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Preparing for Courtship

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • November 19, 2004
    7:00 PM
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on what you want to go I guess I need to stay clear their residents rotate throughout my office practice in the Wichita and a Hindu internal medicine resident was spending some time with me I was getting acquired with her then as they sat down he required I asked her if she was married and other usual like questions that you asked if the requirement to have children this is inside his omissions in their engineering I asked her how she had married and how she had been met him and him a very interesting story she was reluctant at first but I encouraged her to write is through shelving narcissist she lived in another country and her husband she had not met his parents also live in that country where she lived and he was living in Wichita we are working at Boeing 's parents put an advertisement my review and her parents or the advertisement responded and the parents of a fellow life the parents that her and I decided it would be a marriage and so he flew back and she met him three days before the wedding while they were preparing for the final part of the wedding and go they were happily married I asked her if that's what she was going to do for children and she said the word for her now if satisfying shower areas there is him return to the fact the matter is for that until about two hundred two hundred and thirty years ago that was critical typical type of courtship dances choose the styles for the children they were thinking much about it and then a romantic okay and it was a change with automatic you have the romantic are the romantic literature the romantic music and also romantic courtship now instead of parents choosing for children that parents need to get out of the way and the children choose for themselves Vermont home I remember an article I read in the review and Herald well I was teenager and it's all about the best time of your life courtship and then after that you have been very hairs of the velvet generation is drawn up with this kind of idea of courtship but in my generation the romantic using the when I was just starting my practice in Wichita this two couples were living together they basically didn't admitted if they do they were kind of embarrassed but now twenty three years later there is not even a hint of embarrassment or hesitation now this is my wife on the system my husband and I believe an article in the Wall Street Journal two weeks ago announced that the romantic just ended this was the Wall Street Journal eleven seventeen two thousand and four K-12 are you married him combat this sort of sad I'm just giving you some help airborne body of research suggests there is no such thing as a compatible couple good news all couples can argue about the same place and listen most disagreements you are is all so that you want to honor this for their recommendation is scheduling arguments the author immediately why not draw more than that and as for courtship the recommendation is given instruction in fighting yes just as the romantic period of literature in our past it appears that the romantic period of courtship visiting people are giving up on marriage the compatible couples exist the age of romance is gone with the third reagent to spare the experts conclude the key to a lasting marriage combat truly they prove the truth of Isaiah 's observation the way of peace they know not unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain that build it it won't come out right it just can't come out right I remember when I was here Loma Linda I had the opportunity to be involved with a study group on Gaza plan courtship and marriage United Linda Hall is not an idea as I had the privilege of leading that group for four weeks ever tried him halfway for the fifth audio Bible surpasses it unfortunate then I found them like I said was just about the opposite of anything I never heard before I found a guy 's plans about our plans as but not our our thoughts but I decided that whatever else I would do I would follow if there were dots and I wanted to follow Christ for better or for worse I would build my life around God 's directions and I'm so thankful that that's what happened I believe that sex and Chronicles twenty twenty has the sacred updating that will lead to successful marriages and that is going to the Lord your God to social you be established believe his prophets so shall you prosper this is the formula to prospering not only in marriage but in all of life as we want to prosper the seminar we want to build the seminar around God 's word in God 's inspired instruction the Bible and Spirit officer and I would encourage each of you to build your lives around those inspired pieces of instruction unless you want to try the other system build your life around a happy marriage combat of this is only an introductory starting I hope you'll find it a point year in directions that are helpful and then tomorrow you'll get the syllabus which will contain material that we cover here tonight and tomorrow now Naresh has been said is because of God in the midst of one of for how many institutions from solo artist from permitted to I don't know exactly what went through at this mind is a wash God made their various animals but as they got closer and closer to looking like someone for him he got more excited but he calculated and say well maybe it's what it is a and finally God his own code often is well were done in the Adam I'm sure with a little bit disappointed it during the Beijing Navy guys and supplies some information is a notice that God made them to lie to her senses used for car wanted to just take a nap administrator NASA motivation and went to sleep and when he woke up their wounds the guy learned that when Adam learned that God provides for our needs in contrast to Lord Seo said it's not good for Adam to be alone I don't want to him to be here all by himself wandering around the needs someone to help him it's not just that is the world God says insolvency since the solitary in families some sixty eight percent and not just the Old Testament Jesus promised his disciples and said assuredly I