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Smyrna and Pergamos

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • April 12, 2008
    9:00 AM
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I left the prayer father in heaven this morning we come thank you for blessing us with the weather warmth of the sunshine shone down upon us this morning as we open your word may we also find that once as we looked in the revelation of Jesus and may we learn lessons important for us today in our day on the last moments of Earth 's history we asked a spirit will be here is our teacher and guide now we pray in Jesus name I let us turn to Revelation chapter two we have we want through last week I should say the church of Ephesus and we noticed in the church of Ephesus a pattern that will be revealed and all of the seven churches Christ introduces himself he reveals himself in some specific description that is pertinent to that church and message and any gear the commendation managed to get some sort of approbation things that the church is doing the right thing that Christ appreciates about the church and then he goes on to give in the rebuke or a cause for concern and then he gives them a admonition meaning something they can do that will reverse the curse something to do to repent and of course he also explains what the curse will be if they don't repent and then at the end there is a blessing for those overcome those are some of the best outline of Christ message to each of the churches with that in mind let's look at the church of Smyrna which is the second shirt oh yes and one more thing I didn't mention of last week that we have mentioned before some as the seven churches the note this is seven of church history since apostolic time to the first church really it have to do with apostolic church which is the first century about and how do we know that we look at them testing the apostles all apostles rose up claiming to be false publishes a claiming to be leaders and having truth of God 's people would say that the nucleus sends they were liars all that and downs it really would not do any good to claim to be an apostle if the church was not during a time when apostles existed so by reasoning its you don't claim to be an apostle unless people would actually believe you apostles represent those who were in the first century with Christ so anyway Valley just abandon mentioned last week let's look at Smyrna and where Dana tried to tackle both Smyrna and programmers today and I am not going to give an exhaustive study I realize that's not possible given the time that we have here so I feel best thing I can do for you is to give you a few snippets are a few tidbits of basic idea and I let you continue to study on your own a lot of history that can be dived into another seven churches but we really don't have time to do but to do justice to that anyway Smyrna begins in verse eight so let's volunteer an hour like you to read the relationship the two versus eight through eleven the volunteer available and not Carlos thank you him to read as you will and I is really a I is a is a is a you a you a and you okay thank you Carlos when you look at the basic gist of what Christ is saying to this church what is the what kind of a picture need to persecution credit okay in the back I once I can hear no criticism okay that's a good point what would an apartment that but the general picture the general picture that we receive of this church is that they the words are coming that that show up a lot things that have to do with death and tribulation and poverty and suffer and present and try and faithful unto death second that the idea here is that Smyrna is a is a church going through some difficult times the persecuted church and if I could just summarize it is the persecuted church the church at Ephesus in the apostolic church Smyrna in the persecuted church Christ then he introduces himself as the first and the last key that was dead in the line it's all because I know he's talking to the group of people said before I tell you what I'm about to tell you remember that I have already overcome death remember that I party conquering that she's preparing this message because you know that this group of people many of them are going to seal their fate with the blood and that's exactly what happened so let's continue here what does him cry say in his approbation or his encouragement for the church his commendation verse nine is an interesting verse the first half of the verse that says I know thy works and tribulation and poverty and then in parentheses this is but thou art rich you know one that that remind me of another church acceptance the exact opposite way to say I know that thou art you think that your rates increased with goods and have need of nothing but you are poor miserable blind and naked but smartly here God does I know that you are actually in poverty literally and I you are in tribulation and I know that you work hard but actually your rich and dumb this is in a direct contrast the latest in and this is this is a problem because we happen to be elitist the and what was the secret what was the secret that cats Smyrna appeared church and exactly right as he as a look at this this church is one of the future to the Ashley had no rebuke Christ says I know that you are in poverty but actually your rich and then when you talk about the synagogue of Satan and I think it is to not try and do not follow that with a rebuke it's almost as though this church has no faults for which Christ can point and what it what really company comes down to is that persecution is one of the best purifiers of the faith and I'm I should've printed the quote but I haven't the big basic idea is that many asked why persecution is largely a sweet today in this day and that is because there's no difference between the church and the world essentially but when the primitive godliness is revived within the church persecution will revive in all its fervor and when backups the true faithful of God will be revealed so young God says there are weeds and tears let them grow until the final judgment or let them grow until the when God decides to sort them out persecution in the foot so as not our business to go around pointing out fingers over your listing all but that person 's a smart or what you are you are seasoned your person know your or your Nikolay is enough that's not our business but what we are to do is to recognize what the characteristics are that Christ is pretraining for his faithful people okay so persecution is a purifier of the church I have her sign I want to continue here it says