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Amazing Grace and the Loud Cry

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 17, 2008
    11:00 AM
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for more will left me in the meaning of this morning we have a very special this morning entitled amazing Grace in the long run amazing great blog I you have as you are within the aching I wonder if all magnificent string will through the word of God this morning and the reason is to every core of your understanding of your Christian walk with Christ so he was on your hands with me as we seek the Lord in prayer heavenly father we need your embrace this morning will speak to our hearts Lord Mayor is necessary and enable me to bring the message across with clarity a male heart beats has mainly been a people when you weren't a do something powerful this morning and also not asking you what you we thank you for hearing this prayer in Jesus name we will e-mail amazing green and allowed crime on the question on how many know as I can and will so that came with an understanding of the second Avenue you can think of any reason why anyone wanting to offer a second and anyone no one willing to listen the second and Swan in the storm of the many hands going up okay and you think of anything that is more missing out on heaven for anyone looking at me share with you on one engine unit in his background before I begin this is the messes my brother and I were Marcelo Arnie 's hello from the age of eight or nine growing up and now we practiced in the moment again Christians we believe not on time because God was upon us into a new angel constantly and that conflict was the conflict against our own carnal nature you realize that that is a great is that now we face is the battle again down in an however I want to share with you one particular aspect on the martial arts and this is really nice in what are called to mom in a neighborhood that can model and when this amount represents or means in the death times the deaths in the way that is more on my hardest to be you will certainly will certainly is my second time of the day he was delivered as Ryan as may be injured initially in human walk away feeling okay but in a matter of days or sometimes and we the person is driving that until Monday was the member of Parliament in London not as you add though he was still living and are looking to really nothing is a also a human being to supposedly have time to power with some of them are smart based on spiritualism when I is in Christianity currently and is for every children being there is a genuine and then I began to realize that they're willing to toss in the coming well I was certain the morning in Genesis chapter three verse fifteen is three and verse fifteen this is what the Bible says he and his and I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between nice seeing you and me it shall bruise thy head and not some girls gain field this property is speaking about Jesus Christ the Savior was the column alternate meeting will have an assortment while the second was the rules he healed that were to be in conflict all of them worked in the memory and all to each other Jesus is blowing we deliver anywhere soon had us started on the second blow Nina is not she will you solve that was his accomplice when that happened the answer is found in Luke chapter twenty three will the twenty third chapter you noticeably mean twenty three hours thirty three when you get and we say amen I say then when they were come to the place which is called Salamone we crucified him on the malefactors on one on the right hand the author on that Jesus was crucified and received the spots will air on a scale call from Marie now it's interesting to look at this word read the place where those of you are aware that started this member is all to Jesus what will blow when not being a fatal one it will be beaten if you but this is where Jesus received this morning when you have obtained the name to read and very all in place Wednesday's is not a place called Calvary Calvary and actually means training on integrating sounds like our English word cranial soundman sees as I call also was meeting down at the water engine that Scott Sandhill because that's what it was while Calvary is exactly not be twenty seven versus thirty revenue to the Bible that Jesus was born in a place called bulldog club meeting later on the lot oh well I wasn't as cool as the San Diego did not come alive he is from being hammered out all the was reading here is by the very depth of drive stayed some might say a man in an Internet onto thin and timeless and are very moment films in Christ's kingdom and will that all mullahs are in the eye and not as they is amazing the Bible says that when Jesus died there was a great while vertically from the land that's those seeing you Wednesday it drove like this way than Lucifer the mind was blown that seasons would die for sinners like you when I that he would die the very one that will begin to celibate snobbery we see demonstrated by the Grand Master Jesus Christ himself the death times I want to realize that not only does the cross symbolize all this low in the mind of Lucifer and another is designated to also deliver to a deft touch you think how our minds also carnal heart imprisoned by the hardheaded Carmella Hahn him all the way means we probably should be only one allegiance truly come to repentance and try to understand the amazing grace of Jesus Christ is my loan at the cost of count me I thought Jesus was delivered a one that I want to turn your model needs Revelation