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The Pavement and the Proposal

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 16, 2008
    7:00 PM
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who will rule will rule a commune you are surprised who is now probably thought the use of the guys is telling us who know what we already know but here you need to move to some degree have a better understanding of what we should be doing not only as Chris is what has Seventh-day Adventist it's interesting apparently this atheist believes that Christianity teaches that we gave you all will suffer eternal and he does well to reject that surround on a man and not thinking it's a pretty sad commentary when he asked us where we are come on saving me and Mrs. so that and so tonight I would like to speak to you about this theme arrived and deal than and I think about these on his words rise up and do our people will not drive unless they believe a man so in order for us to ride we must first understand why we must rise up in an humiliation was that person must take in order for a people arrived to talk about tonight winning me why we should live or how God intended to raise social and then we seen this more real and will really you know we were housing to become God is calling us to do just that he's calling you tomorrow night we won't talk about is something a house in will and I sat here looking at the screen amendment of the people speaking out about those old kung fu movies I used to watch what I was out in the world those targeting the device watching now is out of Ross on this one unless you know don't look at the screen tonight 's meeting at a life you may be thrown off the again I thank you for the invitation and I am thrilled to be here I believe the Lord will bless us tonight opening is in a blessed tomorrow night I believe you have a blessing in store for us at every single angle someone acting on your head as my career here and ask for the Lord 's guidance and heavenly father we pray for your steering esteems one will it is only maybe not have traveled here in the mainly leave you will fail someone sternly asked to come now and fulfill the place of your glory in Jesus name we pray amen wrong like you turn in your Bibles all the book of John John two eighteen John being there Jesus is who is about to reveal two one oh an extremely important principle in relation to our theme this week John chapter eighteen in verse thirty seven the Bible says in the Air Force and became I found when a king Jesus answered now safe I am again and then adding was I wrong and for this call came I into the world that are severe weakness on to the truth everyone that is of the truth herein my more there is a long address Jesus tells us and the very reason he was born there very all of him entering into this world was that he should while bear witness why was Jesus born there were just all his life for his omission is love in this one verse for this cause came I into this world and we him I was well aware and caused her morning one morning when he was born in onto that you Jesus was born to winging I apparently did Jesus came into this world his recall is very mission was to win this confidential that was the reason he was born now he says in John chapter one verse twelve the Bible tells the John chapter one verse twelve is here and I as many as received in that he had want to become one son and on demons and end up in the morning they went somewhere what's the word born in Houston County became the Bible tonight okay gotcha Bibles very good so now I like when I speak I like the human know someone is alive not been a man so let's let let's try this again first twelve and then answer seemed into their native power to become what everyone started on the eight hundred and seventy one his name resizing links you are on mice were born not know the weather was less now than what who gone and anyone in here that is born again in the morning I went to the notice of the John chapter three John chapter three something you may not have realized John three and verse three Jesus him that if they are very very I found to be on the wrong blog again he cannot enter the kingdom of God oh boy except a man be born again he cannot enter the kingdom of God jumped out of the library don't need except a man be born of water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God none of his which is born the flash is not smashed and that is born of the Spirit rain standards so they are born of the Spirit is spirit when you have not been born-again armoire while the person is how can I tell if I been born again while the obvious answer is if I'm in the flash I had not been one morning to that which is born of the flesh is flesh that was one of the Spirit is spirit all within this way in the book of Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight of wanting to notice when the verse say Romans chapter eight verse six the Bible says here starts in the car never you mind be in Islam but to be spiritually minded is life and peace are more commonly needed a fresh reminder so we don't have the same distinction without a warrant of class a spiritual mind announces lower right of the spirit a spiritual mind I was born the flask is carnally minded numbers why is it that the condo market there are seven Thomas because the carnal mind if