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The Woman and Her Seed

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • December 25, 2004
    10:00 AM
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I really enjoy about heaven hoping that every time I can't seem to be a new face that I've never seen before and I got the goods on that the good thing and I'm happy to be a part of this group even though I'm not here physically most of the time but I have blocked connections with friends and I hope will always be in my heart and that this status is a special set of business it's Christmas day the mass of Christ celebrating the Mac today actually I have to confess I usually don't put too much of my money and in holidays and special events like this I I rarely have bestial Thanksgiving sermons or Christmas sermons or New Year's sermons all or even Independence Day sermons or whatever but today we are going to talk about the birth of Christ but perhaps in a perspective in angle that you may not have heard it presented before maybe you have but I believe that this Bible study will be very insightful to all of us the titles are certain today is simply called the woman and perceived the woman and her seat but before we open the word of God I like to pray for myself and focus father in heaven we thank you for giving us another year another day of life today as the world celebrates Christmas in the way that the world celebrates the spending money hurrying around stress the decoration but all of these things we remember that Jesus Christ came to visit her to be our Savior and to be our example to be a brother so today as we study just for a few moments on this most magnificent thing help us to learn what it means to be deceived God be with us now we pray Jesus and to begin our topic ask a question where is the first time oh where is it found the first time that Jesus Christ was the savior of mankind was prompt Genesis where Genesis Genesis three fifteen I believe this is one of those texts that we have memorized whether we like it or not Genesis three fifteen I want to start there and this is going to be the platform this is going to be the launchpad for the rest of our study this morning Genesis three fifteen we will see the beautiful prompt the promise and the prophecy of the end of sick let's look at it closely here Genesis three fifteen after Adam and Eve had reason of the fruit and have sinned against their God they came before God and God have already cursed the circuit and this is what God is saying to the circuit resisting and I will put in the G between the and the woman and between thy seed and her seed in him shall him I have an valve shall bruise his heel but I want to go on this one Lord because very often misspell right near the promise continues the property continues in verse sixteen if that unto the woman he said I will greatly multiply by Saul Roe and by conception is sorrow thou shall bring forth children and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over the father promo gone the same manner moment you have said that I would provide a savior in the form of one of your children the holdings were if the endothelial context the head of the serpent would ruin their Bruins ahead and use across the head but I want you to notice that it was indirect juxtaposition with the promise to the world when the curse on the essay that she shall bring forth her children with great sorrow and pain these data God is telling the serpent is going to have a child in this child is going to crush your head but then you look at the woman of them but you will bring for this child with great pain and sorrow in his childlike what will cross the head of the serpent this is the promise of the end of sin and then after God that there is going to be whole this will have an end and that even Adam because of your sin by the sweat of thy brow you shall eat bread in the form in the fickle at the Golden Olive anything necessary and will bring as a result then he asked Wayne will result the same you think God is interested in giving assurance of his mercy and justice he first make sure that we understood that there is hope at the end of this journey you want us to understand that she is coming before we get worried about all the realism or without reason agar to get sick and old he wanted us to have first that is the God we serve so we see here the first prompts the first prophecy of the Savior you can look at them later Galatians three verse sixteen and verse nineteen actually when we devote their now we have some time Galatians Galatians three sixteen and first nineteen Galatians three verse sixteen now to Abraham and his the promises made he saith not and to see this as of ninety but at the one two five C which is Christ the Skoda verse nineteen wherefore there is there with the law it was added because of transgressions till the seed should come to whom the promise was made and was ordained by Angels in the hand of a mediator clearly based on Paul's writing to the Galatians Jesus Christ is the scene that was a cop to save mankind we already understand that a little deeper than that busy at home is a place where I feel I can dig a little deeper as the old gospel song says I want to bring your tent the book of Revelation Revelation chapter twelve explains to us give us a picture of the full film in the present of Jesus of the promise of Genesis three fifteen and Genesis three sixteen left look at Genesis or Revelation chapter twelve beginning in verse one revelation twelve the first one is and there appeared a great wonder in heaven all while I will and Bible prophecy a woman represents what God 's people is church a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet upon her head a crown of twelve stars and notice verse two and she being with child cried doing what travailing in birth and pain to be delivered as elegant as Prima sixteen to the woman got that in great pain I saw a covering for the children and here we see the woman of Revelation twelve trip feeling in birth and pain to be delivered or three and there appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great read Dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his head at his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and intestines of your and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born now can you give me another name for the red Dragon give me a hug and a hint Revelation twelve is not the same as great red dragon Revelation twelve that Dragon hello sir this is the same tendency same person that God is talking to and Genesis three verse fifteen and here this Dragon the serpent is standing right before the woman is crying and recognition about to