say to you Mark and him there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my sake in the Gospels who shall not receive a hundred full now is houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children missing a good life for a good husband is such a cool idea that God reserves the figured himself prudent wife is from the Lord of sensible life is a contemporary version senses is from the Lord and less things which I had at Loma Linda home I suppose if I look at the greatest lesson I got here came out out of that study on courtship there was a student I just found this story obviously there came at about ninety eight of us that got together every of refried is a folder and one person McCain was so excited about the studies that when she was in San Francisco inventiveness the last one she took a plane rather than driving so she could come back for the final studies actually let the courtship each of the week to look at something different what on the final and we looked at a romantic favor of the contagious diseases of the heart and she came back for that and I we got better acquainted and that him to certified as though I what was your wife have an opportunity later on says a study of the feminist foundation eighteen family five years the closest the most tender and safer than any on earth it was designed to be a blessing to mankind God loves a good lesson in life and bless us and it was a blessing wherever their marriage covenant is entered into intelligently in the fear of God and when do consideration for its responsibilities and receive our courtship is to help us enter a marriage intelligently with our eyes wide open none of his blindness stuff and obediently preparing to bear the responsibilities of married life now God designed marriage to actually be a triple blessing a time when parents give a blessing to their children should the church puts its blessing on the couple and God gives his blessing and approval to a new home Deuteronomy seven fourteen usually blessed above all peoples Deuteronomy twelve seven you shall rejoice in all should put your hands you and your households in which the Lord your God has blessed you but unfortunately the struggle blessing is quite rare as a black American blessings are not automatic just because a person is married doesn't mean there for me bless in fact Satan seeks to make marriage of first when Jesus talked about marriage to his disciples they were so astonished that what is said that here's their response if such is the case of a man with his wife better not to marry Deuteronomy twenty nine nineteen Moses said and so it may not happen when you will curse you glass himself as I'd say hi shall have peace even though I follow the dictates of my heart as though the drunkard could be included with the sober note thanking you can disregard God 's instruction on courtship and marriage and have peace is not possible don't think you can say well that's a good idea but I'm than half a blessing doing it this way God 's instruction is not optional if you want to have gays there is no case outside of the pieces resistance near one hundred six fifteen and says he gave them their request finally he says well for themselves laying us for their souls so Solomon worn it by heart with all diligence out of it are the issues of life letter ninety five eighteen eighty six Illinois says this concerns your happiness she was writing to an adopted daughter she says this concerns your happiness more than any other event of your life ministry revealing pictures of the nine marriage affects the afterlife is in marriage only affected this lively safe Elwell said that they got a very bad choice though subtle but they have heaven the or you could say well see that I'm not very happy now that I have ever the hell but marriage affects both this life and the world to come who were children it impacts the world it's very important not very concerned about giving us the information now hundred and twenty five years ago a study was commissioned to determine the area is the fact on this earth was commissioned by heaven and the results were so important that God released the statistics for this world the conclusion was that the problems of poor marriages will be on human calculation the software facts were that not one marriage in a hundred resulted happily sanctioned by God and improve the opportunities to bring glory to God nearly five million men and women who get married in the United States this next year based on present trends the national Center for health projects with forty three percent of first-time marriages will end half the voice the median length of time for instituting a divorce only six two years and we all know that just because a marriage doesn't end in divorce doesn't mean it's happened for many marriages are galling to how can we avoid gambling a message that the married life may appear beautiful and full of happiness but why may not newly disappointed as thousands of others that another letter to another drugs this is just a result of chance maybe some other like enough to get the right spouses and some are not lucky or is it something faith in God smile online guides don't smile and another I've been predestined to have a happy home I've been predestined to have a miserable home make the best of it nothing much else or do I have a choice to and then on the stars will reduce their choice definitely fine for page four sixty four you can make sure to store your own happiness you can make your position halfway or unbearable hell the course would you pursue will create happiness or misery for yourself this is the choices you make the choices are making right now are going to determine the happiness or misery of the twenty years the person who dies of lung cancer from smoking made a choice twenty thirty years before so one of the choices we can make it will create happiness headline has to consider first before marriage the first choices consider the blessings and opportunities of the present single ministry is a format that we can do to increase our busy human tendency to consider the grass greener on the other side of the fence before considering marriage we need to consider the opportunities of being single every one that's ever born it is first called to a unmarried ministry