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  • May 10, 2008
    9:00 AM
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phone this morning as we look at present truth as we look at a message that is directly squarely to us may we take it apart and may we seek to conform our wills yours that we may be ready for you to come we pray in Jesus Arai 's latest CF is in Revelation chapter three so why don't we just turn our Bibles there quickly a note before we get into it we look at the seven churches so far as so far it's been history now there's some good applications there's been good lessons that we can learn but we need to approach the church of later see it differently it's one thing for us to be looking at stories of Napoleon and Hitler and Alexander the great but it's totally different what we're talking about Obama and Hillary and Bush and McCain because one of those scenarios one group of those is history it's stuff that has already passed nothing can be done about by the other side defying the present day issues that affected right here right now and even more importantly the latest in message is speaking directly to the church in the end times which we believe that we are part of a Salome look at the methods of latest Seo we need to be careful we do not look at it as though it's just another in church history that have already passed and that stuff that has already gone down through history is talking to us is not talked about us it is these talking to us so we need to have that proper perspective so we don't get caught up with thinking all men those people God is really blasting memoir he's really rebuking of no guys are nuts when you keep that in mind so let's look at latest via relationship with three beginning in verse fourteen so if I can have a volunteer raise your hand wait for the Mike and we are going to read from verse fourteen until the end of the chapter to go through the whole message right the get-go and will take it piece by piece so volunteer all right we got one in the back thank you very much and that's the angel of the church of limousines right these things saith the cheese me these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know they were the Dell are neither cold nor hot I went downwards cold or hot so then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew thee out of my mouth because thou stays than rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and knowest not that thou are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked I counseled me to buy of me gold tried in the fire the domains be rich in white raiment that thou may has been clothing that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear and anoint thine eyes with eye salve that thou may seem as many as I love I rebuke and Jason be zealous and therefore in repentance will hold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come into him I will stop with them and he with me to overcome it will I grant to sit with me my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his room he that hath the near let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches are thank you very much so later the theater you have it at the fairly lengthy message fairly lengthy discussion with them couple things to note though right off the bat perhaps the most notable one is that this final church has no commendation as no for a God or Jesus mentions but it has a fairly lengthy section in which God rebukes this church soundly and then there is an also a lengthy section with admonition what you ought to do now to solve your victim so God is particularly careful to give counsel to this church now let's take it one step at a time of the diverse fourteen verse fourteen is Christ introduction of himself Christ we've already discussed before when he introduced himself gives the description or the description of him but John gives is somehow related to the message is tied into what the church needs and their three things if I can break it down for you he is number one in the amen and then is the faithful and true witness and they need the beginning of the creation of God so the amen what does the word amen mean it is definite confirmation of what has been said and pretty much see now that you are exactly right the official definition of fighting and if I can put it this way if so the Soviets so when you say to someone in a sermon you confirming saying so be it I agree I affirm that's right and Christ introduces himself with this term of confirmation as though he's standing up and saying it is at it I am that I am so be it almost the confirmation of whatever got the save through but it also has to do with the idea that some people will get a talk about this some people don't necessarily believe anymore some people don't necessarily believe that what Christ said is simply what he said they simply don't believe in a talk about that for the next characteristic is the is the faithful and true witness now we've mentioned this before saw this gloss over this and deal with something low the deeper when you think of a faithful and true witness what kind of situation is that person needed when you have witnesses during the trial that's right and the name that Laodicea the definition is a people judged a people judged and his church actually began shortly after eighteen forty four and we discussed that I believe last week Doug opened in the closed-door and that judgment church the church that is living within anti- typical day of atonement the day of judgment is the church of literacy and trust interviews and so ask like I am the faithful and true witness and whether the media be faithful and true to be just but one word he doesn't lie that means if you are righteous and you are in a sense a faithful and true witness is a good thing for you but if you are guilty and if your sins have not been acquitted if they had not been forgiven and you have not been justified in a faithful and true witness is bad news for you across the simply saying I am the true and faithful witness whatever had been recorded in the books what ever your life has been that as well testify so the judgment message with any continues and he says I am beginning of the creation of God now there is the place and I believe second year where there are some who say my Lord delays is coming all things continue as they were since the beginning of creation across your same almost as though those skeptics are getting called but look I'm the beginning of the creation I'm the first one creation I'm the one that set everything into motion in the first place so some people would say everything is just going on naturally the naturalistic view of history things are just going to continue to evolve down the millennia