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Rediscovering Faith

Lewis Walton


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.



  • December 4, 2004
    10:00 AM
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him so the fastener season LLC healthier and how to go from zero nine hundred and sixty and a catapult launch two seconds let's open the word I know I can open the word to Revelation fourteen Revelation fourteen if you wanted to have the single best biblical view life thing in the entire Scriptures and the profile of God 's last church and God 's last message you would most easily find it in the fourteen chapter of Revelation and take a look at verse six verse six and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel what's interesting about the eight versus between Revelation six in Revelation fourteen is that you see a steady progression of logical and tying screws that the world has to become acquainted with in order to meet physical lesion of human history living intervention in this cosmic event called coming of Jesus and if you look at it as we go through this morning on the scene it is kind of feels like a stairway very logical very progressively chronological one truth building on the next until finally in the fourteenth verse take a look at it there what is it that you see and I saw and behold a white cloud and one on the cloudlike under the Son of Man on his hands a crown in his hand is a single and that the second coming so those a versus between the six verse Revelation fourteen in the fourteen first like a stairway very logically and progressively from where we are now the coming of Jesus and let's begin his remote to see a profile of God 's last message in his world and noticed something interesting it begins with the gospel time I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting God him case here the argument of the Roman old covenant in the Old Testament a new covenant in the new Netherland is everlasting his everlasting the same Gospel Saint Abraham saves us now I find it worth mentioning worth commenting on that God 's last series of messages to the world begins with the foundation stone of the gospel right over here before we get anywhere else we have the gospel is worth remembering because if we don't start with a clear view of the gospel everything else at Venice has to say to the world is like a stairway in the area doesn't touch the ground it would be very possible with all the other good information that we have to give to be if we don't start with the gospel we could wind up with people who are probably very healthy probably very prophetically aware probably only biblically intelligent and still sinners healthy prophetically concerned sinners we need to start with the gospel but I'm a lawyer not a preacher in summary here in assertion that sounds just to conveniently patch and arouses the cross examination mode in my mind the question that comes to my mind there is in the Gospels the foundation of the three Angels messages in more detail is the gospel that can anybody here help me with the gospel a quick easy definitions of his series even piously say a word like that we all nodded to each other and go on his own we understood what we may know what we talking about here what is the gospel good news that's an answer I frequently Gannon is an excellent answer is the gospel is good news is an any other ideas how God save the human race how you reconcile infinite him between the two and the sanctuary is God 's illustration of how that has done so I hand in the back here please you are right and I like the way you put that she said Jesus loved us so much he died to save us from our sins you can see by the same as the NRC Institute and there is a difference car I love you pose a research model for you any time you encounter a question like this like what is the gospel go back to the word if you rely on a definition you yourself have created to become comfortable with you may need some old Asian Canadian area may not see the whole picture go back to the word abolish your presuppositions come back to the word that's how the Reformation started soulless written Torah only the word of God but I also suggested an excellent beginning point you start your research in the word 's gophers across chances are you will find the answer ran across when you find here go back to the cross and here is the is the morning of the crucifixion along with cheeses are two other fellows who very much deserve to be crucified and her strip naked that's the way the Romans crucified buglers nothing pretty about crucifixion under thrown backwards on their back onto the vertigo potato motocross and had a Roman name pins down the forearm and then the current effects produces the nails which are about a quarter inch square about five inches long discovered is from archaeological digs and no I didn't see the love the movie I researched this for myself I don't need Melvia him illustrate minimal true for me I have started my own research historically and biblically and Chris Fisher was practicing that having knee comes down on the forearm immobilizes and in man that Spike goes through the foramen of the risks or through the palm of the hand in the process probably crushing the sensorimotor median nerve and human students will know what that does is inspiring jolt of excruciating pain of the harm so we starting to hurt hurt very badly bilateral the other arm gets pinned down the other sensorimotor median nerve gets crushed and then about three nerves in the vegan crushes the nail was related to the feet and resisting all up and down the body and he does the one thing the executed prisoners in the year in the Roman era did he starts to scream curses his once wrong does this to you there's nothing else they can do now you're free and you scream curses at anybody and everybody you bring in the question very loudly the Emperor 's parentage is nothing else they can do but interestingly enough he starts cursing at the man next to him and then he notices something