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All You Need is Love

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • November 20, 2004
    9:00 AM
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him wonder what it would life be like the angel sitting on our committee in heaven is God a vegetarian or maybe another angel chariot but God shows up how do you say when God knows before you say what you say so I said or before you say you say all along maybe you notice when you think about this now in that he is so unobtrusive that actually was a joy to be had a committee in fact it's like he attends argument is worried to together two or three is there in the midst in a working witness in helping us thank you helping Linda Govan are there to itself the angel of the Lord in camps around all those who fear him as object lessons page one seventy six as the St. Louis last night as I was going off to sleep I have some things on CD and I put them on MP3s I can listen to various books in the Bible of them went to sleep as I got us started with this morning we all need to we need to understand better than we do the mission of the angel visited it would be well to consider that in all our work we have the cooperation care of heavenly beings invisible armies of life and power attend the naked malevolence who believe enclave the promises of God and imagine the excitement of the Angels as they saw narrated beside him that in the councils of have a message now I think that would be a really lovely couple videos look over this congregation those who are single I wonder who they would match you up with everyone we need to understand that an energy of the mission of the angel residence excited happy bringing the right people together in my thankful they were excited about bringing my wife and myself together here Loma Linda years ago BC families it's not just you and perspective it's families that get together herein Christmas two thousand you can see Sherry my wife's parents my parents my father 's since this is her sister and husband are three children Rachel Eric and I mean that regular development through the and yes they are not yet there but that's what God does he has happy plans in mind if we only would know what an work with God work with the Angels in now in the my son now nineteen and still determine that they asleep socially until the proper time is a little insomnia from time to time where you are given a little less labor and an inner fifteen -year-old and so I'd say wonderful I Internet since the joy of the Angels as they see us develop and grow up it is must be excited to work with people that their angels that want to follow the Lord how frustrating it must pay for those that are assigned to some of us will more difficult in every gathering for worship there are more listeners than can be seen as a natural sign sometimes the heavenly intelligences drawn aside the curtain which hides the unseen world that our thoughts may be withdrawn from ovarian rush of life to consider that they are unseeing since it's all we do or say I pray that today that may happen to us the visible world the curtain that hides it may be pulled aside and we can see how the presence of Jesus today is not what you want on your wanted to at least three slides because so as I was walking over these thoughts were in my mind and so I looked around for a plug early this morning we got here I saw those applied right back out there in the balcony where I could be out of the way not disturbing anybody and so I went up there and I plugged in my computer and then realized that that is applied that there is no power to announce today were here at church we would expect to receive power we need to be plugged into power not just for real power selling would you what are your head NASA Lord Ferguson is power not just the form of going at your checking authorities we have the power of the Holy Spirit here father were thankful for this opportunity to be together is church family please Jesus be present for side curtains behind us from the unseen realities of heaven may have is the opening we like the martyr Stephen C Jesus standing there looking down watching us smiling as we listen to Lord Mavis Mavis changes this morning we prayed in Christ's name and despite quick way of reviewing those of you who are here this afternoon will have a handout that there's about twenty pages long compasses and we covered last night we cover this morning this afternoon will be talking about the actual graphics of the court itself we've been looking at preparation today we want to last night member Proverbs nineteen versus the one who asks hastily makes poor choices haste makes waste Marianne Hayes and I have plenty of leisure time to repent of his developers would like data source in preparation for dating we don't despise the opportunities of unmarried minister we were unmarried there are many many opportunities for learning the that we have and for ministry we want to take advantage of those as long as we have thinly also last night there is a defining for courtship and God has made everything beautiful in its time sufficient age as a general rule starts at approximately twenty years old this is the biblical agencies are when a person has sufficient financial resources sufficient mental development sufficient physical development to begin to consider dating is a good idea also that day somebody who is a at least forty by the age of forty a good direction in life can do the be determined the characters more steps before you before they allow me to buy things on credit you know what the check credit history by the time of wanting you have sufficient experience to have a history and you want to be able to check the history of the people that you're considering for potential life 's partners UK have a better feel by the time there is twenty one the LB ally in Florida and after all it's not just the person you marry a whatever age you want to know who your merit a long clear that the right the best predictor of the future is the past in fact Ecclesiastes one nine says that which has been is what will be so that's why we want to have one of days somebody that so we want to be old enough so that we have the same history as well so much for review of last night before we seek a life 's partner we must evaluate what type of life 's partner we will be you are you saying the responsibilities involved in