anything against God for it is not subject to lot those on God neither indeed can be so the current line is I can will you want everyone knows all the nine northern yawning right about now is a common identity of course I believe in the law of God but gotten a the law I want to read Romans chapter thirteen is the starting chapter and verse eight the viruses will not add anything to one another sure he is always another have done a lot shall tell them all so the actual cheating on them all and is in a you know in my fantasy series my problem of the tenth amendment I usually tell people that the ten Commandments is righteousness for dummy you know you listen when God rendered when I was creating those all was summed up in one word what was it with love with me but degradation of man I is a strong vibration or from righteousness and after hundreds and thousands of years when drawing tangent I have to write nothing on this is one of the site is trying out for the righteousness for I know you wanted one of them but you have no soy because that's what we are outside of Christ amen righteousness but all comes back and says don't forget that in reality that shooting on the law is summed up in one word and that is not learned enough of my consultants on numbers thirteen greater love hath no man in this ninety day in July all are far he Friday busy doing whom are you sign the Bible tells us who his friends were because while we were yet he is and he is the guide for assaulting an announcement by the Bible prophecy or as a person as Jesus was born a very special purpose is also to law maddening and will be doing my thing and live down for his friends who are really in any event in an effort as an long now are you born again you see in another city and that you are born in on a few client and I and you are not very often otherwise the very reason that Jesus was born against the very reason that we are born again and if we claim seven morning and what we are not learning it all meant something is apparent that we are not spiritually minded but we are reminded because the carnal mind is enmity against a log on and along the sand on your neighbor the people is living will the Lord by witnessing onto the truth Jesus was a licensee with his whole mission the born-again man the born-again woman will also me a line save two rings that are very hard on this and I'll go with it along with a yard unto the ten Commandments but about and beyond Babylon and the logon is not only what they are doing onto China will get ourselves right out of the car also as I is on your neighbor as yourself when you go into your name or go out there and tell somebody delusional so now you understand that to reject any reminder the defending syringe the very purpose that God called me to be born again in anything you can begin to understand something I want to know is the revelation chapter twelve or seventeen numbers we have gotten very often and read proudly Revelation twelve seventeen this is what the Bible tells a few the Dragon was angry with the woman I went to make war with the Reading first C minus zero while she and I hope you're following issues and I ever had the people who will listen really there are almost who are witnessing all who are gathering to us in this mating call the three Angels messages in all who are selling their neighbors and her friends seem in the nine hundred twenty seven starts and just on here and say all we know that we know the children in Canada and some are singular and worse of all you will we really are oddballs who are actually cheating the Commandments of God 's commandments is much bigger beloved mentor I'm keeping the law know the commandment also include possibly visiting and it is one of the grant is not in what it is one crazy son and husband I was shocked look on crime the mission of Christ and so the devil who was to make more loans which the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ it's interesting this work more in verse seventeen the British colonial it means some may be a will miss her memoir I don't recommend how can I get them to think about their mission there all I know not only will I get busy after then I will make handling busy so hardly making while the winemaking is busy the word means such way until also anybody know what it means the hustling for this is what the enemy of souls is the only one to notice of the first to chapter two verse eleven first Peter chapter two verse eleven is what the Bible tells us here first and first win in the Bible has nearly learned I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims we as saying complexities of which will more again so I will double attempt to make is to be beautiful in our God-given mission the very reason you are born again and he's lost some point there are all trying to use the law against anybody ever been involved in a conflict nor the Bible how those who talk about the lust of the wine most of the iPhone lust of the flesh the pride of life you know these three things and Sheila our witness when word of thing off after the flash where nothing when I need to lose that power that God wants when the city and testify that the chilled with vintage you know what a surprise that have previously how would you like to be embarrassed in my life the embarrassed reason I like to be embarrassed how dear you and see right eye