doesn't pay that man just to the left of them isn't cursing he saying a prayer in this son of Israel something clicks in his mind probably the prophecies of Isaiah people said altogether and he realizes this is this is machine this is Messiah now what does he do number one he confesses his own unworthiness as any time is early we had a crucified hearing talks to the other prisoners as we deserve organic but he doesn't deserve it so number two he confesses the righteousness of Christ and in number three what does that rascal do having admitted he doesn't deserve salvation he asks for it anyway him us him that is the gospel none of us deserve salvation but because of the gospel we can ask for a any way that's that can reach people in the inner-city you can preach that in Hannibal Valley New Guinea or even Virginia in depth in the theological seminary very profound truth there we don't deserve salvation but because of the gospel we are enabled ask for it anyway but if that's all there is of the gospel and if as you correctly send relevant gospel is good news might there be an accused a few years ago on living like Paul Harvey in which I always respond too bad for him but as Paul Harvey would say use their rest of the story if the gospel enables us to be seen even though we don't deserve it might there be more to it if the gospel is good news might there be more to it see if all I get from the gospel is forgiveness that is wonderful news for me but it may not be very good news for my wife as she saw that live with me if the gospel only offers forgiveness is an cleanup my wife probably is good news for my dog certainly wouldn't be fermenting so is there something else to the gospel is Matthew one twenty one say you shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins not in their sins and if we fail to be rescued not only from sins of the past but from sins of the future we got very good news for ourselves very little good news for anybody else would be good news the only have to live with me unless they happen to be him as so there is no litter in my gospel and that's the foundation of the ad that message in the question one opposes why was it so important as object lessons the sixty ninth is limited character of Jesus reproduced in his people many comes for them why would it be necessary for God 's people have that quality that excellence of life once again I'm not a preacher I'm a lawyer I see a due process issue here you see most of the world will have very little occasion to look into the word of God many people and is really only a few the Panama Gospel is what they see in the lives of people who profess to be singing my symbols you processed as the teaser to see a convincing clear evidence of the gospel works otherwise why condemn them to eternal death the due process issue here is that the process of sanctification of your life is not something you only yourself see you don't claim the right to heaven it's something we all owe our neighbors now the interesting point is in this stage of the game we are incomplete agreement with most of our Christian fellow Christian denominations in the world most Christian denominations are pretty clear on this and there will be wonderful sermons preached tomorrow on Sunday morning in a lot of churches even in the San Bernardino Valley making this pretty clear this was present truth in the air on Martin Luther in the sixteenth century Venice was a truth the need to be rediscovering him into the Christian world that as we near the end of time and verse fourteen shows us essentially a word picture of the second coming it seems that haven't has additional information and the people need to be aware of to prepare for that cosmic event so instead of stopping here where most our fellow Christian denominations do the Lord gives us more truth to share with the world now let's go on Revelation fourteen sixty seven not only preaching the everlasting gospel but saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come home God 's last true message to the world will not only be a gospel message you will be a judgment power message I even like it or dislike it but don't blame me blame John the revel later he's along the road God class three church will be a judgment our church with the judgment of our message now I'm perfectly aware that in in the evangelical world and somewhat now in progressive Adventism there are plenty of people with impressive degrees after their names and say you know this was a mistake this was an immaturity of the nineteenth century this is something we has antennas need to outgrow my response he is go back and let's do some real exegesis number one the book of Revelation describes a people getting a judgment our message as he describes it in his biblical is and is obviously pre- as we don't get to the afternoon until about seven versus leader molesting little more talking about this turned the book of Jude book of Jude verses fourteen and fifteen chapters are you going to do is look for the horses want to say anything said in the morning human history behold prophesy afternoon of the saying the Lord with ten thousands of his saints to do in the King James version the next word to him CQ Joshua R and I'm a lawyer that's a legal term of art it instantly means something to me involving following the Scott Peterson trial and you will have discovered as we watch this thing unfold are basically three phases to a criminal investigative phase that was the weeks and whereupon weary weeks of trial evolution in which facts were brought in experts were called documents were real tapes were listened to the jury is trying to find out what happened it's an investigative phase of the trial when all that is done on the final closing argument has been offered in the jury return retires to the jury room to deliberate on what's happened and try to find out where truth lies and at the end of that procedure probably be seeing in this week they're going to pronounce judgment judgment the pronounced see that an investigative phase then judgment is pronounced