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When Troubles Come

Alistair Huong
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Alistair Huong

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  • March 15, 2008
    10:00 AM
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him I'm the one I'm been in the today I'm maybe telling a story about automating the and then I'm in a preacher sermon about God 's amazing the title or message this morning is when troubles come with dollars for father this morning we come before you thankful for life and thank you for all of the other blessing that we don't even know about and as we come in as I share what you have done for me I pray that parts will be touched by your word also may get with Cindy spirit to be here with us now we pray in Jesus name on December nineteen I was in Venice Minneapolis Minnesota I woke up that morning in the Hilton hotel getting ready for a very busy day of July C B the first day of UIC and I was a vice president at the time for logistics so I was responsible for the registration and hotel and also to fix as I was sitting on the couch in my hotel room early that morning suddenly I felt a burning pain in my neck and irradiated quickly down to my shoulders my arms my upper chest and within fifteen minutes I was paralyzed I collapsed on the floor I could not move at least Mayor 's I could still move my leg and I try to get up and they were too weak to support my weight and I collapsed on myself again after fortunately I had a number of friends with me in my hotel room and they called all what friends and it was soon determined that I had some serious condition that I needed to be in the ER right away fortunately just eight minutes away was the University of Minnesota medical center and there I was admitted to the ER right away and over the course of the next few hours I became completely immobile from the neck down I could I lost all almost all autonomic functions of my body and before the end of the day I was put on to eventually she a respirator and that my parents were on their way to do I see fortunately and mother finally got there I was sedated unconscious with a big tube down my throat and for the next two days I was largely unconscious I I locked I don't remember reading anything but what I was told was that during that time I underwent extensive testing and examinations in all sorts of things they pulled a lot of things into my body and I seem to have tubes coming out of every orifice the front body but during that time the doctors were scrambling to this discover what was wrong with me and they didn't know they could find out but what they could say was that the prognosis was dismal then you find that Honda had a spinal cord injury but they didn't know how serious it was and with most spinal cord injuries it was highly likely that I would either a dime or be never fully recover from the condition I was in and so there I was unconscious in the ICU in Minnesota not able to move my body not able to breathe on my own and the doctors were thinking that I would possibly stay that way rest my life and Friday evening came and I felt the first thing I remember Friday evening after Mark Finley in a group my friends who all happen to be edgy like the came and they had anointing service from that night and then the next morning Sabbath morning the entire convention as well as alive in broadcast had a season of prayer on my behalf and by Sunday at the end of July thirty I was authentic by the next day on Monday I was moved out of the ICU by the end of that week I could stand and walk a mile by the next week I was well enough to fly home the Loma Linda after sixteen days I was discharged from the University Minnesota medical Center to Loma Linda most of you know where that is to the east campus acute rehab center and therefore two more weeks I underwent intensive rehab and then I was at a discharge to go home and I've been going to rehab ever since my recovery is still not complete you may wonder why my arms arsenals floppy on this delete but considering where I was I am very thankful for what I do that's the very abbreviated version of the story not as good as any but you know I've been asked this question especially since I've had this incident a few months ago almost three month no question comes from well-meaning Christians mostly death the question why would God allow his people to suffer in Iraq the question before why would God allow bad things to happen to good people especially people that claim to be his own people claim to be Christian people who tried their very best to do for their Lord their utmost why would God allow such a thing and this is where the sermon begins why would God allow bad things to happen to good people in the Bible I'm going to turn with me to the book second Timothy I'm maybe interspersing other little experiences from my story in this sermon so don't be alarmed second Timothy chapter three verse twelve second Timothy chapter three verse twelve assess you a and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution I think we need to establish this from the onset and that is that if we do claim to be true followers of Jesus Christ we should expect the stuff we should expect difficulties to come because the Bible says it is the only logical conclusion but why ask the question I seek to answer today why would God allow bad things to happen to his people why would God allows people to suffer under the share with you seven reasons seven reasons why God would allow his people to go through pain and difficulty number one reveal God 's goodness and mercy as you may be thinking that that's contradictory if God is so good why would he demonstrate his