and we'll likely that you have self-esteem life was being all that perhaps the number one reason why people do not like the weakness is because of the prime of life I want to one yeah I will still insult so I could keep my mouth quality and deliver the very mission of Christ him me that he was willing to meet embarrassed for a paint he then got off homeless Morrison we'd be willing to do that she says don't be afraid in an perfect mouth half hour while she saw the Dynamo that he can make us afraid and he can count about perfect perfect no as well the little thing on the mall we change as the money was so much that I'm willing to lay down my eye on my livelihood on my ride of life to witness to that person that's what Jesus Christ has home is to do so why say more tomorrow I use these laws on the flash I don't live in the eyes to war against us many tell you why not visit me Galatians chapter five in verse sixteen Galatians Chapter five and verse sixteen the minor child is here and I say then walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the law of the lot on the flesh the nasty in the opposites are in the opposite is true long enough for this theory on something for the class again as Terry and the Spirit against the flesh so what do you want to do anyone overwhelm us with the last on on the part of life on the north of the Ivan and the love of all on different blogs also that he can drown out our mission I finish as we now know even if I got with the admonition reason in the name verse fourteen oh nine sixteen days I think that walking is spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the wild on-the-fly so if you want to spirit we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh as we walk in the eye and he will not fulfill why we will not fulfill while we will not fulfill the law you got him on anything very well I went and when will be talking about it and I know you want to did you know that the spirit is not domiciled in the spirit and you will not fulfill the house of the walking and you will not fulfill of this theory wasn't wordlessly and I is not that hard that's why we read in the Bible and talking I was on the world it talks about the laws of any father Bob Marley and an harmful love and so there are a lot of and there are lots and the Bible tells us here verse seventeen again is spirit spirit and while again is amenable more to know what is implied this theory of gene who is a necessary and I cannot show anyone the law of the Spirit is not an performer thinking you don't shower for an verse eighteen North Y one is here she is beginning his initial his call no as he does in verse eighteen the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me he was to preach the gospel to the pool at me she handled a brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind to set at liberty elements are produced at your mother 's spirit in the life of Christ when I is only it was to win the South Atlantic and I are upon the spirit and energy to witness anybody have the last of the security cannot advise haunting us at your what you think of passion and when you hear the word God wants us to help her son on the steering is starting to listen to the most of the plants produces one notions through of the flesh you realize when you are a professional if you guess you last and is producing is not a part in San Juan on when we met and when the Bible says a lot of you are seeing in the long run fees you do not solve all the last of the flats in the know of the flesh a man and without the love of the Spirit if your partner is not to see other people say you should not experience the fruit of the spirit Harry none of the flesh if you want allows God to make the football star regardless of the spirit correctly when you know the spirit is what caused the car allows God to create in us the fruit of the Spirit or any know about disparate in the July peace long-suffering gentleness goodness and the family you cannot experience that I you are doing the work of God enjoy their others you are missing out on mission I unless you have not sent on spirit not in the designer of the spirit it is impossible for us to experience the fruit of the spring because where there is no life there can be no firm but loving God wants our high wind on our heart we will never ride much less the you we open our hearts if our hearts are in the will only bill for one and then go back to the way things used to be gone once were hot so the question is how can I does is propel or see my heart and I want to know what you notice in the opening verse which was in John chapter twelve Johns Hopkins well and her starting to begin is a man notice on the Bible says here and I if I want to come here will draw all on on to me about how diseases proposes winners to win our hearts know what for us and our minds are one we understand true but hard for a lot of us are or not be I is not always on us are on the walls of the season and when you are essentially doing is fundamentally my being lifted obviously one of the union which is the news on nothing he will dwell time on across ourselves and our research something with it and I pray God 's grace and I will win your heart like nothing you've ever heard before so anyway listen in numbers chapter twenty one number twenty one and elegantly turned out he wasn't going to talk twenty one