and then he asked if Scott is found to be liable for the death penalty probably several decades from now after over a process of appeals if he's taken into the operatory sampling in the lethal injection is put into him judgment will have been executed upon him all the newspapers will baptize a Scott Peterson was executed as an incorrect expression of the law is and was an executed judgment was executed upon him so using the phrases investigative phase a pronouncement of judgment and execution now is June fourteenth eighty mobile Lord who can thousands of his things to do what you execute judgment which means there has to have been a trial before you follow me that is only one illustration allergens dozens of makes the concept of a pre- Advent judgment very very clean him want to see this side well the thing you can do hold 'em Mervin Doctor Mervyn Maxwell 's magnificent disappointment do so is one of the most readable and clear stories of the beginning of the administered and how we came to misunderstanding the biblical basis for Doctor Davidson of the seminary again asked to work on this and right here on our campus in the heritage room one of the personalities on his doctoral dissertation on much of the same thing piece of scholarship so the point is that God 's last church will be a judgment our church with her judgment our message and I don't much care if the initials after your name RT HDR DDR PhD Oracle DRS OS if you don't see that issue your not doing your exegesis properly just as there is in the very biblical very smooth very very a profoundly common sense and it makes legal sense as well now I recognize a lot of our evangelical friends that you know you advanced you good people you run good hospitals you have good physicians and dentists but your misjudgment think of your scares me to death he involves me and my full assurance never heard that argument is the more frightened of the judgment like that is something to verify the judgment they haven't written the words clearly enough for two reasons number one in the judgment who was our judge most people think in a very stern very hard to get along with heavenly father was basically saying LU probably will hold all but if you don't I be more lined up behind you in reality why did Jesus say for the father John just no man hath committed all judgment unto son New York Giants easier Redeemer how can I get any better than him hi for you judging you against pregnancy self assuring that point doesn't it self-fulfilling than in the news gets even better than that not only is our Redeemer our judge or judges also hard defense attorney you where that was John savers John my little children these things I write indeed HEC and not buddy if any man sin we have a now I have in the hole in my whole study of comparative jurisprudence started law school continues since I have never seen in the whole history of the world any system of justice where your judge is also your defense attorney except in the Hebrew system when the Sanhedrin sat in trial on cheeses it was their duty under Hebrew law the services defense counsel that's one of the mistakes of meetings trial one of many when you use use those two offices you know being the other charge of defending your days in the charge of judging your case how can you you have to get very creative to losing the case a lot of people get creative enough to do again what they do they do the terminally stupid thing the brain-dead thing they fire the defense lawyer then they lose in the judgment but if you're looking for full assurance Justine Jesus on your case best lawyer in the cosmos you can lose that case that I have some strong indications in the Bible spread across even when the investigative judgment takes place and Jesus defends your PC does it so well that not only from the records of heaven are your sins like to be wife's amount of your mind you no longer live in a terrible deal the older we get the more our prior mistakes is really grind on us you know and I think there come a time will always remember we were sinners and we were redeemed but we won't have to carry the burden I wish we had done so thanks Lord for the judgment of God 's last church is a Gospel meeting churches and judgment our church with the judgment our message with there's still more to come let's move on real quickly not only does God 's last church get a judgment our message with take a look at me and in verse seven Revelation fourteen and it calls on the world to worship him that made heaven and earth to see and the fountains of waters which he is pure plagiarism in the because where else in the Bible using the identical language in the fourth commandment which suggest to us them as we pointed out last night that God 's last church will remind the world of the Sabbath because of the fact of creation North Sinai Paul Morrison was remember the Sabbath day when something comes up they has been around since the very beginning of the world since creation so God 's last church reminds people of the fact of creation much needed in a post- Darwinian world and consequently of the need to keep the Sabbath by the way using bumper stickers argued on on the cars of devout Christians you know God presented I believe and that settles it nursing one of those if you have anything on your car you better be in church on the Sabbath day is God 's words that it all right in connection with us now that's gone flaccid church on earth is commissioning and basin warnings and pleasant they're not easy to deliver I think probably delivering the warnings found the inverse lead of Revelation fourteen the toughest jobs we'll ever be called upon to do is a appear as you read Revelation fourteen is the appear to describe the world in terminal crisis in which everything is coming apart people are becoming increasingly frightened and the emancipated fear they're willing to throw away liberty only talking about that this afternoon and what is it to thirty one evening get-together will be talking about Islam the catalyst that it is imposing upon the exhilaration