chapter eighteen because I want to understand that when the death and delivered to the live feed and that is why any anomalous early this morning this is done in the art scene that goes out rain and arrange all on the people who are at the Avenue there is the nonlimiting revelation eighteen very good as good as dead dead to want everyone to know me Revelation eighteen verse one to revelation chapter eighteen verses one and two of my death and after these things I saw another angel come not from heaven having great power and here it was lightly with his glory and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the great is fallen is followed me Chinese versus and we understand that they are a a a reference to what we call the touring on the arraignment Ms. Angel decided in his voice or its power to the three angel messages an angel when it says two things glory and while power in him I will very soon things to me is him or him him power and glory and power that is bringing logged in to the multitudes of people and tools men's hearts amen however God 's remnant shards must first face the area is this selfsame one glory and power we do not do what we do not have the time gambling the other night first is carrying so God wants is to experience this outpouring of sentiment and then onto the world and demons and then it will not only are also impractical demonstration in a the question is what is this outpouring on what you know is the Zechariah chapter twelve Zechariah chapter twelve willing to take a look at verse ten Zechariah chapter twelve verse ten I want to know is what the Bible calls this outpouring twelve verse ten and I won't bore I will do what everyone pull upon the house of David on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the spirit is an application visit and they shall look upon me when you have fears and I saw more famous one one result is unsound and that it is behaving as one hundred and is for his firstborn they are reading a renovation in the English phenomenon with this pouring out of Zechariah twelve was an Edwards father this pornography is a partner of the spirit while gratis so not sure if the regime in the well as all are pouring on the Sarah don't want anyone great is the title on our message on May the green and the loud crack this is why they are very good amazing Grace in the amount than what you asked me about the apostles page fifty five is now the Spirit promised elections mean for the spirit and on the way to bracelet in the father 's farm is a specialist along spiritual writing is promised in the coming of the Son of Man here's another one thing on my pages three thirty four and he must be his neighbors with a whole heart it is how I really done using this in next couple of wards only using definitely and he will heart is in the aunt to come to us very good testimonies message is modeling that was not prayed more earnestly then now in a time of rain showers on me my love commentary one seven nine eighty four we must not wait for the latter rain is coming up on all who will recognize an appropriate and you will and you and so I will not help her is to be failed with the glory of God is able to the final outpouring of the Spirit of God 's glory of grace but not just any kind of drinks what kind of very amazing Grace so what he is dragging one astray we know the term we hear it often brings in a favorable undeserved scene one the question is where was this please demonstrate where what was the undeserved favor and can anyone tell me what is undeserved favor then we as humanity Calvary that I see that everything is in the cross of Christ the place where the data is delivered why I believe that on the date you people know who got the only thing that people in order to our own spirit as this outpouring is a pointing back inside my counter personnel one page two forty nine this is the how and why describes amazing Grace Ms. God will send his son into the world to condemn the world but amazing Grace Christ came to see not to destroy what was amazing grace according to the NY Christ came to what they are saying and where do you say I'm not want the problem noticeably Romans chapter three verse twenty four Romans chapter three verse twenty four the Bible says here means I really I can grace through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ the Bible itself in verse twenty four yard I will may want to make practices when trying because of his wild Israelis some of them is he saying that my crazy weirdos live migrate to be justified really means in the wild it means and how can anyone be justified unless the first vision for Jamie for Damon amen he thought someone was not forgiven and so that means out I somehow must be a foreign gem install it all together on the way is that Jesus Christ came to fame and he while she is born gay on amazing race is a personal letter that have to do with a loud cry hold on please is coming Jesus saved us to forgive the fact on racist things are not so while all the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever the games enough to have everlasting life so there's something special about this for you and their also known as green that is important for people to understand Santa reminds maybe blown so anymore seeing the child 's site can have a dead people ready to receive the outpouring of praise than an outpouring in the world amen I want to notice with me first printing chapter one verse eighteen no remember that this angel in Revelation eighteen defends with something marvelous things Larry Corinthians one eighteen I got more power first Corinthians chapter