for Adam was only a few hours but it has for us he had a period where he needed an unmarried ministry can you imagine him trying to name all the animals with either candidate said I think this is a rabbit I'm just saying now I had it looks more like a bunny him this is a philosopher who died at an important years of our life are unmarried it's training is essential for future ongoing skills Luke sixteen twelve if you've not been faithful in that which is another man's will give it out to zeros that marriage is God 's plan for most however because of this is either easy to overlook and ignore even despise further unmarried minister but before considering marriage we must give it what consideration to this possibility if you are single seriously ask a question is God calling me to continued single ministry going to be more mature are their character qualities are just really not quite there for marriage and my character were referring to individual thoughts and feelings need to increase my sense of need there's a difference between a sense of want in a sense is needed to I simply want this or is this something that God sees you need is a little singleness is undervalued but many accomplishments and inventions occur before marriage is a partially covers our University of Canterbury psychologist and researcher on two hundred and eighty of the world 's most successful people is what he found is a scientist rather quickly desist from their careers after their marriage for unmarried scientists continue to make great scientific under usually later in their lives by the way he says it himself that I will be making a I pray for son overheard in America has Saturn Astra across the more what are you talking about me as a guy riding even five great criminals are unmarried and under various men and women have been called into the single ministries are only later married ministries Paul says first Corinthians seven seven eight four I wish that all men more even if I myself but if one has his own gift from God wanted in this manner and another that by saving the unmarried and widows it is good for them if they remain even as I Chrysler for this special calling when he answered a question by his disciples non- marriage he explained that Matthew nineteen twelve is that some people are unable to marry because of birth defects are because of what someone has done in their bodies others stay single for the sake of the kingdom of heaven anyone who can accept this teaching should do so now notice thereof three special reasons for a single ministry the first is a certain genetic physical defect the second is accidental or purposely made physical defect certainty that an authority is our choice to invest the game of God and so we see Daniel was a man-made single ministry made by Nebuchadnezzar and his soldiers John was single far as we know my choice Paul called again and juices was unmarried throughout his earthly time by choice him for women as well as men there have been analysis out there follow this call the single ministry John Wesley was one in it was very chartreuse life would do any good emphases he would stand on a platform and his wife have been bigger than he was and would be honoring one time he was rescued as his wife was driving him by his theories very humble home drive by there and beating him but he ultimately came to recognize the God put thorns in a nest that he tried to settle down within focusing on the this possibility should be considered by those with life-threatening or debilitating physical problems serious mental illness Ellen White wrote a letter to her grandmother granddaughter who was then eighteen years old and she said yes I want you to listen to what I'm going to say to you you must on no account entertain thoughts of marriage such a thing must not be thought of him tell you gain a decided victory over the dangers that threaten your physical health she was having some lung problems so evidently she listened to this this is label white work when she died at the age of ninety six and her husband Wilford work or picture nineteen thirties in the decision tells the dispatcher fine this was such an important point that in summarizing steps for marriage Ellen White included in ministry the only pastry fifty eight the parties may not have worldly well they should have the far greater blessing of health may have a wealthy but the helper now are you married ministration also be considered with those without prospects instead of moaning and the rating themselves and their situation is alarming go on that's what Adam did in regard to the also noticed how similar their and I committed adultery they had a single ministry notice what Alan White Road to any Cornell LSA and evangelist and his wife is quite as selfish lady although she was a viable worker in and they were far he would go in the vandalism should follow only one evangelism elsewhere to follow and to buy more and ultimately they are part of the emaciated all she said to him as I saw you had failed it if you are not going to live with your wife you wish to be free from her your restless and uneasy and unsettled Satanists have been new to make a foolish man of yourself now is the time for you to show yourself a man who exhibit the grace of God and by your patients by your patience your fortitude and courage you are a better better away from your wife but you have no evidence that your wife is violated her marriage about the new Nokia anxiety to separate yourself vulnerable to provoke her to separate from you you are in no need of a life how it got copied on my Senate contests special not commit adultery God knows our needs and if this is a committing adultery since she had him she hated that would be needed in his new journey sound judgment and heavenly wisdom the possibility should also be considered a four call to dangerous travel in times of and so well you will more than insecure both counseling times of emergency because of the present crisis first within seven twenty six and twenty eight I think it is good for you to remain as you are you married her fiancé could of course argue unmarried in Outlook for life but if you marry even in these situations you have no sense in which is his favorite home was free unmarried brothers and sisters they were living