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A Fit Man

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • December 11, 2004
    10:00 AM
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thank you very much Carlos is a beautiful I was out with everyone welcome to the business policies for a further benefit of work personal thought father in heaven thank you so much for the Sabbath day thank you for bringing each one here in South Africa your Holy Spirit with the weather we would receive the things of the Lord and not our minds would be closer to you that when we leave this place when we would be closer to you this is my current Jesus our title for today is seven last plagues some as I was there plus my knees will thought when and not to be a fit and I you and I agree that in order to be spiritually fit men and women forgot that we should be physically fit as a the air using off my various ways however seriously the if we are going to seriously thirty one forgot evil he physically said the way we exercise and eat everything that is siphoned for Fairfax County VA study Revelation chapter and Revelation chapter fish in your house is not talked about as much as some of the other chef 's revelation last week we heard about revelation chapter fourteen from the small is referred the relationship this revelation chapter fifteen is very interesting because if you recommend to our enemies you have the seven last plagues you have got each one of them is interesting that you start off with the seven last plagues and Melissa my place in the middle is about the people of God humor however little bit later on so why John separated the sunlight is not feasible that someone like the later on MSN chat Revelation chapter six for storing numbers and I saw another sign in heaven great and marvelous seven angels having the seven last plagues for him then it's filled of the wrath now this is something that John has not seen yet he's seeing everything after revelation chapter fourteen now he sees the seven last plagues and notice how he described he describes the seven last plagues as grade and marvel now I'm not so sure that if we are alive to see the settlement and that we won't think of the grain market I think they're going to be rather fearful and some of a lot of time talking about the fearful for analysis of monthly and so forth the Lord John sees catches his attention is worth noting units in the first verse of Revelation chapter fifteen after he has gone through Revelation chapter fourteen given the three Angels messages seen the hundred and forty four thousand miles now he sees the seven last plagues converse shoes he jumps through different humor to FF or not coming back diversify he comes back to someone by after that I want to behold a sample of the tabernacle of the testimony and seven was a in the seven Angels came out of the temple having the seven plagues both in pure and white when having progressed through the Golden girls and one of the four beasts given to the seven angels seven golden vials all of the wrath of God living forever and ever and the sample was filled not from the glory of God and from this how and now man was able to enter into the simple seventh place of the seven were twenty seven last plagues that John is talking about here in Revelation Ephesus why would he call him green Mark Revelation chapter six team gives us a detailed explanation of this in writing and I get here through Revelation chapter sixteen the only thing that I will point out is that in the first few verses of Revelation chapter sixteen BC to the seven must place aforethought on the settlement play support out upon the work of your workout on those who receive the market of these is given in the first to those you have the Mark of the beast and upon them which worshiped as mean as a revelation chapter thirteen Mark ECM is an as you say Revelation thirteen you understand what the market abuses soon as you see the end result of those seats for market abuse it would seem on what the Scripture is suggesting that supermarket beef is not a good if you you are my wife so I went highly encourage you to study the Bible and find out what the market abuses and how to work with the most far forward immediately and miraculously you much more time and the settlement but you can read about them men receiving Martin Soares and everything sources the water and ensuring the weather doesn't sound very just fine as is your receiving these artists ensure he is you say share here that he will choose the marks of these see if how to optimize that has developed a really three times even just a little concerned I would challenge you don't talk and for meeting on the little things that God is no what I want to take a look at especially in the context of the seven-month place is found in verse eight the revelation chapter fifteen first a revelation chapter fifteen here were talking about placing Portadown and this is penetrating diversity just as verse one and verse one John Paul the seven last plagues when great and marvelous numbers for safety the sample was filled with smoke from the glory of God from his power now is simple of God being filled with the glory of God while the fight for me what does that mean what is John parking the wife of the glory of God fill his sinful wall plates are being for them and we understand the glory of God from Exodus chapter thirty three versus a representative character Moses Sith Lord show me your glory he says I will make all my goodness mercy long-suffering path for me so here we see what the seven last plagues are being poured out the glory of God is Sheriff 's filth is simple