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Revelation Chapter 1

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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  • March 29, 2008
    9:00 AM
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well in the fact that the prayer and will get started on in heaven were so thankful that you have woken us up although it is a brisk morning were thankful that you have won this with your presence here in burden all I pray that as we open your word particularly the book of Revelation that you do with understanding that you give us clarity so that we may see Jesus clear we pray these things in Jesus name RI so let's get right to it let's start in Revelation chapter one we gave you a sort of either an overview different perspectives of different ways you can look through the book of Revelation but today I want to focus first of all you may get to other things I want to focus on John's prescribed method or his hermeneutic if you will help highlight the final word hermeneutic all it means is how you understand something how you go about setting something up so the working definition is not the technical theological one in the first few verses of Revelation it sets this age by telling us the perspective by which we can thoroughly and clearly understand this book it is the it is a treat I guess the way because not all books in the Bible does that sometimes I wish the apostle Paul would give us a little more assistance in understanding was writing by John here he helped us out so the first three verses I like to call it all readily revelations hermeneutic or how we can understand the book of Revelation the less let's look there for the first three verses him with the Mike of the Norman got my kidney read the first three verses for us at which God gave him to show you things which must shortly come to peace and signified it by his Angel and John bare record of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ and the things that he saw blessed is he that read to them that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein for the time is at hand or I will for reverse it was but a few moments here because it laid the foundation on on the rest of the book read this study for the revelation of who button it in the title of my Bible of the St. John the Divine felt proper title should be revelation of Jesus and I we talk about this last time and later on in this chapter would I were to discuss one of the ways in which we can see Jesus reveal okay but skipping ahead here is that the revelation of Jesus Christ which cool gave on this so this book originated from God himself which means a consummate divine origin that's how the whole Bible was written but very specifically the book of Revelation expresses it in no uncertain terms it comes from God okay and continues God gave it unto him which is Jesus to show unto his servants things which must weigh shortly come to pass keep in a model coming back to that and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John please the process by which the revelation given cousin godfather goes to Jesus because an angel and goes to John and he comes us and is something unique that happens between the angel and the John states it using a special word got simply gives it to Christ tries to his angel and then the angel doesn't just give it to John the angel does something with the message anyone catch the word I'm looking at that show that's not the word at least in the King James is not aware uses signify that what is very important because if it helps us understand Revelation the worth signifies I looked it up a non- Websters eighteen twenty dictionary it says to make known something either by signs or words by signs or words so in other words the Angels signifying something translated the direct meaning into signs or symbols to the book of Revelation from the very onset it explained itself as being interpreted through signs and symbols and a life that important if you remember William Miller he is a prominent figure in our church 's history she had a principle of prophetic interpretation or biblical interpretation it is you take everything little as much as possible unless there is an obvious need to take something symbolically I think that is a very practical very logical way of reasoning for the book of Revelation from the onset is that this book was written using science so varied from the very beginning it helps us understand if it's not just literal is not just little and him there are signs and contained in this book but you know that the difficulty is him not to take everything symbolic but anyway that's something we'll have to take on a case-by-case basis but from the very beginning it it ones that look this thing is written in science of it we continue so John gets this message of the birth to the John who bear record of the word of God and of the what testimony of Jesus keep that he that phrase in mind when you come back to of all things which she saw again this is another key to understanding revelation in fact let's get down to chapter one and verse oh there are a couple versus year verse nineteen will have sown read that one verse for us anyone can you be definitely getting one thing right when making their desks right things which now seem and the things which are in the things which shall be hereafter a very important clue that understand revelation is that John simply wrote down what he was shown meeting he sitting here with us with his pad got this prepared her right but God doesn't dictate to guy shows him and John simply write down what he sees so there's a lot of wall FF in the book of Revelation there are sequences things that come one came after the other there are a lot of location terms he came up in this place in the fees in the land and the lotto numbers yet ten oh seven heads seven war or seven at the QB ten heads are seven heads ten horns and on a lot of visual language so in order for us to really understand Revelation we need to have very vivid imaginations to see what John is describing and in a little bit later what a sort of how to exercise where John very clearly wrote down what he saw and unless these the what he sees just reading the words living in a cut okay now I want to step back with your verse one and verse three and actually a few other verses later on in the book mentions it but very important point verse Wanda says to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass in the verse three at the very end of the verse is that for the time is at hand what this means is that the book of Revelation is time sensitive electron sensitive means have ever gotten mail and as I got advertisement is a time sensitive deliver within such a such a time the book of revelation was given to us right on the costs of advanced foretold inside about to happen so whatever is being of a bounce to be explained John for