goodness or how can he demonstrated goodness by allowing bad things that is simply this we don't know how good God really has been to lots until we realize how bad this will really be God realizes that if we just taste of his goodness and his blessings all the time we become immune to skin we begin to see God not being so good anymore we take his blessings for granted and so sometimes God allows things to jostle us to to trick us so will wake up and say the Lord you have been good Romans eight verse twenty eight many of you know that verse can be cited by memory it sets and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God and to then for the called according to his purpose notice this verse talks about those who love God enough what my focus is the business wanted that a second that people will be deserved it's a consequence for their actions you don't got it not all of those things work out for good human thing sometimes the consequences of wicked people know that the lake of fire is a necessary good thing for those people but what I'm saying here is for God 's people for those who genuinely love of God but those are called according to his purpose when difficulties come they offer it for demonstrate God 's goodness and one of the ways that God reveals his goodness at least we attach this to the verse first Corinthians ten thirteen first twenty ten verse thirteen said they had no temptation we can also be translated test or trial there had been no trial taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted or tested above that you're able a will with every trial also make a way to escape that you may be able to bear one of the way that God reveals his goodness is that when he allows difficulties to come he only allows what you are capable of carrying me give you an example I told you that I got sick in Minnesota in Minneapolis did you know where I was just twenty four hours prior to that I was living in a house by myself in the country up in the mountain in Dayton Tennessee an hour away from the nearest hospital in China if I had been sick one day earlier who knows what would've happened and it just happened that I was just a couple blocks away from one of the leading neurology hospitals in the US the University of Minnesota medical center is one of the only medical centers actually have a new quality ICU did you know that I thought I know we don't even have that in Loma Linda right on essay Jim Norman Norman was there with me the whole time did you know that I mean isn't it just so I is just a coincidence it's so convenient to be traveling to have a neurological disorder with the senior neurology resident point is great I recommend it I guess they had an argument of the and him the fact that all of that he wisely my parents were already in the airport on the way when I called on the way to the hospital they got their glittery as quickly as was humanly possible just coincidence and UIC I mean nearly every single one of my living friends were there that's an exaggeration but it sure felt that way and they were all there praying for me visiting me and of course I had all of my close friends have been anointing service what if I was by myself in the country Tennessee countryside Timothy out of it all by myself but here something else is that I am in my last year called and it is a laugh and I'm still covered under my parents health insurance and a I was supposed to graduate this May if it had been six months later I would have had no health insurance and you know how disasters that would be all of these things clearly demonstrates me that yes God allow bad things to happen he allowed me to get sick there's no question about that but he did not allow me to get sick in an environment that I would have not been able to handle it was almost like God pick the best time possible best location possible for me to come down with the sickness God allows bad things happen is people number one to review of his goodness and his mercy is number one number two God allows bad things that his people in order to teach us to pray him he does how to pray but each of the necessity of prayer James after file James chapter five beginning in verse thirteen James testified beginning in verse thirteen is any among the afflicted lead in prayer is any Mary and things off is any sick among linen cloth of the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up if you commit a sin they shall become a nation of the forgiven not look back on this experience and very clearly now in hindsight I can testify that that anointing service that sat in that prayer session at UIC best that was the turning point in my recovery and it is in direct answer with this very from Scripture you know what's in me when he came to do that anointing service he says something that I will never forget he said is never in God 's will for his people to be sick not it was never God 's will for there to be disease in the first place and it is always God 's will to heal and I'll always feel it he knows this text does not say that the prayer of faith will seal the sex noticed that because God will heal that but the president will save the sick God he will view his people the question is what will you feel them right now immediately miraculously was he healed them over the course of time I'm working with natural processes a major Oregon may choose to heal whoever is fixed on the resurrection but not always he and here I find that if we had not prayed I don't know what would've but I like to think there was an answer to the prayers of the saints of God chose you in fact this is what I find the great controversy page five hundred twenty five it says it is a part of God 's plan to grantors in answer to the fertile