marriage amendment a possible parenting I made singles and layoffs have their list alas what is it that you want in a married partner and allies give me their list of what they want and he made up a list of the requirements for yourself our first concern are conveyed now what am I going to get but what am I able to give when I was sixteen the Beatles had a song all you need is love you couldn't go through teenage years and I hear that Larry from some place or other wildlife the Beatles were telling a lie by telling the truth all you do need is love but what is love and have we learned the love every receive this gift from God Luke sixteen twelve says if you have not been faithful in that which is another man's who shall give you that which is your own so we have some questions they are as a thoughtfully review how we've been as a family member in our own home because it is our home that prepares us for a home of our own if you want to do well in college the best thing to do is flunk out of high school because it now it's than another minimum of the doing anyway so you get on the college where I is the best preparation for college his life your high school preparation in the best preparation for in your role as starting art in college where I think a causal and seventy six is my faithfulness to duty in the parental home that they use are to prepare themselves for the homes of their own let them hear practice self-denial and manifest kindness courtesy incursions into the night I see the layout in science and going to medicine we had lots of size were acquired in college so I was stuck a lot less know what the lavatory of love is if the home you grew up in Arizona said better known teachers than the others of lab work is laughable is our home not a blessing page eighty two the little attentions the small acts of love and self-sacrifice that floor out from the life is quietly as the fragrance from flour these constitute treated with me no small share of the blessings and happiness of life is trying to figure out what makes lives halfway and so I asked my and one of my staff I said you've been married quite a number of years this is so I was probably got within fifty years ago if you been married quite a number of layers what do you remember in your married life what stands out is the nicest thing that your husband loves with and I thought maybe I did some check Canadian are your eyes looking like business that can really make your wife your spouse having some justice in my husband Howard Johnson helps with the dishes are just side-by-side for I was so astonished that I can do that again is raising little advantages are hard it's the little advantage in or we can learn and practice them in our home games are what are they who were ABS contributors to joy in life this is what's going to constitute much of the joy of the social interaction and that's what God wants us to learn now how do we find out if we have these qualities of love from God we do little self examination the way to find out if you learned biology is to take a biology test and the way we can learn if we have learned love is if we take a test and I learned a lot in my home we investigate we ask these questions what that message is the Google page four thirty three says look back over your past life young friends and faithfully consider your course in the light of God 's word one have you cherished that conscientious regard for your obligations to Paris at the Bible and John as part starts to have you treated with kindness and love the mother was cared for you from Infosys have you regarded her wishes are to block pain and sadness filled her heart by carrying out your own desires and plans these are the questions to determine whether we are ready for marriage as the truth you profess sanctified your heart and softened and so do your will I don't have it your way itself and in this person she was the right infusions of you have close world from a past wrongs right preparation for future happiness may involve review of past mistakes and repentance and confession of course there's another area not only do I love others but do I love God Mark twelve thirty valve shall love the Lord thy God with all my heart of all my song with all my mind and with all my strength this is the first commandment how do we know when we have this genuine all-encompassing love a lot of visages revealed by going around and say I love you I love you I love you God I love you guys and the robot can do that Matthew fifteen eight views people draw near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips but their heart is far from they could say wonderful praise music for songs of Mister my little children first John three eighteen let us not love in word or in time but indeed in truth the same love that we learn to give God is the same kind allows we need for our spouses in Iraq what are the deeds that reveal genuine love for God if a man love me he will do what she will work with true just where your treasure is there is where your heart will break our treasure shows our actions our love is our treasure is first our commitment to duration hates America pays the likelihood that the much of anything in politics people are committed they were committed to Gary that is despised Bush people are independently going to say they are aligned with any party by and large and insert same way that want to join a church home they'll attend the most in danger to anyone happens there on L.L. Bean the people of all did they won't come net to a church they want to be free to go through there this is the girl best figure go to the mountains it's a nice day they have no commitment I study with people 's difficult for them to commit and the same thing is true with life 's partners they don't come that they want to take that job I went out the responsibilities no commitment to get America to live together we reveal our commitment by and I love by our priorities and priorities are revealed by our use of time are you smiling and are use of our mind what we think about we say we love the Bible but we stand no time of the Bible it's all on Internet which usually instead of church television over permitting Paul explains that we should be careful not to neglect the assembling of ourselves if we say we love God and more day-to-day and we have no time no priority that person takes us away from Bible study it takes us away from our meeting