our God says John you got it you got right is down got the sound because what I'm telling you is about to begin you see a war when getting a much shorter than the past time is at hand so what this tells us is that the book of Revelation must be interpreted within the context of history from the time of John until the end of time because you never seen a little bit the book of Revelation extends all the way until the second coming at an after action and chapter one is specifically goes until the second coming so what does that mean I'm in a try to inoculate you guys okay so if it's a little above your head don't worry about it just remember what remember so they just divide saying in a and then if something comes up along the way you need something that's little questionable hopefully this will help you are not not get distracted free works okay Fred tourism fish store schism and futurism these are three schools of prophetic interpretation particularly they apply to Daniel and Revelation Fred arisen free PR evening before I pretest meaning that the test before the real test it some it means everything was taken at all the prophecies of Daniel Revelation took place in the past prior to the second century A.D. like antichrists or the little horn essay of Daniel was Antiochus epiphanies he was a great King at the printers you he sacrificed a pig of a Jewish altar that Frederick it interprets everything in the past okay and futurism interprets every the future antichrist is coming weighing the future after the after the time of tribulation on dispensationalism is one prominent school that arises from futurism where the Christian world is divided or history dispensations and indifferent dispensations God works in different ways of those are all incorrect and according to Revelation chapter one verses one through three John tells us that the understand the book of Revelation you must have at his store system perspective which means you need to interpret things with in the scope of history it's about to take place meaning and the time of John and it extends all the way until the second coming so what forces of the stores of the basically takes the prophecies of the Bible and interpret them within the context of history within conflict of history not in lumping everything the past waving the future just it just a little hint you can sell pretty much what school of prophetic thought someone is coming from based on where they place the antichrist as that of the rule of thumb if the place Antichrist in the past the predators that the antichrist and way in the future the futurist with a thin antichrist has been working since the time of John he actually says by the way in his epistles and he has progressed and he has a vital role in and find wealth you probably find the resources and by the way your probably talking to an Adventist but am anyway that's really important okay a phone sex raise your hand I think the first nineteen yes it really clarifies absolutely it says that things that never see you are right now in the missing that shall be divested that clear to me exactly that's an excellent method excellent tax Revelation one nineteen shielded John Bush on things that you have seen in past tense things which are in things that will be so it's foggy Mountain prophecy throughout the scope of Scripture and down it's very important that we establish this point Revelation cannot be rightly interpreted unless you take this towards his point of view because some rather prominent are unfortunately Adventist preachers even right now our in the in the hope of finding new life and trying to to come up with the latest sensational teaching have begun to reinterpret established prophecies of the Bible things as clearly demonstrate as a twelve sixty twenty three hundred days and a predominantly to twelve ninety thirteen thirty five but even the seven trumpets and seven churches seven field they put on the future and they think they have way to get around it but that's not the proper way of interpreting the book of Revelation based on what revelation itself sets that nothing else I might understand is one thing revelation must be understood with in the context of history it is not all future it is not all past its it takes place during history as it occurs our business is a clear and I'm okay so those of the first three verses awake when I done a diverse three it said Blessed is he that read a dear and back keep those things which are written therein so there's a special blessing is a very special blessing given to those who study this book and it very interesting that am there are still maybe last autumn home but there are still features of the Bible who say that the book of Revelation is unessential it is some is difficult to understand or you can't understand there's some even go that far but excuse me God says there's a blessing to those who study in question never three says there is a blessing for those the study this book so cool we can believe the scholars who really say that they don't say that you can't understand Revelation begin beta understand themselves or do we just take the Bible as a reads and say what God says there is a blessing for those who read it and some a study but very important as a blessing to those who read TC year and to keep you shall know the truth the truth shall set you free and this this book of Revelation and therefore by the very beginning in order to really understand it we need to come to this book with the preparation to do what it asks us to do so before we get into it God is almost a month there is a blessing for you but this blessing is not to combine just you reading and intellectually understanding is can require some action so this book and hopefully this class him how galvanizes up to some sort of action because without it were not receive the blessing about weight not to fully understand what the book is his teaching it requires action I thought I find this quote found in faith I live by age three forty five I think this is the blessing it can be one of the blessings when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with a character that all must develop in order to realize the blessedness which is to be the reward of the pure in heart the Lord will bless all who will seek some week and meet me to understand that which is really revealed in the revelation this book contains so much that is large with immortality and full of glory that all who read and search it earnestly received the blessing to those that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein one thing will certainly be understood from the study revelation that the connection between God and his people is close and decide so studying this book it is from faith I live by page three forty five third paragraph and it's a whole paragraph the blessing comes to those who study this book and you can be granted a completely different experience