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Sardis And Philadelphia

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 3, 2008
    9:00 AM
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I everyone good morning and happy Sabbath physiology here for those of you who have been counting on a weekly basis Alastair has been teaching this class is out of town this week I have been coming to know where we left off so the pickup and keep he will be back next week so no worry on that scale ahead and have a word of prayer and then we will go ahead and get started with her study today father in heaven we thank you for the Sabbath morning that we can study your words these plusses now it's in your spirit to guide us as we go through these passages I pray this in Jesus name so we will follow the same pattern as for a if you have or if you're in the reader verse has a razor animal give you the handheld microphone so I can get into the recording of the people listening on the recording will also be able to hear your comments and the verses that you read them this week we are going to study to churches were in a study the fifth and sixth churches of revelation I would be Sardis Philadelphia Morgan afternoon somewhat likely to get through these but I just wanted a quick run through of where we've gone so far we seen Ephesus that was the church that left its first love and assault to win the neck late and teaching of turning the grace of God in the lasciviousness started creeping into the church then you have and you have the church of Smyrna and Smyrna with the persecuted church they have now reviewed and in the church of Smyrna we see that a group of people who study words used but are not aware of the synagogue of Satan introduced over I see that the people again in the church of Philadelphia today and we get to the church of heard him interesting point here is you have the .com bail him and you have beta work on if you know it if you were born they likely the work they let me the desolation and what beta one difference in insists teaching was to teach the children to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit fornication what they want and then with an abomination to hear you have the concept of the abomination of desolation showing in the Christian church this was in the Pergamum 's church and in the first church was from three thirteen at five thirty eight sensors and if you look at Daniel eleven we see the abomination of desolation seven five oh eight of us the King of France and the papacy formally together so we see that relationally like the five tire last week received a union of church and state in an adulterous relationship with a woman Jezebel and the application of the three and half years on her in a word in Israel and there was no rain as analogous to the three I have prophetic years of the four hundred and sixty years of the papal reign and that brings us all and as we get to the intimacy towards the end of the five hundred and sixty years God sends the MorningStar does the Protestant Reformation and interestingly John Wyclif was called the morning Sergeant came onto the scene in thirteen seventy four this brings us to the church of Sardis 's analysis church not like a volunteer to read Revelation chapter three verses one trace that serve if someone could volunteer to read chapter three verses one through six of their offenders volunteer Chris is looking at the microphone because everyone the angel of the church and started right or in him with the first to remain or have not found worth it in you will know me to not know what I will do me a letter to the government you want with they only will also like to know never blot out his name and in my father 's morning and I said okay thank you very much so we just read the first six verses of chapter three which talks about the church of Sardis now on this is a fairly short passage compared to the previous church by a tyrant and one reason why doesn't he look at this church historically this is the church from seventeen ninety eight to about the year eighteen thirty two second parent by a tire which was from five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight this church has a much shorter period of existing mouth the words artists itself means friends or song of joy or also means that which remains and I'm a focus more on the concept of that which remains on this is the period of seventeen ninety eight the Protestant Reformation was most prominent in about the fifteenth century in the fifteen hundreds on now here we are in seventeen ninety a and the way this church is being this drive is that which remains and notice how God describes them in verse twenty says I know my words thou hast the man that found more of this in our dad what does this make you think of when God describes the church and listening to hear you have a church that flames to be Christian they have they take the name of Christ but in actuality they are dead now where interests see why a little bit later on here but basically what has happened in this church is that they have the name of Christ that they would like the world Christ tells us of the dead to the world and the life in Christ so if a word dad in his side that means that the world was very much alive in the church now is just a subtle reminder are not so subtle that we can take the name of Christ and if we say we're a Christian but we would like the world Jesus may say the very same thing about us let's name on your numbers juices be watchful and strengthen the things which remain that are ready to die this is a church that is on its last way God say you need to