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Facing Sensationalism

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • April 12, 2008
    10:00 AM
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him father this morning as we come before you hoping to tackle an issue that we may or may not have face I asked the UN might my principles on which with which how to properly think and how to evaluate things that we come across this world we pray that the Holy Spirit will come to give his old mines and an understanding heart the greatest things in Jesus to turn with me to Matthew twenty four is forty four this is where I like to get there was once upon a time that I was asked what was my favorite texts in the Bible and of course that's a difficult thing to answer but for long time it wasn't as verse Matthew twenty four verse forty four and as I continue to study and meditate on it out there unceasingly becomes more applications from this text this is what it says therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as he think not the son of man comes be ready keep in mind is really the trust of our topic today how to be ready because Jesus is coming and we don't know what now in I'm afraid that many of us I often fall into this category we are skeptical we are skeptics and the skepticism runs on again if it's on the spectrum there are different severities live levels of severity I guess you can call it but one thing I want to point out right from the get-go that the Bible not for most of them at the Virgin skepticism is not tithing is not holiness it is not sanctified intelligence in fact the Bible very soundly condemns people who say things like mine Lord delays is coming Matthew seven twenty four you can read the story of the wicked servant who said that Jesus also condemns those who say all things continue as they have since the beginning and will never change where's the coming of the Lord skeptics and all of the Bible condemns those who preach peace and safety because we are living in a day and age when there really is no guarantee of peace and safety skepticism is not a virtue but why do we sometimes fall prey to skepticism one of the reasons I think that because Adventists for a long time our message has been based on time in the eighteen forties there were a series active one in particular time from you was fulfilled to the very day August eleventh eighteen forty the fall of the Ottoman Empire predicted by sound office sources interpretation of the Bible ever since October twenty two eighteen forty four came and went the church continually many people in the church continually try to send you days and they tried to come up with all another time that they can look forward to and unfortunately as a whiplash effect or as an overreaction sometimes people say we preachers along let's just forget about we decrease the signs of the times for so long maybe we were right and stop preaching the times that we live in as some billions of artist they are our prophetic understanding of the last events are even untenable they're wrong Nashville Sunday law impossible market abuses Norway skepticism in the Bible soundly condemned a few quotes unit will move on this is acting up the main topic of presentation today I thought that was his big one thirty three as we near the close of this world to see the prophecies relating to the last days especially demand our study not only are we to not to be skeptical of last events we are to promote it at the present finance of the Christian education page three thirty five prophecy is fast fulfilling more much more should be said about this tremendously important subjects is another one seconds like the messages page one thirteen be assured that the bank God gives no one will forward you to say Christ the ladies is coming five years ten years or twenty years and unfortunately Mrs. Wyatt has actually passed away much more than twenty years but yet the principle is no one has been given the authority to say that God has delayed his coming because he can come whenever he sees fit there is a principle of justice there is much more than needs to be preached about last event is not to be neglected it is to be placed in front of our people and we are to remember the urgency of the time in which we live number after all we are Adventists are out what good are ever visit were no longer waiting for the but there some high of a special meeting amongst the more conservative traditional groups within having his baby swing the pendulum back to the opposite extreme and there is an opposite overreaction and what I believe is one of the symptoms is sensationalism but what is sufficient with Mena Trott explain it is a very broad subject and it covers a lot of ground but sensationalism often is the interpretation of current events to have special often secretive stupendous last day application this is immediate if you adapt some of you zombies may ring a bell with them this is current events okay Y2K may have an adverse effect on computer systems because of the way the computer systems were designed they were not designed with the intention of calculating dates in the year two thousand and two thousand and third millennium and so here we see that as a fairly credible fact it's a possibility that the computers me crash but this is sensationalism this is how it's put Y2K will destroy all the computer infrastructure in the world which will be the mass chaos and will trigger the final event bringing one will order and market-based you see the difference between sensationalism and meeting the sign can be mindful try to that is no I don't actually remember this but I do have I have read some so perhaps I'm wrong but some of you may confirm this with me JR hey John F. Kennedy is one of the first Catholic president therefore we can see a close alignment between Catholicism or accepting such a thing other wider acceptance of Catholicism within Protestant USA that's sort of what happened sensationalism said that JFK is the first Catholic president therefore he will bring in the market beats the physician with tacked on to current events but making application to fondle events that really is unfounded get another one is on his more current the economy right now is struggling and the future is uncertain that's that's common knowledge it's that sensationalism said an economic crisis will occur in the next six months which will lead to mass chaos and hysteria leading to a one lower sensationalism is different in current events here's another one the news says the Pope