nothing has ever changed nothing will ever change crisis they know I changed the beginning of the world I started and I can come whenever I want to do something more here afflicted with pics Colossians Colossians chapter one Colossians chapter one verse fifteen verse fifteen through seventeen that have a volunteer read for us Colossians chapter one fifteen through seventeen the image of the return to him were all things created inhabit that I harass and invisible whether they be throughout our dominions or principalities or powers all things were created by him and for him and he is before all things and by him all things in the Christ year in a sense view demonstrating or sharing his sovereignty I am the God he created all things I am the first one of the creation by me cry the same all things consist all things are created for me and find me Christ the same and all of these things somehow have to do with what the methods of literacy and have to be little back in Revelation chapter actually before we go there before we go there just an interesting side note let's let the debate is over to Colossians chapter four Colossians chapter four verse verse sixteen is only that for us Colossians chapter four verse sixteen are right we have a volunteer in front here in this epistle is read among you cause it be read also in the church of later seasons and that ye likewise read the epistle from Laodicea thank you so the Colossian epistle Paul at the very handy tax on the floor he said what I've written to you I've also written for the latest the reading it have them read it and when I wrote to them you made it also so it's almost as though the message in the book of Colossians in the Bible is also you can call in the book of Colossians and later see and what is one of the feeds the book of Colossians had several things one big major themes in the book of Colossians that is reemphasized in Revelation is simply to fix obvious how to show you Colossians chapter one verse twenty six and twenty seven Gloucester seven one verse twenty six and twenty seven volunteer police located on either which has been hidden from ages and from generations but now has been revealed to be staying to them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is the Christ which is Christ in you the hope of glory and one of the primary message of the colostrum is this idea Christ in you the hope of glory and it also called on the street and head and when you study Revelation chapter ten I have a feeling organizer more about that today it talks about the mystery of God being finished and that the Mister got been finished somehow is attached to the completion of the work of God in this world so the church of later see you there something about the Mister God that's important okay I just cannot touch on that will come back to it if we have the time of the revelations at the three were continuing that the introduction verse fourteen were moving on verse fifteen sixteen and seventeen verse fifteen and sixteen basically Christ is saying the same thing in multiple ways you are neither cold nor hot you are neither cold nor hot your lukewarm now there's a lot of immediate applications you're not on one side or the other your fence straddling that the common application but how do you get Luke warm water how you get lukewarm water it's a mixture of both cold and hot it's a it's a mingling of two opposites it's a combination of things that don't belong together and this church has a problem there mingling things that don't belong together truth and error holy things with common things and what comes out of this church is this mentality that I am rich increased with goods and have need of nothing so this cold and hot mentality that mingling mentality ends up becoming leading to in difference dilemma dogging I'm talking about this idea of pluralism this church exists in a climate when you can be hot I can be cold you can be neither analysts as all get along to the doesn't matter what you do we'll need anything were okay if the way we are told be to legalistic your your your too hot you want to be too worldly even after you call me to find balance yeah balance in the middle know I can read my Bible when I feel like it I can go out on an club when I feel like it and I can I can eat a little of this stuff but the most part you know I'm I'm fairly healthy if I can I can live my life this way six days a week but seventh day and I live this way if the pluralistic idea where the church begins to think I can what ever people just have to accept me that Laodicea and NBC this idea I find I am rich I am increasingly good I'm just okay the way and if I can take it as one step further we sometimes get the idea that the church as a whole we are doing so wonderful the church is growing by leaps and bow sounds of the baptisms everywhere around the world except North America the church is just bursting at the seams everyone wants to join the church weight weight weight it is true and all of those in the wonderful I love evangelism I put I've been on mission trips I've done youth evangelism has seen thousands outside this is wonderful but the point is this the condition that we are warned against is not being too hot the condition we are warned against is not becoming indifferent not becoming lukewarm thinking that because we're doing all of these things that somehow were okay because all of that both asked evangelism we should not stop we need to continue and we need to continue with more effectiveness and more fervor and more dedication than ever but there's something that is missing with latest year and I'll just tell you now it has to do with this origin right here the thumping one there's something missing there Laodicea rich and increased with goods thinking they had need of nothing but Christ says I will spew you out of my mouth cries doesn't like the pluralistic type of approaching his message and his work he had he cares more about if you're a coal state call at least to try to get one if your hot freight Lord but whether the needle spew you out of his mouth in Matthew chapter ten verse thirty two Matthew chapter ten and verse thirty two obvious readers whosoever therefore shall confess me before men him will I confess also before my father which is in heaven verse thirty three but whosoever shall deny me before men and will I also do nine four my father which is in heaven so if you're spewing something out of your mouth you know that that that concept idea has to do with either drinking or or eating your ingesting something into your body your eating something that is supposed to be a part of you if you spit it out what you think when you spit it out using iLife you do with it I don't want whatever that was in my mouth to