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The Depth of His Love

Siegfried Roeske



  • May 17, 2008
    10:00 AM
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him again on this beautiful salad morning worship God in the head at that hope it's nice to the new faces is special group and God is blessing what are you doing universe virtually often excluded a is found in Matthew twenty six and I like to be versus thirty six through forty one and I pray this morning that is the Sheridan message from God 's word that everything on on us so much theology so much history I pray that we like to think of our story this morning regarding how best friend Jesus was human this is Holy Spirit to the Angels and who is watching and participating business in and worship and make the version of meaningful to us he's a friend is out of brother were talking about him today and I think his name of the owner beginning verse thirty six then comes Jesus met them on to a place called his family and sent his disciples sixty one article write on their page images sounds is that he began to be sorrowful and very happy then Saturday unto them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death chair here and watch with me a member of further and fell on his face in trying saying oh my father if it is possible that this cup pass from me never to as I will let us now will and he comes under the disciples find them as we says the dealer watch could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak it was Thursday evening approximately Jesus and his disciples were eating the last supper together in the upper room this sang a hymn to God no collection for the poor and then they go way down the steps to the guy that you send a was always kept open during Passover time splashing through the book and a small book however during Passover it is knowing that God because of the many sacrifices were made known to all Jordan and the northern end of the Dead Sea and on the other side unknown alternate the several moonless shining full from a cloudless sky the city of pilgrims and divers sin was hashed into silence as they were sending money out of it became by the vineyards pass Stonewall of mindless hanging over on the side and Jesus turned around to go divine waited on the Sabbath and then got erased it into the moonlight saying I am the vine neither mighty cedar not just follow but it shows the fine the needed support meeting on the I remind you the range is you must clean and you must be upon the heavenly father and informed me Jesus gave John fourteen in the upper room regarding the second coming that your hearts be troubled you believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house are many mansions go to retire gracefully and then he gave John fifteen and sixteen and seventeen did not have walked slowly to be able to get Wallace chapters between the upper room and disseminate their Jesus came to the father the road the past on the right foot Angel Athlon all of it the Bethany Van Nuys is Mary and Martha the decoder gone that night and stayed with them like this many times the five hundred and fourteen into the garden Jesus Possum moment and make a decision and most important decision he decided to go the past of sorrow the path to disseminate immediately as he stepped into the path he stopped speaking disciples over because he was thinking constantly between the upper room and now Sharon is one of the messages of hope some total silence and they seem to be a weight upon his back because he seemed to be walking with heavy node strainer is a you seem to be victory dragging his feet down the path in fact it was terrible you seem to be moaning and groaning him him and his wife and you seem to mean the coming week in North America for the past and he's a mold and what a fine but the disciples asked him often and often to straighten up again and one brother was inevitable again he checked himself had it not been for the disciples now they knew that something was wrong there it is the grown coming from him and he supported him and her again to the garden they had prayed many a night before this was not a strange place and Jesus said to the age established a huge inside the gate I don't let him to James and John the three living with him on the mound of transfiguration or acetaminophen are a and all heaven Moses and John and Ann is a feature that speaking together now enabled CM in the darkest hour of anguish and pain Jesus wanted to sign Jesus rent is still so young when he told his disciples to stay and train now tonight would you please pray for yourself and then also include me so far as we know Jesus had never asked this before that anyone would pray for him tonight please pray for me I need your prayers tonight and he has been just a little further testify that they couldn't hear and see Jesus from where they were and Jesus goes in a positive space and begins to pray now if only the picture of Jesus and the godlike preceded on some walls kneeling their gender is authorized on a star on his hands folded him under beautiful light of heaven his hair beautiful relying on his shoulders peace and quiet that's not the way of life that is not the actual Gethsemane because his family was in our E English D and D Payne Jesus now caused prostate onto the ground he begins to cry I'll go farther isn't it on another way to save my friends I want to drink this cup as well as charitable I want to do in Florida and as I began to receive your residue is prior instead Satan whose of the invading for three nanometers for one small golden opportunity office Angels from all gathered together around Jesus because of darkness in the blackness this is the opportunity to want time for the last opportunity to ruin in the Jesus on one of God and Lucifer comes close to Jesus and he begins to whisper in his ear surely you are not going through with this are you you know nobody is what you doing tonight in the garden journal that he has in this virtual custodians of God 's message they don't care they have rejected you and your friends don't care what you like your very own disciples they don't care what remembers going to betray him not just the front is going to do I was cursing in front of you going to leave you why you want to do this great sacrifice in the engine uses is on the tremendous burden and is ruthlessly marrying for companionship a word of encouragement from somebody a human voice is human on the human hand is important is growth over the rep Peter James and John are ready left him praying and they had been praying for the season