and makes us wonder that is his mercy is long-suffering filling a simple quality where you place them in front of that makes well the first seems Shastri this will give us a description of an event field test for something very similar to Revelation chapter fifteen diversity place in first Kings chapter eight versus nine through eleven this is speaking of the dedication of the Temple of Solomon will start reimbursement for the future there is nothing in our savings share tables of stone which Moses felt there were when the Lord made a covenant with the children of Israel when they came out of the land of the anticandida when the freeze for however the holy place ethics cloud filled the house of the Lord said of the priests could not stand to minister because of the class for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of the Lord notice the similarity from first things chapter eight with Revelation is a smoke-filled house of the Lord the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord we ask yourself the question why does the smoke of the glory of the Lord filled the house interesting for this you they could be she reasons one of the shoe cable representative of a lot of House of Representatives is character of his glory first few tables of stone laws place in the heart the also known as one in the crease amount of years of the point was that we not talking about the most holy faith as we have a article in the monthly one the increase comes out of the most holy place back to the first part it represents the work is finished in the most holy place got off his shirt as in place in the heart and now the high priest comes to the door the first part in his glory his character fills the soul is decrease is refused chapter eight who are they representative of the business the height free and with symbolic of Jesus R three is symbolic of Jesus are high free finishing his work in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary coming to the door of the first part smoke filling symbol of God so that helping us understand what happened in Revelation chapter fifteen Revelation Chapter fifteen verses eight seven last plagues are paying for now and at the same time something very significant Jesus has finished a phase of his work that he is coming out of the most holy place to the first part so the question we have is what significance of the half for us when Jesus finishes his work in the most holy place in his glory fills the sample more what happened is interesting for my own life found in following him again unfortunately you are she talked about this about the high priest coming during the first part he says then I saw that Jesus worked in the sanctuary sanctuary will seem to and after his work there is evil comes in the door of the first four of the lease on procedure he will confess the sins of Israel upon the head of the state when he was on the government then playful on the way to notice the connection priest from the door the first part place a flaky not counsel Jesus first your case is placed upon the great white like a then while the flakes are falling skate and is being led away he makes a mighty struggle to escape that he is so fun loving he is felt that by the hand and leads if you should affect his escape Israel will lose their lives I thought that it would take time to leave with escape to the land of forgetfulness after the simplest of we see Jesus comes in the door the first apartment Revelation fifteen birthday snuffing the glory of the Lord filled the work is an Jesus places sons of God 's people on the healthy so what Jesus has blotted out the sons of God 's people Canadian town the final and now he confesses on Jesus feet the seventh of the notice for this is while the microphone and it is a he makes a mighty struggle to this useful by the hand and Jesus finishes his work in heavenly sanctuary is that in of them were was nominated when Jesus when the high priest in the face races in the past blotted out the sins confessed that he and the simplified C feels that it were with the something else that was to take place Leviticus chapter six forgive us a more complete understanding state and in what is the halfpence chooses a after Jesus comes to the door the first part around like first Leviticus chapter six verses seven three twenty two twenty the seeking of Aaron the high priest he shall take the shooter of imprisonment before the Lord of the door of the tabernacle the congregate your half on the phone a few years one month of the Lord and the other laws for the state and Aaron shall bring with your phone with the worthwhile phone offers members the figure on which the lot fell to the theater theater shall be presented alive before the Lord to make an assignment with the lenders receive it so here we see in the sacred services shoes to get one to sacrifice the other here is made a scapegoat by the way we know that the gift that is sacrifices symbolic of Jesus 's sacrifice for us in the symbolic of Satan and there is a feeling one way notice verse twenty three twenty what happens to the skate when he has made an end of reconciling the holy Place in the tabernacle of the congregation and the author he shall bring the line is in here for high fees shall lay both this upon the head of the life you can confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel and all their transgressions holders putting them up on the year and shall send him away by the hand of a incident will undergo shall thereupon alternately until land not sure what good is somewhat healthy sophisticated after the high priest confesses sins on cue cases with scapegoat is led away by