personal gain and nine airspeed is on the engineering where the children of Israel were going through the wilderness in a matter against God and I can remember the province will limit was withdrawn I think I had come out and do what people and Don God told Moses Dan and I ASAP and I will add it up on the whole was in the starting even one eliminate now you might say to yourself then you know if I was in that time I wasn't in the car and I thought that sirens on being a servant who had been so eager to live in some of the people in the wilderness did not look at the black comedy will abandon a time you would look at the second and occupy Hawaii and I cannot follow him on such a no-brainer you know you deserve related content reason not to like niacinamide that Uganda can okay Vicki Lamotte like he will not keep not say that I'll all of a sudden one thousand services have beautiful and honest dealing run on Windows in and at the year that it means anything you would look cute and three a that means to be busy doing you conveniently looking where you're really looking on the ground right side to do while staying yourself after all you are being gobbled in a on the company my fate on one of the busy looking at your circumstance looking at the service of our round shall be in your own way in your own thinking that's what God was doing a song sung London something not sometimes got seen as an Anglo arrangements are being was that he and other people will name one while they Wednesday that will the questioning why did God that illustration wanted to meet with talk about God winning our hearts tries winning all hearts please notice with me John Chapter nineteen something that is went absolutely just make it want us just off you'll be able to see how much God loved that he gave his only begotten son listen John twelve on sorry on surrendering seen John Sanchez nineteen versus twelve to fourteen but he needed to read and from thenceforth Tyler thought to releasing for the Jews cried out saying and now there is no goal now our Nazis who's I make himself a change the dividend season went hot in here for saying he brought Jesus forth and found down in the way in the jump seat in a place that is called God while the past evening but in the Hebrew God Apple and with the preparation of the Passover a six hour when he said unto the Jews behold your King but not always with him aware and him crucified how do I crucify your King is a three thousand we have no king but Caesar you are a you and therefore on demand to be crucified and pastor one of those for whom she does not love so much less than there is something very significant in this month the Microsoft that is where he has received me in thanking the place or in the Hebrew not about how mankind is authentically and they symbolize on a stalled long subject is now Jesus is gone on before Wednesday and exalted place it is where he received a death sentence and when I first read this first something to talk to my mom and on the buzzword pigments found in the next stone floor and one on the stone floor what do you think of in the Scripture and comes to my all right I thought I heard some of that with the right answers on the in fourteen and Angel about anyone who working in one detonated on the amount is very very good dyspnea hunting a lot of other all right very good and the name of Lucifer and as we are told to go there with me in advance on time easy kill twenty eight forty one ago Ezekiel twenty eight same on Angel being spoken about here Ezekiel twenty eight notice of me verse fourteen I anointed cherub that I sent you so has want up and down upon the Holy Ghost all around when the mountain is often placed in the URL and holy mountain of God you will end amazing I must all are here sounds animations really knows how long will the paint and draw Jesus goes on to this payment floor in my past imagination mine I can imagine Jesus Ivins on that floor to having a grasp that maybe on a time not long ago in a place far far away where he wants out on adjustment fee and lose the snow payment you are before him and finally grandma Laverne where he received news Azmi many reform Ezekiel twenty eight and verse for verse sixteen not upon a person therefore I don't have to play out of the mountain of God I will destroy the oil covering cherub from the main ominous calm I was in was received in John's main fundamentalist on the flyer and amount and all he does an outstanding and is on Lucifer and heavy now the tables are turned into my car antimatter and put it be possible to doubt whether those of someone attempting to do was to play psychological all a psychological warfare upon seeing the Christ himself is the one talking about in a minute guess what I will subvert out of having currently playing in the home why was Jesus being John on based on floor who why they read something to see if I can find it here disarming is page one nineteen Wednesday the son of God first in conflict Christ was the commander of the heavenly host I think then the leader of Wimbledon heaven must have neither condition is apparently regardless I think most of you supported that means one of the most half of the angels he says has been passed from the appearance on scene doesn't indicate that he is not on Angel so will the next one is tempted to do was he wanting Jesus did he was going to try to see