strengthen that which is what you're about to die here so much like the world that that your dad and there is very little that's left that points to your Christian experience now moving along here and refugee churches today suits were to be Philadelphia also if you look in verse three remember therefore how thou hast received and heard and hold fast and repent enough how do not like to hear a response from this what was it that that the Sardis Church needed remember they had already heard any hands what was it that the Sardis Church had already heard and that they needed to remember a kid is a hand on the back if we can give the microphone and wait for my A are saying righteousness by faith the specifically where was the righteousness by faith message given on the Sardis Church starting sentencing ideation of remembering sorry nutshell on the thing that the Sardis Church have forgotten spirit that they have lost was that the Protestant Reformation the Sardis Church was that which remains of the Protestant Reformation you see that concept of the Protestant Reformation in the church of side tire when God sent the mornings are remember that the church of my attire existed during the dark ages and so during the history of night time in this earth at the very end of the dark ages are as night is coming to an end God sends the MorningStar in the form of the Protestant Reformation and it revitalized the Christian church by the time you get to the stars church they are dead they have the name of the Protestant reformers but they don't have the Spirit and so God is saying remember therefore how that has received the Protestant Reformation in her hold now fast and we now she noticed what happens next in the church of Sardis if they do not hold fast if they don't remember what they've heard they are in danger of something happening to them that's here in verse three notice what happens here in verse three if therefore thou shalt not watch I will come on the belief and now shall not know what hour I will come upon the now here's another question what is Jesus talking about here to the church of starters which was from seventeen ninety eight and thirty two what does you talk about here when he says that he don't watch I will come on you as a thief but it is a hand very white like the microphone was sounds like what okay and statement like specifically what okay sir has done it was pointed out Doctor Jesus is in the New Testament that he will and this season versus the first one is Chapter five verse four was turned the first is Lyons chapter five verse four and I will read this passages says that he rather and are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief and continuing on numbers five and six year all the children of light in the children in the day we are not of the night nor of darkness therefore let us not leave as do others but what is watch and be sober the society about Jesus coming the second time that the first alliance chapter five verses four through six so in Revelation chapters three in verse three when Jesus sells the church of Sardis if you don't watch I will on you as a thief and you will not know what hour I will come upon you what Jesus is saying is is that very shortly on messages going on that preaches the second coming of Christ if you don't watch if you hold fast the spirit of the Protestant Reformation when that time is that I will come upon you as a so that's what Jesus is saying to the church of status which existed from seventeen ninety eight to eighteen thirty two now we know from history that shortly after the church of stars that teaching of the second half it came on to the world in full force for the study about that next church and the church of Philadelphia please see the foreshadowing of that in the message to the church of start now in verse four it says thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments and they shall walk with me and why for they are worthy what does it mean to not defile their God anything above of a passage in Scripture that talks about not being the files okay James chapter one verse twenty seven and if I can have a volunteer to read James chapter one verse twenty seven is your religion and undefiled before God and the father this is the fatherless and widows in their affliction and so I thought of the world okay so here you have hundreds of people and start us you have not defiled their and James one twenty seven which both your religion undefiled is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep himself and spotted from the world now if there was a few people and started to accept their garments undefiled that there were a few people on the church of stars who have kept themselves unspotted from the world or undefiled which means that most of the church of Sardis had become defiled by the world the CNN may have a name they say were Christians but prices now you're actually dad the reason why is because you've been defiled by the world as we see them very clearly here in James one twenty seven now to give you a little bit of historical background of this worldliness that have swept into the Sardis Church most Christians until about seventeen hundred all believed that Jesus went on literally in the clouds a second time before the thousand year millennium around the seventeen hundreds there was a person by the name of Daniel Whitney and I'll read to you from volume for prophetic faith of our fathers pages three eighty seven three eighty eight a new doctrine was introduced of a Christian church by a Protestant by the name of Daniel with and make sure and prophetic that her father starting of history services the