Satan that which he would not the still do we not just what I simply tell the that got the line thrust asked him and they are certain things that he will not do unless we ask them to do so gone sometimes the shape of the he says asked me what you want me to do for you and when he has taught us a lesson what is resulting what what result I should say is a prayer warrior than knows how to pray and beloved being needs not free and God can be preparing us right now I got this e-mail why was in the hospital Minnesota and good friend of mine does what he says I first heard about a sudden paralysis on Thursday it really shook me up also to watch none of us were expecting it and I know you worked the last thing with this urgent sense of prayer for you now I have to tell you have been struggling with my for life recently somehow it seemed that my prayers are getting past this feeling is outselling that before it has seemed as though they were just empty rituals but suddenly with an urgent sense to pray for you I made time for real prayer Al I don't know how good it did for you but it changed me I've learned the secret to meaningful prayer life training for others fell near to me when I trained for you than he ever felt when I was praying for myself that led me to ask how much the rest of my spiritual life would be revived if I started focusing more of it on or around others instead of myself so I just wanted to tell you thank you you've helped me you've helped bring life to my prayer time and help us all to believe the miracle of prayer again and leave me to the second or third point number one to review God 's goodness and mercy number two did teach us to pray the three for the benefit of other people God allows bad things happen to people for the benefit of other people my friend here in that e-mail didn't did I know that by getting sick I would help revive her prayer life not a chance but did not know that you dedicate and the speaking of prayer in and helping others last semester I was a student teacher at Laurel Brook Academy in Tennessee as well of living on the country and I was teaching freshman ninth graders and juniors eleventh graders and the eye Halliburton for their souls in one night I remember distinctly no my bread that and I pray the Lord help these young people do anything whatever it takes even if it needs to learn even if that means tragedy even if that means disaster do what ever it takes to reach the new better be careful what you pray for little did I know that God within and take me up on my prayer and use me as a part of the answer three I was not I'm not back to orbit this semester but from what I hear from the e-mail in the getting to my students there has been an impact and some of them are thinking struggling wondering what is the point of the religious experience and I like to think that God had answered my prayer allowing this to come upon me so that someone else may benefit you might remind you that there was a man his name was for two million and early Christian father he said the blood of martyrs see martyrs dying for no reason because of the blood that they set Christianity grew beyond belief by leaves and now it's gone sometimes allow tragedies that happen he allows innocent lives to be lots yes but sometimes as for the better good of the world for the benefit of other people there was a friend of mine in fact his name is looped for the few of my college roommate the day after UIC he was driving home with some friends and he died in a car accident and the result of that debt has been an old revival of primitive godliness amongst our school amongst our fellow classmates in the lower the senior in high school a sophomore in the same school her name was Debbie also done in a car that was the turning point for number of classmates of mine got allowed the things that happen not just because he can help you allow these things to happen because he can foresee that there is some greater good I think about God allows bad things happen to good people sometimes are one tribute is goodness and mercy number due to teach us to pray number three for the benefit of others number four God allows bad things to good people in order to demonstrate his power with me now and John chapter eleven this is just one in a series of stories one in a series of stories that we can look at but this one I believe is adequate this showed appoint John Chapter 11 verse four this assignment Lazarus who has gotten sick when Jesus heard the last of the sixties that this sickness is not unto death but for the glory of God the son of God might be glorified thereby sometimes God allows bad things happen in particular sickness to happen in order for him to demonstrate that he is all-powerful Lazarus die and dog waited until you die in order to resurrect into remove all shadow down that Jesus was not capable Jesus wait until things got so bad that when he stepped in it was clear that he had divine power to intervene I remember you remember I told you that the doctors the first week when out nice you told me was most likely that I would never recover both his was horrible other than another that he might die secondly I was up in my chair and walking around us feeding myself and Doctor come in and they say all your body is just spontaneously healing itself and it happens all the time that's quite a different tune I'm excited today and you know why they say such things because they had no explanation they could not give up explanation why I know why so do you this sickness is not unto death before the glory of God God revealed his power in such a way that we cannot than ever one God reveals his goodness or if the strikeout reveals goodness and mercy permits you to teach us