visiting the US next week and is very clear that his relationship with the US is very strong sensationalism said there has been closed-door top-secret clandestine meetings to pave the way for Bush to sign a Sunday law when the Pope visits next week you may laugh but these stories all of these illustrations of sensationalism I given you actually exist and I don't say these things to ridicule the people who promote these things I think most of them are genuinely sincere however we need to have an intelligent Bible -based inspiration -based approach to dealing with these stories because one regardless of whether or not we are faced with these questions now I believe sooner or later we will we will him most of the sensational stories that I've heard related in the past few decades all ends one way shape form or another promote that a Sunday law or something very close to it or close the probation or or something like it all happened within a certain timeframe I don't know how many of you have heard the stories but generally that's what happens that's what to rise the emotional excitement behind the stories is that if they tell you look at what's happening it is going to be in the next six months or this will happen in five weeks what do we make of all that there is a quote here that many well-meaning individuals use to support their promotion and an spreading of these type of stories this is found in testimonies to the church eight is twenty eight percent the end is very near we who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise and I believe this text there are things that take place and it will indeed be a overwhelming surprise most people but let's think a little bit about human nature of little children you may remember if you have little children have ever seen them little children talking to each other as a I know something you don't know and and and and and and this human nature tendency isn't spread within us and it really doesn't go away once we get older if you honestly do so I think you'll agree with me we all have this interest to know something or to be able to tell people something that nobody else knows you see this in and eat him him what the whole point of all of a lot of research if you discover something that nobody has ever discovered before I went to disprove or to show something contrary something that is different and many of us well-meaning individuals being rule you want to break the surprise we want to be the one that overwhelmingly surprises other people with this brand-new story oh look what I but is not really God 's way and often we do it in the in the name of I need to break this story I need to tell everyone so they can prepare because Apple said we should be preparing for what will be an overwhelming surprise but I've got a quick question if we know about it and we promoted then really it won't be an overwhelming surprise when it does happen how would it so that what I'm trying to say is just as even if we are promoting these clandestine meetings and secret occurrences the weather we will we will never know the full picture because Satan is not so done to allow information to lead to all the world when she can just see the close is that an brain that overwhelming surprise but some other reasons why why we are so interested in stories like these it has to do with fear I believe the are afraid that if we do not just follow on and run after the story that somehow will be left behind the bus will take off without us and what amiss it and I gobble will somehow leave us because we were not aware we missed the science we were where afraid of that him we are also afraid we are so afraid of the times ahead were afraid of the time of trouble were afraid of the difficulties as being prophesy has been prophesied as somehow we think that if we know what's coming in advance we can prepare for and won't be so bad for the news is this no matter how much we prepare the time of trouble will still be a time of trouble but the good news is there is still nothing to be afraid because it is not our own preparation that will save us it is the preparation of the heart and the relationship you have with God that is going to protect us so when you talk about that but right up front let me just ask the question in many of your probably wondering so all of these stories is being promoted it is possible maybe it's true Internet has perhaps conceivable that some of these reports will actually happen the answer is yes but the answer is yes but it is possible that these stores will have it I am I don't know whether or not they were but one thing I do know and I read this in the book Lassie events to seventeen we are not now able to describe would ask you received this seems to be enacted in our world in the future the GUI to set is it possible that a single happen yes it is possible but it is not possible for us to describe with accuracy exactly what will take place so it is not my place to promote this will take place or to debunk people and say this guy is ludicrous the listener is impossible that skepticism is the there is a line in the middle and assertive God always draw the boundaries on both you we are not able to describe an accuracy was easy and acting award in the future but as we do not this is the time of the month while under prayer for the great day of the Lord is at hand these sources cannot be proven true but what did you do a search the members they excite the members and sometimes even drive panic Y2K was a good example there were individuals who stockpile food sold their houses and a cause panic that really was unnecessary and the story they almost always rely on shocking revelation that nobody knows or secret information that is privy only to a privileged few and is a problem with that because that's not how God communicate with his people and he says here in the last event be seventeen again many will look away from present duties present comfort and blessings and the ballroom trouble in regard to future crisis this will make a time of trouble before hand and B will receive no rights for any anticipated troubles it is not wrong to be up on current events but it is wrong for us to drive members the panic to try to encourage people to listen to you because you have secret information and nobody else has because if we caused that panic and conduct trouble before hand God doesn't give grace that I read as other tax workflow and four P four morning the testimonies the churches and seventy four there are some of the church we need to cling to the pillars of