of Endymion asked him what's likely to happen the constitutional guarantees we are about one or two crises away at least from a national identity card only serial collapse of personal liberty is what you happen so that people have to warn the world about the S1 frighten people of their vow to make a terrible mistake in whatever language you're inversely even there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen down why would biblical prophecy pointing forward to the very end of time search for its metaphor in the morning of human history job is old now extinct civilization called Babylon well ask yourself questions like that as you study the Bible and do your research ask yourself why was it expressed this way one of the implications for symbolism 's Hebrew is rather interesting for everything in the material world it has that offers a spiritual example something Spears is what Jesus preached to man through us and see the birds there was a fine little things out of nature they illustrate profound spiritual realities announcements happening here symbolism the fall of Babylon is something we have to warn the world of the house so to really understand what were supposed to say would it not make sense to you to go back to the time of battle and see what mistakes were made there that make logical sense to him go back and think about it I can think of there are many money mistakes I'll just run reference three of them this morning member in the three morning human history when this cease-fire we settled down we will feel planning Euphrates River formed a rather comfortable place for people to only as they gathered in the number cities on the Euphrates in what is now Iraq and pretty soon they began thinking no God said he would send another flood what if they don't trust the promises of God mistake number one the families you just don't trust the promises of God now if you don't believe in God you believe in something and when he got just yourself that's all see only the promises of God you believe in yourself so they get the idea if the large changes as minor whose promises in any good it out of the river bank here all that stuff paragraph is left as they did of alluvial silt clay like we can get that we can make bricks by the millions man in the book Lucifer diary I had more fun with everything as he began to make bricks so they could build a mud brick pathway all across the cosmic radius to heaven what is the problem when you don't believe the promises of God you got to believe in yourself you still know you need salvation so the next thing he knew he is to try to start working your way to heaven is a that's the foundation of every false religion and this will be a pagan or a variation of Christianity Christianity can fall into the trap of going out step by step on our own knees with his absurd mistaken them Nebuchadnezzar decides to rewrite history in anticipation of that multi- layered very mineralized the statue that he saw in his dream is only the whole thing gold symbolizing that my Babylonian kingdom last forever one for this monster ninety feet tall nineteen across the shoulders I'm convinced that the gold fermenting is still in circulation today noble 's too precious it doesn't disappear remove all the him again truth be told some of us may be wearing hard accession minorities right now anyway Nebuchadnezzar calls the entire world together on the plane and you are and what does he do he turns and not being just one affirmation of Empire money into a worship service when the band starts playing every buddy down and if you don't the smelting furnace over there that they used to smell this thing is still hot so the hypotheticals we know what to do with you in other words a worldwide religion by force that's the Babylonian air that's what we have to warn the world about it my conviction is the end of time some of our severest challenges will come from bad people intentionally wanted to do bad things it will come from the good people of this world places like liberty University and love the Lord and call on his name he and the Santa Fe and you'd better go because these you don't suddenly you are if you are with us you're against us in your threat to the future of this country is also these challenges we hardly give the guy 's last church gives a series of them in the warnings about Babylonian error right let's move on very quickly now we have three more to go turn to verse twelve Revelation fourteen Revelation fourteen like a stairway how hysterectomy for the admin and Criswell says here is the patience of the saint 's year they may keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so there are three climactic messages and there seemed to be in a series within an first three Romanian maps in the in the twelve verse the first one speaks of patients now why would patients be an issue at this stage of the game like a sure thing for one him how long we wait for the second coming institutionally well over a hundred and fifty years so multiply three decades of past since our spiritual forebears first proclaimed and I might add that he's coming soon generations of believers of Commandant may haven't seen it happen and it's possible to begin to say my Lord really is coming and tragically is when people collectively decide to say that that happens secondly I think it's important to remember that God 's people have to learn patients about their homes progress and the hardest task anybody is ever faced is gaining control of herself that's the tough and absenteeism lives in his bright light of this high idealist stairway of shrews and progresses logically and inescapably toward a confrontation of the human race with the thinking and self the implicit in that these you get your life ready to meet him and so uses high standard we've always held you know for for our beliefs and and finally discouraged at their own failure over the decades many become tempted to wonder who the gospel can really deliver that kind of transcendent experience maybe they had attempted to seek a theology