religiously and I think one of that thing the reason why because it it wants us to character development as the key revelation prompts people to care develop our so I'm going to run out of time but let us in dear Phil versus one two three really the crux of of this class at least for today I want us to understand how we can properly understand the book of Revelation based on what revelation itself sets so we party talked about signs and symbols we talked about the importance of keeping what is already out what what is shown us here it also gives us the contacts as snorkeling which school of prophetic thought we need to use it properly understand which is his stores of secondly gone through some of the key points all right the next section is Revelation chapter one verses four through eight so if someone is the croissant volunteers to read that would with a loud voice Revelation four through eight is what I call the summary is a summary of the entire book John in the first chapter here in four versus gives us a quick run through of the book of Revelation okay so Mel can you rebuild for versus rest John to the seven churches that are of which are in Asia Grace be unto you and peace from him which is in which was and which is to come and from the seven spirits which are before his throne and from Jesus Christ is the faithful witness in the first begotten of the dead and the Prince of the kings of the earth unto him that loved us and washed us from our stand in his own blood and has made us kings and priests under God and his father to him be glory and dominion forever and ever amen behold he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him and they also which peers him and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him even so amen I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the ending the Lord which is and which was and which is to come the Almighty RI so again this this book is called the revelation of Jesus and right here it gives a sort of a description right it gives a few terms that product is described by but dumb these descriptions actually act they serve as a summary of the book of Revelation what I okay Jesus cried this is verified Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness okay what does it mean to be a faithful witness when there's a faithful witness necessary in some sort of a trial so if you look in Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three verse fourteen will have another reader I forgot obviously that Revelation three verse fourteen and unto the angel of the church of the latest hands right these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God the faithful witness appears again in the church of Laodicea and anyone know what the word Laodicea means a people judged or judged people so it just happens at the seventh church which is seventh of churches history also the church that is going to judgment Jesus appears as a true and faithful witness okay so Jesus appear that you have faith when let's look back to Johnson of Revelation chapter one the Jesus is the faithful witness and is that he is the first begotten of the dead first begotten of the debt now what the that me first of all when we come to the seven seals the book with seven seals can only be opened by one person you member that is typically it is the Lamb that was slain he is the Lamb that was slain as is found in non- revelation chapter five rights in verse six is said and I beheld and low in the midst of the throne and of the four beast and this is the eldest of the Lamb as it had been slain having seven the seminar Jesus was the first begotten of the dead and in the fifth seal made them going to offer to file content in your butt I do status and move on with our souls crying out under the altar meaning those martyrs web I'm not behalf and Jesus says just a little while longer because he very conquered death he is the first begotten of the dead therefore those who have died in the faith have the assurance that because Christ had already passed through death he conquered death they can they can not be resurrected and actually the seventh seal is where it really takes place but we can't explain seven seal but the seventh seal was particularly when the first begotten of the dead comes into play this heals okay and then backing John verse of chapter I keep calling and John Revelation written by John chapter one is a faithful witness to the first begotten of the dead and that he's the friends of the kings of your all right that one let's look in Revelation eleven revelation eleven as end of the seven trumpets eleven verse fifteen read now for the running of the time of day of no mind of a revelation eleven versus Tina says and the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign for ever and ever in other words fixing downs of this world at the sounding of the seven trumpet become subservient to Christ which by default makes and the Prince of the King the VR does not so the seventh trumpet than applies to the set of the third term which we read about Christ these devices of our faithful witness in a church first begotten of the dead seven seal Prince of the King of the Earth seven trumpets was just a moving through the book of Revelation Jesus description is a summary but there's more than that Revelation one I just refer back there am I in a reverse verse six it says he has made us kings and freeze and to God and his father Revelation chapter twenty we see verse four relationship to twenty verse four it says and I saw thrones and they sat upon them and judgment was given unto them with all the souls of them note beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God and which had not worshiped the beast neither his image not neither had received his mark on his four head or in their hands and then lived and reigned with Christ four thousand years so their team there is sitting on thrones and arrange verse six Blessed and holy is he that part in the first resurrection on such the second death has no power but they shall be priests of God and of Christ Revelation chapter twenty got people reign as teens and priests and then Revelation one that the most more familiar text in this chapter first seven then goes on and says behold every eye shall see him right he the clouds every are still human they also which pierced him an alternate of your shall wail because of that clearly is describing the second coming of Jesus coming encapsulated within that is also a special Resurrection of those who would bear who killed Christ and him every audible seam at the second coming so we see a very quick in just a few words is that through the book of Revelation all based on the description of Christ and what he does a verse eight verse eight is set I am Alpha and Omega beginning and the ending which is which was which is the calm be Almighty what does that mean there are a lot of things that it could mean it