attendance the him we have no real love my commitment and prioritizing of God what do we give to first Chronicles twenty nine three because I set my section on the house of my God I have given to the house and my God over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house of my own special treasure of gold and silver vessels David seventy two billion dollars gift is accumulated wealth he gave to the South Harrison self-examination questions you my thoughts naturally turn to him frequently through the day in my prayers and faith are given to him as I think of him some hundred ninety one sixty four seven five and day libraries the David said because of thy righteous judgments is that true of me or not is God 's law like the light I do like to do thy will my God day by laws within my heart some forty percent actively involved in the church and faithful in attendance at prayer meeting is church attendance a high priority in my giving sacrificially to advance the worker godson fifty verse five gather my saints together underneath those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice and do I really love those around me in the Manzella God hated his brother is a liar for shown for twenty so you see in chemistry lab we run pass to determine what substances were dealing with and God has given us tasks to determine the purity of love in the lab of life as for the purity of our love of the four-part test the first three marks are well-known but before we look at the truth yes I would like to share with you false testimony there frequently given and make people think they love when in fact they don't the first false test of love is loving those who love us Matthew five forty six Jesus public into the same that is if you want to go down to the very lowest the tax collectors read anyone at tax collectors and the IRS can love people love them and are quite limited in the number of the people they love highly for life for those of our own growth Matthew five forty seven address of your friendliness is not turning around during the time of the welcome here and welcoming people from because they're part of the growth that cast is beyond that if we salute your brethren only versus forty seven Matthew five what do you more than others do not even the Republicans so doing out into that backup their do we cater to the rich famous and great but ignore the poor poor 's necessities everybody's family to president George Bush to his face everybody was friendly to Bill Gates when his next these are not the test for genuine love the first three passes the center genuine love are well-known do we love our enemies Matthew five forty four for those who reprove lesson do we welcome director of doing reach out and help the unfortunate and poor around this with fourteen twelve and thirteen those are well known I like to give you a test however that many people overlook how we've very careful in choosing only God-fearing friends shunning friendships with those who do not fear the Lord seven hundred thirty nine verse twenty one I hate them all Lord of Haiti and am not I believe with those that rise up against the day I hate them with a perfectly ridiculous arms second Chronicles nineteen to show you the Son of Man I was ceiling up a meeting that is Hofstadter said the King obsession is now help the ungodly and love them or hate the Lord therefore his wrath upon the throne before the Lord Jehoshaphat was making friends with a and God system to some fifteenth floor and whose eyes a vile person is come down but he honors them the fear the Lord and James for forty adulterers and adulteresses know enough of the friendship of the world is enmity with God whoso therefore will be the friend of the world is the enemy of God we want to test for genuine love we show the genuineness of our love my home we attempt to help that everyone can we show the genuineness is not love my home he chooses our friends and companions that's the Gaza fundamentalist Christian education page five hundred great care should be taken him the formation of friendships and in the choice of companions take heed lest what you now think of the pure gold turns out that the fools gold and silver translation and we want to test the genuineness general the Angels in heaven who fell and angels who remain firm in what was the difference it was the friends they chose to keep in every area of wine even walk with wise men shall when we choose as friends will almost certainly determine who we never espouses generally either one of our friends like her friends are suggested by our friends reread it again Proverbs thirteen twenty minute walk it would wisemen shelving lines but a companion of fools shall be destroyed the results of evil companions God fills the stories of Scripture so that we can understand these results Judah committed adultery with the assistance of high run a local Canaanite friend Genesis thirty eight thousand he did that in Temne where Samson later had a friend Diana became involved in fornication because of your local Canaanite for instance is thirty four one zero Samson chose the wrong life with the help of Philistine friend who later doublecrossed judges fourteen twenty eight a.m. learn how to rape his sister with a Jewish friend and relative second Samuel thirteen knowingly say Joseph and God 's Hall of Fame Genesis thirty nine p.m. Joseph refused evil companionship when going testimony five four page five eighty eight let all more formalized character choose associates who are of a serious father and who are religiously inclined I've kind of friend you are anesthetized for enjoyment phase a lot of your friend now when I'm talking about friends I must alert you to endanger Jesus said beware of people who are really walls but they walk around dressed like Christians just because people make a profession of religion just because they come to shall I say it had been home doesn't mean their safe Associates they may deserve them a reward because of their act they may act like Christians but there really just actors now how can we tell manuscript releases volume eighteen page two ninety five the violence of human heart is not understood there are those that are not open sinners they hide their sins from human eyes they have a fair outward morality there are persons who have for some time made a profession of religion you are to all intents and purposes without God and without a sensitive conscience