the Jesus confesses his sins on the same when make the finals from lots of Assemblies of God people and Satan is not yet you want away I wanted to underscore this is what placed her phone scapegoat is being led away he makes a mighty struggle through this day is useful in that we so the skater held fast in my way by a fit of the sick man cannot be Jesus because Jesus is the high priest to confess his sins on so it must be someone else takes Satan away the weeds symbolically fighting holding things up during the seventh and so we ask ourselves the question who is certain that leads a and in the land of forgetfulness and well that's for Revelation chapter fifteen comes back in the church Revelation chapter fifteen you wonder when you read this chapter the connection between God 's people standing in heaven the seven last plagues and it seems like John's jumping around he's really not versus future for health understandable that more and crew with a certain lease eight in the land of forgetfulness and I really like receive them I saw there were a sea of glass mingled with fire and then have gotten the victory of the endeavor his image is so unique you don't have to receive the mark of the even gain the victory over the mark everything is everything over the number is zero receive people who gotten the victory over the enemies of by having the person notice first three they sang the song of Moses the servant of God and the phone why we got people saying the song of Moses and the handling of who was a most of course was the leader of Israel eleven through the wilderness and more importantly more significantly in relation to this passage Moses was the leader of Israel when they were delivered out of the they were delivered from the play and when they went through the vertices if you read in Exodus chapter fish the Israelites sang the song of Moses after they have to do is care of his army has been straight in the risky after the Israelites officially passed through faith even before that they had been there the place is fallen upon the Egyptians likewise got people here in Revelation chapter fifteen evidence there for seven months play the job start focusing through the Sun Life places and the way here's a few a delivery terms of my faith you don't have to receive and hear things the fun of most of the song of the liver and we get to heaven he will certainly seem on the deliverance of a female singsong we know that Jesus is the Lamb of God they sing the song of a plan to see his is the one who carefully this one delivered in Jesus the Lamb of God is the true leader of spiritual concern for those who are delivered from a seven-month Burnham Ruth Ruth King the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of yours a in this great and marvelous are thy works are not only just the fear of ivory a few things I noticed first was very this is the song of Moses Malan fears everything crucial not here does that sound familiar fear God who shall not glorify here just for you for thou only art holy for all nations shall worship for the remember revelation fourteen seven worship in the New Testament found a forthright judgments are made our guest judges and these are people who stood through the hour you should and they are seen the song of Moses and the Lamb which is a song of deliverance and they are side in question form the message of the three angels of Revelation fourteen so the people who are delivered from the seven last plague for the people who live the experience of history that if you stand in heaven sea of glass sing the song of Moses and the plan for the one with you the three enough universe the end of verse four of Revelation chapter six for life judgments are made now Howard God 's judgments made our job efficiency while a phone revelation chapter fifteen sixteen you seem to think that his judgments are made the five one the settlement placed upon the world will recognize you receive the market of the night the most primary application of Revelation chapter fifteen however the final disassembly is that God 's judgments are made manifest in a more significantly placing fourth is the so I want to assure the second vessel shall the righteous first thing in my judgment from the second Thessalonians chapter one verses four and five second Thessalonians chapter one verses four and five so that we ourselves glory he churches of God for your and a in all your persecutions and tribulations that you which is a manifest token of the righteous judgment of God that ye may be worth for the kingdom of God for which the officer in the off-season what face of second Thessalonians chapter one is a manifest of the righteous judgment of God remember and revel patient fifteen the righteous are things your judgments and to make them second Thessalonians chapter one that the manifest token of the righteous judgment of God is God 's peace specifically people who have Haitian who have faith and to endure first you tribulation the sound familiar revelation fourteen Foster is the foundation for the same purity to keep the commandments of God and faith of Jesus it's all here in seconds of chapter one and what the finalists teaching that God righteously pour out his judgments upon the wicked because she has a group of people who manifest patients faith in your office regulations in person forgotten point is they say the seven last plagues are falling and here's my keys look at they are enduring every type of tribulation that you can imagine they are suffering every persecution that he had threatened a look at the Asian fantasy receive the commands of God they have the same quality faith by and Philippians