that he was home that harmony and what you know if you are the son of God if you are the son of God now in the energy of the time she's already pregnant article seventy a field on premise meeting him and I was from intensive psychological warfare and an attempt to post Jesus already had and we begin to find another that everything in the book of Ezekiel twenty eight and Isaiah fourteen twenty ten Jesus is our plan is to remain a candidate with pointing cheese my stress some of those things with you notice with me easy one who is likely unlike care and birth and the Bible seven also I got on the uncircumcised my hat is off stranger is a question who is now strangers north again with me in a single twenty eight words woke up on all the verbiage out of the mountain of God the Bible also I think the first one eating it in any way to Jerusalem with a mountain of God question was achieved at the mountain of God where you are in not only now I want to know is an easy to twenty eight and verse seventeen words of the tribal cathodes around five million eighty before it came that they may behold the beloved as Jesus was brought before King as he was all stretched out on the cross and people walked by beholding him I very is saying is the same eleven I believe that that I'll be visiting the Jews and the Romans understood the mental struggle that Jesus was going for you is in the own end Jesus knew exactly what one thought on humanity I was frustrated in my car now I want to make you appear everyone and I will promise you begin to appear to point to Jesus and the Bible tells us seriously when you are thinking that they found my sanctuaries by the will we do you know what seems like you are you will start tomorrow and readings and there are fourteen verse twelve is in the morning how about the ground in this league in the nation do you know what you like you are not present in a speech in front of one and I hauled while nation Harrison on everything appears to be pointing to Jesus Christ that very place where problems are in fact all in anything done twenty first nineteen into also be a terror and myself are being anymore I will remember was that some of those analyses the ability was trying on an upright outlook on math is my God my God why have you a lot think you need Jesus felt that he was born into the tulip or combat again listen to me Jesus the solons that he wasn't willing to beach reading the double himself you think a month after the meeting you one more point on him ask yourself why God was a make a brazen surfing and put it on the whole wide and alprazolam down on a more fitting description of his appointment stopping on hold us up and represent instructor consistent we represent Satan the keys of love us so much that he was willing to be treated not to ask saying what I put in math on Christ and Saint Irenaeus and author Gary the one that is about NBC's Martin is and will do what it says that angels veil their faces at the site and just how strong some are honestly believe that cancer and avoid all industrial know whether that was something that hard angels to turn away an eight inch shock and horror and I believe in the cause of the psychological warfare and social ways upon Christ and yet cries because he is not all lots died for is not hardly enough if you when you look at the cross and really see what I did for you something about you one not being able to sit still any long you will not be able to say while somebody else doing something Islamist are in your apartment industrial question what is love what I love is not a principal hunting without your wife that I love you because it's principal at eleven and a principal but it will also close a man you that nothing you may submit your life on them are you better not say anything I feel like when you want to argue us let me know by then a man not only emotional about emotion must also be accompanied with principal amen listen to me or tell a story about my brother my older brother is six nine and he graduated from Penn State University and his wife to be sneaky was graduating hereafter and so he plans on and graduation season walking across the stage that has seen and done you know the whole place is packed and is therefore the states all of a sudden he has here there's an audience of everybody because another been around and someone is pointing upwards and being in the bleachers is my brother almost none of them with a banner unfurled Saint Stacy will you marry me all and nothing that would be the in the will and will and and I started crying and young people and people from the graduation and an endless assault against him was as dry and it was a beautiful proposal and be myself have you ever on you know when it has never meeting the value add is not used to not like them before you got enough I never leave me alone I don't like and he doesn't seek up and leave me up please need handoff no I'm anyways not in a no and there's obviously no it is the person so they come across your car and you like all is not so bad after all and in this person for you when you are married listen to the center of the mansion will be in Paris for you into a unified life holy in parsing the this Jesus went through what he went through for us because he loved me know what happened we said no to him as someone with no button but at present no woman that he long got to the