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Courtship Question and Answer

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • November 20, 2004
    3:00 PM
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him him I is for a few any other I kind of low-grade coal already and I was actually waited for arrival two or three months my my future wife of course they didn't know we were active in the activity of life that I hope accepted that I was the campus else I was less the end we had about two hundred coming in so we had nefarious activities actually met her yet primitive their camp itself and found that I was now I waited till out around March after December my data come in and we've actually gone out to their home he my dad gave a special seminar for the worms where her parents were in that she didn't understand why we were so willing to go out we stayed with the family seller able to take a good look at the family salsa and a good match found and that's after meeting down my debts is another that this is Google so several months went by and I was actually at a seminar weekend seminar away from near the called her parents to get their permission to date here with the possibility that some time and might leave the marriage of what I already knew her quite well so this is serious broad classes of serious intent to see if this was somebody with God whispering together with our life together found how she went then to Boston for a year then I felt that she was going to enjoy a want of a career she should have the opportunity find out if that's really what you wanted because I asked how I didn't picture in our relationship that wife of one side of the less call the work with me would be found in career position as anyone has that wasn't what I thought God wanted for me and so how there was a good year we had an opportunity to develop apart the I got well acquainted with the postman will and I have learned how much health of phone bills can be as interesting to learn something about how God communicates with us I didn't really care so much about the personality of a postman I had only one question to have a letter from Sheriff and study those letters to see what her character 's life since stayed in character if you want to link up their life sentence I study what his character and how can you study and also very important study for me learning about my own character and ultimately mail is satisfied with reluctance I have to say where I left my heart from her parents part two give permission for marriage they wanted that the thoroughly satisfied their sorry I'm struggling was good enough to the marriage of their daughter and she was a valuable person they were so right on and out on in fact in retrospect if I were the parents I probably would have given them permission to Marysville I think they did and I remember that she came back last month before we are to be married she came back we got engaged over the fall 's parliamentary Shia as the hours on the pediatrics rotation in the hotel whenever there is seventy days before Sherry will become limited you ask me what you told us that yesterday was telling us that the officer is allowed to today I talk about Jesus is coming soon and assail his fanatic I hope hope that Seo is well worth the stooges but Sherry payment you are married in the Hill church and live happily ever after that's the story I am thankful for how God guides us from prayer meeting to the marriage I think that prayer meetings and replace the main perspective life spotlight again Hope is a good place to meet a prospective lifestyle reflects anything from patient while in our lawyer thinking so much like passing question him themselves however I have added him to want to find him to an even and a typical emulators Israel's as found generalization the great disparity of age is there etc. is the one who wrote that was Ellen Wieden page for a narrative summary was nineteen or twenty years younger than he was so there are exceptions this is the second time around his first wife died and the second Messiah wife was actually just over eighteen so what I'm giving you my rules of Tom I don't want you to think of these are absolute surveys but this is Iran should live with Alan light on Wi-Fi this ideal person to take care of the children will reside in a single answer for that the question is with his reputed question the question is what about now both parents working you have to work those things out and if you are really busy whether their children in the case of the before you send medical school and the other is obviously since the my wife and schoolhouses and have to work to pay bills offense that he has the moves and school life is going to have to work you work those details how ideally when children are born the most important babysitter for those children is the mother and God has designed the mother with various things in life for nine months there with them on it after they're born or dependent on another she's fixing code and it tells us that the woman has particular gifts for fixing the light as they get older competently as they had for their teenagers in my view just as the mother had the sacrifice for the children the father is the sacrifice time for the children as they get older this is crucial I know how you can raise children without an extended family in our particular case or we are grateful both of our parents are very godly Christians and so it was influences of our grandparents are parents that actually were probably more effective on our children in our own home foolish attempts at trying raise children will so these are paid everything you just have to work out within the the details I don't think there is a right or wrong on that day in my own case and then my own situation I believe strongly that I wanted my wife if possible the Lord provided in the cricket center dialers is variously if possible that she would be able to the a mother of four children and she also felt very strongly about that because her own mother and is busy in the Lords work that grandma had raised hell raiser done a wonderful job that is because that's how the Lord provided for them but it left her with a very intense drive she was a new mother shall so offer that was perfect combination other combinations will will will work on this like culture and background you have to understand people 's ideas I saw hard to where it showed to people of the marriage altar in the marriage altar it showed a SLI he was thinking he was laying in bed and his wife was bringing him breakfast meal was enough I actually was there and she saw her husband bringing in her breakfast in bed while she was lying of so you don't want this kind surprises and a passenger question there is a question that there some suggest around two years some suggest to in the studies actually are very good how they are retrospective and prospective careful how but experience would suggest that you need to be well enough acquainted with the person that see you sir for various questions you want to know about their history and now that you want to be able to get references therefore more careful in business partnerships and they are in marriage partner get references is interesting both that you have let them know him and how both of us went to the same person for counsel about his media this particular professor was godly person and and so we went to talk to him and knew both of the ten indicators for both of us and so I went to talk to this is generally and he had the highest recommendation for Sharon and she didn't know that I want to talk to you now that she had gone to talk to him and he gave her I don't know it was sometime in and and that's that's that's how it should be an investigation you know want any surprises about a person 's past that August third you want to know as much as possible in that case sometime in our case we knew each other probably for just around two years as Mister Rodriguez and as I