one and was thinking lesson one the Bible tells us first Corinthians one eighteen the dog was here for the creation of the how is that perish foolishness which are saying and not allow power on the on the power of God everyone the power of God is the one is a problem therefore when the angel descends with hardware to the three Angels messages one of the defendant with it defending with a message on the cross and aftermath of the makings we already understand across as someday I is our message is not found I is a long time we got the three angels message and yeah anyone else out there in the region across we can't reason with their preaching we preach the three Angels messages that the stress of the beloved what the world understands what the uninsurance is understand the process is not the problem that's all shocking but tonight 's message you will understand how important the prostate and three Angels messages and why would I be making the three Angels messages crossed center of the three Angels messages cannot have the power that they need to have to bring people into this charge I found so tonight when I learned all the new all along and share our message is sent to mount a window into the message that handles with mingling is is was wanting to know if the cross enough homework and is deceased and verse fourteen where told that we die to the Army and no I'm not as long as the process is the nub how are you all read that it can be added to the three Angels messages that make sense of what the monastic question how many of you love women raise your hand if you if you love more than four people in the church rate is below the person sitting next to you and I have been a reason why I'm not a know you must be removed okay and that question in a meeting in a move constitutes a speech operated to the message of the renewing power of God 's grace will be challenged every country incline until the show shall tell the world the message of the renewing power of God want anyone greater than ever if we understand race and we cannot embrace to where the will of God is calling us to understand this message of grace is the reason why the three angels troubled for the intolerant because the people in on something or something how great is that he is somewhat another being and being tough enough as an focusing on one single is open in angel saying and I will try our knowledge of reason but I believe now is rather the problem don't think the bracelet I don't have again because this is followed to the next how many would like to see how and why message we know I'm preaching to the looking okay where my son and that gained the knowledge that he is on the verge of communism review and Herald October sixth eighteen ninety six my sense is when the apparatus point out that certain people with power for its work but that starts as a whole will never receive this until it's a member 's cell phone away from among them and be evil semi- green evil speaking those who cherish these things knowing often pleasant experience will they are not awaken to the fact that the testing and proving there is an money to do so toward one another being absolutely as much what I do remember seeing sometimes saw what anyone aware of any game is on and off in the administrative asphalt across how in the demonstration that will demonstrate in the Menzies form and are amazing while amazing Grace so now I'm being told that we are being my garden of war one another him understand why we really will I receive me how Carla Hartley and Lyons another one of the poor in spirit amen how do we love one the same way that God is on the hunt is on the key TV is on an assignment for Jay salinity bring us together here the way I demonstrate my love for somebody else is in my ability to try and of course to the Jays you know I don't employ his Holy Spirit on us Regina because willing to many grudges against too many other people in the church had exactly is the philosophy reimbursed thirteen Colossians chapter three verse thirteen the Bible tells us here in Florida every one another forgiving one another even on again he even tries to gain you saw also do things in other words were told that price again before anyone forgive me one on either that amazing grace that we received Calvary is usually received this money will understand that the unnamed and raise you the login until other sort of thing again in the fan way that Christ will forget he wouldn't talk about the amazing race this morning I wanted to see him race Canada's me anyway it's amazing right I will talk that it is amazing it cannot be regular listen as amazing Grace and fifty three how Jesus forgive a job in the same anything I possibly must forget and always so Isaiah fifty three verse five is not often us something incredible progress and fifty three verse three and fifty three verse three the Bible says here he is despised and rejected an online small roles and acquainted with grief not as a blessing why was he was a man of sorrows with the line when the and just keep picking on the wireless and so all right he came to the window received and not that was part of the that that isn't what I want it even made it and more crystal clear as you can see exactly why is I see no need for his own received him not happen to you that any laws second Jesus was a man of sorrows and all sorrows but he wasn't hostile because you are on himself in a magnificent evening in my man what's the matter with you you know we doesn't want his is is is is five euros for shot he was born and raised in reason and carry out more sorrow this the world born in a means to