and finds in this I figure it has been away and participate and have a part in encouraging process the hypothalamus the only way call values as they look at Jesus he recognized the face I barely recognize it as such contorted and so interested and if so in anguish if you are applying to want to speak as you says it's okay it's okay please write the night for me and printable yourselves Jesus returns to the place of prayer and whose of our returns again he comes close to him and whispers again given a lot of thought I say four thousand years ago I began to scatter so I'm not forever if you go through the sacrifice you will be separated from the father and never ever when you see the father again it was a tremendous temptation you will cut yourself off for him and that was no hope for Jesus toward Sunday morning we are told that this English the sin of the world was so far around Jesus it could not be penetrated Jesus did not see you Sunday morning there was no assurance and huge struggle and the English and the pain that his whole body was in convulsion contracting working so much so that was squeeze out of the pores of the skin is Chicago's backup can order the disciples acetic acid is either just the roast before we began meeting on the way to the God you guys at all he says that y'all leave me tonight and is now not mean that everybody else I will leave you I don't even die for you as we do now is when he is needed these is the college honor James by that come to Jesus saying find boys I have owned his anger on what to do now contain the Mexican Jerry and treasuring the kingdom in Jesus and the are you able to drink the cup and I have talked on Ewald yes he said yes you should have no idea what it was the answering tonight please would you please notify you can drink it was at least help me to hold all this into no small wonder what usable is there you know he's tremendous interest today nothing 's changed his approach discarded with the same Jesus returns the base of her falling to the ground again him crying how all these beginning to hang on to the article these feeling he's an Irish way of the nothingness because of the sins of the world weighing upon written holders being is digging into the earth all five hour car is not an runaway I know you're the great God of the universe early must be another way three times is not in the range from the data three times as well either way and a great car and then fell upon Jesus and we are told that Jesus made his decision to accept the sin of a fallen world to accept the guilt and shame on the following ways at Razorback of God against sin and if positive the ground having it it is a inviting this was news to me I didn't always understand Jesus make a sacrifice in Gethsemane I was on was across the decision was made and in and disseminate it except for the sin of the world and he was dying in Gethsemane by the sacrifice must not be quiet must not be donated and raised it must be visible it must be before the entire world and so did rotating the angel Gabriel and put his hand under the dying form of Jesus held his hand old Peter later on how he wished he had been awake enough to put his hands under the hitter Jesus for eternity you would be grateful to them that their health is not fine gable was said and strengthened you just cannot take away the wages of sin is strengthened him trying to order and Jesus got up from the occasion with new strength to carry the sacrifice to Calgary now picture heaven the untold items in heaven and worse for monitoring out of Angels and Asahara already whirls the golf great in being for mounting it was all focusing on the theater of God 's grace planet Earth there watching what was happening down here to see how the father would answer the prayer of the sun the whole universe trembled in the balance even though Jesus could say it's too much back to my father in heaven it's too much that Jesus makes a decision during your life because PACs a history of this planet looking back and looking forward to seeing all that he was in a spot on this planet and he sees all the anguish and he saw the pain and disease those who will respond PCs millions will be saved by this sacrifice that he is making right now anything that I wanted anything down in his prophetic vision is all you hear news on the year for them I will do it for them I will gladly do it for them and made this decision to do and to endure now sometimes you made in puzzles Jesus mental anguish I mean did not martyrs of all the ages go courageously to the same I made Peter and Paul Martin and I didn't make a video blog essay at the very amount of fun with this executioner when they were going to the process that unless the other way around I don't deserve to because of my neck my Savior and twenty months ago them to the maters and treatment courageously now with Jesus not as much of a man of the martyrs he is in the soil and how not enough courage who hoses had been consumed by but none had ever experienced with Jesus experienced December the Jesus was not dying a modest with the assurance that have to have an open night Stephen management and open up to it against the and to God 's people with the assurance of a resurrection Jesus was not dying on Mother's Day when Jesus came in the God and John Maeda turns into an examining the start of father 's presence left him and the union between heaven and earth broke up and she is Jesus for the very first time finds himself in a totally unique position of being cut off from the father because sin separates and the sin of the world was still sick and so Don it actually separated from the father Jesus was now paying the price for sin and that is not in Tampere that the resurrection is outrageous measure Jesus did not see his raises into he could not see the resurrection Jesus eternal death the second death the first ethanol again is an inchoate death because asleep when they go to the cemetery and our after they are beloved than the grave it's only a night Jesus will come for you have to hope and hopefully they have to hope in the before the guide also that the very next scene this up within your they will see the face of Jesus allegedly excited sometimes I talk more like a bunch of funny the subject excited about it and unless the lives of the drunk again out at almost makes you want to die because all the troubles will be over and shoplifting the easy Jesus I mean that's quickly to heaven no disability because it's only one short night the people in the greatness Jesus it was noteworthy Jesus experienced the second death he took the punishment