captivating post- millennial theory introduced about seventeen hundred by Protestant Daniel Whitney swept like a tidal wave over Protestantism it did not penetrate America however until at the spousal by Jonathan Edwards premised on a spiritual first resurrection and a world conversion that introduces the millennium without direct divine intervention post millennialism for the second out at the close of the millennial anywhere from one thousand three hundred and sixty five thousand years in the future now some people sick with a veneer principle for the millennium some other thread and sixty five days an year as a thousand years about three and sixty five thousand years before Jesus comes now what was the effect of the station was wanting was believer or not when William Miller was preaching two thousand three today's visual sanctuary plans to close one analyst did not disagree with William Millers and a three-year principle they also agreed with this starting point roughly speaking some agree that Yasmin in the eighteen forties some fell eighteen sixty six in a dependent on where he could hear starting the post- millennial was disagreed with William Miller and the teaching of the second and because they believe that at the end of the twenty three hundred days a thousand years of peace when the dance here on this Earth a thousand years of peace and prosperity and the truth of the matter is the Protestants were objecting to the second coming teaching of the Millerite not because they didn't believe in the First Amendment of the day or the hour and they use that as an argument but it was because if Jesus came in the eighteen forties it would destroy their cherished hopes of having a nice life here on this earth for a thousand years and that the truth of what most people don't really understand about what happened in the eighteen hundreds in the Millerite movement the people that were opposed to the Millerite movement one thousand years of peace and prosperity more than they wanted to see Jesus closets have the reason being is they want this present world more than they love Jesus and obviously no man can serve two masters in the world was winning out in the church of Sardis and so Jesus is a theology someone you like a thief moving on in bursitis is seen however the same shall be clothed in white raiment I will not want out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels there we see the concept of those you over time will not have their sins blot out the book of why I'm sorry I was phrasing very for sixty you're paying attention you can't now is wrong there was to overcome will not have their names blotted out that the wife therefore they will have their it out the converse of that is that if you don't overcome your name will be blotted out of the book of life and your sons will not be blotted out and if you would ask three nineteen we are told there that are sensibly blotted out in the times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord of the latter rain so that still yet in the future the man in verse six this is he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit Seth and in the churches was more we could talk about in the church of Sardis that you get the big picture that that flies the Reformation was dying out SQL had churned away from the clear biblical teaching of a literal second Advent of Christ and they were cherishing an idea of a thousand years of peace and prosperity here on this Earth and they would rather have a thousand years of peace and prosperity here on this Earth but Mister Jesus and the clouds of heaven and so Jesus and Warren Mrs. K the teaching of the second coming is a time in your lifetime in full force and if you watch on them you as a thief that transitions us are sideways this shoe the church of Philadelphia which begins in the period of about eighteen thirty two the now let's go ahead and read verses seven through twelve if I can have a volunteer again to read revelations Chapter three versus seven through twelve if someone read Revelation three percent to twelve on the microphone that Chris thanks for him him and he said thank you so this is a little bit of a longer matters and what we saw in the message of the church of start is now Philadelphia means brotherly love we all know that an course the modern-day city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania is referred to that sometimes that Philadelphia Pennsylvania was named after the church in Asia minor or the city in Asia minor Philadelphia now I read just briefly from your Reisman in Daniel and Revelation and Searcy describes the church of Philadelphia this is an page three six three the theory says the word Philadelphia signifies brotherly love and expresses the physician spirit of those she received the advent message after the autumn of eighteen forty four the great religious awakening in the early part of the nineteenth country which resulted from a study of the prophecies culminated in this Advent movement men from all denominations were convinced that the coming of Christ was near as they came out of the various churches they left sectarian names and feelings behind and every heart beat in unison is all joined to give the alarm to the churches into the world and pointed to the coming of the Son of Man hath the believer 's true vote selfishness and covetousness were laid aside and a spirit of consecration sacrifice was cherished the spirit of God was with every true believer in his praise upon every time those you are not in that movement cannot fully realize how great was the searching of heart the consecration to God the peace and joy in the Holy Spirit