together happy close friends and it's a sample of what God desires her siblings and for unmarried people who can dwell with us the weather were married or not is on the first question we have to address tonight is are you perfectly content to remain single for as long as this is God 's will for you never received RSS until we leave the decision of the other member the children of Israel they murmured about every situation it was too hot Mister dry not enough water couldn't stand manner that matter got tired of their clothes can you imagine for forty years wearing the same old outfit and there were no different from them I would complain about whatever situations the bank a large thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to carry on a ministry for you whether I'm married or whether I'm single silvery fish the suite in all Philippians four eleven I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with me what content is after considering singleness the next part before marriage is to recognize that God has a timing him thirty nine verse six a video who are they already did that is fashioned for me when it is there were none of them God has all my time in his hands the analysis plan and who I should marry RFI should there be a analysis of all the unfairness that will make me most happy and he wants happiness for me remember Solomon said that everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing a final love and a time to hate in the five hey ladies and gentlemen is not after you get married it has made everything beautiful in his time there is a special beauty when God 's timing courtship and marriage is when he arose this is prematurely little Jesus recognize the importance of timing relations for Florida came in the fullness of the time Johnson for my hour has not yet come father John seventeen one the hour has come in some thirty one fifteen we surrender was a god like times when your hands we can know God 's schedule for life Romans thirteen eleven in the ESV translation beside this you know the time some twenty seven fourteenth wait on the Lord momentous grave dangers alone I will will wait for Jerry Garcia remember Abraham and he married Hagar and the result is Middle East tension Clifford today Jacob lied to gain the birthright Moses slew and Egyptian waiting for God 's timing is updated twice repeats this in Psalm twenty seven waiting on the Lord damn good courage initial strength what heart way I say on the Lord of Renaissance educated immature marriages that premature this is something that has not waited on the Lord are productive with the next awards that somehow of the evils that exist today premature their things in life it just can't be much nine months of Jeff Tatian when you can't stand that process up to one or two days just won't work anything less is premature and the more premature the more difficult in the survival rate just as their premature course are premature weddings gorgeous in their in the very first point why would have them make often when she was counseling with couples was that their courtship was premature notices letters she wrote to John Dare John I am sorry that you've been tangled yourself in any courtship with a live with Elizabeth in the first place your anxiety upon this question as for your premature event if I found him to wait until he had a greater knowledge and floor areas noticed this way you have some just knowledge of yourself and of the world of daring and character of the young woman before you left the subject of marriage possession funds needed to know just knowledge and award just is just a small online then you have a small amount before you get married I have a little amount in excess of the bearing the effect of something you have young women good thing the know that the character that the habitual thoughts and feelings I see there are several problems with premature gorgeous by nature courtship is exclusive if premature other important friendships fail the form is you're going to be with this person anyhow if your girlfriends or your fellow friends is paired in this case closed doors of future usefulness because you need this person we don't know the future life partner would be God 's choice for you I give you no consideration if you are seeing a premature relationship with someone else just like if I am shopping at the store and I see a shrink wrapped package open open what do I do will be deciding that something is still shrink-wrapped another problem is that it may end with a break the him found that if I was former couple 's laughably Bradfield Lane evening is one reason why it wouldn't date when I was in college I still wanted to keep all these peoples my friend and I noticed when I started dating and made in France and in some way couples once closest friends they all take a shot for their embarrassed when the cover the third danger that may leave the marriage for the rest of unhappy marriages via is increased of your project is a long-term study a prospective study of courtship and marriage that began in nineteen eighty one hundred and sixty eight newlyweds by nineteen ninety four they were able to stay an interesting finding definitively the earlier the couple started dating the greater risk of unhappy marriage and divorce in matters page if you want happiness in the notice from solemn appeal page fifty two the young affection should be restrained until the arise when Association cage and experience will make it honorable and safe the unfettered so until then they made it a lot better what is the word veteran changed no relation love until it's ready remember what size Solomon says those who will not be restrained will be in danger of dragging out and unhappy existence not just an unhappy marriage and unhappy what existing or have happiness that happiness when it is very essential for both age and experience but there is an almost insurmountable problem the durian and to enter in experience almost universally believe that they have both sufficient days and sufficient experience with schedule I remember my own daughter and when she could read three or four words I can read now daddy experience reader and every time there's a little bit and I like a little advance so now we've mastered that is what Helen White Road which was