for sin that is what happened with the sickness after the millennium no one has yet died the second death on the start of exegesis this is without the second half a thousand years ago he said he will come down from heaven and a special case will be prepared for the city demand upon and all the wicked will be raised up there will be millions and billions of them like the sand of the sea and the Holy See will be down there the gates open at the wicket look as to raise up and come to life to orient themselves to see the city and HC restrains inside the city and devoted themselves to just like you did before he died at the same him so different some of them off thirteen fourteen fifteen feet tall their conversation there and of the farm and is during the registration of Mario God is shining from them is to condemn himself and all I and themselves some are just a short time don't know how much time he gets but it has enough time to organize army I don't always read and restart the tanks and airplanes that have been no abundance when Jesus came second time his second coming we don't know how much time will get we don't know what kind of non- easily organize all he knows the look of the city please go to counties people and his generals all the wicked general stages of their people inspire them instead of the city can you see in the middle there I see the tree of life I don't want this to your life I don't want economy we must get into your life we can live forever the suitability of the and only some millions of them are devastating and Revelation twenty he has to think he's granted this is the gay circles the rickets are organized and under the generalship of Satan himself they make their way over the rough broken up around from my second coming of these chaos and surround the city at this time the Lord Jesus would appear high and lifted up over the city for his final coronation was a coronation heaven Lucifer challenge Jesus and typing a space before his rebellion that was a correlation there him think I like discussing this morning this is a second coronation again to help clarify as to the position of who Jesus is because it has been a misunderstanding we know in Jerusalem the scribes and Pharisees the Roman soldiers also mocked them smote them in the face a prophesy to the son of God all come down from the bus to get the son of God now they're going to find out who this person was that the crucified Jesus for his final coronation of economic iMacs of the universe the history of salvation will be repaid on this large-screen beginning of a father who spend heaven down to creation and there on the screen Jesus will be seen speaking the powers were interested forth in the trees came about and animal skin about ice cream man unless the ad of any evil and bring away finds itself at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and she reaches out her and we see the fall then the ages this was Abraham and Isaac coming to Mount Mariah all Abraham when a man of God but I see what his son Abraham teenager with a position to dad had enough faith and trust in his dance walk with God the way to go this contrary to everything you accept that God was asking for waiting to be put in the altar Abraham Isaac then of course Lucy Noah preaching to the people of his generation him wanting him and ridiculing him finding the door without seeing hands shouting in the water coming enough not under people knocking on the door this time not ridiculing this from no no no I can only not shut the door in the probation for this plan only a few souls see inside and then we come through to Calvary and I'll be there we'll see those hands was even hands and mistreated a loving Savior loving friend and then everyone went into the screen at the time of their birth and history this interest will see the wonderful love of God and they will see on the screen as they attend God made in the follows a different way so the Holy Spirit Angels so human instrumentalities and all right all right all right candelabra were the same as in our effort these are the vision I was received there will see every sermon that they had heard from high-speed motion people here again and read leave for error on every friendly target everybody does it and overture and bringing them to Jesus what we need the will be the sentences seems in righteousness and judgment will come and gone so they will realize that Hamas not because God large God who doesn't care what he is eleven years old God is trying to drive inside a thousand ways to save the souls of every dollar they get indoctrinated about Anita dark and it was a nobleman not exactly have rejected little over and over and over again a thousand behind on the him whose roof was pursuing them and then poof and in order to be lost and will see all that and they will realize that God is a wonderful God in every knee will bow in heaven and earth and confess that God is holy loving righteous God even Lucifer himself will be on his knees the last time he was in his knees was the first coronation when God says the record straight regarding Jesus was and he said is the last time I will bow down now it will be the last time this one more time coming at the very end of time but having me in heaven and earth will involve and proclaimed as one voice that we serve and loving kind merciful heavenly father and to make it now and get up and it turned Lucifer as a cause you and your PC does not also to see what bad and then follows almost horrible mental anguish about what the designers of knowing you could've had each remedy you can live forever and now you're about to be destroyed into all the advanced hell is a note note some of the law makes it possible and to see inside the city walls whatever you allow them to see inside the city and it was seen at all some of the tranquility and of these and the jar in the early and because of God 's people inside evidence is that he and NAC that you have brought it down without the enzyme after you enjoy the garden with ease and happiness of heaven and now the outside and a job well I was overlooking the God allow his client to come down from heaven and from the earth to cleanse the earth of all phases of sin and evil not fire is not the price of sin sometimes people have been taught that the fires of punishment for sin that's just want to defy it will be a blessing to the pain and anguish that students would experience at that time because it will stop the pain and horror of realizing what they had gone in rejecting nothing Savior and enjoy your eternity the mental anguish that will now be taking care