul had an and knowledge that these people did not happen automatically begin Christian bicycles they also agreed and that is monotheistic view of the world right back home I even says but Jesus came and gathered Christian church the world was you of picking an intended to want monotheistic worldview of minis pagans even though they come to you God is the only true God or supreme daughter over the given at the time that their minds were so deeply ingrained with the thinking of the power of these I wasn't as easy for them to snap on and all of a sudden think that is just a piece of what I get back about a convertor they couldn't extend feel that way they did didn't have that knowledge yet and he even goes on in verse seven and he says this howbeit there is not in every Batman that knowledge for some conscience of the idol unto this hour it is a thing often and I think if you were to put a piece of bread that had been blessed by Idol in front of one of his newly converted pagans nor they would do all that would be pagan worship about me going back to my old days I no longer paying on a Christian I want our practice paganism even when Apollo they say while binging the bread of these installments visible in the dinner Deborah I getting it but balls contact his new converts anything though using then there's something is something with that bread and it would it would it would feel to them like you're going back to their old and rolled God I worship to your conscience is not static unchanging entity like we sometimes assume your conscience is a fluid changeable impressionable part of your awareness in the thought that may be new to you is that your conscience is only as good as its education your conscience is only as good as its education if it is being educated by the word of God it is constantly becoming more accurate if it is being educated by the world is constantly certainly becoming less and less accurate again for my theater personality people and one page three twenty four it is not enough for a man to think himself safe and following the dictates of his conscience the question is settled is is the conscience in harmony with the word of God the question for me to ask myself is not just a matter of is this what I think is the right thing to do is what is what I am being impressed by her with it in harmony with God 's word that's what I was trying to tell my student friends on my student if you're being oppressed was something is not in harmony with inspiration don't fall all right this is our standard not this humanism moralism and was again teenager probably learned a little jingle on one Bible teacher start song there is a road side of you inside of me there is to the wandering pilgrim in the dark about designing and I look back at enemy we seen also pretty catchy I was not apostasy the role design is not in my heart is not in your heart and license videos but thereby the word of God is not what is in us that will lead us to the right and why it is important for us I'll get into that statement basically for the question is settled is it the conscience in harmony with the word of God if not it cannot be safely followed for it will deceive the conscience must be enlightened by God time must be given check this out time must be given to the study of the Scriptures and prayer thus the mind will be established strengthened and settled that how do you educate your conscience spending time in Bible study and prayer is important isn't it so important to spend that time now the reason this is important as I looking to rebound relationship with thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen as I understand it at least putting is one of very very important reason why this is so essential for us to understand the relationship of thirteen we see is a snapshot of the world during his last and final deceptions the light away I don't think we're that far off from Revelation thirteen the two beasts in the Isaacson prophecy in the market of these the image and all those things being fulfilled not so concerned we won't get into politics or world events reveals that needs right now but I'm not so concerned I'm not so convinced that we are not already seeing aspects of Revelation thirteen being fulfilled before our very eyes document the second beast not states serving any an AEI enforcer role for another indicators behind-the-scenes really making the decisions of course I'm not a conspiracy theorist except except I believe the devil is a great conspirator and as the Bible reveals it is the least serious things happening in the time and most the world isn't and realize what's really happening I seems we now relish thirteen message read receipt says this and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world now to say something here that may sometimes not popular but then I believe with all my heart that the Seventh-day Adventist message of the rings message is God 's message for the last time I believe that the sum of the Avent movement is God in time remnant movement of Bible prophecy some people don't like that term remnant anymore but I'm not ashamed of it I believe they were fingered by prophecy as being God 's people if we're believing this message now if we tried come to an understanding of Revelation thirteen I think that most of his problems units rumor going to agree the traditional atoms we then now on the first beast of Revelation thirteen etc. etc. this deceptive power is a Christian power was sort of an agreement on that but sometimes when we stopped to really analyze what that means in our and our actual practical application it doesn't even go down the road we look at Christian England to church on Sunday we see our the beast and that's not what it means when I'm trying to say is this somehow when we read in Revelation thirteen we read all about that in time of persecution and and and a marketing piece in the image of the beast in the Sunday law the Dexedrine always if we get a mental image of people at dinnertime or fighting God you know who are against the truth the wicked there referred to as right after we get his mental image of people who are sort of evil ill I mean it almost fine warns that's how evil they are interrelated these at least and so is our life we get