our faith to settle down and find right rock bottom of every full people who set of hot so well life so now instead of tripping on the surface of excitement and moving from impulse they are tossed here and there by the changing wind of doctrine and often confusing thrown into uncertainty because they are moved entirely by feeling they are sensational Christians ever hungering for something new and diverse strange doctrines confuse their faith and their worthless to the cause of God very soundly and the use of excitement and the walking feelings as the basis of our Christian experience in fact if we been relying those things we are told that we become worthless to cut costs that's the message that we are given this is a principle that we ought to remember the message that we had given have been given throughout all the course of human history had never ever been based on excitement on impulse on surprise or on any big one the method of God has always come from the solid sound reasoning from the from the word of God God 's word is reasonable it makes sense any always ask at the think carefully and logically before we believe any doctrine early writings the thirty five this is what Irene the Lord has shown me that the message of the third angel must go and be proclaimed to the scattered children of the Lord that it must not be hung on our I saw this somewhere gathering getting a false excitement arising from preaching time of the third Angels message is stronger than time can be I saw that this message has stand on its own found you need not high to strengthen it and that it will go in mighty power and do its work and will be cut short in righteousness now this code assignment of thirty does method in very briefly summarizing he said the third Angels message does not need to be preached in conjunction with time what is the third Angels message Revelation chapter fourteen it was each of the fourteen were to look in verse nine beginning Revelation chapter fourteen and beginning in verse nine when you're there reducing hopefully most of you have memorized this passage is a good one all of the three Angels are good but here verse nine and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his format or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God is poured out without mixture into the cup was indignation adhesive deployments with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels in presence of the land and down we can pawn their so the third Angels message if I can sum it up in a nutshell it have to do with the beast image of the beast and the marked a warning against those things and it's very interesting that all the sensational stories are being promoted are taxed on to this very message what I mean is that there may be a a current event that is astonished something a severe but almost always whoever makes applications somehow have high bandwidth commodities the Sunday laws coming in in six month can you see it it may be true but what we are whole is that the third Angels message this message about that be this is Mark should not be preached even with time factor as if propelling force what we're told that the third Angels message by itself is strong enough to stand on its own to eat this is how I interpret this to me if you tell someone look look at the world visit this is happening with the economy this is happening with the Christian Coalition and the evangelical movement this is happening with the Pope visits the US is as happy connect of disasters in the world and on and on and on and on it goes can you see the sun a lot happened six weeks six months what will happen if it doesn't come true on what basis did that person get ready on what was that person 's faith based upon it was based on time so when it doesn't happen all the preparation I did along with a waste of time I did go back to living wow how you deliver the goods on this is not income for one you see that is why we cannot ever tell people what they have to say we cannot base our message on impending time setting because people begin to have their faith-based on something that is not a solid work preparation for the time of trouble needs to happen regardless of what can happen in the next six seven eight months it needs to happen without without the motivation of impending doom we need to do it because we love Jesus that the fundamental foundational motivation that we need that in fact there is a story and I don't want to defame anyone because I believe that for some time now the sweet person but there was an end of the your from Southeast Asian a lady who supposedly saw visions of angels several years ago and the angel told this lady that there is going to be a large catastrophe in the year two thousand and five which will bring in the Sunday law very shortly well if I am looking at my calendar correctly in two thousand and eight there were so many people asking questions about this is true what will happen all of a sudden will come in two thousand and five if count is right upon us the people were frantically making preparations but you know what it was based on time and what I recently heard is that this lady sweetly recently married a non- Adventist is that the proper results of what that message should have brought about that is what I need when we have the wrong motivation the wrong compelling factor when we make application to the Scriptures we are simply to preach the word we are not to make a sensational report on message and we are not to make lengthy sensational reports become the power behind our message those are two different things but they're equally dangerous because if our prediction of what will take place becomes false which most often it has number one B destroy we undermine the faith of those people that we had been communicating with and number two it destroys our credibility as God 's messenger and ended in a B do not need to be destroying our credibility we need to be doing everything in our power to spread the gospel and we should not bother ourselves in can't other people do some as it is it is wrong to be up on current events no but is it possible to be up-to-date on all current events no as I hear the problem if we are dependent to somehow get dependent on be surprised or sensational stories to propel our faith we are in trouble because there's no way we'll ever know all there is there is no way that all members and gone body is going to be aware of all the special stories are going on at any given time and what will happen to those people they don't know it's impossible for