that will harmonize the Gospels high standards with our mode very possible that could happen but those who patiently persevere in this process evidently find a victory unknown in the history of the world 's youngest price take a look now take a look at John fourteen twelve races here is the relations of the saints here are the next keep the Commandments now for those of you didn't sleep through sophomore English what cancer we hear here are they him a citizen future conditional is not in its present John and holy vision looks into the future easily see him around they are keeping the commandments now I guess that we have human experiences this is never happened never has there been a generation of God 's people even say that about there have been isolated individuals are up in the box in the Elijah 's Joseph and Daniel Moses John the Baptist John the rebel leader I mean we can think of biblical examples of peoples whose lives have transcended and let's only the ladies out I can think of hold and manages a couple of examples of godly women so there have been people who will accomplish this but never in the history of the world has been possible for God to say look addressing the entire online world look here they are they're keeping the commandments of God and because we've never been able to see it in a generational sense like this for a greasy gotten religious meetings they weighed a second phone Adventism 's ideals are nice they sound good we should certainly think on them but in terms of practical expectations let's lower our sights because after all which is human and experience shows were not meant to make it and frequently the the ultimate argument areas has anybody in the audience never know anybody can do and usually not a hand goes up in such cases Ross Perot moment North location so is it possible at every moment is probably a good insight and experiences of meeting trends in life are free from sin and are very few very rare so does that experiential deficits and suggests to us again well now you're up against the sixty four him questions you believe in God is the word of God says here they are John looks into the future I don't know exactly when but I don't think it can be to very distant from our own Erica finally is reasonably safely been very much longer and he says here are any adhesive commandments of God Revelation fourteen twelve describes it happening God saw people doing it he described in Revelation fourteen as far as I'm concerned if the Lord saw it happening you can take it to the bank that may not be us we may give up on us it can be done that there will be a generation who will cruise the Lord saw happening at the Bible says is happening will sooner or later will happen so somewhere in the future generation God 's people will keep the Commandments how do we know real simple the holy and true one saw happening in this case is no room for argument unless you want to get rid of the word of God itself so these people as presented in the world a message of the gospel works even change lives so completely that heaven calls the world to witness that event and heaven cries out there is less there's the ultimate culmination of the gospel gospel doesn't work you can change human lives they can do so for people living trying times it was history and when that happens than Lucifer 's argument of the lot handicap is shattered and is ready for the morning all right so far so that we can we enclose now and leave ourselves very frustrated none of us completed ever done it while there's some in his room that I have I know I haven't the Lord and true with me how do people reach that transcendent quality of life will we haven't finished the verses Paul Harvey would say now let's read the rest of the story thinking that the man him may have the faith of Jesus there I suggest is the way the Commandments that you know once again is important to define our terms we talk about the faith of Jesus but what have we just talked about was illustration of the faith of Jesus what does it look like humans well once again I suggest you do your research to back to the word of God and go first to tell repossessed likely to be the place where you find the answer and there you see the faith of Jesus on the cross Jesus this is hanging there now let's happened his arms and then pulled obsolete intercostal spaces between the ribs are expanded so the lungs are expanded so that here via scheduled along seems very hard to get the air out because to do so you have to pull on those arms for the sensorimotor median nerve is push with your feet and then in the process your back which is then laid open with the web scrapes up against the store and recite these of the cross that explains why Jesus didn't talk very much always being crucified he just hurt too much thought when this even comes near he summons all the remaining physical power was being pulled on those injured arms pushes with his peoples is lacerated back up like these of the cross and he screams into the record of human history to statements that show us the faith of Jesus number one he says my God where have you gone not there anymore you've always been with me can't see anymore from his human perspective the heavenly father is longer there now Ellen White does something really neat this is what I like the spirit of prophecy this kind of like taking them I him and the texture and him standing in chapter of volume two sufferings of Christ she says a rather rather poignantly uses as heels of his life he has by faith alone to trust in him who is ever being is joy to me she says it is my humanity can see the resurrection and more he has gone too far this is an experiment even divinities never meddle with me for the concept of dabbling with see him taking the weight of sin on you is humanity can't see it anymore there's nothing but a black hole is going into eternal life their findings in a sense I guess she's easily schooling and health forest he just can't see how the other side and then phase takes over the last thing he's got the last stable things