this mental image somehow missing the bad people at a time and it has given me the good people at the time that any really clear was to be one of the bad people don't just get a mental image I know this can be good bad combat but the fact of the matter is not initially some bad people but I'm afraid in London and politician enough I'm afraid that you'll add venison were standing up for religious liberty in and the rights of minority activists can we want and with a whole bunch of people know people like that well I so maybe there's some sort of a religious right a week and bring revival get back to God in all this is happening and what homosexuals most of the people there to be sort of lumped off on the side two thousand and the people who are actually enforcing the image of the beast and the mark of the beast energy being out in this what I think is going to be a great religious awakening false religious awakening a great revival false revival race for drawing a false spirituality is actually really good people I want to try to anger any group of people because being any need for the group today doesn't mean you're convened a group that is outselling but if it helps when I try to imagine this is been like that the really conservative Baptist friends are like homeschooling and really really they're good people saying they go to church they seemed in Jesus we pray in Jesus and they they they seem to love Jesus and they actually will go to any of them to the Maryann after searching wage and then find out they been following the deception when Jesus was really Jesus it was just it was a success he knows all there but it wasn't quite what it seems so true and the whole world line admitted it wasn't biblical and in his eighties many large large and we didn't we do all these great wonderful works we went in charge with death of the immensely we pray and we sang in your name is never knew you both I think of the four people in a single one delivering the methods of it and love the dog 's name is Mrs. Babel and come out of her my people right because if you don't come out in a particular sentiment receivable legs the love that's my worldview than the time from traditional atoms will be those important thing for us to realize that the people who are in that category that you normally can sometimes good people and the people who have consciences that are almost right not quite because they haven't submitted them fully worth as a makes a difference their consciences have been educated rather by the world and by the word euros in the absent category two and aggressive than from an temperature but everything just another thing out as a category two is as a leprechaun resenting state six hundred and eight says in a long these lines as a storm approaches a large class of those who profess faith in the third Angels message of abandoned their positions and joined the opposition something like that and she says why this happens by conforming to the world and partaking of its spirit may have come to view matters in nearly the same light the test is brought there prepared to choose the easy and popular side I used to think it was because they didn't have enough contacts Verizon on Sabbath but I think in reality what's can happen isn't it some more fundamental understanding of truth there to come to see truth and a little more pluralistic may be humanistic moralistic way with writing to you is looking for you right for music and for me is the way the world thinks so than doctrine and truth as it becomes important make an issue of it with well servicing Jesus and bothers me I'm baring my soul here that but it really bothers me friends I see I have this running to battle and to learn whatever they're running about underwear because of scarcity what do they think what is their conscience what are they being educated do they remember the valve end of time is not going to be there against foreign creatures not the really Christians Christian precious in the end the majority of Christians and almost meeting Mark not quite sciatic and get off the topic that you understand this makes the issue of and time consciences even all the more relevant in his death in time conscience is I think that many of them will be convict convicted that someday needs to be honored in the way it once was many of them will be convicted the sun is right for them even right for the rest of the world I want to be blunt as necessary and as kind as possible but I'm afraid for young people my friends anyone who is trusting their consciences I'm afraid that in and we might perish ironically as religious people spiritual people people following their convictions I'm good I'm afraid of this because I think it today it is Satan 's priority to educate your conscience and mine in practices and beliefs are contrary to God and Leslie have an overt intentional plan to exit our consciences in harmony with God the devil to make sure they get the wrong education that's why I made the statement to be if you follow their conscience and be lots to follow your conscience alone is going to be lost treasure things finally I familiar with the the vision of John life had where she saw Susan talking to his angels it was actually written including the frequently controversial eighteen eighty four edition but when it was prepared for why publication distribution among the world of work that passage was taken out with a little difficult basis for island leader because I mean the tests and believe that online venture profit this led to his vision was taken out and put in a book is very Adventist and really designed for this audience of testimonies the ministers not remaining on evidence are being sold at book and so the book was Mister still holds this passage or you can get it nineteen eighty four addition of a controversy this is what it says these are stations words and I'm quoting you know him I only had the great controversy here at stage three forty three forty one and I use enough of my head customers ministers but I think it find a body scan index masters I don't recall it from those who have the listings words I'm quoting how likely those who dream those without a form of godliness but no not the power we can gain many who would otherwise do us great harm lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God will be our most effective helpers similarly most effective nose of a form of godliness would love as a playwright those who are aware Adventists those of this class were asked and Helen Jeffs will serve as decoys to draw others into our snares I like that if you're intelligent you are under double obligation to be committed to Jesus Christ 's otherwise you are on stations special asset list and you can ease you those are aft intelligent in this class will serve as decoys to draw his endorsers many will not fear their influence because they profess the same faith and they knew it we will bus to leave them to conclude lesson of this will lead them to conclude that the requirements of Christ are less strict than they once believed and by conformity to the world they way to exert a greater influence with what links good motivation right evangelism for us how by conforming to the world and thinking the best they can have more influence and will link the labels separate themselves from Christ then they will have no strength to resist our power and ere long they will be ready to ridicule their former zeal and devotion the scary thing is I seems repeated in the lives of young people over and over and over again some of you and say loudly for breath you just proved conforming to the world hanging out with people rather than a stupid they didn't add a form of godliness but denying the power pretty soon they were conformed to the world a thought what we don't fit in how can we win them before long they were separated from Christ they had know how to resist the temptation and the easier it says error longer we ready to ridicule their former zeal devotion and give receipts on how I can believe I once thought belief their consciences changed their consciences changed that savings plan to change your conscience and because they are being conformed to the world world instead of being transformed by the world by the word they actually ridicule what they used to believe they can believe there is a strict there's a legalistic last two questions in this process to which they went through the standard of right and wrong change it certainly did not this only illustrates why it's so important for our minds to be saturated by the word of God and less we are willing to follow God 's word and make it our guide for what is right and wrong despite our personal inclinations and feelings and impressions regarding the matter we need the word of God and I'd like to just add like to just add that I watched it happen people make these sweeping change their lives and in ridiculing their other past views what I noticed is it wasn't because their statement they can find me need inspiration the Sith Lords of this is widely based we must write they become much more laid back at this thing the Bible at all they don't they there's simply conformed with popular let's accept it around so should we follow things don't have to question this is where the rubber meets the road should we follow things that were not convicted Josh him him him and I would like to say yes okay remain the main explains finding God 's word and inspiration a trip it is plain abundantly clear and I believe I'm obligated to obey whether I feel like it hot with diamond precedence importance are convicted or not then he said but in this way if I'm not willing to obey what God clearly says in his word how can I expect him to somehow miraculously teaching accurately to my thoughts and feelings seventy cents if I'm not willing to obey what God clearly says in his word how can I expect them to somehow teaching miraculously through my thoughts and feelings I think God says look if you want to know more truth all of the Tribune if you want to know and more about my word follow what's clear tendency with my will it is my will will know my Doctor Jason Johnson walk in the light while you have the like right out from under first seminar today true his progress will be what you know to be right if it's clear if the Bible says it it isn't because it's an injunction the spirit of prophecy and it's clear nothing should be careful on the things you need balance in the same niche and use good hermeneutic principles and studying book the Bible as their prophet of the Bible says it I believe it and that's good enough for me it settles it for me and so yes I believe we ought to be obeying what we find in God 's word whether we have a conviction about it not rather an accurate and sensitive conscience the panties on an implicit and unswerving yielding to what I find to be right in the word of God to ignore God 's word because I'm not convicted is a senior my conscience with a hot iron and I can assure you that unless there's a miraculous change of heart I will never be convicted about something I don't want to be convicted now I've been involved in the vandalism for for a few years and perhaps this issue the conscience become more plain to me as I seen people relating to conviction those of you done evangelism known of talking about it never sat and watched maybe some of them black workers recent antics there is new scene he seems in those contacts may be sitting in the front row they come every night and the beginning and the meetings then all of a sudden some topic comes up and I have it's it's John Kerry all over again there met you you get this him and and conviction comes in various forms anger joy tears crying avoiding any connection comes in many different forms but their value when really their consciences just been instructed by the word and there being convicted word of God is powerful very powerful how may times I seem people get up and leave the room or avoid me because they think they can therefore escape conviction I see this happen I fear for their souls I've been working because if we cultivated disposition in what we want to do and avoid or resist the convictions of the spirit on her heart we're searing our consciences our consciences will one day simply reflect the education replacement under the radiant health centers September three nineteen oh one from Genesis to Revelation the conditions upon which eternal life is promised from a plane got required that those is under heaven shall be without spot