said the research suggests that that's a good one now I'm not having his by Joshua Harris I seem to cover your questions and quizzes I'm unfamiliar with the book I kissed him goodbye and promoters of him a him him versus you hold hands before their invasion really says it don't want to do it would you hold hands with somebody after you are married some of it wasn't your spouse now so why would you do it before a video that was a very fast to me that violates that law thou shall not give to another worker belongs them and so my answer to the question about physical contest would be efficient and a physical contact at all before a person knows that this is an individual lifestyle amenities to be cautious how physical kind that goes in one direction only so you don't awaken those things until it's time to decide on policy feedback death is why the Lord has us not get married until where generally at least one and preferably for most people later than that I is the ideal classes when you begin to start is the reason it takes time to make certain that you accomplish certain task in life one of which is self-discipline that's called breaks and until a person has breaks there is no reason to get married him the more aches of all ruling X-Men experience of life and living as call self-denial to follow Jesus if any man will come after me and let him deny himself what's that thing that God gave Adam and Eve in the garden of his self-denial it was something we were not to be and so did happen either going to be things that require self-denial that's why we must learn self-denial now other things in narrative that requires self-denial yes that it will be times where you have to deny his only mistake harshly not having had experience that because I thought I had a perfect way but I'm saying is only a theoretical basis but it's important to learn those lessons of self-control and self-discipline this for marriage reminder have a happy marriage and just like God in this life pages is even in regard removing self-denial when they waited Jesus really came down the counselor Samson 's parents he had self-denial don't drink wine or similar and so a part of the Christian life in preparation for heaven and is not going to be a hard thing in heaven don't get me wrong self-denial will be easy but it is part of God 's plan for all of life itself is not and we must like that before marriage in a sense are him for hardship whatever processes for gorgeous group activities group activities that and things were found there's a good mix here is the home that says how down the hall with activities where there are people all beyond old all kinds of human begin to appreciate people 's differences in overtime you begin to see what will be attractive to mobile you want to know the order I was so whatever book you have now if I had one single book and read messages have been mostly because it's a compendium of so many things have been a song would be equally good in a single book on courtship and marriage letters for young lovers tax through the root bathroom but everybody should have an arena through the testimonies everybody should have been raised to have created a series of chaotic and less things on I have an iPod him I got the iPod from the Bible and the spirit of prophecy then I started listening three months ago just saturating my mind the Bible spirit of prophecy and it's changed my life when I get into the car listening to the Bible when I been getting out on the running listening to the right is their process now gone to the Bible in the King James version by squirelly and now and now dramatize and I don't know about you but I grew up on occasions I say I know three languages I know English I know King James and I know Morse code and him and even though I do Weinstein James is hard for me sometimes the harder you so I prefer so I there is ninety five I like to congratulate Robert with this dramatized is so good and I understand it and show all the parts of Job I never understood before just an understanding and is aggravated it sounded right but when I'm listening to this I hear the snarl in error against the insult of sidelight as well as just the words or something else the and I understand it so I just inside is one of the scorpion is good and Johnson is a good is just as good as garbage so I now have a King James new King James I have new living translation and I have NIV these are all a lot dramatized I just listened to a sixteen game to discuss the others I've listened through the conflict of the ages this is just in the last few are him I'm going through and then and now a different reader I've got two sets of finding new insight the brain is connected to the years into the eyes differently you hear things differently then you read things and five on throughout the Psalm message messages to people with education and I'm going to my saga classes right now early writings this is just a lasting presence like the Lord has given me hours in the day than before I was just wasting listening to heaven forbid Rush Limbaugh National Public Radio and now I say why on earth when I could have this kind of I'm a fifty five years old almost as if I and him just now getting it just now beginning to understand the message of the violence on running and listen to tell you and crime because the Lord is working on my heart or something is happening I'm now beginning to understand the Bible and I just thank God I can't share with you in the inverse yourself in the Lord God the doors in the word on one more question did you together he had a question how long this is now the godliness people in different ways I can't say he wouldn't lead in everybody has a unique story because we don't want to get to heaven God is planning to heaven and have testimonies born I have something interesting when you have people over to ask them how they got married him RSS is addressed there's only one story in the Bible in which they serve it goes to the hard drive and brings back to life and doesn't do that at one time and God wants for those of you were single guidelines a unique story for you now the UN ever reached me through I got it never happened through these dating services on the Internet software desperado desperado I say that he would do that for somebody it is living there for me so God can help you anyway just trust in him don't become a desperado by God be perfectly happy single of our marriage whatever it is the habit became dented in whatever case state God leaves you and and then he'll give you a story of uniqueness now if a person is at a distance you need to have you need to know somebody that you can find out about that person so you need a counselor that they work for you need a reference there that you can talk about the and you want to find out whether your parents approve of this get some outside counsel but at this stage can now work my wife and I dated this is probably better for us I needed to be studying for medicine in my last year of medicine so God saw that I shouldn't have any particular distro him all but everybody is a has their own unique set in retrospect I believe that I should get married until after I was finished with medical school and included out your house but at that time God didn't want me to be married before I was done I needed that so that I believe this person if I was fully in favor ecstatic about the Rachels Eric the second year there was a time during their break that God provided to three months or so I know the Bible says the first year we supposed to spend ensuring of your life that's hardly sounds like second-year medical school is that a lot of times I feel like it but by the UK do distance dating a little easier today because of the communication is majestic careful that the person that you are advocating is not leading you on on a line that they are pertaining it is something well thank you very much for your attention in a position


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