wonderfully insightful to teenage boy near danger issues that is increased by the spirit of independence and self confidence connected as it of course it must be within experience you feel that it is time for you to think and act for yourself I am a young man and no longer a child I am capable of discriminating between right and wrong I have a right and I will stand for them I am capable of forming my own plans of action but what is sufficient age anyway Isaiah sixty five in Kansas there are minimum standards are driving for you to get a permit have to at least fourteen before you can obtain a voting permit after the eighteen what is the minimum standard for Christian obtaining a heavenly courtship the him in the Bible daily device allies into four different visiting the first is an failsafe is personally age of five and then weaned by the age of five and then I often had a special celebration you remember Isaac 's meaning was a time of celebration he was five years old and salmonella when he was waiting I went off to live with that was a period of childhood and youth this is why through nineteen ten it became customary to split it in half the age of twelve as Luke two forty two says was accustomed among the Jews and then you have to of adulthood tornadoes sexy which is called men of Israel they were physically mature and financial way independent death until one day he would get between five and nine three nineteen it would give twenty shekels of the sanctuary air Leviticus says but then when you obey came forth a you are financially able to give fifty that was financial independence alternate NARA until you're twenty there were physically developed I doesn't mean if the Bible says the point is that age above twenty stage V marriage was not saying that you have to be old enough to fight for their insane you have to be physically mature and that you had the age of agent which I markedly at the so fearful of before biblical life somehow most individuals a minimum age is forty eight years old notice on appeal page fifty two a.m. is not out of his teens is a for Josh of the fitness of a person azaleas himself to be his companion for life as I will be of interest to those who taken no no thrall in the handout in Washington the study of Mary fourteen and fifteen -year-olds noninvolvement County Alabama mostly rural county in one hundred and forty thousand residents this is published in June two thousand three in the American family Journal it revealed their divorce rate of sixty six percent within eight years of the study the average marriage lasted three eight years this was narrated fourteen and fifteen -year-olds the shortest lasted four months we already mentioned a prospective study of the pair of projects showing that as a direct result of there is a direct correlation between agent dating and risk of divorce Steve McManus the present of marriage savers in the contemporary authority on marriage observe this those scenarios teenagers have a divorce rate about double those who marry in their twenties there is a curb of success just pick a age is a factor noticing Mary in the mid to late twenties or early thirties seem to have the most enduring marriages interesting the Bible is right now majority is defined as understanding the long-term consequences of moment to this is for the safety Annex area inside deadly combination teenage drivers increased motor vehicle accidents increased injuries insurance is more expensive for young drivers must car rental companies won't even rent you only have to pay more for magic cars if you're under twenty five and it's obvious for driving cars it should be obvious for choosing spouses Ellen White wrote the following counsel to one another eighteen -year-old girl business customers in sexual behavior page twenty one authority and judgment will give you much better discrimination and power of discrimination to know the truth is majority judgment will give you much better discernment and power discrimination of the truth your character needs farming your judgment needs strike before you entertain the thought of marriage you're not now prepared to judge of another and do not be betrayed in the committee inquiry this indiscretion for which the bitter regrets and tears of afterlife will bring no relief the child the mere undisciplined amateur schoolgirl than this depending upon the discretion of parents and guardians has no reason to listen to anything like courtship or marriage now notice this was in eighteen did not have clear discernment and experience judgment she was still dependent in this eighteen -year-old girl was referred to as a prophet dismissed as a child on their schoolgirl oh yes so the question really is twenty years old if you are not doesn't matter society not only allows it but even encourages it doesn't matter the media flaunted for all participating out now I know there are exceptions Adam was one day old but exceptions are nearly always females virtually never males any exceptions are apparently arranged marriages so without a minute there was an arranged marriage and there were limited options if you truly are the exception you pay very close attention to the material of counsel now inspired counsel is always very very balanced years ago leaders of our school reminded that in our dealings is counseling parents and to parents and teachers page one oh one as citizens councils councils the parents one oh one oh in all our dealings the students engaged and character must be taken into account we cannot treat beyond any old just alike Madison does age matter what medicines you have a insight are not the same medicines you give to an eighty five -year-old the specialties are completely different pediatrics geriatrics and some pages rapidly change almost over months the dating and courtship agents are or rather one size does not fit off their are circumstances that goes on in originating and women of sound experience in good standing man he granted some privilege is not given to the understands the age of the conditions in the turn of mind must be taken into consideration but we must not bless our firmness and vigilance in dealing with students of all ages Norse mechanism preventing him unprofitable and analyze Association of young and immature since interesting Elizabeth she