give birth at the child is one of the power by because of this time in a crisis this Dragon is trying to destroy the baby the seed of the woman who is to see if going to destroy and where was it historically fulfill in the life of Jesus during the time before he was born cool was represented by the woman who got people honor the Jewish nation and it was during this time that is when the living great travail it was at this time that that the this Jewish nation was under the persecution and oppression of the Roman power felt pagan Roman power limited within this the return they were being oppressed by the then world super power it was during that time during the persecution oppression by John estate the lake the dreadful piece of Daniel seven you logged into Daniel for thirteen weeks now you know what I'm talking about it was during that time that this one was being persecuted it was during this time that is called the true feeling in pain to be delivered and during that time you remember Herod heard from the Wiseman there was baby him was leaving the Jews that quality canvas but kill automated voice the Dragon using following out the Dragon using them know of the political power of that day trying to devour the seed of the woman you want me closely now because there is different it's all the political power the Dragon yes Dragon represents state and the limit is explained as real quickly of the beast represent in Bible prophecy kingdom and his drag here we understand based on historical evidence is not the pagan Roman power of the later on in Revelation twelve the woman flees the wilderness remember that right and and and and the dragon cast water out of his mouth opens up his mouth and swallowed the fly but during the fun what will the charges in the wilderness what followed is persecuting the woman is no longer taken wrongly capable role taking the Dragon and ultimately it represents the ashes and his power and dominion bought specifically it is safe in using the political power of the candidate of that specific birth history the person you got people that make that call me closely now stay with me back in Revelation twelve let's go to verse five so we understand the historical context in which this is happening the verse five isn't as she brought forth in time to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught onto God and to throne using this revelation twelve and it doesn't even mention at least and was between verse for verse five is the the baby was born and the next thing I was happen don't just send but we understand that during the intervening time was the time when Christ was crucified on the cross it was during that time that that's a in situ cured it was revealed it without the cross of perfect love that perfectly the character of God was revealed in exchange of Satan was revealed to all the watching universe again that is not the emphasis here the fall of the context of this chapter not to diminish the importance with the significance of Christ on the cross don't get me wrong just following the context of this verse I want to look a little deeper what does it mean that this fee this child was born was caught up to God and he was going to rule all nations with a rod of iron follow me now as we dig a little bit deeper into this chapter but with renowned song to the second Psalm speaking of Christ's some two is the universe that were seven to verse nine is set I will declare the decree of the Lord had said unto me thou are my son this day have I begotten the ask of me you are receiving for the inheritance and the uttermost parts of Europe for that possession thou shalt break them with a rod of iron thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter 's vessel tried to compress this within the constraints of our time let's just look at this if that in person the Lord of the Clinton Jesus my son this day have I begotten the and it is also during this time that he is given the power to rule with a rod of iron specifically verse eight it is connected with reaching breakeven or shall I say reaching the Gentiles the gospel winning the Gentiles of the heathen as an inheritance is what it is talking about and you know after Jesus died after three and a half years of the story of Stephen the probation order with the seventy weeks of Daniel nine was closed upon Israel nation in the gospel of them to go to every nation kindred tongue people to the Gentiles this is what it's talking about a more specifically a look at the time when the weather is it that Jesus Woods was given this wrought iron to dash them in pieces like pottery vessel is at the time when God says my son why excuse me thou art my son this day have I begotten the note when did that happen let's go down accepted thirteen acts thirteen verse thirty two thirty three X thirteen thirty two and we declare unto you glad I hope that the promise which was made unto the fathers God has fulfilled the same unto us the children in that he has raised up Jesus again at it is also written in the second Psalm thou are my son this day have I begotten being simply joined together one was that they can't declare thou my son can be one that at his resurrection selected this back together with relationship well was that he shall rule on the bottom line wonder that happen when energy is received the bottom line was that his resurrection without his resurrection that he would declare thou art my son visiting unbegotten being but you will be wondering where my going with this following closely now Hebrews chapter one Hebrews chapter one and we will begin to diversify this is a crucial text to not miss this one he was one verse five for unsurprising which of the angels said he any time so my son this day have I begotten being what have we seen that before song to annex thirteen and when did this happen by the way at his resurrection all right following and again I will be to him upon infusion of Eugenia 's son of verse six and again when he bring us in the one the first begotten into the world he said and let all the angels of God worship him but Jesus was him Ray God that thou are my son this is they have begotten the more than that he was the big and he was elaborate and said God not only said thou are my son visit have I begun to be the Carlton the first begotten not only begotten anymore he is the first begotten me that he is the first begotten I am my parents first he got in my brother is right there just because God said Jesus is the first begotten it gives you that understanding that there can now be a second or third of four often however many more that he can have cheesy when Jesus was resurrected the problem was then made tea and the first begotten that's why now you can be one of my