to pray number three for the benefit of others were for demonstrated power number five God allows bad things happen to people in order to reveal to us our care when I was moved out of ICU on that Monday I moved a step down unit another point I will I just came off the ventilator I had barely eaten anything I was skin and bones I could even know rollover I came to scratch my nose I was still very weak pale and just not in good shape still as they wheeled me into my new room my nurse stood there and not that the regular examination assessment of stuff and she left a few minutes he came back with little sheepish grin on her face and she said hesitating he said what church you belong and I I can really talk but I smiled ethic is as she clapped her hands together she said I know I knew the moment you came in here I thought what I should you know what went whatever this look like a failure that but he said the moment you came in your eyes on your face you are not a normal person that she meant that in a good way and he said I had to ask because something about you you told me that you must been in and she spotted so my issue is only added this working in that unit and through the course of the next few days she asked my family how to eat more healthily and she was from Kenya in the house when the unrest in Kenya with election so that we were able to pray with her and comfort her with her family were going to also to trouble but I say that just to just two mentioned this point even when you are sick and paralyzed in the hospital can people see Jesus can send your character be identified as one like Jesus when difficulties come sometimes does it still be realize who we are so remember the crucifixion I'll try to the crucifixion Peter he said Lord I'll go anywhere when he was tempted three times when Jesus was in the trial is true character was revealed to deny the Lord was swearing and cursing free time and a little closer to home there was a great disappointment once eighteen forty four and a great disappointment many people say if God has been in this movement he would not have allowed beside the point I was already prophesied in Scripture there is a reason for the disappoint got allowed it to systems people only the true hearted only does this evil thing the review who would think and out of the fifty thousand whatever that started only fifty one it revealed their character and it will happen again in the ministry of healing a four hundred seventy one says this in his providence meeting he brings these persons into different positions and varied circumstances that's euphemistic for saying difficult time for different positions and varied circumstances that they may discover in their character the defects which have been concealed from their own knowledge to give them opportunity to correct the defects and to fit themselves for his service God allows bad things to happen to reveal to us who we are ourselves and I quote links us to point number six God allows bad things to happen in order for us to develop our characters gone to the just revealed to us as a half to back he revealed it to us so he can help us work on those defects another way to put it got allow these bad things to happen to prepare us for greater shrubs every great man and woman I think of in the Bible went through a time of difficult I think of Joseph Daniel you like even Jesus himself they went through difficulty and it was that difficult time but while and the loneliness and the discouragements and sort in some cases hunger and sickness it with you those experiences that enable them to be the great man anywhere from God God reveals our characters and then he desires to help us grow because of any of there is a time of trouble coming with Holden Daniel chapter twelve verse one such as never was since there was a nation and in order for us to be able to stand during that time of trouble don't you suppose that God in his mercy want to prepare is now by the small tests the small difficulties the temporal illnesses so that when that time comes will be ready our character will be prepared I have some encouraging quotes here also from ministry of healing pages four hundred thirty one and four four seventy two trials and obstacles are the Lord 's chosen methods of discipline and his appointed conditions of success you want to be successful because you know that if you say yes I got it repaired for trials and obstacles because that is the Lord 's chosen method to prepare his people get another one the fact that we are called upon to endure trials show that the Lord Jesus even as something precious which he desires to develop anything under that if he saw him as nothing whereby he might glorify his name he would not spend time in refining us he does not cast worthless stones into his furnace is valuable or that he was far so never thought about it this way before that the the fact that I'm going to suffering and difficulty trials means I am valuable to Jesus you go through some difficult times remember that because Jesus would not allow it to go through that if he did not see some him over which you want to refine so we got six points now coming on to number seven number one one again why does God allow bad things happen to people number one to review his goodness and his mercy and mercury to teach us to pray number three for the benefit of others number four to demonstrate his power for five to reveal our character number six to develop our character number seven why does God allow bad things that happened is people it is for his foregone sovereign purpose what do I mean by there the great controversy in which there are evil powers fighting against holding there is a devil in the world and he is the