or wrinkle in such thing keep my commandments and live as a requirement of God but one says my conscience does not condemn me and not keeping the commandments of God but in the word of God we read there conscience is bad consciences and the fact that your conscious is not a denier knocking a lot but does not bring the dragons in the site take your conscience to the word of God and see of your life and character in accordance with the standard of righteousness with God as they revealed you can then determine whether or not to have an intelligent faith and what manner of conscience is yours the conscience of man cannot be trusted unless it is under the influence of divine grace Satan they can manager than an ally unlike in conscience and thereby means men into all manner of delusions because they had not made the word of God the counselor class devices afternoon how is it with your conscience is your conscience seared with you ever harden your heart to God speaking to you are your ideas of right and wrong somehow defiled by your background your preconceived ideas and opinions and choices the good news that I will leave you with is that God 's word will not only enlighten our consciences but as we obey the word our consciences will be refined and purified tramping a Bible student Hebrews chapter nine verses fourteen and fifteen I love this verse we've got to end I don't want a scary one year ago I I do hope that he that you see after that these three seminars and hope you see the importance of studying more time with the Hebrews chapter nine verses fourteen and fifteenth powerful passage year came alive to me after I had this made a study he was nine years fourteen fifteen how much more shall the blood of Christ but if you the blood of Christ who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God I heard you I was conscience from dead works to serve the living God water promise noble Jesus Christ my friends is a vision not ever get me for my sins but to actually purge my conscience from dead works all things that I did this series you can cleanse my conscience and make it new again praise God hallelujah Jesus Christ's blood is sufficient for even the weakest most dead and hard in college and to make this even more powerful the next verse says this for this cause what cause the purging of your consciences for this cause he is mediator of the New Testament that by the means of death for the redemption of the transgressions that were in the first testament they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance Jesus is our high priest in heaven today my friends he's very interceding for us for the purpose of cleansing your conscience and my conscience from sin announcing a filling purpose cleanses us from all seven clones are record easier cleanser conscience to that's what he wants to do for each one of us can of me now that he was chapter ten I wish we could just connect the dots between Hebrews chapter nine the reception is one letter one father Paul's completing and so when we get from Hebrews chapter nine for this cause he 's a mediator of the government wanted it notice in verse ten and verse twenty one and having an high priest over the house of God let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith having our hearts sprinkled from an evil what conscience and our bodies washed with pure water now remember Jesus says you can have a church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing I is you appear fire by the washing of water by the word Jesus holds seven oh that's that that's on his wife jeez those items in John chapter fifteen now you are clean the words spoken washing of water by the word it says we study the Bible through the blood of Jesus being applied in our hearts the Spirit working in us and a saturating ourselves with our souls with the word of God that God is able to cleanse us of the conscience on something for Jesus into I convicted I spend more time Bible study and convicted I need to spend more time educating my prop my conscience that's not skip the last verse verse twenty three let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for he is faithful that promised your miscarriage thinking I don't know my conscience uneducated the wrong places by the wrong things remember it's not you see that his faith was promised Jesus is able to do for you what you cannot do for yourself I trust that that this has provoked some thoughts and you might challenge for you today is to take the gut take the word of God just as it reads my plea is that we might each one surrender our own thoughts and feelings or even convictions to the word of God and be willing to implicitly follow that word and submit to it might occur is that we would each have a pure conscience as Paul said pray for us he presented thirteen presenting pray for us we trust that we have a good conscience in all things willing to live honestly has great reach and Shelley aspires father in heaven today read how I had a few minutes to talk about importance of studying our Bibles how we can do that word I know each time I share these thoughts I'm convinced again my to unlearn things I've learned and learned things I have what I just want to create it help me to saturate my mind with the Word of God to be transformed by that word instead of being conformed to the world what I have that same prayer for each one gets each year we instead were living in momentous times are living in times when deceptions are great and the devil will make the class that the track of air so close to the track of truth it will be impossible to soliciting an accepted Scriptures when we can trust her consciences we need your word and we want to have consciences which are educated by the word inspired by the word enlightenment so today I just want pray you help us help us to be students of the book help us to put aside our own human preconceived ideas and opinions help us to be willing to to follow you wherever that word takes us even if it sometimes causes her own inclinations and impressions are what we turn convictions Lord yet they are experienced we pray maybe check clear conscience is good consciences cleansed by your blood and by Ruby Green Jesus name amen


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