begotten children to private assistance today people and that is whether their secular or Christian beer thing Jesus is the reason for the season she and the only begotten of God but my friend she was resurrected so we can be the child of God that is not just the tip of things on the subject Gino Tommy hasn't had as a child just is beautiful it's important became the new child so that we can need God to but there's more you see Jesus King of the time is caught up to God to rule with the bottom line representing he became first got what about us first Corinthians chapter four him previous chapter four Everest fifteen this is all writing to the Corinthians and to us as well as applicable it says frustrated for fifteen for though he had ten thousand instructors in Christ yet had enough many father for electronics Jesus all I have begotten you through the gospel through Jesus the Gospel we can be gone first John three we sing this song is look at exact text first John chapter three verse one first shots of the three verse one behold what manner of love the father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God therefore the world knowing us not because it knew him not beloved now are we the sons of God it does not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is in every man that hath this hope in him purify themselves even as he is pure this project is at this aside it says your view I don't love the father the Silvanus of vision leaders on them I got those of us who have this hope verse three says that will need to purify himself even as he is pure keep that lie somewhere we can come back to this let's look at James chapter one James chapter one and verse eighteen James one verse eighteen is said of his own will speaking of God of his well you see that's a mouthful but you know what a means of his own will he has been working on with the word of truth that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures Romans eight versus nineteen to twenty two Romans eight nineteen to twenty two I see now that there is a deeper concept of being a child of God but there is going to be something more just hang on to your seats Romans eight verse nineteen for the earnest expectation of the creature waited for what the manifestations of the sons of God verse twenty and twenty one let's get down to verse twenty two for we know that the whole creation Corona extra valent in pain together until well now you see I don't have much time so this sermon is going to be divided into come back next week and you depart to this so much that is just contained within these verses for them to give you encapsulation of it is that the creature of God 's creation is waiting earnestly for the manifestation of the sons of God and the manifestation of the sons of God can take place only through travailing in pain as a woman that is about to give birth the child and we now how are we what does it mean to be a child of God whether the need to be more like Jesus Romans give them the answer him arise when you summarize the absolute right Romans six members for therefore we are being with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was ringing off from the dead by the glory of the father even so we should walk in newness of life you see Jesus when he was resurrected he was declared valid my son as they have not gotten the and in the same way when we are buried with him symbolically in the watery grave of baptism God then will become out of the water got to look at us and said thou are my son this day have I got more than that is said that we should now wanting what newness of life because a dead man Café very much but that they can react agenda has no desires or feelings of his own and what we are baptism and risen again with Christ we are new creatures and the whole creation travails waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God the created universe at this planet is waging for shielding the who's willing to die to self to walk in newness of life to live as Jesus lived as children son and daughter of the Jalisco back in Revelation but so back to revelation revelation twelve verse seventeen another one of those classic FDA versus a look at it with me and the Dragon was wrong with the woman and want to make more with the one revenue of her which keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus many think we can extract them here of course I want to focus on that that's right when all her scenes was the first scene Jesus Brennan of the seed of the woman at the first scene with Jesus the vendors oversee some simply needs his siblings his brothers and sisters but more than that he has seen just like Jesus means we need to be just like keeping the commandments of God having the feet of Jesus by going deeper than that why is the Dragon rock with a woman everything the first the Jesus Christ came because he was going to cross the head of the serpent this group of people the relevancy of a new why is this Dragon or the circuit so angry with the woman and the remnant overseen with me enrollments Romans sixteen in verse twenty Romans sixteen risk twenty one all of the decedents it said and a God of peace shall bruise Satan under missing him for who he shortly the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you brothers and sisters one estimate get his head stepped on this illegitimate conversation flail flail around escort venomous skill but but but you know that the end is coming but it is any consciousness left a message that they can find with all of his life I think investing to that server that hadn't had was he still had the energy foil around the score is then in Detroit next night at the lung that is around and brothers and sisters the remnant of God 's speed that is going to finish the work crushes and how did you let me just read you a few quotations signed the times November fourteen eighteen ninety five paragraph four listen carefully the great rebel against God 's meaning leading his army to the conflict to let the followers of God bear in mind the fact that he can bruise only the heel while those one main group of loyal to Christ by their fidelity and client he then shall bruise the head of the serpent we are called through the head of the third seventy civilian and sign of the Times July eleven eighteen ninety five paragraph four this prophecy of Genesis three fifteen refers not only did everything in Christ and Satan but also to the energy exists between the world and the followers of the worlds Redeemer this special one should move ahead in the seventh files listen carefully now but the front of the also includes all those who shall overcome the enemy by the blood of the land and by the word of their testimony by the blood of the