wrote in eighteen eighty one or fifty nine Elizabeth will not be as much prepared by cultivated manners and useful knowledge the Marriott twenty five and some girls would be amazing so just because you're over twenty doesn't mean you fit the numeric some people are good to be married at seventy five what is this sufficient experience that it says sufficient day sufficient experience dollars twenty four twenty seven prepared by work without an naked fit for thyself in the field and afterwards built lighthouse before we make a home we need to have a financial basis of support for the basic education college business trade school for your life work should be completed those whose primary objective Academy where the college is to find them they have misunderstood the highest purpose of their educational opportunities letter twenty three eighteen ninety three bear in mind that the school is not a place for metastasis recording or interim entry into large relations or that is how we go over some of these things that are reminded of the story of fungicide they were sleeping out in the sanctuary they were sleeping and cleaning things out and don't be discovered lost instruction of the book will this instruction will everybody should know the should of heard it many times but I have to tell you this mostly been lost mostly lost why is this important for college for Academy and these are younger letter twenty three eighteen ninety three in order to active part in the service of God UNESCO for the advantageous as the oral and intellectual training as possible together all the efficiency you began making the most of your opportunities for the education and training of the character to fill in any position which the Lord may assign no noticeable as for number one intellectual development surprise number two efficiency and number three character we have to ingrain impediments in maximizing our education under the debasing power of sensual indulgence of the untimely excitement of courtship and marriage many students fail to reach that items mental development which they might otherwise have obtained their something about marriage and that these things are just takes possession of your mind and it's hard for you to concentrate something a lot of talking about hard to concentrate when you're thinking about your girlfriend wife is going to concentrate their major distractions so had by this identification I'm speaking of vocational training I'm not speaking of higher education unless they feel graduate school I'm talking about they say all kinds so that would be high school some vocational school almost that would be certainly genital if your basic training is not inflated and that you were in your twenties other questions must be answered to determine your preparation for courtship education they financed school is expensive and if you are being sponsored or supported by parents grants or scholarships your first responsibility must be to meet the objectives of those providing a means of support now made a picture parents their objective is for you to go there and American the borrower is servant to the lender Ellen White who is paying for eighteen -year-old granddaughter 's college tuition enrolled her in order to obtain the full benefits of the educational advantages offered you you must keep yourself free from attachment and a transcript and read at the eighteen ninety three General conference on my road when a gentleman a conference selects young men and women and eighty seven obtaining an education for the canvassing field or any other branch of the work this type would be like to have it not missionary College of souls one of his there should be an understanding as to what they propose to do whether they designed to engage in courtship and marriage or to labor for the advancement of the cause of straight talk straight talk with him is that he was doing him and there is it is no news to spend time and money in the education of workers will fall in love for the complete his education and who cannot resist the first temptation in the form of intimidation American in most cases the labor spent on such persons as wholly lost you should have a job or business and fully sustain a family and this is important not just for me man it's important for the woman noticed powder forty one sixteen she considers a field this is talking about a virtuous woman she considers a field and buys it from her profits she plants a vineyard and her husband taught her this after she was married now she learned of abortions where Ellen White advised the girl was dependent upon the discretion of Garrison Gardens that she had no reason to listen to anything like courtship and marriage and should decline all special inventions which should have the least likely would delete any such result I think she was riding like a law here there should learn how devious our minds I would try to get some loophole and involve herself in ten making yourself as perfect a woman is possible that your life may be useful and learn a trade of July unemployment NBC independent venue financially supportive family if your answer is now it's premature to consider torture well this is the preparation all would like to get some more detail to him him him but I like to invite you to make a couple of free commitments is it your desire to follow God 's guidance in your life and be able to say with Jeremiah our guide of my is it your desire to make David's prayer your own page Leah Lord and lead me in a plain path because of my enemy and are you willing to wait on the Lord be of good courage so you can strengthen your heart waiting if those are your desires you bow your heads with them let's make back in the Lord father in heaven we've looked at some strange words I certainly wouldn't have wanted that the sanest things that I've been behind the Bible instead of the office video awards there straight to the point new give them to us because in this page that's filled with a happen now including it the only way for marriage preparations noncombat for helpless to turn from the world 's instruction welcome yours thank you for this group who is studying seriously blesses gives a good night sleep thank you for this in Christ name we pray and


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