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The Book With Seven Seals

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • May 17, 2008
    9:00 AM
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him welcome everyone good morning I just want to remind you of some mom ASIC ground rules for this class there is a microphone in the back Carlos a friend had that we are recording this class so all your comments and if you're going to volunteer to read a Bible text please pick up the mic razor handle comes you amply speak up into the mic to mic is only for recording purposes is not for amplification so you said another speak about everyone here and also another note there will be no class no revelation glad next week both of the teachers myself as well as Norman will be out of town for graduations and other states so we won't be here but the week after that Norman will be picking up with the seven seals so today were being a little bit ambitious what are we trying to do today all we need to wrap up a few loose ends this three points or so from Revelation class last week and then we are going to try to hit the high points in both Revelation chapter four and five so and try to conference all those things they so let's get right to it without a fair movie started father in heaven this morning we are thankful for the opportunity to study a word as we continue to seek a better understanding of this book which is a revelation of your son Jesus Christ may we be able to understand his character more fully so that we may be more like him it is as we study now we pray in Jesus name so let's turn to Revelation chapter Rio Ohio a few loose and revelations that the three were still the latest via and I want to particularly deal with the end of the methods delayed to see a inverse nineteen it says as many as I love I rebuke and chasten zealous therefore and repent the Christ as being very honest he said look on TV guys strong counsel I'm rebuking and chasing you but what does that mean Hebrews eleven the foot there are shooting he was twelve verse eleven let's have a volunteer read that one for us microphone Hebrews twelve verse eleven and seems pleasant at the painful missing piece have been trained by it okay so Chase being chastened by Christ now may not be comfortable whether the purpose to it quite a Hebrews twelve it says afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness so Christ chastening beef the righteousness and in verse twenty back in Revelation three first twenty this is the greatest need all of the other things that we talked about the white raiment the eyesalve the gold tried in the fire all of those things really come naturally when you receive out what crisis offering in verse twenty the twentieth of the whole extent of the door knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come into thank you so I was up within and he with me a lot to be said about that one birth I encourage you to go study some of the parables of Christ Christ parable she has certain parable to talk about eating together suffers about being a servant about knocking at the door he has several parables all dealing with no thing and all related defects but just the one thing I want to mention here is that what tries above all desires for us is to allow him to come in he want to come in and we mentioned last week that one of the key messages to the church of philosophy which is also to be read in the church of legacy is idea of the mystery of God and the mystery of God Christ in you the hope of glory so revelation free verse twenty the whole just or the main point of this text is Christ wants to come in and Christ in you the hope of glory is the mystery of God in Revelation chapter ten the Mister God will be finished with a seventy to begin the revelation chapter three the church of legacy is chock-full of relationships with antiphon messages and the bottom line with the church of later see it is they need to live the life of righteousness by faith that's the key righteousness by faith is the message the latest the and it also happens to be the message that will bring Jesus back so very important stuff in the church of latest year okay to wrap it up there is one oh connected directly to chapter four it says verse twenty one the promised and overcome this state you know will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne either have an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches so that promises overcome is the latest via is that they will be able to sit in God 's throne what does that mean Revelation twenty and look at the later Revelation twenty verse four it simply means they will be given the opportunity to judge it would be sitting as judges with God the revolution flavors for the good cross-reference of this verse and also the fact that this is lunacy this is a people being judged themselves in this thing but when he passed through the judgment you too will be given the opportunity to help in making certain decisions making judgment are right so that they could run to chapter four chapter four begins with an a transition phrase transition phrase that's at the end of verse one so let's have someone reverse wondrous revelation for verse one volunteer of the writer after the things I looked in the hot the whole door standing open in heaven and the book and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying come up here and I will show you things which must take place after that okay this verse is very important to identify what time when looking at now now prior to this verse in chapters one to three where was John physically located I promise which is on the earth that's right and seesawed Christ Christ was walking in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks which represent what the seven churches and those churches are on the air but now in chapter four if that come up hither and/or the door open right and I said I will show you what will be senior after which means you have to again revolution of the visual book yet to see what's going on there he's on the heat on the ground and then he gets transported up to heaven any standing at an open door okay and the doors open and tries that I will show you what will take place here after many from this open door onward now what door is what what the only building that we are told about that exists in heaven in the book of Revelation the temple in heaven in the Temple has two compartments is a holy place and a most holy place and the most holy Place does not appear until Revelation Chapter 11 in Revelation chapter four the holy place door