on her visit across you can hang on for that long as he hangs on to that is drawn to leave voluntarily turns lose of life she says and drops into the unknown trusting somewhere in there are the father 's arms that's the faith of Jesus now how does that apply to us well in our own small way the end of time towards all once again she is rather fascinating and I am putting in the modern vernacular nuzzled path that goes from earth to heaven in a gets narrower and narrower than God 's people are just so you know in indelibly involved with his world but we can't leave behind so you know we filed everything we have into the Ford Explorer all the junk we can't live without we start on a narrow path or if were friends of the Earth in a hybrid escape while all the things we can and then things started the narrow path toward heaven but what happens the path narrows down the wheels no longer have enough wisdom to maintain traction so we unload the vehicle and violence much of this world on our backs as we can least him on the road toward heaven you read that the loan of description of an early writings presented that is a narrow we can't afford to carry something we just came unloading this world finally just fastener feeding the masses and there are people in authority and reason advantages authors in America and we got ignore and down from heaven comes one the court to face and God 's people finally really do turn loose in this world wrap the cord of faith and swing out into nothing as it trusting someplace there are the father 's arms may I respectfully suggest that these how they keep the Commandments in prayer we handle doing is that the level of trust in them and our heavenly father son and with HMS Richards one time Zelda Elder Richards will not this is righteousness by faith stuff and he responded is there any other kind now there is the message God 's people have to give the world starting with the foundation stone of an oscillating very clear understanding there is nothing we do learn heaven we don't deserve it we just had to ask for any when you've asked for heaven then the Lord has the power to change your future as well as to your past judgment our messages Sabbath message warnings of the worlds about to embark on a Babylonian Arizona was the morning of human history patients with ourselves as the Lord reflects our lives in patients as we wait for the second coming in through faith in Jesus keeping the commandments of God you are the world over you will find that package anyplace else that's a profile that is unique but one is as we will him I think my social twenty first century all the stuff was done by a bunch of long gray Whistler guys in the nineteenth century which is baloney behold our pioneers were nineteen forty four this is not an old man's religion that can appeal to young people Jan Andrews was fifteen Uriah Smith was twelve Danny Smith was sixteen turning seventeen Allen Harmon was about the same age and the old man of the group of genes why the age of twenty two this my friends was largely created by a group of teenagers don't tell me this carries a teenage Minotaur came from an young people will finish his work in large measure what if we got discourage using Elvis is appealing to our youth anymore like the Christian pre-existing ride in our youth will catch fire however said nothing about the Commandments I'm all about that I've never seen anybody doing business this judgment our thing the sanctuary message that's an embarrassment separates us from the evangelical world Sabbath well maybe but how do we keep it and we started embracing things that were no longer comfortable with and easy what's happened in the latter yet all go from here to here on a ladder with missing pieces illustrate another way my Scandinavian mother is now resting in the Lord emitted me some of these things years ago when I is for illustration purposes let's assume that this little piece of crochet is the admin message entire and complete this is the package of the Lord desires us to deliver to the world needs to hear you thinking out a sanctuary thing him three hundred human devising and the law earlier rejected run have to lower our standards of our site 's status okay but what about the gift of end time prophecy let's get rid of them then we keep pulling and pulling on this theme in the desire to make this more attractive to our young people when we will and we pool never realizing meaningful ones this is no stability left put new pressure on it just disappears and finally what happens to a well woven fabric of truth bingo and now we say all wonderful we got something that will appeal to the youth of our young people via the message I got news for you this is not you it's not good enough for you so it will get the message that God 's people have to deliver now look what happens we keep visiting and tax has is designed to be intact we go to the verse thirteen of Revelation twelve when you see Blessed are they that die in the Lord city in human history now approaching zero comes stresses that will probably need beyond the physical capacity of some Saints to endure the early challenges out there and so in the thirteenth personal Lord basically says it is one of the along some people will get the rest through that time and that's the thirteenth verse of Revelation twelve if you lose friends or family and they are reliving and now that's not a message of despair that's a message of hope is a signpost for getting your home and the very next thing after that is the fourteenth verse and behold a white cloud and one sat on the car like the Son of Man and there is a word picture him my frenzy as we are that's why were here this morning any substitute any modification of that heading only weakens the structure to the point where we have no excuse for being that like the latter logically leads people from a clear foundation point of the Gospel to the point of being ready to look into the face of God and go home I think it's the truth worth defending


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