us to keep the rumors and stories on the hip-hop of our mind and it can be a distraction from what we need to be doing number one our duty is to Bobby busy with the conversion of our own souls are number one and number two we are to be spreading God 's word preaching the everlasting Gospel to every nation kindred time when people enter we are busy fall chasing every wild rabbit trail Satan has succeeded in distracting us from the work that will bring Jesus back so here's the big question this is the big question whenever I think of these stories so what if these stories may be true we already acknowledged that perhaps it is possible but in application doesn't actually make any significant difference to my life will it actually alter how I ought to live my life today that the question and gone throughout history we have already said goth people 's preparations always been found on the Bible and always leave the heart transformation and life transformation and never had the preparation based on special information that lead only to you will think about it very interesting because based on all of the sensational stories related to at least the current time I find that if we were living according to this by counsel for life that we had been given today that we would already be large the immune or protect me cellular in it if it's true that there is economic crisis coming and there are the issues around the corner we have already been counseled not to be in debt we have already been counseled to not award our well but it invested in God 's work we have already been counseled delay in our treasures in heaven where moth and rust does not corrupt MPs don't recommend steel we have already been counseled to not be attached to earthly belongings when they are taken away from us we are not slipped out with it remember lots wife we have already been told that the by the servant God that God would have his people raise their families in the country have a piece of property that belonged to them to learn how to raise own food and have the skills to be self-supporting God has already told us that we are too busy are on our time with preparing our souls to meet God in the Judgment Day God has already told us that we are to be diligent students of the Bible and prophecy particularly and fun events such as the book great controversy authorities allege that we are to be actively spreading the everlasting gospel to the whole world these are just a sample of some of the principles that we already had been given that we ought to be living nonetheless and so if it's true that these facial stories are actually going to take place doesn't really affect how I ought to live my life today and the answer they clearly know the way to prepare regardless of when those things again to take place is the same we live according to what is given to God was looking on that chapter six verse thirty three it is getting very warm here so I think when you come here to read much as always amen is very hot appear Matthew chapter six verse thirty three familiar verses as I seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you God commands us prepare your life first and foremost seek the kingdom of God numbers and then number two verse thirty four take therefore no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself sufficient unto the day the evil thereof this tells a very great our responsibility is to prepare our life by seeking God 's kingdom first and when the troubles come it isn't in the future don't worry God will take care of you when the time many give you some examples actually in Matthew chapter twenty four Christ gives the prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. seventy and Christ Ashley given the sign they say this is what you need to watch as assigned reason being and run for the amount you what I was he says when you see the abomination of desolation stand in the holy place that the thought and interpretation of that simply when the Roman soldiers came to surround the besieged city of Jerusalem they brought that the signs are that the enzyme of their pagan gods in a place in the holy priest Jerusalem the abomination of desolation it was not a secret report that a few spy figured out that snuck into Jerusalem as that I found out that this is going to happen though the abomination of desolation was was common knowledge everyone could see it the Roman soldiers what it was not a secret to questionable events became to be seen the city was a Christian saw the sign and out of unbeknownst to me that the soldiers retreated and the Christian policy and not one full with lots deal a secret what's up and being prepared it was a studying of what Jesus Max in his prophecy that was what prepare them to escape in time tribulation it was not watching all of the latest channels CNN Jerusalem or whatever to figure out if there is some sort of secret clandestine meeting between all uptight and and the mayor of Jerusalem to sell out the Christians another example in the year in the early nineteen hundreds about actually nineteen oh four a school was founded in near Nashville Tennessee it was called Madison College I highly recommend you study the history of Madison festival was raised and operate is strictly under the inspired counsel though use of the person again who founded the school day work adamant believers gain inspiration and a all look closely at the absolutely good the counsel given to them on how to run a school as you know in the year nineteen twenty nine something catastrophic happened in the US the market crash and it is that between the years of nineteen thirty to nineteen fifty Madison entered a golden age wait a second him through the Golden gate right when the world economic crisis ever hit the US was aware that Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of the time visited Madison and this is as yet he wrote an article about this in the paragraph that comes from her article is written in nineteen thirty eight she said he meeting her guide Mister Floyd Molière who was a teacher at Madison he added that he had made a survey of one thousand undergraduates and not one among them have been forced to accept help either from the government or private agencies during these difficult years meaning that Great Depression years the students of math in college this arise Madison College of cell block home into its Golden age during the worst economic season of all of US history and what prepare they follow absolutely inspired counsel given by God 's messenger how is both compared with