carry there out to fourteen a while Peninsula Bible says he will reason our sorrows are actually meanwhile also indicated that this is how Jesus came as she is saying is upon himself to straighten that out and worry hands all the ones in this case is so when God calls on my way with the amazing and not actually took our sins which were not as something upon himself and so I can find the major things that are you going to try my God my God why have I forsaken me the Mississippi and Jesus says about how I forget you now I want you to forgive others just like that I want to do is present when Don Rowling and you and I that person is saying I thought that where you are all in the father and please forgive a nominee who will do that and is unwilling to the present model does just that person sent against the online prayer and asking for forgiveness and interested anymore all the best on the net is some serious what is amazing as we think of all things determine when Moses the children of Israel have rebelled against God and will not survive the blow to the mountaintop and make supplication for you stormy and will will I do all my small as one people all models and praying he comes up with an idea I know I is the only one out there that hate me or is you looking I can't spend money as I plan why we must make an agreement like it wasn't my scene you know that's what Moses was initially seen you remember he said that appears to fall upon me that I was putting a God without it now now now it's amazing it's while on magazine that will offer himself as a people who are rebelling against God but again and Moses was willing to take their sins as his own Jesus said that's amazing Grace this is a great time when you begin to exercise to one another because when you begin to exercise towards one another in education anything a eight hundred and then you are and how I reflecting the charter will be what is glory mean everyone was glory me what is reasonable all I had to turn mental and sorry and I is there any path more than he declared in the name or his character is synonymous with the chapter and eleven when legions against someone like that we are beginning to mainstream the child star off-season on the scene grace is enough wanting to pray father forgive them you know when you said father his one-on-one on the Nintendo stains upon me as an analogy doing so I will take the law you know that you know that's what forgiveness is for Jennifer is using the law you didn't you just I demand justice and if you don't tell me it's already on the naked pain not as long as you are serving on a nasty forgiveness when I forgive you on the naked handcuffed the man just as forgiveness is a young woman is an expanded mercy and economy some of you demand justice you're a dangerous place because when you demand of others God will demand of you know how to video be saved by God 's justice no he will be saved not by his justice will be saved by his him us because of God 's justice the righteous will be seen because of God Greece God 's mercy so when the demand is so-and-so and in any campaigning I have to for my you know say sorry on the mainland as late as well be our we got ourselves as the mountains and fifteen if you announce a new harvest monitor what your father in heaven why forgave you this is an amazing place and time to hand on to have all this is what we must have people in ninety five in verse twenty three dollars when the amount of fibers twenty three wins even against the talk about perfection Matthew five in verse twenty three the mindset here is private is an alumni enemy and he denied on Monday morning on enemy is sent to you or any trust you do not demand anything to Tyson and this is my honey was interesting to you many the children on your father which is in heaven for you in the sun to rise on the evil and good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust for if you know what you I don't thought even the public is the same as no big deal if you are not the money that most of that coming out in the public and do that I probably knew how to handle the dog as you are you are in the know is what is community the children on our father in heaven and many more the in verse forty seven and was one of you more than others do not in the public consultant Dean for a while I think what is perfection in the demonstration on the character of God which is the most review using living in he is amazing great is the same while I is I will take the fall in only the and is a Nazarene sometime you know we say man I am so thankful that there is a lake of fire and so thankful God when when he was a nominee don't forget the stuff he did to me back in the nation he pays for that to that I have to sometimes I leave you alone and God will take care unified I recently tried to infuse positive I don't have to be accountable you gave to me I just think it was just as Dorothy Boyd on a company blog that is amazing great that we can begin to demonstrate and experience those are in the whole world with its glory and loving is amazing grace John fifteen in verse thirteen in goal of the deeper than that of John chapter fifteen in verse thirteen the Bible tells us all fifteen birth thirteen and has no man than this is not a man is down his life for it is why I is an intimate online it needs to guide and is nineties to be so then always demands a sacrifice so listen someone does something wrong immediately I sacrifice of the men now the question is this brother and have done something wrong to brother me to be no sacrifice is demanding Burnaby once the sacrifice to be brother a year