land by the word of our testimony we love our lives not that we can cross the head of the step son to the Times July eleven against the same one paragraph eleven how the advocate of truth are regarded as enemies of Christianity and yet although Satan causes the world to regard the followers of Christ as opposed to progress yes whenever a salty egg decided to stand for truth the head of the serpent is bruised by the seed of the woman and the serpent him bruised by this you of the seat when nominal Christianity is declared wanting at itself insufficient and practical godliness is alone declared genuine religion the energy of faith and the route that one but the anger is an evidence of bruising skipping out a few sentences one advocate of truth revealed efficiency of truth in their life and character a blow is struck against the kingdom of Satan you see the answer is not that difficult we don't need to have some sort of special honor would optimize the spiritual martial arts will have to have special theological training in order to crush the serpent all we needed to have a faith filled humble completely surrendered life in Jesus doing as we are you were my favorite and not by sight doing as Jesus would have us do and when we just live the single life signal get angry and that anger will prove that he is being crushed into the brothers and sisters this is does this mean it's a very troubling dilemma if it is only if you got it gone that the apostle Paul in Romans sixteen that he would bruise the head as they do under our feet shortly wife and a half I think is still alive and well why the Christian Seventh-day Adventists are still living listen sequencing may be the public 's mind that we still walk around thinking that we are okay we just waiting organza can't find any here yet but yet the Bible says that Dragon is making that with a woman are we making the Mister Satan is alive and well and he is still fighting his spellbinding people he is still injecting venom into the veins of the people why because Jesus still have not found his seat there is still young people older people like who want this world more and you they are still wanting but yet not willing to give everything the circuit is fighting all we can find are we going to give everything to crush that had served are we crushing the servants had wireline or is the serpent or worse yet I was the head of the seminar of the New Zealand Jesus again serious things we need to consider with me in first John first John chapter three verse eight then he used this as an encapsulation or summary of entire summer this is the application of you will first got three verse eight he that commits sin is what all of the devil for the double Senate from the beginning for this purpose the son of man was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil or I might think that he might cross the head of the serpent whosoever is born of God does what he does not commit sin with his feet beneath him him and he cannot because he is born of God in this in that in that this in this meaning in this life that does not stand for the faith and surrender to Jesus in this the children of God are manifest and the children of the devil whosoever there was not righteousness is not of God neither he that love is not his brother you see when Jesus told in the heart he can give victory over it even them will be setting us yes I know we are human your frail we still make mistakes but that is what you does the applicant that is why we have a hybrid the ever living to make intercession for us but no more important than that is the promise that when Jesus dwells within us that the dwelling within us we can live overcoming sin and when that happened the son of God benefit when that happened the son the son of the devil will I parent and the head of the cross again that is why the Bible does the creature God 's creatures waiting or early for the manifestation of the sons of God manifestation of young people older people haven't just Christian people can live together in harmony and unity bundles the law victory over this by the great power and keep this this is a challenge for more than it is God 's promise to get there will be a seed there will be a group of people that will crush the serpent because the company can't refinance on and God is going to have people and including Galatians four verse nineteen may just be my appeal to you as Paul appealed to the Galatians let me up up shields you are asleep maybe you think and reason for your own heart the mind of God how your walk is within Galatians four verse nineteen by little children of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you we need to be travailing a Christian life is not without its difficulties and trials with you on this all of them have peace and assurance that Jesus directly with at the three Hebrew boys live in the fiery furnace we can have the that it is better to be in the fire with Jesus out of the five without it is in the fire but she can root out all of us we can be like him Jesus said to Nicodemus you cannot see the kingdom of heaven unless you are one form again we were born into this world 's slaves to sin we were born into this world with this visit fallen human nature but Jesus can give us victory all of them all over all of those things we must be born again is that your design today it is your desire I invite you with me as we close with prayer our father in heaven today we have look at this magnificent promise in Genesis three fifteen that you will have in the future see across the head of the certain we realize Jesus icon I won the battle for us already to you you need to surrender and let you fight for us follow me have been sinful we have been negligent and are in our living each day yet we realize that you need a group of people who will stand faithful as Jesus the double lives for you rather than for the world the group of people doubled over the serpent by the blood of the last by the word of their testimony that they loved not their lives to the death will be walking this with people we want to be this final remnants of your seat him a him faithful to hasten your return more importantly though he realized more than anyone that we have weakness areas of our lives across no one knows we asked her to intervene and granted the power to overcome those that we may have the failure Jesus to live by faith and not by sight the world turned against us there's a faithful keyword in this day Lord we meet in our life we ask that we may be born again that we may walk in newness of life today Lord walk with us in the spirit lives in us that we may need to see your church blesses our reprint Jesus


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