I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan were blasphemy in Bible prophecy what figure is noted for his blasphemy book of Daniel Revelation Danya and prophecy context of prophecy razor has a distinct lack of fear so which which figure prophecy the roof is little point of Daniel seven exactly right and then also the same powers of human revelation thirteen were not there yet but I think we've we know that so we see a little inkling near somehow within God 's church there is some sort of blasphemy creeping and and one of the main points I want to point out the day is for you to see the progression of the papacy or the little one power the antichrist power how it is actually conceived and brought to full fruition as pointed on the seven churches so year ago back to the clue the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan now the idea of Jews we do spend a lot of time discussing the field this is a logical point but I destroyed out there for your consideration by this time when John was writing the book of Revelation God 's chosen people were no longer the literal Jewish nation after Christ's death after the seventy weeks of probation as pointed on Daniel chapter nine after it expired at the I don't have seen the Gospels to the world the Jewish nation seems to become the depositories of the oracles of God it ended up becoming open to all who would claim the cries of the attacks we can look at is Romans to just so we are clear on its promise to verse twenty eight twenty nine whoever gets that first raise your hand will have believe that for us is is is is is is are you and me and very much so the Jewish nation or spiritual Jews I should say are those who are circumcised in the hearts which is a sign that they are surrendered in all have given their lives to Christ so year ago Smyrna they have people who say they are Jews or spiritual Jews in this case or Christians but are not that sound a lot like a certain group of people we saw in the first church what it says but all are the synagogue Satan so what does the term synagogue of Satan me now synagogue is a gathering place it's like assembly hall were church for the Jewish faith athletic come to the study are to worship the Temple is not exactly for public gathering of the type that happened the synagogue but nonetheless synagogue in time for worship place of worship but he said it's a synagogue of Satan I would than me this means that there is a certain rising of worship or institution or church that on the outside called itself a synagogue for a meeting place of faithful believers but it actually a counterfeit sake you see the reasoning there are people who claim they come they say that I'm a Christian and a spiritual Jew and then there often but they actually come from a counterfeit form of belief system counterfeit form of religion and this group Christ calls what they do what they say blasphemy blasts a personal application and I've often thought of is not the one the tank and then say thou shall not take the Lords name in the claiming to be a Christian but not actually being a true Christian in a true sense is taking the Lord 's name in vain just like this group of people they claim to be do they take the Lord 's name but they are not actually true believers and Christ called a blasphemy in the same way today if we are giving lip service to God religion but not actually living faithfully Ottley doing the same thing something to think about okay Smyrna were to try to wrap things up here there is those of the few things I want to point out there's no rebuke so we go straight to Christ blessing here admonition blessing it says fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer behold the devil to cast some into prison that you maybe try and ye shall have tribulation ten days before he found that the and I still have for life ten days ten days is actually a hind prophecy of the undated equals the year as we argued understand hopefully on day equal to year so here ten years of persecution did that did that take place yes and it absolutely from the year three oh three three thirteen Roman Emperor Diocletian had severe it was actually the last of a set of persecutions but that's one of the most serious glass on the back we selected ten years from ten oh three oh three took me thirteen and I'm just going to leave it at that there are historical resources to look at up to year ago in conclusion Christ says he got been here let them hear and the blessing is you shall not be hurt of the second death so Christ again his introduction and is blasting both is tacked onto the understanding that some of Juergen and I some of you will die for your faith but if you are faithful and as always the key if your faith we got nothing to worry about the death of the martyr is a very joyously because that individual is no longer subject to Satan 's temptations and of their faith as if they were faithful they are essentially their steel their probation is over they've been faithful and the death and crisis going to resurrect them on that second coming so martyrdom is not a bad thing persecution is not a bad thing that is something we need to remember okay Smyrna there is a more we could say but forgiveness is has far more intricacies so we should spend a little bit of time there let's move on to her goodness without hesitation here so let's stylistically diverse set of twelve year forgiveness to God it says in Revelation two verse twelve and to the angel of the church apartment to write these things saith he which hath the sharp sward with two edges okay I'm in a needle volunteer to read Hebrews chapter four verse twelve he was for verse twelve can raise your hand just for fun at work over the powerful and sharper in a piercing even to dividing asunder of soul and clear your morrow as far as our okay so those diverse and they go hand-in-hand a sword with two edges and in Hebrews it explains what that symbology needs the sword the word of God like a sore know we often use that illustration and is true and its button what specifically does the divine the clearest yet I said that the soul and spirit joints and marrow and at the very end there it's a dishonor a discerner of the thoughts and the contents of the heart so Christ year as he introduces himself the person must he introduces himself as someone who can discern their inmost thoughts that in most intense the motives and whatever secret finger thinking there might I should tell us something about permits the something that's in here that Christ have to say what I know what you're thinking even if you don't necessarily show I know what you think so whether that that