unit owners they are amazing race brought to be okay I will lay down my eye I will be the sacrifice I will be the one to suffer on behalf on this I will be the wanted to the defendant of the crime well I will allow self to guide rather than demand justice a man known in this annealing on July four his friend the member Jesus laid down his life for his friends learned that and who were his friends and enemies even when we can begin to love it too because remember on the dad upon the disciples were all a lot more in taking off one another but I cannot want to start on discharge until we have a perfect one for another common the first on your right side the president is on your left side and then raising her hand and is battery life this is a serious question blog because it shows all call in our lives while now for another one to the legalese is deciduous ones who is powerful delicious as person wanted to the Bible tells us here Galatians six wanted to rent if a man be overtaken in the fall humans are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness considering myself also be tempted to view one another as hard as all will go on Christ misnomer in his word when they wait not an immigrant Hebrews were talked about the latest time the one knowingly and also easily beset us but what about links a month ago so not as dishonest as one adult is and is not a word and that is all forgiveness of one another rather you'll be the one to do as Jesus the focus is no law crime while bear one another's burdens it is a designer song wants to see your fellow drivers is to see that he was single and don't count will be up against me remember Stephen hello and so on Wallace 's and my friends and I leave on the B just pretend it never happened now that the money is on the easy for me can you imagine if God 's church had this kind of amazing Grace how God would be ready to fend on the world because now they were not only on a message with alternatives which we had for Colonel hundred and fifty something years we would also have a demonstration about with the message to the masses does not have power and glory now out of income as one thing that all it's another thing to demonstrate something here you can present three Angels messages are usually more investigations are living in all these rules is rules allowing on power and glory because we are not manifesting the character of God in our love for one another that's why the message has no power and glory a certain amount of essential but an angel to send an angel to say across the announcement on the practical demonstration of boys given to us by Christ Jesus so how many belongings how many are willing to take that thing that someone else in this chart or some other judge somewhere down the you are not willing to sell a father figure just pretend never even happen I will be the sacrifice for that when this another amazing Grace goes even deeper than because remember Jesus said and that we must be willing to lay down our life how do you want to take a bullet for the presidency around moving and going the other stuff I know that one is available in the president here that Baghdad always at each other okay the freezer is other than a thousand reasons one another as Jesus while he gave himself to die for what is actually time and people against the place where we all really actually is coming what physically die to save a lot of any given person in the short not just the person on your right or the person on your left but any given person in this church that's what loving that is what love and you love everybody in this church okay have beyond this I guess I need some grace I guess I'm the amazing grace you see beloved there's a reason you understand that early church they were willing him throwing me I die not only spiritually die but to die for one another here if I don't know you media .com I for my children I will not what I thought about my terrorism or middle is in the window so I I you and I will die for you see below we are in some serious knee all amazing race that's why the message cannot afford the announcement of the beloved amazing preschool even deeper and farther than see our love is not enough yet and here is where the challenge comes as when originally designing his page six ninety licenses of Christ all final moments in the Barnegat seventy two centimeters three times decided that prayer three times as humanity strong from the last common sacrifice but not a history of the human race comes up before the worlds Redeemer Jesus is a transversal along it for themselves must perish he sees a helpless as a man to deceive the power claimed the wall of the lamentations of enjoying worldwide before him to behold its impending fate on his decision is made he will he will stay than at any cost to tear down in any cost including finally before you and him will dissolve into the word is amazing and amazing race in the willingness to send another any call for yourself what costs was Jesus willing to pay to say not only was he willing to die the first van he wasn't willing to die the second day not bad is amazing she is willing to suffer eternal separation in the meanwhile knowing that many would not respond to that sacrifice and yet he was willing to pay the remember when Moses prayed in Exodus thirty two Moses was praying to experience the second deck when one has to at the beginning of this message can you think of anything that you would suffer the second at four can anyone think of any reason why we would miss out on having an all you know you raise your hand while because of the time everything from my manager