could simply mean that Christ was there all along seizing control often the end of the beginning on at the typical usual understanding enough to find is a lot of good application but I mentioned the last time I want to focus on a little bit more is a concept of Alpha and Omega Alpha and Omega are part of the Greek alphabet right is the first letter and the last letters like ANZ in the English alphabet and what do you do with letters of the alphabet spell things you create words and what do you do with words you write me you think one of the person who writes call it another word season author you member another tech somewhere that talked about God being an author readily by CVB chapter twelve verse two is a look into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and your numbers seven churches seven putative churches through the process of completion right Jesus noticed revelations only place that Christ introduces himself as Alpha and Omega Christ is standing anything on the word of God the more than that I am an author I am a finisher that's why said beginning and the end in the book of Revelation the purpose is to finish the faith of the saints the author and finisher of our faith is Jesus Christ the elf and the Omega so revelation in a in a fit in sort of way tries is revealing himself as the author and finisher of our faith and again I all mention this again the book of Hebrews in the book of Revelation are very closely intertwined very closely knit one okay let him I'm wondering how much time I have year not much but let's continue so verses four through eight is a summary of Revelation but look at verse nine verse nine until the end of the chapter is the setting this is it setting the stage basically for specifically the section in the book and the book about the seven churches is setting that stage so it will begin ever nine if I John who also am your brother and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was an aisle that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ John is giving a little brief history about himself just so you know where he is a location available the more that we can learn from John here is stating I am here on the island Patmos suffering tribulation like many of you meeting the people is writing to he's being persecuted at light on Patmos bolt for what was he persecuted notice she has persecuted not just for the word of God he's persecuted also for the testimony of Jesus and he looked in chapter one and verse two John is described as the one who bear record of the word and the testimony of Jean so the tribulation a John went through it with because of both the word of God and the testimony of Jesus and in Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen we see a group of people called the remnant of her seed who the Dragon is very angry with because they keep the commandment of God and have the testimony of Jesus John is telling us in the very beginning here I was willing to suffer persecution not just for the work but also the testimony of Jesus I haven't I have a very difficult time with people stay to spirit profs is not important John was sent to exile for the spirit of prophecy is the one thing that and in the book of Revelation chapter twelve in the nineteen number twenty two I'm not to go through that will will get to look at their later it clearly define this testimony of Jesus as the gift of prophecy and the gift of prophecy right from the onset is is a prominent issue in the book of Revelation question she said if we don't believe she read somewhere that if we don't believe it's their prophecy we should call ourselves Seventh-day Adventist and is very difficult to see it any other way when you study the book of Revelation on best one of those areas where it's a black and white you either are part of the remnant which had the testament Jesus or you're not it's cut and dry but what will getting weird were getting their revolution chapter twelve that's where it all begins right here chapter one I just want to point out John was sent to exile for not just the Bible although that is very important aspect but because of the gift of prophecy you remember that at the time when John was writing the apostles were prophesying about Christ those were not there writings were not considered the Bible their writings were just at that point they were the testimony of Jesus literally because they saw Jesus they worked with him they'd be touched in their writings of apostle apostolic writing at the time of revelation they were only processes by apostles prophets and at the end of time there will also be your prophecy manifest amongst God 's people anyway I want to get off unattended right now but that was it through the last few versus here and then now we should be able to close okay I'm mining to read them because I just tell you what they are what they say and will come back from Revelation chapter ten I was I wish I could focus well done chaps of verse ten but I would on time off from verse ten until the end of the chapter most of it is describing the physical appearance of Jesus John here the voice behind him it's on the Lords day the Lord 's day which is the status and not Sunday he's here the boys he turns around and that he spent a few verses describing what Jesus looks like what he's doing where he is what he's holding what he's wearing and this description then is repeated with each message to the seven churches so the way that Jesus was standing there the way it appears what he's doing what he's holding it is a part of the message that he is trying to communicate to the churches and so in order to better understand that will make it better understand what he is saying to each search for example decided to be one Jesus is saying there as he's walking humanness of the seven golden candlesticks just seven stars in his hand when he talks to the church of Ephesus in Revelation chapter two verse one and said unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write these things saith he to hold at this Doris in his right hand to walk it in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks so the description of Jesus in Chapter one is reflected in the specific messages each church is the one he's wearing what you doing a specific emphasis with each specific church so were not enough people go through them right now but will study them as we get to each individual church there are a few things in chapter one I dig to the touchdown perhaps oh come back to a next week at any rate I better not go any farther or else will get caught in the water so let's not has a prayer and no we'll go from there father in heaven were so thankful that you have given us this book may we study and may we I keep the things are written therein and may you correct the step blessing that you promised us in the book of Revelation we pray in Jesus


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