it was Judas among the disciples of the very winds carry a pretense of fighting they offer players there is money and are apparently serving the Lord but their hearts are corrupt their conduct is condemned a lot similar to investigate now notice she then shows you how independent the disguises counseling help page four sixty they are paying trifling their conversation is on the low order courtship and marriage occupy the minds of the exclusion of higher nobler thoughts interesting so you want to find out about a person 's heart people exposed the heart by the mouse what they say and ultimately out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak what they think about sooner or later will unfortunately there is this assessment is vying for maybe five it is there is an inclination revered to associate with those who are gone the redirect those who are what inferior in mind and morals and so without the power of God who can't resist this information Mister four fifty five our natural tendencies unless corrected by the Holy Spirit of God have in them the seeds of moral death unless we become tightly connected with God we cannot resist the unhallowed effects of self-indulgence of love and template does anyone have but if we do indulge this route we could never happen that's the problem are gone once this happened so he warns us of the danger of following your heart for the choice of companions what real happiness in a young person or voluntary connection with persons who have a low standard of thought feeling and department thoughts and feelings make up the moral character of interventional and apartment reveals the character of course it's not just the phrase that we have here but there's other friends that we may have the media associate 's the media Associates of Reform outnumber all other productions in the past like the swarms of locusts that darken the land comes the flood of novels and romances the cultivated in a few the lovesick sentimentalism the dish family courtship and marriage of the great object of their existence and I fit them for the practical duties of useful life signs of the times five eighteen eighteen eighty two to a not only make friends with those around us that we choose companionship when we listen to the radio when we had chairs companionship and watch videos or movies these are all the companions only have her friends are remaking well somebody says I have if I only had good friends I would belong their worst things on my wrote her son Willie was nineteen years old is away from home for the first time that you said in your feelings of unrest in the homesick purpose sickness or loneliness maybe for what you're your heavenly father visitation five in him the friendship and love in consolation that will satisfy your most earnest hopes and desires I remember in Loma Linda him the first time in my life I was lonely briefly anyhow anybody wave from all my friends felt all my myself and I read this quotation and I realized that I was lonely because the companionship that I have always with me Lord Jesus Christ wasn't my special friend so I was not myself future me and you the friendship and love and consolation that satisfies my most Renaissance one of the reasons I was attracted to Sheriff that she was the first girl I have ever met that wasn't planning to be married is perfectly healthy single and one of my requirements was I wanted someone perfectly happy as they were because if only God can fill out deepest needs and if they felt that a fellow would supply their business needs I know I could do that and then go on children's supply that made the focus doesn't matter unless Jesus is our friend and closest companion no one nothing husband why child toys nothing says God knows our needs and is declared it is not good that man should be alone until you provide hard data in whatever circumstance with the word of God in his hands education one twenty seven every human being wherever his life lot in life for the gas may have such companionship physicians use him hold converse with the noblest and best of the human race and they listened the voice of the internals and speaks with might have that best friend of all there is a friend of stick a closer than a brother that we rejected it is not precise he walked the winepress alone that we might not have to believe in walk with him daily in the Bible records through the centuries those that he called friend Zina Abraham Moses and he wants to add my name to his friendship with John fifteen fifty and call you no more so than psychology what friends so I would invite you to make a commitment do you desire to genuinely love your neighbor as yourself are you aware of their natural tendency to be attracted that you will assess its and will you accept counsel from godly parents regarding appropriate contains are you willing to limit your chosen associates to the godly and avoid all evil associates even if that apparently seems to me the lowlife it it doesn't mean that Satan will make you think and even if it didn't mean a widget using are you willing to be very selective in the book charade radio programs you hear music you listen to in television movie and video programs choosing only that was long ago do you desire Jesus to do your closest friend cost and effect your request for you see five song I found a friend of such a friend with him when it is certainly have appeared on the screen learn him him to handle him to that I is a man saying this next Capello and all the branding than a loan is a VA loans to a phone I only live to a timeline saying the same news or so and a him I is a San Francisco women and a cappella or men saw a wise I'm a demand new Moon is a band who live in Florida and will father in heaven may seriously we want you to be a friend before rehab you as a friend were not ready for another and once we have you as a friend we already could be a friend to others as you want us of Jesus changes completely elicited soon name we understand your word client and our allies I pray that we may be different because were yours we thank you for him us who are trained in transforming buses for the remainder of the Sabbath day in Christ's name and will see some of your three thirty p.m. if you never knows the fastest time in the three thirty one hundred talking about the steps actually in the courtship thank you very much


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