omnia study God 's word study despair across the and do it remember that God is powerful of protective people God 's people throughout the ages have been persecuted that has been conspiracies against them there has been difficult times but God 's people has never been prepared because they draw the name the jazz was infiltrated the ranks they never got the names of individuals with and their church you were numbers of the secret society they never got the location of the nearest inquisitors torture chamber or dungeon they didn't know those things they never got leaked report from top-secret closed-door meeting between the Pope and his minions they didn't need those things because gone were on their behalf long but they were faithful to his word their faith was not bolstered by knowledge of the enemy 's plan their faith was in the knowledge of the word of God there is a story happen I believe in the sixteen hundreds of the group of individuals they were called the Waldensians they were living up in their mountain and they were were being followed by the French army under the dictates of the people power to eradicate the last vestige of the wild Indians and they back the retreat until they came to a little fortress a natural fortress called multimedia and there they retreated for the winter and the French army retreated back also because the wind was too harsh in outs as available the engines were they made provision for the wintertime they day the Lord Ashley miraculously provide them food you can read the story and not J Wiley 's book history the Waldensians and over there and paid their fortify their fortress as best they could spring game at him April one the French army came back and he came back with gunpowder they came back with cannons so they came back and at first the first volley against the wild Indians there were repelled by the wild Indian valiantly and not one soul was lost the lowest protecting people within the freshly pulled in the heavy artillery they started pounding with their cannonballs the bulwark knocking down the reinforcements that the wild Indians had built over the wintertime and after just one day all of the four occasions were completely decimate and the French general said bring a four hundred rope there were four hundred Walden that's it for under Waldensians and the French captain said bring out for DeRosa would hang them on once because tomorrow victory is ours and that neither wild Indians it is seen since he first lies to figure out what the plans were they to send a messenger to his pigeons intercepted messages that affirming they prayed to God and as they meditate on what to do all the four occasions and fortifications were down the valley beneath them was what the glow as if it was daytime with all the fires of enemies that were surrounded and lo and behold they saw a flock amidst begins to creep down the mountain slopes and before too long the entire Valley with enveloped in such a deepness that they can no longer see the forest in the end by faith in God one of the Waldensians that I know a secret passage that will be the sound and so in single file they walked in that pitch dark and misty night with him sharks of the enemy centuries and the every single one made the statement in the morning when the French captain woke up -based PC look applying the mountain of the Alcinous father daughter pictures of the Waldensians making their way across the Alps to safety wild Indians did not have any clue what the current events were within the enemy can what they didn't know is that there is a God in heaven that protects his people as long as they are faithful to as the one that got away for now God is not waiting for the Pope God is not waiting for the US president be at this current one or the one that will be elected do not wait for the United Nations giveaway US economy to collapse he's not waiting for even Oprah he's waiting for you and me event of a basic site for the long night of whom is trying to the morning is deferred and mercy because if the master shake off so many would be found under it got unwillingness to have people parish has been the reason of so along the way in the same page had the purpose of dropping carried out by people giving to the world the message of mercy Christ would ere this have come to the earth and the Saints would have received a welcome into the city of God Christ could account but in his mercy he has delayed and this is not an excuse front as they are going I'm not ready we can prolong the becoming us not the point the point is that we are to be prepared for Christ coming regardless of what is going on around it is important to have our our year to the ground to notice designed to give the awful feeling but are we to go to the point of becoming excited over sensational story that many times cannot be proven and really have absolutely no bearing upon how we ought to live our life today absolutely not need to remember first and foremost the God is in control that God is still holding the four winds he's waiting for the ceiling to complete and that is dependent on you when I when the character of Christ to be perfectly reproduced in his people then that he will come to claim them as his own facts the final piece that God is waiting for so how did you do today want to be prepared for the final I do very simple we just need to study the work study the word as for our lives the key it may require real changes we are not just a study and reads intellectual knowledge led to study and reasonably will change our lives and finally we are to live by faith not by feeling because God 's word is sure our feelings are not sure I pray that they be willing or to think clearly reason soundly and exercise strong faith what God has revealed in his work as for father today as we had discussed perhaps not so inspirational of the subject we still recognize that we need to have that change in our lives nonetheless in that we need not be so surprised and so dependent upon sensational stories to bolster our faith that we should have that client on consistent relationship with you regardless of what may go on around us but we also claim that problems that you will never leave us nor forsake us but even unto the end of the world and we know that there is a time of trouble coming we also know that it is at that time the Michael will stand up on our behalf so we pray that you will have them give us our faith that we will study to be faithful in return is less of the Sabbath reprint pricing


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