is to say ourselves I haven't had any car that was not Jesus 's mode of operation is that we are told that he was not sure we had been in a place to be while we were want long in our second so to primary all was not well you can primary ball was not the primary goal was to fulfill the will is in you to and how is probably how the term on behalf of in reference to the book of life is our home in the something is that Israel might be a depraved prayer as we did not have that prayer will be no long as we now nominal the fact please been praying a prayer more than is manifested the child there on Jesus Christ by loving are you willing to software the second that for your friends are you willing to forsake your way into heaven that your friend might be saying not only talk about your friend your enemies and open your picture in your mind the person that you like movies I know most of you have that person the hero went on everyone let's say that there was someone that you like to thank you just did not like it at first and I'll ask yourself what I be willing in order to have that person see what I be willing to news out on hand and Excel to see person 's amazing grace that is the kind of love that God means for his people to have that kind of love can only come when a new desktops has been delivered you understand what I'm saying using leveling with the cross of Calvary and seeing just one and instead seems a little more info on how can we say how he has forgiven him and will to win she has been forgiven and how can we hold anything against anyone and call ourselves Christian how can I get me that his audacity how do why is God 's church on thirteen once you notice Matthew sixteen verse twenty four Matthew chapter sixteen verse twenty four now you begin to see these verses in their proper context Matthew sixteen verse twenty four this is what the Bible tells us he can this is good twenty four then said Jesus unto his disciples if any man will come after me that a lot deny himself and take up his cross and follow me know as foams and is and is alive will will losing and whosoever will lose an eye for my sake will find the mid- heaven will be so with people who will come out on the full essay to somebody else I have seen the loving contact us is what we ask for waiting all this there is a death penalty doesn't bring a profitable business in twenty hi I want in I'm diving using that here's a problem as God 's people we are afraid to the Hebrews to exalt the time of death through fear of death that all their lifetime subject to bondage where Franklin high and God cannot Windows ultimately unveiled a family that is practically abolished because I was driving loud cats online share and enjoy the most dangerous terminal is the one who was not afraid in the Ms. Sanders show a decrease in the most beautiful Kristen and talk to all the Taliban is a president that is not afraid to know that the second is a lawyer on the phone and you will know my Web the Bible tells us in Romans six it says all he got in the head is free from pain why is that when you when you are the important things because they on first and second home care one on the same God values may be you are starting my phone is not to get a handle on what's happening is to fulfill the will of God right not only now do not call new witnesses God has called me in the right to enter the holy Bible doing that is individuals are you ready to unmanned and only God 's people are in need of that my feeling is to understand the subplot I read this scenario is not just done the online order ranked as high as I mind her and drank me a amazingly in any calendar when the grace of God is light when we starts understand the spirit is amazingly neither not only will we no longer on some things and will not live in the something is missing or are paraphrasing when the staff and the master in the field and he is afraid anymore the most is the is insurance that is no longer subject to the long and you want experience and that will estimate is not one is experiencing the so is best for raising your heavenly father will we are in need of your grace your amazingly nor anyone is something all our lines of this year and then her resort is seeing today that the process is to play when we might meet us and we than having to name their and will help us I will be not nearly enough experience that alternate is selling that I mean there is wrong that we may go to this one not only would the message but with a demonstration and then when Wellington the online downtown threatening even one hour and grant is disgraceful and is amazingly that we maintain the amount of world and the world is filled with your glory this is our prayer Jesus name amen a to her a he is him and him and he is he an slow and he is him he needs me a I see in all bad for him as soon him in a the knee in him were not here to say myself not as a health counselor you are speak to help us be more nineteen in his name we never e-mail a is and introduce my tower Atlanta Ministry are missing it now prepared and coming of Jesus Christ finally the Lamb of God auditory is cursed listening for more information or inquiries on speaking to please log on to our website and www. following the milkman .com www. power of the land to the smaller man perinatal my teacher using a zero eight zero dad killed my she thinks is zero meme zero things you and God bless a a a a is in or in a a a all will will a a a a voodoo new or in a long been a new and a being in and from her and him and I do not will a and I do from her and now


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