is open from across the same if I will show you what will take place from the opening of the holy place door until the end so it's like John is standing at the door the sanctuary looking inside is the holy place and would assure you why it is a holy place and tries the same using this as the picture or the Mac I was surely what would take place here after so when John is looking here when the holy place was open I just throw this out there it was open when Christ ascended eighty thirty one about the time when John was alive so you know it's not a stretch to say that it's about the same time the domino line but specifically speaking you getting when Christ ascended to the holy place ministry that's when the door was open okay so what do move on verse two is says and immediately I was in the spirit and behold a throne was set in heaven and one sat on the throne now what do you suppose John immediately thought when he saw this picture just a few verses before Christ that given the promise if you overcome you will sit on my throne and then immediately cry show them God 's throne as the John immediately is very excited you can imagine God can't see the sit in the throne advances provide that so what's about to happen John is very interested and round about the throne when you skip around in this chapter when I did get to talk about everything verse three is characteristic of God and the throne that I wish that's ongoing to this the jaspers artist on the rainbow the emerald all of those things are very fascinating numbers for we see that there are twenty four elders of verse five we see out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne and this is the reason why we can conclude that this is the holy place before the throne of God or seven laps which represent the seven branches of the candlestick right as aware are we where in the holy place RI and then also in chapter four we are introduced in verse seven Ashley six seven and eight two four living creatures known as the four beasts in Revelation four okay were trying to hit the high points of you understand when I'm going to go through every single person detail but this is what we see why I want to talk about particularly are the four beasts the twenty four elders in a jump to chapter five which is really the main point of what chapter four setting up camp before you only setting the stage for what's about to happen in chapter five so the four beasts we see them in Revelation chapter four verses seven and eight or six seven eight that he was set so in the midst of the throne and round about the throne him in Revelation four verse six there were four beasts full of eyes before and behind for this creature is for my community very observant if of a perceptive creature this piece can see a lot okay that had left the significance or seven and the first beast was like a lion and the second beast like attack the third beast had a face as a man and the fourth these would like a flying eagle and the four beasts had each of them six wings about him and they were full of lies within and they rest not day and night saying holy holy holy Lord God Almighty which was and is and is to come so we had these four living creatures who look like four different other creatures that six links now what are these creatures on the given timeout on how far to go let me throw them to give you some references okay Chapter six hundred and six you can look particularly in verses two and six there is a picture you member the story of Isaiah right Isaiah was called up to heaven and the inverse in chapters one to five Isaiah said well I wanted them to do that as well and then the do that and then chapter sixty see the holiness of God client lifted up his train filled the temple and he said woe is me because I am undone I'm a man of unclean nuts enough I got this logo for us and and I visit here my sending is that famous chapter and in that chapter Isaiah saw some creatures flying around that six wings with Twain they cover their hot faces between the cover their feet with twenty afoot it says and they cry a holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty all the time so it's a very similar comparison and those angels in Isaiah six there called Seraphim because their offense so on consent to call these four beasts Serafin and interesting to note that they exist in the Old Testament is an important point in that and also this this throws me throw some people off an easy queue chapter one you can look in basically the whole chapter he just describing before creatures they have different faces each creature had four faces and it also for wings and the four phases believe it or not is the face of a lion is the Catholic faith the man the face of an eagle now that's a meat does not it does not undermine my faith in the Bible some people say if it is think reaches why do they look differently about remember the book of Revelation and prophecy a lot of finger giving and symbols revelation you said you signify the things of the beast they actually represent something is not just that they look a certain way is that there look represents something significant sonnet on the leave that aside and the and talks that physically about before the four types of creatures that these angels look like now in the Old Testament time in Exodus time God design or data pattern for the sanctuary to be built the tabernacle and this in the Temple in the wilderness and within the center of the cat and in the camps surrounded it in a square on four sides the North South East and West and interestingly enough the four tribes that are innermost in that circle or not square have as their symbol or their the creature on their flag on their on their standards exactly these exact for creatures okay so Dan the tribe of Dan they live they pitched their camp to the north immediately to the north of the tabernacle and they have the sign of the Eagle on their standard and by the way the side of the North if you look at Isaiah chapter fourteen Satan Lucifer said I will ascend to the side of the North for God 's throne is on the north side North represents God 's direction that's why when there is the king of the North in Daniel chapter eleven it is a blasphemous power because the claims to be sitting on the side of the North the goddess in the north the Eagle actually is related to divinity eagle on the north side related divinity peace there is Judah and his standard if the lion of the tribe of Judah and what I see that this description comes up in Revelation chapter five about Jesus Christ on the south where the tribe of Reuben