to the fire if a fireman of punishment for sin that Jesus didn't pay the processing because you never I repeat the price sin is looking at the glories of an eternal world before you to see this happen to us to see what God had in store and the CWD on the law of God is whatever your shop on the range of gifts you know what just think it's so now in the garden Jesus is experiencing the horror of what they make it experience after the thousand years and he's doing it for you and me so we do not have to experience it ever now vicariously he's taking upon himself human monumental experience Air France total separation of his father and disseminated Jesus uses the blood of him and ever and ever to be through the Islamic Denzil we can you are interested in round you use just and lasting and fifty years in a really nice that the sacrifice Jesus made it is unbelievable I have accepted by faith that he was living as a system of God to become nothing forever so I can will once go find I can absolutely wonderful I can only get a tiny bit of it into my brain but that is wonderful and it's enough to make me policy for your to Jesus the cross itself is not the processing metadata about a process we are told that in seventy A.D. in the destruction of Jerusalem but the Roman soldiers put up hundreds of crosses along the road basically crosses and had people there are crucified hundreds of them the cross is the public expression of the sacrifice of the world could see that Jesus didn't die of heart failure that it was a sacrifice if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me but the price of sin is eternal separation for you in the four guilty of many evil and terrible sins before the Lord Jesus analogies all mental anguish and sense of place and that is why the holy furor son of God shrinks from this project and is praying for another way if it were possible that Italiana a good man but if I could die for everyone in this room today and know for sure will you learn on Monday I will be raised again you know I might think about it I only pray about it at Monday got Cesar but this is not what happened Jesus paid a most horrible price and we must understand that Jesus died for us and what he went through no magazines film the passion many people are blessed by it and I think the board but the emphasis of the physical pain business case now not that it's wrong I think this is over Jesus experienced physical beta was on a half even when you know that Sony will the real suffering behind the window behind the door which was that terrible mental anguish that children in the world 's poorest that's another story that's the same yours in mind that costs this blackness in the floor in his life this is Lucien not just the physical the physical is a window importance is also now some questions like Jesus catalyst impotency there's always about again did Jesus know that he would be raised up again and again he said in another place the sign of Jonah give no is it I'm going to be settled in on assignment the sign of Jonah was three days you know in the belly of the fish but general meeting of examinee it was a different story when Jesus said the things he was in close connection to the father the channels are totally open Sega sales and we disseminate that all changed in the same underworld came between the father and him and said I must send us an certain separate zones of separation causes death you know that I've studied this I was in January here we are here alive because of God 's grace similar to destroy this long time long time disgrace this is where they made me and I will face the all be dead by now sin would destroy the more God only allows place in exercising the same as we have holiday in the world is bundled to deny that there is a God 's grace that allows them to see these words against God to give them an opportunity to be saved I because Cindy's voice and since I was the thumbnails brings up another issue say how much a thief in the process of roasted now that's pretty chosen and they love it about the sacrifice what happened there Jesus said to him I stand here today and you don't even man dies give us on the Lord helped us out we are told about Jesus is experiencing eternal separation the voice of the city comes to him are ready to upgrade all want to know something about a loving God that San Fran for which God learned about the final salvation from his chair number eleven by sacrifice on Calvary I is the darkness settled on nights out the cost him Jesus can do nothing and says my friend celebrations come to your heart you will be with me in paradise and fifty seventh and eighth knowing his receive the gift of eternal life and I disappears darkness goes back in and Jesus struggles on when the most important event in history the most important event in the universe is taking place diabetes and arthritis I may say Merry Christmas and I plan for this prayer will describe and then Jesus cries out finally and also possibly my God my God why has thou forsaken me he wasn't essentially worth the pajamas about he was stating in reality sin had cut them off from the father and he was going into oblivion yes God had forsaken him because I'm missing some money he had was gone separated to God was in the shadows but you couldn't interfere Jesus had to pick a wine press unknown unknown my seat and I am dark Calvary thank you Mark I might have mutually agreed to union happiness and pleasure with him and because of the universe and the angels and all across one of the people don't you love Jesus him go now if God how rich how pure is this house all days shall forever more in your essays and Angels on the road on the eleventh and have an advantage with these quiet moments the sacred Sabbath morning board on how thankful we are for disseminating control very for the love of God that sent his only begotten son sinful world a world that has no room for him but a stable revenue pays for him in his holy sanctuary but from outside common criminals and sinners but on the love is a strong feminist of the show highs Ron you're going through major sacrifice because in the end it will be a wonderful harvest of millions of wonderful redeem Saints enjoying a drink together for this morning a new one another even more than one to show appreciation for what focused on the way we live for the every day about us to be ready for the great even heaven shall break in the King of glory will finally come together his children are very graceful we get together to praise our namesake in Jesus name amen


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