and the here firm and love for one another which true believers enjoy it I read it on a statement like that and it makes me long for an experience like that of true brotherly love in God 's church today on the probably one of the reasons why the church of Philadelphia had so much power in the preaching of this message is because they were also so filled brotherly love and the love of Christ for one another and if we wonder why our preaching of the Second Amendment doesn't have the power it had back then is because we don't have the brotherly love of the church of Philadelphia let me just let this go through some of the message to this church say Jesus is to the angel of the church in Philadelphia right these things they see that is holy is he that is true he hath the key of David he that open up and no man shall shut up and no man of so Jesus commends the church for having brotherly wild and he says I am holy I am true I have the key of David now what is the significance of Acxiom data was turnover chapter one versus thirty two and thirty three if I can have a volunteer to relate Chapter one versus thirty two thirty three actually Chris I love you read it right after he is okay so you have an revelation the concept of having the key of David or exceed in addition of David and Emily of chapter one was home that Jesus when he takes the throne of David will rain for ever and ever now I'm jumping alone that I had here but where in the book of Revelation is a talk about Jesus taking the kingdom and reigning forever and have gifts in Revelation Chapter 11 must turn their revelation chapter eleven verse fifteen and in Revelation eleven fifteen and says and the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of room Lauren and I was horizon and he shall reign for ever and ever now I'm with one thirty two thirty three thousand how Jesus would take the throne of David and one reign forever and ever again Revelation eleven fifteen and says the kingdoms of this world which includes the kingdom of David are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his person he shall reign ever and ever the question is one of the seventh trumpet sound if you look if you like down at the end of this passage in verse nineteen we see that when it sounded parking are the temple of God was open you could see the archivists have the silence from that sounds on October twenty two eighteen forty four so when Jesus is talking to the church of Philadelphia which is from eighteen thirty June eighteen forty four he sank I haven't seen the kingdom of David and on about to open a door so that I won't answer and to a place that I will now have the kingdoms of this world and I will reign for ever and ever you see that that concept there christens Hammacher Crouse if you could give him the mic to the Christian and while you unfamiliar with everything for time one minute ago is is is right definitely so here you have the key of David it's an notice with the key is being used for on in the last part of her sentences he that open at the nomad status and shot it and now man oh so what are you saying I may use this CNET open something that no man can shut down a sharp something else that no man can now open and empty university it becomes a little bit more clear as I know thy works behold I have set before the end open door and no man can shut it what was the open door opened with the city of David that Jesus said before the church of Philadelphia as a handbag on right very true so as was sent back here this door that is open that no man can shut the door that was set as an open door before the church of Philadelphia was the entrance into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary energy matters Jesus he has the key of David because when he opened this door he has the salutes of the kingdom of David and when he opened that door he's going to reign for ever and ever and you see that concept in Revelation eleven one oh seven through the sound and the ark of assessment is seen in the muscle in place and Jesus reigns forever and ever so here you see the concept of the transfer from the holy place of the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary in the message to the church of Philadelphia ever since as I know thy works I've said before the enough nor no man can shut it for thou hast a little strength and hast kept my word and hast not denied my name 's elegant the Philadelphia church along with the Smyrna church these are the only that you churches of the sudden I do not receive reviews they only receive common to four there were a person lying he says behold I won't make them of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but do lie the home I will make them to come and worship before my feet in the nether thou hast loved me now a series in the church of Philadelphia John is describing the people who are the synagogue of Satan very strong language now when you hear this term the synagogue of Satan does this sound like a religious group of people or a nonreligious sympathy this sounds like a religious reason furthermore they say they are she is but they are not in a law so they are why are saying that we are God 's people they really aren't now a few words in Scripture around to Galatians three we see that Paul says you're not a Jew who is one hour later than that if it if you are inwardly in Galatians three and says on their letter Chrysler Abraham 's seed and relations five twenty four so that it that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and not now so we see the concept of those who are spiritual views have an inward experience is crucified the flesh with the affections