source of all suffering and pain and discouragement and God allows these things but God allows these things always for a human the story of Job the story of Job transpires over a fairly lengthy book another read the whole thing forty two chapters I believe and at the very end of the book after Joe have lost everything after he had been harassed by three friends well-meaning friend but I should add they had no idea why all of this came upon Job even though they tried to give them audience to try to figure it out and God finally comes down in chapter thirty eight to forty one you can read for yourself become down and you know what he does he says Job got a couple questions to ask you were you there when I can you do this can you do that all you have to do this and on and on and on and on and on chapter the rhetorical question in which God basically scheduled you really don't know any and and the book do you know that God never explained to Joe Weinke went through on you and yet Joel is never sinned against the Lord with Isaiah chapter fifty five or even nine Isaiah chapter fifty five verse eight and nine God sets for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways saith the Lord for as the heavens are higher than your so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts God sovereign promise of a purposes sometimes God revealed unto us sometimes we can know why but often we won't often God asks us just to trust and believe just like you Dawn had the purpose for why he is allowing each trial to pass across our path he knows what he is doing God is in control I find this quote also news you're viewing page four seventy nine you will you know this one well God never leaves his children otherwise than they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose which they are fulfilling at coworkers with that prompts God is saying it doesn't matter what you're going it doesn't matter if it seems there is no good explanation why you just cannot see any good that can come out of this got I know what I'm doing in this indication Joe did he do suppose that yet any idea what significance 's actions had on the universe by his life he was approving indicating the character of God himself can imagine if you curse God the universe would have been hard with another filthy rep Satan would've difficult times we may not know why but believe that if we did see the end from the beginning we would choose walk through that door nonetheless I heard a story once about a Chinese gospel worker he was in his sixties at the time of the story and by this time he had been in prison over forty times given in these and numerous times are all over his body but yet he is continuing to do the Lord 's work in your staying with the convert one night at Town & Country in the report disease of their sharing one that Humana one that one young day one Godhead is over here to see over here another guest had with the rear seat with other and they were sleeping there and at night this gospel worker 's old man's Santa initially he cried out I do I do I do and then the convert should not naturally woke the guy up into what was wrong are you okay the man he said I disagree I just had a dream that I saw Jesus coming the club glory I was there at his at him he was descending from the cloud via the question who had one scars from icy who had one scar from my sick and then I'd I shortly after them and I but he died bearing scars she all would live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer of all the gifts that have been can distill upon fellowship with Christ in his suffering is the most waiting trust and the highest on the one of their scars of Jesus do you want to truly live godly in Christ you can prepare for suffering the Lord loves us too much to allow live just peaceful life with no pain and suffering he sees this as too valuable precious stones to refine to allow us just to live a normal life he cares too much and friends today if you want to say Lord Jesus I want be like and I know Jesus became the man that he was because he suffered as a man you want the bear scars Jesus want to say when Jesus comes in a club where you want to say I have born scars the excessive desire like a razor just write where you got bless you want to know astray father we know that there is a greater good for the difficulties that come away although we don't understand why although it so difficult to see pastor now we pray that you will help us to know that you are in control and that if we could see the end and the beginning that we would not choose to be led in any other way lower we know that you have the love us too much to allow us to simply live a simple life that you allow difficulties to refine us to mold us to sharpen us Lord although we know that we are incapable of withstanding the devil 's temptations and his tests and trials on our own we long to be refined into the image of Jesus so we asked that you will grant us the strength to stay we also claim the problems that you with every temptation will make a way of escape that we may be able to bear Lord for those in this room right now I know there are suffering and pain and discouragement even now I have serious spirit will common late fall upon the wounded soul may whisper in their year words of encouragement so that they made the claim that trust and faith that they once had and so I pray Lord Jesus as we leave this place may we brace ourselves to find this good fight of faith for we know that we shall suffer persecution but we know that Jesus was we can say smiling face that was cheap enough the scars that we are born for so be with us now the Sabbath and BS from this place we pray


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