that that program this is is doing okay let's go through that with Christ introduction what the they do well what a commendation there were thirteen and since I know thy works and where you dwell that even where Satan 's seat is and you hold fast my name and have not denied my faith even in those days wearing at the purpose was my faithful martyr was slain among you where Satan dwells in all this is what I look a bit less than a feel sorry for ruggedness alone it Christ is crisis Jesus is always very quick to commend this for whatever is commendable even if we had absolutely nothing good in us he always seeks something encourages with and in this case I seen I see them doing the same thing but there is there is a little bit of good but the major commendation is almost like in atonement pity not want to satirize or may God belittle what Christ is saying here when I look at it I would not like this commendation to send me because what Christ basically saying I understand that you are living in a very unfortunate set of circumstances I'm very sorry I understand that you lived where Satan dwells Satan 's seat some interpret that to literally represent the city of Rome I can't find that absolute proof from the Scripture to show that about what we do know is that eventually in Revelation thirteen verse two the beast that rises up out of the sea receives the seat received a statement from the Dragon who we know is safe so somehow this scene is again related to the papacy they say they will save seedlings no low roots of the papacy drop cropping up here but Christ can very clearly he said I understand a you live in a very difficult set of circumstances a limb right where Satan dwells but then he continues to command them and it says this is where I feel the real commandment really is and that is even faithful and hold fast my name nonetheless and there is a group of people whether the person symbolically I think I believe it represents a group of people who are called Amphipolis who were martyrs now in history there is no record of any significant individual name activists is just not there at the present it mandated that the name they are people names and miscarriage and this is one of them but if you look at the actual work at the president divided into is made up of the work and she and the word Popeye and the costs which actually means against father Poppel needs father and it also happens to be the world with the word pope comes from and as it was during this time that the church in Rome began to elevate the bishops the fathers and the pope 's note during this time in history where individuals actually stood up as a new will revere no man but God and as a result they were persecuted they were martyred there is record of that in history of the individual man it may be there you know I'm not saying it's not there but I have not found but at the present that understanding is quite cold here in with the other principles of prophetic interpretation that we've looked at as of here again we see a a rising of another aspect of the papacy and God 's faithful still standing faithful call is over but at what what do you write time that Carlos Enzo that the Commandments okay so let's let's look at what Christ had against them and if you look here they come then that is one verse but the rebuke is actually three versus so there's something about that that we do have a common here quickly and you will is is is is is is will will a you is is is is is is is is throwing a Israeli side is not as easy as I is roughly a reason as a result in the people is looking for himself as so as to what was a fielder is much okay your ego so try something against this church actually he said I have a few things so serial numbers forty have a few things against me because you have there them that hold the doctrine of the law who taught me what to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit fornication so have you also them that hold the doctrine of the Middle Ages which thing I hate all this Weaver sixteen repent or else I will come to be quickly and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth there are certain groups of people that are being harbored within the church a program that I got I have issues with number one as a group of people that have adopted a mailing number two automaker later and we saw last week of their somewhat related so let's look at Palin first Balin was he in the Old Testament you can the strategies he was supposed to be a prophet of God but as a prophet of God he was tempted by filthy Luker was tempted to curse God 's people for material gain SOC although he couldn't all she stood upon the mountain to try to several times you cannot curse every time try the curses God people blessings can understand what he did what she actually taught me like to cast or to leave the mobile women into the camp of Israel and leave him into apostasy that way the other the word for that where you try to harmonize worldliness and your duty as God 's chosen people what did they undo seeking he did not remain faithful one hundred percent but he still claim to be a prophet of God but yet he was a manipulating circumstances so he can still get the material gain is a word for that that that in my mind which actually characterizes the church apartments anyone want to venture a guess if I tell you as dry ice I saw either I better let sign in here that are better let's she said compromise Balin was a prophet of compromise and that's the problem that Christ has with this doctrine is a doctrine of compromise and held the compromise start to go to describe bailout failing to cast a stumbling block no wonder the something like you have to describe one eating things sacrificed to idols I'm not happy on time to go there if you are taking notes in first Corinthians chapter eight verse seventeen through thirteen Paul gives a little explanation about eating things sacrificed to idols very briefly he says if you get it's okay if you don't need it it's okay that food just because of that often idle does not change the nutritional value bought it new in and you call the brother to stumble because they think they are bound out and I don't what you mean them into the wrong path and that the Cindy said anything sacrificed to idols is so one of those gray areas it's not a cut and dry this is wrong this is morally wrong but it's not recommended if it's something that's going to cause a brother to stumble so what actually happens here the progression I see is a program that they have certain people that are like me when they come in and they start by insinuating themselves saying you can do certain