of the crucified with Christ these people say they are but they are not in their wires now Alastair brought this out when we went through the sprinters but I want to go back to first John chapter two to show how God defines someone who is a liar any spirituals this is first John chapter two verse four if I can have a volunteer to read first John chapter two verse four is him a so what I should who is a liar in a spiritual sense they say I know Jesus but they don't keep the commandments of God is as if you love me keep my commands on fourteen fifteenths now here is an interesting point what kind of language just as Jesus used to describe people who breaks his commandments and profess to be Christians he describes them as a religious group of people basis of the play calls them synagogue of Satan now if times have you heard people say obedience doesn't matter the only thing that matters is loving Jesus and obedience doesn't matter at all and what Jesus calls those people he calls than the synagogue of Satan that's very strong language that is very clear here in Scripture we don't want to be the synagogue of Satan be followers of Christ and so if you ever hear him and sometimes these people are well-meaning but nonetheless Jesus says if you plan to now me and you break my commands your part of the synagogue of Satan so we see the concept here in Revelation three to the church of Philadelphia they stay they are Jews they are not back behold I will make them to come and worship before likely in the know that I love notes are not immersed senses because thou hast kept the word of my nation I also will keep you from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world at shrine then that dwell upon the earth ensure you have the concept of the word of God where LCC concept of patients in the Revelation one thousand Sherry is Sheriff forty four thousand locations in the sink the revelation fourteen twelve and also lets you keep the commandments of God sadly there was a responsibility to patients of the saints command click on the faith of Jesus and Jesus saying you have successful word of MicroStation so this canal a right movement kept the word of God 's patient analysis is I also will keep you from the hour of temptation which are come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth what was the hour of temptation that came to the true believers of Philadelphia right it was a great disappointment to the power of sensation for the Philadelphian believers they were sorely tempted when the dirt of the great disappointment came and actually most of the millwrights lost their way after that time home and out to see Kong on the same and so Jesus words here a flying mounts directly to those fifty people who held onto their faith sometimes the word of God is only for a very few that hang on so here Jesus is I also will keep you from the heart sensation which showed come upon all the worlds of trying to not dwell upon the earth and then noticed this concept of the second coming is mentioned in verse eleven Jesus says behold I come quickly hold that fast which thou hast that no man may take by Karen what was he telling them to hold fast to it with their beliefs in the second coming of Christ and if they would hold fast to it he said he would come quickly of course that didn't happen except for minority of the levers read from and inspired statement from Alan why I should thrive all right this is great controversy page four oh one here she says of all the great religious movement since the days of the apostles not have been more free from human imperfection in the wiles of Satan then was out of the autumn of eighteen forty four even now after the lapse of many years of his shirt in that movement and lifts the firm upon the platform of truth still feel the holy conference about westward and bear witness that it was of God now if it's true the Fatah movement was the most free of human imperfection from the time of the apostles to our day it would only makes sense that if Jesus is really going to come in our lifetime our experience would need to exceed that of the Miller and if that's the case we need to have an understanding of what their works very as a people was making thirty June eighteen forty four so he never studied the history of the millwrights but he's never really variants in your own heart sour and that message I would challenge you to take time to go back and read books like the midnight cry by Francis medical other books the magnificent disappointment by C Mervyn Haslip there's others foundations and some fans was commissioned by Gerard on those blocks will help you at such a spirit of the message of eighteen forty four and only until we meant solely the eighteen forty four message we have our to go through to the end on an way that even the Philadelphian church was not able to answer the message to the Philadelphia church and cannot ever for one make a pillar in the temple of my God him from your normal route and I will write upon him the name of my God in the name of the city of my God which is new Jerusalem which down out of heaven from my God and I will write upon him my new name he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches and what's that saying to me is after the flower of the Philadelphia insurers weekend up in Laodicea the worst church alone so here you have this powerful set second cabin experience and then we get from that she will live with one way in the same church just before Jesus comes not for in a study next week Alistair will be back to go through the message the latest is thank you


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