the firstborn Ruben is the firstborn and the standard show the picture of a man the man and on the west we have the tribe of Ephraim and his standard shows the cat which is the sacrificial or servile animal and either tribes closest of the tabernacle did the closest drives connected to the sanctuary outside of the be but of course I believe I don't have a particular physical geographic location so these four creatures are the creatures are symbolized at those closest involved with the plan of salvation their closest to the tabernacle they aren't the most observance you know the eyes to the character of God as he deals with phone Mac and this is interesting because in chapter five the characteristics of the four beasts become absolutely crucial to what transpires in chapter five before beasts are very important and also if you just want to flip their real quick Revelation chapter six when I can talk about the fields I just want to show you something important Revelation chapter six verse one percent and I saw when the Lamb opened one of the field and I heard it as it were the noise of thunder one of the four beasts came and said come and see verse three and when he had opened the second seal I heard the second beast say come and see verse five and when he opened the third seal I heard the third beast say comments the MN verse six and I heard a voice and midst before I excuse me on lifetime member seven and when he had opened the fourth seal I heard the voice of the fourth beast the first four seals also happened to be the four Horsemen of revelation the white one the red one the black one the pale but all of the four horsemen are directly related to a specific piece notice of that essay one of the beasts and then one of the beast one of the beef one of the bay are definite the first one a second one the third one the fourth one so the identification of the beast or the characteristics of the peace are directly related to what the four first four seals are all about so I'm a throw that out there what assignment steals in a few weeks as of the four beasts the bay take on the characteristics of what their beholding and whether beholding to the plan of salvation as found in a sanctuary system okay now we also have the twenty four elders twenty four elders are very special and become up several times in the book of Revelation saw nothing to spend a whole lot time right now on the twenty four elders but I do want to mention this revelation for verse four they are seated on thrones so there's again it is directly related to what was promised a lazy adjusting the previous chapter and seated around the throne very few creatures have that distinct honor most creatures are either flying at proclaiming God 's holiness or they are prostrate before dawn when in his presence but very very few people described in Scripture had the privilege of sitting with God that's why such a privilege when Christ promises if you overcome a lady sit with me in my throne that's a very high high honor at the VA the twenty four elders being evidently they are in very important positions they are dressed also like 3-D they have white raiment of a crown on their heads golden crown and in Revelation chapter five hundred of us get there because when I can have time to go through all of it religion fibers eight and ten we are told that they carry vials which are the prayers of the saints in chapter five verse eight the somehow they carry the prayers of the righteous they somehow play a part in carrying this up briefly work in fact and not revolution five or ten they proclaim that they are priests and kings a more importantly is the identification of dear Ashley caring the files with the prayers and then that was a significant other twenty four elders many make this one point when you look in first Chronicles you can write it down first Chronicles chapter twenty four it essentially the whole chapter but primarily the first nineteen verses verses one through nineteen we are shown the division of the priesthood the family of Aaron is divided his sons and his posterity are divided into just how many divisions twenty four priestly divisions fascinating why is that remember the Bible principle is that upon the word of two or three witnesses a truth shall be established and it is a very common sense of the writing journalism if you only get information from one source you tend not to put all of your weight on just one source unless of course as I witnessed now there's different levels but if there's too confirming sources then you have more possibly in the same way the priestly ministry there are two priests for every try twenty four priests twice were divisions twelve tribes it is idea to each tribe has at least two witnesses because the sanctuary service also is it in it and affect day of atonement it's a judgment scenario the system of judgment to twenty four division of the priest of the twenty four elders we see here they play in a way the role of the priests and they also play a role in the work of standing on behalf of God 's people this year the prayers and so they can testify and it's interesting to note that the few other times you see the forty four elders Revelation Chapter 11 with investigative judgment begins in also Revelation chapter seven one hundred and forty four thousand are proclaimed by the way the hunter forth without an relationship or seven identified as twelve tribes of Israel for the twenty four elders I'm not I can't tell you conclusively right now in a study of more later but I did notice they haven't an vital and essential role in the work of judgment and in the role of determining who is a part of the one hundred and forty four thousand that is a very important work twenty four elders are right or moving on were almost chapter five revolutions have before verse eleven were in what looked there because thou art worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor and power for thou hast created all things for the pleasure they are and were created some God is worthy in chapter four because the creator okay and if you make a point and move on in chapter five God is worthy because he is Creator all right relationship to five verse one and I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside field with seven seals I saw strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice who is worthy to open the book and to boost the seal thereof and no man in heaven on earth neither under the years with able to open the book needed to look thereon and I wept much because no man was found worthy to open to read the book neither to look