chapter one hundred twenty seven through twenty nine this concept a little different only let your conversation be yesterday the gospel of Christ that whether I can see you are LCF I may hear of your affairs stand fast and once you're with one striving together for the faith of the gospel for this one mine is even my life looking through the universe twenty and I'm not terrified by your answers which is the evidence have you but your salvation that God was looking for someone with our adversaries come out as try to shake it to try to care for I him and have provision with how this is the house of the righteous the analysis of the righteous judgment of God John sixteen verse eleven office understands a little bit more please discuss the work of the Holy Spirit how the Holy Spirit comes into this world of sin righteousness and judgment and this is just because the friends of this world is based on Revelation chapter fifteen when the prince of this world enjoys the prince of this world is being Josh during the seven last plagues and the plagues are being poured out fit man God 's people stand on the sea of glass holding fast to see the reading rooms of the land forget slowly Fisher 's the righteous are manifest the judgment of God they hold fast the state and leave him biting into the wilderness if you look at John chapter six the judgment because the prince of this world is judged in John fourteen thirty seven the prince of this world and have noticed with only the faith I live in page twenty three two four seven forty three the prince of this world so Jesus and nothing there was nothing that responded the same thought he did not consensus not even by his yield to temptation so it may be that during the my wife is a concept of righteous with everything he has there is nothing in this manifest token of the righteous judgment of God this is the last point of controversy in the great conversations Phil says fallen humanity cannot keep the law of God Jesus yes they can cure they are they're leading you out of the land of forgetfulness they are my sixty four after him firmly around you and there's nothing that you shake and I can only imagine how Satan will fill during the seven last plagues of CCC 's judgments being poured out upon the wicked she knows that this is his last chance he's being led away this weekend has almost come to see now is that he can just get God 's people to send one or notice it says if she should affect this gave Israel these their life so he comes of the righteous with everything he has shall take away every earthly support perhaps all of your friends for system money anything you just like your film take everything away etc. why just like June just like Jesus he will not be able to find anything in the letter only firm incident will serve this is the role this is how we as God 's people in these last days can fulfill the purpose of you scarcely fit men and women believe Satan is going to forget and I create all of this year are developing our life each and every day that the Lord of the week will be spiritually fit men and women for the Lord Windows 7 must place of important we have nothing to the wicked they receive all the terrible things of the summer break have offered yet we have mounts on the fourth we have at times unfortunately who sing the song of Moses and the Lamb we can sing the song of deliverance from God is littered from the seven last plagues and we won't be talking about what we as a thesis in this and is only through history to his race that we think that we see the land of forgetfulness some of you here today how can I possibly part of that part of the case 's refusal effectively save the line for death because it seems like the same thing from them with unevenness found the sensation I fall flat on my face is wrong how can I be part of the officials refused to notice the second Thessalonians chapter one hundred and Asians in the face of God 's people through the tribulation and persecution seven p.m. how you and your tribulation and persecution the fevered fall harmlessly on twelve one two is everything we ever need in my in our Christian experience tells us how we can scarcely fit for you is wherefore seeing we offer an path analysis of greater thought of what let us lay aside every weight and the sooners that's so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set forth this application first the following is the author and finisher of our faith we immediately know everyone else around me how to run their race the uneasy feeling matters and seeing how they tried in your first sessions and tribulations the only person that we need to look at him during the seven last plagues of faith are being poured out upon Satan and his followers and Satan is doing everything he can to get you to fall your eyes fixed firmly on Jesus because now you can see the finished is getting closer and closer getting closer she slowly the surely more and more as the Satan away by the hand of God through his strength Jesus landfill seven John one twenty nine health for the Lamb of God taketh away the sin of the world that is hard to each and every day before Jesus on the cross because it is befallen as you walk in the spirit and then when Satan comes out with this subtle sensations your iPhone system processes sharing he will surely have a so that is my challenge each one of us in that we would be so spiritually fit our eyes with so firmly to Christ that justice Jesus said in John fourteen France of this world and have nothing that justice are forth the Seligman is left my prayer creatively will be scarcely fit you


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