be a part of me still cries spewing us out of his mouth is him Dean Naim 's and within the context of the judgment because latest year is that people being judged it is dealing with the investigative judgment and with Christ will no longer stand on our behalf try he was out of his mouth meaning he will deny us like he said he would in Matthew chapter tact and that's the good thing is not a good thing so you continue here which increased with goods have need of nothing they are indifferent to their true needs and to condition or another word I can put it this way the self deceit their self deceit these are the same group of people that will say Lord Lord have we not cast out devils heal the sick done all the things in your name and Christ will say I never gave fuel sputum out of his mouth so a lot of parables find a parallel to matriculate a few all right but we continue here verse seventeen because thou say is I am rich increased with goods and have need of nothing and no was not what Christ is about to do is outline the true condition of Laodicea and I've been working to find some things are very enlightening and these characteristics but thou art wretched miserable poor and blind and naked so five things this church is wretched this church is miserable therefore they're blind and naked so what does those things what do those things mean if someone can turn quickly to Romans chapter seven and verse twenty four Romans chapter seven and verse twenty four prevention that I am who's child to live anything the body of the staff okay familiar chapter I at the end of the chapter and conclusion the man of Romans seven cries out old wretched man that I am what's the wretched man well as described in all of Rome Romans chapter seven hundred give you coup he knows what is right you want to do what's right but he can do it the good that is that I know that I do not but that which I don't want to do that is what I do know it's a tong twister so a wretched man this church is wretched because he knows what is right but he can't accomplish it he knows and he even wants to do what God 's will is but he doesn't have the power to do it that is a wretched man okay with continuing first Corinthians chapter fifteen verse nineteen first Corinthians chapter fifteen first nineteen ninety nine open faced the threat of all men most miserable and so a miserable person by definition of this text is that those people that have only hope in this life if they have no hope outside of this life no hope for a better future of all men they are most miserable of the weather that they violated the state have no hope outside of this life they are living this life as though this was all there is I'm rich I'm increased with goods and doing wonderful in the comment of a microphone more keep it keep it brief again please eat people they think that they have hope in Christ in this life that they really only have in this life is not for the future good point you what he said they think that they have hope in a future life but it's actually only in this life that they have what they really desire their common back to yes we got into Romans seven yes on had recognized his condition down and it was in view of life in an coffee and south you must totally unable to do it that the Chapter seven and eight the young together and we see how this man because they've been victorious and discussing it on at exactly right Romans I don't want to repeat what idea that Romans seven is the experience or suppose that is not Romans eight and from effect to every of them altogether but latest via is stuck in Romans seven F the problem is the never moved onto chapters chapter eight no living at this not after the flesh good points are right let's continue next next verse James chapter two verse five James two five okay let's have a volunteer anyone on this reader that are at the sake of time James chapter two verse five hard to my beloved brethren has not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which yet promises and eleven so this defines was what it needs to be rich spiritually speaking to be rich means to have faith to be rich means that faith but this church by Asea their poor spiritually than me they lack faith a lack faith okay next verse second Peter second Peter chapter one verse nine second Peter chapter one verse nine p.m. astronomy okay where moving along here I'll disagree to organize and run out of time here Peter chapter one verse nine is that they see the lactose these things is blind and cannot see afar off and have forgotten that he was purged of his old sins so this is a tech at the end of the list of characteristics is that if you lack these things then you are so what is it that these the church way to see of lacking that go back to verse three according as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of him that had called us to glory and virtue whereby are given to us exceeding great and precious promises that by these mighty partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world to us beside this artist was before you giving all diligence at your faith virtue and to virtue knowledge and to knowledge temperance and to temperance patience and to patience godliness and to godliness brotherly kindness brotherly kindness charity also known as Peter 's latter of certification steps in which we develop into the likeness of Christ to be partakers of the divine nature now I gone through all always visible more is one more so the church of latest you did not never Klein Peter the latter they never walk the steps of segregation never partook of divine nature and the last one is there naked also the wretched miserable poor blind and naked and nakedness team you remember the story I August reference and for you to go back and read it relationship are Genesis chapter three Adam and Eve they ate of the fruit and all of a sudden they realize something that they were naked and that they were ashamed and they hid themselves and to try to sew fig leaves together nakedness as when we say and it is not just ignorance than it is comes as unknown transgression unknown violation of the we express the will of God it's a shame we feel shameful because we kneels right or renewals long and did it anyway so now all of these things later Thea characterizes wretched miserable poor blind and naked and all of these things if I can put in one word it has to do with heart conversion it has to do with the character that have to do with Christ in them the hope of glory so what's the solution was the solution were to try to deal with this very quickly here admonitions is inverse eighteen August fly through this Christ counseled them to buy of him several things the biochem gold tried in the fire white arraignments and ISAF