things are not legally mandated against by God Gray areas things I sat eating things sacrificed to idols but as the progression what actually ended up happening it led them to what's called warning Haitian and fornication is a very clear moral sin very quick and so the gray areas they interject themselves and it slowly needs people to fornication now fornication and the book of Revelation has significance prophetic significance fornication is the legal union or an adulterous affair between two parties back when the Bible was written it's in Revelation is primarily men and women today it can be other things but on here receive a gift fornication cropping up in the and and in revelations at the 14B are given the message to their Babylon is fallen is fallen who has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and if you think also Bale was a prophet of God Bailey was a political King and by their union together what actually have ended up happening union of church and state or spiritual fornication and what immediately followed was a positive so the compromise that began in the document bailout we see next and the next certified hirer it becomes a full-blown apostasy was it a deliberate out with liquid quick relationship to persuade Mrs. year notwithstanding either a few things against you because you suffer that all men Jezebel Wu Jezebel she's a good one which collect herself a profit this interest a Jezebel the Queen to the Queen who claim to be a prophet that's union of church and state and by the way if you look at the description of Jezebel in the Old Testament new look at the description of the harlot of Revelation seventeen they look the same they look the same but Jezebel which calls itself those prophetess to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication next week receive the papacy in its full glory for next time I should say next week but anyway so the doctrine of Bayonne we see that what was the tipping point the compromises is in the gun and the whole church has not wholesale gone the sold out I thought the point the point is that the people who accomplish that work existed in the church apartment and the allowance of twenty and in the first fifty so has now also them that hold the document in the collegians which thing I hate legally and we talked about the last week at quite in quite a lot of detail is one quote that I did not read this is from spot seven BC Bible commentary volume seven page nine fifty seven Mrs. Wike asked this question is it our sin the sin of the Nikolay attends turning the grace of God into lasciviousness basically she is equating the sin of the Nikolay attends with turning the grace of God and solicit business or using the grace of God as a license to lawlessness and the Nikolay attending baby work together with with bailout they actually I believe that to the same group of people but they come and they say it's okay what you do God will understand we are under grace anyway and as a result step-by-step people they forgot the moral obligation they had forgot and as a result in the next certified high receipt of the church is actually harboring Jezebel herself and that is if you remember that history in Israel Ahab was the absolute worst came about largely because of Jezebel and so we know that the Nikolay to lead to bad things and of course we see the progression last week in Ephesus they were still outside of the church Christ commended them because they still hated the deeds of the Nikolay is thank you pertinent to certain later they actually have them inside the church that the problem all right continuing we are running out of time I only had really one major point left to make over seventy he that hath an ear let him see what the Spirit saith unto the churches to him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna and will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written which no man know it save he that received if you look at all of the blessings that Christ gives over Congress consistently they're all pretty much blessing that are to be given at the meeting at the second coming or after the second cell to be consistent with that I believe that there is application like us and now Whitestone new name all these things will come after the second coming also but there's something unique about the hidden manna and I like you to consider I don't believe this to be necessary and primary application but looking back in hindsight in history we see this as interesting allusion remember in the book of Exodus what was the man I given for what lesson was it to teach obedience is one hundred dependent on God okay fourth commandment all right we can all really the main one I want to focus on is the Sabbath because it's Ashley found in Exodus chapter sixteen when the Nana is first given and chat Rohit Exodus sixteen if that happens to be a few chapters before Exodus twenty which is where we first see the ten Commandments in the form that we know it given by Christ or God he while that is a life importance of the Sabbath by giving them the man in the wilderness it came six days a week on Friday they were to collect twice as much and getting data warm words on Sabbath and it was no man on the set so the lesson of the Sabbath was clearly taught by the man one of the primary lesson but it's called hidden manna to the church appurtenance hidden as though it's something that God is preserving preservation is idea that I get and it's interesting because the very next church that comes if I hire and what actually happens is that true of the Sabbath during the dark ages is largely lost and the faithful will progress in the church of pergolas into that certified fire they were hidden by God and why were they hidden by God one of the primary reasons were inspiration is to preserve the sap an act of the people on the Waldensians Waldensians were hidden by God for many centuries and one of the primary reason of their favorite present was because they were the last vestige of Sabbath keepers and God needed to preserve the faith of the pure faith of the saints and the Walden didn't receive that hit a nap they were hidden in God they were preserved they preserve the truth of the Sabbath throughout the dark ages now the white stone a new name I have ideas but I don't have a clear that saith the Lord I'm not sure what the Whitestone represents not satisfied to wait until I get one to find out but it's in your study now you you discover what it is I am I'm happy to say listen but what this replicator and if you have any questions feel free to talk with me afterwards


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