place where she even began to spit in his face no slap him and be no Jesus was determined to give up under it she asked her analytics you have ever had the end of the remodeling of New Orleans on our inspection and you will see is say and how much on the continent I mean no and that she will see you on the twenty third will you marry me know he unfurls nothing but love him that cross and see the sacrifice the proposal that Jesus made toward him while he will do anything how can our heart not be moved how can we know the yesterday yet char marks are hard what the law in the minds of the Israelites but their hearts were far funny caliber not only writes the law in all my letter in writing it off and when we see what Jesus did for us to love it we see yes to that company yes to that now reached you know what the company is it's a symbol of Macquarie 's missing I do we are following the coast they will tell you how I'm getting ready to close you know the Bible tells the book of Genesis are right brother problems it's just something you think that designer currently lost I'll probably decide it is like a tree of life in other words did not yard is the symbol defined that you are I live in professional liability knowledge the cost is published RAID spirit is alive and you and you will not win the cost of the house of the Spirit is any a man you realize that when he and naturally on the knowledge of good and evil as she gently desired he will drive a surety for a draining soil around the screen while the trim I do know why because he could not have someone so obviously for taking on the tree-lined can you imagine that you live around me what kind of war is when the going on she actually a half hour over three yeah eight fax and answering an uncommon resolute no you know that Shirley was meant to pass on to others again unlike and eventually is that when I was doing in general I'm not giving you against Iran and NK will become a situation where people are again entangled naturally selfishly and that's why God put you a sort of ironic peanut and many people do not donate any item that is when Anthony lets the money of Tonya Bob shall I choose myself you'll ask yourself some in-house talent one hundred tons leave the components of God will have right to the tree of life I don't know you try that only low who were cheating that is why the fruit of that life to others only those who are according to estimates for your life is cheap in the Commandments of God I also have the right to the tree of life with you that's an very many of them have engaged in contrast the wallet in the body one of them here is an beloved eulogizes the scenario we know this is not really another mission if you have fruit with you you can enter NASCAR family and where to well known I was busy but I learned to truly realize you cannot get into heaven if you don't bring somebody they read is less enthusiasm it's a powerful one that needs to be read out of the five zero six eighteen ninety two there will be no one save in heaven with us on this crime if you answer there will be some soul in the courts of glory passed on an entrance they are through your instrumentality one example of your tonight nor I have heard your proposed I have seen it once you might want across all I was so unspeakable I have been times in our Washington kidney night on the abyss I desire I want action although in most annoying please given to me because without the spirit I cannot experience the hearing because of the Spirit is never given to a selfish self-serving person who I want to spirit tonight I expect your proposal landlord tonight I want to try and knock on answer time to stand when arriving in I live you will need on me when I asked him in we must understand that you are going to bring people into the search engine is shown is not me that he reminds he was driving on printer ninety nine he is not your will become more and will choose mission will become malformation and he will will become our cause had fun you spoken to all grant a gorgeous theory nor is he wanted a born again and again born again we must be more to this if ready born of the Spirit we Muslims in the Tiger of the spirit grantor died of lung may be in our hearts and our minds to that incredible proposal you made from the phone home and she is loving us so much that you were willing to be treated like a cannot open your mouth father is incredible as it may have been in jail with the author of the very tribal religions in Christ of energy is what on earth and he didn't even woman is not to teach us will all have maybe empowered at last longer sailing in our prayer in Jesus then a name that will long will I and I all know I just recorded and produced in our mission is to help repair the coming of Jesus Christ 's life and financial power of the Lamb of God thank you that the experience of victorious Christian living for more information on our multinational resources will encourage on speaking engagements please log onto our website at www. power the Lamb .com www. our number land willing to an area code eight oh five CG six eight zero eight zero eight oh five is eighty eight zero eight zero and you and God bless her oral I know whom her I am a all will will will a a a new and a you a loan to him a a will and will home on all the and he is a


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