three things we need to buy gold tried in the fire white raiment and I found whether these things represent first of all what does it mean for us to buy what does Christ mean when he says we need the fine I thought salvation editing with free we have to pay for it okay our common year that means there's an exchange that's right this is extremely bias of the aegis of the injured something is wrong that the Jesus means what we don't have is what he's offering we will come to him we can buy from you and the things that we need good there is an exchange anything they place out what is that exchange in simply basically what Christ requires I rated this is everything he requires everything the parable of the pearl of great price for that pearl of great fraud the merchant hassle already happened when the man I was filling the field found the treasure that's in the field he went home he sold all that he had to buy that the when the rich young ruler came to Jesus and by the way the rich young ruler I believe has a lot of similarities with this latest Ian Church Christ says one thing thou lacked this go sell all that thou hast given before and come and follow me whether things turned by his representative in the parable of the ten virgins only just oil the threads by to go to them that sell and buy it is good wise words didn't have enough for both right to the privilege convergence is the message latency or vice versa is so applying means to be willing to surrender everything a paragraph you are and I was watching my kinky talk about the church 's legacy on time and he said that's not made it was very very wealthy and they had merchant said that our lot in life and carry out tentative agreement and close they had a university that they came up with a mouse and a healing an appointment for the IR the thing he was addressing every point there NASA the literal latest CNN all of the things that nothing really interesting point that so when Christ says whatever you need you need to buy from me what is about what he's saying is you need to be willing to sacrifice everything for what I'm about coffee everything your preconceived ideas your future plans your goals aspirations whatever they are lay them on the altar that's the only way you'll get one about the offer you the weather the offer first of all he offers gold tried in the fire that you may be rich now boldly I talked about or how to be rich in faith gold is what makes a person wealthy and the rich are the rich in faith but one of the main gold tried in the fire was looking James again James chapter one James chapter one and verse three actually verse two let's start there James chapter one verse two onto three this is my brethren count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations or tests knowing this that the trying of your faith work if patients but let patience have her perfect work that ye may be perfect and entire wanting nothing Christ is telling his people not only do you need faith you need faith that been tested with trials tried in the fire eating to go through the difficult times that this life has to offer we've I think we've discussed this before here at Ivanhoe the trial of our faith represent the gold tried in the fire faith next the white raiment that you may be clothed and the shame of your nakedness does not appear less much revelation chapter of Warhammer Revelation chapter nineteen Revelation chapter nineteen numbers eight Revelation nineteen verse eight it says and to her meaning the life of the land to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints so white raiment Christ offers his people is righteousness he offers righteousness and the righteousness that covers the shame meaning covered their nakedness me the righteousness that enable them to stop transgressing that the best issue when it comes naked you always be naked of longer transgressing God 's will knowingly and try set on the cover that the eminent power you to overcome okay and I south of eyesalve that I feel a lot about the eyes out but let's just am reference a few things here I'll just go this out when the Bible says spiritual things how must they be discerned spiritual things are spiritually discerned there's a story in John chapter nine versus turn there will quick John chapter nine the whole chapter has to do with Jesus healing of blind Jesus on the Sabbath day find the blind man who wants to have a site restored he makes a little oxalate poultice with his saliva with it on the guide I says go and wash in the pool silo and under the whole exchange that goes on after the after that healing the man is healed the Pharisees are up in arms and missing this guy didn't keep us out of an yada yada yada look at one birth year verse seventeen so the Pharisees asking the man who had his eyes open for seventeen they say into the blind man again what say is Val of him that he has opened nine eyes he sat he is a prophet Jesus somehow notice something am also continuing the study through the miracle of giving eyesight to the man demonstrated to this blind man that Jesus was indeed a profit so I guess one of the one of the jobs of a prophet is to give site to the blind and particularly spiritually spiritual discernment comes from the gift of prophecy and we can look at him the book of first Microsoft profit are you acquainted with Sears ethnic investment Old Testament name or term for profit this year the profits are help God 's people have spiritual discernment and spiritual eyesight so what does that say about the church of latest year they need the spiritual discernment to be opened they need to be able to discern spiritual things and what is the gift that God has given to them the gift of prophecy the gift of prophecy so let's look at what we discussed so far Jesus says I wanted to buy me sacrifice everything and he said gold tried in the fire meaning the trying of your faith okay and then white raiment that cover your nakedness the righteousness of the saints which includes obedience to the commandments and finally I found many spiritual discernment the Holy Spirit the gifts of prophecy is the spirit of prophecy so the latest in church cries of giving them all the ingredients for them to be to have to keep the commandment of God to have the testimony of Jesus at the faith of Jesus and of the patient of the saints those furthering about the church of legacy Christ is intending for them to be the final generation and he's offering them everything that they need even though they are in the weakest of all we know the weakest of the week of all the generations of human degeneracy they have the highest call and they are the greatest gifts the greatest blessings have been given


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