thereon Revelation chapter five the whole point of this chapter in the book with seven seals and who is worthy to open the book there's a book with seven seals is written on the inside of it on the backside has been all around and a seven sealed locking this book and who can open the seven seals when you go to them in Revelation chapter six through eighth when you went each seal is open if not a revelation of what's inside the school when he opened the seal of circuit event takes place but it's not necessarily reviewing what's inside the school one by Theta when he beat him a few passages you visit from the ninth volume of management releases P seven paragraph two it said there in his open hand laid the book this is the book with seven field the role of the history of God 's Providence since the prophetic history of nations and the church herein let's contained a divine utterances of authority has commit him on the whole symbolic Council of eternal and a history of all ruling powers in the nation in symbolic language with contained in that scroll the influence of every nation and people from the beginning of earth history to a close seven two yes so in essence this book is a transcription of all of human history of holidays every jot every tittle every detail every motive and very clearly how God participated to make is well known in human history and I have another quote here you can ask before later it said essentially the same thing is that the destiny of every nation was contained in that book as a bath what this book with seven seals ever that's that's what it is if the entire history of the this world and sealed with seven seals and no man can open that book why wouldn't try at that question so this book is essentially it's a for knowledge it is the detailed transcription of the foreknowledge of God for the history of this world and no man can look upon it because no man worthy to make history diversify so who is able to open this book and one of the elders said to me we'd not behold the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David had prevailed to open the book the loose the seven seals thereof and I beheld and low in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts numbness of the Elder stood a Lamb as it had been slain having seven seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God sent forth into all of your entertainment to the book of right hands and the sun felt we reveal introduced to the person who is able to open the book and now who is this person if we want to stay in and out and a word is Jesus yes but remember the description of how Jesus is presented is imported Jesus here to the line of the tribe of Judah have we heard about lines in the lesson today one of the four beasts this alliance see the root of David root of David means he is a posterity of David he is partaker of our human nature this is individual who is worthy to open the book is also a man okay he is also the land that was slain in the land is a sacrificial animal just like a cat is a sanctuary sacrificial animal and finally he had the seven spirits of God can have the Spirit of God except God before characteristic of the beast what they are observing they are spending all day every day every sleepless moment and they don't sleep watching the character of Jesus looking at his character as the lion of the tribe of Judah and the man Christ Jesus root of David at the land that was slain and also as the Spirit of God or he who possesses the seven spirits of God these are the characteristic that and able him to open the book and we can talk a lot more about that but here's here is the here is the just okay this book is Christ or God 's foreknowledge of all of human history why then is Christ only one worthy to look about and open it simply because Christ is the reason that all of this history was permitted to occur without Christ this book would have not ever been able to have been written in the first place Christ and other places you called the Landoll slain from the foundation of the world and Christ because of his life his death and his resurrection he had given the entire human race the opportunity to have this first existence but with me in Romans chapter five Romans chapter five Romans chapter five in verse eighteen grown fibers eighteen it says here therefore as by the offense of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life now it's clear we know that justification is not granted to all men just because Christ died the provision was made but yet is said that text but because the cry that all men have the justification of life meaning the justifications actually live what this says is that because Jesus Christ became a man lived the righteous life died in our place and was resurrected to God in heaven it gave all of us the rights to live the first time the death of Christ gives us that chance to choose it when you send as far as the law and just of the concern they deserve death but because Christ was willing to diner place be are able to live today and that is why this book can only be opened by Jesus Christ because without him this book would have been invalid it would not have ever been open to us all right Barbara coming to a close year were just catching on one final point and in that in relation to that verse twelve with what their verse twelve says of the Angels and the beast and the elder they all say with a loud voice verse twelve worthy is the land that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing and every creature was in heaven and on the earth and under the CFO dishonesty and all that are in them heard I saying blessing and honor and glory and power beating in the city is upon a throne and unto the Lamb forever and ever remember in Revelation chapter four why was God worthy to receive all of these provisions he was the creator but in Revelation chapter five we see Christ now he's worthy because he's read Diemer cries God is worthy of our praise of all power glory honor blessing what have you because number one the creator and number two because DVD more and the book with seven seals will be open one day very soon but until that day what we need to realize is that the land that is opening the book is waiting for us to make that choice so that we will be ready to see that book one is under role you will not be on the wrong side because he is already given of life that visible can be written in the first place as though in two weeks no class next week into reason we talk about the seven seals and you won't want to miss that


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